Sitting in the dance hall at the table by myself, I began to wonder how tonight may change Ellen. Ellen was a reserved shy person in public. She dressed conservatively, tonight's dress was an example. A plain grey knit dress hemmed just above the knees. I considered us to have a good sex life, but it was never to be discussed between us.

Though I was able to finger her anally bring her to a shattering climax, she would say as she exited the bed, “I did not like that.” After using the small vibrator in her ass and the black dildo in her vagina she would exclaim, “I did not like that.” These comments confused me because the next time she would climax using them and made the same comment again, “I did not like that.” I attempted to discuss this only to be shut down, she would be cool the next few days. I accepted that she was embarrassed.

Tonight she would dance with a couple of different black men. As the night went on she became freer with her actions on the dance floor. Ellen would grind her ass and they would grind their cocks on her. At times it appeared she was using her hands to rub their cocks as their hands raised the hem of her dress. She would only go so far before she moved away to keep control.

As the evening was coming to a close, Ellen returned to the table sitting on my leg. Surprising to me, Ellen pulled my hand up her thighs to her wet panties whispering, “I need you to take me to the room and fuck me.”

We stood up and left for toward our room. In the elevator, I attempted to kiss her but she pushed me away, not saying a word. In the room, Ellen stripped and every time I attempted to touch her she pushed me away. When she was naked I was told to strip to my underwear and retrieve the toys. My cock was rock hard and as I attempted to climb into bed she stopped me again. She said, “you need to satisfy me standing beside the bed.“ I did not mind the view was so erotic.

Ellen opened her legs and effortlessly I slid the black dildo into her swollen pink vagina to the furthest point. She had taken the entire 8 inches. Sliding in and out her fragrant vaginal cream glistened on the black dildo. She pulled her legs up to her small breast to open more and ****** her anal opening. Using my other hand I was able to switch on the small vibrator inserting in her ass to the point her ass closed around the vibrator.

Using both hands I began to hammer her cunt more than I ever had before. Ellen would moan and move harder against the black dildo. She lowered her legs and pushed my arms away. Rolling onto her stomach she spread her ass apart and pulled out the vibrator. Turning her head away she exclaimed, “fuck my ass with the black dildo.” My heart dropped. Did she really want that?

I placed the head of the black dildo at her anal opening. Ellen pressed against the large head. I pulled it back and she lowered her hips. Moving the dildo to the opening again and her raising her ass to meet the black dildo, her anal canal opened taking a few inches. Again I pulled away as she did. Both of us pressing the dildo entered her effortlessly. Better than half was buried into Ellen’s ass.

She proceeded to anally fuck the dildo until she climaxed. When she finished she left the bed and went into the bathroom for a pee, returning I was told to clean the toys and go JO in the bathroom quietly. Stunned and hurt I did as I was told. As I headed to the bathroom Ellen said, “I did not like that.”

Before cleaning the black dildo I jacked off, planting a glob on the tip and began to suck it clean, thinking of what I had just witnessed in the bedroom.

Driving home the next day I exclaimed how much I enjoyed the night before it was met with silence and the cold shoulder.

The next few weeks was cold around the house until one Saturday a package came addressed to Ellen. Thinking it was a pair of shoes but the box was to large for shoes. I carried it upstairs to a surprise. The curtains were drawn close and Ellen was exiting the shower. She told me to strip but leave my underwear on. As I stripped and watching her opening the package my heart pounded. She pulled out a dildo shaped like a horse cock. Flared head and 10 inched long. Ellen rubbed and sucked it as a real cock. Applying lotion on the cock she bent over the bed with her feet on the floor. Not saying a word and her legs spread I reach for the 10 inch horse cock and began to fuck her.

My cock throbbing in my underwear and a 10 inch horse cock in my wife’s glistening vagina was more that I could take. I pulled the cock from her and dropped my underwear. Before I could enter Ellen I burst. Three squirts and I was done. I was directed to lick my cum from her legs. Once I cleaned her, her new horse friend did what I could not do. Fuck her open cunt to an orgasm.
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