ExecRedShopping005 orton2 flickr.jpgI took the accompanying photo when my wife had come into town to shop and I left work to meet her for lunch.

The previous weekend we had been shopping and checked out a place that catered to women who dressed on the sluttier side. The shop had a lot of strappy fuck me heels. My wife tried on a few things, and bought the pair of heels in the photo, but she said that she got a bad vibe from the guy at the register. She didn't like him and just wanted to pay for the shoes and leave.

He had a book of polaroid photos by the register of women posing in things they'd tried on there...some of them pretty hot....see through blouses without bras, or topless.....and he had another book of photos of women he'd gotten to suck his cock or fucked in the store that he kept under the counter and seemed to revel in showing me while my wife was in changing and trying on clothes.

I had told her about the albums once we were back in the car. So I was surprised when she said after lunch she was going to check out that shop again, she liked the heels she bought and wanted to see about getting some others.

“What about the asshole I asked her?”

She said “it's a weekday, hopefully he won't be there...and if he is I will just go another time.”

I got home from work to find she had come home with a couple new pairs of heels and she told me the creepy guy wasn't there. But here is what she didn't tell me until just a few years ago. She got to the store and the guy wasn't there alright. It was a woman behind the counter so she felt comfortable going in to shop. She tried on some shoes, then decided to try on some sexy clothes. The salesgirl would bring things to the dressing room to try on, so she didn't bother to cover up between items or close the door.

Then suddenly it wasn't the salesgirl, it was the creepy guy. holding a top for her to try on, finding her standing there topless.

“Wow, nice,” he said. “I will bring you some stuff you're going to love.”

He was wearing sweatpants and she couldn't help noticing that they were tenting from his big semi-hard cock. She closed the door but it didn't have a lock.

Soon he was bringing her tops and skirts. He would just open the door without asking so he caught her in various states of undress, but each time closing the door when he left.

Finally, she said sarcastically, “why even bother with the door since you don't knock or ask to come in anyway?

“Ok I won't bother,” he replied, and left it open.

He came back with a polaroid camera and told her how hot he thought she was and that her he'd give her a pair of shoes for free if she let him take a photo for his scrapbook.

She laughed it off but he continued to pester her and eventually she let him take a photo just so he'd stop bothering her. She let him snap a photo of her topless. Of course that only encouraged him and he came back for another photo. When she looked he had his cock out, erect, and big.

"I remember you from last time,” he said. “I'm glad you came back without your husband. I knew you would. I've been waiting for you. This is what you do to me."

He asked her to do a couple lines of coke with him. She had never tried even marijuana, and she was curious so she asked if that would shut him up?

"I've never done it before, I've only seen it in the movies, what do I do?” she said.

He showed her and she tried it and found she liked how it made her feel. She kept trying things on getting increasingly lax about her state of dress until just like she had with the salesgirl, she ceased any further attempts at modesty.

She loved how she was feeling and asked him if she could try it again, which of course he agreed to, and did a couple more lines. It seemed like the next thing she knew he had her on her knees with his cock in her mouth, snapping photos.

"Oh fuck you're good at this," he told her, which she found oddly flattering.

“I bet your husband doesn't have a cock like this for you. I hope this won't be the last time I see you."

He sat down on the chair in the dressing room and pulled her to him, started making out with her, and sucking her tits.

“I'm gonna fuck you,” he told her. “Lift up.”

She straddled his hips and guided his cock into her married pussy.

He told her she had a hot tight cunt, which again she found flattering. She made out with him as she rode his cock. She came hard three times before he finally exploded into her. On the way home she started to worry about not having used a rubber and fearing what might happen if he'd given her something, but of course, it was too late for regret.
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