flickr xDSCN4076.JPGOur yard guy, Lucas, is a hunter. I hunted in my younger days, but in my old age, I'm too sentimental to kill any animals. Sometimes, when he's taking a break from mowing, we talk about shooting. I've been wanting to try some target shooting on a 1,000-yard range, but there aren't any I'm aware of near where we live.

Lucas told me about one in the Boerne area and one near DFW. I decided to spend a couple days at the one in the Boerne area and made reservations. My wife didn't want to put our dogs in the kennel to watch me shoot, so she decided to stay home.

Off I went with my Ruger Precision Rifle. My plan was to leave early in the morning, do some shooting in the afternoon, spend the night, and drive home after shooting on the second day. I enjoyed the shooting, but I missed my wife. On the rare occasions I'm staying overnight somewhere without my wife, I call her, and we talk on the phone before calling it a night.

I called home that night around 10 p.m. No answer. I figured she might be out walking the dogs or taking a shower, so I left a message for her to call me back. When I hadn't heard from her by 11 p.m., I called home again. Still no answer. At this point, I felt worry creep in. We hadn't been separated much in our decades-long marriage, and this was the first time my wife did not either call me herself or answer the phone when I was on an overnight trip.

I started calling every half hour. Every 30 minutes felt like an eternity. I didn't know what to do. I was worn out from the afternoon and fell asleep around 3 a.m. When I woke up about an hour later, there was still no word from her. I tried calling with increasing frequency. I had a drink to relax, then another and another until I once again fell asleep.

I woke again at about 930 AM and checked my phone. There was a message from my wife. I'd had my ringer on vibrate and hadn't heard it. The timestamp on the message was 8:06 AM. She apologized for missing my call and said she was tired and going to bed, and that we could talk when I got back.

When I got back that evening, she apologized again and said she didn't know what came over her, but she wasn't in the mood to talk about it. She told me I needed to give her some time. I'd learned over the years that pressing her was not only useless but could also be quite counterproductive, so I just let it drop. It took almost a month and a lot of alcohol before she was ready to talk, and I was glad I'd waited.

“So where were you when I called?” I asked her when she finally told me she was ready to talk.

“I was with Orin and Tony,” was her surprising reply. I wrote about Orin and Tony in “Young Lust,” posted a few months ago, referring to them as O and T.

I immediately grasped the implications and felt my cock start to harden in anticipation of what I was about to hear.

“What does being with Orin and Tony mean exactly?” I queried. “With them, where, how? All night?”

“They took me out, and then we went to a motel room.”

I was actually trembling a little when I asked, “Did you fuck them again?”

“We didn't go to a motel for Bible study,” she quipped rather snarkily. “Of course we fucked; you're my husband, not my owner.”

I had a raging hard time at this point, and out came my cock.

“Come on, baby,” I coaxed, “tell me everything. I need to hear details. Don't hold anything back.”

Apparently, Tony had been unable to keep that first time with him, Orin, and my wife to himself and had mentioned it to Lucas. Orin was embarrassed when Lucas asked him if it was true that the two of them had fucked my wife.

“Was your friend Tony bullshitting me, or did the two of you really fuck Mrs. D?” he asked.

“Fucking Tony,” he replied. “I told him to keep his mouth shut.”

“So it's true then,” said Lucas. “I'd love to get some of that myself; I can't believe you two beat me to it.”

“Well,” he continued, “if you want to try your luck with her again, her husband is going to be out of town overnight next week. Let me know how it goes.”

Orin and Tony rang our doorbell at around 730 p.m. the night I was gone. Orin was holding a bouquet of flowers.

“These are for you, Mrs. D,” he said. “We heard from Lucas that Mr. D isn't home tonight, so we thought we'd see if you'd like to go out to dinner with us. Our treat. Or maybe we could just go for a ride?”

“Where are your scooters?” asked my wife.

“At home tonight,” he said, “my parents finally bought me a car. I just have to pay the insurance.”

“It's sweet of you to ask,” she replied, “but I'm not really dressed to go out anywhere.”

"Please, Mrs. D, you've been nice to us, and we'd like to do something for you. We can wait while you get ready, or come back later.”

My wife couldn't help but feel flattered that these two young men were basically asking her out on a date at her age. What could it hurt, she thought?

“Ok,” she relented. “Why don't you two give me some time to get ready? Come back in about an hour, and it's a date.”

As she got ready, she downed a couple martinis, feeling like if she was going through with this, she needed to have a good buzz on. Even before an hour had elapsed, she saw them on the security cameras waiting in the driveway. It was cute, she thought, for two young men to be this attentive. She wasn't naive, though; she knew what was on their minds and what they really wanted, which was why she needed the martinis. Alcohol relaxed her and made her horny.

When she was finally ready, she walked out to their car, hoping they'd appreciate her outfit, and of course they did.

Tony couldn't restrain himself. “Fuck, do you look hot, Mrs. D?” he said as he exited the car to make a place for her in the front seat.

"Well, thank you, Tony,” she replied. “I was hoping you'd like my outfit.”

“Fuck Mrs. D, I love it,” Tony replied, climbing into the back seat. “None of our friends moms are anywhere near as hot as you are.”

“Flattery will take you places,” my wife said in return.

We know a club where they don't check ID's,” said Orin as my wife climbed into the passenger seat.

“I thought we were going to dinner,” said my wife. “Now I'm thinking you two just want to get me ***** and fuck me.”

“Sorry, Mrs. D, we were just thinking it was kind of late for dinner now,” said Orin.

“It's ok,” my wife said. “The club sounds like it might be fun. I haven't been clubbing for years, much less with two handsome young men as my escorts.”

She'd already down three martinis by the time they picked her up. You know what they say: I'd quipped to her in the past: 3 martinis under the table, 4 martinis under the host. My wife joined the two of them, one martini away from being under the host.

Sure enough, no one at the club asked for any ID. Orin and Tony ordered drinks for my wife but were careful not to drink much themselves. After another couple of martinis, my wife behaved very out of character for her in a public place. She took turns sitting on their laps, being fingered, and making out with each of them, but no one else in the club really seemed to be paying them much attention.

By midnight, my wife needed assistance just getting back to their car.

“Where are we going now?” she asked, noticing they weren't headed in the direction of home.

“My parents are home,” said Orin, “so Tony and I got us a motel room. Is that ok, Mrs. D?”

“Sure,” replied my wife, pretty much having accepted where the night was heading when the two of them showed up at the door with a bouquet of flowers, asking her out on a date. “But I can't stay all night; I have to get home and let our dogs out.”

“I was surprised to see you two tonight,” my wife said once they were in the motel room. “I thought you'd had your fun and were no longer interested.”

“No,“ said Orin, “we've both been wanting to fuck you again, but this is the first time we've really had the chance. My parents haven't gone anywhere since the first time.”

“Yeah,” chipped in Tony, “we didn't think you'd want to do anything at your place, and we were afraid to try again with your husband around.”

“When Lucas told me your husband was going to be gone tonight, we decided we'd try to see you again,” added Orin.

“Why would Lucas say anything about my husband? Does he know what we did?”

“He does,” replied Orin. “Tony couldn't keep his big mouth shut.”

“He wants to fuck you too,” chipped in Tony. “He told Orin he couldn't believe we got you before he did.”

Somehow, thought my wife, it all seems rather disturbing, but she was too ***** at the moment to object or care. My husband is away, and I'm in a motel room with two young guys who want to fuck me, so why complain? I'm so horny right now; I don't care about anything but getting fucked, said her inner monologue.

Tony wrapped his arms around my wife and kissed her. Orin took out his cock and began to stroke it, watching the two of them make out. Tony slipped one hand down to unzip his pants, and my wife extracted his cock, stroking it as they kissed.

Tony put both his hands on her shoulders and applied pressure to push her down onto her knees.

“Suck my cock,” he told her. “Be a good wife and put that hot mouth of yours to work for me.”

tumblr_85c96fa31959bec5b6c77c53e8728854_fa335d01_1280.jpgTony was the bigger of the two of them and had the biggest cock. He was also the more aggressive of the two and inclined towards arrogance and swagger, an attitude my wife claims to dislike. I have no doubt that his arrogance was at least partially the product of that fat 8-inch cock that was now poised with its own seeming arrogance in front of my wife's face.

“Come on,” said Tony, putting both hands behind her head and pushing his cock to her lips. “Swallow that fucking cock.”

She was aware of Orin behind them, stroking his cock, enjoying the show, even though she couldn't see him. She opened her mouth and did as requested, swallowing that big cock until Tony's balls were pressing against her chin. He relaxed his grip on her head but used both hands to guide her mouth up and down, bouncing his balls on her chin with each stroke.

“Fuck yes,” Tony said to Orin, “look at this fuckin' slut swallow cock. The bitch has zero gag reflex.”

From “Mrs. D,” to “bitch,” and “slut,” she felt an atmospheric change in the room, but she didn't let it interfere with her performance. She wrapped her left arm behind Tony for support and used her right hand to squeeze and milk his balls as she sucked on that big flesh pipe, determined to drain those heavy balls.

“Fuck, the slut is going to make me cum,” said Tony, but I want to fuck her. Help me stand her back up, Orin.”

They each took an arm and lifted her to her feet. She stood before them in her short black dress, hot, thick thighs sexily ******* under flesh-colored pantyhose hose, and high-heeled black fuck-me boots. Tony had resisted the urge to fuck her in the car even before they got to the club, but he was going to satisfy that urge now.

“Oh god, I so want to fuck you,” said Tony, lifting her dress and ******** her pussycat in crotchless pantyhose. ”But first, I want to suck on those big tits,” he said, tearing open the top of her dress and just pulling her bra down to get them out.

"God, I love your big tits, Mrs. D,” he told her, sucking the first nipple into his mouth and then the other.

Between the making out and fingering in the club, sucking on his big cock, and now Tony sucking her tits, her pussycat was gushing. She couldn't remember the last time her husband had made her this wet, if ever.

Meanwhile, Orin grabbed some astroglide they had left on the nightstand when they'd rented the room earlier in the day. He approached her from behind and felt his friend Tony push his cock into her pussycat and start fucking her. Orin generously lubed up his cock with the astroglide and then tossed the rest of it onto the bed.

“Hold her still for a second, Tony,” he said, then, grabbing her hips, began to slowly push his well-lubed cock into her ass.

She froze with surprise and the initial pain of anal penetration.

“Don't move,” pleaded my wife, “let me adjust.”

“Ok, go slow,” she said momentarily.

Orin eased his cock in balls deep and said, “I'm in her all the way. Fuck, her ass is tight. Go ahead, Tony, fuck her.”

My wife wrapped her arms around Tony's neck, kissing him deeply as the two boys began to establish a rhythm. Now that the initial pain of anal penetration had dissipated, she shuddered in pleasure at the sensation of the two of them pushing into her at the same time. The pressure of two cocks thrusting into her was simply exquisite. She felt like she was being hoisted into mid-air by young cock. She'd always enjoyed anal sex, or at least tolerated it, but with a cock in her cunt at the same time, she remembered how good it felt and wondered why she hadn't indulged in it more frequently.

She felt Orin behind her, turning her head away from Tony, wanting to kiss her. It was a little awkward, but she kissed him back as best she could, then turned back to Tony. The lust these two young men expressed for her ignited her own passion, deepened by a pending explosion of pleasure she felt about to overwhelm her. She was glad she hadn't gone with her husband, but she felt a brief flicker of guilt at the thought before returning herself completely to the moment.

She suddenly felt Orin wrap his arms around her shoulders and push her body down into him. He thrust up on his tiptoes, trying to push every millimeter of his cock into her ass. She could feel his body shudder and knew he was about to cough.

“Oh fuck,” he exclaimed, "oooohhhhhh....fuc” and she felt his cock pulsating and emptying into her.

She had been trying to hold back, to extend sensation as long as possible, but Orin, cumming as he did, pushed her over the edge, and she was unable to contain the explosion. She saw light flashing behind her eyes and felt momentarily like she might pass out.

Oh my god,” she cried out, “oh my god,” feeling her whole body flooded with wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

Orin pulled his cock out of her with an audible “plop” and settled back, practically falling into the chair behind him. Tony wasn't done yet and continued pumping his cock into her married pussycat with increasing vigor. He turned her around and began backing her towards the bed as he fucked her.

His cock never entirely left her cunt as he re-positioned her onto the bed and climbed on top of her. He reached up and squeezed her big tits, and then started sucking her nipples, first one, then the other, alternating continuously as he fucked her.

She felt another orgasm building. As Tony continued pistoning into her and working her tits with her hands and mouth, she reached down between their bodies and fingered her clitoral area. She thought she'd felt Tony's cum in her, but he didn't get soft or stop pumping that big cock into her, so she wasn't sure. She came again and just laid there as his cock kept sawing into her.

She was aware of Orin approaching and was surprised to hear him tell Tony to turn her so that her head was at the edge of the bed.

“Help me with her then,” said Tony. “I don't want to stop fucking her.”

Between the two of them, they managed to move her into the desired position without Tony having his cock slip from her pussycat.

“Again already,” she asked Orin, looking up at his hard cock hovering over her face.

“We both took some Viagra before we left the club,” he replied to her surprise. “We didn't know when we'd get another chance like this with you and didn't want to waste a minute of it.”

She didn't know whether she should feel flattered or used, but in the moment, she wondered if it really mattered.

Getting her head just right over the edge of the bed, Orin bent his knees slightly, placing his cock against her mouth.

“Suck my cock, Denise,” he told her, using her name for the first time.

He'd always called her Mrs. D before, and she didn't realize he even knew her name. There was something about it that seemed to make it feel more intimate, narrowing the gap between them, and yet at the same time a little threatening.

“Oh yeah, that's it,” he told her as he pushed his cock into her throat. “I've missed this mouth, Denise; I've never met another girl who can suck a cock like you do.”

He called her a girl. Was that a good thing or a bad thing, she wondered? As Tony continued to fuck her pussycat, Orin now fucked her throat, pushing into her until his balls were pressing against her nose. Not pulling all the way back each time but keeping most of his cock in her warm mouth, then pushing back all the way into her throat.

Tony had never stopped pumping into her, never gone soft, but she thought she had felt him cum in her two or three times without slowing down. Now Orin seemed renewed and kept plunging his cock into her mouth and throat until her jaws ached. She fully understood what it meant to be spit-roasted. She felt like meat on a spit, but there was something about the idea of her, a married woman three times their age taking cock like this, that overcame with lust any doubts or reservations.

She wanted to be the “girl” of their sexual fantasies, to be the unforgettable female they would savor the memory of for their entire lives, and she threw herself even more completely into the moment and into the night. They need not worry about having another chance with her; she'd make it happen, and she'd get her cuckold husband to help. Not to help sexually, but to help create the opportunity for her to enjoy them like this again.

Orin interrupted her reverie by pulling his cock out of her mouth and dangling his balls over her lips.

“Suck my balls, Denise,” he told her.

She took his heavy balls into her mouth and sucked on them, something she had never done for me, and the idea of it increased her arousal. She felt him pushing down with his cock as she sucked, apparently trying to get it into her mouth at the same time. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and heard him moan as she managed to get both his balls and his cock into her warm, wet mouth.

“Oh fuck, that's good,” he moaned. “Suck it, fuck, I'm going to cum,” he said, and he pushed in with his cock just as he erupted down her throat.

She didn't miss a drop, and neither did she stop sucking on his cock and balls. He never softened. Maybe she could make him cum again like that. She thought and decided she would try. Tony was still sawing his big cock into her cunt. She didn't want the night to end. She kept hearing her cell phone ringing in her purse. She knew it had to be her husband calling like he did whenever he spent a night away, but she didn't care. Good cocks had to come before good husbands.

“Let's change up,” said Tony. “Let's DP the slut again, and this time I want that ass.”

Orin got on the bed, and Tony helped my ***** wife straddle him. She guided his cock into her married cunt, and he pulled her down to suck her big tits, which were hanging out of her dress.

“If Lucas was here, we could make this bitch airtight,” said Tony, climbing onto the bed behind her.

“Maybe next time,” said Orin.

Tony picked up the astroglide Orin had earlier thrown on the bed and lubed his cock to fuck my wife up the ass.

"Oh, my fucking god,” he said as he pushed his big cock into her ass. “This shit is fucking tight. I was wasting my time in the slut's cunt.”

“You belong to us now, Denise,” said Tony as he fucked my wife up the ass. “We won't be waiting so long to have you next time.”

At some point, everything became a blur. Memory faded. She woke up between them and looked at her watch. Fuck, almost 8 AM. Her husband must be worried and in near panic. She shook Orin awake.

“You have to take me home,” she said, “right now, if you ever want to do this again.”
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