Son’s Best Friend’s Dad
Copyright 2017 by Stormbringer

Note: This story is based on the comic script by Stormbringer and the art of Kaoscomics.

“Bye! Catch lots of fish,” said Kate waving as her husband and son drove off on their weekend fishing trip.

She waited impatiently for them to drive out of sight before spinning around and racing into her house. The belt on her short robe came loose as she ran into the house, but Kate didn’t care. She had one thing on her mind and that was getting her son’s best friend’s cock inside her again. Tyson’s teenage black cock had taken her to sexual highs she hadn’t known possible and she thought about it constantly. She dreamed about him the night after they had fucked. She was thinking of his cock last night while her much less endowed husband rutted on top of her until she pretended to orgasm. Most of all, she was thinking about sharing her bed with Ty for the entire weekend. A young bull like Ty could probably get it up for her a dozen times before he had to go home Sunday afternoon. Maybe more.

Kate ran up the stairs, large breasts leading the way, her yellow robe flapping behind her like a cape. She didn’t glance at the family pictures hanging on the wall nor did she glance at her wedding picture. When she reached the second floor and the master bedroom, she let the robe drop to the floor completely.

Kate walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on to let the water warm up before turning back into the bedroom to grab her phone. They’ve left for the WE. Can’t wait to C U again stud! XOXO, she typed onto the phone before sending the message off to Tyson. She was sure the young black teen was as eager to get his wonderful cock in her again as she was to have it inside her. Her thighs were going damp in anticipation just thinking about him.

Kate slipped into the shower and let the hot water run over her body. She couldn’t get the image of Ty’s cock out of her brain. The hard nubs on her nipples were throbbing just as her pussy throbbed along with her pulse. Her heart was beating so fast she could hear it in her ears. Fucking her son’s friend had awakened something in her that she hadn’t felt since she was a teenager. Even as she ran her soapy hand down her flat tummy and over her strip of pubic hairs, her fingers slipped into the wet folds of her pussy trying to satisfy her needs. She bit her lower lip fighting the urge to satisfy herself, knowing that soon she’d have a tool much more capable of satisfying her then her thin little fingers.

Kate ****** herself to focus on the shower, washing her hair and body with scented soaps. She wanted to smell good for her young lover. She expected this would be the first of many showers this weekend. Ty’s huge testicles were filled with more cum then her husband could ejaculate in a year. Sex with Tyson was a messy proposition, yet she wanted him to cover her body with his seed. She hoped he would remember to bring condoms sized for his formidable cock. He’d cum so much in her husband’s small sized rubber that it had looked like a water balloon and been quite painful as it inflated inside her womb. Plus, her state of arousal was usually a sign she was in her fertile cycle. She couldn’t afford any accidents this weekend. She didn’t like to consider Jack an accident, but her son was the result of her losing control during her fertile cycle.

Kate finished her shower and toweled her luscious body. She combed the water out of her long black hair. Dry, it was graying, but wet it looked darker making her look younger than her forty years. She noticed the light on her phone was flashing. She grabbed her glasses and checked it hoping it was a message from Ty. It was.

On my way. Gonna fuck you all WE long Mrs. H. He concluded it with an ASCII symbol of a long hard penis: 8=====D. Crude, she thought. Not like Ty at all, but the boy must be eager. She’d better hurry.

Kate walked over to her drawer and pulled out the little box. The lingerie had been a honeymoon present from her husband and she hadn’t worn it since. Her breasts were a prouder DD back then, but her heavier EE breasts still fit in the cups. The material was sheer, and her entire areola were clearly visible as was her pubic strip through the panty. The sheer lingerie was lavender, the nylons were darker with purple rims, toes, and heels. She pulled the one up her long leg. It stopped at mid-thigh. It didn’t have a garter to hold it up, but then she didn’t need it. Kate wasn’t even sure why she was putting it on, she didn’t expect it to be on her body for very long. She hadn’t primped this much for a man in nearly fifteen years.


The doorbell startled her. Dammit! She’d told Ty to use the back door. She didn’t want any nosy neighbors to see him, but the young black man had been a common sight at her house since he was ten years old. No one would be suspicious of him stopping by for a visit.

Kate opened the door, standing away from the entrance to keep any of her neighbors from seeing her nearly nude body. “Well, hello stud,” she purred posing sexily. “OH SHIT!” she cried when she finally saw who was at her door. She crossed her arms over her chest, but failed to cover her oversized breasts. The man in her doorway wasn’t Ty, but his father. “Mr. B… Brown, what are you doing here?”

Jerome Brown looked much like an older version of his son though meaner. He towered over her, one hand hooked in ratty sweats, the other hand holding a brown paper bag up to his face as he drank deep from the bottle hidden inside. He wore a stained white tee shirt, the black arms coming from the sleeves had bulging biceps larger than his son’s. He lowered the drink from his mouth revealing his white goatee. The hair on his head was still dark for a fifty-year-old man, but the sides were gray with stripes that made him look distinguished. His dark eyes looked in her the face moving down to her soda can sized areola, the nipples, poking out through the sheer bra, hard from thinking about his son’s cock. His eyes shone with approval, moving down her belly resting a second on the pubic strip beneath her panty before moving down to her nylons and back up to her breasts. “I’m here for the ***** who been fucking my son,” he growled.

Kate’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t look him in the eyes and glanced away demurely. “I don’t know what you mean,” she lied.

Jerome leaned on her door jam, glaring down at her. “Don’t lie to me, slut.” He said harshly.

Kate’s body started to tremble, and she fought to remain still and calm. No one had ever spoken to her like that before. Yet, the lingerie made her feel like a slut. Yet, she was wearing it not for her loving husband, but for her son’s best friend whose huge cock had her lusting after it again like a bitch in heat. She was a slut. “I’m not a slut,” she whispered.

Mr. Brown snorted. He held up his phone, no not his phone, but Tyson’s. She saw the picture from twenty years ago of her lips wrapped around her husband’s penis. The video that Tyson had used to blackmail her into fucking him. “Can’t say I blame you for seducing ma boy, seeing how pathetic your husband’s penis is,” said Jerome.

Kate’s cheeks flushed red. “Tyson stole that from my bedroom and tried to blackmail me into sex, but I refused,” she yelled angrily wagging her finger at him before clamping her mouth shut and hoping she hadn’t attracted the attention of any of her neighbors.

“You as big a lying ***** as my ex-wife,” said Jerome. He was sneering at her. Kate couldn’t believe this big lying negro ***** was treating HER like he was superior to her. He flipped the image and Kate gasped in horror. Tyson had snapped a picture of her on her knees sucking his giant black cock. He flipped it again and there was a video. Brown held it right in front of her face. “Fuck me Ty. I love your big cock,” said her voice coming from the phone.

Kate’s hand came up to cover her lower mouth as she stared at the video that clearly showed her and Ty on the bed. Oh no Ty, what have you done,” she thought. She sighed resigning herself that this was going to cost her some savings. “What do you want? Money?” she asked. “How much?” And how would she explain it to John? Invent a gambling problem?

Brown snorted and leered at her. “It’s not what I want, *****.” He paused. “I’m here to give you what you want. A weekend fucking some dark meat. Now get dat white ass upstairs.”

Kate stepped backwards away from him in horror. “No,” she gasped. Ty may have blackmailed her, but he was a handsome really fit young black man and previously he’d always been respectful and polite to her. Mr. Brown was kind of handsome and had bigger muscles then Ty, but he was older then she was, an unkept smelly slob and even worse in her eyes, a *****. She found him disgusting and he certainly wasn’t polite and respectful. Kate spun around before she tripped over the lower step upstairs. She began to climb the steps giving him a great view of her bare ass cheeks as they flexed with each stair she climbed. She passed the picture of her happy family.

Kate heard the older black man guzzling at his bottle. He gasped afterwards and said. “This is yo lucky day, slut. Tyson’s just a boy. He don’t know how to treat a woman like you yet.”

Kate had never been called names before. Her nipples throbbed beneath the bra. She passed her wedding picture. How dare he call her a slut. She felt a weird fluttering in her stomach.

“I’m gonna show you what a real man has to offer.”

Kate heard his heavy footstep on the first stair as he began to climb. Mr. Brown was very dominant and forceful, so unlike her rather timid husband who let her make all the decisions to avoid conflict. She wasn’t used to a “take charge” kind of man. A fresh dampness formed between her legs soaking the bottom of the thong panty. Kate reached the top of the stairs and walked into her bedroom.

“Lose the bra,” he ordered, following her.

Kate unhooked it and let her top fall to the floor. She spun around embarrassed by how swollen her areola and nipples were.

“Dems some big ass white titties,” he said crassly, gazing at them with lustful approval.

Her breasts had always attracted a lot of attention from men, especially when she wore a bathing suit to the pool or beach and one Halloween she’d shown them off in an Elvira costume. Most of the time all the unwanted attention annoyed her, but lately with the lustful way Tyson and his dad stared at her bosom had her taking some shameful pride in her tits especially at her age. “What do you want?” she asked, trying to sound like she wanted to get this over with. She did want to get this over with. Hell, Jerome Brown was a fifty-year-old alcoholic, maybe he’d have erectile trouble and leave in shame.

“Let’s give you a taste of some cock,” he said, pulling his shirt off.

Kate was a bit taken aback by how impressed she was with his chest. John had a bigger gut then Jerome Brown had, and her husband rarely drank. Brown was all muscles and abdominals all much bigger than his son’s. He was hairy compared to the smooth chested Tyson with a lot of hair under his navel, running up defined rock-hard abdominals and spreading across his broad chest. She didn’t care for chest hair, but it looked good on Jerome making him look a little bestial. He put his hands on his hips, one still holding the bottle of alcohol. Kate knelt before him, crinkling her nose at the stench of alcohol from the bottle. She grabbed his sweats and slowly pulled them down. She crinkled her nose again as his underwear appeared. At some point they’d been white, but they were so dirty now stained yellow with wispy pubic hairs sticking out through holes in the top. She wondered if he’d be as big as his son. Her eyes widened in surprise as his pants slid down his thighs and she saw the immense bulge that the dirty underwear was straining to contain.

Kate was filled with a strong desire to see what Mr. Brown’s black cock looked like. She reached up and pulled his underwear out and down. His huge cock flopped out, sticking out and angled downwards. The head was lighter than the shaft. Precum dripped down from the urethra in a volume that matched one of her husband’s entire ejaculation. She pulled the underwear down under testicles sized to match the massive cock, each ball as big as her fist. Kate reached up and grabbed the shaft. Jesus! She thought, he’s as big as Ty and it’s still growing.

“That’s it girl. Get to work.”

Kate slid her hand down to the base as the shaft continued to swell and grow. The head rose up towards her mouth and she leaned forwards to lick it. She couldn’t avoid the copious amount of precum leaking from the tip, but it didn’t taste bad. She licked around the bulbous tip as it kept growing. Her jaw stretched out as wide as it could as she began bobbing her head over it. Her free hand came up to massage his balls. One testicle filled her palm as she massaged the nut trying to coax the semen out of it, so she could hurry up and get this ordeal over with. MMMMMMM! She moaned feeling the head push against her cheek before it pushed into her throat.

Stop it Kate, she willed. Fight it. You’re not enjoying this. Remember whose cock this is. She released his testicles and focused on sucking him. She grabbed the veiny shaft tightly, bobbing her head as rapidly as she could. Her jaw ached with the strain, but she could still only manage about a third of his cock. Her saliva poured down her chin as loud slurping sounds filled the room.

“That’s it girl. Now ya getting into it.”

Don’t enjoy this, she thought. But it’s so big? Stop it. So good. Stop it, Kate. I hope his sperm tastes as good as his son’s. A happily married woman wouldn’t be having feelings like this. She didn’t even like oral sex, well until sucking Ty’s cock off anyway. She was a decent married PTA mom, but she was acting like some sort of cock crazed…

“SLUT! You is a great cocksucker. You didn’t get this good sucking that little white dick. Been practicing a lot on my son.” Brown groaned. “You is sucking the cum right out of my balls. Here it cums.”

No, only once, she argued in her mind even as his cock head expanded to the point she started to choke. She released his shaft and placed both hands on his thighs pushing back so that the head filled her mouth. Her eyes crossed behind her glasses as she stared down the shaft watching the base of his shaft inflate, the swell moving forwards towards her lips. His cock head jerked once, her mouth filling with his hot seed almost instantly to the point it shot out around her lips before she could swallow it down. Kate began gulping even as her mouth filled repeatedly with his cum. Kate moaned as she swallowed his hot seed. It was so good! She looked up his muscular body. Mr. Brown was smirking down at her. The asshole knew she was enjoying this. His sperm was thicker and richer than his son’s and there was a lot more of it. It was fucking delicious. Kate continued staring into his eyes as she gulped down his seed.

Jerome pulled it out, pushing his cock down so that the next couple discharges from his cock covered her chest and cleavage in semen. He released his shaft, the hard rod springing up and spraying her face with several strands of cum. “Here’s the last of it,” he moaned.

Kate reached out and caressed the underside of his shaft. The strong veins along his cock were still throbbing even though it was starting to deflate. “Give me. I want it all,” she whimpered, squeezing his cock, and stroking upwards so that a final wad of semen flew out the end. It didn’t go far, landing on her carpet between her knees. She licked the sperm around her lips while her hand caressed down his cock. Kate looked respectfully up at him though one lens on her glasses was covered in his seed.

Kate came to her senses and yanked her hand away from his cock. It was sticking straight out now, bending down slightly. A second later in was curved downwards. She stared at it as she pushed herself to her feet and ran to the bathroom.

Kate stood at the vanity and used a warm washcloth to clean her face. She washed her glasses off and returned them to her nose just as Tyson’s dad strolled into the bathroom. He’d removed the dirty underwear. He walked up behind her and stood at the toilet, a steady stream of urine soon flowed out from his cock. He hadn’t bothered lifting the seat. “You suck a mean dick, Kate,” he complimented.

“Uh… Thanks, I guess,” she answered, not sure how to take it. She turned her attention to the sticky mess on her chest. He shook his cock before turning around and leaving.

Kate finished cleaning herself off and brushed her teeth. She flushed the toilet for Mr. Brown before walking back into her bedroom. He was seated on her bed nude. The middle aged black man’s dominant personality, his strong muscular physique, and especially the huge monster cock dangling between his legs exuded a powerful masculine presence. It made her stomach flutter and her instinct was to submit to him. The few times she’d met him before, he’d made her nervous for some reason. She hadn’t recognized it as a natural feminine reaction to his pure virile masculinity at the time. Now she knew, and it scared her. She stepped up to him. “What now, Jerome?”

He smirked. “That’s Mr. Brown to you, slut.” His hand reached out and grabbed the hem of her panty, pulling out hard. “Let’s get you out of these things.” The thin fabric didn’t stand a chance, ripping off her body. She was left naked, but for her glasses and her nylons.

“YIKES!” she squealed, panting with excitement.

Brown stood, placing his hands on her hips. He spun her around and pushed her down on her marital bed. Kate scooted back as he climbed on the bed and kneeled between her legs. His cock was already rising in anticipation. It settled on her body. The base lay above the opening of her pussy, the head snug between her breasts. She gasped realizing exactly how deep the monster would be penetrating her. “You want this, slut?” he asked.

It frightened her, but she still yearned for it. It filled the married wife and mother with shame how much she wanted it. “Yes, Mr. Brown,” she answered truthfully.

He nodded smugly and looked at her lustfully and a little contemptuously. “Then put it in,” he ordered.

“You need to wear a condom,” she pleaded, afraid a man like Jerome Brown would refuse. She was right between cycles, the most dangerous time to risk impregnation especially with a partner as virile as Brown.

“Didn’t bring any,” he grunted. His cock fully grown once again.

Kate slid her hand over and under her husband’s pillow. He usually kept a few condoms hidden there. She sighed with relief when her hand felt the square plastic packet. She pulled it out and ripped the packet open knowing it would be too small for a cock like Mr. Brown’s. Ty had promised to bring larger ones since her husband’s standard condoms were too small for his dick.

The huge black cock was rearing up between her breasts. She placed the rubber over the tip and stretched it wide around the head. “That little thing covers yo husband?” grunted Jerome, seemingly amused. “Pathetic.” A part of her was starting to agree as the rubber stopped just under the flare of his cock head. She pinched and stretched out the receptacle, remembering how Ty had swelled the thing up like a water balloon when he came. It looked full already as Mr. Brown’s precum continuously flowed into it. She prayed the thing would hold.

“Don’t normally where the damn things.” Brown pulled back on the bed so that his cock slid down her body. The head fell on the opening of her pussy. “XXXL Titanic sized rubbers are too fuckin expensive.” Kate reached down and held herself open for him knowing this was going to be a tight fit. He wasn’t even holding his shaft to guide it in, he was so hard and sturdy. He pushed forwards.

“OH GOD!” Kate gasped as the condom covered head pushed inside stretching her wide open for him.

“Besides, I like seeding my pussies.”

Kate closed her eyes behind her glasses, gritting her teeth as Brown pushed deeper. She was grateful for her indiscretion with his son last week. She wasn’t sure she could have handled Brown’s cock if his son hadn’t already opened her up. He cupped her knees in his arms lifting her nylon covered legs until they were nearly over his shoulders. He braced his hands on the mattress and pushed deeper. “OW!” she squealed, wincing. “My cervix!”

“Knock knock,” he grunted, angling his cock down and pushing hard.

“It’s pushing into my womb!” she cried.

“Ball’s deep,” grunted Brown, leaning down over her. Kate lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips. His eyes glared down at her, staring intently at her face. At first, Kate tried to avert her gaze, looking away in embarrassment. He pulled back a few inches, slamming his cock forwards and holding it still again. She grunted and looked up at him, staring through the lens of her glasses into his dark eyes. He flexed his cock, sending vibration throughout her pussy. Kate trembled, still staring at him as he flexed his cock again. He was fully aware of what his mighty weapon could do to a woman. She couldn’t break the gaze, staring at this domineering man while he flexed his cock repeatedly. He wanted her to see exactly who was making her feel so good. “You like this cock?”

“Yes,” whispered Kate. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing down around his shaft as a pressure began building in her womb, a pressure she’d only experienced previously with his son. Her hands wrapped up in her bed sheet, pulling hard on it. His right hand grabbed her neck domineeringly, but his grip didn’t tighten. Her lips parted as she moaned, and it was Brown that broke their hypnotic gaze as he brought his mouth down on her lips. She kissed him back with more passion and lust than she’d ever shown her husband. Kate couldn’t take the constant flexing of his cock anymore. So full, she thought. His big cock is making me cum. The damn burst, her pussy squeezing down so hard around his shaft he couldn’t flex it anymore even as she soaked the huge cock with her orgasmic fluids. Her pussy muscles tugging forwards along the shaft desperate for his seed.

Dayumn! Her cunny is milking my cock, thought Brown. It had been a long time since he’d fucked a woman whose body seemed designed for a giant black cock. He could even feel her pulse inside her pussy as it relaxed its grip on his junk, but only for a second. He started working his cock in and out a little now and almost immediately she was cumming all over it again. This is some grade A white pussy, he decided, their tongues still embracing as they kissed.

Brown removed his tongue and kissed her lips before pushing himself up until he was kneeling. Kate watched him rise above her. She almost looked scared, knowing he was about to really start fucking her. She’d cum twice and they hadn’t even started yet. He cupped her knees and slowly started fucking her. He only removed and inch before slamming it forwards, then two, then three. At four, she came again, squirting fluid all over his crotch and soaking his balls. Each time he slammed it forwards there was a loud squish as he buried it in her white pussy.


The noise was constant now as Mr. Brown picked up speed. Kate came over and over again. He was nearly fucking her with the entire shaft. His virgin son had been amazing in bed, but this was an experienced man that knew how to fuck a woman.

“AAAAAHHHH!” Kate’s entire body shook as she stared at his hairy muscular chest. Another one, she thought, her eyes moving up his chest to his hard-lined face. How many was that? Five… six… and another was already building. Kate was getting exactly what she wanted this weekend only instead of getting it from her son’s best friend, a nice young man, she was getting it from his older, brutish father. She squirted again, soaking his thrusting cock. The bed sheets under their crotches were sopping wet, she was squirting so much.


Brown fucked her hard with the full length of his cock, her legs locking around his back, trying to pull him deep into her, to hold him inside her forever, but he was too strong, and his balls slapped hard against her thighs with enough force it stung. Kate didn’t care. She was cumming again.

“CUMMING!” she screamed. “OH MY GOD! FUCK ME!”

“So good. So good. SO GOOOOOD!” She reached down and squeezed her breasts. Her fingers found her nipples, pinching them hard attempting to take her mind off the overwhelming pleasure in her pussy. It only increased her pleasure to the point she feared she might pass out. Deep in the back of her mind, a small fear began growing. Brown couldn’t keep up this fast pace much longer. He was going to cum soon. Ty’s seed had filled the undersized tip of the condom to the point it had filled like a water balloon. The pain had been akin to giving birth and she had no doubt after swallowing his load that Brown’s cum would be expanding the condom’s receptacle even larger. But it was hard to worry about, when you couldn’t stop cumming. Kate came to her senses when Brown uttered one word.

“Cumming,” he grunted, shoving his cock deep.

She released her nipples and grabbed the sheets, sitting up in alarm. “Pull it out!” His cock throbbed, and Kate felt her womb began to expand. “OOOWW! PULL IT OUT!!”

“It’s stuck in yo cervix,” he growled, trying to pull his hips back.

“It hurts. Please?” she begged as her eyes watered. The inflating receptacle now felt as big as her son’s head had when she gave birth and Brown’s ejaculating cock wasn’t down inflating it.

Kate fell back on the bed, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the sheets on her mattress. Sweat beaded her brow as the tears continued to fall down her cheeks. Just when she felt she couldn’t take the pain any more, a liquid heat filled her womb. “That’s better,” she moaned, the pain disappearing. The warmth spread out, permeating her body. “YES!” she whimpered as waves of pleasure had her writhing on her bed, her pussy grinding into his cock. Suddenly, her body bucked up into his cock. “I’m cumming again!” she screamed. Spasms rocked her body causing the bed to shake like she was having a seizure. Brown’s cock was still squirting as he managed to pull it through her cervix. Jets of his hot seed hosed her closing cervix with more warmth even as a flood of sperm followed his retreating cock from her womb. And still, her body continued bucking under the throes of a powerful orgasm pulling his fertile seed as deep as it could go.

Jerome Brown’s mighty cock slipped from her pussy. It was still swollen and hard, jerking as it sprang up shooting strands of sperm across her body. It splattered from her nose to her navel. She squeezed his shaft between her nylon covered thighs, holding his rod still as it continued spurting. So good, thought Kate, arching her back, but she felt strange. Heat filled her womb.

Kate relaxed her thighs and reached up to grab his cock. “My womb is sloshing,” she told him, staring at his bulbous cock head. It continued dribbling sperm down on her belly. All that was left of the condom was the tattered latex ring a short way under his glans.

“Rubber broke,” grunted Brown. “Happens all the time. Seeded that pussy good.”

Kate released his shaft and fell back on the bed. Her pussy was splayed open, a river of semen poured from her, soaking the bed. “NO! Not in me.” she cried in disbelief as she stared down her body. “You seeded me? You came in me? YOUR SPERM IS IN ME?!” The older black man just nodded, looking smug. “NO!” she shouted at him in denial. She hadn’t had a man’s sperm in her since conceiving Jack close to nineteen years ago. The warmth in her womb was growing at the thought of being inseminated by Jerome Brown and she was right between cycles, her most fertile time. Kate’s head fell hard on the pillow, her eyes rolling up in her head. “Your sperm is in me.” She was naked standing on a tropical beach, arms out feeling the heat from the sun. A wave was rolling towards her, growing more powerful as it approached. “YES!” she moaned, writhing on the bed. The wave got closer threatening to overwhelm her. She reached out to embrace it. “SEEDED!” The edges of the waves were frothy and white, filled with swimming sperm. “YES!” The wave broke over her, enveloping her entire body with its warmth. “I’M….”

“CCUUMMIINNGG!!” The sheets bunched up in Kate’s fists as her feet pushed her ass up off the bed almost as if she was trying to raise it back up into Brown’s still hard cock. Her contractions pushed a flood of his sperm out of her pussy under a stream of fluid that spurted from her clit almost all the way to his cock while at the same time pulling his sperm into her uterus.

“Dayumn gurl! You is a squirter,” grunted the black man, impressed with himself and his ability to make her cum even after he’d pulled out. Her hips were rising shooting more orgasmic fluid and semen out before collapsing back down on the bed. She continued to writhe in ecstasy, moaning softly to herself. Jerome laid down beside her as his cock turned floppy and fell across his thigh.

Kate remained on her back for a while, trying to catch her breath. When she’d recovered, she sat up and put her glasses on the nightstand, groaning as she stood and waddling bowlegged to the bathroom. She turned her shower on, waited for it to warm before stepping in.

The hot water revived her as she lathered her voluptuous body with body wash. Her nipples remained hard and pointy, tingling as her hands ran over them. She washed between her thighs, her pussy hungry for more to the point she had to resist slipping her fingers inside her. Her needs should be completely satisfied, but her body felt alive. She yearned to feel Mr. Brown’s giant black cock inside her again, fucking her, pumping her full of more of his hot voluminous seed. Kate let the hot water wash over her hair both wishing he’d fuck her again and praying that he’d be gone and out of her life for good when she left the bathroom.

Instead, the shower door opened, and Brown appeared leering at her sexy wet body. “Thought I’d join you,” he said, cock rising until it stuck straight out as he entered the tight stall. Brown must have great blood flow as his cock continued rising until it reared upwards. He stepped forwards and leaned down, her own head turning up automatically to kiss him. His cock head slid under one breasts, she reached out to grab it, stroking the shaft. They continued kissing as their wet bodies slid over each other. Kate’s right leg slid up behind his ass, pulling him tighter into her. Her body wanted to climb this mountain of a man, wrap her legs around his waist and bounce up and down his huge cock. Worse, she wanted him to see her again.

Brown grunted and grabbed her ankle. He turned her roughly until she was leaning on one of the clear plexiglass walls. Her breasts pressed into the plexiglass as he pulled on her hair. Kate felt his huge cock head nudging on her pussy just before he slowly pushed it back inside. Brown held her, one hand grasping her ankle, the other with her long dark hair wrapped in his fist. Brown began slowly working his cock in and out.

Fuk! Fuk! Fuk!

Kate’s breasts pressed like pancakes against the plexiglass, large areola forming smaller dark circles within the large pale breasts. Only the tips of her nipples touched the plexiglass when he pulled back, flattening again when he pushed forwards. Over and over again he pushed his cock balls deep. Kate moaned, cumming as her cheek pushing against the clear panel when she rested her head on it.

Fuk! Fuk! Fuk!

He fucked her harder and faster. His stamina was amazing for a man his age and considering that he’d already orgasmed twice in the last ninety minutes. “Fuck me,” she gasped, in awe at the rate his cock was pumping in and out of her. “Cumming, Mr. Brown.”

“Me too,” he grunted, thrusting forwards. “Gonna bust another nut in you, slut. UNNHHHH!” he bellowed as the first spurt of seed filled her womb.

There was no pain this time. No condom receptacle expanding inside her. There was only a complete sense of overwhelming pleasure as his hit fertile seed filled her. The intensity of it all only caused her orgasm to grow more powerful and last longer. It made her squirt again, several times around his shaft.

Brown released her hair and ankle. He grabbed her right ass cheek as he pulled his cock out, spurting even more semen on her back and ass cheek. Once again, the black man’s sperm began pouring from her pussy in a torrent to splatter on the shower floor and circle around the drain mixed with the water. If he’d produced any less semen the third time he’d ejaculated then he had the first, she couldn’t tell. Brown smacked her ass and left the shower.

Kate caught her breath, spreading her legs to let as much of his cum leak out as possible, but once again, his semen and billions of his sperm were trapped in her womb. She let the shower spray strike her rear and genitals until she thought they were clean. Kate straightened up and turned the water off. She reached out for a towel, wrapping the red towel around her voluptuous body before stepping out into the bathroom. Brown was there standing at her toilet, pissing again.

The stream of urine was strong though his cock was still swollen and semi hard. Kate came up beside him. “Here let me help you,” she said, grabbing his shaft.

“What’s this?” he asked, releasing his cock, and letting her take over.

Kate squeezed his penis and stared fascinated as she aimed the stream of urine all around her toilet bowl. “Sorry Mr. Brown, I can’t seem to keep my hands off your cock.” The stream ended followed by a few final squirts.

“Shake it good, girl.”

Kate’s hands were at the base of his shaft. She shook his cock. It flopped up and down, some residual urine leaking out and flying all over her toilet. It started to swell in her hands, becoming less floppy as it stiffened. “Jesus, it’s getting hard again,” she said, staring in awe at the giant black cock in her hands. It had been ten years since her husband had pulled off a couple of erections in a day and the more senior Jerome Brown was already on his fourth. She grabbed the shaft with her other hand and started caressing it.

Jerome grinned. “Back to yo marital bed then.”

Kate nodded in agreement. She led the way, one hand on his cock, pulling him back to her bed. Jerome grabbed the back of her towel and yanked it off her body, dropping it on the floor as they entered her bedroom. He placed on strong hand on her shoulder to keep her from turning around to face him. She kneeled on the bed and got on all fours, Brown climbing up behind her.

Kate’s wet hair fell down her back as she looked over her shoulder. Brown was guiding his cock back towards her pussy. Her breasts pendulously hung straight down. They were so heavy, they nearly reached the mattress and the tips of her erect nipples were only an inch away. Brown’s bulbous cock head began pushing past her labia, plowing inside. This was her least favorite position and she rarely let her husband make love to her like this. It was too impersonal, not romantic or loving. It felt like John was just using her body to get his rocks off. It was the same with Jerome Brown, but it was also something else. His big black cock pushed deep, pulling back, and pushing forwards again. This was how a dominant male took a submissive female. Tyson’s dad was definitely a dominant male. It seemed more natural to get fucked by a man like Mr. Brown in this position and she liked it. “Fuck me!” she muttered. “Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Kate creamed all over his cock as his thrusts grew faster and more powerful. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” she screamed.

Jerome grabbed her firm rounded ass cheek with his left hand. Kate reached around and grabbed her other cheek. The spreading of her ass cheeks gave Brown a clear view of her tight little sphincter sticking out above his slick thrusting shaft. “I see Ty never broke in dis ass,” he grunted.

The black man sucked his thumb into his mouth, then brushed her hand aside. He grabbed both her cheeks, spreading them apart. His wet thumb probed at her rosebud. She jerked when she felt him probing it, but relaxed. He pushed his thumb inside. “CUMMING!” she screamed, her ass squeezing down around his thumb just as vagina clamped down around his shaft.

“Feel good slut?” he asked, working his thumb in and out, timed to the thrusts of his cock. “Imagine how good my cock would feel shoved up that white ass?”

“It’s too big,” she argued. Just his thumb felt huge in her ass, she couldn’t imagine what his cock would do to her. “But, anything for you, Jerome,” she added, submitting.

Brown pushed his thumb in as deep as it would go, causing her to grunt. He raised his left hand before slapping it back down hard on her ass.


“OW!” she squealed as her rear end began to sting.

“That’s Mr. Brown to you,” he reminded her, yanking his thumb out. He caressed her stinging left cheek, slowly pulling his cock out. The head sprang free rearing up. He grabbed the shaft and pressed the head down against her anus. Beth squealed again as he began to push.

Jerome squeezed her ass cheeks and watched as his cock head stretched her anus open. Slowly it pushed inside. “You aint a true slut until you’ve had my cock in every hole,” he grunted. The head slipped inside, forcing its way deeper.

Kate’s head collapsed to the pillow, her back arched upward so that she was perpendicular nearly forming an L shape. Brown bent over her, holding her head down while his steel hard cock actually bent as more tried to pierce her ass. “AAAHH! It hurts so bad,” she wailed.

“Do you want to be my slut, or should I pull out?” he asked, thrusting deeper.

“Please!” she begged. Her ass felt like it was on the verge of tearing it was being stretched so wide. “Fuck my ass, Mr. Brown.” It was deep enough now, his huge heavy balls slapped her crotch. She was wet and leaking down her thighs. “UNH! It’s ripping me in too,” she moaned on the verge of begging him to stop. “OH GOD, it hurts! It hurts so… GOOD!” Jerome pulled her up off the bed, thrusting his cock in and out of her ass. Kate looked up over her shoulder. “I love it,” she told him, her hand came up to pinch her erect nipple as she stared into his eyes. They were dark, a little cold, and domineering. “Fuck my ass. So full of black cock.”

Jerome never slowed the thrusts of his cock. “Yo ass is resized now. Just like yo pussy. You’ll never be satisfied with little white dicks again.”

Kate nodded. She loved John, but no longer felt any sexual desire for him at all. Hadn’t since her encounter with Tyson. She laid there faking it the last time she’d made love to her husband. John had even lasted longer, she was so loose from her resizing with Ty. If John could just go an inch deeper, open her wider, last just a little longer, than well… maybe.

Brown leaned up, grabbing her neck with one hand and her waist with the other. His thrusting cock made a constant whap whap whap sound. She’d taken him in all three holes. “I’m your slut now, Mr. Brown,” she grunted after a deep thrust of his cock.

“That you is, baby.”

I’m a slut, she thought. I’m a slut. I’m a slut. His balls slapped against her well-fucked pussy sending ripples of pleasure through her body. I’m a slut for big black cock. SLAP! SLAP! “OHMYGOD!” she cried, her pussy tightening as it began spasming. “I’M CUMMING!” The next time his balls hit her pussy lips, they made a louder, wetter splat. I’m cumming just from having his cock in my ass! I really am a slut.


Her ass felt like it might rip as his cock swelled up. He pushed deep holding it still. It tried to buck and jerk, but it was wedged to tightly in her ass as his cock began shooting his seed deep in her bowels. He pushed hard against her ass, letting go when his cock sprang free, shooting more wads of semen over her back. The rest of his cum began pouring from her rosebud to pool on her blankets.

Kate slowly struggled to climb off the bed. Her ass squished as she hurried to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet. The sperm leaking from her ass sounded like urine hitting the water. It took her a good fifteen minutes before she felt it was safe to stand back up. Sex with a black man being messier than normal, she hopped in the shower again, a part of her hoping that he’d join her again, but this time she had the shower all to herself.

Kate stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around her body. Jerome had climbed under the covers and was fast asleep. She slowly unwrapped the towel and used it to wipe up as much of his sperm as possible before she joined him under the covers. Kate snuggled up into his arms, her hand on his hard chest and soon, she joined him in sleep.


The next morning, the smell of bacon filled Jerome’s nostrils and he quickly came awake. A gorgeous naked woman was carrying a tray into the bedroom. It held a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich, a glass of milk, and an orange. More lunch than breakfast, but a quick glance at a clock, showed him that it was closer to lunchtime than breakfast.

“I brought you breakfast. Brunch maybe.”

“Nothing for you?” he asked, sitting up.

“Here hold this up,” she told him, handing him the tray. He took it and Kate pulled the sheet down off his brawny body. She reached down and took his plump black cock in hand. “I’m just gonna have a protein shake,” she told him, as his cock swelled.

I could get used to this, thought Jerome, taking a bite of his sandwich while watching Kate licking the tip of his cock until it fully hardened. She stared at him through the lens of her glasses as she began slurping on his huge cock. Yeah, he could easily get used to this. She wasn’t just sucking his dong, she was worshipping his cock. All his women had loved his dark meat, but Kate was different. She’d quickly turned into an obsessed fanatic.

Jerome peeled the orange and slowly chewed the pulpy segments. Kate kissed the tip, jerking his shaft as she moved her mouth down to his hairy balls. Her tongue teased his testicles while he finished off the orange. She licked up the underside of his shaft, licking around the crown before she started bobbing her head rapidly over the end. Her mouth moved down, swallowing a third, then a half, sucking his cock as fast as she could. Jerome felt the cum welling in his balls as he took a drink of milk. He lowered the glass just as the first blast of cum shot down her throat. She sucked faster, using her hand to jerk the base, letting her mouth fill with several loads of his seed. She opened her mouth, the last of his white viscous semen on her tongue. Kate let it slide down her throat.

“Delicious,” they said in unison.

Kate licked around her lips and climbed off the bed. She took the tray off his lap and headed back to the kitchen. He watched her ass shake as she left the room. Jerome climbed off the bed and took a quick piss. He walked naked down the stairs, spent cock swaying from thigh to thigh with each step. He paused down the stairs and looked at the white woman’s wedding picture. Kate and John were both beaming with joy. The perfect white couple. Bet you never thought your wife would be hooked on nigga cock, fuck wad, he thought, shaking his dong. There was a pearl of semen left on the tip. Jerome wiped it off and smeared it on John’s face in the wedding picture. He wiped what was left on his finger off on the next picture. The happy perfect white family picture. Jerome smirked as he continued down the stairs.

Kate jumped when the huge black hands came around her back to squeeze her breasts. Her nipples popped out between his fingers. He kissed her neck before letting her go. The addicted woman stood frozen before the sink, breathing heavily, flushed, just from his touch and the feel on his hefty cock pressing into her ass.


His hand slapped her ass. “Got any beer?” He opened the refrigerator before she could answer. “I don’t see nuthin?”

“It’s not even noon?”

Jerome was still bent over looking in the refrigerator. He stared at her. “So?” he asked, a challenging expression on his face.

Kate froze. “I’d be happy to go get you some, Jer… Mr. Brown.”

Jerome nodded and turned his attention back to the contents of her refrigerator. “And pick up some lunch meats. A brotha likes a nice ham sammich for lunch.”

“Certainly, Mr. Brown.”


Kate returned from shopping about an hour later. Mr. Brown hadn’t even bothered dressing. Her eyes moved down with lust at the huge black cock dangling over the cushion of her couch. He was holding the remote watching ESPN. “I got your beer,” she stated setting the bag on the counter.

“Good,” he grunted without looking at her. “Get dem clothes off and bring me one.”

Kate pulled her sweater off over her head before undoing her skirt and letting it fall around her feet. His dark eyes left the TV screen when she appeared in heels, knee high stockings, and a bra and panty. She stepped out of her shoes before unhooking her bra. He stared appreciatively at her boobs, eyes moving down when she lowered her panty down her legs, leaving the stockings on. Kate opened the beer and handed it to him. He took it while she dropped to her knees between his legs. Soon his cock was rising as she sucked lovingly on the tip.

Kate could still feel his semen sloshing around in her belly from earlier. This time she wanted him cumming somewhere else. She quit sucking when his cock was fully hard, rising to her feet and straddling his lap. Brown watched her while sipping his beer. He set it down beside him as she reached back, caressing his cock. The aroused woman stared into his eyes. She didn’t want to scare him off, but she couldn’t help herself. “I love you,” she told him, raising her crotch up and guiding his cock up to the entrance to her pussy. She shuddered as she lowered herself on his shaft.

“No, this ain’t love,” he replied. “This is just great fucking.”

“Then fuck me,” she replied, though her eyes still stared lovingly at him. Her breasts pressed into his chest as she slowly raised and lowered herself on his shaft. Her pussy swallowed inch after inch until she was fully impaled. “CUMMING!” she screamed as Brown sucked her right nipple between his broad lips.


“I’ll ignore it,” she moaned.

“No. Better get that,” ordered Brown, placing his hands on her ass cheeks. He slowly lifted her up until his cock slapped down on his hard abdominals.


Kate stared hungrily at his wet cock. She wasn’t ready to quit fucking. He nodded towards the front door. She could see a shadow through the glass. She approached it hesitantly. The doorbell rang again. “OH MY GOD!” she cried, looking back at him. “Who could it be? My dad? One of the neighbors?”

“Open the door,” he ordered, picking his beer back up and sipping it while watching her.

“I left my robe upstairs.”

“Open the door. NOW!”

Kate jumped, startled by his barking tone. She held her hand over her nipple and opened the door a crack. She was startled to see a very familiar young black man. “TY! What are you doing here?”

“Dad told me to come by.” His eyes stared at her hungrily, but his expression was sorrowful. This was supposed to be his weekend after all.

“Well get in here before the neighbors see me,” she said, glancing up and down the street nervously. Ty stepped inside, and she closed the door. She stormed over to Mr. Brown, noticing that his cock was still standing straight up. “What’s Ty doing here?” she asked, placing her hands on her hips.

Brown took a sip of his beer. “I wanted to show him what a slut you are,” he said. “Now come suck my cock.” He pointed towards his proud shaft. Kate hesitated a moment, glancing back at Tyson before kneeling between Brown’s legs. She took his cock back in her mouth, licking the crown. Brown watched her than looked up at his son. “Still think you’re in love with THIS? She ain’t nothing but a ***** for big black cock, boy.”

Tyson watched his best friend’s mom sucking his dad’s cock. She wasn’t the first. He’d come home many times to find some ***** going to town on his father’s big cock. He’d listened to their screams of pleasure at night. He’d idolized Kate Howard as the perfect wife and mother, but she was nothing but another of his dad’s many whores. She was worshipping his dad’s huge cock. Sad and a little heartbroken, a proud smirk still cracked Ty’s mouth. He’d been the one to turn her after all.

“Now come fuck this ***** while she fucks me,” said Brown.

Ty nodded and pulled his shirt off over his head. He yanked his sweats off, his hard-brown cock springing up and bobbing before him. He kneeled behind her, lining his cock up with her pussy. She was wet and stretched out, taking him easily.

Kate was lost in servicing her lover’s cock and hadn’t even heard their conversation. “Mmmph!” she grunted in surprise feeling Ty’s cock push deep inside her. His thrusting cock pushed her forwards nearly choking her as Ty’s father’s cock pushed way past her tonsils. She got over her initial shock and was soon enjoying both cocks. Ty was grabbing her ass, pulling her into his thrusts, helping her suck his dad’s cock. So good! So good! SO GOOD! She thought loving what these two men were doing to her. Soon Ty’s cock had her cumming again and again. She looked up at Jerome Brown as his son made her cum. His hard eyes stared down at her, but the orgasmic warmth permeating her body filled her with love for this man. Only it was more than love, she idolized this man for making her feel like a true woman and she adored his son and his son’s wonderfully amazing big black cock.

Kate was still staring up at Jerome Brown when his cock shuddered in her throat. Liquid warmth filled her belly just as Ty thrust deep, the younger man’s cock jerking as more liquid warmth filling her womb. Kate trembled as she came harder than she ever had with just one of the black men. The orgasm rocked her body, making her nearly black out. The next thing she remembered was Brown pushing back on her head until his cock head filled her mouth. She gulped his seed down as fast as his big balls could pump it out. It was still spurting as he pulled it from her greedy lips. His seed fell across her face coating one of the lenses on her glasses. His son’s semen was splattering down on her ass cheeks even as it poured from her well-fucked pussy.

“It’s a lot better without a condom,” sighed Tyson, sitting back on his knees.

“I… I’m going to clean up,” gasped Kate, struggling to get off the floor. She pushed herself up off Brown’s knees. Kate stumbled weakly up the stairs towards the bedroom.

“You gotta stop putting dem bitches on a pedestal, boy,” grunted Jerome towards the stairs. “They all whores.” He reached out for the can and drained the remaining beer. “Deep down they disrespect you when you treat dem like they’re princesses.” He rose off the couch and grabbed two more beers, handing one to his son.

Ty popped his open and took a sip. His mom, Tonya had broken his dad, running off with his uncle Willie. Jerome had been madly in love with his wife and catching her with his brother had destroyed him. He’d hated women ever since and worse, that’s what had started him drinking.

Tyson looked down at his beer wondering if his dad was right. He’d been nothing but a gentleman with Shawna and what had that gotten him other than frustrated? He’d idolized Mrs. Howard as the perfect wife and mother to Jack and a surrogate mother to himself. Seeing her as a maternal figure did nothing to dampen his growing lust for the woman. Finding the porno she’d made with her husband had driven him crazy to the point he’d blackmailed her for sex. If Shawna had been putting out, would he’d have had the balls to go for Mrs. Howard? Tyson took a long sip, draining half the can.

“You did a good job breakin in Mrs. Howard, boy,” said Jerome. “We done ruined her for white dick.”

“Thanks,” grunted Ty, feeling bad for Jack. His mom was no better than Ty’s own mom.

“Come on, lets go get our cocks sucked.”

Ty followed his dad upstairs. He looked at the pictures on the wall, noticing the smears on John Howard’s face in the photos. Ty walked into the familiar bedroom, his cock already rising as he remembered what had happened on that bed a week ago. His dad’s cock was sticking straight out too as he stared into the bathroom. Ty soon saw why. Kate Howard’s voluptuous form was running body wash over her tits and belly. The glass shower was mostly clear with just a hint of blur.

Kate smiled not the least surprised when Mr. Brown opened the door and stepped inside. The sight of her made Ty’s cock twitch. She was gorgeous wet and looked younger without the glasses. He’d never cared for her glasses, but knew she was blind as a bat without them. He followed his dad into the shower even as Jerome was pushing her down. Without hesitation, Kate grabbed his cock and started lovingly sucking on it.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say he was jealous of his dad’s cock. It was longer and girthier than Tyson’s own impressive cock. Ty had inherited his mom’s lighter brown skin, making his dad’s cock a lot blacker. He’d seen it plenty of times. Jerome Brown had about half a dozen women he fucked regularly usually three different ones a week. Some stayed over on weekends. They never shut the door and often walked around nude most of the time. Uncle Willie was rumored to have an even bigger blacker cock than his father’s.

Brown moved over to the side of the shower placing Kate in the middle. She never missed a beat slurping on his big cock. Her hand jerked the base of his shaft while she sucked about half down her throat. He had to push her off his cock by placing his meaty hand on her forehead and pushing back. She looked up at him pleadingly while jerking his cock off, but he just ****** her head to turn until she saw the brown cock bobbing before her face. Kate grabbed Ty’s shaft and started sucking on the tip of his cock. The teenager moaned still not used to having his cock sucked.

Kate swallowed Ty as deep as she could, pulling back and kissing the tip of his cock respectfully. She turned licking and suckling the head of Mr. Brown’s cock while jerking his son. Kate went back and forth several times, sucking and jerking faster. When she had to catch her breath, she ran their cock heads all over her face before returning them to her mouth.

Tyson’s youthful inexperience had him blowing first. Unfortunately, it was when she was blowing his father. His cock twitched in her hand, his ejaculate squirting out like a hose to cover her breasts. He watched his seed striking her pink nipples, noticing that her cheeks were bulging out as she swallowed his dad’s load. She lost control, a thick wad of semen splattering over her lower face. Jerome’s cock reared up, a long strand of sperm shooting up and over her head. Kate kept jerking both cocks until they’d quit releasing semen. She kissed both cock heads and ****** herself to stand.

Jerome exited the shower. He dried himself off before pissing in the toilet. Tyson stared lustfully at Kate’s body. He grabbed a washcloth and helped her clean off. He loved running his hand over her smooth white skin. She tried to kiss him, but he pulled back as she still had his dad’s sperm on her lips. He stepped out of the shower, following his dad in drying off and pissing in the toilet. He could see his father lying on the bed, tugging at his cock to make it hard again. Kate stepped out of the shower. She took the towel he’d just used and dried off while he pissed. She set it aside while he was still shaking the pee from his shaft. Kate didn’t grab his cock, but her fingers came out while he was still holding it. They slowly ran down along his shaft, barely touching him, teasing him with her caress. His cock immediately extended an inch and kept growing.

Kate climbed on the bed after putting her glasses back on and stepped across Jerome. He was holding his cock straight up for her. She bent down over him, placing her hands on his chest. Tyson watched her big tits dangling down, more udders than breasts. They’d been a little smaller when she was younger, proud, and firm, much like Shawna’s. They were too heavy now to stand proud, but they were still magnificent.

She lowered her pussy down to his father’s cock head. Her lips spread open and around the fat bulbous tip. “Take her ass, boy,” grunted Jerome. “I broke it in for ya.” Kate moaned as she sank down on the shaft.

Ty spit in his hand and started coating the end of his cock. He’d had no desire to fuck her ass until now preferring his cock stay inside her hot pussy as much as possible, but now he wanted to push his cock between the tight little sphincter staring up at him as her ass rose up and down his dad’s shaft. Ty crawled onto the foot of the bed, walking on his knees up between his dad’s legs. Jerome reached around and spread her cheeks open for him as he tried to wedge his cock against her sphincter. She froze while he pushed harder until her ass stretched open around his cock head and he slipped inside. Kate let out a loud gasp as the second cock entered her body.

Tyson had to squat and grab her shoulders to fuck her ass. His cock fought for space inside her with his dad’s thicker shaft. “Alternate boy,” growled his dad, like he’d done this before and he probably had. Ty started pulling back when his dad pushed forwards and vice versa. Soon father and son had a rhythm going.

Two cocks, thought Kate. I’m getting fucked by two cocks, by two big black cocks. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. Feels so good. I love it. “CUMMING!” she screamed. Her pussy contracting over every inch of Jerome’s shaft while her ass squeezed tight around Ty’s cock as she squirted hard on Jerome’s cock. She came another half a dozen times with two being long squirting orgasms before Tyson grunted loudly, his cock shaking in her ass as he flooded her bowels. He pulled out and fell back on his knees. Kate had more leverage now and rode Mr. Brown’s cock until he erupted in her pussy triggering another squirting orgasm that mixed with his seed.

Tyson returned from the bathroom, looking worn out. He passed her as she went to the toilet to clean up. She spent nearly half an hour trying to get as much of the cum from her pussy and anus as she could. When Kate returned to the bed. Ty was on her husband’s side of the bed facing away from his dad sound asleep. Brown was on the other side facing his son also asleep. She climbed in the middle, laying on her side and facing Brown. She kissed him on the forehead before falling asleep herself.

Kate awoke hours later to the massive serpentine cock nudging at her pussy. Mr. Brown moaned, still half asleep, his hand falling on her hip and squeezing it. His hips rocked, sliding his cock between her legs, her pussy leaving a wet trail along it. The head pressed against her lips, pushing inside. With a growl, Brown came fully awake and pulled her up and into his lap.

Kate rode him while his hands held her hips. She did all the work, getting herself off on his cock several times. His eyes were lidded, not as awake as she’d thought. He wasn’t a young man after all having more than a dozen years on her. Still, he was the most amazing man she’d ever met. “I can’t stop fucking you, Mr. Brown,” she told him. He grunted in response. “I love you, Mr. Brown,” she said. He didn’t answer, still out of it. “I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU,” she screamed having another squirting orgasm as his cock expanded inside her blasting his hot seed once again into her still fertile womb. “I love you,” she whispered collapsing on his chest and softly kissing his lips.

Kate awoke again. It was light outside and Tyson was mounting her. She spread her legs for him, wrapping them around his sides as his cock speared her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as he fucked her hard. “Fuck me Ty. Fuck me,” she grunted as his cock pushed deep. Her pussy fluttered around his cock as she came. “Cumming so hard. I love it.” He was fucking her harder this time, lasting longer as his stamina grew. He was turning into quite the stud. “I love it! Fuck me!” She gasped as his cock ballooned up against her cervix and shot it’s first blast of seed. “I love it. I love you too. I LOVE YOU!”

“Shut up, slut,” he replied, and she squirted her cum all around his ejaculating cock.

Tyson let his balls drain inside her. This was much better than that tiny condom she’d made him wear the first time he fucked her. He decided than and there never to wear a condom again. He pulled out as she relaxed her legs around him. He planted a kiss on her pretty little belly button before climbing off the bed. Kate rolled over and snuggled up against his father, asleep again. They were still laying like that when he left the shower, walking naked down the stairs.

Tyson dressed and went back upstairs to check on them. They weren’t sleeping anymore. His dad was sitting up and Kate’s head was in his lap, slurping so loudly Ty could hear it. Her hand was between her legs and he watched her fingers going hard at her slut pussy as she sucked off his dad. Jerome saw that he was dressed. “Where you goin?” asked his father, looking surprised that he was passing up another couple of hours fucking the married white slut.

“Too see Shawna,” answered Ty, turning away from the lovers. “I’m tired of waiting.” Tyson left the room, not seeing his father’s smile of approval.


Shawna was a sweet young thing with a brain devoted to her studies and church and a body built for sin. Ty had embarrassingly ejaculated in his swimsuit the first time he’d seen her in a two piece. Shawna had a porn star’s figure trapped behind the clothing of a modest teen. She was smiling and humming a hymnal as she walked home from church that morning. She wore a modest purple dress that fell past her knees and had a blue bag over her shoulder. The bag contained her highlighted bible and a blanket to lay on beside her pool. Her hair was tied in a bow that matched her dress and her hair fell over the front of her shoulder.

That was a great sermon today, she thought. Time for a quick dip in the pool and then I must study for tomorrow’s test. Afterwards, she planned to spend some private time in worship and praise. She entered her yard and stepped through the gate. A large privacy hedge surrounded the pool. The recessed pool just had a short rim around it before her lawn started. “Ty?” she said, surprised to see her boyfriend, but delighted though a little miffed that he was up and about and hadn’t joined her at church.

“Surprise!” he said. The young black man was standing waist deep in her pool. His lean muscular bare chest had her stomach fluttering. She liked staring at her sexy boyfriend’s chest. “Where are your parents?”

“Church brunch,” she answered, but he should have known that. Her dad was a deacon and usually busy several hours after church officially ended. She opened her bag and spread her blanket out on the grass. Shawna suddenly froze, remembering she was wearing her privacy bikini. She only wore it for sunbathing alone or sometimes with her mom. Her deacon father would have freaked if he knew she even owned a bikini this skimpy. Ty had only seen her in her modest two piece. She smiled, knowing how much seeing her in a tiny string bikini would drive her boyfriend crazy. “I need to study for the exam,” she told him, standing on the edge of the pool. She reached down, pulling her dress up. “You do too. We can study together if you want.” The dress rose up over the tan panty ******** her stomach. “So, we can’t swim for long.” The dress slipped off over her head leaving her in nothing but the tight tan bikini and the cross around her neck.

The bikini was having the effect on Ty that she’d hoped. His eyes were staring at her appreciatively. They moved up and down her torso. They’d made out before and he’d seen her in a bra and panty, but the bikini was skimpier and more daring. He sank lower into the water and she suspected that his large penis was getting hard. It got hard a lot around her and for some reason that pleased her.

She sat on the rim before slipping into the water. He splashed her playfully and she splashed him back. He reached out for her and she reared back, laughing, swimming away. Ty wasn’t much of a swimmer but he chased her until she allowed him to grab her ankle. “Eeek,” she yelped before he yanked back on her leg and pulled her under.

She stood up and Ty grabbed her from behind. His arm crossed over her breasts. Her own arm rested along his ready to pull him off should he get grabby with her bosom. Sunday was the lord’s day and not a day for fooling around with her boyfriend. She turned her head and Ty lowered his lips to hers. They kissed passionately as young people do. Shawna moaned deep in her throat. Being celibate was as hard on her as it was on him.

She could feel his penis pressing against her rear end and pulled away to escape it. His hard penis slid up her back and under the string holding her top on. Shawna frowned. “Ty, you’re poking me…” Why did it seem like he wasn’t wearing a suit? She looked over her shoulder, eyes widening with shock. She jumped back from his bare penis, stepping backward until she bumped into the side of her pool.

Ty stepped forwards, his monster penis rearing up out of the water like a black sea serpent. He reached out for her waist and lifted her up on the rim of the pool, stepping between her spread legs. The young black woman couldn’t take her eyes of his huge penis. “Go ahead and touch it,” he told her.

Shawna hesitated, then slowly reached out for his shaft. She’d squeezed it through his pants, but touching the bare thing was different, much more exciting. “I knew it was big…” She stared at it in awe. “But to actually see it…” She looked away from his penis and into his eyes as he reached out and cupped the back of her neck. He leaned forwards kissing her, their tongues teasing back and forth between their mouths. Shawna found herself moaning. Ty certainly knew how to turn the flood waters on in her virginal vagina. Her hand instinctively slid along the shaft in her hand. Waiting for marriage sure wasn’t easy.

He withdrew his tongue kissing her lips. Ty pulled back slightly, her bikini top falling up. He tossed it aside. Before she could object, he was lowering his head and sucking her right nipple into his mouth. Shawna was surprised at how swollen her other nipple was. “Oh TY!” she moaned, her hand moving faster on his thick penis. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth trying not to squirm on the rim of her pool. “What’s gotten into you?” she asked as he continued teasing her nipple. He’d squeezed them through her bra before, but she’d never felt the pleasure of having them sucked on. His ministrations were certainly doing things to her body.

Ty’s hands were on her hips, holding her tight while sucking her nipple. When he raised his head, her nipple looked even more swollen than the other one. She placed her other hand on his penis. “This is so hot,” she gasped. Shawna felt like the luckiest girl in school to have Ty for a boyfriend. The large phallus was between her breasts as she stroked it. Her mind had a huge desire to see it ejaculate. His hands left her hips, holding the side strings on her bikini bottom taut.

“Let me put it in you?”

Her vagina shuddered at the thought. “Not until marriage,” she told him.

“Come on babe, just a little bit?”

Shawna was squirming now, pressing her soaking vagina down onto the cement rim of the pool. “Oh, screw it,” she moaned. “Put it in, but just the tip.” She released his penis, laying back and raising her crotch displaying her bare womanhood to her boyfriend for the first time. Ty grabbed his penis and bent the head down to her labia, pressing it between her wet folds. Surprisingly to her, he seemed to know what he was doing and didn’t seem the least bit awkward. He pressed forwards, the big knob at the end of his penis slowly entered her until… Shawna felt a brief stab of pain and something tore inside her. “OW! MY HYMEN!” He’d pushed in just a little too far.

He grabbed her under the knees, lifting her legs up spread open for him as the entire head of his penis pushed inside. “Might as well go deeper then,” he said

She pushed against his chest, stopping him. Shawna was breathing heavily. She wasn’t pushing him away, just letting him wait until the pain faded and she got used to his size. “Yeah, do it,” she said relaxing. She suddenly rose, stopping him again. She looked away from the monster penis sticking out between her legs and into his eyes. “I love you. You love me, right?” She needed confirmation.

“Course I love ya, baby,” he told her, pushing his penis deeper the moment she relaxed her palm against his chest.

Shawna fell back onto the grass. She had to admit that Ty’s penis felt great… wonderful… amazing. He was working it in and out, probing deeper with his thrusts. She couldn’t believe her body could handle such a monster, but she was adapting quickly and enjoying it. Her hands found her breasts, pinching and teasing her nipples while he slowly made love to her. “YES!” she moaned, when the tip of his hard penis rubbed a spot deep inside her. “Do me. Do me with your penis,” she begged.

“Tell me to fuck you with my big black cock,” growled Ty, working his cock faster now.

“FUCK ME TY! Fuck me with your big black cock.” Shawna found herself talking like most of the black sluts at her school. She liked it. This seemed right. “I love it. Fuck me! So good. Your cock is so fucking good.” He fucked her harder as if he approved of her dirty talk.

He pulled her up, stepping into her arms, his thrusting cock never slowing down. Her boyfriend was really good at this. Shawna felt as if she had quite the stud on her hands. For their first times, this was amazing. Not the least bit awkward. She felt a warmth spreading out from her crotch, a growing pressure that felt like it was about to explode. “AHH!” she gasped in pleasure. “My vagina is spasming around your cock. “AAAAHHH!”

“Yo pussy is cumming all over my cock,” he told her as she stared at him in awe. Nothing had ever felt better or more right than cumming all over Ty’s big black cock.

Shawna trembled again. She collapsed back on the grass. “It’s happening again. I’m cumming again.” Ty fucked her harder, prolonging the orgasm. She writhed on the grass, her hips rising into the thrusts of his powerful cock. Ty thrust his cock deep and held it still. It felt even bigger as is bucked just inside her womb. Her insides suddenly felt wet and hot. “NO!” She screamed in alarm as jet after jet of his hot seed filled her. “Not in me… FUCK! I’m cumming again.” And she did, her pussy contracting all around his squirting cock, milking it for every drop of his seed until it quit jerking inside her.

Shawna moaned reluctantly as Ty pulled his spent cock from her now well-fucked pussy. She slid back in the grass away from the pool. She laid on her back, gasping for breath, lazily watching the clouds pass by. Something had changed inside her. She was a woman now. Ty climbed out of the pool and laid on his stomach looking down at her gloriously nude body. She ran her hand down his chest, wondering why she had made him wait. “I’m going to want to do that a lot from now on,” she told him truthfully. They had to make up for a lot of lost time.

“Fine by me, babe,” he answered.

“We still got time,” she told him, wanting him again. “Let’s go to my bedroom.”

“What about exams?” he asked surprised.

“Fuck studying,” she told him, looking more like a wanton slut than an innocent god-fearing church girl.


Kate had lost track of time and panicked that her family was about to get home. She thrown on shorts and a top, stripping the bed and tossing any evidence of their lovemaking into the washing machine. She scrubbed out cum stains on the carpet and couch, the trail back and forth from the bed to the bathroom.

Jerome walked out, still naked, a beer in hand. He watched her clean. The phone rang, but she let the machine pick up. It was her husband telling her they were still going to be another hour. She looked at Mr. Brown then down at his cock. It was already rising. “Pull yo shirt up over dem big white titties.”

Kate nodded, lifting her top up over her bare breasts. His cock was sticking straight out as he stepped forwards. She greedily took his cock in her mouth, glad she’d get one more load of sperm in her stomach before he had to go. She would have preferred a slow leisurely suck, but she needed to hurry, John and Jack would be home soon and there was still more to clean. She sucked him deep down her throat, stroking the base of his shaft while she sucked. As hard as she tried, Mr. Brown was in no hurry to cum. She redoubled her efforts, but her body was exhausted from a long weekend of sucking and fucking. He lasted a good twenty minutes before she felt his cock expanding soon followed by a mouthful of his hot sperm. She hungrily gulped it down, his voluminous load soon filling her belly. Oh god, how she loved his seed.

“Come with me.”

Kate pulled her mouth of his cock, a final wad covering her chin with sperm. “What?”

“Come with me,” said Mr. Brown again. He looked as surprised by his request as she did.

“Leave my husband and son?” Not to mention my nice house and easy life, she thought. “Why would I do that?”

“Because I’ll fuck you every day,” he said simply.

Kate’s eyebrows shot up.


A short time later, John Howard pulled his car into the driveway. He and Jack stepped out and began unloading their fishing gear. John looked around. “Where’s your mom?” he asked, surprised. “She always greets us.”

“Her car’s gone,” said Jack, opening the garage door.

Jack finished unloading the gear while John entered the house. He packed their stuff away and entered through the laundry room, dropping their dirty clothes off on the way. He found his dad sitting at the kitchen table, sobbing. John Howard looked broken. “Dad?”

Jack looked down as his father slowly slid a note across the table to him.


Six weeks later, the sounds of heavy fucking were coming through the open windows of a run down 45-year-old mobile home. The kitchen and living room merged into one room. It had two bedrooms and one bath, no laundry room, so clothes hung drying on a line outside.

Fuk! Fuk! Fuk! The sounds of thighs slamming down into a lap accompanied by squeaky bed springs. “I’m cumming,” cried Kate.

“Me too,” grunted Mr. Brown, his hands under his head watching Kate do all the work. Light from the window glittered on the gold rings that pierced Kate’s nipples. Her left arm sported a new tattoo of a red heart inside a black spade.

“YYEESSS!” she screamed, feeling his cum filling her. He finally raised his hand up, squeezing her nipple just under the ring. She winced, her tits still sore from the recent piercing. Mr. Brown’s idea as was the tattoo. The extra stimulus in her nipples still prolonged her orgasm, her breasts now feeling even more sensitive than normal. Both Kate and Mr. Brown were surprised to see a small stream of milk squirt from the nipple as he squeezed her breast. “I can’t believe I’m pregnant at my age,” she complained.

“I can’t wait for these babies to fill up with milk,” he added, watching another white squirt of milk shoot from the nipple he was fondling. The other started leaking of its own accord. He reached his other hand up so he could fondle both boobs.

“Ty, wait up,” said Kate as her son walked by the door. Not that she and Mr. Brown had married, she wasn’t even divorced yet, but she’d always considered Tyson to be her second son. She lifted herself off Mr. Brown’s cock and scrambled after Ty. Brown climbed off the bed and followed her, grabbing a 7:00am beer from the refrigerator. “Ty, let me make you some breakfast.” She followed him naked to the door as he left the shabby mobile home.

“Answer your mother,” grunted Brown.

“She’s not my mother,” shouted Ty, grabbing his bike and peddling off to school.

Kate sighed. “I’ll beat the shit out of him when he gets home,” said Mr. Brown, smacking her ass before turning away.

Tyson had gotten used to having her around. Hell, he fucked the crap out of her at least once a day and she often gave him a morning blow job before school. He and his dad even double fucked her once or twice a week. He hadn’t taken her pregnancy well and had been angry at both her and his father ever since.

Kate sighed again and went to make something for Mr. Brown to eat other than his preferred liquid hops diet.


Someone else hadn’t taken the news of his mother’s pregnancy very well either. When he found out that his mom had left his dad for Jerome Brown, Jack had lost it. He and Ty had almost come to blows several times in the last six weeks. Kate had called her son to tell him she was pregnant last weekend. “He didn’t take it very well,” she told Ty one night after he’d finished his homework and she was sucking his cock. Ty’s dad didn’t care one way or another what anyone thought about him impregnating Kate Howard.

“Shit! Here comes Jack,” said Shawna, looking down the school hallway.

“Huh?” asked Ty, distracted by her boobs. Shawna had changed since he’d fucked her by the pool. Gone were the modest outfits. Today, she wore a short gray skirt and a bare belly white tank top with a thin bra on underneath. Her nipple outlines were clearly visible behind the thin fabric. Ty approved as did every other male student passing in in the school hallway right now. She’d gotten called to the principal’s office several times now for inappropriate outfits as well as discussions with the school councilor over her falling grades.

Ty looked up just in time for the fist to make contact with his left cheek. “That’s for my mom, asshole,” yelled Jack.

Ty went down hard. Shawna grabbed the stunned black man by the shoulders as he sat up rubbing his chin. “That mother fucker,” Ty muttered looking angrily up at Jack still looming over him. Jack’s girlfriend Becca looking down concerned behind Jack.

Becca grabbed Jack’s arm. “Come on honey, let’s go,” she whispered, worried for her boyfriend. Becca was a lovely red headed cheerleader. Sweet and innocent, she’d been with Jack since he’d asked her to homecoming junior year. Unlike Shawna, she’d been eager to lose her virginity and had put out for Jack early. Her lovely red hair was pulled back on her head. Like a lot of red heads, she was a very pale white, with a few freckles on her cheeks and bright blue eyes. Her belly baring uniform showed off her flat stomach and the gold ring through her navel that reminded him of the new gold rings through Kate’s nipples. One other thing reminded him of Kate Howard and that was Becca’s huge tits, even bigger than Shawna’s. Double E’s he guessed, still young and firm where Kate’s sagged some. During Ty’s days of sexual frustration, Becca had been the fantasy subject of many masturbatory sessions especially after he’d seen her in a green bikini one afternoon they’d all gone for a dip in Shawna’s pool. “Let’s get out of here before someone reports you for fighting,” she told Jack, tugging his arm again.

Ty watched them walk away while Shawna helped him get up. A lot of students had seen the exchange and he felt humiliated. He stared at Becca’s ass shaking under her skirt as she walked away and immediately knew how to get Jack back.

Later that day as school was ending, he caught Becca leaving social studies. “Becca wait up,” he called.

She turned as she exited the classroom and smiled at him. They’d been friends once. She and Shawna were still friends though things had been strained with their boyfriend’s fighting. “Ty, sorry about Jack.” It wasn’t like Jack to go around punching people. “I wish I knew what happened between you.”

“Can we go somewhere and talk?” he asked. “I’ll tell you, but for you to understand I really need to show you.”

They made their way to the auditorium which was closed for the day and they wouldn’t be bothered. “You two need to make up,” she declared, looking up at him.

Ty nodded. “I want to, but he’ll never forgive me for fucking his mom.”

“You did WHAT?”

“Yeah, one look at this and she went all black cock crazy,” he told her yanking his sweat pants down under his cock and balls. He hefted his swelling cock.

“Oh my god!” gasped Becca, holding her hand over her mouth in shock. She couldn’t take her eyes off it. “It’s so big,” she gasped.

“Oh, it gets bigger,” he reached out and grabbed her wrist pulling her hand over to his shaft. She grabbed the base without hesitation. Ty was quickly becoming addicted to watching how women reacted to seeing his cock for the first time. If Jack took after his father, then Becca was only familiar with skinny little white dicks.

“It’s so big,” she said again. She brought her second hand up and held it in both hands. Becca watched her fingers spread apart as it swelled to full size. “Why is your penis so much bigger than Jack’s?”

“That’s not a penis.”

“It isn’t?” One of her hands was stroking it now. Ty wasn’t even sure she realized she was doing it.

“No. Black men have cocks. Big Black cocks.”

“Well, this is definitely a big black cock.”

“Jack’s mom couldn’t keep her hands off it. Kept insisting black cocks were so much better than white penises and she had to have it. They’re the only thing that can give women total sexual satisfaction. She said mine even tasted better than a penis.”

“Really?” asked Becca. She was breathing heavily now, and her nipples had popped out. Ty could practically smell her pussy getting wet.

“I’m serious, why don’t you give it a quick taste.” Ty placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed down. He was surprised at how easily she fell to her knees.

“You won’t tell Jack,” she asked, looking up at him while her left hand lazily stroked his cock.

“Promise,” he lied.

Becca leaned forward and licked around the head of his cock. When it was good and wet, she stretched her jaw out and began sucking. Jack had always bragged that Becca seemed to enjoy sucking him off. Ty could tell she was quickly getting into blowing his cock. She was gagging and having some difficulty with his size, but that only seemed to make her try harder. This wasn’t going to be a quick taste. She was trying to get him off.

“Let me see your boobs,” he ordered. Becca didn’t stop bobbing her head. She just pulled her shirt up over her breasts. As she took his shaft deep, her leaned down and unhooked the back of her bra. “Show me dem big white titties,” he told her, sounding like his father. Becca arched her back but kept her lips around the tip of his cock. She hefted her breasts up around both sides of his shaft. “Dayumn,” he growled taking in her pale white breast flesh capped by large swollen nipples. “Nice.” She winked up at him, leaning forward as she continued sucking his cock.

Tyson reached for his phone in his jacket pocket and pulled it out. He took a short video of the red head moving up and down his crotch before sending off a quick text to Jack.


Shawna nodded and smiled as she passed friends in the hallway. The way every male eye glanced her way, taking in her cleavage and bare belly filled her with pride and had her pussy dripping. She wished she had started dressing to show off her body sooner. One of her sluttier friends had always said, “if you got it flaunt it.” Well, apparently Shawna had it. She needed to find Ty to satisfy the growing craving in her pussy for his big dick.

She saw Jack getting his things out of his locker. He was looking at his phone. “Seen Ty? I can’t find him,” she asked, noticing that even Jack did a quick check of her figure.

“He just texted me. Wants to meet in the auditorium.” Jack’s face scrunched up, making the handsome youth appear quite ugly.

“I’m sure he wants to be friends again,” she said, hopefully.

Jack’s face twitched, and she could see a gauntlet of emotions reflected in his mien. What had happened between the two men? Jack’s visage went from sorrow to hurt to anger and finally settled on hatred. He stood up straight. “He wants to be friends? Well I want to kick his ass.” He turned and stormed off towards the auditorium.

“Wait up,” she called, wondering how she could stop a fight between the two. Jack had cold cocked Ty earlier, but she was sure Tyson would be the one kicking Jack’s ass. She was more worried about them getting caught and suspended then hurting each other too much. She followed him all the way to the auditorium.

Jack burst through the door. “Where are you, asshole…” he shouted before freezing in disbelief. Ty was right in front of him. The black teen was leaning against the stage in a white tee shirt. His sweat pants around his ankles. A gigantic foot long penis was rearing up out of his crotch and a familiar red headed cheerleader was licking the swollen tip of the huge penis. “OH MY GOD!” Jack’s heart broke. “BECCA!”

“This is for punching me, muthafucker,” grunted Tyson looking over at his former best friend.

Jack watched his girlfriend sucking the huge cock with more lust than she’d ever shown sucking his own penis. One of her hands was between her legs, frigging herself around her underwear. She was so into blowing Tyson, that she hadn’t even glanced his way. He fell to his knees. This was how his father had felt since his mom had left him. This was what it felt like to be a broken man.

Shawna came in behind him. “What’s going on?” she asked, looking just as betrayed and horrified to see Becca sucking Tyson’s cock.

“FUCK!” growled Tyson, seeing his plan backfire. “Shawna, get out of here.”

Jack stumbled to his feet and pushed his way past the tearful black girl. I can’t compete with that thing, he thought, shuffling off down the hallway. It felt like his penis had crawled up into his scrotum and he wasn’t sure it would ever come back out.

Shawna sobbed. Her face turned angry. “Ty, you cheating piece of shit,” she yelled from the doorway. She used both hands to give him the finger, before turning and following Jack. She soon stormed past the slowly shuffling white man.

Becca, pulled her head of his cock, but ran her cheek along his wet shaft. She looked up at him. “Don’t worry, I’ll be your girlfriend now,” she told him.

“Shut up and keep sucking,” he ordered. She quickly obeyed, making him feel superior. He totally planned on fucking her and remembering that her father was overprotective of Becca and somewhat of a racist made him all the more eager. “Finish me off and we can go back to my house and I’ll show you what it’s like to fuck a black cock.”

Becca attacked his cock, sucking half his shaft while jerking off the rest. She only stopped once when her fingers got her off. When she’d come down from her orgasm, she used both hands to jerk him while sucking just past the tip. Soon her cheeks ballooned out. She gulped and gulped again, but lost control. His sperm fell out around her lips. She had to pull back, catching a blast in the face. Then she pulled back further, and Ty coated her big beautiful white titties with his seed.

“You really do taste better,” she muttered, pushing more of his sperm into her mouth with one finger. One hand was still on his deflating cock.

“Go get cleaned up and we’ll go fuck.”


Kate shook her big breasts for Mr. Brown, arching her arms behind her back. His cock continued to swell, puffing up around the large steel cock ring he’d placed on the base. “Ty sounds like he’s having some fun with Shawna in there,” she said, listening to the feminine moaning sounds coming from Ty’s room. Not to mention the loud squeaking of the bed springs. She was happy for the boy, a virgin just three months ago and now quite the stud.

Jerome just grunted in return. Kate was wearing fish net nylons, lavender panties, and a cupless shelf bra. The bra had underwire support, but it looked like her breasts had been lassoed and tied behind her neck. The bra helped lift her breasts up some, not that Brown minded the sag, but the bra had her pierced nipples pointing upwards. His cock was hard now watching her dancing for him. The cock ring looked like it was straining to contain his engorged cock.


“Who the fuck is banging on my door,” growled Brown, annoyed at being interrupted from playing with his little sex slut.


Ty didn’t even hear the knocking over Becca’s loud scream. She was riding his cock hard. Ty flicked his tongue over the nipple practically in his face. “Can Jack make you cum like that?” he asked.

“Jack’s never made me cum,” she moaned sitting down in his lap, luxuriating in the feeling of being fully impaled. “You’re so fucking big,” she moaned. “I love your big cock.”

“Ima gonna fuck this pussy whenever I want.”

“Fuck yeah, Ty. You own this pussy.” Becca started riding him again, leaning forwards to that her heavy breasts were nearly smothering him.


Brown stomped towards the door with Kate on his heels. “Put a robe on at least?” she asked, politely.

“Nope,” he grunted, monster cock sticking straight out in front of the nude black man. He threw the door open. “WHAT?” he asked, staring at the dainty brown fist poised to hit his door again.

“Where’s Ty?” asked Shawna. “I know he’s here…” Her eyes wandered down the chest of the older black man. She knew Mr. Brown was a powerfully built man, but his muscled torso beat any of the teens on the football team. Her eyes kept moving down. “JESUS!” she cried in shock. That thing’s bigger than Ty’s, she thought staring at the engorged cock.

Brown’s eyes were staring up and down her body just like everyone’s had since she started dressing to show it off. “I like your new look. Why don’t you come in?” He stepped back.

A nearly nude woman grabbed her shoulders and led her inside. She was looking curiously towards Ty’s bedroom. “You’re Jack’s mom!” Mrs. Howard didn’t look anything like she remembered except for the glasses always on her nose. Jack’s mom certainly wouldn’t have pierced her nipples.

“Yes dear,” said Kate. “But I’m with Mr. Brown now. What’s wrong?”

Shawna couldn’t take her eyes of Ty’s father’s cock. The sight of it made her pussy wet. She was horny as hell, so desperate for Ty’s big black cock, that she was willing to forgive him for letting Becca suck him off. It had to be all Becca’s fault anyway. She probably seduced him. “It’s Ty. I caught him with another woman.”

“I’m sorry, honey,” said Kate, squeezing her shoulders.

“Let’s head to the bedroom,” said Brown, eyeballing the hard nipples thru Shawna’s top. He turned and started walking. “Remember what we talked about last night?”

“Yes Mr. Brown… OH!” Kate nearly stumbled but held on to the young black girl. Mr. Brown had told her that he wanted to see her with another woman. She hadn’t really thought it might actually happen.

Shawna was still stunned as Kate led her into the bedroom. It reeked of semen. Ty’s dad came up behind her and lifted her shirt up revealing the thin bra supporting her breasts. “Mr. Brown! What are you doing?” she yelped.

“We’re gonna make you feel better,” he whispered in her ear. “Get in there Kate.”

Shawna’s head turned to look at her curiously. Oh, why not, thought Kate. She squeezed Shawna’s breasts while coming in for a kiss. The girl reared back but was trapped against the massive black man’s chest. Mrs. Howard’s tongue teased her own. “Mmmmmm,” moaned Shawna relaxing as Mr. Brown eased her short shots down.

Kate pulled the young black woman back and over to the bed, sitting her down on it as she climbed up behind her. Brown stepped forwards, proudly displaying his huge cock to Shawna’s admiring eyes. Her hand slowly came up to grab it as Kate unhooked her bra. “Suck it,” ordered the powerful black man.

Shawna gulped guiding the huge cock towards her mouth. Mr. Brown had a commanding air about him. He was used to being obeyed. She licked the crown, before parting her lips around the fat shaft and taking him in her mouth. She quickly noticed the size difference between Ty’s cock and his father’s larger one. She suckled the tip at first letting her jaw grow used to it then she began swallowing the end, sucking the monster cock. Kate reached around and teased her hard-brown nipples while kissing her neck. Shawna sucked harder, getting into it, wanting more. This cock would take care of her state of arousal, and she could also get payback on Ty by fucking his father.

Brown stepped back. He lifted her off the bed and spun her around. His strong meaty hand grabbed her panty, slightly ripping them as he pulled it off. Kate laid back under her as Ty’s dad pushed her back on the bed so that she was on all fours over Mrs. Howard. Kate raised her head up, pursing her lips. Shawna lowered her head to meet them and soon the two women were kissing on the bed. This is different… but nice, thought Shawna.

She’s so soft, thought Kate. Kissing a woman was vastly different from being embraced by a man’s strong body.

The foot of the bed depressed as Brown climbed up behind Shawna. His cock dripping as he prepared to fuck his son’s girlfriend. He placed his cock head between her brown folds and pushed. “Aaaaaah!” moaned Shawna, still kissing Kate. Her labia opened around the probing cock head, stretching wider then it ever had as Brown’s cock head pushed inside her.

Kate reached her hand between their bellies and started fingering herself. Shawna’s wet pussy dripped on her knuckles as Mr. Brown pushed his cock in deep. Shawna arched her back, thrusting her nipple into Kate’s mouth. Kate sucked it between her lips. “It’s so big Mr. Brown,” gasped Shawna. “I’M CUMMING!”

Kate flicked her tongue around Shawna’s nipple looking up at the young girl’s ecstatic facial expressions. A contented smile spread across her face as she came down from the orgasm. Then a look of disappointment. Kate immediately realized why when Brown’s cock plunged into her own pussy. He leaned farther over Shawna, fucking Kate’s pussy rapidly.

“Please put it back in me Mr. Brown,” begged Shawna. The black girl’s mouth found Kate’s pierced nipple as Kate’s back arched.

Kate grabbed the bed sheet, pulling it tight as her own orgasm approached. Shawna gently bit her engorged nipple, getting a little squirt of her future baby’s milk in her mouth. “I’M CUMMING!” screamed Kate, squirting more milk from both nipples as she came.

“Roll over,” said Brown, pulling out and flipping Shawna off Kate. Kate laid on her side as Brown spread the black girl’s legs and began fucking her hard. Shawna was writhing like a bitch in heat, lifting her hips into Brown’s thrusts. It was her turn to grab the sheets, pulling them loose as she got the fucking of her young life from a fifty-year-old black man. Kate reached out and squeezed the girl’s breast, pulling the nipple back to her mouth so she could lick it again.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” cried Shawna.

Brown thrust his cock hard into her. “Here it comes gurl,” he growled. The first powerful blast of sperm spewed into her womb, followed by another, and another.

Shawna was cumming hard around his bucking cock. “Seed me, Mr. Brown,” she cried. She wished the dominant black man was impregnating her, but she was already weeks late on her period and guessed that his son had already done the deed.

Brown pulled his spurting cock free of her pussy, shooting wad after wad across her black tits and belly. Shawna had never seen so much cum. Kate opened her mouth, hungry for his semen. She caught a small wad on her tongue before he quit shooting, but there was a larger slick covering on Shawna’s breast, so she leaned down and started lapping it up. “Lick it all up, Kate,” said Brown, approvingly.

Kate licked it up as quickly as she could, moving her body so that she could lap up the sperm pooling on Shawna’s flat undulating stomach. She sucked the sperm out of Shawna’s belly button, licking into it before moving down under her navel.

“I said lick ALL of it,” grunted Brown, grabbing the top of Kate’s head and moving it down to the small tuft of black pubes between the black girl’s thighs.

Kate obeyed, moving her body down between Shawna’s legs. Soon she was lapping up the sperm pouring out of the girl’s pussy, working her tongue between the soft folds. Of course, she’d never done this before, but she knew what she liked. Soon she had Shawna writhing on the bed almost as much as Brown’s fucking had. The black teenager lifted her hips up into Kate’s thrusting tongue. Her orgasm filling Kate’s mouth with a mixture of Shawna’s and Mr. Brown’s fluids.

Shawna sat up as Kate climbed up from between her legs. The forty-year-old white wife and mother found herself staring into the eyes of the eighteen-year-old black teenager. They both saw each other as desirable sexual partners now. Shawna leaned forwards parting her lips and kissing the white woman whose mouth and chin were still covered in Shawna’s vaginal fluids. This would not be the last time either of them spent with a female sex partner. They broke the kiss and looked up when they heard a noise at the door.

Becca was standing, nude but for her stockings in the doorway, looking nervous and sheepish. “You wanna be my girlfriend? Go join them.” Ty’s black hand pushed her into the room. He stepped nude into the room, his foot-long cock half erect, sticking out, but bent down.

“What’s THAT slut doing here?” asked Shawna, angrily.

Kate Howard was embarrassed to see her son’s girlfriend had been watching them and felt bad for Jack knowing that the girl would never be going back to white penis again after Ty had fucked her. Mr. Brown was grinning proudly at his son, pleased to see the man he was becoming.

Becca and Shawna were kneeling facing each other on the bed. The red head looked anxious. Shawna was still glaring angrily at Becca and at Tyson whose dick was still shiny from their fuck session. Kate walked around the bed, giving Mr. Brown a wink. She leaned down between the two girls. “Come on ladies, kiss and make up.”

Shawna’s eyes flickered down Becca’s nude body. Her eyes seemed to approve of what she was seeing. “Oh, fuck it,” muttered Shawna. She leaned in and planted her lips on a surprised Becca. Both teenager’s breasts were so full, they smashed together as Shawna’s tongue found Becca’s. The fair skinned cheerleader didn’t resist and was soon kissing the chocolate skinned girl back with as much enthusiasm. Too much enthusiasm it turned out. Becca ****** Shawna backwards, the formerly angry jilted girlfriend was delighted as Shawna leaned over her, kissing her neck, shoulders, and licking Shawna’s brown nipple. Something bigger and better presented itself to Becca’s lustful kisses. Ty’s brown cock waved near her face. Her mouth found the head, licking and kissing the swollen tip. Ty moved back, using his cock to lure the newly addicted black cock slut. Becca followed it until she turned around, straddling Shawna’s thighs. Ty stopped, Becca moaned in delight, sucking Ty’s cock into her mouth. She choked as Ty pushed forwards before she was ready. Becca was ****** backwards, stopping as several slim fingers slid into her pussy. Kate winked at her when Becca glanced over to see who was fingering her.

The bed depressed as Mr. Brown climbed on behind Becca. Kate held Becca’s labia open, grabbing Brown’s cock with her other hand. She guided the familiar cock towards the young red head. Shawna looked up watching the underside of the big black cock as the bulbous head pushed against the fair skinned girl’s pink pussy lips. Kate loosened her grip, feeling her lover’s huge cock slide through her fingers as it pushed inside her son’s former girlfriend nearly to the cock ring. Meanwhile, Shawna had arched her neck and was sucking on one of Mr. Brown’s orange sized testicles.

Becca couldn’t handle both cocks. She started gagging on Tyson’s huge dick as his dad buried his cock in her pussy. Tyson pulled back without complaint. He just bent his cock down and sank it into Shawna’s wet pussy. “It’s so big, Mr. Brown,” moaned Becca just before she licked the upper side of Tyson’s cock as it plunged in and out of Shawna’s pussy. “Oh god! I’m CUMMING!”

“MEEF TOOPH!” screamed Shawna, her mouth still full of one hairy black testicle.

Kate watched proudly as the two Brown men got the two teen girls off several more times. Becca had a well-rounded, smooth pale rear end. She caressed the firm ass cheek before raising her hand about six inches above it.


“Ow!” grunted Becca in surprise.


“Ow! Quit spanking me,” complained Becca.

“That’s for cheating on my son,” explained Kate.

Brown chuckled. Becca’s pale ass cheek wasn’t so white anymore as it slowly turned red. “OHMYGOD!” screamed Becca forgetting all her stinging ass as the massive cock inside her exploded it’s first powerful jet of seed. The young woman shook as she came all over it.

The strong thrust had slid his balls down to Shawna’s chin. The black woman found her tongue sliding along the perineum and licking over his anus just as her own pussy filled with seed. “AAAAAHHH!” she screamed into his rectum.

Brown pulled back, his balls sliding over her face as he removed his cock, powerful jets of semen shot up over Becca’s ass and back. Torrents of sperm poured from Becca’s splayed open pussy, pouring into Shawna’s open mouth. Tyson’s hot seed was gushing from Shawna’s pussy also as Ty shot his final wads into Becca’s face.

Becca rolled off Shawna gasping for air. Shawna was a little more experienced and recovered faster. She slid up and climbed into Mr. Brown’s arms. He wrapped one arm around her back, his meaty fist cupping her ass. His finger began probing at her pussy, a finger bigger and thicker then many a white man’s penis. Shawna laid her head on his shoulder, running her hand down Brown’s hard muscular chest and down to his cock, squealing at it began swelling so soon after ejaculating.

Ty had recovered quickly too. Kate squealed also as Tyson pushed her down on her back. He spread her legs wide open and stabbed his cock into her pussy. Becca rolled over and climbed up Mr. Brown’s back, pressing her breasts into him as she reached around, her white hand seeking his cock and soon sharing it with Shawna’s black hand.

Brown growled with lust. He looked over at his son. “I’ll take these young things. You spend some time with your mother.”

“She’s not my mother,” said Ty, grabbing her ankles, his cock a blur as it pistoned hard into the woman that had taken his virginity.

Brown kissed Shawna, then turned his head and kissed Becca. He laid down on his back. Shawna was the quickest. She straddled him, mounting his dick. Her body trembled as she lowered herself down the huge shaft, cumming around it as she hit the steel cock ring. Becca looked on jealously. “Straddle my mouth, gurl,” ordered Brown.

Becca moved up by his head and swung her leg over him. She lowered her pussy into a tongue that she’d have sworn was as big as Jack’s penis. Becca and Shawna locked fingers as both girls rode his cock or his tongue. “I’m cumming,” moaned Becca unable to resist Mr. Brown’s incredibly prehensile tongue.

“Me too,” moaned Shawna.

“NO,” groaned Kate as Tyson yanked his cock out while she was still cumming all over it. He smacked her ass until she rolled over on all fours. He was soon fucking her again at a pace that would have had her estranged husband ejaculating in ten or less strokes. The virile eighteen-year-old had morphed into quite the stud. “GIMME THAT BLACK COCK TY!” she screamed, cumming once again.

Shawna screamed. She sank down into Brown’s lap as his cock jerked inside her filling, filling her with his hot seed. Becca leaned forward and hugged her, caressing her back as the black woman continued to orgasm.


“Here it comes, mom,” said Tyson pulling her ass into his cock as he buried it.

Kate’s heart broke when he called her mom and she cried in joy as her orgasming vaginal muscles milked his cock for every drop of his seed. “I love you son,” she moaned.

The three nude women laid contentedly panting on the bed while the men took turns pissing in the run down mobile home’s lone toilet. “Shit! I gotta get home,” said Shawna, noticing the time on a clock by the bed.

“Me too,” said Becca.

The two teens switched places with the men, trying to clean up in the dirty bathroom. The two black men laid down on either side of Kate while the Shawna and Becca showered together scrambling to remove all traces of the Brown male’s voluminous semen.

Shawna was still wet when she hurried back into the room. She grabbed her clothes and started dressing. Becca came into the room with her skirt on, pulling her top down over her bare breasts. “I’ll see you two home,” said Ty. He kissed his new mom on the cheek as he climbed off the bed, strolling to his bedroom for his clothes.

The threesome left the trailer shortly thereafter. Both women were leaning into him as his arms were around their shoulders. Tyson smirked, thinking how popular he’d be when the guys saw he had two girlfriends. Plus, when Shawna and Becca started bragging on him, he expected he’d be getting a lot of pussy in the near future.


Kate was grinning happily as she watched them leave through the window. Mr. Brown spread his legs as she returned to the bed, crawling between them. She started licking his spent shaft and it soon started to rise again. “Well that was interesting,” she said, stroking, and licking his cock.

“Uh huh,” grunted Brown.

Kate kissed the tip of his cock and climbed onto the bed, standing over him. She squatted guiding his huge cock towards her pussy. Her pussy engulfed his cock head as she slowly lowered herself down his shaft. “I think I love my new life,” she said, feeling the weight of the piercings pulling down her erect nipples. She could see the edge of the spade tattoo on her arm. She could still feel her step son’s powerful cock bringing her off and she could still feel Shawna’s soft body in her arms. She could taste Mr. Brown’s seed pouring into her mouth from Shawna’s pussy. “I do love my new life,” she repeated finally sitting in her lap.

Kate stared at him affectionately. Kate leaned forwards over her lover’s body. She looked lovingly into his eyes and felt flutters in her stomach to see his eyes looking back with as much affection. “And I love you, Mr. Brown.”

He smiled up into her face. “I love you to SLUT,” he replied, a little surprised that it was true. He’d never thought he could love another woman after Tonya left him, but he loved Kate Howard. “And fuck it, call me Jerome.”

Kate was crying tears of joy as she lowered her lips to Jerome Browns.

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