Son's Best Friend
Copyright 2016 by Stormbringer

Note: The image is from the comic version of this story posted at kaoscomics.com Unfortunately, the site has not been updated in two years.

Kate dropped her robe and stepped into the hot shower. She moaned as the hot water hit her back and began soaking her long dark hair. She bent her head back and lathered her hair with the shampoo. She had a high pressure shower head and the strong spray of water did it's work rinsing her hair while she rubbed her buxom figure down with body wash. The forty year old wife and mom couldn't help herself and started singing as her hands lathered up the largest pair of breasts in the neighborhood. She was in a fantastic mood.

She was in a great mood because the weather had finally turned warm and the sun had come out of the clouds after a two week period of rain. Her husband had kissed her on the cheek and left for work a short time ago. Her son had kissed her other cheek and left to pick his friends up to drive them to school leaving her alone. She cleaned up breakfast after they left. She'd washed and dried the laundry after they left. She vacuumed and made the bed after they left. The pantry was full and her chores were down. She'd accomplished all her work after her husband and son left and it was still morning. Kate Howard, hard working PTA wife and mother, had an afternoon to herself to do her favorite pastime, sunbathing.

Most women wouldn't have bothered showering to sunbath, but a morning shower to Kate was a morning cup of coffee to another woman. Kate enjoyed her morning shower so much, she always turned down going camping and fishing on many a trip with her husband and son unless there was a bathhouse. She enjoyed fishing and hiking, but no shower, no Kate.

Her singing turned to humming as she stepped out of the shower and dried off her well endowed form.
Kate had a body that often made men's jaws fall open. Her waist and belly were quite fit and trim, not as thin as she had been twenty years ago, but actually better as the weight she'd gained had filled her body out more shapely. Her rear end was well rounded, plump, but firm. She'd also kept her looks, but had some laugh lines and gray streaks ran through her hair, invisible now with her hair still wet. But it was her breasts that turned the most heads. Large bosoms ran in the family, but hers were big even by her family's standards. They'd added a cup size every decade and were now massive EE's that were impossible to hide and difficult to find a bra to contain. Younger, she'd enjoyed the male attention her breasts brought her, but at her age, they were more a nuisance. They were heavy and in the way all the time, large pendulous udders that hung over her rib cage. Her nipples were large and perfectly centered with round can sized areola. Her nipples used to get hard a lot and were always sensitive, but had settled down as she aged and now took a lot of stimulation to get her worked up. Not that she ever got worked up anymore. Her sex life was pretty dull consisting of missionary sex in the dark usually twice a month. Her vagina was dry and her husband had to lube his condom covered penis up thoroughly to enter her. She didn't even miss the more passionate sex they'd shared twenty years ago. This was just a normal part of aging and being with the same partner for several decades. Things got dull. Honestly, she could have given up sex altogether.

Kate grabbed her glasses off a dresser and put them on while she went through the drawers. She pulled out her mommy two piece suit. She tossed it aside and pulled out the purple bikini. The two piece was for family and public events. It showed some cleavage and ******* her stomach around her navel as well as her back, but it covered most of her torso and the bottom piece was skirted to cover her bottom.
The purple bikini was her private tanning bikini and it left little to the imagination. No one had ever seen her in it and if her husband had ever wondered about (or even noticed) why her tan lines were so small, he had never commented on it.

Kate stepped into the panty. She kept her crotch mostly shaved. It was bare, but for a small strip just above her clit that resembled a black caterpillar climbing up her mound. Her husband preferred it bare for going down on her and though it had been many, many, many years since they'd had oral sex, she kept it smooth, but being completely shaved made her feel *******, and her little black caterpillar made her feel better. The bikini bottom covered her crotch nicely, but the rest was all strings around her waist and in between the crack of her rear end spreading out into an upside down triangle as it rose up out of her butt cheeks.

She lifted her wet hair and tied the top around her neck. She stretched the cups of the top out over her nipples and tied the string behind her back. It was tight and left little to the imagination, but then it's purpose was to give her the most perfect all around tan possible. The cups were stretched out triangle hammocks, tightly gripping the front of her breasts, so constricting her areola and nipples poked out through the straining material which didn't even cover the full circle of her can sized areolas. Pink round edges were ******* on both sides of the purple material.

Kate Howard's eyes were so bad she needed to wear her glasses at all time and she kept them on while she collected a blue beach towel to lay on. Aside from her bikini, her glasses, wedding ring, and hoop earrings were her only adornments she wore as she headed downstairs, grabbing tanning oil off a table on her way.

Kate peeked out the side door though there was never anyone there. The Howards owned a corner lot and the street was empty, but for the house across from her. The older couple there both worked on weekdays and if there weren't any cars in the driveway, they weren't home. A picket fence surrounded their side yard and their backyard. There was a gate in the side fence, but they never used it except her son Jack and his friend Tyson used it as the shortest distance between their homes. She wished her fence had been higher and then she would have considered sunbathing nude. The backyard actually got better sun, but there were two houses behind her both with windows looking down into her yard and residents who were usually home.

Kate spread out her blanket, feet towards the sun. She poured a large amount of oil on her ******* breasts and began rubbing it into her ******* flesh making sure her belly and the sensitive ******* areas of her breasts were well coated. Spring, she thought, smiling. Finally I can work on my tan. If the weather held up, she'd have a great tan in a few weeks. Kate ducked as a car came down the side road and stopped at the stop sign before turning. She stood back up and quickly coated her legs and arms before finally laying down on the blanket. The sun feels so good, she thought, putting her arms under her head as she closed her eyes, smiling as the sun began heating her skin.

Some time passed and the relaxed mom almost fell asleep. She stirred figuring it was about time to turn over when to her horror, she heard the side gate open. Kate sat up quickly, holding one hand to her breast in consternation. “Tyson!” she blurted out in dismay, seeing the young black teen coming in her side gate.

Tyson Brown had been Jack's best friend since grade school. His father was a brutish man with a drinking problem and the mom had taken off when Tyson was young. The Howards had acted as surrogate parents for the poor boy and he had many a meal and spent many a night at their house. Tyson was fit, but not bulky. He was attractive with an athletic build and had grown into a decent young man despite his problems at home. He was wearing shorts that showed off his muscular calves, a white tee shirt and a hoodie. He'd shot up over the last few years hitting six feet tall, towering over Kate by a good 5-6 inches. “Hi Mrs. Howard,” he greeted her, striding through the gate.

Kate held herself up with one hand and held her arms across her nipples to hide her breasts. Her husband hadn't even seen her in this bikini and Kate felt her cheeks turning a little red to be under the eighteen year old black kid's gaze and gazing he was. “Jack's at school,” she told him. “Wait! Why aren't you at school? I thought Jack was picking you up.”

“I told him I was sick,” he said a little nervously. His eyes kept flickering over every piece of ******* skin on her body. “I needed to talk to you, Mrs. Howard.”

Kate could tell something was bothering the poor boy. She knew him almost as well as she knew her own son's moods. Kate held up her hand and Tyson helped her to her feet. She kept her arm across her breasts, but his eyes still flickered down her ******* cleavage stopping on her belly. “Let's go inside, she said, wishing she'd brought her robe out with her. She wanted to cover up even though it was kind of flattering to have a handsome young man looking in awe at her figure especially at her age. Her husband never stared at her like that any more.

Kate spun around and headed inside, sure his eyes were now frozen on her bare butt cheeks. She took her arm from her breasts and opened the side door, frowning a little at her protruding nubs. Her long dormant nipples were stirring a little. “What's wrong?” she asked looking over her shoulder. Sure enough his head was bent down to stare at her ass. He jerked his eyes up. “Is your father drinking again?”

“He never stops,” replied Tyson, “But no, this is more personal. It's my girlfriend.”

Kate's robe was in the living room. It was a short tan terry cloth robe that barely covered her rear and had trouble closing around her breasts. She bent to pick it up off the couch, sensing his eyes burrowing into her ass again. She'd caught him staring at her many times in her mommy bathing suit, but she was really giving the poor boy a show this time. She pulled the robe on and turned, grasping for the belt. The robe was open and his eyes stared at her breasts and the ******* areola around the straining top. She belted it quickly.

“My problem Mrs. Howard is that she won't put out for me. She's waiting for marriage,” he explained, rolling his eyes.

“You should respect Shawna's decision.” Kate liked the young black girl. She'd even been in her house several times. Shawna was from a religious family and probably thought premarital sex was wrong.

Tyson held his head down and drew in a breath, seeming to gather courage. Kate could even see drops of sweat beading his forehead. “I'm an eighteen year old virgin and I can't take it anymore,” he finally said, through gritted teeth.

Kate looked up at him and reached up to put her hand on his shoulder. “I don't really have any advice for you. You just gotta take care of it yourself. I hear Jack doing it all the time.” Kate understood masturbation was healthy, especially for young men. She'd even caught her husband doing it in the shower a couple times.

Tyson took his eyes off her cleavage and looked her in the eyes. She stared back at him, smiling in understanding at his situation. She was pretty sure Jack and his girlfriend were having sex and it must be driving Tyson crazy to be so popular and still a virgin, maybe the only one in his class. “Or,” he said, gulping. “You could have sex with me.”

Kate's mouth fell open in shock even as her eyebrows shot up. She stared at him in total stupefaction for almost a minute. He stared back at her eyes trying to read a response in them. Kate felt her legs go weak and she fell backwards, sitting heavily on the couch. She brought her hand over her chest continuing to stare at him in complete surprise even as he sat down close to her, leaning towards her and putting his arm around her neck on the back of the couch.

He was actually smiling now, less nervous as he gained confidence. “I do take care of it myself,” he explained. “In fact, the last time I stayed over when you were out of town for your anniversary.” He paused why she continued to stare at him nearly frozen in disbelief. “I went through your bedroom looking for Mr. Howard's porn stash.”

That's when Kate knew this must be some kind of inappropriate joke. She chuckled. “”John doesn't have a porn...”

Tyson interrupted her leaning over her even more dominantly. “He does and a really good one too, but he also had this.” Tyson pulled an old slip cased video cassette out of his pocket.

“Oh no,” cried Kate staring at the cassette. She recognized it immediately. “We made that twenty years ago. John told me he destroyed it.” The shock suddenly left Kate and her eyes turned down in a frown as she stared at the young man. Tyson now had a cocky grin on his face. It made her angry. She snatched the cassette from his hand and began pulling the tape out of the casing. Why the hell had John saved this thing? They didn't even own a VCR anymore. Nobody owned a VCR anymore except apparently Tyson and his cheap ass dad. “That takes care of that,” she said, matter-of-factually, satisfied at all the brown tape now lying in her lap. “Get up,” she told the young man pushing him away from her. She was the adult in the room after all and she needed to take back control of the situation.

Kate stood and folded her arms across her chest, looking sternly at the young black teen. He was still staring at her cleavage even as he was reaching for his smart phone in the other pocket of his hoodie.
“Now young man, just go home and we'll forget this ever happened.” Kate tapped her foot angrily. He just stood there tapping his phone. “Or better yet, get your ass to school.”

“I don't think so, Mrs. Howard.” he told her, staring at his phone. He turned it towards her. “I digitized the old tape. See.”

Kate's eyes fell on the phone's screen. There she was, much younger, licking the underside of John's hard five and a half inch penis. The video continued with her sucking the head into her mouth staring up at the video camera like a porn star before taking the entire penis down her throat. If it kept playing, it would show John shooting a wad of semen across her nose and onto her outstretched tongue. He'd spliced it together with several sex sessions. Soon the image of his hard penis rapidly pushing into her while he fucked her doggy style would appear. John had zoomed the damn camera in on her anus and then on her labia gripping the end of his penis. He'd pulled out and shot several strands of cum over her ass cheeks. He'd then zoomed in a little wad that had fallen on her sphincter. The next scene would show her bouncing in his lap, pinching her nipples while screaming at him to “fuck her” even as she brought her own nipple up to her lips to suck. John had even given her a porn star script for the next scene. The camera showed her on her back, breasts shaking as he pounded her as hard as he could, camera panning down her body to his cock again sliding in and out of her as she screamed, “Fuck me with your big cock. Fuck me. FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING! Cumming all over your big cock.” She had enjoyed a small orgasm earlier, but this was all acting for the camera. Jesus Christ, earlier on the tape John had recorded her doing a fashion show in sexy lingerie, and then stripping for him. There was nearly everything a newlywed couple would do on this tape.

“Fuck me or this goes on the net,” demanded Tyson.

Kate's hand came up from her chest to cover her mouth. Her anger was gone and the shock was back, including a little fear. She had the sudden thought, that ironically, her son Jack had taught Tyson everything he knew about computers. Jack had enabled her own blackmail. Her hand slid back down to her chest. “Why me?” she asked, calming down, truly curious.

Tyson seemed surprised by the question. “Why Mrs. Howard, your the hottest MILF in town.”

Kate didn't like the term, but she was familiar with it. “I am?” she asked, truly surprised.

“Of course, Mrs. Howard. All the guys want you.”

Kate truly had never realized the effect she'd had on all Jack's teenage friends, they'd flocked to her house in droves. She'd always assumed, Jack was just really popular, but now wondered if they were all coming over to catch glimpses of her. It was quite... flattering. Kate straightened her shoulders and tried to look stern as she stared Tyson in his brown eyes. “No, I won't cheat on John.” She thought a moment. “How about a hand job?”

Tyson's eyes lit up in victory, but he shook his head. “No, I want sex.”

Kate shook her head. “I can't cheat. Go ahead, post it then and I will have you arrested.”

Tyson slid his hoodie off. “A blow job then, that ain't cheating?”

Kate's brows furrowed as she thought it over. A blow job wasn't so bad and it would save her all the embarrassment posting the video on the internet would cause. How many of Jack's friends would jerk off their cocks watching that video? Hell, how many of their dad's would jerk off to it? Tyson was right, she was the hottest MILF on the block, better looking then almost all the other moms in the PTA even the younger ones. Jack would be destroyed if this video went around his school. “Okay then,” she said nodding her head, “deal.”

Tyson was grinning ear to ear as Kate stood and in a zombie like trance, slowly climbed the stairs. He followed, throwing the hoodie over his arm. Her family stared accusingly back at her from a series of pictures mounted on the wall going up the stairs. “I'm staying dressed,” she stated, passing the family picture that showed her standing in the backyard beside her husband, her arms around a much younger Jack.

“I want you nude,” replied Tyson, sounding more confident now then when he first came in her yard.

“My bikini then,” she said, passing her wedding picture.


“Alright,” she said concluding the negotiations. “But the bottoms stay on.”

They reached the second floor and Kate walked straight to her marital bed, letting the robe fall off her back as she stepped up to it. “You're so hot, Mrs. Howard,” said Tyson behind her. Kate reached up behind her neck and untied her top. She yanked her top off, spinning around to face the young man. “DAYUMN!” he exclaimed, staring in awe at her ******* breasts. He had removed his shirt and stood before her in his shorts and socks.

Tyson took a step towards her and before she knew what he was doing, he had bent down and sucked her right nipple into his hungry mouth even as his hand came up to grab her left breast, fingers pinching her left nipple. “Hey!” she cried, startled. His tongue flickered over her hardening nipple before twirling around the thick nub. “No touching!” She pushed him off, aware that her nipples were now painfully hard, the tip of her right breast was covered in his saliva. They had come back to life for the first time in years, once again aroused and painfully sensitive. She stared at them in disbelief slowly becoming aware of the dampness between her legs. No, they weren't just damp, her bikini bottoms were soaked through to the point she was dripping through the material. Why is this arousing me? She thought in complete shock. She was still holding him back with one hand and he was struggling to come forwards at her again so she brought both hands up to his chest.

“Sorry Mrs. Howard, I couldn't help myself,” he apologized even though his body was still trying to embrace her.

Her own hands were sliding across the hard pectorals on his chest. Wow, she thought, this is one hard muscular chest. Kate looked down at the hard six pack along his abdominals. She's seen him shirtless plenty of times and was impressed by his physical fitness, but this was the first time, she was seeing him as the young man, he'd become.

Kate looked up at him and fell to her knees. She couldn't bring herself to stare at his crotch. Instead, she stared at the fit torso on the young black man. “Take it out,” she ordered.

“You take it out.”

Kate sighed, glancing at his shorts long enough for her hand to find the rim. She looked away again as she stretched his shorts out and reached in with her other hand. She felt his pubic hair and then her hand grabbed the root of what felt like a human wrist. What the hell is that?” she asked herself, sliding her hand down the hot, hard as steel shaft. Her fingers didn't even touch it was so thick. It was trapped by his shorts so she stretched them out further and down even as her hand freed the giant brown penis from it's confinement. “OH MY GOD!” she cried, her green eyes going cross eyed as she stared at what had to be a massive foot long brown colored penis. The head was lighter then the shaft which was riddled with thick blue-black veins, pulsing with heat and life. She'd never seen anything like it before.

Kate stared at it in amazement, lifting the shaft up above her head. She adjusted her glasses in a futile attempt to bring the whole thing into better focus. “I've never seen one this big,” she said, staring through her lens.

“It's about average for a black dude.” Tyson liked the way she was staring at it.

“John isn't even half as long or as thick.”

“I felt bad for ya, watching your sex tape,” he replied. “I could tell you were faking most of those orgasms.”

Kate released the monster shaft and it fell forwards to point straight at her mouth sticking out just over the hem of his shorts. She brought her lips close to the fat head of his penis. “Shawna do this for you?” she asked.

“No, she will only touch it through my pants,” he answered. “Messed my pants up several times.” he shrugged. “You will be the first woman to ever suck on it or see it for that matter.”

For some reason, Kate felt lucky to be the first woman to suck such a magnificent cock. She wished she wasn't so out of practice. “I haven't done this for John in twenty years,” she said, stretching her mouth open and taking the big knob into her mouth.

“DAYUMN!” the poor boy, grunted again, his entire body jerking in shock. She grabbed his thighs through his shorts to steady him as she started bobbing her head around the tip of his giant penis. “Your mouth is so hot!” he exclaimed with awe and disbelief.

Kate let her tongue slurp around the tip before bobbing her head again. Poor kid is desperate, she thought. Just wait until he finds out how tight and hot a vagina is. Speaking of vaginas, hers was aching with need. He was standing firm now, so she pulled one hand off his shorts and moved it down to her pussy. Her fingers pushed the material aside and slid into the warm folds of her wet pussy. So horny, she thought, fingering herself with her middle finger. Her pussy soaked her entire hand, she was so wet.
Her body's reaction was a total surprise and even more surprising, she felt tremors inside her pussy. Gonna cum, she thought in disbelief even as she squirted all around her finger. I shouldn't be enjoying this, she thought guiltily even as she worked her finger as fast as she could to prolong the first orgasm she'd had in years.

Kate pushed forwards, his cock head pushing past her uvula and shoving down her throat. This was way further then John's smaller penis had ever gone and Tyson's was stretching her throat out a lot further too. She moaned around his cock, embarrassed by how much she was getting into sucking this big black dick. Kate breathed deep and took as much of the shaft down her throat as she could, his pubes coming closer to her nose, but it was too much and she yanked her head back before she started choking.

Tyson's cock rose up rampant and glistening from her saliva. Kate held the base of the shaft, almost caressing it while she brought her left hand up and hefted on the the teen's full black testicles. Kate had thought she'd had a good sex life with John, well early on anyway. Now she felt shortchanged. The testicle in her hand was as big as a tennis ball and heavier. John's little nuts were like grapes.

Tyson sat down on the edge of the bed and laid back. Kate moved between his legs and took his cock back in her mouth. One hand held his cock while she sucked him. Her other hand reached behind her and slid across her ass closing on her horny pussy, but she resisted touching herself again. His stamina was impressive for a virgin, but eventually his cock did start swelling up. “Suck it, Mrs. Howard,” he moaned. “GONNA CUM!”

Kate's breasts were in the way between his thighs, so she sat up and hefted her breasts in his lap until they wrapped around his big shaft. Kate sucked the head of his dick hard. It was now bigger then a golf ball and hard to get down her throat. It jerked once and her mouth was full of cum to the point her cheeks bulged and sperm shot out from around her lips. So much cum, she thought in disbelief. She gulped, but her mouth filled again and again with each spasm of his cock. Kate was choking on sperm to the point she had to pull back. His cock hosing her mouth and cheeks with semen. She stared down at his shaft, squeezing it between her breasts. Jet after jet of thick white sperm shot up from the head, falling down to coat his shaft and her breasts with his seed. The squirts quit, but sperm continued to bubble up from the head to run down his shaft. Kate wanted another taste and took him back in her mouth, her tongue lapping up all the sperm coating his shaft.

Kate silently stood and licked her lips. His cock smacked down on his stomach, remaining a giant, but losing it's steel. She slowly turned and walked into her bathroom to clean up. Tyson rolled over on his stomach and reached down for his shorts, pulling his phone out. Need something to remember this day, he thought, putting the phone on record and setting it on a nearby table.

Kate leaned over the sink and turned the hot water on. Her nipples and the ends of her breasts were dripping with the black boy's cum to the point semen was dripping off her nipples into her sink. She'd always swallowed for John, but didn't care for the taste. Ty was different. His sperm had tasted good. Really good. So good, she wanted more. Kate hefted her breast and brought her nipple up to her mouth. The spasm that rocked her body when her tongue hit her erect teat had her pussy leaking again. They had really come back to life after being dormant for years. She licked her other nipple clean, her lust growing each time her tongue flickered over the hard nub. His seed still tasted great, but it was cold now and she preferred it hot and fresh out of his cock. Maybe, he'll let me suck him again sometime, she wondered, surprising herself and already craving more of his seed.

Kate washed herself clean and brushed her teeth. When she left the bathroom, the nude black boy was laying on her bed like he was master of the house. “You should go,” she told him.

Ty sat up, his plump monster slapping over his leg. “I thought I should return the favor,” he told her.
Ty slid off the bed so that he was kneeling before her, his face staring at the purple bikini bottom. His hand touched her thigh.

Kate started trembling and her vagina gave a little squirt. “It's been so long,” she gasped.

His thumb hooked in the side of her bikini and pulled it aside revealing her little pubic strip and her soaked, swollen genitals. “Just tell me what to do to please you,” he said, sticking his tongue out.
Ty didn't really know what to do. He just planted his mouth right on her crotch and jabbed his tongue into her wet pussy.

“YES!” cried Kate, spasms of pleasure racking her body. “Wiggle your tongue, just like that.” She grabbed his head and pulled him hard into her crotch. Kate had liked getting eaten almost more then she liked sex and John had been good at it, but he'd stopped when she got pregnant and never went back to it after she gave birth. God, she'd missed this. “That's good Ty,” she moaned, “eat my pussy.”

Ty stopped briefly, but only long enough to turn her so that she was backed up to the bed. She squealed with pleasure when his tongue returned to her clit and didn't stop him as he pulled her bikini bottoms down her thighs. He flicked his tongue over her swollen clit, pulling the bottoms down to her ankles before pushing his fingers into her.

“Aaaaah!” moaned Kate as he finger fucked her. “That's it,” she squealed. Her body was trembling again. “OH GOD!” Her legs shook and grew weak. “GONNA CUM!” Her legs gave out and Kate fell on the bed, kicking the panty off so she could spread her legs wide for him. Tyson's fingers popped out. He Grabbed her ass and lifted her entire lower body up off the bed, her legs bending over his head as he buried his face in her wet pussy working his tongue as fast as he could. “AAAHHH!” screamed Kate, loudly. “CUMMING!” Her pussy squirted all over his face, soaking his cheeks and chin. She'd never cum so hard before and his squirming tongue continued eating her pussy making it not only the biggest, but the longest orgasm she's ever had.

Ty stood and wiped the back of his hand across his face. Kate turned her head and smiled lazily at him, watching his big banana cock swinging as he walked around the bed and laid down on it. She scooted up and laid at his side leaning into him as they both caught their breaths. She ran her hand across his chest, admiring his musculature. How long has it been since I had two orgasms? She wondered, her hand sliding over the ridges of his abdominal muscles. Or one for that matter, months, a year? “Your a natural Ty,” she told him. Her hand went down over his stomach and grabbed his fat floppy cock, caressing it. Almost immediately, her fingers opened as the cock turned plump.

“Looks like it's getting hard again,” he said, rubbing her back. Kate sat up. His cock was hard now and her hand was stroking it. She stared at it, licking her lips as she prepared to suck him again. “I want to fuck you so bad,” he groaned.

Her pussy let out another little squirt. Her body clearly liked the suggestion, but her mind wasn't totally lost in lust for the big black cock in her hand. “No Ty,” she said, shaking her head. “We can fool around, but my pussy belongs to my husband and my husband only.” She leaned down bringing her mouth closer to his delicious cock.

“Slide your pussy on my cock then,” he said.

Kate looked at the giant black cock in her hand. She really wanted to suck it again, but Tyson's suggestion enticed her. John had once run out of condoms and after making love for awhile before he got close to ejaculating, he'd suggested she do the camel toe slide to finish him off. She loved it almost as much as having him inside her. The friction really stimulated her genitals and she'd orgasmed every time they'd done it.

Kate sucked her lower lip in eager to feel his hot shaft throbbing between her legs. She straddled his waist and lowered herself over his shaft. Her labia spread out around the base of his cock dribbling her arousal and soaking his member. She pushed her crotch down onto his shaft, moaning as she felt his hot cock throbbing with life.

Kate slid up and then back down the base of his cock, increasing speed. “YES!” she moaned in conjunction with him. Her breasts shook as she worked her pussy along the shaft of his cock. She'd never seen her nipples so engorged. They stuck out more then half an inch and her areola were puffed out as well making the end of her nipple jut out almost a full inch. He wasn't even looking at her. His arms were under his head, eyes closed, with a dreamy look on his face. He moaned, raising his hip into her, eyes lazily opening, opening wider at the sight of her breasts thrust out above his face. Tyson reached up and pinched both her nipples, waves of pleasure rippling through her body at his touch.

Kate worked her hips harder and faster, sliding along more of his cock. She glanced down between the canyons of her bosom and saw the end of his cock sticking out from her crotch. His six pack was sticky and wet from precum leaking from the head. The teen's big cock produced more lube then her husband's entire orgasm, several times over, but then it would take a lot to coat such a huge weapon. Even as she stared, another sticky geyser erupted from the head.

Her pussy was sliding up closer to the head now, and she started focusing on the end of his cock over the base of his shaft. Her pussy lips spread out around the head and Kate's body shook with lust when another jet of his precum struck her swollen clit. She whimpered in lust feeling the head half lodged at the entrance to her pussy. All she had to do was push down and back and his cock would be inside her. She was close to cumming again and knew that would do the trick, but she still had some self control.
Kate pushed herself up off the shaft, but his cock rose up with her the head still spreading her lips apart while at the same time, Ty sat up and sucked one of her engorged teats between his lips. That was all it took to set her off. “I'M CUMMING AGAIN!” she screamed.

Waves of fluid soaked his cock head and ran down his shaft. It didn't really need any more fluid, but the extra lubrication combined with her spasming genitals sank her pussy down along his cock and the head pushed inside her. “It's going in me Ty,” she said, not sure if she was warning him to pull out or just stating a fact.

The muscular black teen was squeezing both her breasts together and going to town on her nipples. He paused long enough to say, “It's so hot and wet!” He stared at her in awe. “I had no idea.” He clamped his lips back over a nipple and sucked hard, squeezing her breast at the same time.

Kate whimpered, her lust growing. She was humping up and down on the end of the boy's fat headed cock. I can't control myself, she thought in disbelief. Her pussy worked it way deeper. He already felt bigger then her husband just because of the extra thickness, but as soon as his cock pushed deeper then John's little penis had ever been, new previously unknown areas inside her pussy awoke to the new stimulus. Ty pulled her mouth off her tits long enough to look up and moan. That was the moment the married mother lost control with her son's black friend. She grabbed his head and pulled his lips against hers. His tongue pushed into her mouth and her tongue pushed back. I want more, she thought bouncing over half his cock. MORE!

Kate reared back. “This is so wrong,” she cried. Her pussy no longer belonged only to her husband. She couldn't stop herself. She needed to feel Tyson's big black cock buried in her pussy. “Lets see how much I can take,” she begged.

“Yes!” he replied, not arguing. This was a new and extremely pleasurable experience for both of them.
He was losing his virginity and Kate felt like she was losing hers all over again. Kate pushed back on his chest and stared him deeply in the eyes and she slowly sat down in his lap. “Oh my god,” he gasped feeling the entirety of his cock buried in her heat and wetness.

“Oh Ty, you're all in me,” she said with some disbelief. Kate had never felt anything so good before. The huge head felt like it had pushed into her womb and she could feel it still shooting precum inside her. She couldn't move. She just sat in his lap, trembling and shaking. Her vaginal muscles were squeezing and trembling all over his thick cock. “I'm going to cum again.” She concentrated on the approaching orgasm. It was growing in strength, her pussy muscles quivered over every inch of his cock.

“Your hot pussy's milking my cock, Mrs. Howard,” he grunted. His hips were bucking as if he wanted her moving. “Gonna cum!” he groaned.

That brought her to her senses. “SHIT!” her eyes flew open. The pending orgasm faded as her fear over what had almost just happened took over. “Not in me. Pull out so I can put a condom on it.” The teen didn't move and Kate realized she was the one holding his cock inside her. She pushed herself up, missing his cock immediately when it fell out of her.

Kate leaned over to the nightstand and opened it, looking for one of John's condoms. Tyson kneeled watching her, his cock sticking straight up, bigger now then when she'd seen it before. He'd been really close. Kate opened the packet and pulled the condom out. She wanted him back inside her as soon as possible which made her hands shake as she fumbled with the rubber. Tyson sat back on his knees, thrusting his cock up and out. She paused with the rubber near the fat knob, gazing in amazement at the sheer size of the black kid's dick. The huge balls were splayed out beneath it. She was approaching her fertile time and if those huge nuts had emptied their seed inside her... well, she didn't even want to think about it.

Kate almost laughed as she rolled the condom down Tyson's penis. “They're loose on John,” she told him. She tried to stretch it further down his penis, but the thing appeared to be straining to just cover the head and the receptacle looked way too small to hold all his ejaculate. “On your big penis, it's barely a shower cap.” She did laugh this time and laid down on her back spreading her legs for him.

Tyson climbed above her and it was Kate who guided his cock back where it belonged. She grabbed the shaft just under the head and condom, holding her labia open with her other hand as she bent his cock down to the entrance to her pussy. He laid down on her grabbing her breasts as he brought his weight down to embrace her body. This time he initiated the kiss and it was as passionate as the first time, both forty year old mother and eighteen year old black man equally filled with lust for each others bodies and expressing it with the mouths.

Tyson worked his cock in and out of her, bucking his hips. After awhile he leaned over her, fucking her faster with her legs spread around his hips. Twenty years ago, John had made their sex tape, encouraging her to talk like a porn star. She'd followed his script, talking for the camera and faking several orgasms. She might not have remembered it if Ty hadn't just showed her the recording. This time of her own accord, Kate Howard began talking like a porn star again. “Fuck me! FUCK ME!” she screamed. “Give me that big black cock.”

“Your hot pussy feels so good around my cock, Mrs. Howard,” he grunted.

“Fuck me Ty, I love your big cock.” The sheets of the bed clenched up in her fists as her impending orgasm grew. “FUCK! So good! So big!” Her hips bucked up into each thrust of his cock fucking him back as fast as he was fucking her. “Your so much bigger then John,” she groaned.

“Am I better?' he asked.

“Much fucking better,” she grunted.

Tyson grinned from ear to ear again. “You like this cock better then Mr Howard's?”

Kate felt guilty and wished she hadn't said it now, but it was true. “Your cock is better. I love your big cock. I love fucking your big black cock. FUCK ME!”

“YES MRS. HOWARD!” Tyson threw back his head, cupping her knees in his strong arms. He raised her ass off the bed and slammed his cock deep. His face clenched as he bellowed, “CUMMING!”

“CUMMING!” she screamed in unison. Kate's pussy squeezed then blew up around his cock as the biggest orgasm on her life rocked her body. She could feel Tyson's cock bucking as he came, the head jammed through her cervix. Nothing in her life had ever felt so good....”OW!” she cried as the pleasure turned to pain. “Pull it out Ty,” she screamed in desperation as the pain turned almost unbearable.

“But I'm still cumming,” he begged, in surprise, feeling his balls draining.

“It hurts, pull it out. PULL IT OUT NOW!” Her teeth were clenched in pain and Ty looked scared as he yanked his cock back. She hadn't felt this pain since giving birth to Jack almost nineteen years ago. She was glad she'd had Jack as his cock pulled free of her cervix as she didn't think it she could have handled it without the prior experience. His entire cock hurt as it pulled free and when his huge cock sprang up free, she saw why.

The condom was barely clinging to Ty's cock head. Not just the receptacle, but almost the entirety of the condom was filled up like a water balloon. She watched his cock continue to jerk, the condom swelling even larger. It was almost as big as Jack's head had been when she gave birth. Thank god it was fluid and malleable or it might have gotten stuck in her womb. “No wonder it hurt,” she said, amazed as she hefted the straining condom still hanging from the tip of his cock. She watched as the rim of the condom slowly slid off the head. She pinched the tip just as it fell off his cock and held it up, staring at the bulging sack. “You'd better go before Jack gets home,” she told him, still staring at the ballooned out rubber. John's seed just filled the nippled receptacle, Ty's seed the entire rubber. “Next time, bring condoms sized for that big boy,” she said, swinging the heavy sperm filled ball in front of her face before tying it closed.

Tyson was pulling his shorts up. He turned his head in surprise. “Next time?”

Kate stood and the now dressed Tyson took her in his arms, grabbing her breast. She stood on tiptoes and stared him in the eyes. “The boys fishing trip is coming up,” she said with a sly smirk. “We can do this all weekend.”

“We can fuck all weekend?”

“I want that big black cock in me all weekend,” she answered and Ty pulled her lips against his, kissing her more passionately then her husband ever had. She melted in his arms and rubbed her crotch against his. She felt his cock swell under his shorts. Reluctantly, she pushed him away from her. “You have to go.”

“I love you,” he said, earnestly.

“NO!” she said too quickly. He had surprised her, but realistically she should have expected it. “This is just sex. Great sex,” she reassured him. “But just sex. Save your love for Shawna.”

“Yes, Mrs Howard,” he replied, grabbing his smart phone off the shelf when she turned and tossed the condom on the bed. Kate sat down as Ty stared at her, shaking his head at her hot body before turning for the door.

“Oh Ty,” she said, raising her hand. He paused. “When you get the condoms, buy a value pack.”

“Yes, Mrs. Howard,” he said again. Tyson left the room and she heard his heavy footsteps bounding down the stairs.

Kate turned and hefted the condom in her hand. It was so heavy and she had a weird desire to toss it against the wall like a water balloon. She raised it up to her head by the tied end and her green eyes stared at it over her glasses. She let it swing back and forth like a heavy sack. She didn't know what fascinated her so much with the sperm filled rubber. His semen was really white, thicker then pudding, and had tasted very rich. “Thank god this thing held,” she said, aloud. “So much cum.” Kate lowered the condom and slid up the bed, propping her back against the pillow. “So much cum.” Kate untied the knot on the end of the rubber. “So much cum,” she said a third time, upturning the condom and spilling it's contents all over her breasts. “So much cum,” she whispered, watching it splatter all over her tits. What's happening to me? Kate moaned. “Cum on me Ty,” she whispered, wishing he was still here. It's still warm, she thought. The large volume or the rubber sack had kept it hot.

A large trickle of white ran down her belly to pool in her navel. Kate ran her hand through it and rubbed his seed into her belly. Her other hand rubbed it over her nipples. Pangs of pleasure rocked her body as she rubbed and pinched her nipples. Her body had come back to life from her encounter with the young black man. Kate wished he was here to fuck her again. “Oh god Ty, CUM ON ME!” The hand on her belly scooped up a wad of sperm and brought it up to her mouth. She licked his seed off her fingers disappointed by the slight taste of latex and wishing she were licking it off his cock again.
Cum in my mouth, she thought, licking her fingers clean. Her right hand pushed his semen down her belly and over the thin strip of pubic hair. Her sticky fingers pushed inside her pussy. Cum in my pussy, she thought, humping her fingers. She laid back, fingering herself faster, scooping and bringing more of his cum up to her mouth to suck. “CUMMING FOR YOU TY!” she screamed as her fingers and her fantasy brought her off yet again.

Kate quickly jumped off the bed surprised by her behavior. She ran to her bathroom and started her second shower of the day. Kate watched the shower water wash his sperm off her body and actually felt a little sad to see it go, but in a week, she'd have a fresh load to enjoy. She washed her hair and lathered her body with the body wash again. Her nipples were hard and sent spasms to her pussy each time her hand ran over them. What's wrong with me? She thought. I should be satisfied. Instead, I'm horny just thinking about Ty's big black penis. Five minutes later, Kate was cumming all over her fingers while she sucked her own nipple. Horny just thinking about him, she thought moaning. Kate was humming happily for the second time that day as she stepped from the shower.

Horny just thinking about her, thought Ty walking home. He stared at the video on his phone. “Fuck me Ty. I love your big cock,” cried Mrs. Howard through the speaker. Ty wanted to save himself up for next weekend, but didn't think he'd be able to keep his hands off his junk with this video in his possession. “I love fucking your big black cock. Fuck me!” screamed Kate. Ty looked around to make sure no one was nearby and listening.

“You're wrong about one thing,” he said as he walked. “I do love you Mrs. Howard.”

Next: Son's Best Friend's Dad.
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