Mike Hayes was bending down to pick up another branch from last night’s storm when he heard the car come squealing to a stop on the other side of the stone fence surrounding his yard. He didn’t think much of it until he heard some doors slamming. He looked up as a dark figure appeared in the twilight rising up above his eight-foot fence. The man must have been standing on the hood of a car. The hoodie covered black man appeared to be trying to climb over his fence. Mike ducked behind a tree and whipped out his cell phone. He kept a wary eye on the black thug as he pressed 9 then 1. His finger froze above the last 1. He didn’t need to call the police. Blaring sirens told him that the police were already on their way.

The black man tossed a bundle into a bush in Mike’s yard before he disappeared, jumping off the hood of his car. Mike approached his fence, hearing a car door slam on the other side. Police lights reflected off the leaves in his trees as another car slammed its brakes and then another further down the street.

“Freeze,” yelled an authoritative voice. “Hands up.”

“About time,” muttered Mike. The police had a reputation for not doing their jobs. Crime had skyrocketed and the dem-coms running the city council had voted with the trend of defunding the police a few years back. Mike was grateful for the fence which helped keep out the riffraff. Of course, the drug dealer they were arresting would be back on the street in a few hours thanks to the lefty district attorney.

Mike quit listening to the arrest and walked over to his hydrangea. It didn’t take much rooting around for him to find the object the thug had tossed into his yard. He held it up, not quite sure what it was in the growing darkness. He thought about tossing it back over the fence to the police, but curiosity changed his mind and he carried the bundle toward the lights on his back deck. He held it up to the light, recognizing the leaves and buds.

He was holding a brick of marijuana!


“How was work?” he asked when his wife came home the next day.

Jodi Hayes sighed and dropped her briefcase on the couch. “Typical,” she said. “I need a good long soak in the tub after dinner.”

“Well, I was thinking the hot tub would feel nice tonight,” he said, handing her a glass of wine.

Jodi’s warning bells went off. She knew her husband too well. A soak in the hot tub and some wine to loosen her up meant he was hoping to have sex. “The tub sounds great, but don’t get your hopes up for anything else,” she told him, accepting and sipping her wine. His shoulders visibly slumped as she dashed his high hopes.

Jodi taught eighth grade at middle school and over the last few years she’d been having a rough time of it. A local civil rights group had sued the school over the fact that the remedial level classes for the disruptive students were 100% black. The school board’s compromise was to end the remedial classes and place the disruptive students back in with the better-behaved students. She’d been happy with her job up until that point. She’d also dodged a bullet. She was the top teacher in her district for recommending students for those remedial classes.

The fact that Jodi Hayes was a stunner and built like a stripper didn’t help much either. Jodi was four years younger than Mike’s 38 and still glowing with youthful beauty. Long red hair fell down between her shoulder blades. Her eyes were bright and green. Her lips full, naturally dark, and her smile could brighten any room though she rarely smiled. Her face was very Playboy girl next door, but her body was pure Penthouse. She wouldn’t tell her husband, but he’d checked her bra. Her giant breasts were an E-cup and sat proud above a thin waist and a flat belly. All natural, but Mike didn’t blame his buddies when they asked where Jodi had gotten her implants. A few didn’t believe him. Her breasts were too big and perfect to be normal. He replied bitterly that if she’d gotten implants, she’d be more inclined to show them off. Her ass was great also, full, fit, and firm, thrusting up and out in a nice firm bubble to balance out the weight on her chest. Her legs were long and very fit. Her breasts kept her from running so she stayed fit with an exercise bike in the garage and yoga classes at the gym.

Jodi dressed pretty conservatively normally and especially for school. Today she was wearing slacks and a surprisingly tight top that hugged her breasts, but she’d covered them up with an open sweater. Still, it was hard to hide assets like hers and she’d even had one black student expelled for grabbing her ass when she bent down to pick up a pen she’d dropped. He’d apologized, but claimed he just couldn’t help himself. Mike understood. He’d been a teenager with raging hormones once. He had more self-control, but he’d also never had a teacher built like Jodi.

Jodi took the sweater off and tossed it over the back of a chair. Her top was a little daring for her. It was low cut, showing off her freckled chest and even a little cleavage. Her nipples were visible poking through her bra and top. Jodi was freckled like a lot of redheads, but not heavily so and they were concentrated in certain areas, mostly her upper cheeks and chest. Her breasts and belly were pale white and blemish free. She untucked her shirt loosening it so that her nipples were less visible. “What’s for dinner?” she asked.

“Just a light salad with some salmon on it,” he told her. She nodded happy with his choice. Mike wished he’d gone heavier. He was hungry and craving steak and potatoes, but he had some erectile issues and found his pills worked better on an empty stomach. Oh well, he thought. Eating light was still good for him as he’d been developing a paunch over the last few years.

They ate and filled each other in on their day. He refilled her glass of wine. “No more after this, okay?” she said with a smirk. He was still hoping for sex and another glass or two, she might have given in. He’d learned that early on when they were dating. She didn’t mind. She’d had a religious upbringing and it had left her uptight about sex and her body. She rarely let Mike see her nude and sex was always in the dark. She couldn’t shake her inhibitions. The best wildest sex they’d had had been after a night clubbing when they were *****. Alcohol was also responsible for her losing her virginity. She’d gotten ***** at a party in high school and decided she didn’t want to be a virgin anymore. She hadn’t been allowed to date, but ended up sleeping with a male friend that she’d been talking to when the buzz hit her. He was a bit of a nerd and also a virgin. He didn’t last long, squirting within seconds of putting his little five-inch dick in her. He’d promised to pull out, but apologized profusely saying he’d lost control. She spent the next month worried he’d gotten her pregnant and avoiding him. She decided he was no longer her friend either when his nerd friends started snickering at her and one even asked her out, assuming she might be an easy lay.

Mike was different. They’d met in college. Sex with him was better, but nothing to rival the descriptions she’d read about in the occasional romance novel she’d read. He always wore a condom and could pace himself pretty well. The first time they’d had sex ***** was also the first time she’d rode him and had lost her inhibitions enough they hadn’t turned out the lights. He’d also lasted only a few strokes as she bounced wildly on his skinny six-inch dick. He’d just stared wide eyed at her bouncing breasts while pinching her erect nipples and also lost control. She’d been so into the sex that she hadn’t stopped bouncing in his lap until his penis shriveled up and fell out of her. Her pussy had kept the condom and his sperm. Mike fished it out of her and she’d spent another month worried about being pregnant.

He kept wearing condoms the first year of their marriage and quit after that when they decided to try to start a family. Seven years later they remained childless and were certain one of them was infertile. Jodi was convinced it was her, but hadn’t seen a doctor about it.

“Hot tub?” he asked after dinner.

She smiled at him. “I’ll go get changed.”

“I’ll get the dishes.”

Jodi stood and gave her husband a glance that gave him some hope. He was a good man, cooking her dinner and cleaning up afterwards. He deserved a little reward. Plus, the light meal with the wine had affected her and she was slightly buzzed. “Be right back.”

“You know we don’t need suits,” he said.

“I do.” She headed for the stairs.

“The yard’s fenced in. No one can see us,” he called after her. Jodi didn’t answer. Mike still had hopes. He refilled her wine glass and left in on the table. If she grabbed and took it with her to the tub, he was getting laid. If not, he had a plan B.


Jodi entered the bedroom and pulled her top up. Her tightly squeezed breasts heaved and fell as she pulled the top off. Her bra looked like it was straining to hold her breasts in. She pulled her slacks down and stood up clad only in her bra and panties. Her underwear was plain and practical. Her hands came up to unhook her bra, but paused. She gave a quick glance at the window to make sure the curtains were closed. A few years back, Mike had caught some of her students gathering on the street behind their fence and staring up at her open window after she’d gotten out of the shower. She made sure the curtains or blinds were closed ever since.

She unhooked her bra, sighing as they sprang free of their confinement. Her nipples hardened slightly in the air conditioning. She had sizable areola, but they were faint around the edges darkening as they approached her prominent rosy nipples. They were so conspicuous; she was often ****** to wear three layers of clothing to keep them from protruding out. As much as she tried to hide them, her breasts had their own agenda about wanting to be seen and free.

She slid the panty down her strong thighs and stepped out of them. Her bush was red and matched her hair, her pubes more whisps then curls. She retrieved her green one-piece from her drawer and stepped into it. It was tight and hugged her figure. She thought it showed off too much. Mike thought she was ridiculous and bought her a bikini to show off even more. The bikini still sat in its box in the drawer She might have considered wearing it, but he’d screwed up and bought a thong, plus the top barely covered her nipples and was sized for DDs, not an E cup. The top squeezed her breasts so tightly, her entire areola stood out through the top. At least with the one piece, only her nipples pushed out through the top.

Jodi wrapped a towel around her body and headed back downstairs. She saw the glass of wine on the table, but her buzz was gone as was any tiny desire she’d been having for sex so she left it there. She dropped the towel and climbed into the tub, sighing as she sank down into the hot water. Mike joined her a few minutes later. He set her glass of wine on the ledge beside her. “Optimist,” she told him. He winked back. “What’s that?” she asked, seeing a Ziplock bag in his hand. “Is that a lighter?” Neither of them smoked so she couldn’t understand why he had a lighter.

Mike climbed in beside her and sank his skinny body down into the water. “I have something I thought we should try.” He held the bag up so she could see it.

“Is that a joint?” she gasped in shock. “Where’d you get it?”

Mike relayed the story about the black youth tossing the brick into their yard.

“And you didn’t turn it in?” she asked, in surprise. He just shrugged. She would have turned it in immediately. It was evidence after all and would have helped put that black boy behind bars where he belonged. “I can’t smoke pot.”

“Why not?”

“I’m a school teacher. It’s illegal!”

“It hasn’t been illegal in years.”

“Then why were the police chasing that black boy?”

“Hmm, good question,” said Mike, thinking. “Maybe he’s unlicensed and isn’t paying taxes on it. I don’t know.” Mike shrugged again. “But recreational marijuana has been legal for years now.”

“Have you done this?”

“Yeah, a few times back in college. It’s very relaxing. It’ll help you settle down after a bad day at work.”

“I don’t know about this, Mike. Isn’t pot a gateway drug to worse things?”

“That’s nonsense. Let’s just try it this once. If it’s horrible, I’ll go to the police and tell them I found a brick in my yard.”

“Maybe I’ll just watch you,” said Jodi.

Mike had rolled a fat joint. He placed it between his lips and lit the end. He took a puff and held it in. Mike exhaled the smoke. “This is good, better than I remember.” He took another hit and felt himself relax, a sense of well-being coming over him. “Mmm, there it is,” he sighed. “Feels good.” He held the joint out to Jodi. She stared for almost half a minute before reaching out and taking it.

Jodi stared at it for a moment before placing it between her lips and sucking in some smoke. She choked coughing it out. She held the joint in one hand and reached for her glass of wine, taking a sip to cool her throat.

“Try it again,” said Mike. “Take some smoke into your lungs and hold it there.”

Jodi tried again, inhaling and holding it. Jodi breathed out the smoke and stared at the joint. “Hmmm, I like it.” She sat up to hand the joint back and Mike noticed her nipples were rock hard with even parts of her areola visible through her top. He took a light hit saving most of it for her. She took another hit when he handed it back. “You’re right. I do feel relaxed, really good.”

She drank half her wine while Mike took another short hit. “So, was I wrong to be an optimist?” he asked, handing the joint back to her.

“No, I think you might just get lucky.” Her eyes were lidded, a smile on her face. “This feels great.”

It did feel great, thought Mike, taking the joint back and taking a small hit, quickly handing it back to her. Jodi closed her eyes as she held the smoke in. Mike took the opportunity to sit up and slide his shorts down. He could even feel some stirring in his limp dick at the thought of having sex soon. He tossed the shorts out of the tub. Her eyes were still closed. The joint appeared to be slipping through her fingers. Mike reached out and caught it. He took the joint between his lips and puffed while shaking his wife. “Jodi?” he asked, afraid she’d smoked too much and had ********** dashing all chances of him getting laid.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. There was a warm tingling sensation in her clit. Mike must have turned up the heat in the hot tub. It was hot, impossibly hot, unbearably hot. A smile spread across her lips as she pictured the first time, she and Mike had made love. She thought about the friend that had taken her virginity and wondered if he’d gotten better at it. She remembered the joy on Mike’s face at the strong erection he had the first time he’d taken his ED meds. Oh joy, she’d thought sarcastically, not thrilled at the fact that he’d be wanting to have sex more often now that he had the pills. Her memory changed and now she was as thrilled as he was to see him stiff again. She wanted his big stiff prick inside her. She wanted to make love, no she wanted to fuck. She wanted to fuck the hard dick just like she had the night they’d been ***** and she’d fucked him with the lights on, riding his hard prick with wild abandon until she’d had a rare orgasm, he’d felt so good inside her and now she felt… empty. So empty. Jodi didn’t want to feel empty. She wanted to be filled, to feel something sliding inside her. The muscles in her vagina were clenching and contracting inwards trying to pull an imaginary dick inside her to give her the satisfaction she so desperately needed. Then there was only darkness with a tiny point of light that grew and grew until…

Mike had finished off the joint while staring at his wife. Jodi’s head was still back, eyes closed, but she was whimpering and moaning, squirming on her seat in the tub. Her nipples were so hard, her entire areolae were pushing out the top of her bathing suit making it appear as if her breasts had actually grown. Jodi’s head came up and she opened her eyes. Her pupils were big, round, and dilated.

“Ohmygod, Mike,” she said, staring at him. “Go take a pill,” she ordered.

Damn, he thought. He should have taken his penis pills earlier. That was one order he was willing to follow. Mike stood up quickly, standing in the center of the tub, facing his seated wife, and ready to climb out past her. She was staring at his crotch. He looked down. His penis was rock hard, so hard it was almost painful, and as big as he’d ever seen it. “Apparently I don’t need a pill,” he said, staring down in pleasant surprise at his dick.

“Apparently not,” she replied, moving her face closer to examine his stony erection.

Mike’s surprise turned to shock when Jodi’s lips engulfed the grape-sized tip of his prick. “Whoa! Jodi!” His wife was sucking his dick. HIS WIFE WAS SUCKING HIS DICK! Now it was Mike’s turn to say, “Ohmygod!” Her lips were halfway down his six and a quarter inch dick bobbing forward and back steadily, taking a little more in each time she swallowed him. “Oh honey, that feels so good.” He threw his head back and closed his eyes wanting to enjoy the sensations, but instantly quit that idea. He needed to watch this rare treat. Mike stared down at Jodi’s red hair and watched inch after inch of his skinny prick disappear down her throat. His balls began to tingle. Oh oh, thought Mike. “Honey, you’d better stop.” She did stop, hallway down his dick, cheeks puckered. Her dilated eyes stared up at him. “I’m getting close, babe. Let’s take this up to the bedroom.”

Jodi pulled her head back until the head of Mike’s prick cleared her lips and she was holding his stiff dick by the base. He smiled down at her, approvingly. Instead of stopping, she stared up at him as her tongue came out and twirled around his dick head. Then she sank her lips down to the base of his dick.

“Oh shit! Shit, babe,” he groaned. Jodi started bobbing her head faster. “Gonna cum,” he warned her. Jodi made a contented sound in her throat as she sucked him. “Gonna cum. Gonna cum. Gonna cumming! Mike wanted to grab the back of her head and pull her all the way down on his dick. His orgasm was so intense, his legs started trembling and he almost collapsed in the tub. Jodi swallowed every bit of it, ending by wrapping her lips around the glans of his cock and stroking his shaft upwards as if she were trying to get every drop. Finally, she slowly pulled her lips off his dick. “Sorry, honey, I tried to warn you.” Oddly, she didn’t look upset.

“It’s good, Mike,” she replied, licking her lips.

“That was amazing, and I’m not complaining, but I really wanted to make love tonight.” He helped her stand.

“Me too,” she said. “I don’t know what came over me. It was just bobbing in front of my face and it looked so good, I wanted it in my mouth.” The light was dim, but he could see she was flushing in embarrassment. “I’m so horny right now, but I couldn’t stop sucking your dick. I want this inside me so bad, Mike,” she said, her hand reaching down and stroking his hard dick. She stopped and looked down at his penis. Jodi pushed down on the head with her index finger. It bent down and sprang back up. “You’re still hard!”

“Well shit! I am,” he said, looking down at it. “Quick, let’s get inside before it goes away.” He stepped out of the hot tub and held his hand out for his wife. She stepped out and they hurried towards the sliding glass door into the house. Mike stopped her at the door. He turned her to face him. “Wait, your suit’s wet.” He reached out and pulled down the straps on her shoulders.

“But Mike, what if your erection goes away?”

He pulled the front of her suit down. His eyes widening when he ******* her giant E-cups. He was stripping her nude, outside, under the light, and she was letting him! Mike bent over pulling her suit down to her waist. “Trust me babe, this is helping it stay up.” He took one of her hard pink nipples between his lips and she gasped.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” she sighed.

Mike stooped still sucking one of her hard titties while he worked her bathing suit down over her hips. He pulled it down her thighs until it was loose and fell to her feet. Mike dropped to his knees, letting her swollen nipple plop out of his mouth.

“Nooo,” she complained. She wanted his lips back on her nipples.

He grabbed her leg and moved it so he could toss her wet suit away, but he kept her legs spread. Mike stared at his wife’s red pussy. Her hair was wet and matted. Her clit was sticking out puffy and distended. He hadn’t known she had such a large clit. He rarely saw her nude and this was one of the best views he’d ever gotten of Jodi. He looked up and was surprised to see her hands were on her breasts squeezing them and tugging on her nipples. Mike leaned forward and licked her clit.

“OH!” she gasped.

Jodi wasn’t stopping him. He pressed his nose into her pubic mound and ran his tongue along her slit. Jodi raised her hips allowing better access to her pussy. He looked up her body as he wiggled his tongue between her pussy lips. It was the sexiest sight he’d ever seen. Jodi’s flat stomach was undulating as he licked her and she was still squeezing and tugging at her nipples. A few tokes on a joint had turned his wife from a conservative school teacher into a wanton slut.

“Oh god! Lick me, Mike. It feels so good. Lick me.”

He’d tried to talk her into this for years, but to Jodi, oral sex was dirty. Mike slid his hand up her thighs. They were soaking wet. It wasn’t water from the tub either. The fluid was sticky, her arousal a constant flow from her pussy. He brought his hand up and pushed a finger into her pussy.

“AH!” she gasped again. “Yes, that feels so good Mike.”

Mike moved his hand down and inserted two fingers. He slowly began finger fucking her while his tongue flickered over her clit. She immediately began humping his fingers.

“Ohmygod! Oh my god! That’s it Mike. Yes. Yes. Yes. YYEESS!!”

Mike sucked her clit hard between his lips, working his fingers faster and bringing her to orgasm. The sticky fluid squirted and ran down his hand, spraying his chin, more dribbled down her clit and into his mouth.

“That was wonderful,” she said, her dilated pupils staring at him in appreciation. “Why haven’t we done that before?”

“You wouldn’t let me,” he replied, wiping the back of his hand across his chin. He reached down and grabbed the base of his dick, wagging it at her. “See babe, nothing to worry about. Still want it?”

“God yes.” She grabbed the end of his shaft and pulled him inside. Mike loved it, but she was pulling too hard and relieved when she let go to climb the stairs. He followed her upstairs, his eyes focused on her great ass. It looked even better nude then it did in tight jeans or her bathing suit. Absolutely beautiful, firm unblemished pale white skin. He could even see her swollen clit sticking out between her thighs when she stepped up.

Jodi ran into the bedroom and crawled onto the bed, turning over and motioning with her index finger for him to come here. The rare orgasm had felt incredible, but it had done nothing to quell the overwhelming feeling of emptiness inside her vagina. She needed to fill that emptiness. She needed Mike’s hard dick. She spread her legs as Mike climbed on the bed, his eyes widening as he stared at her lewd display. As he maneuvered himself closer, she helped him sitting up and grabbing his penis to help him guide it in. He had trouble sometimes, but then they were usually in the dark too.

“YES!” the both moaned as his hard dick pushed inside her.

Jodi sighed with satisfaction as the emptiness was finally filled. Her vaginal muscles were still contracting inwards only now they had a real big hard dick to squeeze as tightly as they could. She wrapped her legs around his ass, humping up into his thrusts. “Fuck me, Mike,” she whimpered.

“What?” he almost stopped. He’d never heard the “F” word leave her lips.

“I said, Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Oh yeah, he thought, pumping his hips faster. “I’m fucking you, Jodi.” Damn, her pussy felt like it was on fire. She’d never felt this hot before. “I’m fucking that hot pussy, baby. Gonna fuck you good.”

“Oh god! Yes. You fuck me so good, baby. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

Mike decided then and there that this was the best night of his life. He’d never heard her say the “P” word either. As much as he was loving his wife being so vocal, he had a sudden urge to kiss her. Mike lowered his lips down to hers. She parted and they kissed, the most passionately they’d kissed since their wedding night. Her tongue twirled with his as she raised her hips faster into his thrusting dick. Jodi sucking him off earlier was helping prolong his orgasm, but there was no way he could hold off much longer. He broke their kiss. “I’m getting close,” he whispered.

“Do it, baby. Give me your cum. Fill my pussy.”

Mike groaned. This was the wife he’d always wanted. He buried his dick. “FFFUUUCCCKKK!” Several strong spurts of his semen squirted out into Jodi’s pussy.

“YYEESS!!” She gasped, her hips humping up into his spurting prick. Her pussy clamped down around his pumping cock milking out every drop of Mike’s seed as she came the second time that night and maybe only around the sixth time in her life. Mike sighed and she relaxed aware that her legs were tightly wrapped around his waist and her arms were wrapped just as tightly around her neck. She was clinging to him trying to prolong their coupling. He lowered her down on the bed and she relaxed her arms and legs. Mike pulled his spent prick out and collapsed beside her. She still felt the emptiness, the yearning to have him back inside her, but she was also satisfied. “You were amazing, stud,” she told him, running her hand down over her belly.

Mike noticed the gesture. Her motherly instinct was hoping he’d finally impregnated her. “Jodi, that was the amazing, the best ever.”

“Best ever,” she agreed.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” she replied, sitting up and leaning over to kiss him. It wasn’t passionate, but it was a long, loving kiss to show how grateful she was. “I’m going to take a shower.” She hopped off the bed and stumbled into the bathroom.

Mike followed her a few minutes later. She was happily humming a tune behind the shower door. He stared at the blurry outline of her amazing body for a minute before turning to look at himself in the mirror before it steamed up. He was an average looking guy, short brown hair and eyes. His pupils were dilated like Jodi’s were after smoking the weed, but his vision was fine. His body wasn’t much to look at. He was skinny with a sunken hairless chest, and a slight, but growing paunch. He thought his penis was rather on the thin skinny side too, but he had no problem with its length. It was spent, but still sticking out past six inches, semi-swollen and bent down. He looked back up at his face and wiggled his nose, taking a deep breath in through his nostrils. The weed was so much better than his ED meds. He felt great. He wasn’t stuffy at all and could breathe freely through his nose. His snores wouldn’t be keeping Jodi up that night.

He turned and glanced at the shower again. Jodi’s head was back, washing her hair. The blurred outline of her body behind the door was as erotically a sexy sight as he’d ever seen. Since this was a night of firsts, he decided to try something else she’d never let him do before. He opened the shower door and stepped inside.

Jodi jumped with surprise, but smiled and stepped back so he could join her. The embraced and kissed for a long time. He turned her around and kissed her neck before grabbing a bottle of body wash. He lathered her voluptuous body in the wash, scrubbing and massaging her. She let out little moans of pleasure just as he took pleasure in closely examining her body. Her form was flawless with the only possible complaint being that her breasts were too large for her frame making her look like Jessica Rabbit with her red hair. It was one of her complaints, not his. He felt her breasts were magnificent. Someday they might sag, her nipples pointing downward, but at 34, they were still proud and firm

They kissed again and Jodi even let him dry off her nude body. After brushing their teeth, they held hands walking back to their bed. The slid under a sheet and he cuddled up to her as they fell asleep.

Mike woke up quickly a few hours later. His prick was hard again and between her thighs. Jodi was moaning, her hips sliding her wet pussy along his shaft, her firm ass pressing into his stomach. He reached around and cupped her breast. She purred as he squeezed it and gasped when he pinched her hard nipple. Her fingers caressed the head of his dick before pushing it inside her. “Mmm, fuck me, Mike. Never stop fucking me,” she murmured.

“I’ll fuck you as much as you want, baby,” he whispered in her eat. “This dick is yours whenever you want it.”

“I’ll always want it,” she replied. She quit talking, but whimpered and moaned a lot

Mike squeezed and pulled on her tit hard when he came. Jodi cried out, but he didn’t believe she orgasmed again. Still, she’d enjoyed it and seemed satisfied. She kissed him on the forehead before slipping out of bed to wash up again. He fell asleep before she returned.

The next time Mike woke up, the sun was shining in through the window and Jodi was down between his legs sucking his hard dick again. It plopped out between her lips and she stared at it. “Fuck,” she cursed.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I want to taste your cum again, but I need you inside me more.” She climbed up his body and raised herself up long enough to sink his dick in her. “You fill me up so good, Mike.”

“Who are you?” he asked in awe, reaching up to fondle her well-lit breasts. She’d never looked so sexy.

“I’m your wife, lover. The wife who’s gonna fuck your big dick as hard as she can.”

“You’re a great wife,” he told her pulling on her breasts so that she leaned down and he could suck her nipples.

Jodi did fuck him as hard as she could, bouncing in his lap almost violently while he sucked a nibbled at her nipples. His groans alerted her that he was getting close. “Give me your cum, Mike. Fill my pussy up, baby.”

God, this was amazing. “Take it Jodi. Take all of it.” Mike bucked his hips up, squirting his seed up into Jodi’s hot pussy. She clamped down around his dick again, milking his cum out and appeared to have a small but satisfying orgasm.

Jodi sat in his lap gasping for air from her workout. “Wow Mike. Why don’t we do this more often?”

“I’ve been saying that for years.”


Jodi didn’t take much convincing to smoke another joint in the hot tub that night. He felt well satisfied from Friday night’s sex, but after sharing the joint with Jodi, his dick was hard as a rock again. She seemed to pass out again and when she opened her eyes and looked at him, her pupils were dilated over her irises like a moon eclipsing a green sun. Jodi stood in the center of the tub and slipped out of her bathing suit. She mounted his pole and slowly rode him in the hot bubbling water. This was the first time they’d fucked in the tub, though he’d suggested it often. Later, in the darkened room, he fucked her from behind on their bed, a position she usually refused to do. He woke again Sunday morning to Jodi sucking his hard dick only this time she didn’t stop and swallowed his cum. Mike couldn’t understand where all his cum was coming from. His balls weren’t aching or anything after ejaculating seven times over two nights. He felt wonderful and so did Jodi. She was humming as she dressed for church.

Jodi kissed him goodbye. “Have a good game,” she told him as she left. Church wasn’t Mike’s thing. It had put a strain on their relationship early on, but she was used to it now. Mike played golf Sunday mornings when the weather was good. He met his friends on the course. They commented on him looking tired and he bragged about Jodi keeping him up the last two nights. They looked at him jealousy as Jodi was far better looking than their wives.

That night, Mike looked at himself while brushing his teeth. His pupils appeared normal. He slipped into bed and read for a while before Jodi joined him. She stayed up to grade some papers. She continued to surprise him. She’d put on her pajamas right after dinner, but when she entered the bedroom, the top was unbuttoned down the middle. The plaid boring PJs she wore every night had suddenly turned sexy. She slipped the top off her shoulders before bending down and sliding the bottoms off. She joined him in bed naked and cuddled up next to him. Mike put his book away and wrapped his arm around her. He was shirtless, but wearing sweatpants. She placed her hand on his stomach and slid it down under his pants. He jumped in surprise as her hand found his dick and started fondling it. He turned to kiss her and saw that her pupils were still somewhat enlarged. They kissed. Her hands squeezed and tugged at his limp dick. It did swell slightly under her ministrations, but it remained floppy and unresponsive. “Do you want me to take a pill?” he whispered.

Jodi crinkled her nose. She didn’t enjoy listening to his nasal congestion all night, nor did she want to wait the hour or so it usually took for the pill to kick in. “That’s okay, hon.” She slid her hand out of his pants and patted him on the belly.

“Wanna do it again next Friday?” he asked.

Jodi rolled over. She didn’t answer for a long time, but he finally her quietly say, “Okay.”

Mike got up the next morning, showered and dressed for work. He ate a bowl of cereal and walked out the front door to his car.


He stopped and turned. “Yeah hon?” His eyes widened. Jodi was standing on their steps wearing only a short terry cloth robe and it was unbelted, hanging open.

“Don’t you want to kiss your wife goodbye?”

He stepped back and gave her a long lingering kiss, more than the usual peck on the cheek or lips when they parted. “Bye babe. Try to have a good day at work.” Her pupils were still somewhat dilated. The weed was staying in her system longer. He wondered why. Maybe, she’d smoked more or maybe his higher male metabolism just burned it off more quickly?

She crinkled her nose. There were no good days at work. “Mike?” she said as he turned away.

Mike looked back. “Holy shit!” Jodi was standing on the steps holding her robe open not just displaying her incredible body to him, but to the entire neighborhood.

“This is all yours Friday night.” She closed the robe and belted it as a neighbor’s garage started opening.

“Hell yeah,” he said, smiling. He was getting in his car when it hit him. “SHIT!”


“We got that party Friday.”

“Damn, that’s right.”

“Let’s not go?”

Jodi smiled. She’d absolutely prefer staying home and getting high with her husband over going to a party. “We’re kind of obligated.”

It was a surprise birthday party and a bit of a drive. They’d be lucky to get home by Midnight and they’d both be drinking, him more than her. “Well Saturday then.”

“Saturday it is.”

“Maybe, we’ll even get in the tub early.”

“Maybe?” she replied. “Don’t forget to pick up a present.”

Jodi entered her house and undid her belt. Her hand slid down through her wispy red pubes until she could feel her wetness. “God, I’m horny,” she moaned, her eyes fell on the kitchen table and the fruit bowl at the center of it. There was one last browning banana rising up towards her, resting on two dark plums. “I couldn’t,” she muttered, staring at the dark banana.

Minutes later, she was nude on the bed, spreading her legs as she lowered the banana between her thighs. It was brown, but still firm, a big one, longer and thicker than Mike’s penis. “Oh god,” she moaned, pushing it between her wet pussy lips. Her lips curled in a smile as the thick part around the center entered her. The extra thickness felt good. She pushed it deeper, the emptiness inside her finally feeling fulfilled until all that was sticking out between her legs was the stalk. She grabbed the stalk working it in and out slightly, her pussy muscles clenched tightly around the banana. Its extra size felt great. “Fuck me. Fuck my pussy,” she moaned, pinching and squeezing one nipple. It took ten minutes, but finally she came hard, her pussy squeezing down hard around the ripe fruit as she came all over it.

Jodi relaxed, trying to catch her breath for several minutes before pulling the banana out of her pussy. The peel had been crushed and the fruit inside turned to mush her vaginal muscles had squeezed it so tightly. Still, the damn thing had satisfied her need. She wasn’t a masturbator and certainly not the kind of woman to sue a dildo, but if they kept smoking the weed, that might change.

Jodi was still in an orgasmic haze while she showered. Her pussy was still wet and her nipples were hard, sensitive, sending more spasms towards her pussy as she ran the wash cloth over them. She was barely aware when she dressed and didn’t even come to her senses until she noticed some of the male teachers staring at her. She’d pulled on a tight black short skirt that showed off her bare legs down to her black heels. Worse, she pulled on a thin white blouse with large gaps between the buttons. It was a lot less then her normal three layers of clothing and her nipples would remain quite prominent all day.

Much to her surprise, her hormone raging teenage students were more attentive while she taught them and none caused her any problems. She had a couple parent teacher conferences after school. The husbands couldn’t take their eyes off her tits, some even appeared to be trying to peek between the gaps in her blouse to get a peek at her bra. The wives stared at her with anger and jealousy. She was kind of enjoying the attention, but she felt if she kept dressing that sexily, it might get her in some trouble.

She kept getting male attention grocery shopping after school. Mike gave her a double take when she got home and gave her a wolf whistle. “Damn Jodi, you look smoking hot today.”

She smiled and blushed. “I feel foolish.” She headed upstairs to change into her plain pajamas. A glance in the mirror showed her pupils were back to normal. She laid out her usual figure hiding clothing to wear to school the next day.

Mike was a procrastinator and left work early Friday to shop for a gift for the birthday party that night. As he was leaving the store with the present, he noticed the store across the street. He’d seen in a hundred times, but hadn’t paid any attention to it as it wasn’t the kind of store he shopped at. The store was mostly a tattoo parlor, but also sold CBD products, drug paraphernalia and even some adult toys. After asking the clerk for advice, her left the store with a bong wrapped in a brown paper bag.


Mike woke up earlier than Jodi. As expected, they’d gotten home after midnight and he’d been pretty *****. It was his friend’s birthday and she’d driven him home. He popped some Advil in his mouth before hitting the shower. Despite his headache, he couldn’t wait for tonight and a replay of the fun time they’d had last week.

He grabbed his dirty clothes and went downstairs to drop them off in the laundry room. Jodi’s green bathing suit was sitting in her stack of clean clothes neatly folded. He’d washed them for her Tuesday night. He smirked, stopping and listening to make sure she wasn’t coming downstairs before pulling her suit out and hiding it at the bottom of the basket filled with dirty clothes.

The rest of the day he washed their cars and did some yardwork. After that, all he could do was kill some time until dinner and their planned evening soak in the tub.


“Mike, have you seen my suit?”

“Sorry, I forgot to wash it,” he lied, turning the hot tub’s jets on. “We don’t need suits anyway.”

”I’m never going nude, so you might as well quit asking.”

“Jodi, we fucked in the tub last week and we were nude then.”

“Don’t be so crass, Mike.”

“Fine we had sex in the tub last week, then.”

“That was an unusual circumstance.”

“How about a compromise?”

Jodi folded her arms across her chest. “What kind of compromise?” she asked, suspiciously.

“What about that bikini I bought you?”

“Mike, it’s too revealing. I can barely even fit in it.”

“It’s that or naked.”

“Fine,” she said in a huff. “I’ll try it on.” Jodi turned and headed back into the house.

The bikini was in her dresser. Mike had given it to her on a vacation they took four years ago for her 30th birthday. He’d also removed her one piece from her suitcase. She’d been furious at him, but agreed to try it on. She looked so slutty in it that she refused to come out of the bathroom to even show him what she looked like. The first problem was that it was a cup size too small for her E-cups. The bikini was more sized for DDs which meant they were an inch too small around her top. The second problem was that the bottom was a thong and displayed her firm well-rounded rear end. She picked it up out of the box. The bikini hadn’t gotten any bigger. There was barely as much material as a bandana.

Jodi stripped off her clothes in the bedroom and stepped into the panty. A string bikini was so not her, that she wasn’t even sure how to put it on. She pulled it up backwards the first time before spinning the panty around and tying the string at the side. The top was a little easier, tying behind her neck and back, but when she looked down one of her nipples was sticking out. The cups weren’t even cups, just a band of fabric that covered her nipples and left most of her breasts *******. She stretched the fabric over her nipple, but that act ******* her areola on her other breast. The problem was her large areolae and no matter how much she tried adjusting the fabric a little bit of areola was *******. Luckily, her outer areolae were faint blending into her pale white skin and barely noticeable without staring closely at them. The tight top squeezed her breasts so forcefully her breast flesh stuck out around the fabric and her entire nipple and areola were visible through the top down to the little bumps around the edges of her nipple circle. Wet it would be even worse.

She kept the bikini on, but pulled her robe on over it, belting it tightly. She headed downstairs hoping Mike wasn’t in the tub yet and she could just slip in. Unfortunately, he was stepping into the water as she entered the kitchen. His bathing suit disappeared as he sat down. He’d left a glass of wine on the table for her. She threw the whole thing back, sat the empty glass down on the table and stepped out through the sliding glass doors. “Can you look the other way?”

He chuckled. “No, hon. Come on and show me.”

“It’s too revealing, Mike.”

“Come on, I’ve seen you naked,” he said, unable to help adding, “a few times.”

“This is worse than being naked.” Jodi’s cheeks flushed as she undid the belt. She was wearing the same robe that she’d flashed him outside their house last week. What had she been thinking then? She dropped the robe.

“Oh wow,” he said, staring at her body as she tried to hurry into the tub. “Freeze!”

Jodi froze and stood still. “Mike, please?” she begged.

“You look so fucking hot right now.”

“I look like a slut!” Her cheeks turned bright red.

“Yeah, you do, a hot fucking slut. Turn around. Damn, I don’t deserve you.”

Jodi felt humiliated, but slowly turned around displaying her bare ass. She spun all the well around before stepping down into the water and sinking in to cover her body. “I feel so humiliated. This isn’t something any respectable Christian woman would wear or a teacher for that matter.”

“Well, none of your students are here,” said Mike, reaching out for the bag of marijuana.

“What’s that?” she asked, looking at the pipe.

“It’s called a bong.” Mike set it up and pulled out a lighter. “It’s better than a joint. The water will cool the smoke and make it easier on the lungs.” He didn’t tell her that it would also make her extra high with less marijuana and make his stash last longer.

Mike lit the end and inhaled, passing it to Jodi as he held the smoke in his lungs. She took a hit and passed it back. “I feel it already,” she said. She took the bong back from her husband, sitting up in the tub so that her breasts were now above water.

Mike eyed her breasts as he took the bong back. The wet bikini was now clinging to her nipples. They swelled as she exhaled her second hit. A smile of satisfaction spread across her lips. He felt his dick swell slightly as he anticipated the fun they’d be having shortly.

“Yessss,” she sighed as she exhaled her third hit. She sat back and closed her eyes.

Mike sat the bong down and sat up to slip his suit off, tossing it outside of the tub. He added another pinch of weed to the bowl and lit it, inhaling and tugging on his dick to get it all the way hard. It swelled and hardened completely almost immediately. This was a lot quicker and better than his penis pills. If he was careful, he could make that brick of weed last a long time.

“I see you found my weed,” said a deep voice behind him.

Mike jumped and glanced out into his dark yard. The man came from the direction he’d found the weed. A large black man in a hoody stepped closer, their outdoor light glistening off the gun in his hand.


Mike sat the bong down and raised his hands over his head.

“Put your hands down, white boy. I ain’t gonna hurt ya.” He put the gun in the front of his hoody and pulled the hood down. The man was younger than he would have thought, late teens or early twenties. He was very black with African features, large dark lips and a flat nose that spread across his face. “You still got my weed?”

“Ye…yeah,” nodded Mike nervously. “It’s inside.” He was about to offer to go get it, but didn’t want to leave Jodi alone with some black thug.

“How much you smoke?”

“M-maybe three joints worth. I’ll pay you for it.”

“You’ll pay for it,” said the black man, nodding and staring at Jodi’s tits. “Not sure what it’s worth. That shit’s special.”

“What do you mean?” Mike asked.

The black man pulled the hoody off over his head. He was wearing a white tank top underneath that tightly hugged a fit muscular body. He folded the hoody with the gun and sat it down on the deck behind Jodi and away from Mike’s reach. “It’s called the Ishtar strain.” The man pushed his sweat pants down around his ankles.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

“Thought I’d take a soak with ya.” He pulled the tank top off revealing a hard six pack and very muscular upper torso. He didn’t need a gun to take out Mike. The black youth was built like a linebacker. He stood back up clad only in black briefs, the front bulging out obscenely. “I had a man on the inside steal it from the pharmaceutical lab down the road. They been messing around with its genes to include every chemical sexual stimulant they could think off, oxytocin, phenylethylamine, bremelanotide, the shit in penis pills, testosterone, and lots of other chemical shit with lots of letters and numbers. He called it Fuck Weed.”

“JESUS!” exclaimed Mike with a jerk as the black man pushed his briefs down. His penis was a monster. It stuck out from his pubic mound several inches before falling down a good eight inches. It flopped from thigh to thigh as the black youth stepped down into the tub. Mike couldn’t take his eyes off it and was grateful when it slid out of his sight in the water.

The black man sat between Mike and Jodi. “Let me get a hit off dat bong.” Mike passed it over. The black man lit the end and took a long hit. “Good shit,” he said, after exhaling. “Does it work?”


“Did you and the missus fuck after smoking it?”

“Yeah, it works. It works really well.”

“Good.” The black man finished off the pot in the bowl and handed the bong back to Mike. His dark eyes turned back on Jodi, flickering down from her breasts to her face. Mike felt like shit for hiding her bathing suit now, but was glad she wasn’t nude. “Where’s she go when she like that?”

Mike looked over at his wife. She was squirming and whimpering, softly moaning from time to time. Her eyelids were flickering like she was in deep REM sleep. Sweat beaded her forehead “I don’t know,” he replied watching her nipples stiffen and pull out the stretched top of her bikini.


It was like seeing your life flash before your eyes from a near death experience only it was her sex life passing before her eyes. The first time her brain brought forth memories of her entire sex life from losing her virginity through her sex life with Mike. The second time her brain mostly focused on just the good memories. Now, she was reliving their amazing sex last weekend. Sucking Mike’s dick had been surprisingly enjoyable. He deserved it for all he did for her. It was so hot. Her clit was throbbing, timed to her pulse beating in her ears. She needed to fuck. She needed his big stiff dick in her. She needed his cum. So hollow inside without a big stiff dick. God, her pussy needed a dick. Please, somebody fuck my pussy. Give me your cum. Her pussy clenched down around an imaginary dick disappointed that it was squeezing only emptiness. So empty. So empty. “Yyesss.” She moaned coming back into the light. “I hope you’re ready to fuck,” she said, opening her pupil-dilated eyes and staring into a thuggish black face.

Mike reached out grabbing her arm as she tried to scramble backward up and out of the hot tub staring in horror at their unexpected guest. Her squeal was so loud it might have been heard on the street. “Honey, honey, it’s okay. Calm down.”

“Mike,” she looked at him in fear. “What’s going on?” She looked at the black man, sitting and smiling at her, large muscular arms spread out around the rim of the tub. She wouldn’t even go swimming in a pool if black people were in it and she certainly didn’t want to be sharing a hot tub with one. She was also aware that in her scramble to slide out, her upper bikini clad torso was on full display to the black teen. Her breasts had swelled with her arousal and her nipples were puffed out, stretching the top and displaying the areola on both breasts. One of her stiff aching nipples looked like it might pop out at any moment. She wanted to free it just to stop the sensitive nipple from scraping the material on her bikini. She slid back down into the tub sinking in to cover her breasts.

“It’s his marijuana and he wants it back.”

“Well go get it,” she said, squirming on her seat from the empty yearning in her pussy. “Get rid of him.”

“There’s no rush, Mrs. Hayes?” he said, his voice deep and masculine.

“Yes, there is,” she said, “Wait, how do you know my name? You were one of my students!”

“Shawn Wright,” he reminded her. “You lookin good Mrs. Hayes.”

Shawn Wright… Shawn… Shawn… A disruptive student, she’d sent him off to the remedial class after a week and the lawsuit that shut down the slower classes had put him and some other badly behaved black teens back in her class a month later. That had been five years ago and her job had been miserable ever since. “Yeah, Shawn Wright from about 5 years ago. You’d be eighteen then?”

“Nineteen, I was held back a year.

“Not the best student if I recall.”

“Chu gave me a D.”

She was going to need Mike to drain the water out of the tub as soon as Shawn left. She wanted to get out of the water now and would have except for the ridiculous bikini Mike had talked her into wearing. “That D was more then you deserved.” Jodi winced trying to push her clit down on the seat in the tub. Her needy pussy was making her bitchy. “I gave you the D just to get you out of my class.” She needed Mike’s dick in her immediately. “I figured you’d just end up in jail for selling drugs.”

Shawn laughed. “Just got out. They had to let me go since they couldn’t find my brick of pot. Thanks for hiding the evidence.” He laughed again.

Jodi turned to her husband. “I told you that you should have turned that pot into the police.” She looked back at Shawn; unable to help being impressed with his musculature. His biceps were huge and his broad muscular chest was just as impressive. Her eyes tried to pierce the water certain the black man had a hard flat stomach with an impressive sixpack. She stared a little too long, her mind starting to wonder what was below his abdominals, what was between his legs. Her pussy fluttered still desperate to fill the empty feeling within it. She felt disgusted with herself for even wondering what his penis might look like. “What will it take for you to go?” she asked, flushing.

“I’ll go when I’m ready, he said, with a white toothy grin. “The hot tub feels good. Plus, I’m enjoying catching up with chu, Mrs. Hayes.”

“Please just go,” she begged, squirming under Shawn’s large pupiled gaze. Her chest was heaving. Mike must have turned the temperature of the water too high; she could barely stand soaking in it. She was ready to stand up even if it met showing off her body to the teenage drugdealer.

“Not without my pot,” said Shawn.

“Mike, would you please go get his drugs.”

“But honey?” he pleaded.

“Go get the fucking drugs,” she growled, startling even her husband. “I want him off our property.”

Mike turned away from Shawn and stood. The black man laughed, staring at Mike bare flat ass. “Hold on Mr. Hayes. Turn around.” Mike tried to hold his hands over his erection. “Take your hands away.” Mike flushed with embarrassment as he moved his hands and his erection fell to stick out in front of him. Jodi’s eyes fell hungrily on it. “Look at that skinny white dick. You can’t let him leave without takin care of dat, can you Mrs. Hayes?”

“What do you mean?” asked Jodi, staring at Mike’s hard dick. It wasn’t far from her face.

“Suck your husband off, Mrs. Hayes.”

“Then you’ll go?” she asked, already moving her mouth closer to the tip of Mike’s dick. She parted her lips and took Mike’s penis into her mouth up to the glans. The weed worked a lot better than Mike’s ED meds. His prick was swollen as big as it got and she liked it this stiff and hard. She liked sucking it and wondered why she’d never sucked him off before smoking the weed. She wished she were alone with her husband, her eyes glancing towards the black man as she swallowed nearly all of Mike’s dick. Shawn was leaning forward, his dilated pupils staring intently at her as she bobbed her head along Mike’s shaft. Her pussy quivered with need again. Suddenly, it was exiting to be watched while she sucked Mike off. She bobbed her head faster, steadily sucking her husband’s dick. She kept her eyes on Shawn, sucking her husband faster. Mike groaned loudly. She took her eyes off Shawn long enough to look up Mike’s skinny body. He too was staring at the black man, but he looked horrified.

“Oh, shit Jodi,” Mike groaned. His eyes were on the five swollen inches of dark black dick rising up out of the water between his wife’s former student’s legs. “Oh shit! Gonna cum, babe,” he warned, staring at the giant black cock as more emerged from the water when Shawn shifted in his seat. “Jodi? Oh god! Here it cums.” Mike threw his back as his cum erupted from his cock and filled Jodi’s mouth.

“Your wife sucks dick like a pro, Mr. Hayes.”

“Mmm,” moaned Jodi, wrapping her lips tightly around Mike’s shaft and sucking up so that she’d drained every last drop of his cum.

“She been doin dis long?”

Mike was gasping for breath. “This is only her second time.”

“Shit white boy, I would have turned her into a cocksucker on the first date.”

Jodi gasped at Shawn’s crassness as she licked her lips, still staring at Mike’s hard prick. Just like the first time, he remained completely erect. She wanted it now more than ever. “Go get Shawn his drugs,” she told him. Mike glanced once at Shawn, before nodding. “Hurry,” she ordered.

Mike hopped out, grabbing his suit off the deck as he entered their house. Jodi slid back down into the water to cover her breasts and sat down as far from Shawn as she could. “You sure seem to like suckin dick, Mrs. Hayes.”

Jodi flushed. “I don’t know what comes over me when I’m high,” she said.

“It’s the fuck weed, Mrs. Hayes.”

“The what?”

“I already told yo husband. This ain’t normal weed. It’s genetically modified to make you horny and lower your inhibitions. I heard it was good shit, but it works even better than I expected.”

“My god,” she stared at him in horror, vaguely aware of a large blurry object sticking out of the water between Shawn’s legs. She felt somewhat relieved she had an excuse for her behavior. She’d even masturbated with a banana, for god’s sake. The blurry object came into focus as she lowered her eyes to it. She’d need to pray extra hard at church tomorrow to get god’s forgiveness for the way she’d behaved. Her eyes focused on the huge dark black cock sticking out of the water between Shawn’s legs. “Ohmygod,” she stated, staring at it in awe. It was as long as Mike’s and at least four times thicker. “Oh my god,” she said again as her brain fully processed what she was seeing.

“That’s right, Mrs. Hayes. I gave my weed a try while you was out of it.” Shawn Wright leaned forward and stood up. “Been like this for half an hour.”

Jodi had been right about him having great abs to match his physique, but she barely glanced at them as her eyes fell on the enormous black dick between the teen’s legs. It stuck out at least a foot from his crotch. The dark black glans was swollen and bobbed just above her eyes as Shawn stood in the center of the tub. Even more impressive were the giant pair of swollen balls dangling beneath it. Jodi was an avid pickleball player and Shawn’s testicles were as big as pickle balls. “It’s so big,” was all she could say. “Did the weed make it this swollen?” she asked, wondering how much weed Mike would have to smoke to make his penis this big. Her pussy fluttered and contracted at the thought of Mike having a dick this size. That would certainly fill the empty void inside her.

“No Mrs. Hayes, it always gets this big when it’s hard.”

“I don’t believe it,” she said, sitting up so she could see the top of it. Her breasts rose from the water again. Her nipples were so swollen they were pulling her areolae up off her breasts.

“Guess you never seen a black one, Mrs. Hayes?”

“Of course not,” she said indignantly. “I didn’t know penises got this large… this huge. Are all black men this…”

“This ain’t a penis, Mrs. Hayes. Dis is a cock, a big black cock. Not all black men are gifted with big black cocks, but if you wants a big one you gotta go black. You wanna touch it?”

“I couldn’t,” she said, lifting her hand towards it, before pulling it back.

“Go ahead, Mrs. Hayes. Get a quick feel before yo hubby comes back.”

Jodi had trouble taking her eyes off it, but managed to turn her head to glance into her house. There was no sign of Mike anywhere. She turned her attention back on Shawn’s huge cock and raised her hand to it, wrapping her fingers around the shaft. Her empty pussy quivered as she touched it. Her fingers didn’t even meet her thumb, he was so thick. “Keep an eye out for my husband?” she asked, stroking her hand down to the base.

“Sure,” said Shawn, staring down at his former teacher holding his black cock while staring at it totally awestruck by its size. He kept his eyes on her not caring if Mr. Hayes saw them or not.

She lifted her other hand out of the water and cupped Shawn’s balls. She’d never touched her husband’s testicles before, but she wanted to get a feel for their weight. Each of Shawn’s testicles filled her palm, they were full and heavy. If she cupped them both, his scrotum was quite weighty. Her other hand twisted around his shaft just under the glans. It slid back down to the root unconsciously stroking his shaft.

“You like it, Mrs. Hayes?” asked Shawn with a grin.

“It’s very… impressive,” she replied, trying to squeeze the sponge head, but the boy’s cock was as hard as granite and she could barely dent it.

“What’s impressive?”

“Your penis. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s so…”

“Say its name, Mrs. Hayes. Say its name.”

“Your… cock, your black cock. Your big black cock’s so impressive. It’s so big, so dark, Shawn, so manly.” It wasn’t just the size of the thing that had Jodi impressed. Shawn’s big black cock was a near perfect gorgeous ebony rod. The shaft was pretty uniformly thick, only expanding slightly just under the head. The head was a dark black golf ball with a large urethra and an impressive flare to the glans that rose almost an inch above the shaft. Shawn’s cock could have been the model for a dildo. A swollen blue-black vein ran along the underside and more zig zag veins ran up the sides blending into the blackness of his shaft. Jodi Hayes was really feeling cheated at that moment comparing it to her...

“A lot different from a skinny little white penis.”

“Yeah, it is,” she said, Shawn guessing her thoughts. She felt a pang of guilt and shame as the porch light made the diamond on her wedding ring twinkle on the slim white hand wrapped around her former student’s giant black cock, but the guilt wasn’t enough to make her let go. “It’s just so big, so different from what I’m used to.”

“They even taste different,” said Shawn.

“Taste… different…” Jodi gave a nervous glance at the door. When she turned her eyes back on Shawn’s cock, it was closer just above her nose. She pulled it down towards her mouth, staring cross eyed down the shaft as it passed her nose. Jodi turned her head up and licked the head. Jodi’s pussy contracted so powerfully it made her whole body jerk the second her tongue touched it. The contractions continued as she wrapped her lips around the enormous head of Shawn’s big black cock. The muscles spasms were contracting inwards desperate to have something fill the emptiness inside her. Each contraction ended with a wave of sexual arousal pouring from her pussy.

“Dayumn,” groaned Shawn, watching her bobbing her head along the end of his shaft. He saw Mr. Hayes coming down the steps inside the house, but didn’t give a shit. “Suck that big black cock, Mrs. Hayes,” he groaned. She sucked faster, chocking a little as his large cock head began pushing into her throat. “Don’t give up, you’re doing great,” he told her rubbing his beefy black hand over her gorgeous red hair until his fingers could pinch the string tying the bikini around her neck. He bucked his cock and pulled the string, untying her top.

“JESUS JODI! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” Mike stared at his wife aghast, the brick of weed in a bag in his hand. He was wearing his bathing suit, but it was still tented out from his weed induced erection.

“Keep going, Mrs. Hayes,” said Shawn grabbing her head as she tried to back off his cock. He pulled her head towards him while pushing his cock deeper down her throat. She gagged as she swallowed more of Shawn’s cock. He reached down and pulled the knot behind her back.

“Oommph!” grunted Jodi, her throat stretched out by his meaty cock. She went back to sucking his shaft, moaning slightly.


“Shut da fuck up, white boy. You owe me for smoking my shit and this is how ya gonna pay me back. If ya don’t want your wife sucking my cock, then you can do it.”

Mike gasped. “Suck your… me!”

Shawn laughed. “My white boy cellmate was quite the good little cocksucker by the time they released me a few days ago. I don’t think he wanted me to leave.”

“No way you sick fuck,” said Mike.

“Good choice white boy. I much prefer yo wife sucking my big black cock.” Shawn laughed. “I told you I’d turn her into a cocksucker on the first date.” Shawn looked up from watching his former teacher’s red lips pursed around his shaft as she sucked as much of his cock as she could. Mike Hayes was heading towards Shawn’s sweat shirt. Mike’s hands were wrapping around the grip of Shawn’s gun when Shawn said, “It ain’t loaded.” Mike paused without pulling the gun out. He wasn’t an expert, but he could feel the gun’s weight and it didn’t feel loaded. “And if you point it at me, then I’m a gonna hafta hurt ya.”

Mike pulled his empty hand out of Shawn’s sweat shirt. “Please?”

“Just let this play out, white boy. Then I’ll take my weed and go.” Shawn placed his hand on Jodi’s head and pushed back.

“Jeeessuuss!” gasped Mike, getting his first good look at Shawn’s penis as it cleared Jodi’s throat. Her lips tried to follow the bobbing head, wanting it back down her throat. To Mike, it looked like she’d managed to swallow at least nine inches of what had to be a giant foot long dick.

“Come ‘ere Mrs. Hayes,” said Shawn walking back and sitting on the edge of the tub. He spread his legs and Jodi kneeled down between them, bending his cock back down towards her lips. He let her suck him for a while before saying, “Sit up.”

“Mmm Mmm,” she mumbled, shaking her head without stopping her constant bobbing.

“I said sit up, bitch!” Jodi sat back on her knees. Now it was Shawn’s turn to stare at her awestruck. She looked down at her chest and was shocked to see her bare breasts. She brought her hands up to quickly cover her breasts, but Shawn, just as quickly grabbed her wrists and held her arms apart. “Dayumn, Mrs Hayes. Them white titties of yours are perfect.” He released her arms and ran his hands over her breasts.

“AAAAHHH!!” She cried out when he pinched her nipples.

“Sensitive huh? Never felt no white titties before. Love these pink nipples.” He pinched them again, twirling her hard nubs between his fingers.

“AAAHHH OOHH,” she cried, whimpering from the pain/pleasure she was feeling as he played with her nipples. Each spasm from her nipples was triggering nerve endings in her pussy reminding her of how much she needed a really big cock… her husband’s penis in her. He pulled her by her nipples towards him, thankfully releasing them when she was sitting up between his legs.

“Now wrap them big white titties around my black cock and give me a good titty fuck.”

Jodi hefted her heavy E-cups with her hands and sat up on her knees while Shawn held his huge cock up for her. He withdrew his hand when she dropped her bosom in his lap and squeezed her breast flesh around his hard shaft. His giant black cock seemed to be the perfect match for her large bosom. The head and several inches still rose majestically from the tops of her breasts. She squeezed her breasts tightly around his cock and began to bounce them in his lap.

Shawn sat back on the deck propping himself up on his elbows so he could watch his ex-teacher titty fuck him. Jodi stared back at the black teen. It wasn’t just his black cock that was perfect, but the rest of his chiseled physique looked like it belonged on a black-skinned Greek god. Shawn Wright was a black Adonis, with hard well-defined abs to a broad muscular chest and bulging biceps on his arms. The only thing ruining her god-like impression of him was his face. He was African black with Negroid features, large broad lips and a nose so big and flat it spread across his face. His hair was shaved down into a militant flat top. With the possible exception of his mother, no one would Find Shawn handsome though it was ruggedly masculine.

Jodi lowered her lips back to the tip and wrapped them around the bulbous head of his cock. Her pussy spasmed again with pangs of yearning made worse by the pleasure coming from her nipples. Her fingers had found her nipples and she was torturing herself by rolling them between her finger tips. She bounced her tits faster her head bobbing just as fast over the tip of Shawn’s cock. It felt even bigger, stretching her throat out to the point she felt she might gag again. She ran her dilated pupils along Shawn’s flat stomach and up over his six-pack abs. He was staring at her, smiling. He gave her a nod to show he was pleased with her sending more ripples of yearning throughout her needy pussy. “Fuck, Mrs. Hayes,” he grunted throwing back his head so that all she could see of him was his chin and bull neck. “FFUUCCKK!!”

The explosion of cum caught her off guard, pouring down her throat and into her stomach. The jerking cock head threatened to make her gag so she pulled back another load of hot seed expanding through her mouth until her cheeks bulged out and his cum squirted out the sides of her lips. Her brain was registering how good he tasted just as the fear of being drowned by his semen caused her to release his spurting cock just in time to have another large wad of ejaculate plaster her face with his hot sperm. It was quickly followed by another wad that fell to splatter across the tops of her breasts. Her brain was now telling her she wanted to taste more of his delicious cum, so she lowered her lips back around his cock head just in time to get another mouthful. It didn’t overwhelm her this time and she swallowed it and the next and the next. He kept cumming, his lessoning loads making it easier for her to let his seed register on her taste buds. She liked it. She loved it. Jodi dropped her breasts so that she could grab his shaft with both hands, jerking his cock to milk out as much of his seed as she could. Several more shots of sperm shot across her tongue. She moaned as she tasted more of his seed, her hands not stopping milking his cock until the final pearl formed on his urethra.

Jodi finally released Shawn’s cock. It dropped like a felled redwood on his hard stomach, still erect, still a hard foot-long monster. The black teen had dropped to the deck laying on his back arms spread out like Jesus on the cross. All that she could see of him was his chest rising and falling. She licked her tongue around her mouth to lap of the rapidly cooling semen splattering her face. More gelatinous wads of his pudding thick semen were sliding down her breasts, to coat her erect nipples and drip into the water. “You do taste different,” she said quietly, scooping some sperm off her cheek and licking it off her finger. It was cold now, not as good, but still tasty.

Shawn chuckled. “You like it, Mrs. Hayes?”

“Yeah,” she replied. He was still staring up at the stars and couldn’t see her licking his cum off her fingers. She quit not wanting him to realize how much she liked it. “It was good.”

“Better than Mr. Hayes?”

Jodi paused, not wanting to answer and feeling ashamed of herself. She’d enjoyed the taste of Mike’s cum earlier and last week, but now that she had something to compare it with, her husband’s seed was weak and runny. “It was different,” she stated again, not willing to give Shawn the pleasure.

“That’s how a real man tastes, Mrs. Hayes.” Shawn chuckled again. “Fuck that weed’s some good shit. I’ve never busted a nut that big before.”

Jodi closed her eyes, trying to will the fire in her pussy to go down. She felt Shawn’s sperm sliding down her forehead, over her eyes and down her nose, it’s repulsive scent filled her nostrils yet she wanted more. Her pussy continued to contract and flutter, needing Mike’s dick in her now more than ever. She was so horny it was maddening.

“Jodi, you’re a mess,” said Mike picking up her robe. She opened one sperm covered eyelid, blinking it and staring at her husband before sinking down into the water. “Jodi, no,” he begged. “Not in the tub.”

She held her breath, rubbing her hands across her face and breasts, trying to wipe the black man’s semen off her. The water was hot, not helping to quell the heat in her body. She could feel her heart beat faster and faster and feared she might pass out. With a gasp, she stood up in the water.

Now it was Mike’s turn to gasp. Jodi taught Greek mythology and they both had an interest in the subject. Jodi Hayes’ emerging from the bubbling water reminded him of Aphrodite emerging from the sea froth created by the semen from Uranus’ testicles. Only Mike’s wife was emerging from the water after being covered by Shawn Wright’s sperm. Mike had never seen her look more sexy or beautiful.

Jodi climbed out of the tub. He could see that she was flushed and breathing heavily. Her lovely red hair was wet, hanging down and clinging to her shoulders. Her bare breasts glistened in the light, nipples still rock hard and puffing out her pink areolae. Next came her flat sexy belly and thin waist, followed by her only garment. The thin piece of cloth barely covering her pubic mound and clinging tightly to her matted strip of red pubic hair. She stepped out of the tub, showing off her well-rounded bare ass cheeks. Jodi stumbled across the deck, ignoring the robe he held up for her, Mike not wanting her to wear it anyway. His eyes ran down her sleek bare back, staring at her bare ass with just the barest patch of cloth rising from between her white cheeks to turn into the string of her panty. She turned her dilated eyes on him. “Mike, I need you to fuck me right now.” She held out her hand for her husband.

Mike dropped the robe and looked down at the big black man laying spread eagled on his deck. “There’s your weed. Go home,” he said, just as Jodi pulled him hard towards the door.

Shawn turned his head and watched them enter their house. Mrs. Hayes was pulling her husband so hard; he didn’t even get the sliding glass door all the way closed let alone lock it Shawn grinned and climbed to his feet on their deck. Again, his cock dropped like a felled redwood, but this time it was sticking straight out again, still hard as a rock. His eyes followed the couple as Jodi pulled her husband up the stairs.


Jodi turned around facing him as soon as they reached their bed. She released his hand, her hands falling to pinch the strings on her thong panty and pull the knots loose. The front fell down revealing her red pubes before dropping to her feet. “Jesus, honey,” he groaned, his hands coming up to squeeze and caress her beautiful breasts. She moaned. He froze as his fingers ran through something stringy. He almost pulled his hands off her in distaste when he realized her tits were covered in Shawn’s stringy coagulated semen. She leaned up and kissed him on the nose, his eyes focusing on more stringy semen on her cheeks and a large piece on the bridge of her nose making it look like she had a crease between her eyes.

Jodi fell back on the bed and scrambled back. “Oh god,” groaned Mike, staring at her as she spread her legs open for him. Her hand came down spreading her pussy open, his conservative strait-laced wife now looked like a Penthouse or Hustler pinup. He’d never had this good a view of her body before.

“Hurry, Mike,” she said, her hips were already making little thrusts up like she was imagining him inside her.

Mike couldn’t get his bathing suit off fast enough. His rock-hard penis sprang up from being caught in his suit and he eagerly brought one knee up on the bed as soon as his suit fell to his feet. He was staring hungrily at his wife’s pussy, his aching dick needing this as much as she did. As he moved to kneel between her legs, a voice made him freeze.


Jodi gasped as Shawn strolled into their bedroom, his hard black cock bobbing in front of him.

“What the hell,” growled Mike, angrily. “Get the fuck out of my house.”

“Shut up, white boy. This ain’t over till I say it is.” Shawn walked towards the bed. Both men noticed Jodi’s eyes were focused on his huge black cock. “Get on all fours, Mrs. Hayes. I want to see yo husband fuck you from behind.”

“She doesn’t like it that way,” said Mike, watching his wife roll over on her stomach to get on all fours, still staring at Shawn’s cock. He scooted back off the bed and stood on the edge as she backed towards him. Mike stared at her rear end realizing this was the first time he’d ever seen her asshole. The few times she agreed to this position it had been dark. Her sphincter was a pretty little puckered rosebud, perfectly clean. His hard dick was pointing between her legs at her wet slit. He could see her distended clitoris, swollen like a miniature penis with arousal dripping off it, and below that her wispy red pubes were sticking out.

“If you could fuck her with that little white penis like she needs to be fucked, she’ll like it in any position, white boy.” Shawn stared at Mike and Jodi. They stared back at him like they were waiting for his instructions. “Well, what are you waiting for? Put it in her.”

Jodi practiced yoga to stay in shape and always found this pose difficult. It was called the cow pose because when you arched your spine, it looked like a cow’s udders. Her problem with the pose was that in this position her pendulous breasts actually hung down like udders. Their weight wanting to pull her down to the top of the bed. It was bad enough in her workout clothes, but nude with her tits hanging freely she could really feel their weight. Also, they were so big, her distended nipples were scraping along the top of the bed sending more sexual stimuli to her pussy. “Hurry Mike, I need it.”

Mike needed it just as bad, but found having the black man watch them intimidating. He lined his dick up, for once his view allowed him to enter her without her needing to guide it in. Mike groaned as he sank his prick into her sopping wet pussy. Her pussy felt like a furnace in was so hot, the wet heat feeling incredible around his dick.

“Yessss,” she sighed, the emptiness finally getting satisfaction. Mike grabbed her hips and started pulling her back into his thrusts. This was exactly what she needed. He’d never felt so good inside her. Her breasts swayed heavily beneath her as she rocked under the thrusts of his dick. Their upward sways pulled her forwards and Mike’s prick popped out of her a few times, but he quickly replaced it.

Jodi straightened her back and let the weight of her breasts carry her torso down to the bed, entering the extended puppy yoga pose. Her arms thrust out before her like a Muslim in prayer as she kneeled with her rear end thrust up. Jodi moaned with pleasure as this angle made Mike feel like he was penetrating her deeper, filling more of her empty void. “Yes, Mike. Fuck me. Fuck me.” He grabbed her hips so he couldn’t pop out while increasing his thrusts. “Harder, honey.”

“You heard Mrs. Hayes,” grunted Shawn, “give it to her harder”.

Jodi raised her head and turned it sideways at the sound of the black teen’s voice. Shawn’s hard cock was dangling above her face. He grabbed the middle and bent it down so that the head was touching her nose.

Mike thrust his dick back and forth into his wife’s hot pussy. He couldn’t keep up this pace much longer and without the fuck weed, he’d have already shot his load. Watching his wife nuzzle the head of the black man’s cock wasn’t helping either. Her lips were pursing to kiss the head, and sometime her tongue flickered out to lick the crown.

“You want it harder, Mrs. Hayes?” asked Shawn.

“Yes,” she hissed, “Harder. I want it harder.”

“Can’t go any harder,” grunted Mike, sweat running down his forehead.

“You want it deeper, Mrs. Hayes?” Her lips followed Shawn’s cock head as he stepped back out of their reach.

“Deeper, I want it deeper,” she moaned. It was true she wanted more inside her, a lot more. “Deeper Mike,” she pleaded. She needed it harder and deeper to make her cum. She needed to cum.

“It’s all in, Jodi. Can’t give you anymore.” He was breathing heavily. “Gonna cum, babe.”

“No, not yet,” she begged. “More. I want more. Deeper. I need to cum.”

“Oh fuck,” moaned Mike, throwing back his head as the sperm welled up in his balls. “I’m gonna cu… Gurk!” The strong hand grabbed him by the back of the neck, yanking him back and shoving him out of the way.

“Nooooo,” she pleaded, her pussy clenching down around Mike’s retreating penis. Her cry of desperation quickly turned into a, “Yesssssss,” as the opening to her pussy stretched open further than before. “That’s it Mike, you’re doing it to me baby,” she cried with pure joy as her pussy expanded out around the thrusting cock until her orgasm erupted from her womb soaking the new intruder as the thrust pushed it deeper then Mike’s penis had ever gone before. Strong manly hands pulled her back into the large thrusting cock. Her eyes watched confused as her naked husband stumbled past her, his penis jerking and spitting out little wads of semen as he tried to catch himself from falling.

Jodi’s pussy squeezed Shawn’s cock as it pulled back, but his next thrust had her cumming all over his cock again as it hit eight inches and she kept cumming at nine inches. The pleasure was overwhelming and though her mind tried to deny that her black former student was now fucking her, she couldn’t deny that Shawn’s big black cock was filling her needy pussy like her husband’s smaller penis never could. Shawn’s cock was both a blessing and a curse. Each time he thrust it inside her gave her the satisfaction she so desperately needed, but it was also reaching her deeper and stretching her out more, resizing her pussy so that there were even more areas inside her that needed to be filled. Jodi’s yearning emptiness felt even worse each time Shawn pulled his cock back, but when he slammed it forward, she felt more satisfied than ever before as it went deeper and deeper until she was having one long continuous orgasm. Just when she thought he couldn’t go any deeper, he angled his cock up and pushed the last few inches inside her, those final inches giving her the biggest orgasm of her life as she squirted her arousal out around the base of his cock.

“Jodi, what are you doing?” asked Mike.

Jodi looked at her husband, with a lazy smile on her face. Her orgasms had left her so shaky; she couldn’t have moved if she wanted to. “Mmmm,” she just moaned at him.

Mike glanced at Shawn. The black man was still, holding her hips with his cock buried to the root inside Jodi’s pussy. “Honey, think about what you’re doing,” he tried to reason with her. Mike was well aware that Shawn had just made Jodi cum, but he wasn’t aware of exactly how satisfying it had been to her. He couldn’t understand was she wasn’t screaming out in pain either. “Another man’s inside you.”

“Mmmm,” she mumbled again. “I’m so full, Mike. It’s so big! So good!”

“It’s one of your former students.” Mike lowered his voice adding, “He’s black!”

Shawn chuckled. “That’s why it’s so big.”

“He’s not wearing a condom,” Mike added in a low voice. “You’re not protected. You need to stop this.”

“Oh god,” she groaned, slowly coming to her senses. This wasn’t good. It wasn’t good at all. Shawn Wright had been one of the students that had made her life miserable and question being a teacher. He was friends with the black bastard that she’d suspended for grabbing her ass. He was a thug drug dealer for Christ’s sake. And he had the biggest, blackest, most satisfying cock she’d ever experienced. “You’re right,” she groaned. “We need to stop. Please, Shawn, pull it…”

“What chu mean? Like this?” he asked.

Jodi gasped in horror as the giant cock slowly withdrew from her pussy. “Nooo,” she moaned. The void inside her, the feeling of emptiness that raw aching void, swiftly returned, but now worse than ever as Shawn’s big black cock had expanded her pussy and awakened new nerve endings. Mike had it backwards. It wasn’t painful when he was inside her, it was painful when he wasn’t. “Nooo, put it back in,” she begged.

“Make up yo mind, Mrs. Hayes,” he growled. “You want it in?”

“YYEESS!!” She screamed as he slammed it forward.

“Or you want it out?” He slowly withdrew his cock.

“IN IN,” she pleaded. “Put it back in.”

Mike looked down at the black man. He’d pulled most of his cock out, with just half the swollen head, spreading her pussy lips open. The black shaft was dripping wet with her arousal. “Jodi, no.”

“Please, Mike. Just this once. I need it so bad.”

Shawn laughed. It looked like he was teasing her with the tip of his cock, working just the head around inside her, the swollen glans rubbing back and forth along her engorged clit. “At least make him wear a condom.”

“Not gonna wear no condom and I ain’t pullin out neither. I’m a gonna bust a nut deep in this married white pussy and seed it real good.”

“OOHH FFUUCKK!” she groaned, bucking her ass to get more of his cock inside her. “It’s safe Mike. I can’t have kids. Let him fuck me.”

“We don’t know that,” he lied. He’d had his sperm tested and was devastated that he was the infertile one. And much to Mike’s shame, he hadn’t had the guts to tell her.

“Not his choice, Mrs. Hayes,” grunted Shawn. “It’s yo choice. You want dis?” He slowly buried his cock. “Or not?” he slowly withdrew it again.

“Screw it,” she hissed, giving her husband a downright hateful stare. “Fuck me, Shawn.”

“What do you want Mrs. Hayes?”

“I want you to fuck me, hard and deep.”

“With what, Mrs. Hayes?”

“With your big black cock. Fuck me with your big black cock.”

“You gonna take my seed?”

“Yes, dammit. I want your seed. Just fuck me.” She turned her head away from her husband and buried it in the mattress in shame. “AAAHH!” she cried into her sheets as he went balls deep back in her pussy. “It’s so big. So big,” she mumbled.

Shawn fucked her hard slamming the entirety of his 12 inches inside her. He grunted. “Me and the boys called you teach TILF back in class, Mrs. Hayes.”

“Oh Oh Oh,” she groaned.

“We all voted you the teacher we’d most like to fuck and here I is fucking you.”

“Yes, fucking me,” she mumbled. “Fucking me so good.” At least she didn’t have to look at him, stare at his ugly black face. As soon as she’d had the thought, it was like Shawn had read her mind, pulling back until his cock sprang free of her pussy, her yearning agony to be filled returning.

“Roll over, slut,” he ordered.

Jodi was still shaky from the orgasms and took longer than she wanted to turn over. She had to scoot back on the bed as Shawn climbed on and kneeled between her legs. He cupped his strong arms under her knees and raised her ass off the mattress. His wet cock rose up between her thighs and over her pubic mound. Jodi found herself slowly thrusting her hips up trying to reach the head of his cock.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked.

Jodi sat up, reaching out for Shawn’s black cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and bent it back down to her pussy. He pushed it between her fingers and she whimpered as the huge head pushed its way back inside her, back where she wanted it, back where it belonged. She laid back down, closing her eyes and raising her hips into his thrusts.

“Look at me,” ordered Shawn. “I want you to see who’s fucking you.”

Jodi opened her eyes and stared at the well-built black torso between her thighs. She couldn’t help but be impressed by his musculature. His taut stomach tightened up each time he pulled back and each time he pushed deep, waves of satisfaction radiated out from her womb.

“Who’s fucking you, Mrs. Hayes?”

“You are.”

“Say my name.”

“You are, Shawn. You’re fucking me.”

“Do I fuck you better than Mr. Hayes?”

Jodi groaned, sparing a glance at her sullen husband, standing nude nearby staring sadly at their conjoined bodies. “Yes, Shawn. You fuck me better than my husband.”

Shawn snorted when Mike gave a dejected groan of defeat. “What am I fucking you with?”

“Oh god, Shawn,” she moaned, humping his cock faster. Her hands were digging into the bedspread, gripping it tightly. “Big black cock. You’re fucking me with your big black cock.”

“What fucks you better than your husband?”

“Big black cock. Big black cock. Fuck me with your big black cock Shawn. Oh Fuck! Cumming!”

Shawn grinned in triumph as she came hard all over his cock. He adjusted his arms under her knees and started pumping faster, his cock making a squishing sound each time he sank it in her.

A change swept through Jodi as she came down from the big orgasm. She stared in awe at the black youth that made her cum so hard. She’d never find him handsome, but suddenly the contrast between his dark black skin and her voluptuous pale white body turned erotic. He wasn’t handsome, but he was sexy in an animalistic way. She wished she could reach up and run her hands across his hard muscular chest. She hadn’t wanted to look at him, but now she was unable to take her eyes off him. It was so sexually stimulating, so hot , so sexy… “Oh fuck!” she squealed, cumming again.

Jodi collapsed; her orgasms were draining her. All she could do was stare at the sweaty muscular black man, letting out little, “Oomphs!” each time he pushed his cock in.

“Getting close, Mrs. Hayes,” he grunted. Sweat beaded his forehead and his broad flat nose was flaring making her think of a black bull. “Gonna bust a nut in that white pussy.” Shawn leaned down over her, bracing his hands on both sides of her chest. Her legs were now sticking straight up, practically on his shoulders. His hips were a blur as he was slamming his cock in and out of her as fast as he could go. “Here it cums. Gonna knock chu up, Mrs. Hayes.”

Shawn grunted, pulling back and holding his cock still for a second with only the head inside her. Then he slammed it balls deep, his bellow sounding like a bull’s, his semen erupting from his heavy balls and filling her fertile womb with his prolific black seed.

Jodi came back to life, her hips bucking up repeatedly into his cock as he filled her with his cum. Another orgasm centered in her womb rocked her body with waves of pleasure. He gave several hard thrusts coating the insides of her pussy with semen. Shawn pulled back, her pussy squeezing and contracting around his shaft to entice more sperm from his balls. His cock exited her pussy, flying up and shooting long strands of semen across her breasts and belly.

He lowered himself down, nearly bending her in half, long enough to mash his broad black lips against her pink ones. His tongue slid into her mouth as he kissed her and she kissed him back. “Thank you,” she whispered, planting kisses all over his lips. “Thank you.” He pushed himself back up and finally climbed off her.

Jodi laid still, panting heavily, staring at her ceiling. Her womb and pussy were so full of Shawn’s voluminous semen, she no longer felt empty inside. His cum was exactly what it took to satisfy her needs. She could barely move, but she still managed to raise her hands up to her body and rub his semen into her breasts and belly like it was skin lotion.

“You’re done. Now get out,” said Mike trying to stand up to the giant black man. Jodi glanced at her husband. He looked ridiculous with his skinny frame trying to act tough to the muscular black man towering over him. Mike’s penis had shrunk and was probably only three inches long now. Shawn’s cock was still swollen and a foot long, sticking straight out from his crotch and still dribbling semen.

Shawn looked over at Mike. “It’s late. Got a guest room?”


Shawn had helped himself to a beer out of the fridge and made himself a ham sandwich while Mike got the guest bedroom ready. The black man sat at the dinner table, his huge cock hanging down over the chair. He never bothered to dress, but grabbed his clothes and the brick of weed off the deck, carrying them up to the spare bedroom, his heavy cock slapping back and forth from thigh to thigh.

“We have church in the morning, so be gone by the time we get up,” said Mike, leaving the room. Shawn didn’t answer him. He just laid down on top of the covers with his plump penis hanging over his thigh and his arms behind his head.

Mike locked his bedroom door just as Jodi was getting out of the shower. He knew the lock wouldn’t stop Shawn from breaking into the room, but it made Mike feel slightly safer. He half thought about dragging a dresser over to block the door. Jodi came into the room with a towel wrapped around her body and another in her hair, she was humming happily. Jodi froze staring at the bed.

Mike glanced at the bedspread. It was bunched up where her body had laid with little raised areas where her hands had gripped the bedspread. The color was darker where her thighs had been, it was still wet around a pool white. She leaned over and pulled the cover off. “I’ll wash it tomorrow,” she told him sheepishly.

Jodi waited for him to turn the light off before she unwrapped her towel and climbed into bed next to him. She rolled over and was instantly asleep. Mike laid on his back staring at the ceiling images of his wife and Shawn running through his brain. He didn’t think he’d ever sleep, but must have dozed off after an hour, waking up again when he heard a noise. There was a click as Jodi unlocked the door, then she slowly pulled it open and crept out of the bedroom.

Mike laid back down. Maybe she was using the hall bathroom to poop and didn’t want to disturb him? Maybe, she was hungry and going downstairs for a snack. Maybe she wanted to fuck their black guest again? No, that wasn’t her, but then the fuck weed was still in their systems and last weekend it had lasted about 36 hours. He waited, staring at the door, giving her another ten minutes, but she didn’t return. He got out of bed and followed her out the door.

Mike heard the grunts and moans coming from Shawn’s room, the second he stepped into the hall. Shawn’s door was open and the light was on. Of course, it was, he’d want to see her body while he fucked her and she hadn’t made him turn it off. Jodi had waited for Mike to turn the light off before she’d dropped her towel, but Shawn got to fuck her with the lights on.

Mike crept up to the door and peeked in. The sight in front of him was very erotic. They were fucking on top the bed, Jodi riding his cock hard enough to make the bed creek. Her back was arched, thrusting her breasts out while the black teen squeezed her pale breast flesh moving his lips from nipple to nipple as he sucked her erect nubs between his lips. Watching them fuck was one of the sexiest things he’d ever witnessed. Their bodies were better than any porn stars he’d ever seen and they looked like they belonged together. The contrast between their skin tones was very sensual. Mike winced, feeling the tug as his hard penis strained out from his body once again.

Mike grimaced not wanting to jerk off while watching his wife, but the fuck weed enhanced orgasms were too good to pass up. He spit in his hand and started stroking his erect prick, trying to pretend the gorgeous woman riding the black cock wasn’t his wife.

“You remember giving me that D in yo class, Mrs. Hayes?” asked Shawn, bucking his hips so she bounced harder up and down his shaft.

“Yes, yes,” she moaned, Mike wasn’t sure if she was moaning in pleasure or answering his question.

“Now I’m giving you the D. Giving you the big D, Mrs. Hayes.”

“Yes, Shawn. Give it to me. Give me all of your big D. It’s making me cum. AAAAHHHH!!” Her back arched further as she creamed all over his cock. “Oh god, I love your cock so much,” she told him sitting in his lap as she came down from her orgasm. “Thank you,” she said, sincerely, leaning down and kissing her black lover. The gorgeous red hair hanging down covering their faces could only have belonged to Jodi and Mike couldn’t pretend it was any other woman but his wife. Yet, he couldn’t stop stroking his prick.

Jodi started bouncing in his lap again. “Work that white pussy,” ordered Shawn slapping her ass. Jodi groaned, rocking her hips forward and back as she rode his cock. “This is my pussy now, Mrs. Hayes.”

“Your pussy,” she whimpered.

“Say my name.”

“This is your pussy, Shawn. My pussy belongs to Shawn Wright.” Jodi started shaking as she bounced up and down. “Damn you, Shawn. I love it! Fuuuuck! Fuck your pussy.” She collapsed on top of him, another strong orgasm rocking her body.

Mike’s penis twitched. He cupped his hand over the head, catching his semen in his palm so he wouldn’t stain his carpet. He shot several strong spurts into his hand, holding his lips shut so that he didn’t groan out loud and alert his wife and her former student, not that they would have heard him over their own noise. The orgasm was so good he couldn’t regret watching his wife cheat on him. His semen filled his palm when normally it barely filled a teaspoon.

“Can’t move,” groaned Jodi, still collapsed on Shawn’s chest.

Shawn lifted her slightly and started pumping his cock in and out of her, bucking his hips as fast as he could.

“Ooomph! Ooomph! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me, Shawn. You fill my pussy up so good, baby. It loves your big black cock. Keep fucking me. Never stop fucking me.”

“Gonna bust a nut.”

“Give it to me, baby. Gimme your cum. My pussy wants your seed, baby.” Jodi sat up again, slamming her pussy down into Shawn’s thrusting cock.

“UUNNHH!” grunted Shawn loudly, bucking hard and nearly sending Jodi flying off his cock. Mike saw nearly all of Shawn’s foot long shaft appear with waves of white semen pouring down his shaft. It quickly disappeared as Jodi slowly sank back down into his lap, his huge balls filling her womb again and rocking her body with a final orgasm.

Mike crept back to his room and washed his cum off his hands in the bathroom. He slipped back under the cover, waiting for his wife to come back, but she didn’t return to their marital bed. A few hours later, he heard the moaning and squeaking start back up. His dick got hard again. This time he just masturbated in bed, still impressed with the amount of semen his balls were pumping out, but it paled to the volume Shawn’s giant balls produced.

Jodi hadn’t returned when he got up the next morning. He showered and dressed for his golf game. When he passed Shawn’s room, Jodi was laying between Shawn’s legs, hungrily sucking his cock. Mike felt his penis stir, but it didn’t harden. “Here it cums, slut. I want chu to swallow all my nut,” grunted Shawn, head raised as he watched her. Mike didn’t stop to watch, but kept going downstairs to make breakfast.

Not much later, Mike heard the thudding of heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. Shawn was dressed with his hood up making him look like a criminal. He sat the brick of weed on the table and pulled Jodi’s plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs over to him. “Hey, that’s my wife’s,” complained Mike, watching Shawn dig into them. The black man didn’t quit eating long enough to respond.

Jodi slowly made her way downstairs. She was dressed for church and looked tired. Her dress was one of her most conservative, a bland gray that covered her from neck to ankles. Small gray heeled shoes hid her feet. Throw a habit on her head and she could pass for a nun. It buttoned down the front, the material thick enough it hid her prominent nipples. Her breasts pushed the top out, but it was so shapeless, her front looked distended, making her look like she had a big belly. She walked up to the table just as Shawn pushed her plate of food away.

“Sorry, he ate your breakfast,” said Mike, glaring at the black youth.

Jodi smiled. “That’s okay, I’m pretty full,” she said, resting her hand on her stomach. She turned to look at Shawn and her smile widened, lighting up her face as she stared at him.

“Shit, I gotta go,” said Mike, checking his watch. He rose from the table, glanced at Shawn and then at his wife. “Are you okay if I leave?” he asked, not wanting to leave his wife alone with the black man.

“Of course, don’t keep your friends waiting,” she replied. “I need some water and I’ll be right behind you.”

Mike hesitated again. He didn’t want to leave his wife alone, but then he didn’t want Jodi leaving the black man alone in their house either. No telling what he’d steal. “You need a ride somewhere, Shawn?”

“Nah, I’m good, Mr. Hayes,” said Shawn.

“Fine, then I guess I’m off.”

“Have a good game, hon,” said Jodi, coming over and giving him a kiss on the lips. Mike tried not to look disgusted as he pictured those same lips wrapped around Shawn’s black cock just minutes ago. Their lips parted. He stared at her beautiful face. Her lovely green eyes sparkled around the penumbra of her still dilated pupils. In the mirror earlier, his were slightly dilated, but almost normal. The fuck weed seemed to affect women longer or at least it stayed in Jodi’s system longer.

“Have a good day of worship,” he told her. “Say a few prayers for us,” he said, meaning it even though he didn’t believe in prayer. Mike looked at Shawn. The black man’s pupils were still big and round. “Don’t be here when I get back,” he told him more bravely than he felt.

Shawn just snorted, amused.


Shawn stood up from the table, staring at Mrs. Hayes, unscrewing the cap on a bottle of water. A growing tent appearing under his pants. “What chu wearing, Mrs. Hayes?”

She lowered the bottle. “One of my outfits for church, Shawn.”

“But chu ain’t going to church today.”

Jodi looked at him confused. “I ain’t… I’m not?”

“I ain’t done with chu, Mrs. Hayes.” Shawn stood and pulled his hoody over his head.

Jodi’s pussy gave a little squirt of arousal the second her eyes gazed on his fit chest. “I… I.. I really need to repent, Shawn. I need…” Her gaze lowered, gulping as Shawn pushed his pants down and his twelve-inch black cock sprang straight up. “Need to pray for Jesus’ forgiveness.” Jodi looked up fearfully as a nude Shawn Wright stepped up and towered over her. His hands coming up towards her throat!

“Look at this shit,” he growled, digging his fingers into her blouse. “This looks like something my grandmother would wear. She’d met Shawn’s grandmother at a parent teacher conference. The woman was stern and dressed in plain gray. She was stuck raising her good for nothing grandson because his dad hadn’t stuck around and his mom was a *****. She’d been a driving force in getting the special needs program shut down unleashing all the ill-behaved black teens back into regular classes. She hadn’t liked Jodi Hayes very much, accusing her of being a racist for forcing all the black teens into remedial classes where they’d never have a shot at a decent future.

Shawn yanked his hands apart, sending buttons flying around the kitchen. Her ruined top fell on each side of her bra covered torso. “Now that’s what I’m talking about,” he said, eyes sweeping down approvingly at her body, brows furrowing as he took in her plain heavy bra. He undid the hook between her breasts, sending the cups flying off to the sides like her tits had been straining to be free. “You got a body that belongs on the pole Mrs. Hayes, yet chu dress like a nun.” He lifted her onto the edge of the kitchen table, hands working to undo the long gray skirt. “No more, ya hear me?”

Jodi nodded, raising her hips to help him pull her skirt off. She’d never been man handled like this and her pussy had turned into Niagara Falls. Her areolae were raised off her heaving breasts as she approached peak arousal. She’d been satisfied the last time Shawn fucked her, but the empty feeling had started to return while sucking him off this morning, growing as she dressed for church, and now it was so strong, she was aching with need for him again. She stared down hungrily at his protruding cock.

“I want chu dressed sexy from now on. Show off dat bod a little. Why you hidin this shit?” He stared down at her plain white granny panties and shook his head. The hem rose up to her navel. They were shapeless and baggy, but the crotch was showing a rapidly growing wet mark.

To Jodi’s surprise, Shawn turned and walked away from her. He pulled a knife out of a block on the counter, examined it before putting it back and pulling out another. He turned back to her with the second knife in hand, a sharp slicing knife. Shawn walked back up between her legs and laid the knife flat on her upper thigh, running it up, the point slipping under her panty. Jodi trembled as the blade slid over her red pubic hair. She could see the knife’s outline raised up beneath her panty. He slid it over to her thigh and pushed up, the point rising above the hem. With a swift cutting motion, he twisted the knife up and cut through her panty. He could have pulled them off her at this point, but instead Shawn chose to pull the cut end tight and slice the knife through the other side of the panty. He dropped the knife.

“Look at that pretty little ginger kitty,” he said, running his fingers through her whisps of red pubic hair while his thumb worked its way up and down her wet slit, stoking the fires in her pussy. With his other hand he pulled her ruined panty out from under her. “You got any more of these, throw dem out,” he ordered. Jodi’s nod wasn’t enough for him. “Say my name!”

“Yes, Shawn.”

“Buy some slutty underwear for me. Show off dat whooty.”


Shawn smacked his palm down of the side of her ass. “White booty. Buy some clothes to show off dat ass.”

“Yes, Shawn.”

“Good girl.” He leaned forward, his thumb pushing into her pussy while he kissed her. She kissed him back, moaning as his thumb felt good, but it only reminded her of how empty the rest of her pussy was. She slowly started humping it wanting more inside her. Shawn broke the kiss, moving his head down, his lips wrapped around her right nipple, he violently sucked the end of her tit into his mouth. Jodi gasped humping his thumb harder. Her wet nipple sprang free of his lips and she fell back on the table as he kissed her navel before squatting, his tongue replacing his thumb in her pussy.

Considering he was only nineteen, the black kid was a skilled pussy eater. It only took seconds for her to start moaning and humping his thrusting tongue. Her belly undulated down towards the thrusts of his skilled tongue each time he wiggled it deep inside her. She raised her head to look down her body, a ball of warmth growing in her womb as she saw him staring back up at her while chowing down on her pussy. They stared into each other’s eyes as the ball of warmth turned into a hot burning sun that suddenly went supernova, the orgasm rocking her body and making the table shake.

Shawn jerked his head back the moment his own seed touched his tongue. He watched the gooey mess pour from her pussy to drip on the kitchen floor, her orgasm having released it from being trapped in her womb. He felt his hard cock twitch. She was ready for a refill.

When Jodi recovered from her latest orgasm, Shawn’s beefy hands were wrapped around her ankles, holding her legs up and his cock head was pushing its way inside her. He worked it in and out a few times, probing deeper with each thrust. She was taking him easier each time they fucked, her pussy slowly adjusting to his big black cock. He grunted as he buried his cock balls deep inside her.

“Jesus, it’s so big,” she moaned, thrashing her head from side to side. Ripples traveled down her normally taut stomach as her belly began undulating downwards towards the root of his cock. In a daze, Jodi raised her head and stared down her body at her rippling belly. A large bulbous lump bulged out her stomach well above her navel. As she stared, the bulge began traveling back down towards her crotch before reversing to push its way back deep. “Oh Jesus,” she groaned again, her head thumping back down on the table as Shawn picked up speed with his thrusts. Her hips raised into his thrusts. “Jesus. Jesus,” she mumbled again and again. “Oh Jeesss…FFUUCCKK!” Her hips leaped off the table into his thrusting cock as she came hard around the thick shaft.

Shawn laughed. “That’s it, Mrs. Hayes. My big black cock will make you cum to Jesus more than yo church would.”

Jodi had to agree. The orgasms Shawn’s cock gave her were borderline rapturous. They exhausted her, but each time she came filled her with a joyful ecstasy that made her want to have even more. She did have more as Shawn fucked her hard and fast for a good fifteen minutes before he buried his cock deep, filling her womb with another large load of his hot seed. Her final orgasm left her with a feeling of euphoria as the heat from his semen spread throughout her pussy, warming her entire body. Again, his voluminous load was exactly what her body needed to fill the empty void inside it.


“What’s amatta Mikey, that hot wife of yours keep ya up all weekend again?” Creepy Eddie’s deep-set eyes taunted him their stare.

Mike rolled his eyes as his golfing buddies laughed at him. “Actually, she did,” he replied, truthfully. His friends all stared at him jealously wishing they were the ones not hetting any sleep while sharing a bed with the stunning Jodi Hayes. If only they knew. “Sorry, guys. I’m not feeling it today,” said Mike. “I need to go home and get some sleep.”

“Or do ya prefer to put your balls into a different hole again?”

More laughs.

“Next week, guys.” Mike waved and threw his bag over his shoulder.

Truthfully, he hoped he could get some sleep when he got home, but he didn’t trust the black teen not to steal something from them. His mind filled with images of coming home to a ransacked and looted house, Jodi laying on the floor covered in semen. His foot pressed down harder on the gas, trying to get him home faster.

Mike parked the car and dropped off his clubs in the garage, taking the garage door into their kitchen. He froze, staring at their kitchen table. Their breakfast plates were askew and there was a pool of liquified semen on the edge of the table with some dripping down to an even larger pool on the floor. Jodi’s church attire was strewn about the floor. He scanned the room. Her panty was near the pool of semen. It had been destroyed. Her unhooked bra was hanging over one of the chairs. Small objects were scattered across the floor. He bent to pick one up. A button!

A scream came from the living room. Not one of fear, but one of pleasure.

They were at it again. The kitchen opened into the living room, but the living room was larger, their sitting area out of sight from where he was. Mike stood and walked into the other room. His stomach sank to see that she was still fucking the black teen, totally engrossed in what the big black cock was doing to her pussy.

Shawn was sitting in Mike’s recliner. Jodi was sitting on Shawn’s lap, reverse cowgirl, facing Mike, her hands on the chair arms pushing herself up and down the black man’s large pole. She was wearing a weird looking black bra that ******* patches of her pale breast flesh. No, not a bra. Shawn’s beefy hands were tightly clasped over her breasts. Her nipples were being squeezed between his fingers, bulging out like a squeezed balloon. She was bouncing so high, Mike could see nearly all the black man’s foot long cock each time she pushed up. Shawn’s cock was soaked with her arousal and orgasms.

“Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus,” she squealed, eyes closed.

“That’s it slut, cum to Jesus. Cum to Jesus.”

Jodi had raised herself so much, Mike though he could see the frenulum of Shawn’s penis. Liquid squirted out around her pussy lips before more fluid poured down Shawn’s shaft. With a moan of pure pleasure, Jodi slowly sank her body down Shawn’s cock until she was sitting in his lap. She seemed spent.

“Welcome home, white boy. How was your game?” asked Shawn.

Mike didn’t answer. Jodi lazily opened her eyes long enough to smile at her husband before closing them again. She was out of it so Shawn took over. He released her tits and moved his hands under them grabbing her by the ribs. The muscular black man easily started lifting her up and down his shaft, doing all the work to get himself off.

Again, Mike was struck by how erotic the sight was before his eyes. Their perfect bodies looked like they belonged in a porn. Jodi’s white body was normally flawless and was now except that Shawn’s handprints had left red marks on her pale breast flesh. If only it wasn’t Mike wife’s perfect figure riding the black man’s giant cock. Mike felt a pang at annoyance that they were also fucking in his chair. Only Mike sat there. It was his comfy chair, the man of the house’s chair.

“Ohhhh!” Jodi groaned, suddenly coming back to life. Her hands came back down to brace herself on the armchair. Her hips started bucking as Shawn raised her up and down his shaft. “Ooooo. Oh. Cumming. I’m cumming again.”

“Me too, slut,” growled Shawn. He slammed her down into his lap causing them both to cry out. Mike could make out the bulge of Shawn’s cock head under her stomach. It was throbbing, pumping her womb full of cum again.

“Noooo,” she pleaded as Shawn raised her up his shaft again, trying to slam herself back down on his cock. As a good ten inches of Shawn’s shaft appeared, Mike was sickened to see it covered in Shawn’s frothy white seed, more flowed out around her pussy lips, running down his shaft. Just as the flow of black sperm was about to reach his balls, Shawn slammed her back down in his lap. “YYEESSS!!” she screamed, either from having another orgasm or from the prolonging of the previous one. He pumped a couple more wads into her before raising her up his shaft again.

This time he went too far or at least Mike guessed he went too far because Shawn grunted, “DAMN!” when he raised her to high and his cock popped out. He slammed her back down, this time his cock came free and between her thighs. The monster phallus was still spurting cum. Jets of his hot seed struck Jodi’s chin and breasts. She grabbed his shaft, jerking the rest of his cum out while pushing her crotch against the base. The huge black cock blasted stream after stream of white semen out as Jodi frantically jerked it off while humping it. The jets were powerful enough, she held her head down and caught several wads in her open mouth. Just the semen Mike had watched it ejaculate was more than Mike had ever ejaculated in his entire life and Shawn’s huge testicles had poured out even more into her womb. Those same testicles were hanging down over the footrest of Mike’s recliner, covered in semen and Jodi’s arousal, dripping sperm down the front of his chair and ruining his carpet.

Jodi dropped his cock and laid back on his chest, sighing in pleasure. Shawn’s black hands wrapped around her rubbing his fingers into the wads of sperm covering her front. He spread his semen all over her tits and belly, coating her front with his seed. She moaned sliding her body beneath his moving hands. His cock stuck out over the chair for a few minutes as huge and monstrous as Mike had ever seen it, but slowly it throbbed with his pulse and deflated until it fell down over his ball sack against the footrest of the recliner.

Mike stood starring trying to gather the fortitude to throw the black thug out of his house. He relaxed when Shawn decided to leave on his own. “Move that whooty, slut,” he grunted, slapping her thigh. She groaned, slowly and weakly rising. It wasn’t fast enough for the black man. “I said move that whooty.” He spanked her harder.

Jodi stood up and stumbled a few steps. Mike winced as he stared at the constant trickle of white fluid dribbling out between her legs and on their carpet. He stepped towards her and grabbed her arm, leading her into the kitchen where her leaking pussy would fall on the more easily cleaned linoleum. Shawn entered the kitchen. Jodi reached out and ran her hand over his hard chest, smiling at him, lovingly. He passed her and gathered his clothes up, pulling the hoody on first. He stepped into his pants, but kept it unbuttoned with his cock hanging out.

“Are we done here?” asked Mike.

“For now. I’ll be back next week for the rest of your payment.”

“Payment? You just fucked my wife!”

Shawn grabbed his brick of weed. “Dat was payment for one joint. You still owe me for two more. See this shit?” He held the weed up. “Until I get dese seeds planted, this is all the fuck weed there is. This bricks more valuable den gold.”

“No! This is over or else.”

Shawn walked over to Mike using his height to intimidate the much shorter man. “Or else what?”

“Just or else.” Mike gulped.

Shawn actually turned away from him and walked away, but Mike couldn’t believe he’d intimidated a man that seemed like he couldn’t be intimidated. Shawn opened the front door and stood in it. “Tell ya what, white boy, lets have Mrs. Hayes decide whether I’m coming back or not. Come here, slut,” he ordered.

Jodi was still weak as she stumbled towards the door and stood looking up at Shawn.

“Kneel!” He ordered and she fell to her knees in front of him. Mike was grateful the huge black man was blocking the view of his naked wife from anyone walking or driving past on the street. Jodi reached out for his cock still dangling out of his pants. Shawn slapped her hand away. He grabbed the root of his cock and stepped closer. He smacked his floppy cock on her face. “Do you want my cock again, Mrs. Hayes.”

“God yes,” she moaned, turning her head up so that he could smack her again. It must have hurt for she winced each time it hit her.

“Say my name!”

“I want it again, Shawn,” she pleaded.

“Want what, slut?”

“Your big black cock. I want your big black cock, Shawn. Please come back and fuck me again.”

Amazingly to Mike, Shawn’s cock had started stiffening up again as he slapped it against Jodi’s face. She licked her tongue up the underside until it reached the tip and she could wrap her lips around it. She sucked the tip as she looked up adoringly at him.

“Next time, slut. I gotta go get this shit planted.” Her lips followed his retreating cock as he pulled it back. Shawn placed the bag with his weed between his bicep and chest so that he could use both hands to shove his huge shaft back in his pants. “This shit’s amazing,” he grunted. “What’s yo number, slut?” He asked, pulling a phone out of his pocket.

“Jodi, no,” Mike tried to intervene, but she relayed her number to him. He dialed her and they heard her phone ringing inside her purse in the kitchen.

“I’ll call next week. Hey, the hot tub was fun. Let’s do that again.” He stepped outside leaving Jodi still kneeling in the doorway, naked and covered in his drying semen. He stopped and turned. “Hey, howsa about a little gratitude?”

“What?” asked Jodi.

“Aren’t ya gonna thank me?”

“Thank you for fucking me, Shawn.”

“What about you, white boy? Not gonna thank me for fucking yo wife?”

“Fuck no and fuck you,” said Mike, not about to thank the black man. He grabbed Jodi’s arm and tried to pull her out of the doorway before any of their neighbors saw her.

Shawn chuckled and turned, walking down their driveway to the street. He turned left, following their fence where he must have stashed a car when he jumped the fence last night. Jodi resisted Mike’s tugs, only standing up and moving out of sight when Shawn had disappeared.


Mike managed to lead her to the shower. He turned the water on, waited until it was hot, and helped her in. He watched her shower through the glass door, an erotic and sexy sight except for the fact that she was washing off another man’s semen. When she was done, he held the towel for her and dried her off. It was another act that would have excited him under different circumstances. Afterwards, they took a long nap.

Mike fixed a quick dinner for the two of them. Mostly, they remained silent. She was starting to feel embarrassed and wouldn’t look him in the eyes. Mike wasn’t sure how he felt about the weekend. He didn’t like it. He believed he could forgive Jodi for her behavior if the last 24 hours were all there was to it. He also knew that a lot of what had happened was his fault.

He thought she might feel better after taking a bath. It was something he’d come up with on her birthday. He called it, “the pampering”. He prepared her a hot bubble bath with lavender bath salts and afterwards she’d laid down on her stomach on their bed and he massaged her. She hadn’t let him turn the lights on, but he’d gotten to run his hands all over her body. She’d even turned over so that he could rub her front. The pampering had worked and she’d gotten aroused. He mounted her and made slow love to his wife. That had been a while ago, before he’d started having difficulties with erections.

This wasn’t a romantic evening. He just thought a bath might relax her. She was grateful and stepped in the tub. Unusually, she had forgotten to shut and lock the door to the bathroom. It was open a crack and Mike decided to take a peek and check up on her, afraid she might have fallen asleep. Her head was back, resting on the rim, eyes closed. Her arm was in the water and it looked like her hand was between her legs. Her lips parted moaning slightly. She was playing with herself! The weed was still affecting her. He'd never thought of Jodi as a masturbator, but here she was fingering herself in the tub. She whimpered, arching her back enough he could see her nipples emerge from the water, suds covering parts of her breasts. He pulled back and slipped into bed, surprised to see, he was sporting a decent erection. The weed was still in his system too.

Her erection was gone by the time Jodi joined him in the bedroom. She sat on the bed and dropped her towel. Under different circumstances, he’d been thrilled to see she was nude. Jodi normally wore a pull over night gown. She looked sexy as hell in it, especially from the front where it clung to her breasts. She only removed it for sex and sometimes she only lifted it up to her waist during sex. Usually, she removed it just before he entered her and replaced it as soon as he was done.

Mike rolled over and stared at her sleek back. She was squirting skin cream into her palm and rubbing it into her breasts and chest. His penis stiffened a little, but shrank again when his mind pictured her rubbing Shawn’s semen all over her skin. She leaned forward and did her legs.

“Want me to do your back?” he asked.

Jodi froze a second. She sat straight up and raised her wet red hair up off her shoulder. “Please?” she asked, reaching around her to hand him the lotion. He sat up and began rubbing the skin cream into her back while also massaging her shoulders and neck. She moaned softly, enjoying his touch. When he finished, he kissed her on the shoulder. “Thank you,” she said. She turned the light out and slipped in beside him, sleeping nude in the bed for the first time since their honeymoon.

Mike woke several hours later to fingers caressing his dick. Jodi squeezed his prick, tugging on it. Her tugs turned to slow strokes as he hardened. She never initiated sex either, but here she was, gently jerking him off. When he was hard, she sat up, leaning down and taking his dick in her mouth. Mike moaned and ran his hands through her hair.

Jodi adjusted herself slightly. Her knees were up by him, her bosom pushed into his stomach as she bobbed her head over his shaft. Mike sighed and relaxed enjoying the feeling of being in his wife’s hot mouth. He was relieved she still had any interest in his little penis after experiencing Shawn.

Jodi leaned further down, easily deepthroating his six-and-a-half-inch penis. She was nearly laying on him now and a few seconds later, she was raising one leg over him, her pussy just above his face. He was glad he couldn’t see it, not sure what kind of shape it was in after getting fucked repeatedly by a foot long penis. She lowered it a little. Mike wanted to eat her. They’d never 69’d before and this was pretty exciting. He raised his nose to her pussy, fearing it would smell like spunk, but the only aroma his nostril inhaled was lavender from the bath. She smelled clean. He raised his tongue up and licked up her slit. Jodi jumped slightly, but moaned and pushed her pussy back into his tongue.

Mike slid his arms under her thighs and wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her back into his thrusting tongue. She humped him, sucking his dick harder. He was surprised he’d lasted this long or could still manage a strong erection. Her mouth felt great, lips tightly embracing his shaft to keep him hard. He could feel the cum welling in his balls. He switched tactics. Sucking her clit hard between his lips.

“YES!” she cried, raising her head off his dick. “Keep sucking my clit.” She took him in her mouth again.

Mike sucked her clit like it was one of her nipples. She kept humping his face. Her anus must have been pushing into his nose, but even that smelled of lavender. Her cry was muffled by the dick in her mouth. Her thighs trembled and she came just as Mike quit sucking her slit and pushed his tongue back in her pussy.

It was like swallowing a raw oyster.

The thick pudding like substance slid down his tongue and into his mouth. What the hell? He thought, just as another oyster-sized wad of pudding shot into his mouth. It was hot, didn’t taste all that bad, and it was like nothing he’d ever tasted before yet it still seemed familiar. She pushed her pussy hard into his mouth, her orgasmic contractions shooting out more of the pudding until his mouth was full. He couldn’t breathe his nose was bent against her anus and her pussy was covering his mouth. Mike was ****** to swallow, his mind realizing that what the substance was even as it was sliding down his throat. He tried to stop struggling a little, his wiggling tongue enticing out another wad of Shawn’s sperm into his mouth. Mike came, thrusting his dick deep between Jodi’s lips as he ejaculated, his moan muffled by her pussy. Another wad of semen slipped into his open mouth. Mike closed his throat and lowered his head from Jodi’s pussy so that he could breathe through his nose. She wasn’t done cumming and a final large wad of Shawn’s seed, splattered across his face, covering his nostrils. The fresh lavender scent was gone and all he could smell was the ammonia-like stink of another man’s cum.

Jodi slid off him. Mike rolled off the bed the second he was free and ran to the bedroom. The last wad was still rolling around on his tongue and he spit it out into the sink. He ran the hot water, but used a cold wet cloth to clean the semen off his face. He rinsed it off under the hot water and washed his face again. He wanted to gag. In the mirror, he could see Jodi sitting up on the bed, spitting out his semen into a dixie cup of water she kept on the nightstand. She looked as disgusted as he did even though she’d swallowed him last week and at least two loads of Shawn’s semen over the last day.

Mike rinsed his mouth out with mouthwash and left the bathroom, switching places with Jodi. She also rinsed her mouth out with mouthwash before slipping back into bed.

The first rays of dawn were illuminating the room when he felt Jodi’s hand on his dick again. This time she had a lot more trouble getting him hard. She pulled and tugged on his prick until it stiffened enough. She climbed on top of him, squeezing the base of his dick to make it hard enough to enter her. It did turn fully erect at the sight of his wife’s nude body mounting his dick, but it quickly deflated after she’d only rode him a couple times. She bounded too high on the third and his dick slithered out. She squeezed his prick almost painfully until she could force the head back inside her and started humping him again. “Come on, Mike,” she gasped. “Come on, baby. Deeper. I need it deeper. I need a cock, a big bl… Noooooo,” she whimpered as Mike grunted, his limp dick leaking out a few meager drops of semen into her. “Dammit.”

“Sorry,” he said, feeling emasculated. This wasn’t the first time this happened. This was common when he’d first started developing ED. He’d gotten her worked up enough she wanted sex only to disappoint her, cumming after a few strokes or losing his erection almost immediately. The pills had been like a miracle drug to him.

She tapped him a few times on the shoulder to tell him it was alright. Though it wasn’t. They were both disappointed.

Jodi showered first and dressed for school in one of her figure hiding dresses. She beat him home from work that day. He entered the kitchen. She was sitting with her head in her arms. “Honey, are you okay?” he asked concerned.

Jodi raised her head. Her eyes were red and tears were running down her cheeks. She was a natural beauty and wore little makeup, but the little she wore was smeared. “Oh, Mike, I’m so sorry,” she cried. “I don’t know what came over me.”

Mike held his arms open. “Come here.”

Jodi stood up and ran into his embrace. She buried her head in his shoulder, still sobbing. “Can you forgive me? I behaved like a total slut.”

“It’s okay, honey. It’s okay,” he reassured her patting her on the back. “It wasn’t you. It was the weed.”

“It made me act like a slut, Mike.” She shook in his arms. “I slept with one of my students, I… I… fucked a nigg… a black man.” She shuddered violently.

Mike hugged her tighter. “It’s as much my fault as yours. You were right I should have turned that weed in to the police.”

Jodi broke the embrace. “Yes, you should have.” Her green eyes stared back at him. They looked sad. They were red from crying.

Her pupils were normal.

Jodi went back to the table and sat down, laying her head in her arms. “I don’t want to have anything to do with Shawn Wright again,” she said into her arms.

Ironically, thought Mike, her face was right where Shawn had left a pool of cum on their table yesterday. Mike had wiped it up before dinner. “We could go away for the weekend?” he asked. This was her final week of school for the summer and they often took a weekend off.

“That would just delay it.” She raised her head and smiled at him sadly. “And it might make him mad.”

“We could call the cops. Maybe set him up?”

“A man like that has friends, Mike. They would hurt us if Shawn found out it was us. Plus, how long would he stay locked up on a marijuana charge?”

“Not long,” sighed Mike. “It’s not even illegal. A judge wouldn’t care all that much that it’s a new strain of weed. He’d be back on the street a day later.”

“And really pissed off.”

“And really pissed off,” He agreed.

“I don’t see an out, Mike. I’ll pray every night that he doesn’t come back, but if he does, he does.”

“Jodi, if he keeps cumming inside you, you might get pregnant.” She shuddered again, her entire body trembling. “And what’s to stop him from coming back whenever he feels like it, even after we’ve paid him back?”

She shuddered again.


The rest of the week passed like normal. Jodi came home Thursday after school in a good mood. It was the last student day and she wouldn’t have to deal with the annoying brats for another three months. Plus, there was an opening for a second-grade teacher. She’d expressed interest to her boss and had a shot at transferring to another school with younger, better-behaved kids. The older her students got, the more she disliked them.

Friday was for teachers only and a half day. She planned on going shopping after work. The shadow of the approaching weekend hung over her with the possible return of Shawn to their home. Still, she hadn’t heard a peep out of him since he left last Sunday. Maybe, her prayers were being answered?

Mike came home from work Friday, entering though the front door. He sighed when he saw the pile of bags on the couch. She warned him she was going shopping. He hoped she hadn’t replaced the ugly church outfit Shawn had destroyed.

“Honey, I’m in the kitchen,” she called.

Mike dropped his briefcase and walked towards the kitchen. He wanted to ask if she’d gotten the call they’d been dreading, but didn’t want to ruin the mood if she hadn’t. He froze in shock at the entrance to the kitchen. His first shock was that she was actually making dinner. He usually took her out Friday nights and mostly, he was the cook in the family. The bigger shock was over what she was wearing… yoga pants! Jodi didn’t even wear yoga pants for yoga! The pants were clinging to her shapely legs and even more impressively, her well-rounded ass. Seeing Jodi wearing these were like a dream come true. She turned and approached him. His eyes transfixed on her bare navel. Above, her yoga pants she was wearing a white sleeveless halter. Her sexy shapely belly was fully on display. He could even see a dark bra through her top. Also surprising him, she was barefoot. He rarely saw her barefoot and she’d painted her toenails red. This was like a fantasy outfit to him. If his golfing buddies saw her wearing this, they’d be so jealous.

“I’m guessing you like?” she asked, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him.

“I like,” he said, nodding, after kissing her. She returned to the counter where she was tossing a salad. Mike just stood there and stared happily at her ass. “Buy that today?”

She didn’t turn around, but kept working. “Got this a couple days ago. I wore it out shopping.”

Holy shit! She wore that out to the mall! “I can’t believe you wore that out in public?”

Jodi sighed and turned around. “It wasn’t easy. Every male I passed checked me out. A few tried to talk to me.”

Of course, they did. Maybe his dream of her dressing sexier wasn’t that good of an idea? “Did any bother you?”

“Just your buddy Eddie.”

“You ran into Eddie?” Eddie was one of his golfing companions. He was a beady eyed little troll and nobody really liked him. No one remembered how he’d weaseled his way into their group either. Though he would certainly spread the word to his friends about how hot Jodi looked. Mike felt slightly pleased with this.

“No offense, Eddie’s a little creepy. He kept staring at my belly.”

“He’s got a thing for bellybuttons.”

“Told me I should get it pierced.”

“That would be sexy,” agreed Mike.

“I’ll stick with just having my ears pierced, thank you.” She turned back to the salad. “I was worried Eddie wasn’t going to leave me alone. He practically followed me into the lingerie store, but luckily his wife showed up and dragged him off. She gave me a look over and apparently didn’t approve of my new look.

“Diane’s used to being the hottest woman in any group. I think her weight gain after her last baby’s left her a little bitter. Wait, did you say lingerie store?”

“Yes. If you’re a good boy, I might even let you see me in some of my new outfits.”

“Oh, I’m a good boy,” said Mike. “What’s for dinner?”

“Salad,” she replied.

“Just a salad? I’m pretty hungry.” He looked down at the bowl. It was a large garden salad, but to be fair, there were several strips of chicken on it.

“I want you hungry.”

“Oh yeah, why?” he asked, confused.

“Cause your pills are more effective on an empty stomach.”

“Yeah,” he said, chewing some lettuce. “They do work better… oh. OH!”

Jodi smiled at him.

Later, they watched a movie together on the couch. His stomach was growling and he was starving, but she was right. His ED meds did work better on an empty stomach. He got up halfway through the movie to take a couple pills. After the movie, he followed her upstairs, staring at her ass the whole time. As he watched her cheeks flexing with each step up the stairs his penis was already stirring. She looked great in yoga pants!

They stopped by the bed and faced each other. Jodi reached up and loosened his tie, pulling it off. Her hands unbuttoned his dress shirt, working their way down until his shirt was open. He lifted her halter over her head, stunned at the sight of her bra. It wasn’t black, but a dark blue, it squeezed her breasts, displaying a lot of cleavage and showing off more breast flesh than any of her plain old bras.

Her panty matched the bra and as she stood before him in her new underwear, all he could think of was that she should have been an Instagram model. She needed to display her amazing body on social media. She couldn’t look any more beautiful than she did at that… Jodi unhooked her bra. No, topless was better, a lot better. And as she slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them, Mike thought. Nude is the best of all. Women that looked as good as Jodi naked shouldn’t wear clothes.

This great and amazing night only got better. Jodi laid down on top the bed, never turning the lights out. Mike mounted her. The head of his dick found its way into her pussy without any help and he found her warm and ready for him. His dick slid easily inside. They both groaned in pleasure at their mating.

Her pussy felt different. It was still hot and wet, but it’s embrace wasn’t as tight and even as he buried his dick inside her, he felt her channel continued on way past the maximum reach of his penis. Still, she seemed like she was enjoying it and she still wanted him even after she’d been stretched out by a much larger man. Maybe, when this mess was all over, her pussy would contract back to normal?

They made love for ten minutes and it was wonderful, some of the best sex they’d ever had. Mike and Jodi stared into each other’s eyes, pausing to kiss passionately. He slowed down when he felt he was getting close, withdrawing most of his prick so that he could hunch over her and suckle her hard nipples. She writhed beneath him, humping her crotch into the head of his dick wanting him back inside her. He gave it to her, increasing the speed of his thrusts until he felt the cum welling up in his balls. “Getting close,” he groaned.

“Not yet,” she gasped. “Slow down.”

Mike didn’t slow down. He pulled back until his dick sprang free. It was twitching. He let it calm down, before pushing it back in. Jodi humped up into him. “Harder,” she moaned.

Mike thrust harder, groaning as he felt his orgasm growing.

“Slow down,” she begged.

“Do you want it harder or do you want me to slow down?” he asked, holding it inside her and letting the feeling in his balls fade.

“As hard as you can without finishing,” she whispered. “I think I might.”

The thought of making her cum thrilled Mike and he tried to give her what she wanted to the best of his ability. He worked his dick in hard, even slamming it forward, pausing and pulling it out to let it calm down. He waited a while, teasing the entrance to her pussy with the tip until he felt he could give it to her hard again. “Can’t hold off much longer,” he gasped.

“That’s it Mike. Fuck me. Hard. Cum in me.” He worked his dick in and out as fast as he could, the sperm welling in his balls again. “YES! Yes, Mike. I’m close, baby. Gonna cum. I’m gonna…”


They both jumped at the noise as Jodi’s phone jumped on the dresser nightstand the bed. Mike’s final thrust shot several strong spurts of his seed inside her as he came. Jodi’s approaching orgasm faded and went away. A look of frustrated resignation crossed her face. They both looked at each other and turned to look at the phone on the nightstand.

Mike pulled out. He had one of those huge erections, he got right after ejaculating. Jodi slid up and picked up her phone to look at the text. “It’s Shawn,” she said, looking at him crestfallen.

Mike’s penis withered on the spot, shrinking down to only half its size.

“He’s coming tomorrow at seven,” she said gulping, her eyes staring at him, pleading for help.

Mike couldn’t help noticing that even as his penis was shrinking into his testicles, her erect nipples were swelling even harder to the point her areola lifted off her breast.


Jodi came down for breakfast wearing her yoga pants again with a matching sports bra this time. “Wow,” said Mike, staring at her.

“Thought I’d get a work out in.”

“Can I come watch?” he asked, filling her breakfast plate.

She just smiled at him, sitting down to eat. Mike was going to mow the lawn while she was at the gym and then clean out the hot tub. Despite their trepidation over Shawn’s impending return, they had things they needed doing that day.

Jodi left and returned a few hours later with a haircut. “You got your hair done?”

“I’ve had an appointment for weeks,” she lied. She just felt like a haircut and after that she’d gotten her nails done, but he wouldn’t notice that. “This top keeps my breasts pretty firm,” she said, jumping. Her breasts jiggled quite a bit, but not as much as they did in one of her bras.

“Yeah, they do.”

“I’m going to try to jog around the block.”

“Sure,” said Mike, wondering what the neighbors would think seeing Jodi dressed like that out running. It was Saturday and they’d be out mowing or washing their cars. They’d be in for a shock. He smiled at the thought, liking the idea of his friends and neighbors finally seeing the amazing body his wife hid beneath her baggy clothes.

Jodi returned, breathing heavily from her workout. She wasn’t done working out and entered the garage to use her exercise bike.

Mike watched TV while waiting for her to finish exercising. He was wondering where all her energy was coming from or maybe she was just killing time from nervousness. She was pale and a little shaky when she came in from the garage. Shawn had texted her again.

Answer the door in your bikini. Greet me like you greet yo husband. Have the hot tub ready.

“You don’t have to go through that again, Jodi,” said Mike, handing the phone back to her. “We can just get in the car and leave.”

“And go where? He’d find us eventually.” Jodi sighed. She looked at the clock on the wall. They’d had four hours. “I’m going to take a nap and then a bath.”

“I guess I’ll fill the hot tub back up.”

Jodi didn’t think she’d be able to nap, but the hot day and her work out must have worn her out. She quickly fell asleep, her anxiety over Shawn returning giving her a vivid dream.

She was sitting at her school desk, grading papers. All the ethnic students, she used a red pen to write F before circling it and setting the paper aside. There was a knock on her door. Jodi stood up from her desk. Behind her, the blackboard was gone having been replaced by a mirror showing her reflection and the rest of her empty classroom. She was dressed more like a porn star then a teacher. She wore a tight black skirt with a white button-down blouse. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and for some reason she wore black rimmed glasses. She pushed her glasses back on her nose and walked over to answer the door. The school security officer stood there looking grim. “Sorry, Mrs. Hayes,” he told her. “They shut down the special education classes.” He entered her room leading Shawn Wright by a pair of wrist restraints. Shawn was naked except for tiny white boxers that could barely contain his bulging cock. “He’s all yours.”

“That’s okay, officer,” she told him, watching him cut Shawn’s restraints. Shawn spread his wrists apart and flexed his bulging biceps. The Shawn in her dream was the current 19-year-old Shawn and not the 15-year-old she’d had in her class.

“Four years in detention,” he grunted. “You sentenced me to four years in detention, bitch.”

“Want me to stay?” asked the officer, warily eyeing the giant black man. He’d suddenly turned into Mike.

“No thanks, you can go Mike.” She slapped a ruler down on her palm. “I can handle Mr. Wright.” She stared at Shawn after Mike shut the door. “First things first, Mr. Wright.”


“Pull your underwear down.”

“Yes, Mrs. Hayes.” He stepped out of his underwear, his plump cock uncoiling and falling out.

“Now that is one big black cock, Mr. Wright,” she said, stepping up to him and taking it in her hand.

“Yes, it is, Mrs. Hayes. Chu like it?”

“Why yes, Mr. Wright. I like it. I like it very much.” She took it in her hand and stroked it to full hardness, letting it fall so that it was sticking straight out. “Why this is the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen.” She laid her ruler down on top of it. The ruler balanced perfectly on the thickness of the straight black cock. “Why it’s a perfect 12 inches,” she stated impressed. “Mr. Wright, how would you like to get your grade up in my class?”

“I’d like that very much, Mrs. Hayes.”

“I thought you would,” she told him, kneeling and taking his cock in her mouth. Jodi started bobbing her head. In her dream she managed to take the entire thing. He grabbed her head, fucking her face shoving his cock down her throat while he pulled her hair out of it’s pony tail. He came down her throat and she gulped it down. “I give the taste of your cum an A, Mr. Wright.” She stood, licking some semen off her lips.

“Let’s see what you think of dis then?” Shawn grabbed her blouse and ripped it open sending buttons flying all over the floor.

Jodi was soon on her desk being fucked by Shawn just like he had fucked her on her kitchen table Sunday morning. “Fuck me. Fuck me. I love your big black cock, Mr. Wright. An A+.” She turned and looked at her reflection in the blackboard/mirror. She saw her nude body lying on her desk while Shawn held her legs up slamming his cock in and out of her. Her hair was spread out over the table and her glasses were askew on her nose. “I give you an A+”

“And I’m gonna give you a black baby. Gonna bust a nut in yo pussy, teach TILF. Put a black baby in that white belly. Here cums my nut, slut. Take my SEED…”


Jodi sat straight up gasping and covered in sweat. Her alarm buzzed again and she reached over to shut her phone off. The pillow and bed were soaked like she’d had a fever break. Her thighs were even wetter and her nipples were so erect they were scraping painfully against the insides of her sports bra.

She sat up and pulled the bra off, sighing with relief when the cool air from the AC caressed her aching nipples. Topless and on shaky legs from her dream, she walked to the bathroom, skipping the shower, she went to the tub and started the water, pulling off her yoga pants while it was running. Nude, she added her lavender scent bath salts and bubbles to the water. It was 5:30, ninety minutes until Shawn got here.

Her arousal subsided during her bath, though her nipples remained hard. She sank down into the hot water, letting it soak her hair before coming back up. Jodi raised her leg out of the bubbles, reaching for her razor to make sure her legs were nice and shaved. After doing both legs and under her arms, she ran the razor down both sides of her bush. Done shaving, she sank back down into the water. She didn’t want to overdo it knowing she’d be sitting in the overly hot tub soon anyway, but the soak felt good.

When she was done, Jodi dried herself off and stared at herself in the mirror. She plugged her curling iron in and applied some light makeup, adding some green eye shadow that complimented her eyes and some lipstick. When the curling iron was hot, she added some curls to her newly cut hair. Finished, she stood up straight and stared at herself in the mirror. The image of herself staring at her reflection while Shawn fucked her flashed through her brain. She turned away from her reflection and walked over to her bags of new clothes and began looking for the one with the new bikini.


Mike was pacing nervously, worried what the night might bring. It was just minutes until seven. Jodi appeared at the top of the stairs stopping him in his tracks. His jaw dropped open. “You got a new bikini?” he stated the obvious.

“I wanted one that fit.”

“I’m not sure that one’s much better.” His eyes swept down her voluptuous body. It did fit better, but even though it covered more of her body then the other bikini, it managed to make her look sluttier. Her new bikini was a solid red string bikini. The panty tied high on the hips and the front was cut low, nearly to the tops of her pubes. The top cups caressed her tits along the outside displaying a lot of breast flesh between her bosom. The red strap connecting the cups ran under her breasts. Her ever-prominent nipples were trying their best to poke through the top.

Mike’s watch dinged. “It’s seven,” he said.

Jodi descended the stairs. She stared at the door. “Maybe he won’t…”


They both jumped a little. They turned and glanced at each other before turning back to stare at the door.


Jodi’s shoulders fell in defeat as she began strolling towards the front door. Mike’s eyes moved down to her ass. The new bikini wasn’t a thong, but the rear covering left little to the imagination. It more or less just covered her ass crack leaving her outer cheeks bare.


“Alright already,” she muttered, turning the knob and opening the door. Shawn’s massive form towered over her. She stared up at him trying not to tremble.

“Good evening, Mrs. Hayes.”

“Shawn,” she said, her areolae lifting off her breasts as she stared at him.


“Would you like to come in?”

“Is this how you greet yo husband?” His brow furrowed as he glowered down at her.

“Welcome home, honey,” she said, confused over his instructions.

“Naw bitch. Like this.” Shawn’s huge arms enveloped her, grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks. He pulled her into him. Jodi pushed off arching her back and looking up at him just as he brought his broad black lips down to her pink ones. He kissed her forcing his tongue into her mouth. She tried to push it out with her tongue, but all that did was cause their tongues to intertwine. His fingers dug into her lush buttocks pulling her tighter against him and lifting him to her tiptoes. His swelling cock pushed into her belly. “That’s how you greet yo man,” he grunted.

Jodi spun around wild-eyed. Her cheeks were flushed and she was breathing heavily. Her nipples were hard points pushing out her top and now her areolae were also visible having puffed up off her breasts. Mike’s nervousness began to increase. Jodi couldn’t actually be turned on by the ugly brute, could she?

“You got yo bong, Mr. Hayes?”

“Please no,” groaned Jodi, not sure how she’d behave under the influence of the fuck weed though she also didn’t want to do anything with Shawn without it.

“Go get it,” ordered Shawn. He turned and walked through the sliding glass door to the hot tub. It was warm out and all Shawn had on was a white tank top, camouflage patterned shorts, and bare feet in men’s slides. He stepped out of the slides and pulled the tank top off over his head. Jodi’s eyes went straight to his muscular torso. “Here ya go,” said Shawn pulling a small bag of weed from a pocket and tossing it to Mike.

“This doesn’t add to our debt, does it?” asked Mike, suspiciously.

“No white boy,” said Shawn laughing. “It’s mostly for me. I ain’t neva gonna fuck again without it.”

“Not me?” asked Jodi in a small voice.

“If chu want some, Mrs. Hayes. If chu want some. Show me a good time this weekend and I might just let chu off the hook.” Her eyes lit up with hope at that. “Now why don’t you go get me a beer.

“Yes, Shawn,” she said, turning and leaving.

Mike felt the color drain from his face when Shawn bent down and slipped his shorts off. His cock was nearly sticking straight out, slightly bent down. Nude, the large black man turned and stepped down into the tub. Mike pulled his own shirt off. He wasn’t just conscious of how much smaller his prick was from Shawn, but by how inferior his physical body was with his skinny build, sunken chest, and slight paunch. He climbed into the tub with his suit on.

“Dis is nice, Mr. Hayes,” said Shawn taking the bong and filling the bowl with some of his weed. “Might get me one of these when my fuck weed business gets up and running.” He lit the weed and took a hit. “Though I’ll get me one of da big eight people tubs so I can party with a bunch of hoes.”

“Just don’t get her too stoned,” pleaded Mike.

“You think I need the weed to fuck yo wife again, Mr. Hayes? She wants dis bad.” Shawn lifted himself out of the hot tub so he could shake his plump black cock at Mike.

“No,” said Mike, turning his head away from the giant cock, but staring at it sideways.

“She hooked now, white boy,” said Shawn taking another hit.

“No, she’s not.”

Shawn laughed. “Betcha there’s a wet spot on her panty.”


“I’m telling ya dat white pussy is leaking at the thought of getting some black dick in it again.”

“No way,” said Mike, with little conviction. He’d seen the way her nipples had puffed out after kissing Shawn.

“If there ain’t a wet spot on her bikini bottom, then I’ll leave and never come back.”

“What’s that about never coming back?” asked Jodi, returning to the deck with a beer.

“We’ll see, Mrs. Hayes,” said Shawn. “Why dontcha stop and let me check chu out in dat new bikini?”

Jodi felt kind of humiliated standing above her husband and former student while both their eyes devoured her body.

“Turn around,” ordered Shawn.

Jodi turned; glad she’d decided against another thong.

“Put the beer down for a second.”

Jodi bent down and placed Shawn’s beer on the deck.

The black man chuckled. “That’s what I’m talkin about. Looks like I ain’t going nowhere.”

“Oh Jodi,” groaned Mike. The bottom of her swimsuit was noticeably darker and wet just beneath her pussy.

“What?” she asked, standing back up and turning around.

“I told your husband that I’d leave if there wasn’t a wet spot on yo pussy.”

Jodi’s cheeks turned as red as her hair. “I didn’t dry down there after my bath is all,” she stuttered out.

“She did just have a bath,” said Mike feeling defeated.

“Stick yo finger in her then,” ordered Shawn. Mike didn’t move. “That’s what I thought,” he added. “Gimme my beer and join us.”

Jodi squatted to get the beer so they couldn’t see her panty again. She handed the beer to Shawn as she stepped into the tub. He took a sip before setting the beer aside and adding some more pot to the bong. The weed already in the bowl had gone out. He lit it and inhaled. Jodi shuddered slightly when she saw the large black man’s eyes were already dilated. The large pupils made him look demonic. “I need some,” she said.

“You don’t need it, Mrs. Hayes. Your pussy’s literally crying for some black cock.”

Again, Jodi’s cheeks turned crimson. Mike flushed a little to.

“Just give me a hit?” she asked.

“You just want it so you has an excuse, Mrs. Hayes. If you didn’t want this…” Shawn leaned forward and stood. His thick foot long cock stuck straight out from his crotch. Mike winced, but couldn’t look away. Jodi’s eyes widened; her eyes glued to the giant black cock. “If you didn’t want this, then why’d you pimp yoself out for me?”

“Pimp myself?”

“Da hair, makeup, and a new bikini, good choice on dat.”

“You mean primp and I certainly didn’t primp myself for you. I pamper myself the end of every school year. Just let me have a hit. I need to be stoned if I’m going anywhere near that monster again.”

“Give the head a kiss and I’ll give you a hit.”

Jodi glowered at him, but she sat up and leaned forward, planting her lips on the tip of his cock, she gave it a quick kiss.

“Nah Bitch, not like dat. Like you kissed me at the door. Open yo mouth and use a little tongue.”

Jodi sat back up. This time she parted her lips and placed them on the tip of his cock. She spread them wider, her tongue licking around the end of his cock head. She pushed forward a little, her lips sliding along the boulbus head of Shawn’s huge cock until the large flair of his glans had slid under top lip. Her tongue twirling around his cock head. She moaned slightly. It was a lustful moan and both men heard it. Jodi’s head rocked and she began bobbing it along the tip of his cock, sucking a little more of his shaft in her mouth until Mike ruined it.

“I guess you don’t need to be stoned,” her husband said, angrily.

Jodi pulled back, his cock jerking up and bobbing as it sprang free of her mouth. She blushed again and wiped the back of her hand across her lips, her eyes still fixated on Shawn’s cock. “Just give me a hit.”

Shawn sat back down, but several inches of his cock stuck out of the water. He had to light the bong again. “Suit yourself,” he said, passing it to her. Jodi snatched it out of his hand and took a big hit from the bong, closing her eyes as she held it in. “But you’re a ***** for black cock, Mrs. Hayes, you just ain’t admitting it yet.”

Some tears rolled down her cheeks when she opened her eyes again and exhaled. She had been aroused since waking up this morning and her horniness had only increased the closer it got to Shawn’s arrival. Her sex dream had only made it worse as did displaying her body in her new bikini for the two men. Showing off her body was starting to stir something within her. She’d even gotten a little horny from the attention Mike’s creepy golfing buddy Eddie had given her. Being horny was nothing compared to what the weed was doing to her. Now her pussy felt empty and the need to have it filled was growing. She took another hit, holding the smoke in. She kept her eyes closed, feeling Shawn pull the bong away so that he could take a hit. She wasn’t a *****, but she hated that the black bastard was right. She wanted his cock again. She hadn’t gone an hour all week without thinking about one of their previous encounters. She wanted him inside her again and she wanted to cum like she had with him.

Mike watched them passing the bong. Neither offered him a hit, nor did he ask for one. He was going to have to watch his wife fucking the black thug again, but the weed would have made him hard and ****** him to jerk off watching them. He’d rather have his usual noodle dick, but dammit the fuck weed had given him a rock-hard erection and some powerful orgasms. There was a part of him that wanted a few hits even if it met jerking off to his wife acting like a slut for the black man. He understood why Shawn had said he never planned on fucking again without it.

Jodi exhaled through her nose and started to slide down into the water after her third hit. “There she goes,” said Shawn. Mike leaped over to grab her shoulders and lift her up so that her head fell back on the deck. Her stoned smile spread across her face.

“I gave it to a couple other sluts this week, but they didn’t go out like her,” said Shawn, staring at Jodi’s face as he finished off the bong. Her eyes were fluttering like she was in REM sleep. “Can’t wait for the seeds to sprout and secure my stash. I’ll experiment with it some more when I’ve got a decent supply, but I gotta raise some funds to get more greenhouses.”

“This stuffs worth a fortune.” said Mike, staring at the black man jealously. If Shawn Wright controlled all the fuck weed, he was going to be extremely wealthy.

“Gonna be rich, bitch,” said Shawn, a triumphant grin spread across his face. He brought the beer up to his lips and drained it. “Just need some funds,” he added crushing the beer in his fist.


As soon as she **********, Jodi’s sexual history started passing before her eyes again only now her sexual history started the moment Shawn Wright stood up in her hot tub and she laid her eyes on the giant cock sticking out between his legs. Her pussy gave a wrench of yearning as she recalled taking it in her mouth for the first time making her officially a cock sucker. She liked it. She liked servicing his cock. His voluminous semen tasted amazing. Her need to be filled began growing again. She’d believed that Mike’s penis could satisfy the need, but she’d realized how wrong she was when the black teen had given her first taste of a real man’s cock inside her. Shawn’s cock fulfilled the need even as it made it worse. Now it was the only thing that could satisfy the burning desire in her pussy. The only thing that had quenched her desire had been when he flooded her with his seed giving her a few meager hours of release. She’d woken horny and empty again reaching over for Mike’s dick. It had been erect, so small and skinny, disappointing, not what she needed at all. What she needed was in the guest room. Shawn had been sleeping nude on the covers. Like Mike, he too was erect, giant cock pointing North of his navel and rising up off his stomach. She straddled it sliding her wet pussy along the shaft until her opening was over the head. She pushed down over it, then back taking his shaft back inside her. Shawn flipped the light on to watch her ride him. His mouth and fingers on her nipples increased the pleasure his cock was giving her. Again, his cum quenched the fire in her pussy and he put out her fire again a few hours later. In the morning, she’d awoken hungry, her belly growling as she glanced at his hard cock. It could satisfy her hunger as well as her pussy. She’d felt normal for a while, the guilt over what she’d done hitting her while taking her shower even as the emptiness in her pussy was growing again. Her vaginal muscles began clenching down around an imaginary cock trying to pull him inside her as she remembered the black brute ripping her blouse open before fucking her on the kitchen table. Her brain superimposed images from her dream with her memories of last week. He was cumming inside her fucking her in the kitchen and simultaneously on her desk at work. Black cock filled her need. She loved black cock. She needed his black cock. Say my name, she heard him say. Say my name. “SHAWN!”

Jodi jerked awake.

“What?” asked Shawn.

“Jodi, are you okay?” asked Mike, concerned.

“Oh god,” she moaned, her face flushed, her green eyes forming a nimbus around her enlarged black pupils. “It’s too hot in here,” she complained, wiping the perspiration off her forehead with her hand. “What’s the temperature, Mike?”

“Normal,” he said.

“Let’s get out den?” said Shawn, standing.

Jodi’s eyes immediately fixated on his hard cock. Her vaginal muscles tightened as she stared at it constricting at the sight of Shawn’s enormous member, but finding only emptiness. She licked her lips hungrily. Satisfaction was bobbing right before her eyes. She reached out and grabbed the base, leaning in and bending it down into her mouth. Her desire increased the second it pressed against her lips and grew again when she opened her mouth and took the head inside.

“Slow down gurl,” said Shawn, pushing back on her head so that his cock sprang free.

Jodi didn’t understand why he didn’t want her sucking it. She sat up so that her breasts were above water, smiled at him and reached behind her neck to untie her top.

“I said slow down,” Shawn turned and stepped out of the tub between the husband and wife. He turned and held out his hand to help her out of the water. The nude black man stopped to fish his phone out of his shorts before pulling her towards the house.

For fuck’s sake, at least dry off first, thought Mike watching Shawn leading Jodi back into the house. He rose out to follow them stopping to towel off. Mike could see through the sliding glass door. Shawn was sitting his wet torso down in Mike’s recliner again. Water wasn’t half as bad as the large volume of sticky semen he’d left dripping down the foot rest and on the carpet last week. Looked like he planned on leaving another mess.

Mike followed them into the house. “You want dis, Mrs. Hayes. Ya gotta work for it.” Shawn was holding the base of his cock. Jodi was standing before him eyes glued to the huge shaft.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Strip and give me a lap dance.”

“No way in hell, I’m stripping for you and I don’t even know what a lap dance is.” Jodi was still staring at Shawn’s cock, dilated pupils seemingly hypnotized following the bulbous head as he moved his cock up and down.

“It’s when you dance close to or on the lap of a customer.”

Jodi’s eyebrows shot up. She shook her head negatively. “You can’t make me do that,” she gasped.

“I ain’t makin ya do nuthin,” laughed Shawn. “Shit bitch you only got two things to take off. You want this cock then you’re gonna have to work for it. I can go, call some other slut to take care of dis.” He shook his cock at her again. “Leave you with jus the little dicked cuck to satisfy you. You want that?” Shawn didn’t get an answer. He leaned forward and stood. “I’m outta here.”

“No wait!” She cried in horror at the thought of him taking his cock away. It was sticking out in front of him, bobbing slightly, that perfectly shaped foot long ebony rod. “Stay. I’ll… I’ll do it. Oh god,” she groaned, waving her hand in front of her face to cool off.

Shawn sat back down with a smug look on his face. “What’s wrong?”

Her brow was beaded with sweat as she continued fanning herself. “It’s so hot in here.”

Shawn nodded. “Good choice.” He typed on his phone and sat it down next to him.

Nelly’s “Hot in Herre,” started coming through the speakers on his phone. Jodi didn’t know the song or the artist. It was horrible, rap was just a “c” shy of crap after all. A bunch of sweaty black people were dancing on the screen of the phone.

“Start dancing, bitch,” ordered Shawn.

Mike watched in fascination as his conservative racist wife slowly began dancing in a skimpy bikini for the nude black man. At first, he was slightly embarrassed for her. She wasn’t a dancer and totally lacked rhythm. They’d danced at the wedding last week and her striptease started much like she had at the reception, very awkward Jodi raised her hands in front of her, alternately lifting her shoulders while shaking her hips. He wasn’t a dancer either and they were both relieved when a slow song came on.

The refrain started.

It’s getting’ hot in here

So take off all your clothes

I am gettin so hot

I wanna take my clothes off

“Lose the top,” said Shawn. He placed his hands on her hips and pulled her between his legs.

Mike watched Jodi reach behind her and untie the top. The strings and cups slid down her breasts slightly. One of Shawn’s beefy black hands slid up the curve of her back and helped her by undoing the string around her back. The top fell down on Shawn’s pubes. He kissed and sucked first one erect nipple and then the second leaving them glistening with his saliva. His hands on her hips started guiding her movements. Jodi moaned looked away from the ugly black man staring up at her from between her nipples. Mike gulped watching in amazement as suddenly his wife found the beat.

Jodi found her eyes looking down at the video playing on Shawn’s phone. Black women were pulling their tops over their heads or unzipping their tops in the front to reveal their bikini clad bodies. One was standing on a table shaking her booty. Jodi’s ass started shaking violently, her hips gyrating and thrusting back and forth, his hard cock between her thighs. Shawn released her and began kneading her tits. He pushed her away and spun her around.

Jodi backed into him wanting to feel his cock back between her legs. She continued shaking her ass. The second refrain started. The line, I wanna take my clothes off, echoed in her head. I wanna take my clothes off. I wanna take my clothes off. Jodi’s hands were on her tits tugging her nipples. She slid them down her wet body to the strings on her hips. I wanna take my clothes off. I wanna take my clothes off for Shawn. She pulled the strings. Her panty came loose and fell down to drape over the huge black cock between her legs. She moved her hands down to her knees, leaning forward to shake her ass at him.


“Oh!” Jodi jerked as Shawn’s hand fell down on her bare cheek.

“You do it,” said Shawn.

“What?” she asked, body still shaking like the women in the video.

“Spank yoself.”

Jodi kept one hand on her knee and reached the other behind her. She smacked her palm down on the opposite cheek that he had spanked. That one still stung. She spanked her cheek again before returning her hand to her knee to brace herself.

Mike watched in awe as his wife turned into a professional stripper right in front of his eyes. He hadn’t known she had it in her. There was a line in the song about a friend having a pole in the basement. If he thought for a second that Jodi would dance for him like that, he’d have a pole installed in their basement or in every room of the house for that matter.

Jodi stood and turned around to face Shawn. She glanced down at his cock rising up between his thighs covered by her bikini bottom. She braced her hands on his knees and bent down, taking the string of her panty between her teeth. She yanked her head sideways uncovering his cock and tossing her bikini bottom aside. Jodi took the opportunity to lick up the underside of his cock and run her tongue around the crown before standing back up. This time he closed his legs as she straddled them, pressing her pussy down on his shaft. She kept thrusting her hips toward him, moaning as his cock slid back and forth between her legs, the flare of his glans sending tremors through her body every time it flicked over her clit.

Jodi’s gyrations froze the second the song ended. Her hands were on Shawn’s shoulders. Her abundant tits were still shaking as they dangled in the black man’s face. Her chest heaved as she gasped for breath. Her rear end was thrust out rising above Shawn’s lap. The head of his cock was pressing against the entrance to her pussy. Jodi had gone from conservative teacher wife to stripper over the course of a four-minute song. She leaned closer to Shawn, her dilated eyes staring into his own. “Play it again,” she told him.

He didn’t. Instead, he grabbed her hips and pulled her down. She threw her head back, crying out as her emptiness was finally filled by the fullness of his big black cock. She sank into his lap, her body shaking again as she came hard around his cock.

“Yo husband ever make you cum like that?”

“No, never” she panted. Jodi wrapped her hands around his neck and rested the side of her face against his while she gasped to catch her breath. Orgasms had been few and far between for most of her sex life and never as powerful as they were with Shawn nor had she ever had multiple orgasms before. They were dangerously addictive.

Jodi sat in his lap grinding her crotch into his, enjoying the feeling of fulfilment his cock gave her pussy. His massive cock twitched impatiently inside her. She pushed up with her feet then sank down on his shaft, slowly at first and only letting a few inches leave her needy pussy. She increased her speed feeling the orgasmic pressure in her womb growing again. “I love your cock,” she whimpered. “I need your cock.” She rode his shaft faster, rising off his lap five inches, then six, then seven. “I need your cock.” Seven became eight, eight became nine. “Fuck me. Fuck me. FUCK ME!” Jodi was standing and sitting, standing and sitting. Only the fat swollen head of Shawn’s cock remained in her pussy when she stood. “YYESSSS!” she screamed, slamming down into his lap as the pressure in her womb exploded into a huge orgasm that spread warmth and pleasure throughout her body.

“Damn, Mrs. Hayes. You is one hot slut,” growled Shawn. He sucked one of her swollen teats into his mouth while her head was thrown back, her back arched.

She gasped as his tongue flickered over her sensitive nipple. The pleasurable stimuli in her nipple coursed through her body and straight to her womb where the pressure immediately began building again. “No,” she whimpered, unsure if she could survive another powerful orgasm even as her desire for it grew. Jodi tried rising again, her weak legs not pushing her very far up her former student’s shaft.

Shawn grunted around her nipple. The fuck weed didn’t just make his cock rock hard and swollen, he needed to cum as much as she did. His balls were starting to ache. They felt so full of cum, gravity was pulling them down make his nut sack feel stretched out. Shawn grunted again, grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks with both hands. His bulging muscles flexed as he began lifting her up and down his cock as fast as he could trying to get his cock off.

Mike watched their mating with both fascination and horror. Both their bodies were so fit and perfect they looked like they should be fucking. The sight was so erotic, he felt his penis stir and plump up, but without his meds or the weed, it didn’t harden. He stared nearly hypnotized by her outthrust ass as it rose up and down Shawn’s thick shaft. The black man’s beefy hands were squeezing her cheeks, fingers digging into her butt flesh to the point her pale white flesh was turning red between his fingers. Jodi screamed twice, each time, his shaft looked wetter after she cried out. They both grunted and moaned, sounding more like animals mating then two humans. “UNH!” bellowed Shawn. As he raised her back up his shaft, Mike saw that a pudding thick coat of white was flowing down his dark shaft.

“AAAHHH!” Jodi screamed and threw her head back again as Shawn just dropped her. She sank into his lap, his erupting cock sending millions of sperm into her fertile womb. He kept cumming and cumming, overflowing her with semen until it began pouring out around their genitals and flowing down Shawn’s bull-sized testicles to drip all over the carpet.

Jodi sat in Shawn’s lap, breathing heavily for a good fifteen minutes. Her womb properly seeded and her pussy still filled by a hard black cock, she felt totally fulfilled. Her forehead rested on Shawn’s. Shawn patted her ass. “Get off,” he ordered.

“Unh unh,” she declined.

SLAP! Jodi jumped as his hand smacked down on her cheek. “I said get off,” he ordered louder.

Jodi rested her hands on his shoulders and pushed herself up. His cock fell hard on his stomach. She stood and stepped back. Mike watched Shawn’s semen trickling down on their carpet from her leaking pussy.

Shawn lifted his cock up. “Clean me off,” he said.

She looked at it hungrily. Just like it had last week, his dark cock remained completely hard after his first orgasm. His large ball sack hung over the foot rest on her husband’s recliner. Shawn’s prostate, glands and testes were already working overtime to refill his balls with another load of sperm heavy semen. “I’ll get a wash cloth,” she told him.

Shawn shook his cock at her. “Nah slut, with yo mouth.”

Jodi saw movement out of the corner of her eye and suddenly remembered her husband was there and watching. She smiled at him sadly before dropping to her knees and then falling forward on all fours, her eyes now focused on the twelve inches of black cock being held out for her. She crawled forward and took the head in her mouth, while staring down his flawlessly shaped shaft and at his well-muscled chest. She began bobbing her head. His cock tasted of sweat, semen, and pussy, but the combination of tastes only made her want more. She pushed forward feeling his cock head push into her throat.

Mike’s penis was still trying and failing to get hard as he watched Jodi sucking the black teen. Her dark red hair was partially hiding her face and he could pretend it was some other sexy woman sucking the black man’s cock. He would have paid good money to watch this porn, but it was his wife after all and from a different angle he could see more of her face. It was Jodi’s mouth stretched open around that thick shaft. And it was Jodi’s large breasts, swinging pendulously beneath her. Her tits were so big, her erect nipples were nearly scraping the carpet as they swung beneath her. They were pulling her downwards and by the time she’d crammed half his cock down her throat, Jodi was crawling forward to sit up on her knees to suck his cock. She wrapped both hands around the base of the shaft jerking the bottom as she sucked the top.

Jodi couldn’t help herself. She began sucking his cock harder and faster. Something flipped a switch in her brain. She loved sucking Shawn’s cock. She recalled how good his cum had tasted last week and she wanted more. “That’s how a real man tastes, Mrs. Hayes,” he’d said to her. The yearning emptiness was rapidly returning only now it was her belly that felt empty and it would take this black nineteen-year old’s black semen to fill that emptiness. She sucked faster, releasing her hands from the base so she could deep throat his hard young cock. She managed ten inches this time an inch more than last week. Her brain pictured a future where she could swallow all twelve inches of Shawn’s big black cock to show her appreciation for it just like he deserved.

Tears welled up in Jodi’s eyes and slid down her cheeks. What the hell had she become? The weed was evil! She vowed never to use it again. She wouldn’t give Shawn Wright the pleasure of seeing her behave like a complete slut ever again, but for now she was a complete slut and she wanted his seed in her stomach. She let go again and sucked him deep, inhaling through her nose. Aw fuck it, she thought. Jodi ****** her head down, his cock head pushing deep down her throat, she fought off her gag reflex, trying not to choke on the thick piece of meat. The future is now, she thought, her lips pursed on his pubic hairs as she swallowed all twelve inches.

“Gawd damn, you get an A+ in cock sucking, teach tilf,” groaned Shawn leaning back in the chair.

Her body trembled with pleasure at the knowledge that she’d just pleased the young black man. Her satisfied pussy began to yearn to have his cock in it again even as the hunger for his seed grew in her belly. As happy as she was, she couldn’t keep his giant cock down her throat for long. She drew back, jerking him off again while bobbing her head furiously over the end of his cock.

His black cock convulsed violently.

Shawn’s cum shot down her throat. After two more convulsions, her belly felt full and all she could think about was tasting his delicious cum again. She pulled back, the flare of his glans scraping across her uvula as his cock head entered her mouth. Instantly, her cheeks ballooned out as her mouth filled with seed. She gulped. Her mouth filled again. The taste of his scrumptious semen registered in her brain. “This is how a real man tastes, Mrs. Hayes.” This IS how a real man tastes, she thought, jerking his shaft off and letting long wads of semen fly across her tongue. Real men taste really good, she thought, jerking on his shaft as the long wads turned to short wads before becoming small squirts that turned into a constant dribbling from the head.

She kept the head in her mouth until the strong shaft finally lost a little bit of its steel. When she finally let his spent cock fall from her mouth, her tongue licked around her lips to get any of the cum that had leaked out.

“Damn, yo wife sure knows how to drain a brotha, Mr. Hayes.” Shawn sat back in the chair. Now it was his turn to gasp for breath. “Grab me another beer.”

Mike glared at the black man, but turned and headed to the kitchen to get a beer out of the refrigerator. When he came back, they were standing, her back to his front. Shawn was behind Jodi, holding her tightly against his body. One of his hands was squeezing her breast. Her eyes were closed and she was pushing her back against Shawn’s crotch. The black man reached out his other hand for the beer.

“Upstairs, Mrs. Hayes?” said Shawn, pulling the tab on the beer.

Jodi nodded and led him towards the stairs.

Mike watched them go. Shawn’s cock was sticking straight out again, ready to go another round. When they reached the second floor, Mike turned and went back to the kitchen to get a roll of paper towels and some carpet cleaner to clean up the mess.

For Mike, the rest of the night was a repeat of last week except that when he went upstairs, he found he was the one locked out of the master bedroom and had to sleep alone in the guest room.


Shawn woke up with a hardon and aching balls. Jodi was on her back, covers pulled down to her waist. At that moment in time, she wasn’t quite the sex goddess. She hadn’t cleaned up after their last encounter, a titty fuck where he’d blown a massive load all over her face. Flakes of sperm covered her face and her hair was matted down and clumped up. Her belly and tits were covered with dried cum also from the encounter before that when Shawn had pulled his cock out of her pussy and ejaculated his last few wads on her stomach and tits.

Jodi groaned when he rolled her over on her side. Shawn climbed up behind her and raised her ass up with her head buried in the pillow. She came to her senses when he placed his hands on her hips. Jodi spread her legs and braced herself for what was coming, her arousal already running down her thighs. They were covered in sperm flakes also. He lined the head of his cock up with her pussy lips and pushed it in.

“Fuck yes,” she moaned into the pillow.

“Fuck yeah,” he added, sinking his cock in to the balls. She took him easier now, her pussy resized for the BBC. He worked his cock in and out wondering if she gave it up, would her pussy contract back to normal. It didn’t matter, he’d never known a woman that could give up the BBC once she’d had it.

She started pushing back into his thrusts when he started withdrawing about half his shaft before thrusting it back in. Shawn stared at her ass. It was perfect, upthrust with well-rounded cheeks, better than any black woman’s ass he’d ever seen and he’d seen some great black asses. Jodi’s ass was flawless, pristine… untapped. Her back was flawless too for that matter, from the curve above her ass to the rise of her shoulder blades. Her cheeks were an unblemished white, his spanks had been soft enough not to leave a mark for long. There were a few freckles on her back, but mostly they were on her front torso.

He ran his hands over her full globes, increasing his thrusts and feeling the tight embrace of her pussy trying to hold his cock still while she came all around his shaft. He didn’t stop, continuing to fuck her through this and soon another orgasm. His balls were aching and he needed to get off.

Shawn spread her cheeks apart. This view wasn’t so pretty. Her tightly clenched rosebud stared back at him waiting to be fucked for the first time. He’d tap it soon enough, but he wouldn’t break it in. Still, it was tempting him with its untapped potential. Her sphincter wasn’t even brown like all his other women even the white ones. It was a puckered pink like her nipples making rosebud an appropriate nickname. What wasn’t pretty about her pink anus and the crack of her ass was that his sperm had poured from her pussy and ran down her crack, leaving a trail of dried flakes that looked like an ice flow inside a canyon’s walls.

He squeezed her ass cheek and moved his thumb closer towards her tightly puckered anus. Pushing his thumb in wouldn’t ruin her, would it? He moved his thumb to it and pressed it against her rosebud. She jerked slightly in surprise, but kept fucking him back. He removed his hand, but only long enough to spit on his thumb. She jerked again when he returned his thumb to her anus, this time pushing down harder. He hoped this didn’t count as taking her anal virginity even if his thumb was as thick as her husband’s penis.

“Shawn, what are you…AAAHH!!” Jodi jumped harder as his thumb pushed through the opening to her ass. This time she quit pushing back trying to pull away from the intruder in her rear. “Shawn…uh…stop…that’s my ass!” He buried his thumb in to the knuckle, pushing his cock in to the balls. “OHSHITCUMMING!” she screamed into the pillow, her pussy contracting all around his cock while her anus squeezed tightly down around the thumb in her ass.

Shawn fucked her through her orgasm while holding his thumb in her ass. She came again when he emptied his balls in her womb. He pulled both his thumb and cock out and shot his last few loads across her back. He released his cock and stared at it rising up over her white ass. It throbbed with his pulse, slowly falling as it deflated and came to rest over her rear end, the head in the small of her back, dribbling out semen into a small pool.

He gave her a playful smack on the ass and got off the bed to go take a shower. When he finished, Jodi was still in the same position and looked like she’d fallen asleep. His clothes were downstairs so he just walked downstairs naked, his cock slapping from thigh to thigh as he descended the steps. Mike was in the kitchen wearing one of those stupid-looking white boy golfing outfits. Mr. Hayes’ eyes immediately went to Shawn’s swinging cock. His eyes narrowed, lips tightening as he stared enviously at a penis nearly twice as big as his own. “No breakfast?” asked Shawn.

Mike jumped slightly aware he’d been staring at Shawn’s big black cock. His expression turned blank, but his cheeks flushed slightly. “No, I need to get moving. You can see yourself out.”

Shawn watched the white boy leave before walking over to the fridge and helping himself to another beer.


Jodi woke up when her alarm went off. She could have slept another 8 hours; Shawn having kept her awake most of the night. She ****** herself off the bed, feeling wads of his semen sliding down her back. More was sliding down her thighs. She stopped in the bathroom to stare at herself in the mirror. She barely recognized the well-fucked face staring back at her. It looked like a dozen men had ejaculated on her. Her husband probably hadn’t ejaculated this much in his entire life. The only advantage sex with Mike had over Shawn was that there was far less mess. She leaned in closer, her pupils were still dilated, but they’d shrunken some. She’d searched this side effect of the weed last week and it appeared that the pupils got dilated when aroused.

If her reflection was telling her anything, it was that she needed to pray for guidance. She might be able to blame the weed for lowering her inhibitions while making her horny, but she didn’t have to derive so much pleasure from her encounters with Shawn. She turned away from the mirror, turning the hot water on in the shower. When it was warm enough, she stepped inside.

Jodi started with her hair. She threw her head back and let the water soak it before adding the shampoo. The bible said nothing about marijuana or drug use as far as she could remember, but it did say people were supposed to be good stewards of their bodies. Sucking Shawn off was sodomy by some definitions and what the hell was he thinking sticking his thumb in her rear end? And why had she seemed to enjoy it? Jodi’s pussy wrenched with yearning. Her hand had just run her sponge over her breast. Her nipples were still erect and the contact was sending signals to her pussy. She returned to her thoughts while continuing meticulously trying to rid her skin of every dried flake of Shawn’s semen.

Of course, her biggest sin was adultery. That violated one of god’s commandments. That might require more than simple prayer, she might need to speak with her pastor. She didn’t like that idea, his wife was a bit of a gossip and she wasn’t convinced he’d keep their talks confidential. Adultery was a sin, but Shawn’s cock was the personification of temptation. It just felt too good, especially when he came inside her adulterous womb. Just thinking about it was making pussy clench down around his imaginary cock. She was feeling empty again. “Hmm, fuck me Shawn,” she moaned. Jodi looked down. She’d dropped the sponge and had one hand fingering her pussy while her other hand squeezed and tugged on her nipples. Enough of his seed had leaked from her pussy that she was starting to get horny again. Maybe, he’d be up for one more fuck before she left for church?

Get a hold of yourself, girl, she thought stepping out of the shower and drying herself off. She stared at herself in the mirror. She was clean again and beautiful, but she still felt dirty. She wanted Shawn again and she hoped he’d gone home removing the temptation from her sight. Deep down, she feared he was still here and even worse, Shawn seemed to think they owed him for smoking three of his joints. Was he expecting another weekend of fucking her? Her pussy quivered as the emptiness and her need to fill that emptiness grew. “No more weed, Jodi,” she told her reflection. “Stay strong.”

Jodi dressed and walked downstairs.

“Lookin good, Mrs. Hayes?”

Jodi jumped a little. He was sitting naked in her husband’s chair, drinking from a can of beer. “You startled me,” she said. “Where’s Mike?”

“Off playing with his little white balls,” said Shawn, grinning at his own stupid joke. “Why you dressed up?”

“For church.”

“Turn around.”

Jodi slowly turned around for her black student. Her church outfit today was a far cry from the nun-like covering she’d worn last week. She’d pulled a sun dress on over her head, one of the new outfits she’d purchased this week. The dress was sleeveless and cut low enough to display some cleavage. The hem stopped just above her knees. Displaying this much skin was unusual for her. She rarely even wore shorts or tee shirts except for the hottest summer days.

Jodi had developed young and had started getting male attention as an early teen. She liked it from some boys and others not so much. She’d dressed like any other girl then. She’d even wore modest bikinis to the pool. The problem was she didn’t have a modest body. Her breasts were a C-cup by fourteen, DD’s by 16, and she’d had her current E-cups since 18. She had started to worry her breasts would never stop growing. Every man who saw her, ogled her. Older men hit on her and she even had a creepy uncle whose hugs grew a little uncomfortable. Even more embarrassing for her, all the attention made her nipples grow.

One Saturday, during senior year, she was wearing shorts that barely covered her butt cheeks like most of her friends were wearing. Her parents wouldn’t approve and she’d left home wearing sweat pants to hide them. She was also wearing a sleeveless tank top that left her belly bare and the outlines of her nipples visible through her bra. She rounded a corner and found herself in the middle of a gang of black youths, some were classmates of hers. They stood and surrounded her. Jodi froze trembling in fear. Some of the men slowly circled her like vultures circling their next meal. They all were openly ogling her.

“Yo, check this ho out.” “It’s Jodi Jugs!” “How you doing, white girl?” “You got pink nips, gurl? Let me see them?” “Gurl, you fine.” You ever tried dark meat, bitch?” “Leave her alone, can’t you see she’s scared?”

“Hey, where you going, gurl? What’s your hurry?” One black man that appeared to be in his late twenties called after her when she pushed through the group. “You want some of this?” He grabbed his crotch through his low hanging sweats. His hand didn’t even cover the large tubular swell.

They laughed as she picked up speed to get away from them. She’d feared the worse, being dragged into an alley and *****, but they didn’t even follow her. She was also aware that her nipples were painfully hard and scraping against her bra.

She’d held that event against black men ever since and though she’d encountered plenty of decent friendly people of color over the years, she was never friendly back, only polite. The same day she’d encountered the black youths, she agreed to go with friends to a party. She wore the same outfit. She tried her first drink, rum punch and found it going straight to her head. She found herself getting a lot of attention from her male classmates. Some were big and handsome. They all were ***** and obnoxious, staring at her tits, asking her to go into a bedroom with them. They behaved as badly as the black men had earlier, but she didn’t hold their race against them. They were just jerks. A nerdy friend of hers that helped tutor her offered to drive her home. She stared out the window most of the ride, her nipples were hard and she was damp between the legs from all the male attention. She asked him to pull over into the park and he thought she was going to throw up. He was shocked when she looked over and pulled her top off over her head. “I don’t want to be a virgin any longer,” she told him. He didn’t have condoms; probably never thought he’d need them. Fifteen minutes after moving to the back seat, stripping, kissing, having her nipples sucked for the first time (she liked that), and him pulling out a thin five-inch penis that she found cute and unthreatening, they were no longer virgins. The teenager shook nervously the entire time and came after only a few strokes, not pulling out in time. They were dressed and back on their way to her house in less than a half hour since pulling over, neither saying much most of the way.

Jodi showered when she got home, feeling dirty, and trying to force out as much of the teen’s sperm as she could. There were only a few drops and it hadn’t shot very deep, but she still feared he may have gotten her pregnant. What scared her most was how disappointed her parents would be in her for having a baby out of wedlock.

She stared at her nude body in the mirror. This is the problem, she thought, hefting her tits. They were the reason men lusted after her. They were the reason the boy who took her virginity had only lasted a few strokes and been unable to pull out in time. She turned sideways. This doesn’t help either, she thought, spanking her palm against her firm upthrust rear end.

That night, Jodi dreamed she was surrounded by the black boys again only this time she was nude. Hands came out grabbing her tits or her ass cheeks. They yanked the saggy pants down, pulling out large black phalluses twice the size of the boy’s penis she’d just given her maidenhead to. The hard black phalluses poked at her from all directions. She grabbed some pushing them away, her hands stroking up and down the thrusting black shafts. Another, poked at her mouth, mashing against her lips as she held them tightly shut. Hands grabbed her hips, raising her ass. She felt the tip of one of the large black phalluses poking at her wet pussy lips. Why hadn’t she worn clothes? The black man slammed his dark dick forward.

Jodi woke up. She was panting and sweaty. Her nipples her pulling out her areolae. Her thighs were soaked. She recalled the dream vividly, a part of her believing the devil had sent it to her as temptation. Even more tempting was that her vagina was soaked and needed something in it. Jodi found herself moaning and fingering herself while squeezing one of her plump teats. She tried not to think of her dream and failed miserably. She was thinking about the unseen black boy thrusting his cock into her when she had her first orgasm.

The next day, Jodi walked downstairs and despite it being a hot spring day, she was wearing slacks and a long sleeve shirt. The only skin she was showing on her chest was enough open buttons on her collar to display her cross. Her parents looked pleased, especially her mom who was dressed all in black except for a gray shawl that hung low enough to cover the prodigious bosom that her daughter had inherited.

And for the next sixteen years, Jodi had done her best to hide a body that didn’t want to be hidden from the eyes of men up until last week when Shawn Wright had ripped her blouse off her and said, “I want chu dressed sexy from now on.”

“Damn, you one sexy bitch, Mrs. Hayes, said Shawn, grabbing his dangling cock and stroking it as he stared at her in the sundress. He stared at her sandal covered feet and ran his eyes up her legs, over her skirt, to her trim waist, and the swell of her breasts. Her nipples were now pushing out through her bra and the top. “Take it off.”

“But Shawn, I really need to go to church…”

“Don’t make me tell you twice.”

Jodi froze, staring at her former student’s brutish face. She looked down, his cock was plumping up. She wanted it again, needed it to fill the void inside her. Her hands fell to her sides, grabbing into the dress. There was no longer enough time to go to church if she fucked him again. Her hands pulled the skirt up. There’d be no praying for the strength to resist temptation. She pulled the skirt up over her panty.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Shawn. There were no more granny panties for her. This one was lacy and black, see thru enough that her red pubes were visible.

Jodi fought off a strong urge to dance for him again. There would be no praying for forgiveness in church today. She pulled the dress up to her tits, revealing her flat sexy belly. There would be no praying for her soul. She pulled the dress off over her head.

“Fuck yeah, Mrs. Hayes. Fuck yeah.” He stared greedily at her bra. It matched her panty, black and lacy, squeezing her breasts together and her nipples were visible thru the cup clearly erect and rose colored. “Fuck yeah,” he said approvingly. Her hands moved up to the hook between her breasts. “Wait,” he said. “Turn around.”

She turned around, displaying her body for him again, but this time only in her underwear. The panty wasn’t a thong, but it hid nothing and the white skin showing through the black lace was even sexier. She faced him again. Shawn was stroking his cock. Her hands moved back up to her bra.

“Not yet,” he said, staring at his cock. It looked hard and huge to her. Shawn shook it and the black monster flopped a little. “I wanna try a recharge. Go grab the bong and my pants.”

Jodi glanced down at his cock. It certainly looked hard enough to fuck and she was more than ready for it. Shawn looked impatient as he stared at her. He expected to be obeyed and didn’t like repeating himself. She turned and headed to the kitchen. She stepped out onto the deck and into the sunlight. The bong was where they’d left it on the side of the hot tub. His pants were on the deck. She returned them both to her black lover. Jodi stood, watching him pull a bag out of his pocket with a small amount of fuck weed still in it. He filled the bowl and lit it.

“You can sit down, Mrs. Hayes.”

Jodi sat down on the couch, watching Shawn take a hit. He held the bong out for her. “No thanks, I’m good.”

“Come on Mrs. Hayes, take a hit.”

“No thanks,” she said again. She was done with fuck weed.

Shawn took it back at took a hit, holding it in before exhaling the smoke in her direction. Mike would have a fit if he knew Shawn was smoking in their house. Not that Mike was man enough to do anything about it. “Here, Mrs. Hayes.” He held it out for her.

Her eyes flickered down to the lit marijuana in the bowl of the bong. “I’m done with that stuff, Shawn.”

Take it. I don’t need anymore.” Indeed, his cock was hard again, any of the floppiness was gone. His balls were big and seemed to be swelling before her eyes. His cock really was pure masculine perfection. She shook her head. “Come on Mrs. Hayes, you still owe me for smoking some of my weed. Finish this off and we’ll call it even.”

That got her attention. “You mean I’ll be done with you?”

“If you want to be done with me, but you got the itch now, Mrs. Hayes. You gonna want the BBC again and if it ain’t me, than another brother’s gonna gives it to ya.”

“That’s never going to happen,” she muttered. Sweat started to bead on Jodi’s brow as she stared at Shawn’s cock in all its giant perfection. “I’ll be fine without the weed,” she stated without conviction. She did have an itch inside her, but that was from the weed, right? The itch had started after Shawn’s cock had opened up new territory, deeper than Mike could reach. “You’ll really leave us alone?” she asked, eyes flickering back and forth from big black cock to the bong.

“If that’s what chu wants.”

Jodi reached out and took the bong. She bent down and placed her lips around the end sucking the smoke up into her lungs through the pipe. She wanted to laugh. Several weeks ago, the very thought of putting her lips somewhere a black man’s lips had just been would have disgusted her. Now her lips had been on his lips, her tongue in his mouth, and wrapped around his huge cock. She exhaled and took another hit. The sense of relaxation already spreading through her body. She really did have a fucking itch. She snorted out some smoke, wanting to laugh. Her fucking itch was an itch to fuck! She took in her fifth and final hit, her brain wondering if the itch was going to get so bad, she’d actually have to call Shawn to cum over… snort! Come over and scratch it. She certainly wasn’t going to fuck some other black guys and where’d she even find one with a cock like Shawn’s anyway? Jodi’s eyes rolled up in her head as her lids closed, the bong falling from her fingers. Already her brain was recalling her first sight of Shawn’s huge black cock as he stood up in the hot tub, her hands reaching out to touch it. She collapsed on the couch.

Shawn sprang up and picked the bong up off the couch, patting at the ashes to make sure they were out. Mrs. Hayes was slumped over on the couch. He lifted her and sat her up, her head falling forward. He made sure she was stable before letting her go. His phone was still by the recliner. He grabbed it and opened the text app. “Ready,” he typed before hitting send. Might as well have a little something to remember this, he thought. He opened the video app and hit play, resting the phone against his empty beer can on the stand by the chair, aimed at Mrs. Hayes.

He stood up and walked towards the front door, giant erect cock bobbing in front of him. He didn’t give a shit if any of the neighbors saw a nude black man standing in the Hayes’ doorway. He was reaching for the handle to open the door when it rang.



Jodi’s brain quickly ran through her encounters with Shawn her arousal growing with each memory ending with this morning when he fucked her from behind. She couldn’t understand why having his thumb in her ass had felt so good and after he came inside her while her ass was plugged had given her one of her biggest orgasms. Next time, he fucked her from behind she hoped he’d stick his thumb in there again. She wouldn’t have the courage to ask him to do it, but she wanted it. Her nipples were straining to push through the lacy material on her new bra as her horniness grew to an unprecedented level. Her pussy pulsed, each time sending a fresh flow of lubrication through her already soaked pussy.

She heard voices… men talking. She tried to wake up, but she couldn’t. She wanted cock. The second hit of weed was acting like a double whammy on her already oversexed libido. She needed a big black cock to satisfy the emptiness in her pussy. So empty. She’d never forgotten the day senior year when the black men had surrounded her on the sidewalk, nor had her brain forgotten the sex dream she’d had about them that night. She was there again, wearing her sundress, raising her arms so that they could pull it off over her head. They pulled their cocks out, they were all as big as Shawn’s, all perfect pussy pleasers designed to satisfy the emptiness inside her. The cocks started poking at her again only this time she opened her mouth and took another in her pussy, her hands jerking off two more. They took her on the sidewalk and afterwards, pulled her to her feet. Her new friends led her into a club filled with hot sweaty black people. She was in the “Hot in Herre” video and it was getting hotter by the minute. Her pussy was on fire. The men lifted her onto the table. When it was hot in here, you took off all your clothes, so Jodi started dancing, working the sun dress up and pulling it over her head as the heat became unbearable. The crowd cheered and then booed, seeing her boring old white bra and granny panties. I wanna take my clothes off, she thought. I wanna take my clothes off. She removed her old bra. The crowd cheered as they saw the lacy black bra underneath it. The cheers grew louder when she slid down her granny panty to reveal her lacy black panty. The crowd stared at her as they danced, most of the men shirtless, the women pulling their tops off over their heads. Jodi was lost in the song, dancing to the beat. Her hands found the hook in her bra releasing her tits from their confinement. The crowd cheered as the rapper rose up in their midst. Nelly walked across the crowd to step onto the table. He was shirtless and sexy. She pushed down her panty for him as he pulled out the biggest blackest cock her brain could have imagined. A moan of awe rose up from the crowd as she fell to her knees and took it in her mouth. She sucked Nelly’s cock as he continued singing. He looked down at her, grinning, light reflecting from a gold canine as he sang, “Can’t nobody stop the juice.” Her stomach and mouth filled with his cum and it was delicious. She gulped it down, trying to jerk his cock off for more, but the rapper just stepped back, his huge cock hosing her nude body with cum until it was dripping off her. He stepped back as more black men climbed on the table, jerking off their huge cocks as they began to cum. “Can’t nobody stop the juice,” sang Nelly in the background. The juice came at her from all sides, covering her body in semen.

“OHMYGOD!” cried Jodi jerking awake. She found herself staring cross eyed down Shawn huge black cock, hard, ready, and waiting for her to come to her senses. “Jesus, Shawn,” she gasped, taking it in with her eyes. “It looks even bigger!” She leaned forwards and took the sleek head in her mouth, sucking it past the glands. It did appear longer, but not quite as thick. Not as dark as normal either, a dark brown as opposed to black. She pulled back to stare at this strange cock. The head wasn’t as bulbous, it was more serpentine, the glans laying lower and not flaring up as much, making it look more streamlined. She licked around them before sucking it back in her mouth. He even tastes different; she thought her eyes running up Shawn’s torso. His skin was browner and his musculature leaner, not as bulky. Was she still lost in her fantasy? She swallowed a good ten inches down her throat as her eyes looked at the grinning face of another teenage black man. His black dilated pupils staring at her intensely.

Her eyebrows shot up as she stared at him in confusion while continuing to suck his cock without missing a beat. Something about his face rang a bell.

“Damn S.W., I can’t believe Mrs. Hayes is sucking my cock,” said the strange black man. “An she good at it, yo.”

“I made sure she had plenty of practice, Assman,” said Shawn appearing to Jodi’s view left of the newcomer. His huge familiar darker cock was bobbing before him. “Mrs. Hayes, you remember Antione Anderson, doncha?”

“MMMPHH!” she protested, the snakelike head of Antione’s cock sliding more easily through her throat then Shawn’s more globular head did. She did remember Tony Anderson. She’d had him expelled for grabbing her ass. She’d never been more horrified in her life at the thought of a black man reaching out to touch one of her butt cheeks through her slacks. Now she’d gone from being disgusted at the thought of having his hand touch her inappropriately to hungrily sucking his 13-inch black cock.

“And you know Wilson, Mrs. Hayes,” said Shawn.

There was movement to Antione’s right. A wall of blackness blocked out the light from the window. Her eyes came into focus to see another naked black man. “MPH MPH!” she gurgled, not recognizing the disgusting fat man. He had to be closer to sixty then fifty. The jowly face was smiling at her displaying yellowed or missing teeth. His pate was bald with a halo of curly white hair like a monk’s tonsure around the head that came down as sideburns that met above his lips in a bushy white mustache in an old Victorian era style leaving the chin bare. He did look familiar. She’d seen that mustache before. Her eyes didn’t want to look away from his ugly face for his body was worse. Wilson was obese with a large belly and saggy tits with some gray chest hair and even hair around his nipples. His belly stopped beneath his navel and there was another bulge of fat under his belly that was mostly covered by white pubic hairs. A hideous dark black cock stuck out from that bulge, almost as long as Shawn’s but considerably thicker with a bulbous head covered by a slightly darker foreskin. It was the ugliest thing she’d ever seen sticking out from one of the ugliest men she’d ever seen.

“Come on Mrs. Hayes. Wilson. Donnie Wilson?” Wilson had a loud voice that seemed to rumble out of his big belly. “Maybe you don’t recognize me with my clothes off?” Wilson seemed annoyed. “We’ve worked together for seven years, bitch.” He quit grinning, thankfully hiding his bad teeth. “Yeah, that’s right, Mrs. Hayes,” he added when her eyes widened with recognition. “Couldn’t be bothered to remember my name, could you?”

Wilson was right. She hadn’t bothered to learn his name. He was a subcontracted landscaper at her school. She’d never even disdained to speak with such an ugly man so beneath her station. He’d often given her a friendly greeting to which she usually replied with a nod, but often ignored. He was just the fat old black man riding around on a lawn mower, trimming the hedges, or planting flowers around the school sign. Only the flamboyant mustache made him stand out in her brain at all.

“Fatboy’s my plant expert,” said Shawn. “He gonna make sure my Fuck Weed business gets up and runnin.”

“Been growing pot for thirty years,” said Wilson proudly, showing off his ugly teeth with another grin.

She looked away from the ugly black man only to see Tony’s pubes rushing up to her eyes as he grabbed her head and pulled her deep down on his cock. “Gurk!” Jodi choked, she barely managed to deep throat Shawn’s foot long black cock and Tony’s extra inch was a bit too much. Thankfully, he realized she was having trouble and let go of her head. Jodi pulled back, Antione’s sleek cock gliding smoothly up her throat and into her mouth. She stared at his brown shaft admiringly. It really was streamlined, straight as an arrow, with the serpent shaped tip even resembling an arrowhead. Another hand grabbed her head and turned her attention left. She found herself staring at Shawn’s blacker more familiar cock. His round bulbous head with the large flare of the glans was so different from Tony’s. He pushed it against her lips until she opened her mouth and swallowed the head. Jodi leaned into it, swallowing a little more than half Shawn’s cock, her hand stroking Tony’s shaft while she sucked Shawn. Shawn stepped back. She stared at it a moment before turning her attention back to Tony. She opened her mouth and leaned forward, but another hand grabbed her head and turned her attention to the right.

Wilson’s ugly cock was the opposite to Shawn’s. Both their cock’s matched their owner’s. Wilson’s cock was so fat the entire shaft looked squat even though it was nearly a foot long. The entire shaft was covered in blue-black veins that ran up to a wrinkly black foreskin that covered a cock head even more bulbous than Shawn’s. It was slightly crooked, leaning to his left and she could see a large reddish-black urethra peeking at her through a hole at the tip of the foreskin. His scrotum matched the foreskin, dark black and wrinkly, his right testicle was a big as one of Shawn’s balls, but his left testicle was nearly twice as big, hanging heavier and lower in the sack. It looked like the weight of the one huge testicle was what was making his cock bend to the left.

She smelled it before the head even reached her lips. His cock reeked of sweat and musk like it hadn’t been washed in a week or maybe it had, but his layers of fat made it too difficult to clean properly. Her brain told her to keep her mouth shut, to turn away from the from the smelly loathsome bratwurst shaped phallus sticking out from beneath the man’s big belly, but as disgusting as Wilson’s cock was, it was still big enough to satisfy the yearning emptiness inside her. Her lips did open, they opened wide, wide enough to accommodate his additional girth, the foreskin sliding down as It pushed past her lips. It tasted as bad as it smelled, but the taste was manly. “Mmmm,” she moaned, her throat stretching wide around the thicker cock.

“Well, shit. The slut likes it,” said Wilson, staring down at the lovely redhead. Her eyes were closed as she bobbed her head over the end of his cock.

“Told chu,” grunted Shawn.

“This shit’s amazing,” grunted Wilson. “Not only is Mrs. Hayes willingly sucking my hog, but my old colored dick ain’t been this hard in ten years. It’s like I’m eighteen again.”

“Just get my weed growing an chu can have all you want, fatboy.”

“I’m go-OHH-nna need cash.”

“I gots me an investor,” said Shawn. “The green is comin. Enough to get the rest of the seeds planted and to expand into yo greenhouse.”

“Mmmm,” moaned Jodi again as she ****** more of Wilson’s cock down her throat. Her forehead pushed against his fat belly. Her pussy was wrenching in lust for this cock. She kept her eyes closed as she sucked him so she didn’t have to look at him, but that made her brain focus on his scent and taste. His powerful man scent filled her nostrils each time she inhaled. It was like nothing she’d ever smelled before. This was no sanitized dick, well-scrubbed with body wash or scented soap, this was how a real man smelled. She liked sucking this cock even more then she liked sucking Shawn’s. Her belly hungered for his manly seed. “Mmmm,” this time her groan was in complaint as she was pulled off the smelly cock. She opened her eyes and stared greedily at the crooked chunky sausage as she was pulled away from it, her face turning back towards Antione’s cock. She opened her mouth to receive it.

Jodi moaned again, taking her other former student’s sleek cock into her mouth. This time she started bobbing her head faster, desperate to finish one of these studs off so she could fill her belly with cum. She grabbed his hips to brace herself only to have Shawn grab her arm and pull her hand over to his cock. Wilson soon did the same. Jodi rapidly sucked Antione’s cock, her hands jerking off the other two men. She was servicing three feet of black cock and it was all hers.

“Oh shit,” grunted Tony, throwing his head back. “You want some more?” he asked Wilson, not wanting to give her mouth up.

“No. I’m a gonna fuck that white pussy.”

“Good. Keep sucking that black cock, Mrs. Hayes.”

“Get her down on the floor,” said Wilson.

Wilson and Shawn grabbed her under her arms and lifted her off the couch. Their cocks slid out of her fists even as Tony’s slipped out of her mouth. They held her arms as Tony reached out and unhooked the bra between her luscious white tits. Her tits sprang free and he couldn’t help running his hands over her breasts. The men released her arms long enough for the bra to fall off before grabbing them again Tony kneeled down in front of her and pulled her black panty down over her hips until it fell to the floor. He sat up on his knees as Shawn and Wilson pulled down on her arms forcing her to her knees, one of them pushing her back so that she was on all fours. Tony grabbed the base of his cock and slapped it on her head a few times before lowering it back down towards her waiting mouth. They both sighed as she began sucking Tony was more. Wilson kneeled down behind her, he was sweating profusely and taking deep breaths. He pulled back on his foreskin, watching the purplish black head of his hog emerge from the foreskin. His chunky eleven-plus-inch dick was rising up and rearing left of her butt crack when he grabbed and bent it down towards the pussy lips. “Never had no white pussy before,” he grunted, thrusting forwards.

“MMMPPH!” Jodi’s eyes widened as her pussy was stretched out more than ever before. Her eyebrows slowly lowered and she closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of having both her needs satisfied at the same time. Soon Wilson’s cock was buried to the balls inside her, his thrusts pushing her into the fat around his crotch even as she raised her ass up into his belly pushing back into his thrusts. He slammed her harder pushing her forward so that Tony’s cock shoved deeper in her throat.

“What do you think, old man?” asked Shawn.

“Best pussy I ever had,” he gasped out. “Hot, tight, and wet, just like I like them.”

“Mm Mm MMMM!” grunted Jodi cumming on Wilson’s cock for the first time. She looked up Tony’s body. He was very fit with a prominent six-pack and well-defined muscles. He had a leaner athletic build compared to Shawn’s bulkier heavy weight torso. Another difference was that Antione Anderson was actually kind of handsome. He was clean cut with short shaved hair and bright white teeth and a nice smile, a good-looking young man without Shawn’s brutish thug visage. Sweat was beading his forehead and he had an intense look on his face.

“UNH!” grunted Tony, his cock bucking down her throat.

She felt it pulsing inside her throat. The need she had for her belly to be full was being satisfied as he emptied a large load into her stomach. Jodi pulled her head back as Tony pulled his hips back. His spurting cock slipped back into her mouth, filling it with his semen until her cheeks bulged out. His cum tasted as good as Shawn’s, thick as pudding as she swallowed it down. Tony grabbed the base of his shaft, squeezing his hand upwards, squirting more wads of his seed into her mouth. Unlike Shawn who liked to cover her in the last few wads of cum, Tony seemed to want to feed her every last drop of his seed.

“Fuck bro, look how hard it is?” said Antione, pulling his rock-hard cock from her mouth and staring at it proudly.

“It ain’t gonna start going down til you cum again,” said Shawn. “And even then, it’ll pop right back up.”

“Unh Unh Unh,” grunted Jodi as Wilson forcefully fucked her from behind. She could feel her back growing wet as sweat dripped off his belly. He was wheezing, gasping for air, not used to this kind of exertion. “Fuck me,” she hissed. “Fuck me.”

“You’re not going to forget my name now are you, Mrs. Hayes?”

“God no.”

“Say it.”

“Wilson. Fuck me. Give me that big cock.”

“Call me Mr. Wilson or sir,” he ordered.

“Fuck me Mr. Wilson. I love your cock, sir.”

“This your favorite cock, bitch?”

“Yes sir! It’s my favor… CUMMING!” Her arms gave out and she lowered her head to the carpet, keeping her ass upthrust for him to continue fucking. “Fuck me,” she gasped softly. “Fuck my white pussy, sir. I love your big black cock, Mr. Wilson.”

“Fuck you, slut,” growled Shawn, slightly miffed.

“Sorry Shawn. His cock feels so good. I love it. I want him to fuck me forever.”

“I can’t fuck you forever,” said Wilson wheezing even louder.

“Careful old man, this is the kind of pussy that could kill you,” said Tony.

“Then I’d die happy,” groaned Wilson. “You want my cum, bitch?”

“Yes, Mr. Wilson.”

“Ask for it then.”

“Please give me your cum, Mr. Wilson. My white pussy wants your seed, sir.” Jodi’s body started shaking as she began to cum. Wilson pushed his fat cock in deep. A powerful steady stream began hosing her womb with his hot seed which immediately intensified her orgasm one hundred-fold. Like Tony, he didn’t pull out and cum on her, her just held his cock deep until he’d emptied his balls of every drop in her womb.

The fat man was gasping and wheezing as he fell off her and struggled to lift his sweaty heaving body onto the couch. His thick eleven-inch cock stayed erect, throbbing and bobbing along with each gasp of breath the obese man took.

“Holy fuck,” said Tony, staring at Mrs. Hayes in awe after Wilson had moved his bulk out of the way.

“Nice, ain’t it,” said Shawn.

“Unh huh,” agreed Tony, nodding. “It’s… perfection. Like the full moon is shining at me.” His jaw dropped and he began to fall. Antione “The Assman” Anderson fell to his knees still staring worshipfully at the firm well-rounded globes of Jodi’s ass. He didn’t see the stream of Wilson’s semen dripping out beneath it. All his eyes saw was the upthrust rear end of his former teacher, the last teacher he ever had because she was one that had gotten him expelled, expelled for reaching out and grabbing the very ass he was currently staring at in fascination. He reached out and caressed her cheeks with both his hands, a shudder passing through his body as he touched them. His eyes ran down her crack to the tightly puckered rosebud in the center. “She’s untapped,” he hissed between his straight white teeth.

“I left it for you, bro,” said Shawn. “It wasn’t easy.”

“Thank you,” Tony whispered.

“I owe you, Assman. I owe you a lot.” They’d hit a warehouse a few years back. Tony had gotten caught and spent fourteen months in prison despite being only seventeen when he got arrested. He’d never ratted out Shawn. Shawn had a long career of criminal activity, but no record. He’d been locked up, but no charges ever stuck.

Shawn expected to see Tony line his cock up right away and shove it through that tightly puckered hole. Instead, what he saw was Tony leaning forward and pressing his nose between her cheeks. The Assman stuck his tongue out and slid it up her crack, over her anus, and out the top. He turned, kissed one of her cheeks then the other before returning his tongue to her sphincter. Even Shawn wouldn’t lick out a girl’s asshole. He’d happily fuck it and planned on fucking Mrs. Hayes’ ass later, but he’d never lick it.

It wasn’t normal for Tony either, but for some reason, he had to lick Mrs. Hayes. He was grateful Wilson had fucked her in this position so that Wilson’s cum wasn’t running down her ass crack. It wouldn’t have stopped Tony if it had been, but he was glad her it wasn’t. He pushed the tip of his tongue hard against Mrs. Hayes sphincter and wiggled it inside.

Jodi wiggled her ass back at him. She was barely aware of what she was doing, the orgasm Wilson had given her had knocked her out. For once, her needy pussy and belly both felt satisfied, but there was a new pleasurable sensation registering on her brain. She pushed her ass back into that wet squirmy thing probing into her asshole unsure exactly what was going on.

Tony turned his head sideways and kissed both cheeks again. He sat up, his hands worshipfully running over and squeezing her firm white globes. Tony looked down at his erect missile-shaped cock sticking out and pointing at the crack in her ass. The other black men watched intently, Wilson still catching his breath on the couch and Shawn walking over to sit back down in Mike’s recliner.

“More,” moaned Jodi, missing the strange thing playing with her anus.

“More’s coming,” he said before spitting in his hand and rubbing the saliva around the head. “It’s her fault you know,” he said.


“The reason I’m the Assman. Remember that day in class?” Tony like all the other males in Jodi Hayes class had been staring at her tits. He actually did pretty well in her class he was so focused on her big bosom. It was like her tits had hypnotized him into listening to and learning from her. The things were too big to be constrained and despite her heavy blouses and sweaters, her nipples often made daily appearances, trying to poke free of her heavy clothes. He tried to picture her teaching the class in a bikini, but knew his imagination couldn’t do justice to how good she’d really look. He was still a virgin then and his cock was hard all the time, it got hard every day in her class. He’d stand with an enormous tent in his jeans. Some of his female classmates would giggle at him and others appeared quite interested in what he was packing, but Mrs. Hayes big white titties were all he could think about and he’d jerk off the moment he got home thinking about Mrs. Hayes’ tits and sometimes he didn’t even make it home, jerking off in the bathroom.

He was staring at her tits. The nipples were poking through again. How fucking big were her nipples that they could poke through her bra, her top, and a sweater? Mrs. Hayes wasn’t looking at him as she passed his desk. She was staring out over the class. She dropped her pen, turned and bent over. Tony’s eyes followed her tits down before falling on her rear end. Mrs. Hayes wasn’t wearing as much on her lower half, just slacks over her panty. When she bent down, the slacks tightened up around her ass, the outline of her panty appeared an indent running up the middle where her crack would be. His eyes widened until they were mostly white. He’d been trying to picture her teaching in a bikini again and in his mind her slacks disappeared. He was staring at smooth white skin and a firm panty covered ass. Something snapped in his brain. Mrs. Hayes picked up the pen, but didn’t stand up. She arched her back and looked behind her all doe-eyed. “Well Mr. Anderson, what are you waiting for?” she asked, shaking her ass at him.

“Y-yes ma’am, he mumbled, reaching out to pull her panty down, his hand grabbing her cheek.

Jodi Hayes jumped away from his hand “What the hell do…” She stared at him in disbelief, barely able to comprehend what he’d just done. His hand was still reaching out, clenched like it was grabbing something. There was a collective gasp from the rest of the class. “You go Tony,” shouted Shawn from the back of the room. “G.. ge… get out! Get out of my class!” She pointed at the door. “OUT!! PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE, ANDERSON. NOW!”

Tony reluctantly grabbed his things and dejectedly left her class. His mom fought for him, but all that she got out of it was that Mrs. Hayes agreed not to press any charges against him provided he was expelled permanently. He never went back to school, never graduated, and ended up selling drugs on the street along with some other minor criminal activity. He knew the street well and it would be his job to set up Shawn’s network of dealers to move his product.

Tony had been the “Assman” ever since. He didn’t care what the woman looked like, as long as she had a great booty, he was in. If he was getting his dick sucked, he looked down her back at her ass. His favorite position for fucking was doggy so that he could play with her ass, but his favorite of all was the ass fucking itself. If they were reluctant, he was good-looking and charming enough to usually convince them. He’d never regretted grabbing Mrs. Hayes ass that day, and if he had, staring at his hard cock rising up over her ass at this moment would have made it all worth it.

Tony spit in his hand again, coating his saliva around the head of his cock, but he didn’t think it was enough. He had a small bottle of lube in his pants pocket for occasions like this, but his pants were a good fifteen feet away. He was holding his cock down, head aimed at her pink rosebud, but he ****** it down even further and let it glide smoothly between the folds of her pussy lips.

“Mmm, fuck me,” moaned Jodi, still slightly out of it with her head resting on her folded arms.

Tony did, but slowly working his cock slowly in and out of her, letting his brown shaft get coated in her wetness and Wilsons’s thick cum.

“OH!” she squealed, his extra inch pushing in even deeper than Shawn’s cock had gone as he sank his cock in her up to the hilt. He held her hips tightly, feeling her pussy clenching down, quivering around his cock. Her muscles squeezed his shaft trying to force him to move it. He started to remove his cock, his primal brain screaming at him to fuck her, to plant his seed deep in her womb, to knock his former teacher up with a little black baby, but he was “The Assman” after all and he needed to fuck her ass more than anything. There’d be plenty of time to plant his seed later.

Tony groaned as he slowly withdrew his cock. Jodi groaned also, pushing her ass back as far as it would go to keep his cock inside her. His sleek missile shaped cock sprang up as it cleared her pussy. It was covered with her and Wilson’s combined fluids. This will do, he thought.

Tony grabbed his cock and bent it down. Both Wilson and Shawn leaned in to watch more closely. It was easier when they spread their cheeks open for him, but Mrs. Hayes didn’t know what was coming. He adjusted his stance so that he could push his cock down, poising the head against her tight little pink rosebud. It was a beautiful clean anus and it was his to destroy. Tony pushed the head down against her anus and thrust his cock through his fist.

Jodi came alive!

“UNH!” she grunted, feeling her anus pushing in as it began to open. She arched her back, lifting her rear into it to make it easier for him, thinking it was just his thumb pushing into her butt before he put his cock back in her pussy. She even moaned wanting this again, the fullness and satisfaction of having her pussy stuffed full of cock while her rectum was being stimulated. But her ass kept stretching open. She winced, sweat forming on her forehead. Antione Anderson must have a really big thumb? Her opening went from the diameter of a dime to that of a nickel, and as it passed that of a quarter, she knew she was in trouble. Tony Anderson was trying to sodomize her!

He grabbed her waist and held her tight as she began to pull away. “Relax, Mrs. Hayes,” he told her calmly. “Relax. Take a deep breath. I want you to enjoy this.”

Jodi’s face was scrunched up with the strain. Enjoy it? He’s got to be kidding? “It’s too big,” she protested. “UUNNHH!!” She could feel her ass stretching open around the thick middle of the head. “OHGOD!” The head pushed in deeper, his glans slipping through her opening. Thank God for the fuck weed, she thought. The marijuana was helping with pain relief as well as relaxing her. Thank God for fuck weed? You don’t thank God when you’re skipping church to let a black teenager sodomize your ass. She was going straight to hell for this.

“There Mrs. Hayes. The heads in, that’s as thick as it gets. We’ll let you get used to it.”

“I’ll never get used to this,” she growled, keeping her head down. She could feel the color rising in her cheeks as she fought to accommodate having such a huge cock in her ass. Nearby Shawn chuckled.

“This yo first white ass?” asked Shawn.

“First white woman,” replied Tony. He’d taken a few white men in prison. They struggled at first, but then they’d all begged for him to do it to them one last time before he got out.

“Oh,” said Shawn, sitting back knowing exactly where Tony would have butt fucked some dude and knowing that he was partially to blame for Tony being in prison in the first place.

“Ready, Mrs. Hayes?” asked Tony. He placed both hands on her hips.

“OHGOD, NO!” she hissed between her teeth. “Fine. Just do it! Get it over with.”

“Tense up your sphincter.”

Jodi flexed her sphincter muscle, feeling her squeeze around the serpentine head of Tony’s cock.

“Yessss,” moaned Tony. “Squeeze that big black cock. Now relax.” He felt her grip slip and he slowly pushed more in until she tensed back up. “Good, squeeze and relax.” He pushed more in. “Squeeze and relax.”

“OOOHHH!” she moaned. He didn’t have to speak anymore. She heard his voice in her head. “Squeeze and relax,” it said, over and over. As she relaxed, his cock pushed deeper and eventually as she squeezed her sphincter around his cock, she began to enjoy it. “Yes,” she moaned, squeezing. “Mmmm,” she sighed, relaxing. He began working it in and out not just pushing forward. He was slowly fucking her ass still pushing deeper. She squeezed her ass tightly around it. “OH YES!” she gasped as he started fucking her with nearly half his cock. “That’s it, Tony, Fuck my ass.”

“You liken it now, Mrs. Hayes?”

“Yeah, it’s not so bad, kinda good. Fuck my ass, Tony. Mmmm, it is good.” She squeezed her ass tight around his cock. Quivers of pleasure running along the nerve endings in her anus. “I like… I love it. So fucking good.” The quivers grew into tremors that turned into an explosion of pleasure from her womb. She raised her head and cried out as she came from being sodomized by the black teen. “Cock… ass… good!” she gasped before crying out in pleasure and then shame. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she sobbed even as her ass continued squeezing and releasing Tony’s cock.

“You okay?” he asked, stopping when he noticed her sobs.

“Yes, don’t stop. Keep fucking me Tony,” she told him, still crying, a slow horror spreading through her body at what was happening to her. It wasn’t dismay that she was being sodomized. She was horrified that each time Tony pulled back, she began to feel an emptiness where his cock had been, a yearning to have it back inside her. She would want this again. First her pussy, then her mouth, and now her ass would need to have that emptiness filled again.

Jodi was gently thrusting her hips up to meet his thrusts. Tony was slowly pumping her ass. He wasn’t in a hurry, just enjoying what was a dream come true for him. “You gonna let me fuck your ass again?”

“Oh yes, Tony. Any time,” she moaned.

“This is my white ass now,” he growled, picking up speed. He had a hold of her hips and was pulling her back into his thrusts, forcing his cock a little deeper.

“Yes.” She moved one hand out from under her head and it found its way to her pussy. She started diddling herself. “Yes, your ass.” Jodi felt the pressure building as another orgasm began building up inside her.

“Who owns this white ass?” asked Tony, spanking one of her cheeks.

“You Tony,” she gasped. “It’s your ass to fuck any time.”

“That’s right, gonna fuck your white slut ass anytime, gonna fuck it all the time.” Tony fucked faster. “Ready for my jizz, Mrs. Hayes?”

“Yes,” she hissed through gritted teeth. “Do it, give it to me.”

“Here it is, slut.” Tony pulled her ass back into his cock as it began pumping her bowels full of sperm. Jodi’s body shook as her orgasm broke. His cock continued spewing out its voluminous load, filling her ass and rising up to squirt out of her anus around his shaft. It ran down her perineum to mix with Wilson’s sperm still leaking from her pussy. Their combined cum dribbled down to pool on her carpet.

“Fuck yeah,” groaned Tony, pushing her forwards and slowly withdrawing his cock. More semen welled up in her ass, following his retreating cock, and pouring from her stretched out hole the second his cock sprang free. “That’s the best orgasm I ever had.”

“It’s the fuck weed, bro,” said Shawn.

“Nah, it was Mrs. Hayes ass. Definitely her ass.”

“Dayumn nigga,” wheezed Wilson through his teeth. “I think you made her cum too.”

“Twice,” said Tony.

“That normal, Assman?” asked Shawn.

“No,” said Tony, climbing to his feet. “The men do, but then they jack it while I’m doin’em good. Women love it, but usually don’t cum. She special.”

“She is special,” agreed Shawn, but suspecting it was the fuck weed again that relaxed her enough to cum. He’d have to experiment with that. “Why don’t you go get cleaned up, Mrs. Hayes. We ain’t done with ya.”

Jodi was weak and wiped out, but she did need a shower. She pushed herself up and stumbled her way to the stairs. She used the railing and slowly climbed the stairs, her belly and womb full of semen, and now her ass squishing, leaking sperm with every stair she climbed. She felt ashamed and dirty, but for once felt like all her needs had been satisfied.

“Damn cock’s still hard,” said Tony, staring down at his cock bobbing before him. He pushed it down with his index finger watching it spring back up and bob. “Guess it’s time to give that white pussy a go.”

“Why doncha head upstair den,” said Shawn.


It took Jodi forever to feel clean. She washed between her thighs and ran the cloth up between her butt cheeks, but each time she wiped Tony’s semen up, more poured from her ass. Rubbing the body wash across her breasts was sending spasms of desire back down to her pussy, the emptiness began returning. She dropped the wash cloth and closed her eyes as she played with her nipples, her arousal increasing to the point she slid one hand down her belly, her fingers slipping into her pussy. She was able to bring herself off while thinking about the three black men’s cocks, her orgasm releasing more of their trapped seed from her womb and rear end adding to the emptiness. She washed that away and finally felt clean enough to step out of the shower.

Jodi dried herself off and wrapped a towel around her body before walking out into the bedroom. She froze when she saw Tony sitting on the bed. His thirteen-inch torpedo cock rising up between his legs. “Co’mere, Mrs. Hayes,” he said.

Jodi’s eyes focused on the huge black cock as she stepped closer. She’d stripped the bed and he was sitting on just the mattress cover. The sheets were piled on the floor still sticky and wet from last night’s multiple couplings with Shawn.

She stepped between his legs, Tony reaching out and untying the knot in the towel above her bosom. It fell to the floor. “You have an amazing body, Mrs. Hayes,” he told her, running his brown hands over her pale white breasts before sliding them down and grabbing her hips. He pulled her closer, she turned her head as their lips met. Jodi moaned, her arousal growing as they kissed passionately. Tony reached around and grabbed her ass, squeezing it. He pulled her closer, tighter. Jodi found herself climbing into his lap, still kissing him.

Tony raised her up, breaking their kiss, her lips found her erect nipples as he lowered her down over the head of his cock. He used his strong arms to raise and lower her over the end of his shaft until gently lowering her down so that she was fully impaled. They both sighed as her hot pussy embraced his hard black cock. She sat still, enjoying the feeling of fullness she got from his cock, kissing him again. Eventually, Tony grabbed her ass cheeks raising and lowering her over several inches of his cock. She assisted, raising up off her knees to bounce on more of his shaft.

“I love your cock, Tony,” she whispered in between kissing him.

“It loves your white pussy,” he whispered back. “And your mouth.” He kissed her. “And your ass.” Jodi arched her back, her pussy beginning to tighten around his shaft. Her breasts thrust up towards his face. “And some day,” he added. He sucked one of her swollen nipples between her lips. “It’s gonna love fucking these big white titties.” He sucked her other nipple, his tongue flickering over the hard nub.

“OHGOD, TONY!” She threw her head back, her long red hair, darker because it was wet, hanging down behind her. “I’m cum… CCUUMMMMIINNGG!!” Her pussy clenched down around his shaft, her orgasm exploding outwards from her womb to rock her entire body.

“That’s it slut, come all over that black cock.” Her wetness poured out around his shaft soaking his crotch. Tony fell back on the bed.

Jodi leaned forward, bracing her white hands on his muscular brown chest, her hair now falling down over his torso. She gasped for air. “Wow,” she said. “I love your cock,” she said, staring down at his fit chest and his handsome face.

“Is it your favorite?” he asked.

Jodi nodded. “It is.” She ground her crotch into his.

“Shit,” said Shawn. “I think her favorite is whatever one’s in her at the time.”

Jodi looked up guiltily to see Shawn’s broad muscular form standing in the doorway. He was stroking his cock and it was glistening in the light as he coated it with fluid. “Sorry,” she told him.

“Don’t be Mrs. Hayes.” Shawn walked closer and then around to the foot on the bed. “I knew you was a slut for big black cocks.”

“I’m not,” she protested. “It’s the weed.” He disappeared behind her. “I’m not a slut,” she denied, hoping Tony might agree with her. Tony’s grip on her ass cheeks tightened, fingers digging into her flesh as he spread them apart. “I’m not…” She felt Shawn’s hard rod fall on the top of her ass. He stepped back the thick shaft sliding down her cheeks. He grabbed the base, applying pressure down on it as the knobby head moved down to her recently fucked anus. “No,” she hissed in shock. “You’re not…” Jodi tried to look behind her, but couldn’t turn her head that far. “That’s too much!”

Jodi’s face tightened, her cheeks turning red. Her anus pushed inwards before stretching open. Shawn’s cock was thicker, the head rounder and fatter than Tony’s. Her sphincter stretched open further than before. There was a brief moment when she thought her ass was going to tear open before his cock head pushed inside. After that, it wasn’t so bad. Her ass had already been well-fucked and it didn’t take long for it to adjust to Shawn’s slightly thicker cock. She followed the, “squeeze and relax” instructions, Tony had given her and Shawn’s cock pushed deeper.

“You don’t know how hard it was saving dis ass for chu,” growled Shawn, his cock head pushing against Tony’s shaft.

“Oh, I know, bro. I know,” answered Tony, keeping her cheeks spread open for Shawn.

“I sees why it turned you.” Shawn’s cock head pushed upwards, along the length of Tony’s shaft until the two large cocks were pushing against each other as if competing for one tight space.

“UNNNHH!” sighed Jodi, loudly. “Oh god! It’s too much!” She exhaled sharply, sucking in a deep breath she filled her lungs, holding it, before releasing the air in shorts puffs like she was giving birth. Only in this case, the thing was pushing in instead of out. “OH,” she groaned, grinding her crotch into Tony. “Mmmm, yessss. It’sss gooood.”

“That’s it, Mrs. Hayes, now ya gettin in ta it. I knew you was a slut for big black cocks.”

“No, I’m not…” Jodi let her denial trail off. “Just fuck me.”

“Not until you admits it,” said Shawn, smugly.

“I can’t,” she groaned. “I’m not a… I’m a married… Just fuck me.” Jodi wiggled her ass. “Please?”

“Say it, slut,” ordered Shawn.

“Say it,” added Tony beneath her. He grabbed one of her heavy teats and raised it to his lips, sucking her nipple between them.

“OOOHHH ALLLL RIGHT! Alright! I’m a slut for big black cocks. Fuck me. Fuck me with your big black cocks.”

Shawn pulled back on his shaft pushing forward. “Who’s yo favorite?”

“Yeah, who’s your favorite,” said Tony, bucking his hips so that his cock pushed deep in her pussy, pulling back slightly.

“YYEESS!!” Jodi raised her ass up and down. “You’re my… your both my… I love all black cock. I’m a slut for big black cock.”

“That’s what I’m talkin about,” said Shawn, spanking his palm down against her ass cheek. He grabbed her hips and held on as he slammed his cock in and out of her ass. “But we both know I’m yo favorite.”

“Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me,” she screamed.

The men raised her ass up high enough Tony could buck his hips and work his cock in and out of her pussy. The alternated thrusts at first, Shawn pulling back when Tony thrust deep, switching to both pulling back together and thrusting their cocks back in eliciting screams of pleasure from Jodi.

“I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” she cried out, her pussy and sphincter contracting all around the two men’s shafts as she came hard all over Tony’s cock.

Wilson stumbled into the doorway, leaning heavily against the jam, gasping for breath from climbing the stairs. He shuffled into the room, rivulets of sweat running down his prodigious stomach.

“What took you so long?” asked Shawn.

“Funny,” wheezed the heavy black man.

“This slut sound noisy to you, Tony?” asked Shawn.

“Yeah, slut’s loud,” replied Tony before returning his mouth to her nipple.

“Just in time, Fatboy. Shut the slut up.”

“Damn straight,” grunted Wilson. “Can’t let you two niggas have all the fun.”

Tears of pleasure were running down Jodi’s face from her intense orgasm and she could feel another building. Wilson’s immense naked bulk was approaching the bed. He climbed on above Tony’s head, that side of the bed bending down as he lifted his bulk on it. His fat eleven-inch cock stuck out from the fat patch around his pubic hair just under the larger bulge of his belly. She no longer saw it as hideous. It was just another big black cock that could satisfy the emptiness inside her. Jodi lowered her lips and sucked the head inside, moaning with satisfaction as all her needs were finally being met.

The head wasn’t enough for Donnie Wilson. “I need ya to suck it deep, Mrs. Hayes.” He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down, his shaft slamming down her throat. The top of her face pushed deep into the black man’s large gut. He stank and his sweat covered her forehead and the top of her hair, but she didn’t care. He moved his hands to the sides of her head and began face fucking her, the angle being perfect for shafting her throat. It was the hardest cock she ever sucked, hard to breathe through her nose. She inhaled deeply every other time he pulled back on his hips, exhaling the other times. She lost her rhythm each time she came and she came many more times.

Jodi’s body was being used like a slut to get their cocks off. Shawn was holding her hips, slamming his cock in and out of her ass. Tony was pushing up on her ribs, keeping her slightly raised so that he could buck his hips, keeping 3/4s of his shaft inside her while working the rest in and out. Wilson was holding her head still shoving his cock in and out of her mouth. Jodi wasn’t doing any of the work. She was just serving as a future receptacle for their seed and after a full ten to fifteen minutes of this, their seed came.

Shawn came first. He pushed his cock deep into her ass, maybe nine inches deep, his hot seed exploding from tip of his cock and flooding her bowels with a large load of cum. This was the first load he’d blown since smoking the second hit of fuck weed and it was a large one, more than her ass could hold, sperm squirting out around the shaft buried in her anus.

Jodi came hard the moment she felt his cock erupting inside her. She wanted to scream out loud, but her cries were choked by the thick black cock pumping in and out of her throat. Seconds later, she felt Tony’s cock explode, another large load of semen spewing into her womb at a rapid pace, overflowing it so that his cum poured down all over her balls to mingle with Shawn’s seed running down her perineum from her leaking ass. Tony’s squirting cock both prolonged and tripled the power of her orgasm. Wilson’s cum was gushing down her throat, filling her belly to the point she felt like she was drowning in cum. He pushed her head back, his cock head entering and overflowing her mouth with his thick seed. It dribbled down her chin as she tried to swallow, but her orgasm made her want to shout out, not gulp down the constant discharge streaming out of Wilson’s thick cock.

Jodi went limp, the only thing holding her body up was Tony’s hands on her ribs and Shawn’s on her hips. Wilson pulled back, his cock exiting her mouth. She shut her lips quickly to keep her mouth full of sperm mostly so that she could keep tasting him. The fat old black man, jerked his cock off, the last few wads of his semen splattering on her face. He fell to the side, landing heavily on the bed. It was hard enough to make the other three jump up on the bed. Shawn slowly began withdrawing his spent cock, his seed flooding up after his retreating cock. It bubbled up and poured out of her stretched out anus.

Jodi smiled lazily and looked up. Mike was standing in the doorway, pale as a ghost, and looking completely aghast at her. The first words to fill her brain were, “Mike, it’s not what it looks like,” but it was what it looked like. Jodi just swallowed the sperm filling her mouth and collapsed on top of Tony without saying anything. He rolled her over so that he could pull his deflated cock out of her.

“Damn fuck weed,” she heard Shawn say. “I’m still hard.” She felt his hands on her ankles, lifting her up and then his big perfect cock was in her again, fucking her hard enough her tits were shaking violently up and down. Jodi just stared at the ceiling, focusing on the big black cock fucking her pussy so good it wasn’t long until he had her cumming again and again.


Mike had a mostly good morning. He won the golf match with his friends despite Eddie’s constant unprofessional taunting on the back nine when he realized he was going to lose. “Damn boys, you should see Jodi in yoga pants.”

Mike flushed as he teed up.

“She was really shaking that ass for me. You know I think Jodi could use a big cock for a change. A woman dressed like she was at the mall the other day is looking to get fucked by a real man.”

The others laughed uncomfortably. Eddie was usually inappropriate and often went too far. He made sexual comments about all their wives, but mostly Jodi. He had deep set eyes and stared a lot. His hair was greasy and usually uncombed. He also licked his lips constantly. Jodi was right about Eddie being a creep. His wife Diane had been a real stunner, but gained a lot of weight after her third child with Eddie. The guys didn’t understand how Eddie could have scored a babe like Diane until they’d used the locker room showers together and Eddie had strolled in last, a huge banana cock swinging back and forth between his thighs. He gave it a few tugs and the monster rose up to jut out from his matted pubes a good foot in length. They’d all stared in shock at it. “Any of you think your wives would like a go with a real man?” he asked, pointing it at them one by one. He aimed it at Mike last. “How about you Mikey? Big cocks really bring out the slut in redheads.” Mike just shook his head, but had trouble not staring at it. He hadn’t seen it’s like since until Shawn Wright had stood up in to hot tub. Life really wasn’t fair. The only good thing about Eddie’s twelve-inch cock was that it told him size wasn’t just a black thing. Some men were just gifted.

Despite Eddie’s teasing, he got a birdie on that hole and had one of his best scores ever by the end of the game. They always played for a little money and he was quite happy pocketing the extra cash.

He drove home still feeling slightly pleased with himself and hoping that Shawn would be gone, but suspecting that the black teen wouldn’t leave until his balls had been completely emptied.

He was right, he could hear them upstairs, going at it again. He stared dismayed at the carpet. There were multiple pools of gooey mess in front of the couch and his chair. Damn, that black kid sure came a lot, he thought. It looked like he’d blown two or three more of his big loads down here and they were upstairs fucking again.

“Fuck you, bitch,” he muttered. “I ain’t cleaning your mess up this time.” He sighed when his eyes fell on her sexy new lingerie on the floor by the couch. He hadn’t even gotten to see her in it. His brows furrowed, confused at the additional piles of clothing on the carpet which included a few more pair of men’s shoes. “What the fuck?” he asked, before heading to the stairs.

Mike stood in the doorway to his bedroom and stared at the backside of an obese black man. Rolls of fat bulged out on his back. Surprisingly, his ass was flat, but still fat, it sagged down to the back of his thighs. The fat dark ass cheeks were tensing up, his back was sweaty, and his hands were in front of him down by his crotch. Mike had the distinct impression the old fat man was jerking off.

The saggy butt cheeks shook, indented, and pulled back. The fat black man fell to his side landing on the top of Mike’s bed. His eyes locked with Jodi’s, semen running down her face. Towering above her ass was Shawn’s powerful torso. He was stroking his cock above her ass, long strands of his thick seed were shooting out from the head. Jodi smiled sadly at her husband before gulping down the load in her mouth. It was then that he noticed another black man beneath her. He rolled her off him.

Shawn cursed the fuck weed and before Mike’s brain had even processed the fact that his slightly racist conservative wife had just been fucking three black men, Shawn was holding her legs up and slapping his cock in and out of her trying to get himself off again.

Mike slowly turned and walked back downstairs. He grabbed himself a beer out of the fridge and sat down at the dining table, slowly sipping his drink. An hour later, the grotesquely fat black man slowly shuffled downstair. He was covered in sweat and breathing heavily, his huge black cock slapping back and forth from thigh to thigh. “Afternoon,” he said, casually, walking nude past Mike and grabbing one of Mike’s beers from the fridge. He pulled the tab and gulped it down. “Recycle?” he asked, holding the can up.

“Just leave it on the counter.”

The black man sat the can down and walked past Mike heading back to the living room. Mike stared at the fat ass not believing his wife capable of doing anything sexual with such a man. The stranger dressed himself and quietly left. More sexual noises echoed down the stairwell. They were still at it or at it again, it no longer mattered.

Mike drank another beer, the two naked black teens coming down a half hour later. “Hey, Mr. Hayes. This is Antione Anderson,” said Shawn, walking past Mike and grabbing two beers, handing one to Tony.

“S’up,” said the lean muscular black teen, smirking at Mike as he sipped one of Mike’s beers.

Mike stared back. He’d heard that name a hundred times. The student that had grabbed Jodi’s ass in class. He’d never seen his wife more outraged about anything in her life and here was the same kid, giving Mike a, yeah, that’s right, I just fucked your wife look.

The two men sat their half empty beers on the table by Mike and headed back upstairs. Soon more sexual noises had started. Mike finished his beer. He stood and checked the fridge. Shawn and Antione had taken his last two cans. Mike sighed. Fifteen minutes later, he was in the liquor store buying a case of beer. After that, it was dinner time and he was hungry so he stopped by a diner and sat down for dinner. His stomach was so upset, he barely touched his food. He managed to finish the soup and munched on the salad while his pork chops went cold.

When he returned, the men were gone or at least he thought so. The living room hadn’t been cleaned up. He went upstairs. The bed was a mess and covered in wet spots. Jodi was in the bathroom. He peeked in on her. She was soaking in the tub, sitting back, a wet facecloth over her eyes. She was clean, her body looked gorgeous. Her perfect tits were rising out of the water, nipples swollen and erect. She was humming slightly. “Jodi?” he asked, angry that she seemed so content.

Jodi sat up, the cloth falling off her face. “Mike?” She stared at him.

“Are you okay?” He watched her nod. “What happened?”

“I…” She blushed. “I smoked some more weed.”

“YOU DID WHAT?” He starred at her in shock, noticing her pupils were still dilated as much as they had been last night.

“He told me that if I did, we’d be even and he’d leave us alone.”

Mike relaxed slightly. “So we might be done with him?”

“I hope so,” she responded.

“You mean it?”

“Yes,” she said, nodding.

“We’ll talk in the morning.”


Mike slept in their guest bedroom or tried to sleep. His mind was too active, running through the events of the last two weeks and always culminating in the nude form of the fat black man shuffling into the kitchen, his obscene cock swinging like a pendulum. Oddly, it was the image of the huge cock swinging back and forth that finally put him to sleep.

He jerked awake when a hand slapped over his mouth. Mike struggled against the intruder. Tiny powdery objects hit the back of his throat. “Sssh,” whispered Jodi in his ear. “Here, have a drink.” She grabbed his arm and guided his hand to a glass of water.

“Wh- what did you give me?” His mind raced through the various poisons. He pictured her all in black, pretending to cry over his coffin while the three black men consoled her. He knew he was being ridiculous, but the thoughts came nonetheless. He took the water and swallowed the dry pills stuck in his throat.

“Relax honey, it’s just some of your penis pills.”

“My penis pills?” He felt her hand on his stomach. He was sleeping in only his underwear and her hand slipped beneath the hem to fondle his penis.

“I’m so horny, Mike.” He watched her in the dim light climb into bed with him. “I need you.”

Mike grabbed her hand and pulled it out of his underwear. Images of the disgusting things he’d seen her do flooding his brain. “Jodi, I can’t. I need time to think.”

“And I need cock.” She leaned in and kissed his neck. “Go down on me and I’ll suck you off, baby,” she whispered.

Mike shivered, remembering the last time he’d gone down on her when her orgasm released Shawn’s trapped semen into his mouth. “No!”

“You don’t love me anymore,” she sobbed.

“I do. I just need time to get over this.”

“Can I at least sleep here?”

Mike hesitated, wondering if she really wanted his companionship or that their king-sized bed was too messy. “Okay.”

Jodi snuggled up to him and he wrapped his arm around her. She was nude, her big breasts pushed into his sides and he could feel her nipples were still hard as they pushed into him. She smelled good from her bath. “Thank you,” she whispered, placing her hand on his chest.

“Tell me what happened.”

Jodi told him and Mike felt a little better, blaming Shawn for tricking her into smoking his vile weed again and inviting his friends over. “I couldn’t help myself. I was… I am just so horny.”

“Jodi, I love you and I will try to get past this. Just promise me no more fuck weed.”

“Oh god Mike, I promise. The stuff is evil.”

“Good. You were right honey; I should have turned that brick of weed over to the police.”

“We both made mistakes, Mike. I want to work through this.” She leaned into him raising her lips to his. He flinched, seeing her face splattered with cum, it matted her hair, and ran down her chin. Her eyes were totally black. Mike turned his head away. “If you can’t kiss me, we can’t work through this.” Mike turned his head back to her. She brought her lips down on his, her cheeks bulging out from all the fat black man’s sperm she was holding in her mouth. It poured down into Mike’s mouth. Mike ****** the images out of his brain and kissed her back. “There, that’s better,” she said. Jodi slid up some more and kissed him on the nose, then the forehead.

The dim light turned black as her large bosom blocked out the light from the window. Her nipple scraped against his lips just as Mike felt the heat in his cheeks as the penis pills kicked in. Jodi hefted her tit, moving it so that the nipple passed back and forth over his lips just like a mother did trying to get her baby to nurse. Mike couldn’t help himself and sucked her swollen nipple into his mouth, moaning as his arousal grew. God, she had great tits!

Jodi climbed on top of him as his prick stiffened. She reached between her legs and pulled his dick out, raising it as she pushed her pussy back onto the tip. If Mike had any second thoughts about having sex with her, they disappeared when she leaned over him and turned the light on. No man could resist a body like that, he thought as she sank down onto his shaft. Hell yeah they could get through this. Especially, if she kept this up. His heart filled with hope.

“Mmm, so horny, Mike.” She closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of having his penis in her. “I love your dick, baby.” She started slowly working her hips over his cock. “Mmm, give me more.” She ground her pussy into his crotch. “Gimme more, Mike.”

Mike bucked up, thrusting his dick as deep as it would go. “Here it is, Jodi.”

“More.” Her brow furrowed. He could see the need written across her face. “I’m so horny, Mike. So empty. Fill me up, baby.”

“I’m all in, Jodi,” he groaned, bucking his hips faster, hoping his dick might go just a little bit deeper.

“It’s not enough,” she blurted.

Ironically, the light dinner and the three penis pills she’d slipped him had his dick as hard as it ever got. A couple weeks ago, he’d have been quite proud of it, and Jodi would have been at least content with it. Mike suddenly felt a desperate need to satisfy her. He reached out and squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples eliciting a moan from her.

“It’s not enough,” she hissed. “Not enough. Not enough.”

Mike moved one hand off her breast and down between her legs. He found her clit and started rubbing it furiously.

“Oh yes,” she moaned. She stopped riding him, pressing her clit down onto his finger as he diddled her. He kept bucking his hips so that his dick kept working a little inside her. “That’s it, baby. Gonna cum.” He worked his finger faster believing that getting her off would be some sort of victory. “Yes, Mike. Yes. YES!”

They came together which was amazing and the perfect outcome to any sex session. Mike thrust his prick up shooting his seed as deep as he could. Her pussy contracted all around his shaft, her own cum soaking his dick in it’s hot embrace flowing down his shaft and leaking onto his crotch. His body relaxed and sank into the bed. “That was amazing,” he moaned, smiling with satisfaction.

“The best,” she replied, convincingly, grinding her crotch into his still swollen shaft.

Mike stared at her, seeing only her beauty, no images of her body covered in another man’s semen flooded his mind this time. There was only Jodi. If he could still satisfy her, they stood a chance. If he could make her cum like that at least once in a while, they were going to make it.

Jodi slipped up and off him, his wet dick falling towards his stomach. Jodi scooted back. “Look at all that cum,” she said, staring at his crotch. Mike was still smiling as he raised his head to look down. Jodi was grabbing his still rock-hard dick up by the base and raising it up. Mike smile faded as he saw all the pudding thick semen covering his hard shaft, way more than he had just ejaculated. Just as his mind was registering that her orgasm had released more of the black men’s seed all over his dick, she was lowering her lips and sucking him into her mouth. She moaned hungrily even as his dick went soft.

“Mike, your cum tastes amazing,” she said, looking up at him just before she licked her lips.


“You feeling okay, Mike?”

Mike jumped slightly and looked up from his desk at Erin. He gave her a sad smile. “Just didn’t get much sleep last night.” He’d spent the night mostly staring up at the ceiling. Jodi’s voice echoing in his head. “It’s not enough. It’s not enough.” Jodi for the most part, slept well, but had a lot of dreams. She moaned and groaned, moving her hips into the thrusts of imaginary lovers for most of the night, mumbling the words, “Fuck me” and “Big black cock,” letting him know she wasn’t having sex dreams about him. The pills were still in his system and he woke up to her stroking his erect penis. Jodi got on all fours and wiggled her butt at him. Mike got on his knees and entered her, giving her a few good thrusts before she asked him to put it in her ass. He did, surprised by how easily his dick pushed through her anus. He liked it and she seemed to enjoy it. Afterwards, he showered and dressed for work. She’d gone back to sleep.

“Everything okay?” she asked with genuine concern.

“Fine,” he replied, staring at her sadly. Erin in Mike’s opinion was wonderful. He adored her and they had become good friends. She was a lovely young woman with long wavy brown hair, big endearing hazel eyes, and an amazing figure. She kept a picture of her and her fiancé on her desk. They were on the beach and he was kneeling, holding the ring out. She was in a bikini and built like a porn star, but somehow still looked innocent. Her breasts were probably a cup size smaller than Jodi’s, but looked huge on Erin’s trim figure.

She was ten years younger than Mike, but he’d always gotten the impression that if they’d both been single, they would have started dating. It might have been foolishness on his part. Erin had the type of personality that made any man she talked to feel like he was the center of her world and nearly all the men in the office had crushes on her. They would have been friends out of work, but Jodi was usually a little bitchy towards her. ”Not fine,” he added. “I’m having some marital issues.”

“Want to talk about it over lunch?”

They usually had lunch at least once a week. “Not today. I have some errands I need to run. Maybe tomorrow.”

“Sure, but if you change your mind, you know where my desk is. I’m always there for you if you need me.”

“Thanks Erin.”

Mike didn’t get much work down waiting for his lunch hour. When it finally arrived, he left his desk and headed for his car. He drove to the tattoo parlor where’d he’d purchased the bong just over a week ago. The store had an adult toy section and he glimpsed the packaged dildoes the last time he’d browsed the weed paraphernalia. Luckily, the store was empty. The tattoo artist was a burly biker with big arms covered in tattoos. He raised an eyebrow when Mike removed the twelve-inch black dildo off the peg board. “It’s a gag gift,” said Mike, cheeks flushing.

“Sure, buddy,” the artist replied, knowingly. “That’ll be $49.99.”

Mike paid the man and left vowing to never return to that store.

“How are you feeling?” he asked Jodi when he got home.

“Better,” she said. Jodi looked somewhat disheveled and frustrated. The dilation in her pupils was almost gone.

“Still aroused?”

She nodded.

“I thought this might help,” he said, removing the dildo from the brown paper bag.

“What’s that?” she asked, blushing. “I’m not that kind of woman, Mike,” she said, even as her eyes widened while staring at it. She was interested, he could tell. The damn thing even closely resembled Shawn’s big black cock, though the dildo was darker.

Mike was pleased to see; she’d cleaned the living room and she’d even cooked dinner. After dinner, she did the dishes. Jodi looked sexy as fuck walking around the kitchen barefoot wearing a halter he hadn’t seen and her sexy ass hugging yoga pants. If things returned to normal, he certainly wouldn’t mind her keeping with her sexy new look. They retired to the living room and watched a movie together.

“Mike?” she asked as the movie ended. “Think you’d be up for another night?”

Mike looked at his wife, she appeared somewhat desperate and hopeful. She knew he didn’t like using the pills two nights in a row, they messed with his sinuses too much, but she still had the need. “Should I open our new friend?”

Jodi blushed and broke eye contact. “If you want,” she mumbled, looking down.

That meant yes. Mike had to use a knife to cut into the hard plastic encasing the giant dildo. The dildo was their foreplay. He used it on her waiting for the pills to kick in. She had two good orgasms before his dick even turned erect. He looked disgusted at the slimy white semen coating the plastic dildo as he removed it after each orgasm. He ended up pushing it deep into her pussy and fucking her ass until she came again. Despite her orgasms, she seemed disappointed in the dildo. It was only when her pussy was full of cum did her emptiness feel satisfied.

The next day, Mike came home from work to Jodi looking sexy as hell, still strutting around in her yoga pants and a halter. He caught her actually doing yoga, frozen in the cobra pose, eyes closed in meditation. The pose had her laying on her stomach, but rearing up so that her breasts were thrust out. He could have stared at her in that position for hours.

When Jodi did open her eyes, she smiled at him and jumped up, big tits jiggling freely under the halter as she bounced over and gave him a welcome home kiss. Her eyes were bright and green as she smiled at him. The fuck weed was out of her system. “Sorry, I didn’t make anything for dinner,” she said.

“Let’s go out then.”

“I’ll get a quick shower.”

Mike followed her upstairs. Jodi pulled her top off over her head, E-cups swinging freely and entered the bathroom wearing only the yoga pants. He waited for the shower to start before sneaking over to the dresser and opening the drawer where he’d hid the dildo. He’d put it in behind some socks and underwear, the head facing left. The head was now facing right. She’d used it that afternoon. He didn’t mind, that was what it was there for. Mike pushed the drawer back in and headed back downstairs to wait on his wife.

Wednesday, Mike came home and was almost disappointed to see Jodi wasn’t wearing her yoga pants, but she looked absolutely lovely in a pull over summer dress. Her hair was tied back and she was wearing light makeup. Sandals covered her bare feet. She was cooking him a grilled cheese. “Going somewhere?” he asked.

Jodi looked at him solemnly. “Church,” she replied. “Since I missed the last two Sundays, I thought it best that I go to the midweek service.” She served him his grilled cheese with some potato chips. “I know you think it’s all nonsense, but I really need god’s strength and guidance right now.” She paused. “And his forgiveness.”

“Whatever works for you works for me, honey,” he replied, secretly delighted that she was going back to church. It was another sign that things were going back to normal. After she left, Mike went upstairs to change and check on the dildo.

It had been moved again.

Jodi returned home smiling and in a good mood. Her green eyes always sparkled with a fervent look after church. “How was church?” he asked.

“Exactly what I needed,” she replied. “With god’s strength, I’ll get through this. We will get through this.”

She snuggled up to him that night and he slept with his arm around her, both quite content.

Thursday, Mike had one of his weekly lunches with Erin and she could see he was in a much better mood. “I’m glad your problems seemed to have worked out for the better,” she told him.

“Thanks,” said Mike. “You know what? I’ve got plenty of time saved up. I think I’ll take the rest of the day off and surprise the wife.”

“I’ll tell the boss,” said the lovely Erin, smiling at him. “Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.”

But it was Mike that got the surprise when he got home.

Mike pulled into his driveway and was whistling as he entered his house. Jodi was moaning loudly from the bedroom. The whistle died on his lips. At first, he thought she might be working out, but then she always did that in the living room. He began to climb the stairs hoping to watch her pleasuring herself with the black dildo. She had used it every day since getting it.

The door to the bedroom was open and all his hopes and dreams came crashing down.

“Fuck me, Shawn. Fuck me with your big black cock.”

Jodi was beneath him, her legs wrapped around his waist. Shawn’s ass was rising and falling rapidly as he slammed his massive cock in and out of her. “Here it comes, slut,” he grunted. “Gonna bust a nut in yo white pussy.”

“Yeah baby, I want it. Seed me. Seed me good.”

Shawn’s ass came down and stayed down. He grunted loudly like a rutting bull as he emptied his huge balls into Jodi’s womb. Jodi screamed loudly as she came hard around his spewing cock. They stayed entwined like that for nearly five minutes.

“Dayumn, I gotta piss.” Shawn disengaged himself and climbed off the bed. “Oh hey, Mr. Hayes,” he said, heading for the bathroom. His round dilated pupils made him look demonic as did the obscenely large cock still hard and bobbing in front of him.

“Mike!” she said in surprise, her head slowly turning to look at him. She was laying on her back, legs still spread open.

“Jodi, what happened? We were doing so well.” He watched as she slowly closed her legs and sat up. “You promised me no more fuck weed.”

Jodi stood, her legs a little shaky from the hard fucking. Shawn’s cum dripped down between her legs to splatter on their carpet. “I didn’t smoke any,” she swore looking up at him. Her pupils were normal, her irises bright and green. They shined with the same fervor he’d seen last night when she’d come home from church, but this fervor was a passionate zeal for something other than her faith. She looked like an addict that had just gotten her fix.

“What happened?”

“Shawn stopped by and before I knew it, we were upstairs. I couldn’t stop him.”

“Damn things too hard to piss,” interrupted Shawn bursting out of the bathroom. “Take care of it, Mrs. Hayes.” He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees. Jodi immediately took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him. “That’s its Mrs. Hayes, don’t have to tell a natural cocksucker like you what to do.”

Mike looked at the giant black youth. “You can’t keep coming over here thinking you can fuck my wife, Shawn,” said Mike angrily.

Shawn looked over and down at Mike’s flushed face, threw his head back and laughed. “Don’t listen to the slut, Mikey. She called me. Told me she wanted to talk, but when I hopped yo fence, she was laying out in her bikini. A woman that invites you over and wears dat for you is lookin to fuck.”

“Seriously Jodi? You invited Shawn over and wore your red bikini for him?”, he asked, looking down at her. “Is this true?”

“Mmmmph! Guk!”

“It’s true,” said Shawn. “Except it was the other bikini. The one that barely covers her nips. She might as well have been nude. Probably will be next time.”

“Next time?” muttered Mike, staring down at his wife, who appeared to be choking on Shawn’s big black cock and loving every inch of it.

“Yeah, she got the itch now and she be needin the BBC to scratch it,” said Shawn. “Hurry up, I gotta piss like a race horse.” Jodi started bobbing her head faster.

There would be a next time and many times after that, Mike realized. He recalled her words the first night they’d smoked the marijuana. “Oh Mike, I don’t know about this. Isn’t it a gateway drug?” She asked, just before he’d handed her the joint that had changed their lives.

The fuck weed was a gateway drug, but not for harder drugs, it had led Jodi towards a different addiction.

Things were never going to be the same.


“I’m Chelsey Stine.”

“And I’m Cordell Martyn. Tonight, we continue with our series about the dangers of the Ishtar strain of Marijuana. The so called, Sex weed.”

The news was 50% of the reason Mike watched the news and Chelsey Stine was the other half. Chelsey was the local golden girl. She was a blue-eyed blonde, former beauty queen that had rapidly risen from woman on the street, feel good reporter to news anchor. She was one of those people that everybody loved despite having a seemingly perfect life. She’d married her college boyfriend, a Ken to her Barbie, and they had two lovely tow-headed children, a boy and a girl. He’d looked at pictures of her from the Miss USA pageant online. She looked great in an evening gown and even better in a bikini. Her breasts appeared to be a large DD, but they fit her figure and she wasn’t top heavy like Jodi. Mike had seen more bikini pictures on her social media accounts. She wasn’t shy about sharing them. Chelsey was the stand out in a picture filled with six bikini clad beauties from a sorority spring break trip to Mexico. There were more pictures of her in a bikini from her honeymoon, standing beside her equally handsome husband. Having two kids had only seemed to make her figure better. She was constantly being wooed by national networks, but so far refused all the offers because she didn’t want to uproot her family. Dark-rimmed glasses were perched on her nose. Mike didn’t think she needed them and she wasn’t wearing glasses in any of her online pictures. She just wore them so that she looked smart and people took her more seriously.

“The Ishtar strain was reportedly stolen from a research lab more than two years ago and has been blamed for the rise in arrests for indecent ********, public lewdness, and disorderly conduct, not to mention the so-called church dinner orgy, and even the mayor being caught by this news organization coming out of a motel room with a female lobbyist.” Chelsey lifted the stack of papers in front of her and fanned herself a couple times.

The church dinner orgy wasn’t an actual orgy, but three couples including the Pastor and the married Sunday school teacher, snuck off and were caught having sex in various rooms of the church. It was discovered that someone unknown had brought Fuck weed laced brownies to the church dinner. The weed affected more than just those three couples, but most of the others were married and had the self-control to make it home before having sex including a lot of septuagenarians and octogenarians.

“Of course, no marijuana was found in the mayor’s blood test,” added Cordell.

Cordell “The Penetrator” Martyn, former professional NFL Player with a reputation for being a brute for his hard tackles. He was a massive black man at 6’5” and 255lbs. He was very broad from his chest to his shoulders, and even his head seemed wide. Cordell had a beard, but no mustache and shaved his head bald. He had a large gap between his two front teeth that stood out when he talked. Cordell had started as the sport’s anchor, but moved up to co-anchor when the spot was vacated. Mike didn’t find him particularly knowledgeable off the cuff, but he was flawless with a teleprompter.

The focus went back on Chelsey and caught her sipping some water. Sweat was beading her forehead.

Mike reached over and shook Shawn. “Time for bed, buddy.”

“Already, Mr. Mike,” groaned Shawn Jr, stirring from his sleep.

“The Ishtar strain affects users differently, but all report becoming aroused with increased sexual desires and fantasies. Signs of female arousal include…” Chelsey paused, she was slightly flushed, having difficulty with the subject, but she was a professional and continued. “Fuller breasts, hardening of the nipples, increased breathing and heart rate, swelling in the…” She swallowed. “Clitoris and the inner lips of the vagina leading to increased sensitivity and stronger more frequent climaxes. In many cases dilation of the pupils has been noted.”

“Men report harder firmer erections including men with erectile dysfunction. While many of these side effects sound beneficial, sex weed has not been approved by the FDA, we repeat, sex weed has not been approved by the FDA. The increase in sexual desire and lowered inhibitions have resulted in multiple unfortunate incidents.”

Mike lifted Shawn Jr in his arms. The toddler wrapped his arms around Mike’s neck and buried his head in Mike’s shoulder. Mike carried him upstairs. Jodi had found out she was pregnant shortly after he realized the fuck weed had hooked her on big black cock for good. Shawn couldn’t get the full length of his cock inside her and she realized her cervix had closed up. She’d turned into a frustrated bitch the rest of her pregnancy.

Jodi screamed out in orgasm as Mike carried Shawn Jr past their bedroom. “Good night little man,” he told the boy.

“Night night, Mr. Mike.” Shawn yawned and just like that was back asleep.

Despite the fact that Mike was essentially raising him, big Shawn wouldn’t let his son call a white boy, father. Only Shawn was “Daddy” when he stopped over to fuck Jodi and see his son. Mike had grown quite fond of the little guy despite not being able to claim any parentage. Just looking at the boy reminded him that he was clearly Jodi and Shawn’s child. Mike thought the child was one of the ugliest kids he’d ever seen. He had lighter skin, but Shawn’s African features, broad lips and flat nose. He had curly African hair, but it was reddish-brown and the boy’s face had inherited Jodi’s freckles only many more so. Given the fact that his ears also stuck out, Mike found himself constantly thinking the boy looked like a brown-skinned Howdy Doody doll. For the record, Jodi disagreed, thinking her son was the handsomest boy in the world while Shawn never mentioned the kid’s looks, but seemed quite proud of the boy.

Mike left the nursery and silently pushed the bedroom door open. Jodi’s latest favorite, Deyonte Leonard, was currently standing by the bed, holding Jodi upside down while he tongued her pussy and she sucked his cock. Deyonte was a big boy with an impressive cock that reached fourteen inches when he was on fuck weed. Neither Jodi nor Mike had seen anything like the black drug dealer’s big black cock. “Here to watch your wife with a real man, white boy?” asked Deyonte, looking up at Mike. The black teen’s chin was covered with his saliva and Jodi’s arousal. His black dilated eyes stared at Mike, while he reached his tongue down and licked it up Jodi’s slit.

“Not tonight,” said Mike. Though he did stay and watch a minute. He’d watched them fuck plenty of times, but had never seen them in this position. Eventually, Deyonte backed into the bed and sat down, falling on his back so that they were now in the sixty-nine position. He’d seen them do this before, filmed them even. Jodi had taken to having herself filmed with most of her bulls after secretly filming Deyonte with two white cheerleaders. Deyonte had shared one of the videos and the leak was going to cost Jodi her teaching job. The hearing was tomorrow and her union rep didn’t think it looked good. You don’t fuck one of your students.

Jodi had been very frustrated during her pregnancy. She wanted a full big black cock fucking, but she couldn’t take more than half a huge cock. Anal sex even became difficult the later her pregnancy went. She did let Mike have sex with her while she was pregnant. She even enjoyed the closeness and intimacy though he was “Not enough.” After Shawn Jr. was born, she had Shawn come over the moment she felt healed enough to take his cock.

Pregnancy had been great to Jodi. She looked even better now then she had before her pregnancy. Her breasts didn’t get any bigger, but her nipples turned thicker and darkened. They were still a rosy pink but her areola no longer faded into her breasts making her pink round circles stand out more. She dieted and exercised throughout her pregnancy increasing her workouts after Shawn was born. Jodi did her yoga daily adding erotic dancing to her routine until she became quite good at it much to Shawn’s delight. In the end she was more fit and even sexier than before.

She never made her bulls wear condoms and luckily Mike convinced her to go on birth control before any of them got her pregnant again. She was so in love with Shawn Jr that she did want another child, but the thought of going that long without a full shafting convinced her to go on the pill.

She saw Shawn and Antione regularly at first. Wilson had a stroke soon after getting the fuck weed greenhouses up and running. Jodi went over to take care of him some days, laundry and some housework, but mostly to take care of his cock. The fuck weed helped the obese man, but he couldn’t talk anymore and Jodi told Mike that Wilson drooled all over her constantly. He passed away not long after his stroke.

Eventually Shawn and Antione didn’t come over as frequently and Jodi got frustrated. She began visiting the lower-class neighborhoods and some mostly black bars. She told Mike that some of these bars had white women like her, hooked on big black cock. The problem with this behavior was that the neighborhoods were dangerous and she often misjudged the men she thought would have the biggest dicks. Some nights were total disappointments with her letting black men with normal six-inch dicks pick her up. In those cases, she usually did blow the man, but rarely let anyone with a cock under eight inches near her pussy. On one night, she was on her knees in an alley sucking off three young black gangbangers and disappointed with all their average dicks when a pile of rags was thrown aside and a gray bearded old homeless black man screamed at her, holding up a truly huge cock. She sucked and then fucked the crazy homeless man’s giant dick with him screaming obscenities and sipping from a whiskey bottle the whole time. Afterwards, she found that the gangbangers had stolen her money and credit cards while she was fucking the homeless man.

Mike decided these visits were too dangerous and put a stop to her excursions. They discussed ideas for keeping her satisfied such as asking Shawn if he had any more hung friends or putting an ad in some adult personal websites. Salvation came when a teaching job opened up in the high school. She quickly became lovers with the black football coach and the black janitor. The janitor had some sort of learning disability and was a little slow, but he also had the outline of an impressively large cock under his overalls. He was easy, ready, willing and able to service Jodi anytime anywhere. He even liked making fuck tapes and having Mike film them. He even treated Mike respectfully. The coach was married and harder to pin down, but he was still a male and Jodi was hard to resist. Their encounters were fewer, but more intense and he only let Mike get his cock on film never his face for fear of it getting back to his wife.

Sometimes Jodi would wait for the coach in his darkened office and watch the team march in to the lockers, strip, and hit the showers. She was able to pick out a few hung seniors this way and made mental notes to seduce them, adding some new bulls to the mix.

One day she was horny and searching for the janitor to take care of her when she heard voices inside the school auditorium. She peeked in and watched as two white cheerleaders were trying to buy fuck weed off of Deyonte Leonard. One cheerleader was the queen bee of the squad and the other was her sidekick, but got better grades and had a good reputation. It was the good one that asked how could they be sure Deyonte wasn’t just selling them regular marijuana and he suggested they try a few hits. She was reluctant being on school grounds, but the squad captain thought it was a great idea and they had each other as a safety net. One joint later, the thug drug dealer was making out with both cheerleaders while they took turns stroking the biggest blackest cock Jodi had ever laid her eyes on. She wanted it immediately, but knew that the two cheerleaders needed it at that moment a lot more than she did. She took out her phone and recorded the three-way sex that went on the next hour. They did everything Deyonte asked, even kissing and going down on each other.

The next day Jodi called Deyonte Leonard into her class after school and showed him the tape, telling him that she could either suspend him or show her his cock. His surprise only lasted a few seconds and he chose the latter. Jodi was on her knees sucking it the moment he pulled it out. It was perfection and he’d been her favorite ever since despite leaking the video of them together.

Mike walked back downstairs and checked to see if it was past the drop off time. He glanced at the TV as he passed.

“The identity of the so called Budmaster remains a mystery,” said Chelsey. She was sweating and looked feverish. “Anyone with information on the Budmaster are urged to contact the police.” They cut to a long shot of both anchors and Mike watched as Chelsey to a sip from her water and a crewman ran up to check on her.

Mike stepped outside, walking past the hot tub and into his dark backyard. Shawn would not be easy to catch. He was smarter than Mike would have credited him with. Most of the dealers selling his weed didn’t even know his identity. They all, like Deyonte, went through Tony and Tony had already proved he wasn’t a rat if he got caught again. His network was set up like cells, with only one member of each cell knowing the next higher up.

Mike opened the flashlight ap on his phone and surveyed his yard. The black duffle bag was near where he’d first found the brick of fuck weed. Mike picked it up, feeling it’s weight, nice and heavy just like he liked. Mike carried the bag back inside, sat on the couch and unzipped it.

Rubber banded bundles of money nearly overflowed from the full bag. Some were bundled fifties, but most were twenties. Good, he thought, easier to spend. Mike may have lost Jodi to big black cocks, but becoming an investor in Shawn’s fuck weed business was making him rich. There was probably ten grand in the bag, more than last week, and there’d be even more next week. The biggest problem in his life was what to do with all the cash? The government got suspicious of large deposits so he’d bought the largest safe he could find to hold it all, but it was full already. He was starting to think about renting a storage until to hold his future earnings. He clearly remembered the moment the light bulb went off in his head.

“Gonna be rich, bitch,” said Shawn, leaning back in the hot tub, a triumphant grin spread across his face. He brought the beer up to his lips and drained it. “Just need some funds.”.

Mike glanced over at his wife blitzed from her hit of fuck weed and back at Shawn, still grinning and sitting in his hot tub like he owned it. “How much funds?” asked Mike and Shawn suddenly started paying attention to him.

The deal was for 10% of the profits which meant that Shawn had taken in 100k this week. Probably more, thought Mike. Shawn was most likely shorting him. Shawn had already tried to buy him off, even threatened him, but Mike had taken precautions. First, he knew Shawn’s identity as the Budmaster and second, the first time Shawn had showed up at their house demanding his weed back, Mike had ran upstairs to get the brick. The weed was a miracle drug. He loved getting strong erections again without taking a penis pill and even more, he loved the way Jodi behaved while on it. He couldn’t give this up and looking at it, he spied the numerous seeds. Mike decided to keep a few seeds for himself and grow his own bush. He’d told Shawn about the seeds the first time the black man threatened to stop paying Mike his 10% share. With the threat of his identity being ******* and losing his monopoly on fuck weed to another dealer, Shawn grudgingly kept the payments coming.

Jodi didn’t know about the deal and Mike wasn’t about to tell her in case he decided to cut her lose at some point in the future. She was really concerned about their financial stability with her about to lose her teaching job. Mike suggested a job more suited to a woman with her looks and figure, exotic dancing. She was stunned he’d even suggested it. Somewhere in her mind, she was still a monogamous married church going wife and not the black cock loving addict she’d become. By now she had come to enjoy showing off her body and was an excellent dancer. When Mike told her that her income potential was greater than her teacher salary and how they could work it out that she stayed home with her son during the day while Mike watched him at night while she danced. Daycare was expensive. Not to mention she might meet some new bulls giving private dances. She quickly warmed to the idea.

Mike rifled through the bag, moving the money around until he found the bottle of CBD oil and a little bag of weed. The fuck weed oil was truly a miracle drug. Just a spoonful a day and he was getting erections like he was a teenager again. Better even, because his dick was always maxed out and his orgasms were twice as powerful. No more penis pills. No more waiting an hour for it to kick in. No more stuffy nose.

“And how long is this humidity going to be this bad?” asked Chelsey Stine to the weather woman, fanning herself with the papers.

“Actually Chelsey, the humidity is rather low for this time of year,” the weather lady replied.

Mike thought about telling his friends Jodi would be stripping. She was indifferent to his friends, and openly disliked creepy Eddie. They didn’t even know she’d been pregnant. He told them, they had adopted a mixed kid. They all congratulated him except Eddie who had to say something about offering his services as a virile real man if she wanted to actually get pregnant.

He wondered what the look on Jodi’s face would be when he and his friends came in to watch her dance nude. He knew he’d be the envy of all of them when they set their eyes on Jodi dancing up on stage. He could even plead their financial difficulties to convince them to tip her well and buy lap dances. Eddie wouldn’t be able to resist pulling his cock out during a private dance. He might be white, but Mike didn’t think Jodi would be able to resist Eddie’s giant cock, no matter how creepy she found him. He was the type to want Mike watching his wife fucking a real man. Thinking about it was even making Mike’s dick get hard.

It was in Eddie’s nature to belittle Mike while he did things to Jodi that Mike never could. Mike was used to the humiliation by now. A lot of Jodi’s black lovers liked humiliating him and Mike had started getting off on it. When he didn’t feel like being humiliated, there was always Erin.

A dose of fuck weed CBD oil in her coffee during one of their lunches turned her into a sex maniac. They called out of work the rest of the day, claiming food poisoning and fucked like rabbits in a hotel the rest of the day. Apparently, Mike’s dick was an inch bigger than her newlywed husband’s prick and Erin was convinced Mike was a hung stud. He’d dosed her a few more times when he needed the ego boost and now he didn’t even need to use the CBD oil on her. She was hooked on him psychologically, seeing him as an amazing lover. Her nipples even hardened and her breathing quickened whenever she stepped into his office. There were even days, Mike left her feeling full of himself over how his big dick got her off three times and only to go home to jerk off while Deyonte told how worthless his little white boy dick was for fucking a woman while he fucked Jodi with his monster black cock.

“I’m fucked up in the head,” mumbled Mike, thinking about it.

He unscrewed the top on the CBD oil. He used it sparingly, but sometimes when he saved some up, he liked to use it as lubricant to jerk off. The oil acted like a testosterone rub swelling his dick even bigger and giving him more powerful orgasms.

He coated his hard prick with the oil, slowly gliding his hand up and down his shaft. He was in the mood for a good slow jerk off. Jodi was his favorite subject to watch, but he didn’t feel like going upstairs. He did have the video of Deyonte introducing the two cheerleaders to his big black cock and he’d jerked off to that many times.

He opened his eyes and was reaching for his phone to watch the video when his eyes fell on Chelsey Stine. The credits were tolling over the image of the two anchors. A couple producers were staring at her concerned. At some point, her glasses had become askew and she’d undone the top few buttons of her blouse. Beads of sweat dotted her chest and the ******* cleavage. Cordell stood up from the desk and Mike gasped at the size of the bulge underneath the man’s trousers. He rested his huge black hand on her shoulder and spoke a few words. For some reason, the camera zoomed in on her catching her eyes glued to the huge black man’s bulge. Mike could even make out the outline of a truly monster cock under Martyn’s trousers and more importantly Mike could clearly see how dilated Chelsey Stine’s pupils were as she stared at it. Mike snorted. The black man had spiked her drink with the CBD oil! She’d be his greatest conquest. Cordell Martyn helped her up and led the swooning woman off the set as the news went off the air.

Sometimes imagination was better than video. Mike closed his eyes and pictured Cordell Martyn helping the married white Chelsey Stine into her dressing room before helping her out of her blouse. Mike jerked his cock off picturing the two together. Martyn would pull his cock out and Chelsey would have the same look of awe on her face that Jodi had on hers when Shawn Wright stood up in their hot tub and her eyes fell on his hard black cock for the first time. The beautiful Chelsey Stine’s perfect life was about to come crashing down all around her. Mike grinned jerking his dick faster. His mind pictured Chelsey riding Cordell’s huge cock and cumming all over his giant black shaft just as he felt his balls well up and…

Mike’s hard dick spat his seed towards the TV to land on his carpet. The oil he was jerking off his dick with coaxing out several more decent sized wads.

Upstairs, Jodi cried out so loudly from an orgasm, she woke Shawn Jr up.

And in the local news station, Mike’s fantasies about Chelsey Stine and Cordell Martyn were playing out in real life as the lovely news anchor found out for herself about the very real dangers of…


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