The next morning we slept late, it had been a very busy day yesterday. We had planned to go to the beach but after a leisurely breakfast, we decided we’d have a lazy recovery day by one of the resort pools, in fact about 50 yards from our room, overlooked by our balcony.

I put on some swim shorts and Lizzie chose a white bikini - not her most revealing, but certainly not hiding much either. Lizzie always tans in about 5 minutes, while I have to go through a red cycle at least once before I start to go brown, and she wanted to make sure there wasn’t too much blocking the sun by way of extraneous clothing. It was baking hot - low 30s at least.

We lay on loungers alongside each other, Lizzie outside of the shade of a huge umbrella I had asked the pool guy to reposition over me. The pool guy, of course, was Hollywood handsome, with a perfect tan, dazzling teeth, and a great gym body - standard pool guy issue - and he turned on the charm when he spoke to Lizzie, his aviators making it difficult to tell whether he was checking her out, but I’d be surprised it he wasn’t. He certainly lingered a while longer than necessary, taking far too long to take our drink order.

When he arrived back with our drinks, I settled in to read while Lizzie slipped into the pool, floating on her back, eyes closed as her upturned face caught the sun.

Within half an hour she pulled herself up and out of the pool, water cascading from her wonderful body as she adjusted her bikini bottoms, which had dropped a little as she emerged. As she padded back to me I noticed, made a point of noticing in fact so I could relay to my wife later, four guys, one after another, all obviously checking her out and watching her arse long after she passed them where they lay. They were all with wives or girlfriends and so were, they thought, discrete about it, although one guy got caught staring and his partner muttered something angrily to him, her face like thunder as she too stared after Lizzie’s - admittedly provocative - swaying walk.

As she lay next to me, water drops drying on her tummy and thighs, I grinned at her.

“Prick tease”, I said.

Lizzie giggled, “Well… it’s fun to try and get them into trouble, plus I know you love it. Tell me about it later?”

I nodded that, of course, I would. It would be my absolute pleasure to describe the men who checked her out, where their gaze had lingered, and what I thought they had in their filthy minds while Lizzie went down on me. A regular ritual whenever we’d been out somewhere special or, like now, she was dressed provocatively.

We both looked up to see Marco, wearing tiny trunks that not many men could carry off, bare-chested, tanned, and in good shape for a man who, in sunlight, must have been in his late 50s at least, padding along the side of the pool toward us. He was looking at the swimmers and hadn’t seen us. He was accompanied by a woman a little younger than himself, mid-40s I would guess, holding her hand. She was very pretty, with a good tan, dark hair in a ponytail and despite being a little overweight perhaps, had a lovely voluptuousness about her, reflected in the way she moved and the curves contained in a black one-piece slim suit.

As they came closer I could hear them talking softly in French, relaxed and happy sounding.

I glanced at Lizzie who was staring at the other woman, a strained look on her face. I was very surprised - she was put out by her appearance even though we had known, of course, that Marco was very unlikely to be here on his own. Perhaps it was just seeing her in the flesh, but, then again, we had been part of the swinging and swapping lifestyle for a long time, and you can’t live that lifestyle if you’re prone to jealousy, but that is exactly what I saw written on my wife’s face.

Marco glanced in our direction as they passed, his wife still looking at the people in the pool. Marco did a double-take as he recognized us, giving Lizzie a quick smile, perhaps a little embarrassed and ashamed and nervous that we may say something to him in the presence of his wife, which, of course, neither of us would.

There were no loungers left on our side of the pool, so they had to walk all the way around until they found some space directly opposite us on the other side of the water. Lizzie was still fascinated by Marco’s wife and kept up a steady stream of questions and opinions - how old did I think she was, did they have kids, was she good in bed, did she swallow, did I think she was pretty, did I think she was hot.. on and on…

After half an hour of this, I said, “Lizzie - I’m not sure what’s going on here, but you either need to fuck this guy or forget him, because we’re only on day 2 and if you go on like this it’s going to ruin your holiday, and, by extension, mine. Let me know what you want and I’ll help.”

Lizzie thought for a few seconds, biting her lower lip. “OK”, she said, “I’ve decided I want to fuck him.” This drew a glance from the man on her left, who thought he had misheard but stared thoughtfully at my wife’s tits anyway, lost in a little daydream of his own.

Thrilled with her decision, I said, “OK good. I’ll play matchmaker, I think I know how to make this happen, and probably quickly.”

Lizzie turned excitedly toward me, dragging her gaze from Marco and his wife, reluctantly. “Really? How?”

I chuckled and told her to leave it to me.

I reached for my phone and selected the photos of Lizzie I had taken the day before - drowsy on the bed, naked from the waist down, legs splayed, her come sliding down her cunt to the sheet, and sent them to Marco, using the number he had given me last night. The message I sent with it read, “Marco, Lizzie sends her compliments and requests your company this afternoon in our room, 1402, or, if you prefer, in yours.”

I saw Marco pick up his phone, push his sunglasses to his forehead and read the message. He glanced nervously toward his wife, luckily engrossed in a magazine, then sat up, putting his feet on the floor and turning his back to his wife as he took a long look at the pictures. After what seemed like 10 minutes but couldn’t have been, he started to type, never glancing in our direction. My phone vibrated.

“Your room, 4 pm. Wife going to spa, don’t come to my room.”

Lizzie had been staring aimlessly at the water, lost in thought, and hadn’t paid any attention to this exchange, I settled back in my lounger and closed my eyes. “4 o’clock - he’s coming to our room,” I said, softly.

Lizzie’s head snapped round toward me, surprise in her voice, “How…?”

I waved my phone in her direction, “We swapped numbers..”

“You’re amazing. Thank you”, she said, smiling for the first time since Marco and his wife had arrived at the pool.

Neither of us could relax for the intervening hours and, it was clear, not could Marco. As his wife lay peacefully by the pool, slipping into the water now and again for a few minutes before returning to her luxuriant doze in the shade, Marco was agitated, repeatedly looking furtively at his phone, sitting up and laying down, reading for a minute and then tossing his book aside. Lizzie loved this rare opportunity to watch a lover in the hours before they were to meet, as was I. The excitement was a tangible thing between us and it filled me with lust and nervous energy.

We didn’t eat lunch, although we did indulge in a glass of champagne, a bottle of which we also had waiting on ice in our room when we returned at half past three.

Lizzie was intending to shower but I intercepted her. “No”, I said, feeling the light sheen of perspiration on her body, touching the delicious salt of her neck with my tongue, “I love it when you sweat.”

Also, I knew, she would be wet from all the build-up to the meeting and her filthy imagination, and Marco would surely appreciate that.

Just before 4 o’clock, there was a tap at the door. Lizzie glanced at me, eyebrows raised. I sat in an armchair, back to the open window, the sounds of splashing and laughing drifting in on the warm breeze. “It’s your show..”, I smiled, starting to record events on my phone, propping it on the arm of my chair with a clear view of the whole room except the bathroom suite.

My wife looked through the peephole and then opened the door. Marco came in like a bull at a gate, dressed as he had been at the pool, a visible hard-on straining at his tiny trunks. He swept Lizzie off the floor and carried her quickly into the room, spinning her round to face the wall, he tore her bikini bottoms away with one yank, dragged his cock from his trunks, which was so wet with his pre-come I could see it from where I sat, and pushed it into Lizzie’s cunt with one movement of his hips.

Lizzie moaned loudly, her face against the wall, ankles wide apart to allow Marco full access to her, white knuckles supporting herself with Marco’s hands planted on either side of them as he fucked her hard and fast.

They were both loud - Lizzie was groaning, breathing hard, saying “fuck, fuck,” under her breath like a mantra. Marco grunted like an animal as he thrust so hard with each stroke that he pushed my wife onto her fully extended tip-toes, her toned thighs straining to prevent him from flattening her against the wall with his strength.

Very shortly I saw Marco’s neck go red and the cords become prominent, he lost his rhythm and was clearly about to come. He must have started to withdraw as Lizzie said, “No!”, reaching behind her, flattening her cheek to the wall to support herself as she placed both hands on his arse, pulling Marco fully back into her, moaning as he came. Marco exclaimed breathlessly in French, holding Lizzie’s shoulders so that she was now braced between them, rigid against his cock as he emptied himself inside her.

He came for half a minute, easily, then, finally calming, relaxed his grip on my wife and stepped back, withdrawing his cock, only a little softer I noted, and allowing her to stand fully on the floor again, come falling in thick globs from her cunt to the carpet as she trembled with adrenaline and exertion, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she leaned against the wall.

I stood and moved to the door, which I quietly closed. Lizzie looked amused and delighted, Marco stunned and terrified. “I think only a couple of people say,” I lied. When I was able to pay attention to anything other than this guy pounding my wife against a wall, I had seen at least a dozen people, mostly couples but a member of staff or two on their cleaning rounds as well, open-mouthed in shock as they first heard and then saw them through the wide open door to the corridor.

Lizzie slid down the wall to sit on the floor, Marco collapsed back into a chair, both breathing hard, sweat on Marco's chest and brow, Lizzie's arms and neck damp from exertion too. I popped the champagne cork and took them each a tall, chilled glass.

"Well, looks like you needed that", I said.

Lizzie chuckled softly and took a sip of her champagne, holding the ice-cold glass to her forehead now and then.

"That", she said, "was fucking outstanding."

Marco spoke for the first time, his breathing almost back to normal.

"I agree.. it was... special. I have not come that hard for that long in many years. When I saw the pictures Martin sent by the pool, I was beside myself with lust. I'm sorry I took you immediately - I could not wait."

Lizzie waved his apology away and then, realizing what he had said, looked at me.

"What pictures?"

"Oh, just some I had lying about - nothing special. I'll show you later."

Lizzie was unconvinced and was about to press the matter, so I said, "Wow - Marco - looks like you're ready for round two."

Marco's cock was fully erect again, so upright it was flat against his stomach, its bright purple head pointed at his chest, his heavy balls resting on the chair between his legs, which were relaxed and open, his knees against the arms of the chair.

Lizzie got to her knees and shuffled between Marco's legs, taking his cock in one hand and lifting his balls with the other, she began to stroke him, slowly moving her hand from his base, along the sticky shaft, rubbing her finger gently on his head, then gripping him and moving back down to meet her other hand at his balls.

"Your wife..", said Lizzie, "tell me about her."

"What do you want to know?", breathed Marco, watching Lizzie as she worked on his cock, her eyes fixed on it as she did so.

"Her name, how long have you been together, what you do in bed, the noise she makes when she get the idea, Marco.."

I, meanwhile, was getting very excited watching this. I'd never known Lizzie to take this much interest in a random guy - she usually couldn't care less about their personal lives, I was fascinated as my erection pushed my shorts into a tent and I started to slowly rub it through the material.

"Well," said Marco, "She's called Anna. We met at work. very stereotypical, she was my PA. We were both married. We got on immediately, went out after work a few times, then, well, these things happen.."

"Where were you when you first touched her cunt?" Lizzie asked, softly, still stroking his cock.

"I - Jesus that's so fucking good - I took her to dinner and in the cab.. on the way back.. she had a dress on and I, I touched her.." Marco had his head back now, lost in memory as Lizzie started to speed up on his cock.

"How many fingers did you fuck her with, Marco?", she asked.

"Fuck.. two - no, three. My thumb on her clit.."

"Did she come?", asked my wife, much faster on his cock now.

"God... yes, yes, she came - she came hard, I remember.."

"Does she squirt? what noise does she make?", asked Lizzie.

"She, she's never squirted with me but... I found an old letter and..", Marco was close to the edge now, pushing his hips from the chair and grunting softly with each thrust.

"And? What did it say?", asked Lizzie, her breath ragged now, no longer looking at his cock, but directly at Marco's face.

"It.. was from an old boyfriend.. he talked, they talked, about her squirting.. in his face..and, other things - anal.." I could see the pre-cum running over Lizzie's hands and her forearm muscles moving as she gripped and released his balls rhythmically.

"Wow... but not with you? I love her past. What do you think about it? do you imagine some other guys going down on her so well that she squirts her come in his face, in his mouth, in his hair? do you think of the noise she would make with his cock in her arse - buried deep in her arse as he fucked her, fucked her hard in the arse until he unloads all that..."

Lizzie never got any further - Marco, knuckles white as he gripped the arms of the chair, strained with his thighs, his whole body going rigid, and sent a huge stream of white come into the air, landing on his chest and running back down toward his cock as Lizzie slowed her strokes, squeezing his balls as each sticky rope left him, slowly lessening before stopping completely after 9 or 10 huge ejaculations. His chest and abdomen were wet and sticky - his come was running over his sides to gather on the chair beneath him.

Lizzie, standing, grinned at Marco and then me, as she slowly and deliberately licked her hands clean.

"I've never met a man who doesn't fantasize, in some way, about his wife's past - her with other men. You all love it for some reason."

"Luckily", I said, "I don't have to confine myself to the past..."

So far Marco had been in our room for no more than twenty minutes, it seemed like hours.

"How long have you got?", I asked, pouring more champagne and ordering another bottle from room service when I emptied this one.

Marco looked at his watch, as surprised as I was at how little time had gone by.

"At least another hour, I'll need a shower before I leave though.."

Lizzie smiled, flopping on the bed and reaching for her champagne. "Wife doesn't like the smell of strange cunt on your cock?"

I laughed, and Marco chuckled a little, nervously.

"Look", I said, "this is not unusual for us Marco. Nobody is going to tell your wife or do some internet blackmail thing. Lizzie likes to fuck, I like to watch, and we all win. It's simple."

Marco seemed to relax a little, drinking his champagne in a more leisurely manner - sated for the moment.

"How come", I asked him, "your wife doesn't squirt or do anal with you these days?" I could see Lizzie was interested too, and I was happy to be the interviewer.

"She never did either with me. She doesn't like talking about her past - just says she was a bit of a wild child before she met her first husband."

"That's a shame", said Lizzie, "have you ever tried to put it in her arse? I bet she'd go wild for it - old habits and all that.."

"I tried a couple of times to push into her arse when my cock was wet from her cunt, but she pushes me away immediately - tells me she's not into it and nor should I be. It ended badly a couple of times with her storming away, so I don't try any longer.", said Marco.

"And she's not as good with her hands as you, either..", he added.

Lizzie snorted and I said, "Few people are my friend - she's had a lot of practice.."

My wife shot me a look which I took to be an invitation to shut the fuck up.

A few minutes later, Lizzie beckoned Marco to our bed. He stood, bulky and sweating, and joined her as she moved over to make space for him to lie next to her. She started running her hand over his chest and stomach, her other hand propping her head as she gazed at him.

Marco turned to look at her and started to kiss my wife passionately - something I always find incredibly erotic. It's hotter than watching her fuck - when she (rarely) makes a real connection like this it drives me wild, and my cock was now out and in my hand, throbbing and achingly hard.

Her hand moved to his face as they kissed - Lizzie making little whimpering sounds as I saw their tongues dart into each other's mouths.

Without breaking the kiss for a second, Marco climbed between my wife's splayed legs and gently pushed his semi-hard cock into her soaked cunt, slowly, considerately, starting to fuck her again.

Incredibly, Lizzie came almost instantly. Marco neither sped up nor slowed down, keeping the same gentle, slow rhythm throughout her orgasm. She stopped kissing him long enough to throw her arms around his neck, pulling her face up to look at me over his shoulder, keeping eye contact as she moaned, "Oh my fucking God...Marco.."

it was one of the hottest things I had ever seen, and I came on the hotel carpet, unable to prevent it.

Lizzie went straight back to kissing Marco again, her hands in his hair on the back of his head as he continued to slowly move his hips between her legs.

Marco knelt, withdrawing from her as Lizzie made a complaining noise, and, standing, he took her hand and led her into the bathroom.

I relocated to the bed, which gave me a clear view of them. The sheet had a significant and spreading wet patch from my wife's cunt, and was warm from them as I lay on my side, stiffening cock in hand to watch.

There was a long marble sink unit with a mirror covering the length of the bathroom wall, and with gentle guidance Lizzie place her hands on the marble, her face 3 or 4 inches from the mirror, and bent forward, ******** her cunt to Marco. I could see a mixture of sweat and come still trickling down her thighs to run over her ankles and to the tiled floor.

Standing between my wife's legs, his cock now rock hard again and in his hand, Marco used his feet to push Lizzie's ankles even further apart, as far as she could open her legs, forcing her to bend completely, her tits on the marble, her face over the sink in front of the mirror and her arse high in the air. Lizzie moaned loudly as Marco fed the head of his cock into her wide-open cunt once more, this time pushing all the way home, and starting to fuck her hard. Lizzie's breath fogged the mirror as she watched him behind her, concentration etched on his face as he fucked her for the third time in 35 minutes, and this time he was going for it - lifting her slightly off the ground with each thrust.

I know Lizzie came twice - it's an unmistakable noise - a mixture of a cry, a groan, and a whimper that builds with her orgasm and subsides with it. Besides, I could see ever larger trickles of her come now running down her thighs, faster and thicker each time she came.

"Marco...", said Lizzie, "Marco.. put it in my arse.. do what she won't let you, I will let you.."

I was massively turned on, my cock jumping hard in my hand. It's very, very unusual for Lizzie to let anyone fuck her arse. It's not often that even I get to do it. She enjoys it, I think, but sees it as a sort of reserve secret weapon - something she knows all men want from her but can't have.

Marco paused as if unsure of what Lizzie had said.

"Put it. In. My Fucking. Arse. Now."

Marco needed no further invitation. Pulling out of my wife's cunt he positioned his cock head at the tiny entrance to her arsehole. Lizzie reached back and used both hands to splay her arse cheeks, allowing him a clear path to push his thumb, gently, slowly, inside her to the knuckle.

Lizzie moaned. Marco used his hand to scoop juices from her cunt to her arse, not that it was really necessary given how much had flowed over her on the bed and, carefully, pushed his swollen purple cock head into my wife's arse.

Lizzie raised herself on her hands, standing on tip-toes and groaning as Marco slowly, slowly, fed his cock into her. When he was inside to the hilt, his balls resting on her arse cheeks, he became still, breathing hard.

Over a minute or so, Lizzie relaxed, falling back to her elbows on the marble, her thighs and calves releasing some of the strain, her feet flattening on the floor from her tip-toe position.

Marco started to move.

Hands-on Lizzie's hips, Marco slowly, slowly, withdrew almost completely, then, again, over at least 30 seconds, pushed fully back inside her.

Building up like this, increasing pace a little and a little, Marco was soon hammering away at my wife's arsehole as if it were her cunt.

Lizzie was going crazy - she was pushing back hard to meet him, her arse slapping loudly against his stomach with each thrust - her weight on her fingertips against the marble as she tried to get every last bit of him into her. She was dripping come like a broken tap onto the bathroom floor from her swollen cunt - Marco slipped in it a few times, saving himself from falling by holding my wife's hips tighter.

There was sweat running from both of them, they were making animal grunts, Lizzie swearing every few seconds and shouting his name as she came again and again. I had moved close enough with the camera to record her cunt contracting as she orgasmed - Marco's cock above it buried in her arsehole, his balls slapping against her cunt lips.

Lizzie was drooling - mouth wide open to try to fill her lungs, head over the sink, a long thread of saliva ran from her mouth to the porcelain, mixed with drops of sweat from her forehead.

When Marco finally came, loudly, violently, his balls jumping and squeezing on the camera screen, his cock held deep in my wife's arsehole, Lizzie, sure enough, let go a long, shuddering orgasm accompanied by several squirts from her cunt onto the floor between them, some hitting his shaking thighs and legs.

They collapsed to the tiled floor - spent, totally exhausted.

"Both things you were missing, Marco. Two for one", I said, my voice shaky - I had come to another couple of times during all of this - once hands-free while laying under Lizzie to record Marco's cock ramming into her arsehole and her come dripping onto the phone.

"You'd better shower.."

Lizzie was over him, we could get on with our holiday.
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