“Don’t put your pajama bottoms on tonight Adam. I’m going to diaper you.”

Adam, who had just started up the stairs to go to bed, froze, not knowing what to say or how to respond. Those were the exact words his mother had said to him the night she put him back in diapers for wetting the bed, just before his fourth birthday.

Wendy, Adam’s wife of two and a half years laughed. “Yes, I found your stories on your computer, and I know all about you wanting to wear diapers and be treated like a baby. Now go get undressed and put your pajama top on, but then come back down here so I can take care of you.”

Adam did has he was told, because of the matter-of-fact sternness in his wife’s voice so he went upstairs and undressed. He reached for his pajamas that normally were hanging on a hook inside the walk-in closet, and found something new. Instead of his regular blue pajamas he found only a pajama top made of green cotton with a print showing small airplanes flying in all directions. While it was not exactly the same as the green flannel ones he wore as a child he was amazed at the similarity. He had described his childhood pajamas in the story he had written about being put back into diapers. As he put it on, he saw that the top was made in a childish style and cut short so that it didn’t extend below his waist, leaving him totally naked and hanging ******* below the hem. The buttons were large and few as if they were sized for young fingers still learning how to use them.

Adam buttoned all four buttons and excitedly but apprehensively started down the stairs not knowing what his wife had in store for him. Had she really read all of his stories?

Adam’s face was bright red with embarrassment as he neared the bottom of the steps wearing just his new pajama top and naked below the waist. He saw Wendy sitting sideways on the sofa with two of his secret stash of cotton guaze overnight pre-fold diapers laid out on the sofa next to her. The end away from her was fanned out wide, ready to pull around his waist to be pinned. There was a large size container of baby powder on the floor by her feet and four of his three inch diaper pins were stuck into a bar of soap on the sofa between her and the diapers.

“I know this isn’t the green vinyl sofa that you were originally diapered on, but it will have to do. Now come on down here and lay down so I can get you ready for bed.”

Adam didn’t know what to say so he did as he was told. As he lifted one leg over the diapers and carefully sat down in the middle of them, Wendy said: “You are too big for me to grab your ankles and lift you up to slide the diaper under you like your mother did, so we will just have to do it this way. Now lay back and let me make your wish come true.”

As Adam lay back on the sofa Wendy stuck the nipple of a baby bottle in his mouth. He instinctively grabbed it and started to nurse. Wendy said: “I’ve got juice in the bottle for you. Formula at this time of night might upset baby’s stomach.”

Indeed, the large size bottle contained cranberry juice. Adam continued to nurse from it as Wendy sprinkled baby powder over his genitals and rubbed it in. She felt herself becoming aroused and her pussy getting wet at the idea of diapering her husband like a baby. Adam didn’t know whether to be aroused or embarrassed so he just stayed quiet and sucked on the bottle.

He looked around the room and compared it to his memories of the night he was put back into diapers for wetting the bed. The room and the situation were completely different, but somehow he felt very much the same as he had over twenty years before when he was being diapered by his mother.

Wendy lifted the front of the first diaper and twisted it 180 degrees with the twist right in the bottom of his crotch. In response to his quizzical look, she said: “Twisting it makes a pocket for your little dick and it helps keep it from falling down. I did some research online after I read your stories and I learned a few tricks.” She pulled the front of the diaper up over his dick and stretched it flat across the front. Reaching past his left hip, she grasped the corner of the diaper that was fanned out below him and pulled it up over the corner of the front panel. She expertly slid two fingers of her left hand inside the front panel of the diaper and pulled a pin from the bar of soap. The soap was more than just a pin cushion, it was a lubricant so the pin slid easily through the thick cotton fabric of the diaper.

“I learned how to do this when I used to baby sit for a toddler that still wore cloth diapers. Now that we are talking about starting a family, the practice will come in handy. I guess that you are our first baby in the family.” She chuckled. “I just hope that you won’t be an only child.”

After the first pin, Wendy did the same with the other side, stretching the waist of the diaper snug before pinning it. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing as she didn’t want Adam to be wearing a diaper that would fall down before it was even wet.

“For a baby as big as you, I think we need a double diaper, don’t you?” she teased. She was going to double diaper him no matter what the response, so Adam just continued to nurse on his bottle and nodded. The bottle was something new. His mother hadn’t given him a bottle when she put him back in diapers but he was enjoying it now. His fixation on wearing diapers really hadn’t extended to other babyish things before this, but as soon as the nipple was put into his mouth, he took to it like…. well, like a baby to a bottle. He didn’t know where Wendy had found such a large baby bottle, or such a large, adult size nipple, but he wasn’t about to argue, he was just enjoying it.

Wendy pulled the front of the second diaper up over the first and pinned it into place as expertly as she had the first. Then she reached behind her and came out with a pair of green snap-on plastic baby pants. His mother had always called them baby pants so that was what Adam thought of them as. Just like the diapers he was wearing, he recognized them as coming from his stash of diaper paraphernalia that he thought was well hidden. He had ordered them online and they were as close a match as he could possibly find to the green plastic pants that his mother had used on him as a child.

“I’ll need a little help with this.” She said as she spread the pants out on the sofa. She pushed his legs together and up into the air and then with her hand turned sideways, pressed on the back of both of his knees while saying: ”roll up.”

Adam rolled his hips up off the sofa, aided by the pressure from her hand and she slid the plastic pants underneath his diapered butt. She took the pressure away and he rolled back down. She placed his feet widely spread back on the sofa cushion and pushed his knees apart so she could pull the front of the baby pants up between them . Starting on his left side and with the bottom snap, she snapped all four of the snaps in succession, and then did the same with the other side.

Adam put his hands on the front of the plastic pants and caressed them as though he couldn’t believe that she had actually put them on him. He loved to just lie on his back like this and stroke his plastic pants. It always took him back to a simpler time with no concerns or worries.

“I used these the first time because they are like the ones your mother used.” She said, “but starting tomorrow I have a surprise for my new baby. Now for the new rules.”

“Rules?” He asked.

“Yes, rules. Babies and toddlers have rules. Starting tomorrow, you will go to work in diapers. I will put them on you in the morning, and you are not to take them off until you come home. Because I think they are less noticeable under clothing you will wear disposables during the day, and your favorite cloth diapers at night. When you get home after work, I will change you into dry diapers and then you will wear only your diaper and a t-shirt or onesie until bedtime, unless we are going out or if friends come by. You will always wet your diapers but pooping is optional. If you don’t want to poo in them, let me know and I will take them off until you are done. If you do mess in them, I will clean you up just like I will do with future babies when we have them. I have a few more surprises for you, but we will keep them as surprises. I am so glad that I read the stories on your computer. Otherwise I never would have known about your private fantasies.”

Now Adam was thoroughly embarrassed. He had finished the bottle of cranberry juice. He stood up and faced his wife wearing just his diapers, plastic pants and the short pajama top. “How many of them did you read?” he asked. He didn’t want to specifically ask if she had read some of his fantasy stories that included her.

“All of them.” She replied, and Adam’s heart sank. “But, don’t worry. We’re going to take this one step at a time. Right now, you just became my diapered baby. I’ll decide later if you will become my diapered cuckold.”

“Adam turned bright red because he knew that she had read them all. In one way he wished that he had been more careful with his computer. He had password protected his writing, but he must have left the computer on and the story folder open so she could get to it. In another way he wondered if he might have subconsciously done it on purpose so she could find it. And obviously she had, and now she knew all about his fantasy of being diapered, but also about his fantasy of watching her have sex with her boss, Brad. Brad was a doctor and Wendy was his office manager. Brad was tall, good looking and oozed self confidence.

Adam didn’t know what to say. A part of him was excited, a part was fearful, a part was ashamed, but mostly he was just embarrassed so he just hung his head and turned away.

Wendy slapped him playfully on his diapered ass and said to him. “Hey, relax. We’re just beginning a new part of our lives. We have been talking about starting a family and this can be a great way to move toward that goal. Aren’t you excited about getting to go to bed diapered every night?” What Wendy hadn’t told Adam was that she had stopped taking her birth control pills after her last period, so starting a family was a serious consideration.

“Of course I am,” he replied, “I’ve wanted that for years. But diapers? To work? ”

“You know why I have to do that don’t you? It’s about control. If I am going to be the mommy, then I have to be in control. If we move forward with your other fantasies, then your hotwife has to be in control.”

“Would you really? ...I mean… with Brad?” Finally the cat was out of the bag and the question was openly on the table.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “Of course he is attractive, but until I read your stories, I only thought of that possibility in a “if I were single” sort of way. Now there is a whole new angle on it. And of course he would have to be willing. And besides that, he’s married.”

“There is no way that he would be anything but willing. I’ll bet he would jump at the chance to fuck a beautiful woman like you. And if he’s not willing about a million other men would be.”

“He probably would be, but would he want to do it while my diapered cuckold baby husband watched?”

Adam felt his face grow red at this new barb of humiliation and his knot of apprehension grew. Untold levels of excitement on one hand, but unexplored levels of fear, anxiety, and shame and humiliation on the other. He had fantasized watching Wendy with another man, usually Brad, but he really didn’t know if he really wanted it to happen. His cock was average size, and he hadn’t missed Wendy’s “little dick” comment as she diapered him. What did she know about the size of Brad’s cock? She had to know something, or she wouldn’t have made that comment especially after reading his stories.

“Well my little man, (there it was again) you have a full day tomorrow, and you have to get up a little early so I can get you diapered for work, so you need to get to bed now. Mommy will be up to bed in a few minutes. Don’t stay awake worrying about all this, just enjoy your diapers and we’ll see how all of this unfolds.”

Adam waddled slightly in his thick diapers as he turned and headed up the stairs to bed. As embarrassed as he was, he was also excited at being able to openly wear diapers in front of Wendy. His mind was racing and he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to sleep, but he was tired after a long day and because of their conversation he was getting to bed about an hour later than he had planned to.

Wendy knew that he wouldn’t stay awake because she had dissolved a powdered sleeping pill in his bottle of cranberry juice, along with a powdered hydrochlorothiazide tablet which was a diuretic that she sometimes took to control bloating. The sleeping pill combined with the diuretic as well as the natural diuretic properties of the cranberry juice would pretty much guaranty a full nights sleep for Adam as well as a unconsciously wet diaper for her to change in the morning.

She had wanted to recreate his childhood reintroduction to diapers as closely as possible, and she wanted him to enjoy the full effect of being diapered by wetting them in his sleep, but she knew the other revelations would probably keep him awake all night, so she had planned it through very carefully. Since reading his fantasy stories she had researched extensively on line and in Brad’s medical journals at work about Paraphilic Infantilism and all of its many variations. Through Adult Baby and Diaper Lover (AB/DL) websites she had learned about what Adam was probably looking for and had realized that he had to have a hidden supply of diapers and other related items somewhere in the house. When she went looking for his stash she found it in a large footlocker on a high shelf in the garage. She had needed a ladder to get up to it, but it wasn’t locked, probably because it was so high up that Adam thought she would never open it. It contained a number of neatly folded diapers and several pair of plastic pants in various colors. There were a few pair of nursery print plastic panties but she could see that his preference was for the thicker vinyl pants that only came in solid colors. There were both pull on and snap on styles of these and they were on top. She knew from her reading that his fantasies focused on the snap-on panties, but they took longer to put on and the pull-ons were more convenient. The thicker vinyl gave a smoother tactile feel when running your hands over them to smooth them so they were preferred over the lighter weight material.

Adam had written extensively about wanting to wear diapers every night just as he had as a child. It seemed that giving up control to someone else, at least at night, was what he longed for. Wendy decided that that wasn’t too much to ask of her and vowed to give him his wish and put him back into diapers.

Without letting him know what she had found, she started to plan how and when she would make the move. She read and re-read his stories and decided to reenact his reintroduction to diapers as closely as possible. So she spent time shopping, sewing, planning, ordering and arranging things to make it happen.

She continued to read and research the AB/DL world and learned a lot about adults who love to wear diapers. She was fascinated by what she learned. After she read of his fantasies of sharing her with other men and being cuckolded, she had realized that he was insecure about the size of his penis. She looked for and found references to links between wearing diapers and cuckolding, but it seems that most cases were treated as either one or the other, almost never was a connection made even when both factors existed in a relationship. Many men were diapered by their wives to embarrass them over their “baby sized pee-pee” and many of those men loved to watch their wives used by other men, but rarely was the obvious connection made between the two.

Wendy loved Adam, and she wanted to have a family with him, and because she had not had a lot of lovers before marrying him, she really hadn’t had any complaints about the size of his penis. Really she had never even thought about it. But since reading his fantasies about watching her with someone with a larger penis she had spent some time online checking out wife sharing and cuckold porn sites. She had to admit that the huge penises on those sites would make her pussy wet and gave her feelings that she had never had before. Because some of Adams fantasies had been about Brad she had even caught herself checking out Brad’s crotch when she thought he wasn’t looking. While it was hard to tell anything under clothing, there did appear to be a large bulge there, and Wendy started to think more about what Adam had written.

She really didn’t know how far she was looking to take this new direction in their lives. At first she thought that she would just play along by putting Adam in diapers. Then she decided that she needed to be in control of his diaper wearing because that was what he craved, someone else in control, putting him back into diapers.

Then the more she looked at Brad and the bulge in his pants, the more she thought it might go further. The cuckold sites were full of pictures of BBC, big black cocks and white wives being fucked by them. Adams writings had only mentioned black cocks a few times, but maybe that was because he was just getting there in his own mind. At any rate, that was a ways down the road. Right now she was going to take it one step at a time, but tomorrow was going to be a pretty large one step.

Before going up to bed Wendy got out her own secret stash of playthings and chose a white 8” soft latex vibrator. She turned it on and couldn’t help but imagine Brad in front of her with the vibrator hanging from his crotch. She chuckled as she thought that she needed to shop for a larger, black vibrator. She brought herself to a very satisfying orgasm, then put her toys away and went up to bed. As she expected, Adam was sound asleep.

When Adam woke up the next morning it took a minute or two to bring the previous night’s events into focus. He knew immediately that he was diapered and that his diaper was soaked, but he had woken up diapered and wet before when Wendy was away, but then he remembered who had put the diapers on him and that he had been dry when he went to bed and he remembered their conversation. He knew immediately that he had wet in his sleep, the first time that had happened to him in nearly fifteen years. He didn’t know how to feel about that. On one hand he had often wanted it to happen, but now that it had, he was concerned that he was losing control of his life as well as his bladder.

He also knew that this was different than any other time he has woken up with a wet diaper because Wendy was laying right next to him, something that had never happened before when he had been diapered. His first thought was to take the diaper off, but when he popped the first snap on his vinyl pants, Wendy muttered: “Nope! You know the rules baby. I am the only one that can change that diaper. Are you wet?”


“Did you wet in your sleep?”

“Yes. How did you know?”

“I might have had something to do with that.” She smiled.

“The bottle?”

“Yep. Sleeping pill and diuretic.”

“That’s not playing fair! But thank you. I have wanted to wet in my sleep for years.”

“That’s only the first of many times to come.”

“I hope so! Thank you again.”

“Now let’s get that wet diaper off of you and get you showered and into your daytime diaper.”

“Yes Mommy.” The ‘mommy’ slipped out without even thinking about it. He really was getting in to his baby role.

Adam rolled onto the baby changing pad that Wendy laid out next to him and then lay back while she unsnapped, unpinned, and unpeeled his double night time diaper. Both diapers were absolutely soaked from front to back. Adam didn’t know how many times he had wet during the night but one more wetting would have caused leaks that wouldn’t have been able to be contained by even the best plastic pants. He said to Wendy: “ I think we should do something to protect the mattress. It wouldn’t have taken much more wetting for that diaper to have leaked last night.”

“Great idea.” she said. “I’ll work on that today.” Wendy didn’t want to tell him yet, but she already had the solution to keeping the mattress dry.

Adam showered and shaved just as he always did, although it was perhaps twenty minutes earlier than his regular schedule. He came out of the bathroom drying him self with a towel and saw that Wendy hadn’t been kidding about diapering him for work. She had laid out a Bambino Bianco diaper with an Abena Abri-let doubler stretching the full length between the standing leak guards. That combination was good for a theoretical 2300 milliliters of wetting or more than a half gallon of pee. Of course theory and reality are two different things, so she had added a Total-dry Ultimate boost up at the front of the diaper stretching back about 16 inches and rated for an additional 1700 milliliters for a total of more than a gallon of liquid absorption in the plastic confines of the Bianco diaper. Adam didn’t plan on testing the limits of the combination, at least not on the first day of wearing to work, but he was glad to see that there should be enough absorption to last all day.

As he finished drying himself, Wendy came in and motioned for him to lie on the diaper. As he did, she didn’t waste any time as she squirted him liberally with Johnson’s baby lotion and rubbed it in. Under different circumstances she probably would have used the lotion as a lubricant and taken the opportunity to give his penis a stroke or two. However, since the objective was to get him diapered for work, she merely rubbed in the lotion and then sprinkled baby powder around where all of the chafing points would be. She folded the front of the diaper up and tucked the excess plastic under the front panel. Then she pulled the side panels up and toward the center. She fastened the leg tapes first and tucked the excess of plastic at the edges up under the stretch line of the tapes and then fastened the top tapes. Then she pulled out a pair of milky white pull on plastic pants, pushed Adam’s feet until they pointed straight up in the air and pulled the plastic pants down over his legs. She got them nearly over the diaper combination and then said: “Stand up.” Adam stood and pulled the plastic pants up over the diaper. It was only then that he noticed the chain that went though a channel at the waist. Wendy turned him around, pulled the chain tight and placed a small padlock through the chain at the back.

“This is one of the surprises that I promised last night. Now I am the only one who can take these panties and your diapers off, because only I have the key.”

Wendy handed him what looked like a long t-shirt and said; “put this on.” It was a

t-shirt but it had a flap that pulled up between his legs and snapped to the front of the t-shirt. There were three rows of snaps. It was basically a home-made onesie. She said. “I made a couple of these to keep your diaper from sagging I wanted to make sure that it fit right so I put in three rows of snaps. Now that I can measure you, we can order some that are the right size. If you are afraid that your diaper will leak, use the leg holes to pee in the toilet. You should have enough capacity to last all day, but if it makes you feel better, it will give you one more way to get used to being diapered.”

Wendy helped him snap the onesie on the middle row of snaps. They seemed to be the ones that would allow the most movement keeping the diaper from sagging. Adam put his shirt on, pulled on his trousers, tucked his shirttail in, added his belt and then shoes and socks and he was ready for work. He studied himself in the mirror, looking for telltale signs of being diapered, but decided he looked normal, so he climbed into his car for the hour long commute to his job as a stock analyst. He worked for a very progressive company that didn’t require a suit and tie, but slacks and a dress shirt were mandatory. His commute was over an hour each way compared to Wendy’s ten minutes, leaving her a lot more time each day to get things done around the house.

But today was different. Wendy had taken the day off as “personal time,” obviously not telling Brad the reason and she had a lot to do before Adam got home just over ten hours from now.

Wendy had arranged the delivery for 9:00 AM sharp and that’s when it got there. There were two large boxes and two small ones. The delivery men carried the large boxes up the stairs to the master bedroom , but Wendy didn’t have them open them. There could have been too many questions generated had they seen what was in them. After the delivery men had left, Wendy carefully cut through the packing tape and removed the cardboard from the contents. She carried the cardboard downstairs and put it in the garage to get it out of the way until she could take it to the recycling bin. Then she carried the two small boxes upstairs along with a few tools and got to work. The first large box had contained the sides, ends, and hardware of a scaled up version of an old fashioned drop side baby crib. It was no longer legal to sell them for babies, but there was nothing that kept them from being sold for adult use. Assembly was fairly simple, requiring only a screwdriver and within twenty minutes Wendy had the basic assembly complete. The hardware for the drop side was a little more complicated, and it took nearly an hour before the slatted side would slide effortlessly up and down with the spring loaded catches snapping into place at the top and the bottom of their travel.

The second large box contained a twin XL size mattress and the plywood support for it that fit in the adult size crib. The 5/8” thick plywood was heavy, so Wendy tipped it up onto their California King sized bed and carefully slid one end over to rest on the lowered side of the crib. She put a couple of towels over the top edge of the drop side to protect the wood and carefully slid the plywood into place so it dropped into the recess that had been prepared for it. Then all she needed to do was to put the mattress in. Before she did that however, she opened one of the small boxes and took out a fitted vinyl mattress cover. It was sized to perfectly fit the extra long twin mattress that she had ordered and was made with thick nursery print vinyl and had a zipper across one end to aid in installing it. It was really a two person job, but there was only one of her so she tipped the mattress onto the big bed, unzipped the zipper and slid the open end of the mattress cover over the end that was extending over the side of the bed. She pulled it as far as she could over the mattress and then slid the mattress, little by little, tugging on the cover as it moved, until it finally tipped down and rested on the floor leaving the cover to be easily pulled up over the top end and zipped. Once the cover was on, Wendy lifted one end at a time and placed towels under the mattress so she could slide it over to the crib. Once there it was a simple thing to just tip it up into the crib and into place. Now all she had to do was to put on the sheets from the other small package.

Of course they were all nursery print sheets and pillowcases with alphabet blocks to match the ones on the end panels of the crib. Once they were on, Wendy stood back and admired Adam’s new bed. No need to worry about ruining the mattress on the big bed, because any leaky diapers would be in the crib. So here it was, not even noon yet, and the main part of her work was done. She hoped that Adam would appreciate his new bed.

The rest of the day she spent emptying the contents of Adams footlocker stash. It took several trips up the ladder to get everything and then she put all of the diapers and plastic pants in the dresser drawer that had held his underwear and t-shirts. These she moved to the basement just in case he ever needed them again, which she hoped would never happen.. She emptied out one section of a cabinet and used all of the shelves for his disposable diapers and boosters. She had intentionally started with Bambino Bianco diapers because they were thick, absorbent, and they were white. She wanted to have as little for Adam to resist about as possible.

She thought that a nursery print like Bambino Classico, or Teddies, or Rearz Safari might make him worry too much about being discovered. So she started out with white diapers, but she had every intention of introducing the others as time went on.

Wendy had everything in place when Adam got home and she led him to the bedroom and showed him his new bed. His jaw dropped and he stepped over to the crib. He lowered the side, then raised it again. He ran his hand over the wood in a caress with a look of awe on his face.

“Where did you find this?” he asked. “It’s just like the one I had as a kid.”


“I can’t believe it.”

“Believe it, it’s your new bed.”

“But what about…?”

“Getting pregnant? It’s only a couple of steps from your bed to mine. And for that, I’ll take your diaper off.

“Now let’s get you out of your wet diaper before you get a rash. Did you use the leg holes to pee in the toilet?”

“Early in the day I wasn’t sure how the capacity would work out so I used the toilet a couple of times. But I think I would have had plenty of capacity with a lot left over if I needed it. I loved being in a wet diaper all day.” He smiled.

“So you were worried about nothing?”

“I guess so. Nobody noticed my diapered butt, or at least nobody said anything.”

“I thought that would be the case. Most people are not checking out your butt or your crotch on a regular basis and even if they were nothing really shows.”

“I wet as much as I could on the way home, though. I didn’t want the capacity to go to waste.”

Wendy lowered the side of the crib and laid a baby changing pad in the center of the mattress. Adam undressed and climbed in. After squirming around a bit, he settled down with a sigh and raised his legs into the air.. He was a very babyish sight with his onesie covering his obviously soaked disposable diaper. Wendy unsnapped the crotch flap of the onesie and flipped the back down and the front up.

“Turn over.” She said. “I have to unlock you.”

“I almost forgot,” he said as he turned away from her so she could unlock his plastic pants. When he turned back she grabbed the waistband of the panties and said: “Lift up.”

He planted his feet and raised his hips as she pulled the plastic pants over his diapers and down his legs. She unpeeled the tapes of the Bianco diaper and rolled the front inward as she pulled it down in order to make a compact package of the wet stuffing. Adam raised his butt again as she pulled the diaper out from under him. As she continued to roll it up, she noticed that the abri-let booster was hardly even damp behind the center line and the Total-dry booster still had a lot of unused capacity.

“You could have wet this twice as much as you did” she stated. “But 10 hours is enough for any baby to wear the same diaper.”

She set the disposable aside and grabbed a baby wipe from the night stand. After cleaning him thoroughly she rubbed on baby lotion to protect against diaper rash and then liberally sprinkled on the baby powder. She pinned on a single overnight cloth diaper then pulled a pair of his nursery print plastic panties over the diaper. She pulled the flap of the onesie back up and snapped it in place.

“There, you’re set for the evening. We’ll change you again at bedtime.”

Adam spent that night in his new crib after a satisfying fuck that started with the bedtime diaper change. As he lay in his crib, Wendy found herself getting excited as she unpinned his diaper and took him into her mouth. As his dick hardened, she took off her shorts and, grabbing his dick, she led him to her bed. The crotch of her panties was soaked with her arousal as she lay down and pulled his head between her legs. He licked the outside of her panties and then pulled the crotch aside and then licked right up the center, from the depth of her wetness to the clitoral center of her sexuality. She shuddered with an orgasm on about the fifth lick. From experience, Adam paused as he removed her panties. He wanted to allow her to recover from her first orgasm, so after a brief pause he licked her again, this time down the sides, to avoid overdoing it. First left, then right, then left again.

Wendy spread her legs wide, signaling that she was ready so Adam moved up, kissed her, and lowered his hip as she guided him into her.

As they had for the past three years, they moved well together. Adam was aroused by his fetish coming true, and Wendy was happy at becoming a mommy even before becoming pregnant. Without saying so, they were both thinking of what had been put on the table the night before regarding Wendy taking on other sexual partners. As Adam thrust into her and Wendy raised her hips to meet every thrust, they were both imagining that it was Brad that was fucking her. Wendy even had a flash of imagination where the cock moving in and out of her pussy was black. As Wendy neared her second orgasm, she considered, and then rejected the idea of calling out Brad’s name to ‘test the waters.’ Instead, she chose another course of action.

As she came, and Adam exploded inside her, she kept her hips raised as though she was trying to get all of his cum inside of her. As he rolled off of her, she followed and stayed impaled on him, She could feel his cum running down around the plug that his dick formed so she lifted off of him and, walking on her knees, moved forward to place her pussy right over his mouth. Lowering herself onto him, she said: “let’s see if you like eating a creampie. If you can’t eat your own creampie, you probably can’t eat Brad’s, or one from a big black cock.” She intentionally didn’t use the abbreviation BBC. She wanted the actual words on the table. As she lowered her pussy toward Adam’s mouth, his sperm started dripping from her labia and landed just below his mouth. “So does this mean that you’re going to…?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I haven’t decided yet. Do you want me to?”

“With Brad?” he asked as his tongue snaked out and licked up the smear on his lower lip. Then he raised his head and wrapped his lips around her pussy lips to catch the rest. His tongue lapped up the cum as it ran out of her dripping wet slit.

“We might start with Brad, but we don’t know where this will end up. Do you want me to fuck Brad?”

“I don’t know.” He interrupted his licking to say.

“Would you like to watch me with a great big black cock fucking me?”

“I don’t know about that either. I just want you to be satisfied and I know I don’t have the cock to do it.”

Brad’s cock was 5 ½ inches, well within the range of average, but for some reason he thought of it as small.

“Have I ever complained?”

“Not to me, but doesn’t every woman dream of…?”

“I never gave it a thought until I read your stories. Now I do think about it sometimes. We’ll just have to see how this plays out. Now, finish eating that creampie, now that you’ve shown that you are willing and then climb back in your crib so I can finish getting you ready for bed. Maybe the next creampie you get to eat will be Brad’s,” she teased.

Adam climbed back into his crib and onto the double diaper already laid out there. Wendy used the baby wipes to clean him, then used the lotion and powder on him before pinning them on just has she had the night before. Next though, she pulled out something new. Instead of the green apple snap on pants that she had used to recreate his original reintroduction to diapers, she pulled out a pair of thick milky white high waist plastic pants. They featured a higher waistband to reduce leaks around the waist and seven snaps per side instead of just four. The snaps were closer together so there was less of a gap between them. She snapped him into the new panties and then had him sit up and raise his arms.. She slipped a t-shirt with baby prints on it down over his arms and head and then his torso. He was about as much a baby as any one his size could be with a baby t-shirt, diapers, and sleeping in his crib.

After tucking him in Wendy gave him his bottle just like the night before, and with the same sleeping pill and diuretic in it. Then she raised the side of his crib, kissed him goodnight on his forehead, turned out the light and went downstairs to do more reading about wife sharing.

Wendy added a new rule that she was the only one allowed to lower the side when he was in the crib. When the side was up he had to stay in the crib. She added a nightstand next to the crib and prominently displayed on it were his baby lotion, baby powder, baby wipes and the bar of soap with his diaper pins stuck in it. At the other end of the crib were two diaper pails. One for cloth diapers and the other held a plastic bag and was for disposables.

As time went on, Wendy made slight adjustments in the routine. . After a week, she established an 8:00 bedtime for Adam. This gave her more time online at night to look for more babyish things for Adam, as well as to check out the cuckolding websites. She also started to wean him off of the sleeping pill and diuretic in his bottle, reducing the dosage every few days until it was just cranberry juice in the bottle. He continued to wet in his sleep. After two weeks she got him a diaper bag and made him carry it with him whenever they went out in the evening or on weekends. A week later she put him in a pair of short-alls with a snap crotch for easier diaper changes and took him to a remote area of the park to play. She also started to introduce new plastic panties to go over his cloth night time diapers. She got a variety of colors of nursery print plastic panties as well as pink, blue, and lilac rhumba pants with ruffles and lace all across the back. She also got him some babyish snap shoulder tee shirts in colors to match his plastic pants. All of this was meant to increase her control.

A few times he messed in his diapers and she cleaned him up just like she had said she would. He messed a couple of times at night, and a couple more as he was on his way home from work but the resulting cleanup was more work than the babyish realism warranted so he settled in to a routine of using the toilet in the morning when he took his shower.

After a week of using double boosters in the disposable that he wore to work, they decided that they could get by with a single booster since he had never come home even close to soaking wet. They continued with just one booster and didn’t have any problems, so they saved on the daily cost of the disposable.

They had continued their sexual activity, mixing it with diaper play, a couple of time a week. Wendy loved unpinning a wet diaper and mounting Adam while he was still laying on it. A couple of times she had climbed into the crib with him and ridden him there. Another time or two, in the middle of his nighttime diapering while the crib side was down, after cleaning him carefully with a baby wipe she had taken him into her mouth and after he was fully erect she had invited him into her bed as she now thought of their formerly shared California King size bed. When they were on her bed after they finished she would lie on her back and let him eat the creampie from her pussy. By staying on her back, she was keeping the sperm close to her cervix and increasing her chance of pregnancy. She still hadn’t told Adam that she had stopped taking the pill. Once she got pregnant, she may have to rethink all of the things going on in their lives, but she hadn’t decided yet if anything would change. She was gradually increasing her control over him. At work she also started some innocent flirting with Brad just in case their new road took them in that direction. She also took every opportunity to scope out the bulge in his pants, trying to imagine how big he really was. Once, he caught her looking, and just smiled and turned away as her face turned beet red.

After six weeks she surprised Adam with a CB 6000 chastity device. After they had finished fucking, and before she lay back to have her creampie eaten, she reached into a bag she had on her nightstand. Adam was lying on his back as she took his scrotum in her left hand and slid the lower ring of the CB 6000 up behind it and into place. She reached into the bag again and pulled out the other two parts of the ring sliding the section with the pins into place and the matching outer section over the pins.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Just one second and you’ll see.” She replied as she reached into the bag one more time.

She pulled out the penis sheath part of the chastity device and slid it over his flaccid penis. After lining up the pins she pushed the sheath into place over them and snapped the lock into place.

“Now I control your chastity completely.” She said. She had practiced so the entire installation had taken only seconds. “You’ll stay locked up except when we are having sex.”

“But…but…that’s what cuckolds use…”

“Yes, it is. It is so wives can keep their husbands locked up.”

“Does that mean…?”

“It only means that I am still thinking about cuckolding you. Do you want me to?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well that isn’t a ‘no’ so I’ll keep thinking about it. But what if someone else is the father of your baby? What if we get pregnant and your son or daughter is born black? Doesn’t that concern you?”

“Of course it concerns me. Then the whole world would know I was a cuckold. But Brad…”

“..is white.” She finished his sentence for him. “You notice that I haven’t stopped having sex with you. If I was to fuck Brad and I came up pregnant, we wouldn’t know who the father was unless we did a DNA test. Or if it was a baby boy and had a big cock.”

All of the color drained out of Adam’s face. “Wha…how…when.?”

“Relax.” She laughed. “I was just pulling your chain…For all I know Brad’s cock may be smaller than yours. But if we want a white baby, we had better stick with your cock, or Brad’s, or some other white guy. I think that it’s time to tell you now that I stopped taking the pill over three months ago so I am fertile and ready to have another baby. Now climb into your crib so I can get you ready for bed.”

Adam spent longer than usual trying to get to sleep. The CB 6000 was part of the reason, but the revelation that Wendy was no longer on the pill added even more to it. The CB 6000 was a completely different feeling inside his diaper, but the psychological importance of the chastity devise, combined with his wife’s renewed fertility weighed heavily on his mind and that was part of what Wendy intended. She was increasing her control over him. He went to sleep that night half dreading and half yearning for Wendy to take Brad as a lover. As usual he wet in his sleep, through the pee hole in the end of the CB 6000’s sheath.

The next morning Adam went through his regular toilet and shower routine with the exception of the added complexity of cleaning around and inside the chastity device. It was still dripping a little water from the end when he came out of the bathroom and laid down on the Bambino Bianco that was already waiting for him. As his wife powdered him and then taped it snug around him he paid extra attention to the bulge in the front. He had been concerned that it might show more in the front it did without the sheath but there was no discernable difference. He pulled the plastic pants on over his disposable, then finished dressing and left for work.

The next few days were uneventful except Wendy increased her flirtation with Brad. She was sure he noticed and even reciprocated some, but he probably wondered what was going on. Adam grew accustomed to being in chastity but Wendy unlocked him several times to get her pussy filled with cum. Adam dutifully licked the outside clean each time before being locked back into his cage. They had pretty much settled into a routine until one Friday evening when Adam got home. He was hoping that they might have sex that evening as he was feeling a little extra horny and his cock was trying to grow inside his CB6000 without much luck.

As he walked through the door it was just after six o’clock and Wendy met him as he came in.

“I have a special surprise for you tonight. Come on and I’ll show you. Adam noticed immediately how she was dressed. She wore a short white dress that was designed to be worn braless. It was a perfect contrast to her long wavy brown hair. It had spaghetti straps and an A-line skirt that started just below the bosom and ended well above mid-thigh. It was made of super light fabric and the A-line design made it seem as though it were fuller than it actually was. Somewhat like a baby doll dress it was light, airy, and sexy as hell. It looked like it would be easy to get under, and easy to get off. If his cock hadn’t been locked up, he would have been hard just looking at her in the dress. He could only imagine what she had on, or didn’t have on, under the dress. And the black high heels that she wore set her shapely legs off like a movie star’s.

She could hardly contain herself as she led him up the stairs and into the bedroom. The room was decorated especially nicely, even more so than she usually kept it. There was a subtle but very present scent of baby powder in the room. And lying in Adam’s crib, ready to be pinned on, was the thickest diaper that Adam had ever seen.

“Where did you get this?” he asked.

“I made it.” She replied. “I saw pictures on FETLIFE of a guy with the roundest, puffiest diapers that I had ever seen, and he had pictures that showed how he got them that way using foam rubber so I made one for you. Let’s get you changed into it.”

Adam lay down on top of the thick diaper as Wendy untaped the disposable that he was wearing and slid it out from under him. He felt the cushiness of the diaper below him and knew it wasn’t made from normal cloth. Wendy cleaned him up as usual with the baby wipes and applied the baby lotion and powder just as she normally would. She then made sure that the end of the special diaper was lined up with his waist, and pulled the front of it up between his legs. The front panel seemed to be at least four inches thick. When she had it pulled up over his dick, she seemed to take extra time making sure that the edges were tucked in around the crotch and legs. As she pulled the front corners snug, testing for the proper placement for the pins, Adam couldn’t believe the thickness of the mound of fabric on the front of his diaper. Wendy pinned one side with a three inch stainless steel diaper pin and then stretched the waistband tight and did the same with the other side. She then pulled out a brand new pair of yellow nursery print plastic panties and slid them down over his legs and partially over the diaper. “Now stand up.” She said. “We have to be careful as we pull these over the diaper. It should all fit in, but it will fill it up.”

Adam stood and together they carefully pulled the nursery print panties up over the oversized diaper. When they had finished, Adam stood in the most perfectly round diaper that he had ever seen. He would never have dreamed that they could get one that full and round.

Next Wendy pulled out a new snap shoulder baby t-shirt with yellow trim to match his yellow panties and pulled it over his head and down over his body and fastened the snaps at the shoulder.

“That is soooo cute! I want to get a picture.” She had him stand next to the crib with the side down as she snapped a half dozen photos from different angles showing the puffy butt diaper. “Now, we only have a few minutes. I wanted you to look especially nice tonight because Brad is coming over at 7:00. I want him to see my baby boy, and then we’ll see about making another one.”

“You mean…?”

“Yes, I mean that I finally decided. I am going to cuckold you,”


“There is no ‘but.’ We have talked about it and you never said ‘no,’ that you didn’t want me to, so I made the decision for both of us. I have been following my ovulation cycles and this weekend is a perfect time for me to get pregnant. When I found out that Brads wife is out of town with the kids all weekend, I thought it was the perfect time to make this happen, so I sat down with him and told him about your fantasies. He was very understanding and supportive and agreed that everything is coming together for a reason. He is going to spend the weekend here. If you behave, I will let you out of your cage and you can participate, but either you or Brad is going to father a baby this weekend. We can either let fate and nature decide which one, or you can stay locked up and let Brad be the father. Which is it going to be?”

Adam knew that when she took that tone there was no use arguing with her, and besides, he wasn’t sure that he wanted to argue. The idea of seeing her with Brad was exciting, but chilling at the same time. This time he had no choice so exciting won out.

“When Brad gets here, we will be downstairs. I have prepped him a little, but I would like to sit and have a glass of wine and make sure that everyone is on the same page. When we come upstairs, I want you to quietly get in your crib and I will raise the side. Brad and I will go first, then you will get to ceremoniously eat the creampie after the first time, making you an official cuckold. Then, if you are good, you can have sloppy seconds. That way sperm from both of you will be in my pussy at the same time and will have an equal chance at getting to the egg first. Then I plan on Brad getting thirds and you get fourths. I will probably be tired and sore by then, so we may call it a night. When we do, it’s back in your diaper and your crib for you and Brad and I get the bed. If you’re good we can leave your cage off for the weekend. Is everything clear?”

“I think so. But are you sure that you want…?”

“Yes I am sure.” She replied firmly. “I have thought this through many times. I love you Adam, and I would love to have your baby. But this is what you wanted, and if Brad is the father, I would love that as well. We can have more babies too, but this one is going to be conceived according to your fantasies. Now let’s get downstairs and be ready for Brad when he gets here.

As he followed her down the stairs he noticed how the dress flowed around her, almost like it was weightless.

Just as they got to the bottom of the stairs, the doorbell rang. It was straight up 7:00. Wendy made him follow her to open the door so when Brad came in and kissed Wendy lightly on the lips, he was looking a Adam standing in all his diapered glory with his beet red face contrasting with the yellow ensemble that he was wearing.

“Come in Brad, I know you have met Adam, but not Baby Adam. Let’s sit down for a minute so everybody knows what’s about to happen here.

As Adam and Brad shook hands Wendy poured two glasses of Cabernet from a bottle she had opened a bit before so it could breath. She poured about a half glass into a baby bottle and screwed the nipple on so Adam could have some too.

They sat down in the family room Brad in a recliner and Adam on the floor with his bottle. Brad took a sip of his wine and then to break the ice, he said to Adam: “Wendy tells me that you have two deep fetishes. As a doctor I can tell you that a diaper fetish is much more common than most people realize. It’s unusual and interesting that you remember your imprint. And it’s not unusual for a diaper fetish to be coupled with a wife-sharing or cuckolding fetish. I think you are lucky to have a wife like Wendy that, besides being beautiful, is willing to participate in both fetishes for you.”

Adam took the nipple out of his mouth long enough to say: “I couldn’t agree more. Even when I have had second thoughts about watching her with you or someone else, she has been understanding and not pushy. Now that she’s made up her mind though, there’s no changing it.

Wendy followed them in and sat diagonally opposite them both. She had talked to both of them separately, but she wanted to reiterate everything with both of them there.

She took her first sip of wine and said “As both of you know, I have been tracking my ovulation cycle and this weekend is almost perfect for me getting pregnant. We will spend the weekend trying to make that happen. Brad will go first, then Adam will get to eat his first cuckold creampie.” At that Brad looked at Adam in amusement but said nothing. Adam turned even redder than he had been before and looked down as Wendy took another sip of wine and continued:” Whoever ends up as the father makes no difference to me. We will raise the baby as our own. Brad, if your sperm gets there first, you will have no parental rights and no obligations. No visitation and we won’t come after you for child support. Do you understand?” Brad nodded and Wendy went on:”A lawyer would say that we should have a contract, but a contract can be challenged and adds a layer of complication that we don’t need, such as ******** to family members and the rest of the world. Do you both agree?” Both nodded, knowing that the implication referred to Brad’s wife. She looked directly at Adam and continued: “Adam, I love you and have never cheated on you and never would have had you not let the genie out of the bottle. But now that it’s out, I want you to know that whether I get pregnant this weekend or not, if Brad and I decide to continue a sexual relationship it is up to us and us alone. We may let you watch or participate at times, or we may not. It will be up to us and us alone. As for future sexual partners, they will be my choice and my choice alone. It is my pussy and I am the only one that can decide who comes in it, either bareback or otherwise. If I chose to fuck a twelve inch black cock, it is up to me. If I chose to let you watch, it is up to me. Just remember that this is a result of your fantasy. I am not blaming you I am thanking you for opening up this new level of both of our lives.

Wendy took the last sip of wine from her glass and said: “Now that the formalities are done, let’s go have some fun.

She stood and started up the stairs. Both of them just stared after her as she climbed. The dress was doing that weightless thing again and they could see skin pretty much to the top of her shapely thighs. Then, as they started up after her, there was just a flash of white that showed at her crotch. They both caught their breath and hurried their step because they couldn’t wait to see more.

As they entered the bedroom Adam climbed into his crib as she had instructed earlier. Wendy lifted the side until it latched in the up position and then turned, grabbed Brad and kissed him. Long, deep and full. While their lips were still locked she took her hands from around his neck and dropped them to his belt buckle. As Adam watched with a mixture of awe and horror, she released the belt and unfastened the button on Brad’s dockers and unzipped the fly. The elastic waistband of his underwear was in plain sight but Wendy wasn’t looking. Her gaze was fixed directly into Brad’s eyes. Her hands found the waistband and slid under it. Her eyes grew wide, and Adam, who was watching closely from the confines of his crib knew that she had struck gold. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach from jealousy, but also excited with anticipation to see just how big it was. His wife dropped to her knees without taking her eyes off of Brad’s. She pulled his dockers down just enough to pull down his underwear and reveal a semi-erect cock that looked to be three times the size of Adam’s. By volume, it probably was nearly three times as big, but it was only about four inches longer than Adams 5 ½ inches. The girth was what made the difference.

It was easily a half again as wide and thus nearly twice the circumference. All of that was just math but the net result seemed to be magic.

Wendy took her eyes off of Brads and looked at what was in front of her face. Her eyes grew wider still with excitement and apprehension as she tried to take it into her mouth. She was only able to get about half of it in then she began to suck it wantonly. She looked toward Adam with a twinkle in her eye, just to let him know that she hoped he was enjoying this as much as she was. Brad stroked her hair as she sucked and his cock grew even bigger and harder. Wendy stood up, still wearing her high heels but stayed bent over so she could keep her lips wrapped around Brad’s cock. She then straightened up, grinned at Adam, took one step backward and fell onto the bed with her legs hanging over the side. Brad stepped forward and flipped the short hem of her dress up over her abdomen revealing the skimpy white lace panties that she was wearing. Nothing more than a band of lace an inch and a half wide around her hips with a sheer fabric panel through her crotch. Of course the lace band dipped down at the front and the back in order to make the panties even skimpier than they otherwise would be. The fabric panel was soaked with Wendy’s arousal, making it nearly transparent and Brad knelt down and started to lick the sopping wet panel. Wendy moaned, and raised her legs straight up in the air, spike heels pointed toward the ceiling and gave Brad easier access. He pushed the diminutive patch of fabric aside with his tongue and then went right for the center of her womanhood. He licked up and down her soaking wet slit just enough to know she was ready for more and then he grasped the lace hip bands of her panties and pulled them up her legs and over her high heels and tossed them to Adam.

Adam almost caught them in his wide open mouth because his jaw had dropped when Brad pulled her panties off. Instead of the neatly trimmed bush that he was expecting to see, there was a perfectly bald, shaved pussy under the panties. He had never seen his wife’s pussy like that but she had shaved it for Brad. It was looking like she was taking her new lifestyle seriously.

Brad licked around the edges of Wendy’s pussy for good measure then stood up and took off his shoes and socks. He pulled his polo shirt off over his head and then dropped it along with his dockers and his boxer shorts on the floor. He grabbed Wendy’s hips and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. Adam was watching intently as Brad placed her high heels over his shoulders and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her soaking wet slit and then with only a slight pause, plunged into her. Wendy’s eyes widened and she gasped because Brad’s was by far the biggest cock she had ever taken. It would have been painful if she hadn’t been as wet as she was. But even with his quick plunge, she felt nothing but fullness and pleasure. Brad pulled out slightly and then back forward until his pubic hair was pressed firmly against her shaved lips. He stopped for a few seconds as Wendy looked toward Adam, kissed the end of her right index finger and then folded her middle and ring finger down and held them with her thumb as she extended her hand toward her husband with the index and pinkie finger extended in the unmistakable “sign of the horns” or ‘corna’ sign that said Adam was officially a cuckold as his wife was being fucked by another man.

Wendy was still wearing her white dress, but there was no picture of innocence that went along with it. The front of the dress was flipped up ******** her bald pussy with Brad’s large cock moving in and out of it and the back of the dress was soaked with her pussy juices and was becoming more soaked by the second.

Brad was still basically standing by the bed and Wendy’s ass was raised to meet his thrusting, so she pulled the hem of the dress up past her butt, as high on her torso as it would go, then by rolling her shoulders forward was able to wiggle it up over her head and completely off. Now she was completely naked except for her high heels, and being fucked by the largest cock she had ever had stuffed in her pussy and she was enjoying it thoroughly. As Adam watched his wife get fucked, Brad leaned forward, slid his hands under her shoulders and picked her up completely, still impaled on his cock. He lifted one knee, then the other onto the bed and walking on his knees, he carried her further up to the pillows so he could get on top and fuck her properly. He set her head gently on a pillow and lowered her ass down on the bed and starting by pushing in as far as he could go. Wendy felt his cock once again touching places that had never been touched before, and then he pulled nearly all the way out then plunged in up to the hilt again. He started slowly then increased his pace reaching deep into her on each stroke. He knew he had three days of as much sex as he wanted so he really wasn’t trying to make this one last. He stroked faster and faster until he felt his climax coming and Wendy wrapped her legs around him and arched up to meet him so he knew she was close too. He held back until he felt her start to clench her pussy muscles and then he plunged all the way in and let go and shot his load right into the middle of her orgasm. Spurt after spurt he sent deep into her. She let out a deep moan as she came then lowered herself back down onto the wet spot on the sheets to recover. Adam was watching intently from his crib as Brad pulled his cock slowly out of Wendy’s pussy. His cock plopped out and down onto the sheet and released a flow of white semen. A puddle of cum formed at the entrance to Wendy’s pussy and ran down the crack of her ass and added to the wet spot below. .

Wendy said. “Brad you have touched places that have never been touched before and filled my pussy like it has never been filled before. I want to keep as much of your sperm as I can inside me close to the cervix. Would you please lower the side of Adam’s crib so he can come over her and clean me up like a good cuckold?

She stayed flat on her back while Brad released Adam then opened her legs wide as Adam crawled up the bed toward her. His massively diapered butt was in the air as his mouth found the opening to her vagina.

He had never seen so much cum in his life. Even with her trying to keep it in her it was running out and down her crack. He licked a couple of blobs off of her anus and some more further now her crack. She said; “Don’t try to suck it all out, I want most of it in me to help make a baby, just clean up the outside enough to make you an official cuckold creampie eater.

Adam did as he was told and cleaned her labia and all the way down to the mattress of any cum or fluid that he could lick up.

Then Wendy had him lay down next to her and had Brad peel his plastic pants off and unpin his diaper. She reached into the headboard and retrieved the key that she had hidden there and unlocked the padlock on his CB 6000.

Laying back down and spreading her legs once again she said: “And now it’s time for your sloppy seconds, another rite of passage in the cuckold world.”

Adam eagerly climbed up toward her, kissed her deeply to show her how much he loved her, and slid his dick in where Brad had been only minutes before.

It had only been a few days since his dick had been in his wife, but the difference was incredible. Besides being looser as a result of being stretched by Brad’s cock, her pussy was wetter and slicker than ever because of the massive load that Brad had shot into her.

He was already more aroused than he had ever been in his life from watching his wife getting fucked like she had never been fucked before but sliding into what Brad had left in his wife had his heart pounding like he had just run a marathon. Adam felt a tightness at the very opening of Wendy’s vagina, but everything past that was hard to describe. It was warm, wet, smooth, slick and loose. The thought that came to Adam’s mind was liquid velvet. He felt the opening of Wendy’s pussy embracing his dick, pretty much like he was masturbating with just his thumb and forefinger around the base of his dick and a warm silk stocking over the rest. Because he was already so aroused, the incredible feeling of pumping into Brad’s creampie took only about ten strokes before he unloaded his sperm into the middle of that left by Brad. Four spurts spewed forth toward her cervix, mixing with Brad’s sperm and giving Adam a pretty much equal opportunity to be the father of this weekend’s baby. Brad’s little swimmers had a head start, but Adam’s weren’t far behind. As for Wendy, she was well fucked and happy. She knew that if she were to get pregnant this weekend as planned, she would be a very happy mama. But, she also knew that she still had over 2 days of fucking to keep her pussy happy.

After a short rest to let everyone recuperate, Adam had retreated to his crib to watch as Wendy took Brad one more time. She tried to stay on her back as much as possible to keep the sperm near her cervix, but the main objective was to get more sperm pumped into her so Brad fucked her in just about every position imaginable. He started out in the traditional missionary and buried his cock in her all the way to the hilt.. Then he turned sideways and fucked her with her legs over his hips. Then they intertwined their legs like two women rubbing their pussies together, but Brad’s cock was buried in Wendy. Next was doggie style, She had removed the spike heels after the first round, but her legs still led right up to heaven. They twisted and gyrated into positions that they had never seen anyone in, and still Brad kept going. The combination of his and Adam’s sperm that was already inside Wendy got a thorough mixing as they twisted and turned and Brad’s big cock churned the mixture into a froth of ‘love butter,” the whipped cream that comes from churning up a pussy full of cum.

The frothy “love butter” surrounded the entrance to her pussy and wrapped around his cock like a halo as he drove into her. Unfortunately, the churning pulled some of the sperm out of her vagina and away from the cervix, the entrance to pregnancy. However, with more than two days of sex ahead of them, Wendy wasn’t worried. She figured that they would generate more than enough to replace what had been churned into love butter.

It took over an hour of Brad tickling her inner reaches before Wendy felt him paint the inside of her pussy with his second load. Brad collapsed on top of her exhausted, then rolled over on his back, completely spent. Wendy got up herself to drop the side of the crib and let Adam out, then laid back on the bed with her knees up and her legs wide so Adam could fulfill his cuckold duties and use his tongue to clean up the outside of her pussy. She wanted to keep as much sperm inside her as possible, but she figured that whatever had worked its way out to soak the outside of her mound and crotch was fair game as cuckold food. Adam did an admirable job cleaning up the “love butter” all over her pussy and inner thighs before climbing back aboard for “frothy fourths.”

Adam lasted a little longer the second time, but after having just watched his wife being sexually used in nearly every position, he could hardly contain himself. He wanted to be able to do the things to her that Brad had done, but knew that he didn’t have the cock to do it so he tried to make up for it in enthusiasm. As he slid into her she felt the same except maybe wetter and slipperier, if that was possible. He knew that she already had three loads of cum in her and he was about to leave a fourth. He knew that in a head to head, or cock to cock, competition he didn’t stand a chance, but he knew that Wendy loved him and he was determined that he would at least give his sperm a fighting chance to be the first to meet up with the egg that was theoretically just then making its way down the fallopian tube toward the uterus. He knew that he couldn’t ejaculate as much as Brad, but he was going to shoot as much and as often as he could this weekend. He could tell that Wendy was getting tired and her pussy was probably sore, but Adam wasn’t going to miss this chance to add as much to the mixture of cum in her as possible. He plunged all the way to the hilt without resistance, and pressed his pubic bone against her vulva, grinding against her clitoris. He knew that she had had multiple orgasms with Brad and he wanted to make sure that she had at least one with his dick inside her. He stayed firmly pressed against her vulva for a few minutes as he moved his hips in a rotary motion, rubbing his pubic hair against her shaved pussy. Then he pulled out until just the tip of his dick was between her labia, and plunged back in all the way. Wendy rotated and raised her hips to meet his thrusts, and they quickly found the rhythm that had worked so well for them the past three years. It wasn’t long before Wendy started into her seventh and final orgasm of the night, and Adam spurted his seed into her simultaneously. As Adam kissed her deeply and they relaxed in the afterglow of their mutual orgasm, Brad was starting to stir next to them after recovering from his marathon romp with Wendy.

It was well past 10:00 and everyone was exhausted from their fuckathon so they decided to call it a day. Wendy wanted to stay supine to keep the semen near her cervix, so Adam climbed into his crib, and Brad pinned him into his diapers. Brad had three children so he had some experience with the process, and while a bit unusual, having the bull diaper the cuckold really wasn’t too far out of the cuckold playbook. It didn’t take long for all three of them to fall asleep, Adam in his crib, and Brad and Wendy intertwined on the bed.

Adam slept soundly through the night, wetting in his sleep as he usually did. When he woke up it was to unusual sounds in the room. He looked over toward the bed and saw his wife with her knees up to her chest and Brad between her legs driving his big cock into her just like he had done the night before. From the angle of his vantage point, Adam could watch as Brad’s penis stretched his wife’s labia out on each stroke, his sizable testicles slapping against Wendy’s ass as he neared bottom. Strangely, despite the normal cuckold angst, he mostly felt happy for his wife that she was now being sexually satisfied the way that she deserved. Watching her get serviced by a bigger cock was a turn on to him because he loved her so much and wanted her to have what she needed in life.

Adam didn’t like to be humiliated, and he appreciated that Brad understood where he was coming from in wanting Wendy to have a better sex life. While he hoped that his seed would be the one that got his wife pregnant, he would be fine with raising Brad’s baby as his own.

The three of them spent the entire weekend finding new and creative ways to try and get Wendy pregnant. She lost count of the number of orgasms that she had as well as the number of loads of semen she had spurted into her. She only knew that it was the best sexual experience of her life and getting pregnant from it would just be an added bonus.

Occasionally they would have to take a break just to let her pussy rest. She was tired and sore so they would take long breaks in between hot and heavy sex sessions. Adam got to stay on the bed for a close-up view as Brad fucked his wife and he held her hand and kissed her as Brad spurted into her for the umpteenth time. During break times Brad pinned Adams diapers back on him and snapped on his plastic pants so Adam could take a nap without fear of wetting. He did the same when it was bedtime. He basically took over diaper duty from Wendy to give her one less thing to think about. Adam was OK with this because Brad was the alpha male and it also made it seem like they were a family and Adam was the baby, even if only for the weekend.

It was during one of the break times near the end of the day on Sunday that Wendy indicated what she was thinking about the future.

“Brad, you have by far the biggest cock that has ever entered my pussy. I appreciate all the great sex that we have had this weekend and I hope it continues. Of course we will have to be discrete because of your wife and children, as well as the staff at work. But as much as I love your big cock it has just given me the craving for more. Once I am pregnant I want to find even bigger cocks. I want to wait until I am pregnant so I don’t have to worry about getting knocked up by a stranger. I really want to be fucked by a 12” cock, either black or white, it doesn’t matter, but the bigger the girth the better, and maybe more than one. This weekend has taught me how much I can enjoy sex, and how unlimited it all is, so if you have any friends that you know are hung like that, I want to meet them. And Adam, as I said on Friday, thank you for opening me up to all of the possibilities that my pussy holds. We will continue with your fantasies, and I hope you can go along with mine because who I let cum in my pussy is my choice alone.”
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