I leaned forward on my knees, and he spread his legs so I had open access to his swollen, throbbing cock. He had to be a good nine inches, and his shaft must have been nearly as thick as my wrist. One thick vein snaked down the length of his coffee-dark shaft, and ended at the base of his huge swollen head. THAT was easily as thick as my wrist, and his foreskin was rippled up behind the ridge of it. I reached around it and stroked up his cock which felt like silk on steel, watching the thick skin of his hood engulf the head, and then slide back down and around again. I licked my lips and brought them to the tip of his towering meat, and already his hand was at the back of my head, urging me to take him. I opened my mouth, and he began pushing down - the distended head of his cock spreading my mouth open wider than it had ever been before, and then my whole mouth was stuffed with several throbbing inches of his pulsating organ.

"Yeah, that's it, white boy. Gotta love diversity. I promise you're gonna love sucking this big nigger dick. I'm gonna give you a taste of Africa you're never gonna forget."

My eyes were wide - both from the sheer girth of his cock stuffing my mouth to its limit, and by his blunt, crude language. I lifted my head a bit to start to suck, and he ****** my head down further onto his cock, ramming his huge fleshy head against the back of my throat as I struggled to cope with the sheer size and the formidable diameter of his rigid organ.

"I don't know what you're used to, momma's boy, but you're sucking THIS nigga's cock all the way down to the balls. Now let's go - SUCK." And with that he grabbed a fistful of hair and powerfully ****** the head of his cock into my throat - I could feel it spread open and stretch as one, two, three inches of his hard black cock slid down my throat. I gagged a little and tried to open my throat to allow him in. My mouth was impaled on his cock as he began pumping my head up & down.

"That right, white boy, be a good little slut and suck that dick. I like to see a white college boy choke on my big black cock. You like that, don't ya? Having that black dick all the way down your throat?"

I grunted and whimpered a bit as I scrambled to angle my head and open my mouth and throat to line up with his massive meaty shaft. I could feel the head of his cock ripple along the cartilage in my throat as it slid back and forth along the inside of my tightly stretched esophagus.

He let up for a moment, and I was able to gasp for breath as I came up and his head popped out of my throat. He laughed and yanked me back by the hair, lifting my mouth off his cock as his slick head left my lips with an audible suctioning noise.

"You sure you're gonna be able to handle this? I made sure you understood I was QUITE demanding. "

"Yes sir, I see that. I can do it."

"Damn, white boy, you really do like suckin a black man's dick, don't ya? Let's reposition a little bit - I wanna make sure you can get all the way down in this and suck."
He stood up from his chair and pulled be back to his cock by my hair. I opened wide and began sucking him, trying to save up enough breath for what I was sure was another inevitable and vigorous throat-fucking.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah, I can tell you've sucked dick before. Most of these little college whores don't know what to do with a real dick once it's in front of them. You on the the other hand seem like you know exactly what to do. Now get down on that cock and suck - I got a nutsack full up, and you little white momma's boy is gonna swallow everything that I got - ain't ya?"

"MmmmmHmmmmfff!" I gurgled, as he stroked the length of his rigid meat up, and down with my lips and mouth and throat.
"If only your momma could see you now - with a my big African cock balls deep in her little baby's hungry little cocksucker. I'll bet your daddy don't have half the cock that I do, does he? Huh?"

UuuuggggghhhUuuuggggghh, I gurgled, my eyes bulging while straining to cope with the full length of his cock being stroked in and out of my throat.
When I was nearly certain I'd pass out, he let me up for air, and I let out an explosive breath and heaved in lungfuls of fresh air as fast as I was able.

"Not like those pansy-ass classes you sit through, is it college boy? This is hard work, suckin a black man's dick. I think you're gonna break a sweat while you're at this. Don't you worry though - I got plenty of liquid to give you. Gonna fill your belly with my seed. You best be thirsty - I can feel all those African sperm clamoring to get out. Gonna feed your little slut mouth all my black jizz. Then you can run home to your momma and kiss her with that cocksucking mouth of yours."

I rocked back and forth - my knees straddling his legs on the hard floor of the professor's office as I sucked like mad - the stern grip of his hand on the back of my head thrusting his gigantic cock in and out of my throat. He pumped and thrusted as I greedily sucked him for all I was worth. I was dizzy, and my hair felt like it was on fire. His thighs glistened with sweat as he rolled up on the balls of his feet as he worked my mouth up and down the length of his rock-hard meat. He leaned back against his desk as I gulped and gasped around his big black dick. I could feel his pulse pounding along the length of the throbbing veins in his cock, and could feel the tension begin to build as I stroked his large, hairy sack. My world was my overstuffed mouth and the taste and smell of his big, black penis. I could taste the musk and the increasing drool of his thick salty precum as I steeled myself for what he was going to make damned sure I swallowed.

"Fuck yeah, white boy. Suck that cock. You can do this better than any of those spoiled little sorority bitches. Ah fuck, I'm gonna pump a ton of gen-yoo-wine African jizz down your slutty little white boy throat. Suck. SUCK. That's it. I can feel it coming. Harder. Suck harder. I said SUCK HARDER, you little slut! Yeah, that's it - oh yeah, I'm almost there. Suck you dirty little cocksucker. Suck that big black dick. FUCK you're a nasty little slut."

His back was arched over his desk, and he took a wider stance - holding onto his desk with one hand while gripping me by the hair while I slurped noisily around his impossibly bigger meat and pumped my head up and down his cock like mad.

"Ahhhhh. Ahhhh yeah. Oh fuck. Oh fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. FUCK YEAH. Ahhhhh. AHHHhhhh! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! "

Then suddenly the inside of my mouth was saturated with wetness and the saltiness of his sperm, and he growled loudly and began pumping HUGE jets of steaming hot cum into mouth almost faster than I could swallow. I gulped and gurgled and swallowed what seemed like a dozen times as he strained his hips against my cum-drenched lips as the shaft and big fleshy head of his cock throbbed and pulsated in my mouth and throat. I managed to swallow nearly everything he had given me, and then another spasm shot through him as his cock began gushing another series of hot liquid eruptions. Thick loads of hot cum stretched my throat open as I gulped it down my throat and felt it filling my stomach. 5 or 6 more times he suddenly let loose another stunning eruption of his pudding-thick man milk, and then he finally let go of my head and slumped back against his desk.

"Motherfucker. You suck that dick like a fucking porn star. Damn you can suck a cock. Oh fuck that was good."

I slowly kept sucking him, holding him as deeply in my mouth as I could and still breathe, until my knees felt like they were going to split open. I drew my mouth off him with a wet slurping sound, and strings of thick salty jizz hung between my lips and his big black twitching cock.
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