I dropped a note into this professor's mailbox outside his office door. I'd seen him during a walk through that part of campus, and I just knew he'd have an amazing cock. For the next week or so, I fantasized about kneeling in his office while he watched me work over his big black cock in my little white mouth.

Finally, I just couldn't restrain myself anymore, and I told him - "Hey, I know this is out of left field, but I've been thinking about giving you a blowjob all week. I'm a white male student, and I can't get the thought of being down on my knees for you out of my head. Leave a post-it note with a check mark on the wall outside your office if we might be able to do that."

I waited nervously for a few days, with a raging hard-on every time the vivid vision of unzipping his suit pants went through my mind - which was at least a dozen times every day. I was walking through his wing of the building on Thursday after lunch, and I just stopped dead in my tracks as I saw it - a post-it note. It was almost lost in the large collection of postings on the bulletin board, and the check mark was just a small pencil stroke - it could have been left over from any bit of paperwork - but it had to be too great a coincidence to be merely chance. I was just standing there in front of the bulletin board wondering what to next, when a deep voice next to me said "Oh there you are - I'm sorry I'm late for our appointment - I was just out for a few minutes running an errand. Step inside." And with that, he opened his door and held out his arm, inviting me into his office. I stared straight at him in what was virtually shock, and then just snapped out of it and walked inside his small office. He followed me in, closed the door, and walked around his desk to his office chair. "Please, sit." he said with an interested look and what was almost a faint smirk.

"You're very prompt. I only posted my reply this morning." I wasn't sure what to say to that, and must have been sitting there with my mouth half open for just a little too long.

"I just wanted to say what an - ambitious project it is that you're proposing. When is it that you think you would work on this?" he said, leaning back in his chair and eyeing me curiously.

"Well, uh, I guess, I mean I was just wondering if you thought it was a good idea...."

"Oh, I think what you're proposing has great merit."

"Uh, good. I, uh, don't know if we're talking about the same project..."

"Oh, I'm sure we are." he quickly interjected. "I just thought that, as a professor, I should see where you were at with - this, since students often propose things that they later find --- hard to swallow, as it were." he said with the faintest of smirks. "Let me just say that I'm eager to have a student such as yourself taking this sort of thing on - I'm quite eager to have someone to work on this, though I wanted to make sure that a project of this - size - wouldn't be more than you were capable of handling. It's disappointing to have someone begin on something like this and then wind up backing out because it's more than they expected. One's never sure what a student's background and - experience - are."

"Right. I see what you mean. How bi..., uh, I mean, I think I can handle your, uh, project. I don't think it would be too much."

"I see. So, you've worked for someone like me before?"

"Uh, yeah. I've done few projects like this before."

"Well, that's very reassuring. I don't know what your other - advisors - were like, but I should just say now that I can be a bit demanding. I only have certain times that I'd be available to work with you on this, and naturally with this sort of thing, once you've started, I'd expect a certain amount of dedication, and results."

"I don't think that's a problem. I think I mentioned that I gave this a lot of thought"

"Good. I hope you also realize my position in this type of - research - there's a great deal of confidentiality while you're - under my tutelage. The end of the semester is only a few months away - when do you think you'd get started?"

"Oh, I uh, don't think the uh, confidentiality is a problem. I understand that completely. I guess I could start anytime. When do you think you'd be available next?"

"Hmmm. Well, you seem to be quite the eager young lad. Since tomorrow's Friday, I should have some time at the end of the day, and there shouldn't be any interruptions. Let's say, 5' o'clock? "

"Tomorrow. At 5. Yeah, I could do that. Just - show up?"

"Yes, I think that will do nicely. I'll be here waiting - just knock on my door."

"OK." I got up, a little stunned at the speed and directness of what just happened, and headed out to my next class.

The next day and a half were a blur, and I watched the clock with an intense mix of anticipation and nervousness. At around 4:30 I started wandering the hallways, working my way down to the business wing of the building.

Eventually I made my way to the professor's office, and stood in front his door, nervous as hell. He was right - there weren't many people around campus on a Friday afternoon. Sooooo - here I go. [knock, knock] After a short pause I heard his office chair roll along the floor, and then a few moments later the door to his office opened.

"Well, I see you're right on time. You must be quite eager to get started on that project."

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir. Good. I think you're going to do well. I think the best place to start is over at my desk."

He walked around his desk to his chair, and sat down. I followed. Looking down, I could see he was rock hard inside his suit pants. He just looked up at me and nodded. Slowly, I knelt down behind his desk, and reached over to unfasten his zipper. "I see you're a self-starter. I'm glad you're showing the amount of enthusiasm that's expected of you." The snap popped open, and his cock was so hard that the zipper rode it all the way down to the bottom. He lifted his hips off his chair, and I slid his pants down his legs. His boxers didn't hide much - I could tell he wasn't kidding about his size - he was clearly very thick, and I could see the head of his cock pushing against the elastic of his waistband. I slid my fingers into the waistband and began sliding the boxers over and down - and his rock-hard cock sprang out and quivered as I pulled them down to the base. "That's a big project you've got to work on there, white boy. You'd better get working on that."

I looked up at him and nodded. He smiled at the astonished look on my face.

"Yeah, just what you asked for. Now let's see what momma's little college boy's got. This is the oral exam part of the project. I'm looking forward to seeing you ace it."
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