This is a story that started way back when I was nineteen years old working for the forest service when I saw my first Black cock. I was working on a wilderness trail, deep in the forest where no one was supposed to be. I walked around a tree and into a big black man, 6’4”, 250lbs or so in shorts and no shirt. It was an awkward situation that startled us, causing us to gasp as he was urinating.

After we both regained our composure. We were both overly apologetic. we talked for a short while, and I tried not to look, but the image of him holding that impossibly long, thick, black cock and looking at me was embedded in my mind (and is to this day) I couldn’t help but notice his huge penis getting harder and thicker in his shorts while we talked.

He got quite a sight also as nobody was supposed to be in that area, I had stripped down to get some sun and was in my g-string and a cutoff tee shirt that barely covered my breasts. My nipples could be seen through the thin material because I wasn't wearing a bra. I was an image to behold walking around the forest barely dressed with long, blond hair, and a very athletic body including long well-muscled legs. Not bragging, but growing up on a ranch kept me in good physical shape.

I was a little nervous about the whole thing until I realized he was friendly, funny, and easygoing. He talked about his family and how he had come to our area to see the beauty of the forest, on his way to see his dad in Canada, who was having health issues.

I shared that I was getting ready to go to college the next semester, and had decided to get this job because it allowed me to have time alone, and think about my future. Plus the job wasn't that hard and it allowed me time to lay out and get a tan, to look good for my boyfriend... While talking I realized there was an almost animal attraction to him, and from the look in his eyes; I think he felt it, too! Nothing happened between us, but it stirred a lot of things in me.

That night my boyfriend didn’t know what hit him! When I shut out the lights and started sucking his cock giving myself to him enthusiastically, over and over... He must have thought himself a stud. Truth is, all I could see in my mind was the big black man, and I was imagining myself kissing him, wrapping my arms around his neck, and spreading my legs to wrap them around his strong core!

I never saw the big black man again, and I have mixed feelings about that. I even went back to that place on the trail where I saw him, thinking he might come back here and leave something to identify himself.

A thousand scenarios have gone through my mind over the years...all of them make me wet, every time! I am sure the experience of feeling his touch - which I was craving - would have changed my young life. When I think about that encounter I wonder what if he had been a little more assertive out there on the trail? I’m not sure I could have resisted his advances - or if I would have tried?

What if I had been a little more forward with him? What if I had been bold enough to ask him if I could feel his bulge through his shorts? What if I had just done it?! I think even back then I knew deep down inside. I was a submissive, who was just waiting for an opportunity to be naughty for the right man and this was an opportunity missed!

Right now, of course, I know exactly what would happen...
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