Saturday night...another hot one in our living room as I turn on the lights and invite our two guests (Lee and Ivan) to make themselves comfortable. Dee was heading off to the kitchen after taking drink orders.

"So Tom, we hear you like to watch your wife get fucked by black men?"

I was a bit startled at the direct question. It was not like everyone didn't know what we were doing. The fact that my wife fucks black men and I am her cuckold is not a secret, to be honest, the fact that everyone knows is part of the fun for us, it is a turn-on knowing that people knew?

I smiled and nodded my head. As Dee sat down next to Ivan, who started caressing her pussy under her skirt. Dee had just sat between them for hours at the club making out with them, stroking their cocks, and sucking them under the table when no one was looking. They both danced with her and fondled her in front of everyone and they all knew that these two black stallions would be taking her pussy before the night was over.

"Lee and I are going to take you up to your bedroom and fuck you, pretty lady." She put her hand on his thigh and slid it over to squeeze the bulge in his pants, as he kissed her. Lee stood up and unzipped his pants, sliding them down his legs and stepping out of them.

"Let's get on with fuckin' this bitch, I have been ready to tap that pussy for hours."

They stood her up and made me undress her for them. "Take her wedding ring off, tonight she's all ours!"

I love watching black men kiss her, and I love to watch her respond to them, letting them know that she is ready for whatever they want to do to her!? I looked at my wife, standing there naked, knowing she was about to get fucked by these two black men, the thought had me dizzy with excitement as I did something I had never done before I removed her ring and set it on the coffee table.

Ivan smacked her ass, "Get your ass upstairs, sexy, you've been waiting long enough to get this yard of a black dick you got comin'!"

He turned and headed upstairs, without even looking at me as Lee followed Dee with his long cock swinging and slapping against his thighs. As they climbed, he was caressing her ass and telling her, "I can't wait to tap that married pussy!"

Ivan was close behind them "I can't wait to tap that ass!"

Dee quipped that she didn't think she would be taking that big dick of his in her ass.

"What?! Did you just say you... grab that rail, bitch, and bend over - we've got to get something straight."

DeeAnna's smile faded and she grabbed the balcony rail and bent over. Lee came up behind her and started spanking her with his bare hand - Hard! Dee's knees sort of buckled at the first slap on her ass, as the intensity startled her, then he kept spanking and telling her that her ass belonged to him tonight, and how he was going to fuck it if he wants to!

"Yes, Sir!"

"Get your ass in that room, NOW!"

She turned and walked into the room, I could see how red her ass was from the spanking. When they closed the door, Suddenly, I realized that I was going to miss my favorite part of sharing my wife - getting to watch her submitting to their desires and getting fucked by these two men.

I could hear their deep voices, as they seemed to be giving her some instructions, and I could hear her laughing. Soon it got quiet, then I started hearing the sounds of her moaning and I thought I heard kissing. I sat with my heart racing, straining to hear and wondering if they would call me up so I could watch.

Sitting there with my camera I started thinking about all that I have read and been involved in. I sat there staring at her wedding ring on the table, I took a picture... it seemed appropriate when you think about it.

I had given my wife to two black men for their pleasure. now I could hear muffled sounds coming out of the bedroom and my mind raced thinking about what was going on in there... Did they think they were going to call me up there and have me eat a creampie out of my wife? What would I do If they did?! No doubt I would... Right now it's not about me and certainly not about our marriage.

Dee Writes about being in the room...

When the door to our bedroom closed, Lee turned me toward him and kissed me. I was still excited and feeling sexy about the fact that they had made Tom take my wedding ring off and undress me for them.

I was soaking wet, from the spanking Ivan had given me at the top of the stairs! I kissed Lee wetly and wrapped my arms around his thick neck. He still had his clothes on, but he had taken his cock out and I could feel it pressed against my soft white skin. The silky material of his shirt felt great against my nipples. Then I felt Ivan press his body against my back and him kissing the back of my neck... His cock was rock hard and pressing into me and I could feel his balls, hot grazing my ass cheeks. I moaned between kisses, and whimpered when Lee twisted my nipples and grabbed my pussy like he owned it!

Tom continues...
Finally, I heard Lee hollering my name from our bedroom, I went up the stairs so fast I may not have touched the steps?! I opened the door and stepped into the room, and this is what I saw:

My wife and her two black stallions were, straddling the cedar chest that usually sits at the foot of our bed. Dee was in the middle, with Lee in front and Ivan behind her. Ivan's cock was buried in her ass and Lee's cock was stretching her pussy as he kissed her shoulders and breasts. Dee had her feet flat on the carpet and her leg muscles were flexed as she bounced herself up and down on the two thick black cocks.

I was instantly hard! She was whimpering, screaming, and tossing her head from side to side, her body shaking from the pleasure and exertion. I knew she had never done DP before, and she appeared to be enjoying it! "Honey, I have never cum like this before - it feels SOOOOOOOOOOO good!"

The noises she was making alone, were enough to make me cum from excitement, but the visual treat was going to stay with me for a long, long time! My mouth was hanging open, it was almost more than I could handle! Those two studs were just sitting there, cocks hard and throbbing, while my Dee serviced them with her pussy and ass.

"Who does that pussy belong to, slut?"

She stopped to kiss Lee deeply and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm a Black Cock Slut, baby, I told you that before! And I always will be..."
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