The fact that my husband has been out of town all week, and I was spending a lot of time on Imagefap looking at all the hot men and women may have been a factor in my trip last night. I was in a neighborhood near the university, where the college guys who have visited us live, but thought better of it since my husband is out of town, and I don’t want to start doing things that we haven’t talked about.

I had planned to do some shopping on the way home, so I stopped at a grocery I passed by. I only needed a few things, but being in a store that I wasn’t used to, I was having to look for nearly everything. when a soft-spoken store employee came by and asked if he could help?

He was very nice and polite (and quite good looking I might add!) as he helped me find my last couple of items. (He was very funny) he had me laughing pretty hard as he told me about his college classes, and how he is trying to juggle a job, sports, and homework. He said he was very glad to be a senior.

He then stopped talking and smiled at me big. I looked into his eyes as he put his hand over mine, his hands were huge!!! His touch wasn’t uncomfortable and didn’t startle me; it kind of felt natural. “I remember seeing you at Darren’s (fake name) house when I was a Sophomore, that was you, wasn’t it?”

I smiled and nodded. His friend had been a lover of mine several years ago until he moved away. I remember meeting several of his friends, but only briefly… then suddenly it came to me. One of those crazy nights when we had gone over to party. My husband was downstairs with a couple of chubby blonde chicks (he has a thing for them!) and I was upstairs being seduced and charmed by Darren. Okay, so Darren had just banged my married pussy on the balcony, bending me over his table and making me scream with delight while several of the neighbors watched. There was seducing going on at other times, but this time it was pure animal lust and I enjoyed every minute of it!

As I was walking inside to the bathroom, I ran into this handsome fella’ in the hall. I had on a tank top that you could pretty much see through, and that was all, naked from the waist down. He was a perfect gentleman, he turned his back as soon as he saw me, apologized, and let me into the bathroom.

I was suddenly flushed with excitement, looking down I see the contrast of Tim’s dark skin on mine. and Tim sensed my vulnerable moment and leaned close to me. I thought he might try to kiss me. “Do you want to go in the back with me?” I had gotten quite a reputation with the guys when I was “dating” Darren. They knew that I loved to suck dick, and I had even done a couple of Darren’s friends during that period, but it was mostly private stuff – not the crazy public sex I’ve done lately.

So there we were in the cereal section, and this young opportunist was taking advantage of the fact that I have been dealing with an ever-increasing horniness all week! I smiled at him and said, “Let's go.”

He stashed my shopping cart and led me to the back of the store. We were going down the hall to the bathroom, and I didn’t feel too good about him taking me there, but he went right on past there and we ended up in the janitor's closet. Doesn’t sound all that great, but this was a break room/Janitor’s closet and they kept it clean. (Like that makes a difference – at that point I probably would have sucked this man’s dick just about anywhere)

He closed and locked the door turning toward me. Man, he looked delicious. 6’4”, broad shoulders. Very handsome and charming, great hands – which I love! He pulled me to him and kissed me. For me, this is the moment that can make or break any encounter. Kissing is very key for me. If you can kiss me well, the rest is going to be mind-boggling for both of us; because I will completely let myself go and fulfill whatever fantasies you have, Tim has very thick sexy lips, he captured my mouth and took my breath away.

I felt his hands on the small of my waist, his hands nearly wrapped around me. We kissed somewhat furiously at first, then calmed down a bit – but were still hungrily sucking at each other's lips as our tongues danced inside our mouths. I unbuttoned his shirt and reached inside to feel his well-muscled chest and chiseled stomach. I don’t know what he does to keep in shape, but I haven’t felt anyone that solid in years.

When we broke our kiss he pulled me close and kissed my neck. “I’ve been dreaming about this since I saw your naked ass in the hallway that night.” He ran his big hands up and down my back. “Been dreaming about running my hands through your long blonde hair while you suck my black dick.” He kissed me along my jawline taking my head in his hands as he looked into my eyes with a smile, “You’re a pretty woman, Dee, do you want to suck my black dick?”

It was a silly question, we both knew why we were there, but I nodded my head. He told me to take all of my clothes off, I stripped down to my panties. He sat me down in a chair and took out his cock, I took him in my hands, I always like to get a man good and excited before I stretch my lips over the head of his dick and take as much of it in my mouth as I can. I started fondling and Stroking him, Kissing along the top, the sides, and under. I held his balls in my palm and gently raked my long fingernails over his scrotum. I looked up into his eyes as the tip of his thick cock hit the back of my throat. If I would have touched my clit at that moment, I would have cum immediately – every nerve in my body seemed to be fully alive, I was so turned on!

He kept smiling, telling me how good I looked and complimenting me on my body and skills. ANY woman would respond to such things as I’m sure that a handsome young man with an Adonis body gets his share of pussy, so he’s probably seen many sexy bodies. but having a young man saying these things to a woman who is more than 20 years older than he is… that’s a pretty good compliment!

I kept sucking for a long time. When my jaw would get tired I would pull him out of my mouth and kiss along his dick, suck his balls, stroking him with my hands; then I would go back to sucking.

Suddenly, the door opened, and I about had a heart attack! Tim stepped back and I covered myself with my hands as best I could and stood up. It was an older Black man, who stepped in and closed the door behind him. He held up his hands and said, “It’s okay, don’t move, I’m not going to bust you.” I stayed still, not sure what to do. Tim said hello to him in a way that you could tell they were friends, or at least they got along well.

The man was the manager who had been in his office when he saw us come in on a security camera. He pointed to another camera which I hadn’t noticed "The cameras do not record – they are to catch employees hiding out back here. I was watching in the office enjoying the show and started jacking off when I decided to join in? I brought some rubbers?” Opening his hand to show me.

My head was reeling, my husband and I are swingers, as you all know, and I don’t know if I have discussed it much, but I love to have two men occasionally and this man was pretty handsome and charming.

"May I help him out of your pants?"

“I’ll take care of that little lady, you’re going to have your hands full with these two black dicks.”

He had a very deep voice, which I found incredibly sexy! He stepped out of his pants showing me his cock which was a bit larger than Tim’s and uncircumcised. I’ve had enough cocks in me to know that vaginas have wonderful elastic properties, but I knew that I was going to get my pussy filled tonight!

He walked over to me and kissed me. He was probably about my age. Very gentle, very experienced, and kissed soft and gent. Holding me firmly, but not too tight. Caressing my skin with a skill that comes with experience. “You feel as good as you look, baby.” He took my tits in his hands and kissed the nipples, Tim came up behind me and pressed his body against me.

Any woman who has ever been sandwiched between two sexy men like this knows that there is no feeling like it in the world. I could feel both of their cocks pressing against me. Their hands were everywhere! Tim was caressing my sides and buttocks, nuzzling his face in my hair and kissing the back of my neck. Deke was kissing my nipples, chest, and neck; running his fingers through my hair.

This is hard to describe; because I am sitting here about to slide off my chair! My pussy is WET, WET, WET! I’m not going to give you every detail, but I enjoyed sucking and stroking Deke’s big uncircumcised cock. After several 10? 20? 30? Minutes of doing this “Does your husband know you’re doing this?”

"He doesn’t know exactly what I’m doing, but he will want to hear ALL about THIS when I see him!"

Tim spoke up and told him my husband and I are in an open relationship; then Deke said, “Well, we better give you a great story to tell him!”

He spun me around, I was facing Tim, again. I was very shaky by this time – these studs had been kissing all over me, and running their hands all over my body, grinding their cocks against me; telling me I was beautiful, and just seducing me in every possible way.

Tim took my face in his palms and stuck his thumb in my mouth. He kissed my lips. “Suck my dick, Dee,” he scooted up onto a table and laid back. I didn’t tease, I leaned over and took as much of that cock in my mouth as I could and began to suck like a wanton *****. I was past being sweet, cute, and reserved, I wanted to make this sexy black man cum!

Deke wasted no time removing my panties and working his cock into my pussy from behind. He was past being gentle, too. He took me by the hips and I heard him say something about tight white pussy, but he didn’t give it time to adjust to his size – he just kept forcing it into me, making me squeal with delight and pain. I came hard, and he kept on going. Tim came just as he started to get into the rhythm of fucking me with that yummy dick. He was wearing a condom but I felt it fill up my mouth. I sucked as long as I dared, thinking that it might break, then I pulled my mouth off and stroked it until every last drop.

Deke picked me up and flipped me over. I laid back into Tim's lap as Deke grabbed my thighs pulling me onto his cock. “You got a tight pussy for…"

"an older woman?” I said and smiled. He nodded his head “I’m famous for that,” I told him.

“I’ll bet you are.”

“I bet you’re….. oh… f… fa… fa… oh, oh, oh YES! Take my pussy!” I had thought I was going to be all cool and tell him I’ll bet he is famous for his big cock, when he hit my sweet spot! I looked into his eyes and was sure he was seeing into my soul. Tim was caressing my breasts and toying with my nipples. I was holding onto Deke’s forearms and feeling his cock touch places in me that had rarely if ever been touched before.

I came again before he pulled me up and took me in his arms. His cock stayed inside of me and he held me against him, in his strong arms with mine wrapped around his neck – my face buried in his hair. I was whining and whimpering as he thrust that almighty cock in and out of me.

He came and just kept on cumming it seemed for a long time. I won’t talk about all the things we said and the rush of excitement, and the wave of feelings then and now. Just suffice to say that it was GOOOOOOOOOOD, Gooder than good, yummy, exciting, wonderful, fulfilling. Mmmmmmmm, yes!

My pussy is sore from the force of him fucking it, but I would do it again, right now, if he called. I haven’t had it like that in years…maybe never. ~Tom's Wife
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