6F4D8F1D-A977-45E9-B30B-C16C70B6E33C.jpegIt had been about two months since Janice and I had been on the inclement weather plan. Even now I felt like a rag doll. Janice looked at me and grinned across the aisle. Not one word was spoken but we both knew we had an intimate secret that few if any other women could share. “I sort of had a feeling about you,” Janice stated.

“Well, it’s not like I have a billboard on my chest saying SLUT?”

“Oh that’s not what I mean,” Janice softly replied,

“You and I are both discrete little sluts.” I had always thought of myself that way. If you analyzed my wardrobe you could see that I liked to wear classic Anne Taylor-Esque garments. I don’t think there’s anything hotter than getting my cunt bred in a dress suit, bent over, tits popping from a dress shirt, and HEELS, (Heels, that’s where the giveaway is, look at a woman’s footwear. If you want to know what fires burn down below look at her shoes.) I like heels!! The higher the better, I like sandal-type heels to show off my pedicure. I have a pair of wood bottom-heeled Steve Madden sandals that my husband loves to fuck me in because he can hold onto the heel and manipulate my legs over his shoulders getting in deep. Remember, feet are the erotic doorway to a woman’s very sexuality.

It had been a quiet Friday afternoon and I knew it probably wouldn’t be long before the guys who had dates or parties to go to would soon be passing through to spend a little $ on a nice shirt or some pants. About that time I heard laughter and loud voices come through the east entrance to the store. I vaguely recognized the voices of Denzel and Jamar. Janice spoke across the aisle “Looks like the love train has arrived!” and laughed, smiling that evil grin of hers.

The guys floated around the department looking at new items and sale tables, joking with each other about how items might look and laughing about each other's tastes. Jamar came to the dressing room area first with an armful of items. I escorted him back to the furthest room from the front. “Let me know if you need anything, Jamar, I will be happy to assist you.” Denzel was stocking up on denim and Janice was piling his choices high on the counter. Denzel had pushed her back into a secluded special order area away from the customers.

I could hear her giggle and Denzel say “You like that baby?” I walked towards the stock area and Denzel had Janice’s skirt pulled up panties aside fingering her box. She had shiny juices running down the inside of her thighs and legs. As I passed her I ran my nails up her pantyhose collecting her juices. I turned to look at both of them as I licked her sweetness from my fingers. Janice’s eyes rolled back and I could see her shudder as a climax rolled through her body. I better check on Jamar I thought.

“Need any help in there Jamar”? As I tapped on the doorframe. “Come in and see how this fits. Some of these are running big on me.” When I walked into the fitting cubicle Jamar was standing inside in a nice blue dress shirt and tie but nothing else, all eight inches of cock hanging between his legs. As I moved towards him my hands outstretched to embrace that tool, he placed a big hand on the back of my neck and guided my head down to his crotch. By now I was so excited I could feel my juices starting to flow. I took my tongue and began to wrap it around the head of his cock. Twirling and swirling as I began to take him into my mouth, all I could think about was how good he tasted.

“Suck it Whore,” I heard him whisper.

Jamar's big hands began to guide my body to his pleasure as he pulled my short skirt up and panties down enough to gain access and begin massaging my clit from behind. His cock slid inside me so smoothly and precisely, I held onto the clothes rack to steady myself as my feet began to wobble in my heels as he began fucking me. I could feel him begin to buck inside me and I knew he was about to fill me with his black seed.

As his cock exploded inside me he grunted with pleasure as he pulled out slowly with strings of cum and cunt juice that fell on my ass and skirt. “I think it all fits,” he said, “I’ll take all of these items.” I was trying to recover from being disheveled after getting the shit fucked out of me when he leaned in and kissed me. “You are such a good little cum slut.” I pulled my skirt down, (I knew this suit was going to the dry cleaners tomorrow) and straightened my hair in the mirror before returning to the stockroom so I could get myself together and fix my makeup.

When I went through the curtain to the stockroom Janice was finishing Denzel up. Her red hair was askew and her face was covered in cum. “I gave your slutty girlfriend a proper fucking, her little slit is happy now.” After we both put ourselves together, we went out to ring the guys up.

Jamar and Denzel stood there with smiles on their faces as Janice and I fell over each other to get them rung up. We both still had another hour until we clocked out and it was going to be a long one. I could feel Jamars cum pooling in my panties as it ran out. I wanted to reach down and taste it but it had to wait. As we finished up I heard Janice tell them both that we appreciated their business and to cum again!!

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