## please note that although there is no cuckoldry in this recounting, it is relevant to later memoirs I shall post shortly! ##

Lizzie, my wife, has had a deeply erotic link with exhibitionism and its flip side, voyeurism, for as long as I have known her. She can trace the origins of this fascination to a specific time and place, and together with a reinforcing experience a little later in her life, I love for her to tell me about them again and again as we fuck, adding details (real or imaginary, I don't much care) each time. These are her memories of those incidents.

When Lizzie was a teenager she, like many teenagers, masturbated frequently, often more than once a day, although she was a late developer and didn't make herself cum until she'd started riding around on a little Vespa scooter and was about to finish secondary school. She describes these early experiences of masturbation with a far-away look in her eyes and when I can get her to talk about it now it invariably makes her wet and leads to terrific sex for both of us.

Lizzie vividly remembers the very first time she came. She says she had been out on her scooter to see a friend on a hot day and, as she flopped down on her bed she felt a slight trickle roll down her inner thigh inside her shorts, slowly making its way under her arse. Thinking she was sweating heavily, she removed her shorts and found, to her surprise, that her knickers were soaking, but the rest of her body was only mildly damp from perspiration. As she touched her knickers in surprise, her fingers grazed gently across her clitoris, and she came instantly, hips thrusting away from the bed, moaning, contracting, straining, and with her cum flowing down her legs to the bed beneath her as she arched her back and it dripped from her arse and the base of her spine to the duvet beneath.

All she could do was push and buck and clasp her cunt with her hand until it subsided, which, she says, felt like hours but was probably 5 minutes.

When she came back to herself she realized she'd dozed off and was still lying with her legs flopped open, her hand on her cunt and her cum drying slowly on her thighs in the afternoon sunshine streaming through the window. Her mother was calling her name and she could hear her tread on the stairs. Moving fast, Lizzie jumped up and into her bathroom where she just had time to shut the door and turn the shower on before her mum entered her room. Realizing why her daughter hadn't heard her, she went back downstairs as Lizzie showered and cooled off before going down to meet the family for dinner. Now though, Lizzie thinks that this was the very first inkling of the thrill of the risk of discovery, and certainly heightened the experience to follow shortly after.

The obsession started later that year at Christmas. Lizzie's family loves Christmas and traditionally they have all gathered at Lizzie's childhood home as it's big enough to accommodate them all comfortably and Lizzie's mum loves to be the hostess.

In the days leading up to Christmas itself, aunts and uncles, cousins, and grandparents arrived from all points of the compass and settled in for a few days of festivities. By then, given her age, Lizzie was not asked to share her room and was glad of her ability to go upstairs and shut the door behind her when she needed some peace.

To this day, Lizzie swears she locked her bedroom door, although admits that there is a chance, however subconsciously, that she has simply persuaded herself that she locked it.

In any case, Lizzie was lying on her bed, propped up with pillows as she likes to watch her hand and fingers as she masturbates, her jeans on the floor and her knickers stretched around her knees, which were wide apart, using her knickers to support them, as she fucked herself with two fingers, gently using her thumb on her clit. She'd become wet, she says, downstairs, as she'd listened to her mum describe laughingly sitting on Santas's knee at the shopping centre with the kids and tripped off into a little fantasy where she sat on his knee herself, then he pulled her onto his lap and was instantly inside her, holding her waist and bouncing her up and down on his huge cock like a sex toy until he (very quickly) came inside her, then just pushed her away and told her to take a present from the pile and get out.

Lizzie was just starting to feel the tingling that signaled the beginnings of an orgasm, still though a few minutes off, when her bedroom door opened and she found herself staring, horrified, into the eyes of her aunt, the word "Lizzie" petering out on her lips as she stared at her niece.

Lizzie had an instant, explosive orgasm which she compares to that very first time she came, and noticed something that is now, all these years later, still crystal clear in her memory - her aunt's eyes dropped to Lizzie's hand, still with two fingers inside her cunt and the contractions visible in her stomach as she came, and lingered there for perhaps two seconds, but two seconds is a long time under these circumstances, and as her aunt silently closed the door Lizzie came again without even moving her hand.

I don't know, and have never asked, how the rest of the holiday went - this would make the incident somehow banal and less sensational, although I do know that Lizzie and her aunt are now on normal speaking terms. I do wonder, however, on the rare occasions that I see this now elderly lady, whether she remembers the incident as clearly as Lizzie does and has any idea of the impact it has had on her niece's life. I doubt it.

As for the second incident I spoke of: Some years later, when Lizzie was at university, she shared a room with Meg, a woman she remains close to and who I see quite regularly. Lizzie remembers that she had fallen asleep on the sofa in their shitty flat which was essentially furnished with two double beds, a TV, a fridge, and two sofas opposite each other, all crammed into three small rooms.

Lizzie was woken by the sound of Meg and "some guy" - Lizzie doesn't know who he was, just some random from wherever Meg had been that night coming noisily through the front door, which opened directly onto the front room where Lizzie was, from the street. Lizzie was tired and pissed off at being disturbed in the early hours and had her back to the room anyway, her face in the cushions, so she didn't move. She couldn't be bothered with being introduced to some ***** guy who she'd probably never see again and she wanted Meg to realize she was pissed off at her, so she pretended not to wake up. Also, she assumed this would encourage them to quickly retire to Meg's room and leave her in peace.

Seeing Lizzie, Meg did a lot of stage "SHHH" inging, which did not affect whatever the noise they were making as they stumbled about in the half-dark relieved only by the table lamp next to the sofa opposite the one Lizzie was on.

Lizzie heard the old springs of the other sofa complain as Meg and the guy sat down, thinking, "oh great..", to herself and was about to get up and take herself to her room when she heard the sound of kissing and the occasional soft moan from her friend.

Feeling herself become a little aroused, to her surprise, Lizzie stayed where she was and listened, her back to the couple opposite allowing her to open her eyes which somehow helped her concentrate more on what was happening behind her.

After a few more minutes of kissing and increasingly audible moaning from Meg, Lizzie distinctly heard a zip being opened. Now Lizzie was starting to get wet and she slowly, almost imperceptibly, moved her hand between her legs and started to make small, rotational movements on her clit through her jogging trousers.

She heard Meg inhale sharply, sending a tremor through her own body as she imagined what was happening out of her sight.

"What if your friend hears us?", she heard the guy ask. Meg's reply, shaky, was jokey but laced with meaning, directed, Lizzie realized (or hoped), with a thrill, at her, "She sleeps like a log.. and if you keep your face behind my back she won't see you if she wakes up anyway..".

The guy didn't reply but after a few seconds Meg said again, "Like kids right? They can't see you if you can't see them?", and then, a minute or two later, breathy now, "Just stay where you are, out of sight... I like you behind me where no-one can see..".

Lizzie, meanwhile, had been very discretely fucking herself with a finger, her hand under the elastic waistband of her jogging trousers, and was, she told me later, as excited as she can ever remember being, and glad that her trousers were black and not grey as she was soaked to the point where she thought it must be visible from behind on her arse.

After another heavy hint from Meg, Lizzie very cautiously gave in to her curiosity - if she was wrong about her interpretation of what Meg was saying she could just act outraged and storm off into her bedroom to laugh about it in the morning, the risk was minimal - so she slowly rolled onto her back and turned her head to look at the opposite sofa.

Lizzie remembers clearly that Meg didn't smile, her face was red from exertion and there was a faint sheen of sweat on her head and neck, and she simply stared into Lizzie's eyes.

Lizzie, incredibly excited, realized she still had her hand down her trousers and quickly withdrew it. Meg shook her head once, but clearly, and nodded at Lizzie, pointing with her eyes at Lizzie's crotch. Lizzie, with some relief, pushed her hand down her trousers and started to fuck herself, this time with two fingers in her soaked cunt.

Meg was lying on the opposite sofa, her head the other end to Lizzie's, her hips moving rhythmically as she was being fucked from behind, the man with his cock inside her completely hidden from view by Meg's head and long, curly hair.

Meg was wearing a dress that came to her mid-thigh and as Lizzie watched, the guy ran his hand down her leg from its resting position on her hip and pulled the dress halfway up Meg's thigh, feeling her stocking tops with obvious excitement as he murmured, "fuck - stockings.. nice..", from behind her.

As Lizzie stared and finger-fucked herself, Meg dragged her dress up to the waist and opened her legs more fully, her eyes never leaving Lizzie's as she showed her the cock thrusting in and out of her.

Lizzie remembers every detail - Meg's white knickers dragged to one side, the guy's left hand slid inside them from beneath Meg's leg and visible through the sheer material, working rapidly on her friend's clit - the wetness of the guy's cock as it slid, bare, in and out of Meg's cunt and Meg's cunt itself, visibly dripping slowly onto her left thigh, her lips engorged and protruding.

Lizzie was now fucking herself furiously, close to coming, her eyes flicking from Meg's eyes to her cunt and that cock moving in and out of her, speeding up even as she heard her friend's breath grow ragged. Meg raised her eyebrows at Lizzie, and Lizzie nodded a short, jerky bob of her head, and came, pushing her hand against her cunt and contracting on her fingers. She must have started to whimper because Meg put a finger to her lips and Lizzie clapped a hand over her mouth as she had what she later described as the longest-lasting orgasm she ever did - coming and going in waves but not stopping completely for a couple of minutes. Lizzie was still coming, then, when Meg came, pushing wildly back into the guy as his fingers moved faster inside her knickers and his cock rammed into her. Lizzie remembers Meg's mouth opening wide and the cords on her neck straining, her neck bright red as she came on the guy's cock - forcing him to stay still as she did so, but her eyes never leaving Lizzie's as she and Meg came together.

When they had both stopped coming, Lizzie watched for another minute or so until the guy came inside her friend, but by this point Meg had lost interest and allowed her dress to fall back over her thighs, closing her legs. Meg had stopped pushing against him and held Lizzie's gaze, looking almost bored now with the sex, but curious still about what Lizzie might be thinking. Meg's demeanor didn't change when the guy came inside her - it was as if she didn't notice. Lizzie didn't care either, she too listened to the guys' grunts and moans and exclamations of "fuck - yes...", dispassionately as she gazed across the room at Meg, turning over, reluctantly, to show her back to the room again as it became clear the guy was recovering and would soon be on his feet and out the door.

Lizzie recalls this story often, usually while I go down on her, and it always makes her cum hard, but she has never mentioned it to Meg since and they have never discussed it and I, of course, am sworn to secrecy. I may be imagining it but I do, however, sometimes catch Meg gazing curiously at me and I wonder if she is wondering herself.
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