withoutcleavagetits.pngSo I was arranged to be married to a girl named Rama; Hot beautiful Indian Desi Girl (pictures attached), by her mom. All I had to do was to get to know her first and date her. But I said no (for very stupid reasons) and we did not date or talk for many years.

After awhile she came to visit my state. That was the first time I saw her in person and DAMN she was hot!!!

The first time I saw her was when her mom showed me a picture of her. and asked what I thought of her. Honestly, when I saw her picture for the first time I INSTANTLY got a hard on! just from seeing the picture!! Seriously. My dick literally jumped to life in my pants. from flacid to hard and was pulsating. I guess I was happy to see her. of course I told the mom Yes!

But I messed it up...

So she came and asked me to help her move. when I saw her in person she was even hotter. So I agree, I rented a Uhaul and did like 3 different trips with a friend , a guy I lived with who helped us. He is more older than me, in his fifties (I'm in my thirties) and he is more of an alpha macho type. I'm more of a down to earth quiet guy (she intimated to me that she likes rough guys who treat her rough).

So when we went there to help her he didn't know her at the time, actually no. she had come over the day before and he met her and he was sitting next to her close on the couch talking to her really close and aggressively and she was locked eyes with him

So the same thing happened when we helped her move. She kept flirting with him in front of me, and I could do nothing about it..

He kept telling her how she had 'nice energy' and 'I like your energy!' while looking right into her eyes and she was falling right for it the dumb bitch!!! I thought she was better than that..

So she had us both sitting on the couch and her mom told her to serve us, so she brought out a drink and she literally bent over right in front of my friend with her tits hanging out, great cleavage shot he got I got a little nice view too.. and started staring right into her breasts..

But when she came to me, she covered up!!!

I couldn't believe it!! She bent over and forward to fill his drink but she covered up her cleavage so I couldn't see it!!

Then we went to the storage unit, and we were splitting up. It was me, my friend and her sister. When we had to split up she jumped up all excited and said, "I'll go with him!" (my friend) who I brought to help her

So we split up , I was with her sister and she was with this fucking guy!! The whole time!! And time was passing, and after a while they were supposed to come up and me and her sister couldn't find where they were, they were taking so long!!

Her sister even said "Man..where are those guys...? They are taking too long, I wonder what they are doing?"

OMG I had it in my mind that she was blowing him in the stairway or he was fucking her.

When they came back up they acted as if nothing had happened. Even her sister asked "Where were you guys???" Rama had a little smirk on her face and a devilish look in her eyes. My friend was just all quiet, he wouldn't say what happened.

What do you guys think happened??? Do u think he fucked her? Blowjob? Anything? Nothing?

What do you think happened???
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