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USN Bowling Team

(Fantasy of sucking cock for the first time)
While in the Navy and stationed overseas, I tried out for the Navy Bowling Team, which travelled all over Europe competing with other military teams. I made the team, and we would fly on Sundays, practice Mondays through Thursdays, compete on Fridays, relax on Saturday and on Sundays fly to the next meet.

Since I was an E4 with wife working at the Childcare facility part-time, I chose to stay in the barracks as we traveled, saving the per diem we were paid, while the rest of the team stayed at the Navy Lodge. John and Ed were the alternates. They were married as was Randy. Glen and Mark were single and hoped to have a better chance scoring if they were not in a barracks dorm.

After about a month of travelling, we were heading back home for a week before heading out again, but we ran into foul weather and were ****** to spend an extra night.

Randy called and the Lodge had rooms available for one more night. Rather than have me head back to the base and spending another boring night in the barracks, Glen suggested I stay at the Lodge. He offered the pullout couch that was in the room. When I accepted, Randy said I could have the second bed in his room instead. I quickly jumped at that offer. This was the first time I would be spending off-time with them. John and Ed had one room, while the rest of us had connecting rooms, so the door was left open. After unpacking, we went across the street to the local pub for a late afternoon, early evening meal. We ordered a few steaks and a lot of beer. The guys started the typical sex talk with Randy telling some wild stories about fucking his wife with, as he described it, his "incredibly huge" cock. That was not too hard to believe since he was 6'6" 250lbs of black man. He said his orgasms were so enormous that the mattress would get soaked. This brought out bursts of laughter from us.

Around 7pm, we got back to the Lodge and sat around in Randy's room. Soon Randy asked Mark to pull out the cigars he had and the selection of porno tapes he apparently always keeps handy. We sat through the first tape laughing, smoking, and drinking, just like a small bachelor party. As Mark put in the second tape, Glen started complaining, saying that he did not like getting so turned on with no women around.

"Looks like you'll be stroking the pickle tonight." Mark said, slapping Glen on the shoulder.

"Yeah, unless you can get one of us to stroke it for you." I added, not really knowing why.

"Oh, man," Mark said, "that would be hilarious. We should all play a round of poker and the loser has to stroke off Glen."

Randy jumped in, "Whoa! Why should I be left out?" I thought this idea would be quickly laughed off, but with four guys not laid in over a month, beer and porno tapes...

Mark ran and got the cards. We all gathered around the table as Mark dealt. "Ok guys, here are the rules," Mark said rather excitedly. "One hand. 5-card draw. Loser is the one with the lowest hand and he will jerk off everybody!"

Randy chimed in, "Hey dudes, I gotta better idea. Since we are in this far, how about we raise the stakes?"

"Raise the stakes? To what?" I asked.

"I want my cock sucked."

Everyone laughed nervously and looked at each other. It grew silent, but before the silence became uncomfortable, I said "You might be the one sucking cock tonight." This seemed to loosen the mood as everyone chuckled and took their seats. It was on.

I don't know about the others, but my cock was rock hard from this talk. I was excited and looking forward to getting a blowjob from one of my teammates.

A few moments later, I was looking at a pair of fives, Jack high. As we laid our cards on the table and compared our hands, I lost!!!

The guys started cheering each other that they did not lose. I began to think of a way out of it, but Randy clamped his hand on my shoulder, handed me a beer and said, "I am glad you are not trying to welsh out of the bet." He did not need to say anything. Just his mere size standing next to me was enough intimidation to squash all any idea of trying to get out of it.

The next thing I knew, there were three naked men, sitting on the couch. There was a lot of tension in the air as Glen started to play the new movie. As the movie started, Randy looked at me and said, "Well? Are we getting our cocks sucked or what?".

Well, being ***** and suddenly very excited, I walked over to Mark and took a long look at his cock that was 6" long with neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Here I was, nervous, in front of my teammate, about to live out one of my bi fantasies, which was always to be a fantasy. As the tape started, I saw three hardening cocks as I lowered myself to kneel on the floor. The nervousness soon left, and excitement replaced it as I reached over and began stroking Mark's cock.

My teammates began glancing between the porn movie and my handling Mark's cock. It was quickly hard as could be and soon there was the beginning of pre-cum at his slit. Tentatively I moved closer to his cock. My heart began to pound, and my breathing ragged as I leaned closer to his cock. Cautiously, I stuck my tongue. I gently, softly touched his cock. As I touched it, it felt like I was hit with a bolt of lightning. As if my mouth was someone else's I felt my tongue lick his pre-cum, then I vaguely felt my mouth open and close on Mark's cockhead. Lightly, I began to suck on it. When I heard him groan, I became encouraged and began taking him in slowly. Another moan gave me the encouragement to start moving my head up & down his length. The feel of his stiff cock in my mouth was stimulating! As I bobbed my head slowly, the scent coming from his cock made my own cock hard with excitement. I was becoming ecstatic with the fact that I lost the game as I placed my hand on his sack and gently manipulated his balls. Soon Mark was not watching the porn. His eyes were closed, head tilted back as he began to enjoy my mouth. His moans and body movement made me feel like a natural. Soon his hips began moving in time with my bobbing head. I reached up and grasped this wonderful cock at its base. Mark put down his cigar and put his hands on the back of my head. Holding his balls in my hand, I gave a nice squeeze. Mark blew a hot load into my waiting mouth.

Feeling quite proud about my first blowjob, for making him cum not gagging, I was eager to try again. Glen and Randy were holding their cocks, ready for my mouth to relieve them. I chose Glen since he had the smaller cock. Randy's cock was 9 inches with huge balls. I began to believe the stories he told.

As the movie continued, I opened my eager mouth and swallowed Glen's skinny dick. His cock fit nicely. I began treating it as a Popsicle. Soon Glen forgot all about the movie as did Mark. I began having so much fun sucking that cock. It felt great to be able to be pleasing my friends like this. It made me understand why my wife loves sucking my cock so much!

Glen swung his legs over my shoulders, wrapping them around my head. I could tell by the increased moans the end was near.

After a few seconds, Glen let loose, dropping his beer as he coated my throat! I was surprised that his small dick had so much cum, half of it dripped out the corners of my mouth onto his thighs as I swallowed all I could. When he stopped spewing, I was so light-headed from excitement that I was not aware that I was rubbing his softening cock all across my face until it was covered with cum. As Glen got up, he slapped me on the back as he thanked me and headed to his room to clean up.

Sucking down the rest of my beer, I looked at Randy's enormous cock. It was about 6 inches limp. As I moved toward it, it began to grow. I grabbed it at the base and geared myself up. Randy put down his drink and with a smile said, "Now suck me like a good bitch, Mike." Although I felt my face redden from embarrassment, I became so excited anticipating that huge cock sliding down my throat.

I started by slowly tonguing his balls, hoping to excite him so he would want to fuck my face. I then lifted his balls and moved my tongue around the edge of his cock. Finally, I locked my lips around that rock-hard cock. Randy's cock was so big that it took me a long time for my throat to accept the whole shaft. I was slurping on that cock so much that the cushion beneath him was soaked!

Glen and Mark were now watching me sucking that huge cock, jerking their revitalized cocks, the movie all but forgotten.

Randy was just smiling as he smoked his cigar. He gave no indication if he was enjoying himself or not, but at least I was. The contrast of that big black cock in my hand as it was sliding in and out of my mouth looked so hot. Finally, as Randy finished his beer, he put his hands on my head as his cock erupted. It felt like a gallon of cum. I was no way prepared for that load! A lot of it spilled out the corners of my mouth and as I looked down, I saw Randy's legs were drenched with come and saliva. I was so turned on at the sight, it caused me to cum without being touched.

I was ecstatic and wallowing in the afterglow of cumming. Once again as I regained my senses, I found myself rubbing this beautiful large black cock all over my face. After only moments, it started to twitch. Suddenly I knew what was coming next.

"Well, Mike, looks like you wanna suck me off again. Do ya?" Randy said with a chuckle. Glen and Mark just cracked up as I began laughing as I licked his thighs clean. I did not need to answer. Since this would never happen again, I was glad I did not have to stop just yet.

Glen and Mark said good night. Randy moved to one of the beds, stretched out and smiled at me. "C'mon bitch! Come suck this big black cock."

I climbed between his legs and resumed my sucking as Randy helped placed all four pillows behind his head. Apparently, he planned on this taking a while.

I spent half the night rubbing, sucking, and fondling that cock, and I loved every moment. Randy filled my mouth two more times with so much cum, it felt as if I was *****.

As I woke up, the entire team was in the next room having breakfast. As I walked in it was as if nothing happened. I was so relieved because although I loved every moment, I was now feeling very embarrassed and afraid someone might have told John and Ed. But everything and everyone seemed normal.

Once we landed John and Ed's bags came first and they quickly left to get home to their wives. Our bags soon arrived and as I was about to leave, Glen called me over. It seemed they agreed I did not need to sleep in the barracks any more on these trips. I could stay with them at the Lodge. When I mentioned that I couldn't afford it, Randy said "Don't worry about it. It costs the same if it's one or two in a room. Besides, it's worth it to have you suck us off".

I looked quizzically at them and asked, "Oh really? What makes you so sure I'll lose again?"

Apparently, they talked about this before I woke up. Mark spoke up saying "Well Mike, it's like this, since you did such a great job at sucking cock, and to be totally honest with you, none of us would've gone through with it, regardless. We would've quit before sucking a dick, never mind three. So with that in mind, we decided that you will suck our cocks when we're travelling and alternate who you spend the night sucking off."

Although last night I was able to live out what was so much better than any fantasy I had, that was a one-time thing that I had no desire of reliving. "Sorry guys. That was a one-time thing. You know? The beer, the porn and just the whole thing."

Randy chimed in, "Hey Mike, you don't really want that do you? I mean you don't want us telling your wife that you suck cock better than my wife does, do you?"

I must've turned beet red as they all laughed. Mark then said, "Hey, don't worry Mikey! You really enjoyed it did not you?" I had to admit to them that I did.
"Well then, what's the problem? We'll make you happy by letting you suck cock, and you'll keep us happy by emptying our balls for us. As long as you do your part, it'll stay just between us."

There was no point in arguing. I was now sucking cock for the U.S. Navy Bowling Team.
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Meet a couple & I am invited to join them. Once in their room, she is between us as she turns to her right to kiss him, then to her left to kiss me. We start to fondle her as she gropes us. We undress her and then ourselves. As she again kisses me, she lowers us to our knees as she is still playing with his cock. Once on our knees, she guides him in front of us as she licks his cock from the tip, to base, to tip again, then kisses me. She then repeats licking him, as she is looking me in the eyes. She kisses me again as she softly, but firmly pushes me closer to his cock. She asks me, "Do you want to?" As she yet again goes from tip to base to tip. Then, with her hand on the base of his cock & one on my head, she moves us, so his cock is in front of me.

"Go ahead, lick it. Please? I can tell you like looking at it. Go ahead, touch it." She takes my hand and places it on his cock.

She giggles and says, "See? It won't bite." I smile at that comment as his cock is now touching my face.

"C'mon. Just a lick. It would be so hot to watch you suck his cock. Please? For me?" She moves in and kisses me. As she does, his cock is now at our lips. She opens her mouth, and our tongues are now licking the sides of his cockhead. She then turns my face until his cock is in my mouth. I don't move so she begins to move my head up and down on his cock. After a few moments she realizes I am sucking his cock on my own. As she moves her hand slowly down my back to my ass, she says to her husband, "See? I told you I can get him to suck your cock."

Then to me, "You look so hot with a cock in your mouth. Suck that cock good. That's it."

I soon feel her hand rubbing my ass, then her fingers are sliding up and down my crack, teasing my ass.

Then, I feel a finger teasing my sphincter. Another few moments, it enters me.

"Oh your ass is so tight. Does it feel good having me finger fuck that tight ass while you're sucking that cock?" as I moan my approval, she inserts a second finger.

To her husband, "Oh this ass is so tight. I'm going to love pegging him as he sucks your cock."

To me, "I'm going to fuck this tight ass of yours. You're going to look so good with us spit-roasting you."

In moments, I feel the lube being worked into my ass, then, her husband grabs my head tightly, to prevent me from stopping her. But I'm too hot, excited, caught up with all the dirty talk, I'm wanting it.

She enters and I'm so worked up, the pain is minimal and gone in moments as I am loving the feeling, knowing I will be wanting more of this.


it is lots of fun to have 3ways. Fun for the woman to train hubby to suck cocks and be train to be a sub sissy-fem slut for cocks with her.
Before I married my second wife, she told me that she still fucked her ex-husband and would probably continue. She added that I would have to accept that arrangement if I wanted to marry her. I agreed, what I didn't know was that after a couple of months, I was routinely licking his cum from her pussy and off his huge cock.

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