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A few years ago, I was married and living in NJ. My wife Debra met a woman Denise whom she had her first girl-on-girl fun with. We became friends with her and her husband Ed, who was in the Air Force stationed at McGuire Air Force Base. We had a few FMF with Denise and a couple of group fun with the four of us. One day Denise called and asked me if we'd like to visit on the following Saturday. Ed was having some guys from his squadron over to play cards and asked if I would want to play. I asked Deb if she felt like going and she declined.

Denise heard her in the background and asked if she could talk to her. She got on the phone, and they spoke for quite a while. I only heard a little bit when I went to the kitchen to get a drink about 10 minutes into the conversation.

"That’s so young."


"Well..." she giggled.

"Hmmm. That’s so bad."

"That’s just a fantasy."

When she got off the phone, she said that she would go with me. So, I asked her what changed her mind. She said, “Denise said they’re going to play poker and thought I can come with you so she’s not the only woman.”

“Okay, but what was all that other stuff I heard, like it being so young and just a fantasy?’

Deb laughed and said, “You know how Denise is, everything always turns to sex.”

“Yeah and…?” I prodded.

“Some girls she’s hoping to get with. Oh, she said she wants to go out after you guys finish playing so at least wear a decent shirt and shoes when we go okay?” I agreed.

Later? It seemed odd that Ed would want me there. Although we were friends with Denise, we weren’t exactly friends with Ed except to play with. I really didn’t have much in common with Ed. He was Air Force, I was a Navy Vet, two very different worlds to me, and he was a real country bumpkin, and I was hardcore city. But hey, whatever.

Saturday came and Deb was dressed ‘appropriately' to go out. She was wearing a black lace shelf bra under a black lace blouse. Over this she wore a black, translucent button-down shirt that she left unbuttoned. She said she couldn't decide to wear her denim short shorts which is 13” or her denim skirt that’s only 12”. I told her I'd love for her to wear the skirt and tease Ed (he's always staring at her legs), but since we didn't know the guys that will be there, the shorts might even be a little too much. But bring the skirt for when we go out.

She asked if she should wear some jeans with a bit of a frown, so I said she should wear her boy shorts that still show aa lot of leg and are really snug showing off all her curves and her tight ass better than the shorts.

With a huge devilish smile letting me know she loved that idea, she asked, “Why is that?”

“No one will be able to concentrate and I’ll be able to clean up.”

She grinned and playfully punched my arm saying, “You’re so bad. Maybe you should and I’ll even remove my bra,” as she gave me an evil grin.

On the way there, I said I liked how she looked, and said that even in those shorts, she’s going to be a distraction to everyone.

“So, are you going to be the one sitting with your back towards me?”

“Oh hell no. I gotta keep my eye on you because if I know Denise, she’ll feed you a few drinks and then talk you into doing something really naughty,” and softly laughed as Deb got a little embarrassed. I realize now, that should’ve given me a clue as to what was to come.

As we walked in, there were three guys and Ed at the table already playing. They all got up to greet us as they took in the sight of Deb, almost ignoring me, until Denise nudged Ed as they then both greeted Deb with a kiss. Ed then introduced us to the three guys. Then he turned and introduced us to three more Airmen sitting on the sofa that we didn’t even notice. These three seemed barely old enough to shave, let alone old enough to be in the military.

There was a small card table across from their living room with five chairs. Ed invited me to sit in the empty one, facing the living room and the three young Airmen. Denise walked Deb to the living room as Deb whispered, “You said THREE!!!”

Denise whispered back, “Ssshh. These are them here,” referencing the the ones she was taking her to. As they got to the couch Denise asked the one on the far left if Deb can sit there. He graciously gave up his seat as he took the lounge chair furthest, as all three were now on Deb's left.

Deb quickly downed her drink and asked Denise for another. "I didn't finish serving everybody yet. You trying to get wasted?"

"No, just want to feel good", Deb responded and smiled at Ron and the other two. She was starting to feel the first drink as Denise handed her the second one. She was flirting with Ron. Lightly touching his arm and leg each time she spoke. The two others were quiet and staring at her chest. Being 42 and more than twice these boys ages, Deb loved the attention.

As she downed her second drink, Deb excused herself and went to the bathroom. Denise smiled at her in a secretive knowing way, and asked a little bit too loud I thought, if she wanted another. Deb smiled and said thank you. Deb then smiled at me as she continued to the bathroom.

I just now finished my second rather strong drink that Denise provided without me asking when she came out of the bathroom. I noticed that she had buttoned the bottom three buttons on her blouse. Seeing that and that she gave me a sheepish smile before going into the bathroom, I figured she was a little uncomfortable because she was showing so much flesh to boys, she was old enough to be a mother too.

As she got back to the couch, Denise handed her the 3rd drink and asked her with a frown, "Why did you button your blouse?"

I couldn’t hear her what she said as she again smiled at me and said to Denise, "I didn't want Mike to notice." She held Denise's gaze and looked down. As Denise’s gaze followed, Deb smiled and began slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Denise gave an appreciative look and smiled seeing that Deb removed her bra when she was in the bathroom, then turned away. As Deb sat back down, her back against the arm of the sofa so she wasn’t ******* to anyone playing cards, while she made sure her shirt was wide open, leaving her tits fully ******* to the three teenagers.

I noticed Deb's face flush as she quickly slugged down half of her third drink. I quickly stole a glance her way. Denise then handed me yet another strong drink. My fourth. I was definitely on my way to being ***** if she didn’t stop keeping my glass full. “Denise, I thought we were going out afterwards? If I keep drinking, I ain’t going to be able to drive.”

She grinned and in a cute innocent voice she said, “Well we don’t have to go out. We can have our fun right here, can’t we Deb?

My wife then gave me a quick smile and said, “I think we can have some fun here. Don’t you Denise?”

“Well, I most certainly do. What about you Ed? Do you think we can have our fun right here?”

Ed didn’t say anything. He just glanced to his left to get a look at my wife. Then he smiled as he looked and Denise, then his smile got even bigger as he turned to his right and looked at me. He then said, “Go ahead and drink up Mike. We can stay right here and have our fun with Deb. Right Deb?” The three of them laughed and for some reason, so did I not really knowing why.

For the next couple of minutes Deb was tugging at her shorts, then she said to no one and everyone, “Well, I brought a skirt to change into for when we go out to have fun. Since we’re going to have our fun here, I might as well go and but that skirt on now. What do you think Mikey?” She only calls me that when she’s teasing.

“I don’t know dear.” I said as my head was fuzzy and tried to inconspicuously give a stern look.

Denise then chimed in, “Aw go ahead Deb. You were going to wear it and have fun when we went out. So, what’s the difference? You were going to wear it in front of hundreds of strangers, why not only a few strangers?”

I was surprised that Ed agreed with me. I guess he was imagining if our situation was reversed. “No! I can see what Mikey means. Wait a bit Deb, okay?” There’s that name again, I said to myself.

“Oh, okay Ed. I’ll wait since you asked?” I thought to myself, ‘since he asked? What about since I asked?’ but was still glad she was going to wait.

Since I was comfortable that we were staying in and Deb wasn’t going to put that skirt on until later, I took a pull on my drink. I didn’t realize that I had been drinking it through this discussion and had finished it. Denise noticed and had my fifth as I put my glass down. I soon realized my vision was a bit out of focused and the conversation was a bit muffled.

Suddenly Deb was next to me, she gave me a peck on the check and then back to the couch. She quickly looked at me and back to Ron. She said to the 3 of them, "I don't think Mike will notice.” They asked what she meant. “I don’t think he’ll notice if I put my skirt on,” she said with a wicked smile," as she once again headed for the bathroom.

When Deb came back out, she took the same position with her right foot on the floor and her left leg bent at the knee as her left foot rested against her right knee, giving Ron and Jon a great view of her red lace panties. Pete (the guy in the chair) was straining to see without being too obvious.

Deb asked, "What's the matter Pete?"

"It's hard for me to hear you guys from over here!"

Deb stood up telling him "Come over and sit here", offering her seat to him. From where I was sitting, I saw great disappointment on Ron and Jon's faces and before anyone can voice their objections, Deb said "I'll sit on the coffee table" as she sat with her legs slightly apart facing them on the couch and of course, her back was now to the card table & me.

Ron then got a bit bold as he said, "Nice panties!"

"Thank you," Deb responded as her face flushed with excitement. He thought it was embarrassment and said, "Oh, I'm sorry for embarrassing you."

Deb responded with "I'm not embarrassed. I was just remembering how I was debating earlier whether I should wear them or not."

Jon and Pete said it would’ve been a better choice if she chose not to wear them.

Deb giggled saying "Well, I didn't think it was a good idea NOT to wear them."

"Why not?" asked Pete.

"Then you'd see how wet I am." Now it was their turn to have their faces turn red. Just then I asked how she was doing. Deb got up and came over to me, gave him a quick kiss. All the guys just stared nervously, wondering if I’d notice how much she was ******* and if I would say something. Of course, I did not notice.

She whispered, "I'm really starting to have fun." She then went and got another drink. It was then that I noticed that Denise was only pouring her coke. I looked at my glass, then to Denise and Deb. They both looked at me and smiled as they raised their glasses and laughed a little bit as I finally caught on. Denise walked back to me and whispered in my ear, yes dear, the three of us are drinking soda.

As Deb walked back to the three young men, she swayed a little more confidently, she told me later that she said to them, “He didn’t even notice.” Then as she sat back on the coffee table, she said, "I guess it's my turn to apologize for embarrassing you, huh?"

Ron said, "Oh that wasn't embarrassment," repeating her words back to her, "I just imagined the view without the panties."

Deb giggled and said, "Are you suggesting I remove my panties? Right here? Right now?"

The three of them excitedly nodded their heads. Deb stood up slowly.

"I don't know. What if Mike sees?" She said teasingly. She then turned to face me. Denise (who wasn't missing a beat) called to me so I would have to turn away from them and asked really sarcastically if I wanted another drink. I just glared at her.

As Denise called to me, Deb slowly placed her hands under her skirt, ******** the bottom of her ass to them. She hooked her thumbs inside her panties and slowly bent over and slowly slid her panties down and off, giving all 3 a great close-up view of her ass and extremely wet pussy.

Jon caressed her ass cheek as stood up. Turning her head to face him, she smiled and said, "Oh you nasty boy, touching my bare ass like that!" she was now back to sitting as he responded, "I couldn't help myself."

"I'm only complaining because you stopped too soon!" He smiled and leaned forward and caressed her left breast. "Oooh" Ed heard a soft moan. So did the others playing cards with us. I guess Ed didn’t want to be the one to confirm what my wife was up to.

Deb's moan gave Pete encouragement as he reached over and caressed her right breast.

Ron complained that he was being left out. Deb looked over her shoulder towards the card game. Ed was looking directly at her, and they smiled at each other. I was straining to pay attention, barely able to pay attention, trying to look over the top of my cards so no one would notice that I trying to look, but all I saw was a blur as Deb grabbed Ron's left hand and placed it at her bare pussy. He quickly began sliding his forefinger in and out of her allowing his thumb to rub her clit.

Having 2 guys rub her tits while one played with her pussy as Denise and Ed with the other guys at the table stealing glances since we heard her, and me trying to see what was happening, Deb convulsed with her first orgasm.

"Oh, shit!" Ron said, "That was awesome!"

"Yes, it was!" she agreed.

Deb turned and looked at Denise. Catching her eyes, Deb looked towards me. Denise walked over to us at the table and told the guys playing cards with us (still can’t remember their names) that it was time to leave. She walked them to the door and as she closed it behind them, Denise moved herself to block my view.

The three guys were watching and as Deb turned back to face them, she told Jon to take out his cock. He seemed reluctant to do so with an audience, so she took charge and reached out and undid his pants for him. He was wearing boxers, so she was able to free his cock through his zipper easily.

Looking at Denise, I became aware that there was something happening or about to happen that I should be seeing, but I could not focus. But I tried anyway by calling to Denise, "Hey Denise, could you get me some ice? Without turning towards me she responded, "Sure. In a minute." Fuck!

Deb turned and as she got up, she smiled at Denise who watched, while she lowered herself onto her first cock of the night.

Deb began rocking and quickly came again. Ron and Pete began sucking on her tits through her blouse causing her to cum again. Deb rocked so hard and fast that they had to stop. This caused Jon to shoot his cum deep into my wife, causing another wave of orgasms.

After catching her breath, Deb whisper something to the three of them. They didn’t seem too happy, but then she said something else that made them all smile.

She came over to me and said, “I’m thinking you should go lay down Mikey. You don’t look too good.”

I asked her if she wanted to leave, but Ed said I had too much to drink and that I should lie down on their bed.

I said, “No, no. It’s okay. Deb can drive,” as I tried to get up.

Deb said, “No Mikey. We came so I can have fun. Just because Denise got you ***** doesn’t mean I’m not going to have fun.”

“Wait. Urm, you mean we came to have fun, right? We came to go out and have fun.”

“Aww isn’t he cute?” said Denise. “He still thinks we were going out for us all to have fun.”

They all laughed at that comment.

Ed grinned and asked me, "Are you sure you're feeling, ok? You’re not going to puke, are you?"

"No, I’m not. I’ll just go lay down in bed for a few minutes," I said.

Deb came over and lifted my face by my chin and looked me in the eyes, smiled at me and said, "Sorry Mikey, but remember when I was talking on the phone this week and you heard me say, ‘that’s just a fantasy’? Well, this is my fantasy.”

“Huh? What is?” I asked.

“I’m going to take these three little boys into the bedroom and you’re going to listen as I suck and fuck these three virgin cocks. I’m going to let them use my mouth, my pussy, my ass any way they want. I’m going to let them fuck all my holes. They’re going to cum in me and on me. I’m going to let them fuck my brains out. Denise and Ed will use me too. All four cocks and Denise’s pussy are mine until one of two things happen. Until they cannot continue, or all my holes are too sore. All the while you can listen and play with yourself. You can picture you’re your wife is being used and abused by these three young boys who are literally strangers but who will remember what a huge cum slut your loving wife is. Don’t you just love that Mikey? Don’t you love the fact that three 18-year-old boys will remember me forever, and tell all their friends about this MILF, this Cougar they met one night, that was the biggest cum slut they ever met, and fucked her with her husband right there but he was unable to do anything about it. Look at me baby. When I’m done, maybe Denise will let you in.” Then she kissed me and turned away.

Then looking over at the three young Airmen, she said in a seductive tone, "Come on boys. I’m ready for you to fuck me anyway you want.” They tried to hide their excitement as they smiled and got up to follow her.

She turned to me and asked rhetorically, "You don’t mind do you dear?"

So, there was my wife, leading three boys, followed by Ed and Denise. Just before closing the bedroom door, Denise turned to me and smiled, saying, "You be a good boy Mike and once you feel a little better, cleanup for me, please!” Then let herself into the bedroom and I heard the latch lock. As the door was closing, I heard Deb say, "Oh this is going to be so much fun. Ok boys. Now show me those nice hard cocks!"

As I got up, I could not believe this was happening. I wasn’t sure if it was Deb’s idea, Denise’s, or both.

For the next couple of hours all I could do was listen, while Ed, Denise and those 3 young men shared my wife Deb, who had every sexual fantasy fulfilled that night.

She must've been really excited because within minutes I heard her yelling "Ooh honey, his cock is so big" and "He's fucking me so good."

Then I heard muffled screams, apparently someone silenced her by shoving a cock in her mouth.

A few minutes later I heard choking sounds and then gasping for air. Someone must've slammed himself down her throat as he shot his load. Then I heard her "Oh yeah, give more" followed by more gurgling sounds.

These types of sounds continued for a while until I heard Deb scream "Oh fuck yeah, c'mon Ed, pound my fucking ass! Fuck me hard. That's it, slam that fucking cock into me."

"Oh Mikey. They're fucking my pussy and ass at the same time. If feels so damn good." Then I heard Denise, "Shut up bitch, suck my pussy." More muffled sounds as Denise told Ron to fuck her from behind.

Soon I heard Ron tell Denise he was about to cum. She told him, "Cum in this slut’s mouth. Open up slut." I can only imagine that Ron slipped out of Denise's pussy and into Deb's mouth, filling her mouth with his cum while all three holes were momentarily filled.

Then Denise called for Pete to take Ron's place. Within minutes I heard Denise yell, "I'm gonna cum Deb. Suck up all of me. Oh yeah. Oh Yeaaaaaah."

Almost immediately Pete was about to blow, and Denise made him shoot in my wife's mouth too.

Soon I heard the door lock unlatch and the door open. Only Denise came out. She was in her bra and panties smiling. She saw me sitting on the floor next to the door with my cock in hand and said, "Glad you're enjoying it. We're definitely enjoying your wife. We'll be done with her soon. She's almost worn out," and laughed as she headed to the kitchen and returned quickly with a six-pack of bottled of water.

About an hour later all four guys walked out. The three young Airmen were thanking Ed as if I weren't there.

Pete said "Damn Ed, I knew she could suck cock, but wow, she’s one wild slut. When can we do this again?"

Jon followed with "Yeah Ed, let us know the next time she comes over. Deb's pussy is so awesome, and I love how she can suck a cock."

Now I knew why Pete was the most forward of the three when sitting on the couch. He met Deb once before when I thought it was just her and Denise. What else did I not know?

"Yeah, when Denise first met her, Deb said it was her first time with a woman. Then when she saw how she handled a dildo, well, Denise said she’d probably enjoy being used as the ‘welcome committee’ for all the newbies at the command arriving during the through the winter here. When I first met her, and the four of us played, I knew Denise’s feelings were right, that she'd go for this. So, when she and my wife got together Denise got her to talk about fantasies. When they talked about groups Denise mentioned she always fantasized about doing a group from base but couldn’t because they know me. When Deb laughed and said she doesn’t have that problem because Mike’s not in the military, she just smiled and knew we could do this.

When they spoke about really doing it, Denise said she has no problem having guys from the base seeing her having sex with me or a woman and being naked. She just would never have sex with a guy from base. When Deb realized she was serious, she wasn’t sure if Mike would go for it. Denise kept saying that he would because they do all these things and the only difference is age, that they really never had an issue with, it just never was a yes or no. So, they both cooked up this scheme that she’d pretend she got ***** and got carried away as we got him *****. That was how we’d get her in the bedroom alone after teasing you guys as a warmup to play with me & my wife. But this turned out so much better

Ron followed with, "Well it worked great. Look at him. I don't think you'll have any trouble getting her for this again."

Ed laughed at that and said, "Well we know she loves it so if he does have a problem next time they come, we’ll get him ***** and tie him up or invite her when he’s not home.” They all laughed at that as Ed walked them out and they left.

I walked into the room to find my wife sound asleep and a total mess. I picked the covers off the floor, laid down next to her, and went to sleep.
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Meet a couple & I am invited to join them. Once in their room, she is between us as she turns to her right to kiss him, then to her left to kiss me. We start to fondle her as she gropes us. We undress her and then ourselves. As she again kisses me, she lowers us to our knees as she is still playing with his cock. Once on our knees, she guides him in front of us as she licks his cock from the tip, to base, to tip again, then kisses me. She then repeats licking him, as she is looking me in the eyes. She kisses me again as she softly, but firmly pushes me closer to his cock. She asks me, "Do you want to?" As she yet again goes from tip to base to tip. Then, with her hand on the base of his cock & one on my head, she moves us, so his cock is in front of me.

"Go ahead, lick it. Please? I can tell you like looking at it. Go ahead, touch it." She takes my hand and places it on his cock.

She giggles and says, "See? It won't bite." I smile at that comment as his cock is now touching my face.

"C'mon. Just a lick. It would be so hot to watch you suck his cock. Please? For me?" She moves in and kisses me. As she does, his cock is now at our lips. She opens her mouth, and our tongues are now licking the sides of his cockhead. She then turns my face until his cock is in my mouth. I don't move so she begins to move my head up and down on his cock. After a few moments she realizes I am sucking his cock on my own. As she moves her hand slowly down my back to my ass, she says to her husband, "See? I told you I can get him to suck your cock."

Then to me, "You look so hot with a cock in your mouth. Suck that cock good. That's it."

I soon feel her hand rubbing my ass, then her fingers are sliding up and down my crack, teasing my ass.

Then, I feel a finger teasing my sphincter. Another few moments, it enters me.

"Oh your ass is so tight. Does it feel good having me finger fuck that tight ass while you're sucking that cock?" as I moan my approval, she inserts a second finger.

To her husband, "Oh this ass is so tight. I'm going to love pegging him as he sucks your cock."

To me, "I'm going to fuck this tight ass of yours. You're going to look so good with us spit-roasting you."

In moments, I feel the lube being worked into my ass, then, her husband grabs my head tightly, to prevent me from stopping her. But I'm too hot, excited, caught up with all the dirty talk, I'm wanting it.

She enters and I'm so worked up, the pain is minimal and gone in moments as I am loving the feeling, knowing I will be wanting more of this.


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