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Vero had fully adjusted to her life working at the bar. She was making more money than she ever had and was able to put some by, aiming to save enough to put toward a place of her own.

She had become popular and had many regular customers. Vero had earned a reputation as something a little special among the clientele - somehow still blessed with a slightly ethereal quality that exactly matched her almost elfin appearance, such a slight figure with small breasts and impossibly beautiful arse and legs. She was in demand and reveling in it.

In the back of her mind, however, Vero knew that this life couldn't last forever - it was a short career unless you wanted to end up on the streets, turning tricks for pocket money. In the beginning, she had set a goal of being out of this life and back in a "normal" occupation within 3 years, and she was halfway through.

Perhaps this was on her mind one evening, returning to the bar on the arm of a customer, with whom she had just had sex in a room across the street, she noticed a man sitting alone at the bar, a drink in front of him. She smiled as he caught her eye and his gaze lingered a second or two as he took in her legs, clad in leather trousers so tight they could have been painted on, and her fitted silk blouse, her nipples, as usual, unencumbered by a bra, obviously outlined through the material.

Sensing a potential customer, Vero sat next to him at the bar. Jacques introduced himself, slightly nervous she thought. It soon became clear that Jacques was in no position to buy her services, and soon it felt like that would be wrong anyway - she was getting the drinks now as they spoke and laughed, the quiet bar, just after Christmas when money was scarce, had very few customers and they were all being looked after by the other girls.

They got on so well that it was soon taken as read that they would see each other again, and somewhere other than the bar.
Vero, by force of habit, bent slowly over the bar in front of Jacques, standing on the lower wooden rung so that she could reach a bottle and serve them both herself, the tender having popped out for a smoke. She made a display of her arse, languorously extending the show so that Jacques swallowed hard as he stared at her.

Sitting again, she giggled at his red face and sudden stammer. Jacques excused himself to visit the bathroom - partly to move his sudden erection into a more comfortable position.

When he'd finished, Jacques checked himself in the mirror, straightening his hair a little before going back to the bar.

His heart sank and he had a sick feeling as he saw two men dressed in business suits had arrived while he was in the bathroom, and were sitting on either side of Vero. Jacques sat at a stool a discrete distance away, looking mournfully in their direction. Of course, he had realized what Vero did for a living, but he was surprised at the mixture of jealousy, anger, and frustration he felt. Just because these two *****, sweaty idiots had money, they could buy Vero's time. It wasn't fair.

He reddened as Vero caught his look and waved at him. He waved back, a small, pathetic little wave. One of the men said something and the other one turned to look at Jacques, then they both laughed. Vero giggled then admonished the men and they stopped saying whatever they had been, clearly about Jacques.

The two men were drinking beer - and they hadn't bought anything for Vero. This was good news - Jacques knew how these places worked, having been asked to leave one or two himself in the past - unless they started spending money soon, they would be shoved out onto the street and Jacques would have Vero to himself again.

Now, however, there was a low, intense conversation going on between the three of them. The first man pointed to his colleague, then to his chest, grinning, and took a fat wallet from his suit pocket, counting out what looked like a huge amount of cash and putting it on the bar in front of Vero. Vero left for a few minutes, disappearing to what was an office behind the bar. When she returned she nodded and smiled, and, looking over her shoulder at Jacques with a smile as she picked up her coat, they left the bar together.

Jacques stayed on, spending the last of his money slowly, perhaps she would be back and he could walk her home.

In the cab on the way to the men's hotel, they were all over Vero. Hands-on her crotch (they couldn't get her trousers off in the limited space) and inside her blouse, both of them licking and kissing her neck, turning her head this way and that to kiss her. They were very excited as made obvious by the strain in the crotches of their suits.

Vero was also very turned on - she hadn't had two men together before. She'd been with a man and a woman, but never two men. She was a little nervous, but her cunt was starting to get wet and her nipples responded to the men's wandering, pinching fingers with aching hardness.

walking together to the room - a shared room with twin beds, as it turned out, two bottles of champagne in ice buckets newly placed by the window - Vero was between them, holding their hands like a child about to be swung up in the air.

When they entered the room the men wasted no time - together they had her naked in less than a minute, stroking and groping her all over, Vero not able to tell which hands or fingers belonged to which man.

She was pushed back to the bed and was surprised to find one of the men behind her, naked. He held her in a passionate embrace, his hands gently stroking her nipples as she leaned back between his legs as he lay on the bed, cradling her head against his chest.

Vero wondered if the men had done this before as the other one, also naked and with a fine erection, knelt between her legs and went down on her. Vero shuddered as his tongue slipped inside her wet cunt. It was a long tongue and he began to fuck her with surprising effectiveness with it, his hands splaying her thighs apart, the man beneath her having to open his legs further too as he did so, to give her room.

Vero could feel the man behind her was very hard, his cock between them as he made small involuntary thrusting motions against her back, watching as his friend licked Vero to an orgasm. She came very hard, unable to stop herself wrapping her thighs around the man's head, crossing her ankles behind his back. He opened his mouth wide as her cunt opened, pushing his tongue deeper to gather as much of her come as he could. When her orgasm subsided and he looked up at her, he swallowed what was in his mouth very deliberately.

Now it was the turn of the other man. He told her, "Sit on my face", and she needed no further persuasion. These were customers, but holy fuck she was having a good time. Soon Vero came on the other man's open mouth as he sucked her engorged clit, his tongue sliding in and out of her cunt, her lips swollen and sensitive. Vero held the headboard and rode his face like a horse, her hips bucking and her head tossed back, beads of sweat on her neck running to her chest.

After a few minutes of mutual recovery, the first man said to Vero, "On your knees, on the floor. In front of the window."

He drew the blinds fully back from the floor-to-ceiling window - giving a clear view to anyone watching from the apartments opposite the hotel.

Vero did as she was told, feeling her cunt starting to drip onto her thighs. With a moan of pleasure, she felt a cock, hard and long, push into her cunt from behind. She had no idea which man it was. Then another hard, hot cock was at her lips, and she greedily opened her mouth and sucked it down, almost to her throat, her tongue working it hard, causing the man to groan as he started to move in and out, fucking her face, holding her head, fingers twisted into her hair.

Vero came on the man's cock - she thought she felt him come too, but he stayed hard and kept fucking her - maybe she had come so much it felt like he was running out of her. She could hear the wet slapping as he fucked her faster and harder. Suddenly, they both stopped and withdrew. Vero moaned in frustration - what the fuck was this?

The man behind her lay on his back under her, pulling Vero down into an embrace, kissing her passionately, a kiss which she willingly returned. She felt his cock enter her again - she realized with a rush of excitement that his friend must have put the cock inside her.

Then Vero felt the other guy kneeling behind her, and the head of his cock probing for her arsehole. Vero had never been fucked in the arse. She'd been fingered there a few times and to be honest it had made her come harder than normal while someone went down on her, but she couldn't imagine having a cock in there - she knew girls who had done it and they either said it was terrible and painful or amazing, there was no middle ground.

Vero stopped kissing and said, "No - no, not in there, I don't do that."

"Yes, yes you do, or you do tonight in any case, you ***** - don't forget we bought you, so let's continue. I was about to fuck that amazing arse."

Vero gasped at the sharp pain as his cock head tried to open her tight arsehole. Frustrated, he pushed and probed but could not get in.

"Once you're in, she'll relax and you can fuck her", said the other man, still holding Vero, his cock inside her, even though she was now rigid, not moving at all.

The man behind Vero grunted and stood. Moving across the room he collected a very small bottle of olive oil from the tray of a half-eaten meal next to one of the beds.

Vero jumped as the olive oil dripped onto her - running between her arse cheeks. The man behind her held them apart, dripping as much as he could of the oil onto her anus. Then Vero heard him spit noisily, twice, onto his hand, pushing first one, then two fingers slowly into her arsehole.

Vero moaned, still held against the man below her, but she could handle this - two fingers were OK, pleasurable even.

Then the cock head was back, this time it slipped just inside her, past her sphincter, the oil, and spit easing its path. The man moaned and withdrew, pushing slowly, slowly back into her again. Each time he repeated this, he went a little deeper. Vero felt pain - she was stretched and felt oddly full of his cock. Incredibly, she felt his belly against her arse, and knew he was fully inside her - his cock was buried in her arse, and there was another in her cunt.

Slowly, both men started to move. They kept together, their strokes in time, so that each cock was fully in her and then withdrawn at the same time. Vero could feel their cocks pushing against each other inside, the thin separation between them. They told each other they could feel one another.

They fucked her faster, harder, she was sweating - it was dripping from her face onto the man below her, still holding her to him as she gasped for air, her head on his shoulder. She had never, ever, felt anything like this. Her cunt juice was flowing down her legs, both legs, to the carpet below her. She no longer cared who was watching - she was dimly aware of several silhouetted people at the windows opposite the hotel.

When one man came in Vero's cunt, shouting and snorting like a racehorse, the other was unable to stop himself and emptied into her arsehole, his cock buried to the hilt, his balls pulsing against her arse cheeks.

When Vero made it back to the bar, Jacques was leaving, which she thought was just as well; she stank of sex and could barely walk. She passed him on the stairs and from the look on his face, he had an idea that she had not been playing cards with the two men in their hotel room. He looked pained, jealous, angry even.

Vero couldn't think about that now - she needed a drink.
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