You never know what you're missing until you find it. This is how my wife of twenty-five years found it on our weekend anniversary trip to Las Vegas. We checked into a luxury casino on a Friday as a normal couple and she became a size queen slut before the weekend was over. My loyal wife was transformed from a typical conservative woman into a sex crazed slut wife by a total stranger. It was clear that our vanilla sex life would be changed forever.

Like most men, I have fantasized about bringing in another woman or even a man, but of course, my wife would never agree, so I did not pursued it. She, also has never mentioned that she had a deep desire to be fucked by a bigger cock than mine. Having an honest 7 ½" and very thick cock, she has always seemed more than satisfied. Until she experienced a life-alternating event which changed our lives forever. Once you let the genie out of the bottle, there's no putting him back.

We have occasionally watched some porn videos where guys have very large cocks, but I never dreamed of actually meeting one. It turns out that once a woman gets her hands on one of these freaky cocks, she will never be the same. These guys are well aware of this fact and know exactly how to exploit a women's weakness. Tom has converted many conservative housewives before meeting us and he had no doubt that my wife would become his next victim. He was very confident that he would convert her into his personal sex toy slut, to be used and abused for his pleasure. Seeing my conservative wife willingly become a slut to his giant cock was quite a surprise for my wife and I, but certainly not for Tom.

We checked into the hotel and showered before going down to the bar to eat and have some cocktails. Both of us had the same intentions; eat, drink and retire to the room for some hot sex. We are very social and started chatting it up with people in the bar, as we threw back the drinks. We were there for a few hours and I was shooting pool with some people, talking nonsense and laughing. When no one remained at the pool table, I returned to the bar to find my wife. She was in the same seat talking with a well-dressed, in shape man, slightly older than us. Tom owned some kind of large electronics company around Boston, about an hour from our house. He was obviously doing very well financially.

After the polite introductions, Beth and Tom resumed their conversation. I could see that Beth was fairly tipsy, which was our normal routine. However, I was surprised when I heard they were discussing dick sizes and Beth said that mine was more than sufficient.

Tom stated that you never know what you are missing until you find it. He appeared to be very relaxed and confident while politely stating this. When Beth said that she is not impressed with size, Tom replied; all women say that until they actually hold a 10 ½" thick penis in their hand. Believe me, I have seen many married women do things they never dreamed possible. I don't mean a little larger, I mean significantly larger. I assure you, much bigger than anything, you have ever seen. It's a life-altering event, which will turn your vanilla sex life into a very enjoyable kinky sex life.

This is when my wife shocked me with her comment; all men exaggerate when it comes to their dicks. Tom put his hand on her shoulder and looked directly into her eyes and said, I never exaggerate.

My ***** wife laughed and said; OK, whip it out.

Being a true gentleman, Tom said; it wouldn't be proper to do that in public. He took her hand and placed it on his crotch so she could feel it through his trousers.

Beth's eyes opened wide as she said; my God, is that real?

It certainly is and I will be happy to go to your room and show you how it grows much bigger.

Beth looks at me and said; Honey, can we call his bluff and have another cocktail in our room?

I'm really not interested in seeing this guy's dick. But let's face it, most men would love to have a threesome with their wife. Especially after twenty-five years. So I said; OK if you really want to, what the hell. Beth replied; great and led us to the elevators.

We casually talked about our home town in the elevator and returned to our room. Once inside, I poured three glasses of Rum and Coke, took the empty ice bucket and said; I'm going to get some ice and will be right back.

As you might expect, the ice machines are always on the floor above or below the floor you are on. To make a long story short, the first machine was out of ice. So, the search began. I suppose it took about ten or fifteen minutes before I finally returned to our room with the ice. Walking it, I was absolutely floored to see my wife totally naked, on her knees with her head in Tom's crotch. He was also naked, sitting on the couch with one hand on the back of my wife's head, looking very relaxed. To my knowledge, my wife has never had sex with anyone other than me, so it would be an understatement to say this was highly unusual.

Tom casually looked up at me and said; I hope you don't mind Joe, but she just couldn't wait. Would you please hand me a drink when you have a minute? I put ice in all of the drinks and handed one to Tom, who immediately took a sip and thanked me. Since this was new territory for us, I wasn't sure if I should be pissed and pull her off of his cock or just sit down and see what develops. I chose the latter, sat in the lounge chair, turned on the game and sipped my drink. My wife has never been much of a cock sucker and only swallowed my load once, but she sure does give the best hand job you could ask for.

With my wife sucking away, I couldn't see the entire thing but I could see his cock was enormous. Obviously, Tom did not exaggerate.

Tom calmly started giving instructions to Beth on how to suck his cock. Just relax and always keep some of it in your mouth. He looked up at me and said; the best method for training a cock sucker is to keep part of you cock in their mouth for at least thirty minutes. Even if it is just the tip. They become accustomed to it and learn how to relax their throat and breathe as it slides in and out. You're going to thank me for this, because when she learns to deep throat me, she will easily take yours.

He finished his drink and put both hands on my wife's head, slowly guiding her up and down on his cock as she gagged. Relax babe, go slow and when you feel it hit your throat, just swallow and let it slip in. She gagged a few times and tried to get his cock out of her mouth but he held her steady. Up and down she went till finally he said OK, let it in this time. He applied constant pressure to the back of her head until it slid into her throat and her face was buried in his sparse pubic hairs. He held her there for a few seconds, then pulled her up until just the tip of his cock was still in her mouth. She struggled, gagged and was spitting but he held her tight and managed to keep just the very large head of his cock in her mouth.

Relax, breathe slowly and catch your breath. He continued this routine for about ten minutes until he removed his hands and she did it by herself. Her head was slowly bobbing up and down, completely deep throating this guy's massive cock. You could actually see her neck bulge as this giant cock slithered down her throat.

Tom's personality suddenly changed as he started speaking with authority and giving commands. He looked up at me and said; I neglected to tell you guys that I am very dominant once I get a woman hooked on my cock. I enjoy converting them into a slut wife slut to serve and pleasure me. Your wife is already addicted to my cock and wants it in her pussy. Isn't that right Beth? She nodded her head up and down. After I train her, you will have a very well trained slut wife.

He took hold of her head again with both hands; "Now you've got it honey, keep it up. After you swallow my cum, I will reward your pussy with the biggest cock you ever had. Imagine feeling this deep within the virgin parts of your pussy. Where no cock has ever gone before. He reached down to squeeze her nipples and she let out a muffled squeal.

I know you want to be my cock slut. He squeezed her nipple again. Umph... Was her reply.

If this is too much for you Joe, I can bring her to my room. Or do you prefer to watch?

Figuring that I will be involved in the action, I replied; Here is fine. OK, but you need to guarantee me that you will not to speak or interfere in any way.

I replied again; Here is fine. He looked me in the eye and said in a firm voice; So, you promise to only watch and not interrupt at any time? I replied; yes.

Tom said; Good boy as he took hold of her head and guided it up and down his shaft. Becoming more dominant, he explained to Beth what she was in for.

I'm going to stretch that pussy and fuck you deeper than you've ever been fucked. I bottom out and hit your cervix around eight inches, after a few orgasms your pussy will eventually open up and take the remaining two and half inches. That's when you will beg for this cock and I will own your pussy.

I sat there mesmerized by the sight of my wife sucking this giant cock, not believing my ears. My wife will become his slut? Beg for his cock? Owns her pussy? What the hell did we get into?

Beth only mumbled and gurgled responses to his words. As if I wasn't even in the room.

She was too busy working his cock like it was candy. Ahhh... that's a good girl... All the way in, hold it, ahhhh... Slowly out... Now you got it. She slid his cock all the way in, paused, then slid it out. Much less gagging and spitting now. She became accustomed with it in her mouth. Oooh... yeaah... Do you want your reward? Pulling her head off his cock for the first time in thirty minutes, he asks; what do you want?

She mumbles; I want to fuck.

No, no. You have to earn this cock. Pussy gets nothing, until you swallow every drop. Then we can move on to your other holes.

Holding her head with both hands, he looks into her eyes and says; tell me what you want.

After having a cock in her mouth for so long, Beth was horny as all hell and wanted to fuck so bad that she conceded to his demands. Please cum in my mouth.

WTF was this? She rarely sucks me and never lets me cum in her mouth.

Will you be a good cum slut and swallow every drop?

Yes, yes, please.

He said; good slut and pushed her back down on his cock. Guiding her head, he fed his cock down her throat until her face was buried against his pelvis again. He moved his hips and was now fucking her throat. Aaah.... Yeaaa.... There you go slut. He picked up speed and in a few minutes started to grunt and groan right before he shoved his cock all the way in and shot one spurt down her throat, then he pulled back just enough to shoot the rest of his load in her mouth. His cock pulsed seven or eight times, filling her mouth with his spunk.

As he patted her head he said, Good slut, swallow it all. She followed his orders.

Still breathing heavy, he held her head firmly, telling her to clean his cock and balls.

That makes you my cum slut. Soon, I will own your pussy, then your ass.

He held her head in his crotch as she licked him clean. After a few moments, Tom said; one hole down and two more to go. He helped her stand up, made a drink for both of them. She took a very big sip, then threw down the rest.

Tom told her to lay on the bed until he finished his drink. You should play with yourself to get good and wet. My cock was in my hand as I watched my wife in bed rubbing her clit and tits. It felt like an eternity but was probably about ten minutes or so of no one talking.

Tom finally stood and walked towards the bed. His giant cock was half hard and swung back and forth as he climbed into bed and laid on his back. Are you ready for the fucking of your life?

Neither one looked my way as she climbed into position and straddled his legs. Beth finally looked my way, smiled and said "I hope this fits". Tom took her head in his hands and told her to look at only him and focus on his cock.

The entire time, I was thinking that I would also be involved so I stood up, fully naked, a massive hard on and started walking towards the bed. Tom looked my way and said; Oh no, you agreed, no interruptions." Now sit back down and watch. I returned to my seat and grabbed my cock again. Tom made it perfectly clear that he was in complete control and not willing to share my wife.

Tom pulled her towards him and said, don't worry about him. You need to concentrate on opening your pussy. It's going to hurt at first but then you will experience more pleasure than you dreamed possible.

This was by far the largest cock I have ever seen. Much bigger than the biggest dildo we have at home. This thing was well over ten inches long and so thick that it didn't look real. Beth grabbed it with two hands and slowly stroked it until he was as hard as steel again. Standing straight up like a mighty pole it looked powerful and menacing.

He guided her hips towards his monster cock. Go slow honey. We need to stretch that pussy so I don't tear it open. It will take some time but you will manage to take it all. You will never think of sex the same way after this. I'm going to fuck you deeper than you ever imagined possible. It will be like being a virgin all over again when I hit those deep untouched spots.

Beth eased forward and lined it up with her pussy. Spread you lips and go slowly. She did as commanded and moved down, then up, then down again. Trying to get his massive head in. She pulled her lips further apart and moved down again, eventually sliding the large mushroom head in. Ahhhh... God yesss... Wow it's sooo big. She was breathing heavy as she moved up and down. Quickening her pace a little, up and down until she manage to stuff about half of his cock in her. Oh God it's sooo big, sooo fucking big. She said, over and over and exploded in her first orgasm and collapsed onto his chest still pumping her hips until her first orgasm subsided.

He patted her ass, come on babe, relax your pussy and breathe deep. We've got a lot more cock to squeeze in there. Resting her head and tits on his chest, she raised her hips up and down again, jamming another few inches of his giant cock into her pussy. Beth started pumping up and down fucking this guy's cock like a wild woman. It wasn't long before she started gyrating in another orgasm. Tom did not even move yet as she continued to cum on his big cock.

She finally calmed down little and said; that's it, no more. It's too big. I can't take it.

Tom said; no chance honey, you're going to take it all and he wrestled her around so that he was now on top. Grabbing her legs and putting them over his shoulders, he started fucking her slowly. A little deeper with every stroke. He pushed in and bottomed out against her cervix. Beth let out a scream. I wasn't sure if it was from pain, pleasure or both. He back up and pumped her in and out for a while stretching her more than ever before. He pulled his cock out, then slid back into her again, bottoming out again. Pushing against her cervix, she started to cum continuously. Moaning and screaming nonstop, so loud the other rooms could easily hear her.

Almost there, open up, he commanded. Take it all bitch. He applied constant pressure for a good minute and then she screamed at the top of her lungs and he sank completely in, balls deep.

Tom rotated his hips, grabbed her nipples and her eyes rolled back in her head. He slapped her face gently saying; stay awake honey, the hard part is over. He let her get accustomed to his cock, then started pumping a little, pulling out a few more inches every time.

Beth came back to life and started to fuck back.

Whose slut are you? Yoursss... oooh God... Sooo fucking big... So much cock....

I'm taking this pussy bitch. Come on slut, give me your pussy. It's mine, I own it.

Yes, it's yours, Oh God, fuck me, fuck me. She mumbled continuously.

Tom became more and more dominant by the minute.

Slow and steady he was fucked her with long steady strokes. His cock slid all of the way in and his balls hit her ass, then he pulled out. He managed to bury that monster completely in her pussy. Tom froze in position and Beth's entire body started convulsing in a series of orgasms. Ten and a half inches of fat cock was fully stuffed in my wife's pussy and she was delirious. She was shaking her head and bucking her hips as she had orgasm after orgasm.

He finally let her legs down and started to slowly pump in and out again with long full strokes. All of the way in, pause, then all of the way out. Giving her a very steady and deep fucking.

Who owns this pussy?

Ooooh... you do, fuck me, fuck me, God.... I love your fucking cock.

I knew you were a size queen slut the first time I saw you.

Who's pussy? Ummph, yours...

Who's? ummmph, yours... My God, yourssss...

Are you my slut? God, yes. Fuck me. Oh yeeesss, fuck me.

I own your pussy now. Tell me bitch... who's pussy is this? Yourrr pussy...

I will fuck it whenever and wherever I want.

Fuck yeesss... fuck your pussy... more cock... so deep.

Ahhhh... Beth was moaning like crazy. I love your fucking big cock...

Beth convulsed in another orgasm. She was pushing her hips back to ensure she was getting it all. He slowed down a little and asked again; who owns this pussy, bitch?

You doooo.

You bet I do. It' mine to fuck as I please.

She was fading in and out with one orgasm after another, yesss, oh God yessss, fuck your pussy.

OK slut, here it cums.

Pleaseee fill your pussy, I want your cum. Cum in your pussy...

My wife was totally out of control, sweating, mumbling, groaning and shaking. Tom fucked her like this for about twenty minutes when she went limp and looked like she **********. He was biting her neck and tits, leaving marks everywhere. Suddenly, he took hold of her legs and pushed them towards her head and picked up speed and fucked her hard as he started to moan and grunt until he began to cum. He buried his entire length into her as he shot his cum deep in her womb. He seemed to cum forever as he pressed his hips into hers before calming down. He eventually rolled off of her and his monster was sticking straight up in the air. My wife was vibrating, breathing heavy and her pussy was totally destroyed, gaping open and red as a tomato. He managed to unleash his cum so deep in her that nothing was dripping out.

They pulled the covers over themselves and she rested her head on his shoulders, exhausted. Hold my cock while we sleep. I saw her hand move towards his crotch under the blankets. They hugged and fell asleep.

I sat there, amazed with what I just witnessed. Over one hour of the most intense fucking I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I was only a bystander. I was rubbing my cock the entire time and eventually fell asleep on the couch.

In the middle of the night, around 4:00 am, I woke to very loud moaning and grunting sounds. I looked at the bed and there was my wife on her knees with Tom behind her, balls deep in her again. He had his belt wrapped around her neck, with one hand pulling her head up and the other slapping her ass hard. She was clearly loving it as she was rocking her hips back and forth to meet his strokes. Oh God yesss, yesss, Fuck my ass.... Aaahhh... I love your fucking cock.... Sooo big.... All, give me all pleaseeee...

She reached back and spread her cheeks and Tom slowly but forcefully pushed his entire length in my wife's ass. He held still for a while and pulled her back with the belt as he squeezed every last inch of that giant cock into her ass. Beth was moaning steadily. Ooohhhhh, aaahhhh, Fuck my ass, yesss, what a cock.

I couldn't believe my eyes, he was balls deep in her ass and she was loving it. Begging for more.

Tom pulled out and went all the way back in. He increased the speed of his long powerful strokes, faster and faster until he again fully buried his cock deep in her and came, flooding her ass with his cum. He let go of the belt and she collapsed on the bed. Beth was shaking until he eventually he pulled out and rolled off of her. Kneeling, he arched his back and his mighty cock stuck straight out and up. It was so thick and long that it was hard to believe that it was just fully buried in my wife's ass. And she loved every inch.

Clean my cock slut. She crawled around and obeyed. Sucking and licking his full length clean. He eventually patted her on the head and said good job slut. Now I own all three holes. He laid back down and she snuggled up on his chest and took hold of his limp cock. They hugged and both fell asleep again.

In only a few hours, this guy had my wife of twenty-five years begging for his huge cock. He fucked her mouth, pussy and ass in only a few hours. Obviously, he was correct when he said "you will never be the same once you try this cock". I rubbed my cock again and eventually managed to fall asleep again.

I woke up around 8:00 am to find the bed was empty. I walked to the bathroom where the door was slightly open. I looked into the large granite shower stall and there was Tom sitting on the stone bench with his legs over Beth's shoulders. My wife's head was in his crotch rimming his ass as the water showered them both. His giant cock was sticking straight up with his big balls on her head. She had one hand massaging his balls as the other hand stroked his monster cock, her thumb rubbing the mushroom head. Tom said over and over, lick my ass slut. Stick your tongue in. Ahhhh... you're going to be a good addition.

After a long while, he pulled her up by the head until she was straddling his lap. She begged him to put it in but he only teased her. Rubbing his freak cock head up and down her slit. Beth, with her arms around his neck, whispering to him to please fuck your pussy again. He sucked and nibbled on her tits and neck, leaving deep hickey marks. He finally gave her permission to sit on his cock. Beth took hold of his cock and lined it up with her pussy and slowly sank down, then up, then down again, filling her pussy until she was completely filled with his massive cock. Rocking back and forth, moaning and groaning, mumbling gibberish about how she loved his cock so deep in her, stretching her pussy as she came several times.

These two were like dogs in heat and just couldn't get enough of each other. I went in to use the bathroom and they didn't miss a beat. I doubt they even noticed that I was there. I returned to the couch and waited.

After some time, Tom walked out with his semi hard horse cock hanging and swinging between his legs. Obviously, he came again in her pussy. He started getting dressed without saying a word. Just as he was finishing, Beth finally came out of the bathroom wearing only a bathrobe. Tom took her hand and opened the door to leave, he turned towards me and said; your wife is hooked on my cock and needs more. We are going to my room so I can complete her training in private. It will get a little rough and may be difficult for you to witness. When she returns, you will have a properly trained slut wife. They were out of the door before I had a chance to respond.

I took a shower and watched some TV. The hours went by and she still wasn't back. I had no idea what his room number was and she left her phone in our room so there was no way to contact her. Around noon, I went to the restaurant to eat, stopping at the bar for a few cocktails hoping they would show up. A few hours later, I was fairly ***** and decided to check our room to see if she was back. Sure enough, the room was empty. I figured Tom must have his monster cock in one of my wife's holes again. All I could do was to drink and wait in our room. I laid on the bed playing with my cock, drinking and watching some crappy TV.

The hours dragged on and on. Around 8:00 the phone finally rang, it was Beth. She apologized for not calling sooner and asked if I was OK. Yes, how about you? She replied, yes I'm great. She was breathing heavy. I love you and will be back soon. I heard Tom in the background telling her to go ahead and say it. Beth stuttering said; He's in me now. I heard a slap and Tom mumbling something. Beth repeated; I love his big cock. Tom raised his voice and said; say it bitch. Beth mumbled; I've never been fucked like this. Sorry honey, but I need Tom's beautiful cock in me. I heard some movement and Beth gasped. The phone banged around a bit and hung up.

She has fucked this guy several times in the past twenty-four hours and obviously still wants more of his big cock. I never dreamed that my wife would become a cock slut.

I decided to go to the bar for a few drinks and see if I could find a woman to get lucky with. Unfortunately, there was only one guy at the bar. I stayed there for a for an hour or two and got thoroughly *****. Staggering to my room, I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Around midnight, I woke up to a knock on the door. I opened it and Beth walked in on weak knees. She looked exhausted.

Wearing only the robe that she left with. She was a mess, her hair was twisted like a rats' nest. On her cheek in black magic marker was a picture of a cock, her forehead had Cum Slut written in bold letters. She dropped her robe and I saw that her tits had a "Slut Wife" written on them. Her lower stomach had "Tom Owns this Pussy" with an arrow pointing down. Her pussy was beet red and gaping open with cum oozing out. Another giant cock with big balls was on her thigh. Her ass had "I Love Big Cocks". She was covered with dozens of hickies, and what appeared to be switch marks on her tits, ass and inner thighs. Mild rope marks were on her wrists and ankles.

She said; I'm sorry for being so late as she walked past me a dropped onto the bed. Being incredibly horny, I laid down and hugged her, hoping for my turn.

I asked her why she would let him do this to you? She replied; I don't know how to explain it. Once I touched his cock, it was so big and strong I just couldn't help myself. He filled me like nothing I ever felt. How about the writings, I asked? She said he always marks his women the first time.

She was dozing off as I tried to wake her for some fucking. No matter what I did, she did not move. Eventually, I gave up and fell asleep. We both woke up at 9:30. I helped her to the shower and told her to get cleaned up while I waited for my turn.

As she was coming out of the bathroom, there was a knock at the door. Beth opened it and Tom walked in, saying good morning to me. Undressing, he said that he checked out but had an hour to kill so he figured he would show me what a wonderful slut wife Beth has become. He walked to the bed with his massive cock and balls swinging side to side. He sat and learned his back on the headboard. His feet were planted firmly on the bed so his knees were fully bent and spread.

He looked at Beth and said; Slut, drop the robe and show your husband what you have learned. Beth did as commanded and climbed onto the bed. She put her hands on each knee and slowly slid them down towards his crotch. She put her head inches from his balls and looked up at him. Sir, may I rim you? Tom patted her on the head and said; yes you may.

Beth spread his ass check and dove in. Licking and sucking like a real slut. I moved to the couch to watch my wife doing the unthinkable.

After several minutes, Tom patted her on the head again and my wife looked up and ask; Sir, may I lick your big balls? Yes slut, you may. She licked from his ass to his balls and taking one in her mouth at a time, sucking them. Then back to his asshole. Again, Tom let her do this for several minutes until he patted her on the head.

Beth asked; Sir, may I suck your big beautiful cock? Will you please feed me your cum? Yes slut, go ahead. She sucked his cock like an experienced *****. Completely deep throating his monster cock. This went on for a solid thirty minutes before he finally took hold of her head, pumped his hips and shot his cum down her throat and in her mouth. Beth swallowed every drop with ease. Something, I have never seen her do. She kept his cock in her mouth for several minutes until moving down and rimming him again. It was clear that Tom was really enjoying her tongue in his ass again as he recuperated.

Several minutes later, he told her to roll over. He took hold of her legs and pulled them straight up in the air. His powerful cock was still very hard and only inches from her pussy.

With both hands, Beth spread her pussy lips and looked into his eyes; Please fuck your pussy Sir.

Tom inched forward and inserted the head of his cock into my wife's pussy. Pushing in slow and steady, until it popped in. Stopping to allow her pussy to open. Pulling out a little, then continuing in, inch by inch. A little further each time. With her hands on his hips, Beth was slowly pumping her hips up to meet his strokes, trying to get more of his massive cock in her. Four inches, six inches, eight inches. My wife was moaning and begging for more cock. It was obvious that her pussy has adapted to his large cock. He paused a few seconds and then gave her everything she wanted, his full ten and half inches of fat cock. Bottoming out, balls deep, her canal completely full of cock, he gently lowered her legs and laid on top of her. They kissed passionately, with their tongues in each other's mouth. He lightly rubbed her nipples with his thumbs and Beth had her first orgasm. Her hips were gyrating as he moved his hips in a circular motion, stretching her pussy wider and wider with his cock. When she calmed down, he slowly pulled out a few inches and gently pushed the giant cock head back in. He fucked the deepest parts of her pussy and she was in ecstasy. Her hands and legs were wrapped around his ass trying to keep his cock in. Her entire body was vibrating as she had one mild orgasm after another. She was sucking his tongue and pushing her tits towards his fingers as he played with her nipples. This was not the raw animal fucking I witnessed on Friday night or what they did all day and night yesterday. This was much more, they were making passionate love. She was not in love with him but she was in love with his monster cock. Just as Tom said, she was addicted to his big cock.

They moved in unison, all the way in, rotating their hips, then out with just his cock head remaining in the entrance of her pussy. Tom would suck her nipples a little, then move back to stick his tongue in her mouth. Every few minutes, Beth would shake and pump her hips quicker, having what appeared to be another small orgasm. This went on and on in slow motion as time stood still. After thirty or forty minutes of pure bliss, Tom straightened up and gently put her legs on his shoulders. He softly asked; Are you ready?

Still moaning, she replied; yeess. Pleaseee fuck me hard.

He asked; who owns this pussy? Beth replied; you know you dooo...

You're my slut and I will fuck you anytime and anywhere I want.

Yes Sir. I love your cock. I need your beautiful cock. Please fuck meeee....

Tom leaned forward, pushing her legs towards her head and rammed his full length in her, then out. He continued to pump furiously for a solid five minutes. Beth was grunting and screaming with each push. Tom began to grunt and told her, here it comes. He shot his load very deep in her pussy, both were shaking with each spurt.

They eventually calmed down and he pulled out. Beth was still shaking as he stood up next to the bed. My wife instinctively crawled towards his cock, looked up and asked if she can clean his cock. Tom replied; yes you may. Beth took the giant cock into her mouth and sucked it clean until it was limp.

Tom removed his hands from her head and started to dress. He looked towards me; Joe, if you don't mind me asking, when it comes to sex, is it safe to say that you prefer to be submissive?

Yea, I suppose so. Well, if you're interested, you might be allowed to attend our party with your wife next weekend.

I'm not sure, but I will think about it.

Great then, I will have Sam contact Beth to arrange your training.

Training? I asked.

Yes, Sam is in charge of training sub hubs. Our parties are a lot of fun and we need to avoid any conflicts. He can teach you our behavior rules. I'm sure you will find it very erotic and fun. Thanks to both of you, I had a great time. See you back in Boston. Out the door he went.

Beth came and sat next to me on the couch. We hugged for a while before I asked; how many times did you fuck him? She said; I have no idea but he had his cock in me most of the time. I started rubbing her pussy and she started to jerk me off. I'm too soar to fuck but I can jerk you off. That's not going to be enough honey. I stood, took her hand and led her to the bed. I laid down and was surprised when she straddled my head instead of my cock. She inched up and sat directly on my face. Please eat me honey. I was so horny that I figured what the hell and licked her pussy as Tom's cum poured into my mouth. Beth slightly rocked back and forth and said; no one could ever eat me as good as you honey. She shook in another orgasm. After her orgasm subsided, she relaxed and rolled off of me laying on her back, exhausted. Being horny as hell, I saw this as my chance and climbed on her, sliding my dick into her pussy. Or is it Tom's pussy now?

She was so stretched that it was like fucking air. I pushed her legs together so I had a little friction. She just laid there as I pumped in and out wildly until I finally came.

We rested for a while before I asked her what kind of party was Tom talking about? Beth said; he belongs to an exclusive men's club where they are all very big. The Big Cock Club, they call it BCC. Honey, I love you and always will. I also love your cock, but this weekend showed me something that I didn't even know existed. I'm sorry but I really need that completely full feeling again. I'm being honest with you, I already agreed to go and do him again and I really want you be there. Please come to the party with me.

I'll think about it.

Honey, you know that you prefer to be the sub when it comes to sex. Just talk to Sam when he calls.

I reluctantly agreed. We finished packing and headed back to Boston.
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