We have a condo at Myrtle Beach, S.C. and were down for a weekend visit. It turned out to be Black Bike week when we got there. The place was packed with black motorcycle clubs.

Our condo has hot tubs for the guests to use and my wife and I were soaking in one and relaxing. There are several hot tubs there and all were full except the one me and my wife were in. Up walks 5 black guys and asked if we had room for them in our tub. We said sure and they all climbed in. After they got in it was really crowded and I told my wife to sit on my lap to give the guys more room. After a few minutes my legs where very sore and I said that we should get out of the tub for a while. The guy sitting next to me said "if she is getting heavy I will hold her awhile". At that point he reaches over and picks my wife up and sits her on his lap. After a few minutes the guy next to him said that he should not be hogging her to himself that he wanted to hold her some too. He grabs my wife and sits her on his lap. In a little while he starts talking about how she must be feeling something hard because he was getting hard and she was sitting right on top of his dick.

They all laughed but my wife wife was starting to look a little scared. Then the guy holding her says that she needs to see what she did to him and stands up holding her and says they are going to their condo. The other guys also stand up and head towards the elevator. The last one out turns to me and says are you coming to watch this or stay here. So I then get up and follow them all. When we get to their unit my wife is sat on a table and her bikini top is taken off. Several black hands begin to squeeze her tits and feel her all over. Then her bottom is removed and her legs are spread open to show her pussy. One of the guys says he loves white pussy and removes his swim suit to reveal a 9 inch hard dick. He tells the other guys to hold her while he puts it in her. One of the guys comes out of the bathroom with a jar of Vaseline and hands it to me and says that if I don't want her asshole destroyed that I better put some on it because he is getting ready to take it.

She never let me have her ass before so to get back at her I only applied a little dab to her asshole. He says if I am ok with that he is to and proceeds to push his big fat cock up her never before used ass. I loved it! She screamed and hollered but he never let up. My white wife between to black men and they were tearing her up! A third guy ask me if she has ever tasted black cum before and I tell him no. He says well she is about to. He pulls his dick out and it must have been 10 inches long and as big around as her arm. He is trying to get it in her mouth but she fights it. I grab a handful of her hair and hold her head tight and he forces her mouth open with his dick and begins to give her mouth a fucking like her pussy and ass was getting from the other guys. He fucked her throat hard and I held her head and let him do it.

He was so far down her throat that when he came cum shot out of her nose.

They pushed me out after that and told me to come pick her up on Sunday afternoon because they were leaving then but wanted her to use for the rest of the weekend. I kept watch on their place and saw many guys come and go and I could hear her scream and cry every once and a while. My dick stayed hard because I knew she was being well taken care of. On Sunday afternoon I knocked on their door and one of the guys came out and asked how much I wanted for her since they had used her all weekend. He said that they thought they should pay me something for her. I thought about it for a minute and said she was nothing but a cheap ***** and 5 dollars should be enough. He busted out laughing and pulled five dollars out of his pocket and then another dollar and said that was her tip. Then he opened the door and she came out. She was a cum covered mess and could hardly walk. I asked her how many times she had been fucked and she said she lost count after 20. Cum oozed out of her ass for 3 days and it was 2 days before she was hungry again. her belly was so full of cum.

The funny thing was that she marked on the calendar when we got home the next years Black Biker Weekend.
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