Full Story with Images: AVOX in France

Full Story with Images
AVOX in France
- by Cindy Johnson (CindyTv@gmail.com)

It was one of those hectic Mondays to start the week, and I was tired when I drove my F350 down my long winding road only to see a black stretch limo in the circular driveway, right in front of the door, this was not a normal scene at my house and it gave me a bad feeling as I parked my truck.

My name is Martin Creed, 42 years old, and married to Justine for the last five wonderful years. You can say I married up, out of my league as Justine Bautista is a professional dancer, and somewhat famous in the dance circles. She owns her dance studio and was famous for working with many stars as a choreographer for both music videos and movies.

When I entered my home the house was quiet, I called out to let Justine know I was home. I heard a small voice from the living room and saw Justine seated on the couch looking into a cup of coffee with her hands folded on her lap. My bad feeling worsened, I knew this wasn’t good, and braced myself for an unseen shock.

“Honey, is everything OK, why is there a limo out front?”

She wouldn’t look at me and with her head lowered said those words you only read about and hope to never hear from your loved one, “Honey, something has come up, we need to talk.”

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Now, before I tell you about that scene, allow me to introduce myself. As I just mentioned, I’m Martin Creed, Marty to my friends. I am President of Coastal Construction, the largest commercial developer in South Florida. Coastal Construction was started by dear old dad, back in 1947 who is now semi-retired but still owns 100% of the company. I will be the sole heir to the company and legacy, as outlined in his will and trust until then, I run things, as Dad enjoys his days fishing and golfing.

If there was such a thing, many would refer to me as an Alpha Male, a cliché I dislike. You see, I’m a gentle giant at six foot ten inches and muscular due to good genes and 20-plus years of hard labor working for my father. My dad made me learn the business from the ground up and taught me the meaning of a hard day’s work. It was indeed hard work, and he treated me no differently than any other worker. He was determined to toughen me up, and after I suffered a few concussions, several broken bones, and many other injuries, I understood the meaning of a hard day’s work.

I also learned the meaning of integrity and honesty after making some early mistakes. Dad’s corrections were swift and painful. When I was young, I once mistreated my younger sister and talked back to my mom. I still remember the painful lesson Dad taught me for my misbehavior. Dad taught me early on to never disrespect any female, as they are God’s gift to the male species and the mother of our children. I was expected to be polite, and respectful. Due to my lessons in those early years, I took up for my sister and girlfriends in an overzealous way.

I cherished them and treated women as gentle flowers. I always trusted and respected them as I believed that they were here to honor us and raise our family. Old-Fashion? Perhaps, but that was the way I was raised. I never started any fights, but found my size intimidating to many which ended things before I had to hurt anyone. I was never involved in an actual fight but stopped so many that I lost count.

My treatment of women was carried over into adulthood, where I continued to treat them as a precious item, and spoiled them silly. However, in bed, I was not gentle but exhibited strong sexual urges, probably due to my overloaded testosterone. Women loved my anatomically correct body and enjoyed my strong, oversized manhood. I’ve never had a complaint about my fucking ability, but there were many times I was told by my partner that they wished I could be more loving and gentle. I tried, but it always came out fake, as my basic instinct was just to take my partner with passion. I’ve been told that sex with me was like spending an hour on the Space Mountain ride at Disney World. Wild, exciting, scary, and fun. Unfortunately, I never did master the soft love sessions some girls crave.

I met Justine during a construction job on her building. We were certainly not what anyone would call a match, as she was five foot, five- inches, and a hundred and fifteen pounds. She was delicate, with long legs, slender, and feminine. She was always dressed in her dance outfits, which highlighted her sexuality and femininity. She was every guy’s wet dream. There was no way I would ever consider myself a potential partner for a woman so different, but it happened.

There was chemistry when we met and we immediately started flirting and getting along better than I would have imagined! It took a long time before I dared to ask her out but, after she asked me why I was so shy, I asked out for a coffee. Soon after that, we started dating and became a couple. We were a great couple, got along perfectly, and enjoyed our free time together.

She loved the sexual roller coaster activity and said that all the men she had been with were much less aggressive. They were loving and gentle, but she explained that a girl loves a strong man and exciting sex, which we shared. She was a Rockstar under the covers, and I had some of the best sex in my life with this dainty little flower. The big construction worker and the dainty dancer made an interesting couple when we married a year later.

Justine’s background

She loved being around the performing arts in both acting and dance. She was adopted at birth by Carlos and Maria Bautista, a Cuban couple in Miami, and was raised with love in Spanish culture. Latin women were treated like princesses by their dads. Cuban men are known for their machismo and strength. However, due to her love of dance, most of the guys she spent any time with were anything but macho. Most male dancers and actors were pretty boys or gay. These guys were all into their looks and self-image. Justine became hooked on modern dance, salsa, and rumba and won multiple awards all through school. She graduated with a degree in dance and her parents opened up a dance studio in Coral Gables, for her to become famous.

Her dance studio became a quick success mostly because of her skills, reputation, love of the arts, and the family’s connections. South Florida is known for movies, music videos, and international modeling. Justine’s talent and beauty attracted many clients, and her clients now attracted some of the world’s best-known talents. People like Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, and Ariana Grande, were all her students. Her studio became nationally acclaimed, and Justine won multiple American and Latin Dance awards and became the go-to place for dance in Miami.

Pierre Laurent was the hottest male dancer in the country and was known as a player. With his expensive lifestyle, fame, and looks, he was every girl’s fantasy man. With his long hair and his golden tongue, he was a national star. The tabloids always ran his photos showing off his long shoulder-length hair, which became his trademark. He was tall, thin, as well as good-looking, and the women just found his long flowing hair so sexy. His reputation with women was always mentioned in interviews on TV or in the press and constantly photographed with supermodels and famous actresses. He was also blamed for breaking up several marriages in Hollywood.

The tabloids interviewed the woman he dated who always raved about his good looks and his sexy hair, but mostly they all hinted about his talents with his golden tongue. Yes, in addition to his dancing, apparently Pierre had a talent for pussy licking that made him extremely popular among the female crowd.

When Justine had just won her last award, Pierre happened to be in Miami and stopped by her studio to meet her in person. He felt that someone as important as he was, should introduce himself to this sexy woman, which he found sensual and desirable. He had been fixated on her ever since the last awards ceremony when she wore that sexy white dress and knew he would have her.

After trapping Justine under his spell, they were engaged and became a happy couple, right up until Justine found him in bed with one of the other dancers. The tabloids loved the story, and Justine became infamous for his affair. She was angry for falling so deeply in love with the asshole, and seething with anger that he broke her heart. Justine broke off the engagement and hadn’t spoken to him since.

In the beginning, Justine fell in love with all the glamour, and spotlights, that surrounded them as a couple. When she gave herself to him, she thought they would be together forever. She loved him deeply, but after his betrayal, she was heartbroken and suffered from depression for over a year. Her dad was livid and wanted to kill the man who hurt his little girl, but everyone convinced him to calm down and give it time before he did anything he would regret.

Justine and Martin’s history

It was a year after Pierre dumped Justine when she met Martin or Marty as she liked to call him. He was completely different than any other man she had ever been with. Martin was big and strong, rough around the edges but gentle and polite. He didn’t have a two hundred dollar haircut and probably hadn’t shaved in a few days. He was the polar opposite of every guy she had been with, or dated. She was frustrated that her flirting and attempts at getting him to ask her out were failing, and finally she confronted him before he left the new build-out they were adding to the studio.

“Marty, can I speak with you for a minute?”

“Of course, Justine. What can I do for you?”

“I’ve asked around and I know you’re not married or dating anyone. I was wondering why you haven’t asked me out after I’ve given you so many signals. Am I not attractive to you or have I offended you in some way?”

Shocked beyond his wildest imagination he stood in front of her for a long moment with his mouth open and finally spoke. “Are you kidding me? You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure every guy that works for me would kill to take you out.”

“Then why haven’t you asked me out?”

“Well, two reasons. First, you’re my customer, and that wouldn’t be professional but the real reason is you’re so far out of my league I wouldn’t dream of you accepting a date with someone like me.”

Her laughing shocked him even more and made him want to crawl away and back to his truck.

“You big lug, you’re the one that’s out of my league. You treat me so gently and kindly and don’t try to hit on me like every other guy I know. And I find you extremely handsome and sexy, nothing like the jerks I’m around every day. I want you to ask me out, and whatever we do I promise I’ll enjoy doing it with you.”

That day led to a two-year affair that ended in marriage. Justine was infatuated with Martin and how he lived. There are no pretenses, fake attitudes, or showing off. What she saw was a powerful man who loved and respected women. As gentle as Martin treated her, he was an animal in bed. His sexual activity was hard driving and wild sex. The man could last for hours, come several times a session, and give her intense orgasms like she never had experienced.

One night in bed, Martin made the mistake of asking about her previous lovers and he stood up. She told him she had only one per man to compare him to, and when she compared her sex with Martin to Pierre it was night and day. She told him that Pierre only cared about Pierre and never fucked her like Martin. The only thing she missed was Pierre’s amazing tongue. He noticed her eyes glaze when she said, “His tongue did things to me I can’t explain, he was an amazing gentle pussy licker. He was gentle on my pussy and could lick me for hours, where you get down there and savagely lick it like it was the last pussy on earth. I love your enthusiasm and you’re a much better lover and never want anyone but you.” Deep down she always came and loved Martin’s enthusiasm but occasionally, she missed Pierre’s tenderness.

She was madly in love with Martin and they fucked almost every night, and after five years of marriage, things were going great. Her studio was profitable, and she now had her little sister running things. Carmela followed in her sister’s footsteps and was Justine’s trusted partner at the studio. Carmela did not have Justine’s natural talents but was equally as attractive and outgoing as Justine, but now five years younger and full of energy.

Martin was now president of the company and his dad was getting on in age. He was ready to take control of the company with his dad’s blessings. Dad was now 92 and knew he wouldn’t be around much longer and had the attorney make plans for the inevitable change of ownership.

Both businesses were highly successful, which is why both attorneys recommended pre-nuptials for both parties before they married. Neither Justine nor Martin cared about it and agreed to their attorney’s recommendations.

Justine was madly in love with Martin as he continued to treat her like his queen in the daytime and his ***** in bed. They both enjoyed their life and, despite their physical differences, were the perfect couple.

Justine continued to wear her sexy dance outfits most of the time and whenever Marty saw that tight sexy body in those clothes it drove him wild with passion. She knew what she was doing and enjoyed teasing and pleasing her big man and the great orgasms she would experience every time.

Fidelity (Martin)

A few years earlier, we shared all of our history and we both had similar experiences. Mary-Jo cheated on me with one of my good friends and broke my heart. I explained how much I hate cheaters and that any relationship I go into will be exclusive. She knew my past and my jealous streak and promised she would never give me a reason to be jealous.

We both understood the pain of a partner cheating and made promises never to cheat before we were married. We wrote our vows together and we both agreed to live by them with all of our hearts. That was five years ago and our marriage was strong, and we decided to start a family and move to the next phase of our lives.

Justine was at a point where the studio had good dancers in place to continue, and I made more than enough that we didn’t need her income but she was in love with her dance studio and its success. We were discussing how she could start giving up control of the reins to Margaret, her lead dance instructor when something seemed to change. One night Justine explained that she wanted to wait six months before we started having babies for her to secure a new contract with a movie studio and didn’t think Margaret could handle the negotiations. She explained it would take a couple of months to get the contract and then a few months to make sure everything was in place. It was a big opportunity and of course, I agreed.

During those months she had to work some late hours and spend a couple of nights a week in Hollywood and work with the studio. We didn’t have much time together during this time and it impacted our sexual activity, which was now down to once or twice a week. She promised that after this project was finished she would rock my world and things would get back to normal.

As she was involved with the project, she was more distant than normal, but I gave her space knowing it would be over soon. I continued to treat her like a queen and gave her as much space as needed. With only a couple of months left, I tried to be understanding, until that night I came home to see the limo in front of our home.

Back to where this started…Honey we need to talk

When I walked into the house I saw Justine on the couch, dressed in business attire, which was out of character. As I said earlier, she usually wore her sexy dance outfits or yoga pants around the house, because she knows how it turns me on. Today she looked somber and I knew something was up. I sat next to her on the couch and she took my hands in hers and apologized before she started the conversation. I felt anxious and weak as she started the conversation.

“Honey, we need to talk”

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry to spring this on you, but it was a last-minute thing. I got the call this morning and didn’t want to tell you on the phone. You know all the work we’ve been doing with the pop stars and now Shakira and Selena Gomez are getting performance awards at Cannes this weekend. The MGM movie studio wants me there to be part of the event and to announce our new partnership. This is all part of the business deal I’ve been working on for the last six months. It all happened so fast, and now I need to fly out for a few days and finally secure a contract with the movie studio. It will mean over five million dollars in contracts over the next year, and from there our studio will get so much more business from the other stars.”

“So you’re leaving me to fly off to Cannes all by yourself to be with all those stars?”

“Yes, but it’s only for a few days and you know that you have nothing to worry about. I love you and this will all be over before you know it. I’ve worked so hard for this and I’m finally at the end. Please don’t be upset.”

“Justine, I’ve never told you how to run your business, and I didn’t complain about your days away in Hollywood, but I have a bad feeling about this trip. I’d rather you didn’t go and stay here with me. We don’t need the contract or the money. Please don’t go on this trip.”

With a sad smile, she said, “Marty, I love you but this has been my goal for so many years. Please don’t be upset and trust me, I’ll be fine and back in your arms in just a few days.”

Knowing she was going to leave me and feeling defeated, I asked, “What’s your itinerary, what airline are you flying on?”

“I left the hotel info on the table, but I’m flying on a private jet so I don’t have the schedule just yet.”

“Private jet, wow. Is that from the movie studio?”

She hesitated for a second and decided to tell the truth, as she always had, “No, it’s Pierre’s plane. The studio said that he had an open seat, and since he would be part of the award ceremony we should fly together.”

I didn’t know what to say as my jealousy started to rise along with my anger. She must have seen the pain and hurt on my face and tried to hug me, but I just stood up and left the room, walked out to my truck, and drove away without saying goodbye. Deep down I didn’t think I had anything to worry about, but thinking back to the last few months and how she was acting and now leaving with Pierre without telling me, made me jealous and suspicious.

Drive to the airport (Justine)

Justine left the house in tears knowing that Martin was hurting. She knew there was no easy way of telling him about the award ceremony and having to be there with Pierre. She just prayed he would let her go, get the contract signed, and trust her.

As she rode in the back of the limo she cried, feeling guilty for having to leave this way. She realized she hadn’t explained this the right way, and not telling Martin about flying to France with Pierre was wrong, and had hoped that he would never ask, or find out.

She knew it was stupid thinking, “Dammit, that didn’t go well. I knew when they called me at noon and gave me 5 hours notice that it was going to be a bad day. The problem in this business is that you don’t have control, especially when you’re trying to get a contract with one of the largest studios in Hollywood. I didn’t expect Martin to understand, but I prayed he would be reasonable. Seeing him storm out made me want to stay and take away his pain, but I had to go, there were too many people relying on me, and this is what I’ve dreamed of my entire life, he needs to understand and trust me.

The worst part was the plane ride. I can’t believe that my flight was on Pierre’s private jet. I had no intention of being with him. When I told Martin it was Pierre’s plane, I realized I unintentionally stuck a knife into his poor heart.

As we were approaching the private airport I took out my phone and sent him a text after he didn’t answer any of my calls. That’s when I knew how angry he was, he always answered my calls.

“Marty, I love you and I know that you trust me. I had no choice but to go on this trip to secure this contract, and I hope you love me enough to understand. Please don’t be jealous or think I’d ever do anything to hurt you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Pierre’s plane, but he’s been involved with the studio and the contracts and it was arranged without my knowledge. You know how I feel about him, and you have nothing to worry about. Please don’t be jealous or mad, he means absolutely nothing to me, and I hope you know that. Please answer the phone when I call you later. I hate leaving like this and I need to hear you tell me you love me, and that we’re OK. Please. I love you, baby!”

Driving away from his home (Martin)

Last minute notice, my ass. Fucking Pierre’s plane and she never told me. This smells like rotting fish. It’s Mary-Jo all over again, but this time I’m not going down quietly.

Stop calling me, bitch. I’m not going to answer your fucking calls when you leave me this way. Yes, I suppose I’m acting immature, and shouldn’t be jealous, but after the way she’s been acting since this project started, and her not telling me about Pierre just doesn’t feel right. And I’ve learned to believe my instincts, and right now, they’re telling me to be worried.

I stopped at the country club and read her text as I was on my second drink at the bar. My anger had subsided by then and I was trying to believe this was just a last-minute thing. Her calls continued, but I didn’t answer. That’s when I got her text message. I read it, tried to be understanding, and realized I had no choice but to trust her and wait for her return. I wasn’t happy, but had no control over this situation.

Even after reading her heartfelt text, I was still acting childish and didn’t answer her calls or return her text messages. Since I never missed any of her calls or texts before, she had to know I was angry. Later that night when I went home, her sister Carmela called and tried to calm me down.

“Hi Carmela, what’s up?” I answered.

“Hi, big brother. Justine tells me she messed up and feels terrible. I want you to know she cried and felt so guilty when she left today, but believe me, none of us knew about this until noon today. If we wanted that contract she had to leave, they didn’t give her a choice. Nothing was planned and she had no idea she would be flying out with Pierre before that call. Marty, she’s in love with you and nothing is going on. Are you going to be OK? Do you want me to come over?”

“Thanks for the call sweetheart, but I’ll be OK. I’m just upset because of how she’s been acting for the last six months and it seemed a little too coincidental that she left me this way, to fly with Pierre to France, with no notice. I feel like a sucker for letting this happen, and I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“What do you mean? What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. For some reason, I believe I’ve been set up and if you know me at all, you know I’m not someone that will put up with that. I’m not going to speak with her until she returns, and then I’ll decide where we go from there.”

“Marty, stop it. Nothing is going on, it’s just a business deal and you’ll be back to normal next week.”

“Just a business deal? A last-minute flight to France with her ex-fiancé, on his private jet, for a few nights in the same hotel? Yeah, nothing going on, sure.”

“Marty, where are you? You’re buying me dinner tonight.”


Carmela was a carbon copy of her sister but a few inches taller. She didn’t have the same artistic talents as Justine, but was highly intelligent with a master’s Degree in finance and was a CPA. She ran Justine’s business and finances and helped manage the day-to-day operations when Justine was away.

She was a few years younger than her sister. Carmela was just as sexy and desirable, and we quickly became close when I became her brother-in-law. There was never anything sexual between us as I was completely dedicated to Justine and only had eyes for her, but if I was honest when I saw her come into the restaurant in that tight dress and long legs, for the first time I saw her in a new light. I quickly put that thought out of my head and had a pleasant dinner.

When we were done, Carmela convinced me I was acting emotional and just to relax and trust Justine. She said she would know if anything was going on, but the only thing more important to Justine than her business was me, her husband. Carmela told me how much her sister loved me, and that she‘d never seen her this happy.

I listened and felt much better, but deep down my instincts were still on high alert. At least the drinks, dinner, and company soothed my nerves and I was able to get a decent night’s sleep after I shut off my cell phone. Because of how she left, I was still not going to speak to her before she returned and continued to ignore her calls and text messages.

The next morning…

Celine, my assistant for the last 5 years, has been close to me and an integral part of my daily life. She was from Montreal and spoke French fluently, which gave me an idea of what I could do.

The next morning as soon as she arrived, I gave her the rundown on the story and told her I was probably being a jerk but had bad feelings about their trip. I asked her to find the best investigative firm in Cannes and arrange surveillance immediately. They would charge more for immediate work but I was more than happy to pay. I made it clear that I wanted this as a priority and was willing to pay extra for immediate surveillance.

Of course, they already knew Pierre from his fame and past exploits. That combined with my wife’s photos and the hotel they were staying in made their job a breeze. They were instructed to immediately email me any photos I would find interesting, and that I wanted 24-hour surveillance along with a full history of their day’s activity.


Before I woke up the next morning I had twelve photos on my phone, and to my extreme disappointment, I knew my concerns were correct. The photos showed them standing together with his arm around her, and several of them hugging with the awards and the stars. The last image was him holding her hand as they entered the hotel.
Photos of Justine and Pierre at the Cannes Awards

Perhaps I was acting out of jealousy and being immature but my jealousy was now in control, and I acted immediately. I had Celine book the next flight to Cannes with a return the next day. I did not need a hotel, as I would be there for less than 24 hours. I was going to put a stop to this one way or another. I had no plan just yet but I would come up with something on the flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

She found a non-stop flight that left that afternoon with an arrival at 5:45 AM the next morning. I had her book business class so that I would be rested when I got there because I needed to be sharp when I confronted them.

The investigative firm sent me their room number, which I learned was a 2 bedroom suite. I prayed that what she had told me was true and they were not together. If she just kissed the guy and shared some small intimacy, then maybe, just maybe, I could get past this and stop anything else from happening. I loved her and I had to try to save our marriage.
Flying business class and having no baggage got me off the plane and through customs quickly. Since today was our anniversary, I had the cab stop at a U-Express where I picked up a dozen roses and 5 separate roses (An extra rose for every year, was our custom), a Covid face mask, and a pair of large scissors. We left and made it to their hotel by 8:20 a.m. In Cannes, during the awards, people are partying until late morning, so I knew that the couple would still be in their room, either sleeping or just getting up.

So far, everything just fell into place and my plans were starting to come together. Before I left the cab I put on my mask, pulled my hoodie over my head, took the flowers with the scissors in my pocket, and started my walk towards the front door of the hotel.

My plan was simple, not eloquent, but would satisfy my anger. I planned on walking through the lobby acting as a flower delivery man, and heading up to the 9th floor and suite 945. I would then knock on the door with the flowers. I knew he would open the door as they had no reason to believe I would visit them. If they were together, I planned to kick the crap out of Pierre and cut off his famous long hair. If she wasn’t there, I would knock on her door and surprise her with my anniversary gift and rejoice in her fidelity. Simple and stupid, but if he was fucking my wife, I knew my plan would hurt him and his brand, deeply. However, my plans changed in the blink of an eye. While I was walking toward the front door of the hotel my phone beeped telling me of a new text message.

Room 945

Pierre was up early while Justine remained sleeping in his bed. He was going downstairs for a walk, and then to bring some coffee back to the room. While he quietly got dressed, he saw his beautiful Justine on the bed with her legs spread and her left hand on her thigh, right next to her sweet pussy, which displayed his dried cum on her legs. When he saw her wedding ring next to her ******* pussy, he acted on a stupid thought and did something which he would regret for the rest of his life.

Pierre saw Justine’s phone on the nightstand and using her face recognition to open the phone, took a photo of Justine spread out naked with his cum leaking out of her pussy and her wedding ring in clear view. Knowing that her husband, Martin, was in another country and untouchable, Pierre had an unrelenting urge to let her jealous husband know that his perfect wife was now his woman.

For the last month, as hard as he tried to get her in bed, she told him of her love for Martin and their great marriage. Justine made it clear that there was no way she would ever be with another man, especially him after what he did to her last time. She told Pierre to stop trying to seduce her, and that their relationship was just business. His ego got the better of him, and that’s when he made the fatal mistake. After he took her photo, he opened her messenger application, found Martin’s name, and typed a message. “Hey big guy, your wife is loving my cock. Too bad you’re not here to see us in action. I think I’ll keep her here with me for a while.” Then he attached the photo and hit send.

Back in the lobby​

Martin was about to push the elevator button when the text came in. When he saw it was from Justine he stopped and opened the text message to see the woman he loved, on a bed naked with what looked like cum on her legs. Then he read the message, and his world imploded. Standing there frozen, holding the roses, and looking at the photo and message created a new level of hate in his head. After he regained consciousness he walked to the elevator and fiercely hit the elevator button to face this predator and to wreak havoc. His plans had now changed and he was now going to kill this bastard.

Other than that text message, things were happening in his favor and the following events just fell perfectly into place. It was as if all the planets aligned, and everything was going his way. When he entered the hotel, the lobby was empty and quiet. Then, after he hit the elevator button the door opened and to Martin’s shock and surprise, the man stepping off the elevator was Pierre, the same man that had just made him a cuckold, taken his wife, and destroyed his happy marriage.

Everything slowed down as if time itself had changed. And in those long few seconds, Martin relived the pain from Mary-Jo cheating on him years ago, and the picture of his naked wife that this man maliciously sent to his phone, less than two minutes ago. A dark cloud of pain and anger was now engulfing Martin as the scene progressed.

Martin instantly recognized the man with his long hair and blocked him from getting off the elevator. He stepped in front of him and pushed him back inside. Pierre, being a foot smaller, had no choice but to step backward into the elevator and started to object. In a firm voice, he told this hooded man holding the flowers to get out of the way, but even before the noisy doors closed Martin went into action. Pierre, still groggy from his night of partying, did not recognize the man with the flowers wearing the face mask and hoodie and continued to yell at the man for not letting him get off the elevator.

Working on high levels of adrenaline, Martin instantly grabbed a handful of Pierre’s long hair and smashed his face into the steel wall of the elevator, rendering him unconscious. The old elevator was slow, and fortunately for Martin, the elevator didn’t stop during his sub-minute revenge trip to the 9th floor.

As Pierre lay on the floor, Martin removed the scissors from his jacket and was about to cut off the long hair of this predator, but in a split-second, he remembered that conversation with Justine only a few days ago, about Pierre’s golden tongue, and his reputation with the ladies.

Martin was suddenly overwhelmed with a dark thought. He let go of his hair and pulled Pierre’s tongue out of his mouth. With a sick smile on his face, he cut about two inches off the end of Pierre’s golden tongue and placed it in his pocket along with the scissors.

As the blood from his incision started to flow, he placed the roses on top of Pierre and exited the elevator as the door opened on the ninth floor. All this happened within less than a minute. Reality rushed back into him and he realized what he had just done. He stepped off the elevator saw the exit sign for the stairway at the end of the hall, and descended quickly down to the lobby.

Back in room 945

As all this was taking place Justine was waking up and confused as to why she was naked and alone, and wondering why she was in Pierre's bed. Then she remembered how he convinced her to let him go down on her, but could not understand why. She would never let him touch her that way and told him that several times. Then suddenly she realized that something was leaking down her leg and panicked when she realized it was Pierre’s cum.

Pierre knew how much she loved his tongue when they were together, but as hard as he tried, she was adamant that she wanted nothing to do with him and was happily married. She remembered how things were fuzzy, and tried to remember what had happened but could only remember him licking her pussy. That sent her into another panic attack. Did she do that last night?

Nothing made sense, then she remembered the glass of champagne he gave her while he tried to talk her into all this. They were celebrating the contract, and sharing a toast to their success. Did he drug her? She then recalled thinking that It was just a one-time thing and just oral sex, which she justified as not an affair or cheating. But this is wrong. She never would have done this without being ****** or drugged. She loved her husband, and would never do anything to hurt him or their marriage and knew how he felt about infidelity.

Realizing what had happened, and overtaken with guilt, she felt a need to reach Martin. Her guilt was overriding her senses and she needed to talk to him. When she opened her phone and saw the open text message, her heart stopped. She saw the photo and the message that was sent to Martin, the man she loved and wanted to start a family with. When she saw the photos and read the words, she screamed. Anger raced through her blood, and she wanted to kick Pierre’s ass now for ruining her marriage. She knew Martin was too much of a man to take her back after this, and she immediately went into crisis mode.

Knowing what he did, she was angry at Pierre and knew she had to save her marriage. She was going to press charges against Pierre, to prove to Martin it wasn’t consensual. Because of his fame, he probably would get away with the charges, but she had to do something.

She didn’t shower and just threw on some clothes and wanted to get out of the room before Pierre returned. She was pushing the button for the elevator to go to the police station to make the report. When the elevator door opened the first thing she saw were the roses, and then Pierre unconscious on the floor next to a puddle of blood. While she was trying to comprehend what she was looking at, she counted the roses and realized there were 17, the exact number Martin would have given her on their anniversary, which she suddenly realized was that day. In full panic mode, she wondered if Martin had been there and done this to Pierre. When the door reached the lobby she ran off the elevator screaming.

“Call an ambulance, something happened to that man in the elevator,” and ran out the front door. When she reached the street she saw a large man getting into a cab, and she was certain it was Martin. Still in shock, she ran down the street yelling for the cab to stop. That’s when tragedy struck as if the gods were against her that day. As she was running towards the cab, a young girl who was going too fast on her electric scooter ran directly into Justine, never having a chance to use the brakes.

Unfortunately, the impact violently spun Justine around, and then she found herself awkwardly pinned against a fire hydrant crushing her leg. The impact hit her full force ripping tendons, and dislocated her right knee. She ********** from the pain and woke up an hour later in the hospital telling the doctors that she was drugged and fucked, and demanded to speak to the police.

Of course, the Paparazzi were parked outside the hotel waiting for something like this to happen. They were quick to photograph Justine running out of the hotel, the accident, and photos of Pierre coming out of the hotel with blood running down his face and over his hands. The news would talk about Pierre’s affair with Justine, and the attack from a betrayed spouse. The studio would love the press, but the betrayed husband and family would be devastated by the article that would end up on TV all over the world. It became the story of the week when they learned about Pierre’s amputated tongue. Sadly, it was exactly what these vultures lived for.

Back at the hospital, the police took her report and when she was done the police asked if she knew that Pierre, the man she accused, was in his hospital bed several floors down recovering from a concussion and an amputated tongue.

When she heard about Pierre, she just stared at the policeman with a shocked face and asked him what had happened. She knew that the only person who would be that angry and do something like that was Martin, but he was back in the USA, wasn’t he? Or was that him getting into the cab? Her head was spinning and tears flowed from her eyes from the pain and fear of losing her husband.

“Mrs. Creed, do you know something about his attack? Do you know who would do something like this?”

There was no way she would mention Martin and just shook her head no. Then the officer gave her a look of disgust and asked her a question that reeled her back into her bed, “Mrs. Creed, the information we have on you, shows that you are married. Is your husband aware of your affair with Pierre?”

“There’s no affair.”

“Mrs. Creed, we’ve all seen newspapers. They have you quoted as saying that Pierre was your lover, do you deny that?”

“Oh my god! I never said that and I never talked to the newspapers. God, he’s not my lover! This is terrible. How could they lie like that? My husband will never believe me now,” she wailed and sobbed as they watched her break down.

“OK, we’ll file your report and have the nurse check in on you when we leave, but you and Pierre’s photos have been all over the papers and they reported your renewed relationship with him. So yes, we have your statement we’re testing for drugs in your system, but you have to understand our position and the situation. You’re not with your husband, and staying with the man that you said ****** you, in the same room. How can we reach your husband? We would like to speak with him.”

“He’s back in America, and he has nothing to do with any of this, and I don’t want him to find out. So, I’m not going to give you his information right now. I want to wait for the drug test results. Maybe then you’ll believe me and press charges against that bastard who tried to ruin my life.”

Just then the doctor came in and after seeing how upset Justine was at that moment, asked the Policeman to please leave the room. The doctor took her hand and tried to calm her down, “Mrs. Creed, you’ve suffered a severe injury to your knee and will need surgery. We can schedule the surgery here if you like, or we can stabilize your leg to fly back to the USA if you prefer but you will need to have it taken care of before any further damage is done.”

As angry as she was about her injury, she was devastated about Martin seeing the photo and the words Pierre wrote. She wondered if Martin saw any of those reports in the papers about her and Pierre, she was sure he would never understand. When she tried calling Martin he would not take her call and she began to panic. Realizing that she was now alone, she called her dad and asked him for help explaining what had happened and that Martin wasn’t taking her calls, he was apoplectic and spat out his anger at his little girl over the phone, “How could you do that to Martin, and why would you even consider speaking with that asshole Pierre after what he did to you. Baby, I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am, and how disappointed you’ve made me. But I will get you on a flight home as soon as possible, and an appointment with a surgeon when you get back. I’ll speak with your doctor and take care of everything. I’ll call Martin and let him know what happened, and try to find out what he’s thinking but if I know him, you may have lost that man, what in God’s name were you thinking!?”

“Daddy, this was my chance to make it big a 3-day trip to show my face and get the contracts signed. I had no intention of being with that bastard again, but the studio set everything up without my knowledge. I only found out at the last minute, I never would have gone on that flight if I had an option. I should have known that asshole would screw up my life again, I never should have gone. Daddy, you have to believe me, I didn’t do anything willingly, the bastard drugged me and I need to talk to Martin, he saw that photo and I know he’ll never understand.”

“I’ll call him baby, try to relax. What he did isn’t your fault, and I’ll try to explain things to Martin. You shouldn’t ’ speak to him until I have a chance to explain what happened. We’ll get you on a flight to NYC first thing tomorrow morning and surgery at NYU the next day. You’ll be sedated and in no shape to talk to Martin right now. I just need you to relax and let me take care of you.”

Two floors directly below Justine, Pierre realized that he was now an Avox, and wanted to find the attacker and kill him with his bare hands. He was upset and angry about his attack and was demanding the police find the attacker. He could only tell them that he only got a glance of a big man grabbing his hair and then nothing but blackness. The police tried not to laugh as he yelled at them because the absence of his tongue gave him an unintelligible lisp. For all the problems Pierre caused the police over the years, they didn’t feel much empathy for the cocky, entitled man.


Justine’s surgery went well, but the damage was severe and there would be a long recovery. After many months of physical therapy and lots of pain, she was able to walk without crutches or a cane, albeit with a small limp. The doctors said that a full recovery was likely but would take another year of exercise and physical therapy.

Carlos, her dad, did speak with Martin but was unable to reason with the big man. When Martin showed her dad the photo and text, her dad understood Martin’s feelings. “Carlos, I respect you and the love for your daughter. But look, she wanted this and treated me poorly for the last six months. No, this was planned, and she still went on the trip after I asked her not to go.

It’s what she wanted, and I can’t get the thought of that asshole fucking my wife out of my head. Maybe she was drugged, I get it, but if she hadn’t gone, none of this would have happened. I just can’t be with her right now, and I’ve already started a separation agreement. If we can’t work it out, we’ll be divorced in a year. I still love her but I can’t trust her and I can’t get the image of her on his bed out of my head.”

“Marty, you never admitted to the attack on Pierre. I know it was you, even if you won’t admit it and I’ll never tell anyone. Doesn’t that give you any satisfaction at all? Martin, please try to find a way to forgive her. I’m telling you, she never wanted that to happen.”

Martin couldn’t get over what had happened and filed for separation. Even before Justine could travel back to Miami, Martin had already moved out of their home and into an apartment overlooking Biscayne Bay. He took what he wanted and left the home and furnishings to Justine with the separation papers when she returned from the hospital.

He had no intention of speaking with Justine. What he saw and knew was more than enough for him to rationalize his actions. The day he moved out he left a letter, the photos of her and Pierre together, along with his wedding ring and attorney’s contact information.

The letter


We both need time to heal. I understand what happened and I’m sorry for your pain and situation, but you made your own choices which led to those events, and you now must live with the results of your decisions. We both know that you should never have been alone with him in his hotel room in the first place. There was no reason to celebrate your success with him, alone in his bedroom. I told you I had a bad feeling about the trip and to say home, but you left on that trip against my will and without considering the consequences.

The separation agreement I’ve left you gives us one year to heal and decide our future. If you want to end things sooner, let my attorney know, and I’ll have my attorney fast-track the divorce. I do love you, which makes this so much more painful as I never thought I would see you with another man. Yes, I know you were drugged, but that photo shows you so happy and satisfied in his bed. I just can’t get that out of my head. I should delete the photo, but every time I think about calling you or trying to work things out I force myself to look at you in his bed, and then all the pain comes rushing back and why we’re apart.

I’m not ready to talk to you, so if you need something, please reach out to my attorney. His card is included with the papers, and you will be taken care of financially during our separation. I’m going to try my best to forgive, forget, and get past all this damn pain.



Justine’s thoughts

Everything he said was true, and now I’ve lost him. He’s right, I should never have been alone in Pierre’s hotel room. My hubris made me believe I was smart and in control, but now I know how stupid and gullible I was. He knows I was drugged, and deep down, he has to know I never would cheat on him, but that photo of me in his bed must have been painful to see. I can’t imagine what seeing me like that does to him, and I’ll never forgive Pierre for that. What’s worse is that he never got arrested and is still a free man. At least he felt some revenge for Marty’s attack.

I need to thank Martin for that if he’ll ever speak to me again. I’ll give him time, but I’m not giving up on us. I know he loves me, and if I can just get him to talk to me, I know he’ll take me back. I thought the Hollywood contract was going to be the pinnacle of my success, but it’s turned out to be anything but that. If I had just stayed home and gave up this dream, none of this would have happened. I wouldn’t have gotten injured, Pierre would be a distant memory, and I’d have my husband back in bed with me. Now, all I have is pain, loneliness, and regret. I wish my pain would go away and my tears would stop, but every morning they both return. I want my husband and life back, and I’m not giving up. I’ll keep reaching out to him until he finally takes my call and talks to me.

French Police

The French Police were angry and humiliated by all the press and how the attacker got away. Of course, the hotel’s security cameras got a visual of the big man entering the hotel, but with the hoodie and Covid mask, the attacker was unidentifiable.

Finally, there was no direct evidence tying Martin to the attack, but the airline record showing his flight schedule, along with the motive from his wife’s affair was strong circumstantial evidence, which they felt was enough to convict Martin Creed.

Their problem was that Martin was back in the USA, and they would need to extradite him to France to press charges. But Carlos, Justine’s Dad, would have none of that and used his connections and money to get the attorneys to quash the extradition. Carlos hated Pierre as much as Martin and wanted to keep Martin safe and secure with the hope that he would reconcile with his daughter. The only downside for Martin was that he could not visit France for the next 7 years without the chance of being arrested. Martin was more than happy with that stipulation because he had no desire to ever visit that country again. He was ecstatic that he survived the situation thanked Carlos warmly and promised to keep the hope of their reconciliation alive.

Three months later

When the story first broke there was sympathy from Pierre’s fans, but his cheating ways came out, along with the details of all the marriages he broke up. He eventually became a pariah, Justine was the Jezebel, and Martin became the victim.

Eventually, the media skewered Pierre and he became a laughingstock. There were YouTube videos of him trying to talk without a tongue, which sounded comical. Then there were the hundreds of memes making fun of his Golden Tongue reputation. His fame had a cost. He lost his brand, was humiliated, lost his ability to speak, and was never going to be the predatory animal he was before all this happened.

Justine was now living alone in her big house. She lost her contract with MGM Studios because of all the negative press. The accident limited her dance and impacted her teaching. The business suffered from the publicity of cheating on her husband. She was a shell of her former self.

Depressed and alone she tried desperately to get Martin to come home and rip up the separation agreement. She lost count of how many times she called and apologized to his voicemail and the hundreds of text messages begging for forgiveness. Her dad even had several conversations with Martin, but deep down understood his decision to take some time apart. He respected Martin and just hoped for reconciliation.

Over the next year, Martin took over the company and spent 12–14 hours a day working and growing the business his dad started. Dad was now retired, and at 93 enjoyed his time with his much younger 89-year-old wife Millie.

1 Year Later

After being alone for the entire year, Martin finally accepted that Justine was a victim and he wanted to find a way to get her back into his life. He missed her laugh, her smile, her touch, and her soft kisses. He still loved her deeply and wanted her back in his life.

Yes, she left on that trip against his will, and it still angered him because if she had listened to him, they would still be together. But, deep down in his soul, he knew she never would have cheated on him without being drugged by Pierre. He wanted to see her again, and she happily agreed to meet for dinner at Mario’s Garden, their favorite restaurant, the following Friday — the night of their anniversary. In another month, they would be separated for 1 year and the divorce would become final. Martin needed this one time to see if there was any chance for a reconciliation.

Friday Night

Martin got there early with 18 roses, met the owner, Mario Carducci, and explained his situation. He told Mario that tonight could mark the start of their life together again. He explained that it was their anniversary and if things went well, he would like Mario to deliver the roses to Justine after he gave Mario a wave after dinner. Mario, being the romantic, loved the idea and was all in on helping his old friend and longtime customer.

At 8 p.m., he saw her walking into the restaurant. His heart pounded in his chest when he saw the woman he still loved for the first time in a year and realized how much he missed her. He noticed her slight limp from the accident, but quickly looked into her eyes and engulfed her tiny body with a strong overwhelming hug that lasted for over a minute. Justine looked up at him with tears in her eyes as they went to their table.

Over two bottles of wine they both expressed their regrets for what happened, and by the end of dinner they knew they were meant to be together. The dinner was going to be the final meeting to discuss their future, but neither of them knew how it would end but hoped for the best. The best outcome was that they forget the past year, and start again.
Justine gave Martin an odd look when he waved over to Mario, who was hovering around their table all night. Moments later, Mario arrived with the roses, handing them to Justine.

“Happy Anniversary, Justine. I’ve missed you so much and I want you back in my life.”

Justine broke into tears as the tables nearby watched the action. With her head in her hands sobbing, Martin walked over and raised her from her chair and kissed her deeply as the other guests in the restaurant clapped, and several women let out soft moans. It was a romantic love scene that many of them would never forget.

After Justine got her composure and released Martin from her tight hug, they went to the bar for an after-dinner drink. They kissed and they hugged in the bar for over an hour, and she agreed to go back to his apartment that night, and start where they left off a year earlier.

It was the happiest time for both of them since that dreadful trip to France, but they now knew they would survive the storm and be together forever. Justine’s depression was gone and Martin smiled for the first time in over a year. All he wanted was to hold Justine and make love to the woman he adored and missed so deeply.

As they walked out of the restaurant holding hands, a man wearing a raincoat approached the couple and bumped into them almost intentionally. Martin towering over the man glared at him until he saw the chrome-plated pistol. A second later he heard a loud noise before waking up in the hospital after surgery.


Over the last year, Pierre had been overwhelmed with hate and needed revenge for the way Martin destroyed his life. He could not handle being laughed at in public, rebuffed by all the ladies, and could no longer find work. The humiliation was more than he could handle and he hired a PI to get intel on Martin. When he learned of their dinner he put his plan into motion. Getting a gun off the streets was easy, waiting outside the restaurant was exhilarating as he was about to get his revenge.

When he saw them leaving together, he timed it perfectly and walked right into the big man, jolting him to stop. He saw the angry face of the man he was about to enact his revenge upon. Pierre looked into his eyes until he was sure Martin recognized him, and then pulled the trigger placing a .44 slug directly into his stomach, for maximum pain and slow death.

Justine wailed when she saw Martin collapse to the ground and tried to stop the bleeding as she screamed for an ambulance. Pierre fled the scene but didn’t get far as the police tracked him down within the hour after Justine told them who the shooter was.

They took Martin in for surgery and removed the bullet but couldn’t stop the bleeding. After three hours the surgeon came out and told Justine that it was touch and go. With blood transfusions, Martin made it back to recovery where they let Justine be with him for what turned out to be their last time together.

She held and kissed him sweetly whispering in his ears. “I love you so much, please don’t leave me. I can’t live without you. I’ve waited a year to get you back, and I won’t let you ever leave me again.”

Martin opened his eyes, smiled, and only had the strength to whisper the words, “I love you, Justine.” When their eyes met she felt her heart break knowing the only man she ever loved was about to die. In her mind, it was all her fault, and the guilt was ripping her apart. She kissed his lips and hugged him as tears fell from her face. The last thing Martin remembered before he passed was the taste of her sweet lips and the warm tears on his face. The only blessing that day was that Martin passed with a smile on his face and was completely at peace.

When she broke the kiss she realized he was gone. Her man, her love, her rock, her reason to live had just passed over. She collapsed on top of him, hugging him, and sobbing uncontrollably as her dad, who was now standing next to her, rubbed her shoulder.

She cried out, “Marty, I’m so sorry. I love you so much, please forgive me. I’ll always love you, baby.” She wouldn’t let go and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. After a few minutes, two of the nurses pulled her off Martin and gave her a sedative to calm her down.


Six months after the funeral, and after a long public trial, Pierre was convicted of murder in the 1st degree. Because it was premeditated he was given a life sentence. The state wanted the death sentence, but the judge denied the request. All the luxury and fame he once enjoyed were now history, and he would spend the remainder of his days in state prison, working in the laundry, with only one hour a day outdoors. It was a hard sentence for him because the pretty boy became a sex toy for several of the prisoners who had nothing to lose.

Because of his hubris, and sending that photo to Martin, his wonderful life had become a living hell. The media and Hollywood turned on him and his antics and they all stopped any support he enjoyed before his conviction. Pierre, the lady’s man, was now the prison bitch. He was passed around and traded like a piece of meat. His good looks and slender body made him extremely desirable behind the prison walls.

Some of Pierre’s new “Special Friends”

Over the years, Pierre had no less than 18 boyfriends that he had to service to stay alive. The golden-tongued predator had become the prison slut. Several years after being used daily, he came down with full-blown AIDS and suffered a long painful death. His decision to cuckold Martin that fateful morning turned his dream life into a living nightmare of untold proportions.

Peter, Martin’s Dad, died a month after his son’s murder. The weight of that horrific event took its toll on the old man. Peter’s wife Millie lived another five years, and she made sure her husband’s business and legacy continued. She sold the business to the employees making sure the company would flourish after she was gone.

Right after Martin’s passing, Justine sold the house and moved into Martin’s apartment, which gave her some closeness to the man who lost his life because of the events of that fateful weekend one year ago.

Justine turned over her dance business to Carmela, and spent the next five years as a recluse, mourning her loss and the actions that caused all the turmoil. She cursed Pierre for destroying her life twice, and the only time she smiled was when she learned of his death in prison.

In the end, Justine lost everything she loved and wanted because of her need to succeed. Had she just listened to Martin and stayed home, he would still be alive. Losing sight of what was truly important caused her a life full of regret and sorrow. There was no happy ending for anyone, only sorrow and pain. The only smile came to her when she learned how Pierre suffered over all those years and died alone in prison.

“Love sometimes comes like a dream and leaves like a Nightmare”

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