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Richard Villanova was one of those men all other guys wished they could be. A tall, muscular, alpha male with the looks of a Greek god. Owned a successful business and employed twenty percent of the townspeople. Married to the prettiest girl in the county with twin girls. Richard was beloved by everyone in the town and was known for his charity and involvement with the town. Every girl in town dreamed of marrying a man like Richard and every guy wanted to be him. And only 35 years old and had it all.

He married Vanessa with her twin girls ten years ago. His wife loved the community and the popularity and fame she received by being married to Richard. There were lots of jealous wives but overall, she was loved because of the endless hours, and volunteer work she gave to the town. Vanessa was known as a dedicated wife and loving mother and looked up to by others. She lived for the banquet dinners, county club lunches, and being looked up to by others. Vanessa came from a lower-class background and quickly adjusted to living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Every year the town recognized one woman as the town’s Woman of the Year at a banquet dinner attended by the town’s upper crust. It’s the town’s highest honor and this year’s winner was Richards’s wife Vanessa. She won the award because of all her work with the church, charity fundraisers, and community involvement. Being married to Richard didn’t hurt her chances.

I sat at one of the dinner tables in front of the stage where they gave the awards, with my wife and enjoyed the great food, wine, and people. My wife and I enjoyed the town’s supportive and warm feelings. Everyone loved and cared for each other, which is what one finds in smaller towns. We all knew each other and looked out for everyone’s well-being. We were all connected.

Tonight, the stage had a small podium and a large 20-foot video screen, which was different than previous years. Along the sidewalls, there were several 65-inch monitors set up for everyone to see the action, which seemed odd as the presentation usually only lasted less than thirty minutes.


We watched Richard walk up on stage and turned to listen to him. The tuxedo Richard wore could not hide his large shoulders and arms; the man was massive with a George Clooney face. I saw all the wives, including mine, smile when they saw him walk up on stage.

Richard was introduced and got a standing ovation for all of his work in the community. He was a big supporter of the town and loved by all. It was like having a Hall of Fame NFL player or Movie Star in your presence. His charisma and charm were rare qualities.

Richard thanked the crowd in his humble way and told us how honored he was to be there and to be able to present the Woman of the Year award.

We watched as he invited Vanessa to the stage. He kissed her and grasped her hand as the crowd clapped and cheered as their favorite couple was about to present. Richard continued to hold her hand and stared at the presentation on a 20-foot screen and the 65-inch displays around the room.

Richard clicked the remote control, and the first image came up on the screen. It was their wedding photo, and you heard the women in the audience make an audible romantic sigh. The next photo was of the two little twin girls and the women continued their adoration.

As the images appeared, Richard said some nice words about each one making them come to life. It was heartfelt and I even felt moved by the images.

Richard continued and the images now displayed images of Vanessa and the things she had done for the community over the last year. There were social events and images at her country club. Richard stopped one image of Vanessa at the country club, dressed in one of her ball gowns, and said tenderly to the crowd. “What a lucky man I am to have this loving and beautiful woman as my wife.” He turned and kissed her sweetly as the women just watched on in envy. The men looked at the photos of Vanessa and wished they were Richard.

More shots of Vanessa as a school board member. Pictures of her in the choir at church, snapshots at a church bake sale, her charity events, Views of her helping at the shelter fundraiser, and photographs with children at the hospital, all display that she truly was a cornerstone of our community.

Richard then made things even more personal and introduced people that were important to him. In his deep voice, still holding Vanessa’s hand, started his introduction, “I’d like to recognize Vanessa’s two daughters, Amanda and Jessica, please stand,” then — applause from the crowd. “Her mom and dad Jerry and Mary, please stand.” Another round of applause from the crowd.

Richard continued, “In addition to everything my loving wife does for the community, she also kept her job as a sales executive with Trident Industries to keep her business degree relevant and stay in touch with John Benson, her boss. Vanessa just loves working under him. John, please stand up. John, thank you so much for looking after my wife and the mother of our children when she’s on the road with you.” John stood up and sat down quickly looking out of place, which seemed a little odd and did not get a big applause.

Richard was on a roll now and had the full attention of the audience who was waiting to hear from Vanessa. He now had his arm around Vanessa’s waist and held her lovingly. They did look like the perfect couple.

He kissed her again and started, “I’m sure you all know I love this community and I’ve been a big supporter of our charities and will continue to do so. My business blessed me with a great fortune, and I love to share it with our community and worthy causes. I’ve lived my life with a belief in honesty and trust, which I’ve tried to teach my girls. I bring this up because my friends, there has been a fraud cast among us that I cannot hide or lie about what I’ve discovered during the last year.”

Richard clicked the remote and a video started, and I noticed how he was now holding Vanessa tighter than before and the reason for that was soon clear. Holding the mic and his wife he turns to the video is two people at dinner.

“Here you see my beautiful wife having a romantic dinner at an expensive restaurant. You can see how my beautiful wife likes to give her love, unfortunately, she’s not giving this love to me. Suddenly the camera zooms in to the couple kissing a long loving kiss as they sit together. That’s my loving future ex-wife Vanessa — the mother of our children and this year’s woman of the year with her boss John.” The audience went deadly silent and the look on Vanessa’s face was confusion.

He continued, “Now this video is of John and Vanessa at a bar, kissing in public. Oh, here’s another one of them getting very cozy. They make a cute couple, don’t you think?”

Vanessa could be heard telling Richard to stop the video, but it continued. The video changed again, and now they are at the elevators embracing and kissing with John’s hand on her ass waiting for the elevators, and suggesting that they are headed up for sex.

The video stopped with John’s hand holding her ass and Richard spoke as Vanessa was in complete shock and fear. “This is my favorite scene of them heading up for a nightcap. John seems to be enjoying himself and as I said before, Vanessa, my wife, loves working under John. I can’t share the other videos I have because they are too provocative, but you can only imagine what they reveal.” The audience was a gasp, some women had their hands over their mouths, and some of them were sitting there with their mouths open. John’s wife was looking at her husband with disdain as Richard continued.

He turned to Johnny and said, “Thank you John for destroying my marriage, breaking up my family, and ******** the truth about what my wife and you are — despicable human beings. Vanessa, my future ex-wife, you have hurt me more than I can ever describe. You took my love and stepped on it, you lied and disrespected me and your children, and that is unforgivable. You are a fraud to our community, your children, the church, and myself.”

Vanessa was now crying and trying to get away, but Richard would have none of that. He wanted her to face the community that loved her and face them, for what she was.

“So, ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce your woman of the year, Vanessa.” While he spoke more and more videos of John and Vanessa played on all the screens around the room, in high definition showing a loving couple cheating on their spouses and their community.

Finally, he turned to her and said, “No sweetheart I can’t give you the Woman of the Year award in good conscience, but I can give you this, your divorce papers. We’re through.”

Richard gave Venessa the envelope put the microphone in her hand and then walked back to his table with the twins and her mom and dad. Everyone sat in shock and complete silence.

Vanessa stood frozen in front of the town, with tears running down her face. She finally looked up at the crowd and her body physically shook. She just apologized to everyone and hoped they could forgive her. She then looked over to her husband’s table and asked him for his forgiveness. Then she dropped the microphone and walked out of the room, as fast as her heels would carry her.


Vanessa signed the divorce papers, and the pre-nuptial went into effect. Vanessa would leave the marriage with whatever assets she came into it with along with a 2,000 per month alimony payment. The house belonged to Richard, so she needed to move in with her parents until she could find a place to live. Along with the community and friends, her children were livid at their mother’s betrayal and barely spoke to her again. Richard loved the girls and made sure their mothers’ cheating would not impact their future. Richard paid for the children’s college and expenses and remained close to the girls.

Vanessa ultimately became shunned in the town and eventually went to work full-time as a realtor in another town where her reputation didn’t follow her.

John’s wife divorced him and got a big settlement, alimony, and child support leaving him with hardly enough money to live on. His company was ****** to let him go because of community pressure, and John eventually sold used cars to make ends meet.

Richard funneled his anger and hurt into his business and became even more successful. The following year Richard became mayor of the town and married his high school sweetheart. He never saw Vanessa again. The twins stayed close to Richard and only saw their mom on holidays.

Vanessa accepted her fate. She came to realize why she did what she did. John had nothing compared to her husband, he was not handsome and didn’t have a big dick which is the common reason we hear about cheating. No, John was nothing compared to Richard, but John was rough with her in bed, and she needed that but missed what she had with Richard. Her husband was a romantic and made love to her, sweet and wonderful love, but she desired something Richard could not give her. Raw sex, rough and sloppy sex, which is what John gave her twice a month. It was a perfect balance until she in the end got caught. She now cried every day for everyone she hurt, losing Richard and the respect of her daughters. The fucking she got wasn’t worth the life she lost.

“If another man can get close to your woman, she was never your woman.”

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