Betrayal and Adultery. The same old story has been told a thousand times over the ages. I’m speaking in generalities in my short forward below and of course, this analysis does not fit 100% but it will resonate with a high percentage of men.

The Original Story - The Surprise Arrival (Caught in the Act)


From a young age, society shapes how boys and girls behave differently. Boys tend to be more active, exploring and playing with everything around them, while girls often engage in quieter activities like playing with dolls or coloring.

As they get older, these differences continue. Girls are often taught to prioritize their appearance and act feminine, while boys are encouraged to be tough and protective of girls, seeing them as delicate creatures. When a boy hits or shoves a girl for the first time, he's quickly corrected, reinforcing the idea that girls should be treated with respect and care; told they are delicate creatures and should be treated that way.

As girls grow older, their mothers and older sisters will teach them the art of attracting and captivating boys, guiding them on how to get attention and affection. During their dating years, these lessons evolve, focusing on identifying qualities in a potential husband. Mothers advise their daughters to seek men with a promising future, prioritizing income, safety, care, and respect over mere appearances or infatuation.

While physical attractiveness and romantic feelings are valued, they're not the main reason to select a suitable partner. The emphasis lies on a man's ability to provide security and respect, with the belief that love can develop over time if the foundation is solid. Mothers share insights into understanding male desires and preferences, drawing from their own experiences and observations.

The girl would have picked up on how relationships function by observing her parents throughout her life. She'd already grasped the subtleties of manipulation. Now, the emphasis is on honing these abilities. Mothers stress the value of nurturing femininity and charm, hinting that being seen as attractive and graceful boosts the odds of finding a good partner.

Most guys have no idea he is being selected or seduced. Once the girl has him in her clutches, he will become hers. The well-trained girls will be able to retain complete control of their relationship while allowing the husband or boyfriend to believe he’s in control and head of the household. It’s an art form, and when done correctly, the man becomes a tool for his woman.

Boys to Men: Dads rarely advise their boys about women and relationships and let them find out on their own. When they were a child, their dads let them fall or hurt themselves to learn ‘The hard way.’ Men are simple beings. They are attracted to certain women, usually pretty girls who act a certain way for their liking. They don’t know the girls are smarter and more manipulating and when he becomes their target, they will give him what he wants and allow him to think he was the one who caught her.

The boy usually needs the physical connection created which comes from his need for sex. When the girl finally gives him what he needs, his desire for her grows. The more she satisfies his needs and desires, the more he falls in love.

When the woman has her needs met and knows her future is secure, she will give her man what he needs. She will respect him, give him all the love he needs, and live a happy life. For that, the man will work hard to be successful, keep her safe, help raise their children, treat her like a queen, and maintain a strong family unit. He will be happy giving most of his control over to his wife and working like a dog to keep her happy, with the only repayment being her loyalty, respect, and whatever sex she allows him.

20 - 30 years later: After so many years of marriage, the wife often becomes bored and feels she needs more. Perhaps it's empty nest syndrome or just plain boredom and depressed. Talking to friends and reading magazines or online articles, she starts to believe that she’s entitled to being happy and to find something that makes her happy including a male friend. After all, she raised the kids, cleaned the house, and was a good wife, wasn’t she? And her husband doesn’t appreciate her like he used to and isn’t the same guy she married so many years ago.

Her boredom might lead to a job or volunteer work for want of something to do. Still attractive and in good shape in her late 40’s, she is now starting to feel better about herself because she’s getting attention from the men she is now engaged with daily. Of course, there’s no guilt or thought of her husband because she’s entitled to these new feelings or anything she wants. She deserves to be happy and fulfilled.

In the meantime, Hubby has been working 60 hours a week for the last 30 years to support the family, make her feel safe, pay the bills, and give her everything she asks for. Sure, their relationship had become familiar and stale but nothing unusual for a couple after 30 years of marriage. And yes, he’s carrying a few extra pounds, a little less hair, now gray, but he still loves her, appreciates her dearly, and would marry her again in a second. He never complained about the hard work, spoiling her, or all the extras she just had to have over the years. He was happy and content with his life.

Matt and Penny’s Story

Penny loves her husband Matt, even though he’s not as sexy as he once was. He’s out of shape and doesn't excite her as much as he used to. On the other hand, Penny hits the gym three times a week, and keeps her figure and after hours at the salon and spa, is still a beautiful proud woman and often embarrassed of her aging husband when they are out together.

At her job, Penny finds her new boss, Sean, sexy and powerful. She allows him to flirt a little and loves the attention. She becomes playful and flirts back and the game escalates.

Then one day, she calls her sister and tells her about her new sexy boss. After Janet listens to her sister talk about her new boss Sean, she tries to bring her back to her senses.

“Penny, be careful. Remember what mom said about cheating on your husband: never do that or you will mess up everything you’ve worked for. Matt’s an amazing husband. Yeah, he’s put on some weight and isn’t as handsome as he was 30 years ago, but he’s given you everything and worships you. Don’t throw that away for a little fun. If he finds out, you will break his heart and things will never be the same.”

“I know Deb, you’re right. Matt’s been a great husband, and I love him dearly. But things haven’t been really hot in the bedroom for years. Look, after thirty years of being the perfect wife, I think I deserve to feel sexy and get a good fucking just once. Matt will never know and I’ll make it up to him. Sean and I have had several lunches together and last week, I confessed to Sean that my sex life has been stale. He offered to help me out if I was interested. I remember how I hesitated as I looked down at my wedding ring but then I looked into his sexy eyes and admitted that I was interested.

He told me to wear something sexy tomorrow and he would rock my world. He plans to take me to my house and fuck me like a woman should be fucked. Deb, I felt my kitty tingle and knew it was dripping wet. I also felt my face getting red and flushed from his words and I knew I wanted that as well. I said “OK”, I’m going to do this tomorrow, it’s only going to be the one time and Matt will never know. I’m just gushing and feel like a schoolgirl again. I had to tell someone, and you’re the only person I can trust.”

“Penny, listen carefully. You’re playing a dangerous game. Are you willing to risk everything for one fuck with some young guy that doesn’t give a crap about you? Are you that dumb? Do you know what mom would be doing right now? You would be sent to your room and get a good talking to. After all she taught you, you're willing to take a chance of throwing it all away?”

“Deb, first of all, times have changed since we were little girls and mom’s not around any longer. Look, I deserve this, and want to feel special again. After all I've done for Matt and the family, I deserve this. It’s just going to be one time, a quickie, and then I’ll be the same old wonderful wife for Matt. I’ll be his perfect little housewife once again, and he’ll never know.”

“Look, what you’re doing is wrong. You know how strongly Matt feels about infidelity and you know that if he finds out, it’s over…no second chances. He’s made that clear several times. Don’t abuse his trust because in the end, you’ll be the loser. If you do this, please don't call me or tell me anything. I don't want to hear about it, because if I do, and Matt ever asks me, I won’t lie for you. Keep this to yourself. Don’t do this Penny. Bye Sis.”

Penny’s big day:

That night, after my conversation with my sister, I tried to remove my guilt by being extra loving to Matt. I even gave him a rare blow job before I allowed him to make love to me. He was so gentle, loving, and kind, and for a moment, I was starting to reconsider my actions for the next day. We slept in each other's arms all night and I was reconsidering my plan.

Matt left for work before I woke up and once again, I felt the loneliness I grew to hate. It was then I decided to give myself just one day to enjoy a one-off and a good fuck with Sean’s big dick. Hubby never needs to know. I convinced myself that I deserved this day and would keep it my secret forever. No harm, no foul - right?

After my shower and some extra time with my makeup and hair, I opened the new lingerie I purchased after work yesterday to wear for Sean. I looked in the mirror and was pleased with my 49-year-old image. ‘Damn, I still looked pretty good, a real MILF’ I said to myself. I had convinced myself that this would be a fun day and to keep all my guilt and concerns locked away.

Later that morning at work, Sean let me know it was time. To avoid suspicion, we left the bank at different times, drove separate cars back to the house, and parked in the driveway. I was tingling with excitement, and the plan was in full gear and working perfectly.

Within a minute of entering the house, Sean took me into his arms and kissed me deeply. As I enjoyed his tongue in my mouth he started rubbing her ass. This was exactly what I needed and wanted. I moaned into his mouth when I felt his strong hand on ass, and gave myself fully to his assertions. Sean then dragged me into the living room, ripped off my dress, and smiled at the sexy woman now standing in front of him. I nervously stood there in just my lingerie, stockings, bra, and sky-high heels, something I haven't done for my husband in years.

“Damn, you look good, Woman. You look like a sexy little slut, just like I wanted. Now get over here, take off my pants, and suck my cock.”

Nobody has ever spoken to me like that before and for some reason, it made me even more excited and horny. I dropped to my knees in front of him and undid his belt and in less than a minute, I had completely removed Sean's pants and was now staring at his very large and very hard cock. My mouth was watering and my pussy was dripping as I looked up into his eyes with a sexy smile.

With a satisfied smirk on his face, Sean asked, “Are you ready to suck my cock, slut?”

The answer was clear as I spread my lips and took his cock deep into my mouth. With the head of his cock resting on my tongue, I found myself starting to compare Sean to Matt and thought how this man was so much thicker than my husband. I needed all of him in my mouth and at that moment, his satisfaction became my only desire.

I realized Sean was getting close to coming and then, without warning, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood me up on my heels. Now, both at eye level, he stared deeply into my eyes and held me close. Then without any consent he started to violently finger fuck my pussy. I felt my eyes close and my head reared back as he roughly and forcefully fucked my cunt harder than I’d ever experienced. He strength and forcefulness were overwhelming and I loved what he was doing.



The Sex Scene:

The big man held her up as she was lost control from her approaching a massive orgasm. Sean knew exactly what she needed and was a talented lover. He brought her to the edge and then did something she had never known existed. With the correct pressure in the right spot, Sean gave her a massive squirting orgasm. She felt herself exploding with a release so intense that she felt as if she had left her body. Her body shuttered in ecstasy, and an immeasurable number of endorphins were released at the exact second her pussy gushed and squirted fluid all over the living room carpet and both of their legs.

She was now a mass of flesh and so turned on at that moment that only the two of them existed. Sean knew what he wanted and with three fingers still buried in her pussy, maneuvered her over to the sliding glass doors. The way he handled her was like nothing she had experienced before. His strong, take-charge, powerful actions made her feel like she wanted to be his forever. There were no longer thoughts of Matt or anything else but only the intense feelings that was taking her to levels of ecstasy she never anticipated or dreamed of. Hell, she never knew sex could feel this great and satisfying.

Penny was now making unrecognizable noises as he forcefully pressed her face and body against the sliding door glass. She loved his power and gave herself to him completely. Penny then opened her eyes and realized that she was ******* to the world, where anyone looking into their yard could see her in full heat. The ******** and danger drove her to even higher levels of ecstasy. She was now his wanton slut, his woman, and would give him whatever he wanted. This type of sex she would never even consider with her husband, but with a man like Sean, she gave him everything willingly.

As he held her steady, Sean made his move. Penny sighed with some disappointment as Sean removed his fingers from her dripping wet pussy. But then let out a loud gasp of pleasure when she felt his thick cock enter her from behind. When the head of his thick cock pushed past her labia, she moaned in great pleasure as he easily entered her dripping pussy. He wasted no time and buried his cock deep insider her, reaching places she never felt before. These new sensations and feelings were overwhelming and triggered a need for more of his wonderful cock.

With her eyes closed and her body pressed against the glass, she completely submitted to her lover. Her pussy and body now belonged to Sean. She was his slut, and nothing else in the world mattered. Now, at the same exact moment, all Sean wanted was to fuck this little slut, and leave a gallon of his cum dripping in her cheating pussy. He would later tell her to keep his cum inside her and let her husband fuck tonight.

She was in ecstasy, the best sex of her life, and had two more massive orgasms as he violently fucked her hard and long in this standing position. She realized that he was an experienced lover and could not remember ever being fucked standing up like this or ******* to the world in such a way. She loved every second of her debauchery. Penny never felt her pussy so full or had taken a cock so big, and then she realized that she would need to experience this again.

His fucking was relentless, and several minutes after her last orgasm, she was about to experience her third orgasm since he started fucking her twenty minutes ago. That was the exact moment her world imploded!!!

Fate is Fickle

Hubby had never come home early from work before 6 PM but Fate can be a fickle companion.

Due to a DNS cyber-attack at work that morning, the company made a decision mid-morning to send everyone home as they investigated the breach. It would take an entire day to get things operational. They closed the office and everyone left just before lunch. Matt drove home and decided to spend a rare quiet afternoon by their pool. But that wasn’t how things were going to work out for poor hubby. As he approached his home, he became confused and concerned.

Matt came home early and asks himself,why is my wife’s car in the driveway? She was supposed to be at work. And why is there a second car parked next to her? That black BMW 760i looks just like the car her boss Sean drives. This doesn’t look right and I don’t want to surprise them if something is going on. I’ll go around the back of the house and quietly enter from the back door.’

Just as he turns towards the house, he got the shock of my life. Looking at the tall 12-foot sliding doors, he saw an image that would now be burned into my brain forever. My darling wife, Penny, was getting railed in plain sight.

His loving wife of 30 years is getting pounded against the clear glass, in full view of anyone in the yard, which unfortunately, happened to be me. The sexy lingerie she is wearing and the look on her face tells the entire story. “I’ve been replaced, and our marriage is over. Soon they would all understand the depth of pain I am feeling. There will be no mercy! Intense Pain and suffering are all that I will leave behind.”

Back inside the House

As her third orgasm approached, she cried out, “Ahhhh, Yes, fuck me hard, Sean! Fuck your slut, cum inside me darling.”

As Sean pounded in and out of her pussy, her eyelids slightly parted and quickly shut again into a deep bliss. But, a split second after they were closed, her brain processed what she had just seen. Suddenly, her eyes flew open and the reality of what she saw became crystal clear. Matt, her loving husband of 30 years, was standing there, three feet away, watching her have orgasm after orgasm. She immediately saw his tears and the pain in his face as he stood there holding his cell phone videoing the action with his phone. That’s when everything came crashing down and she realized what she had done. Finally, back in control, she reacted and screamed out…

“Oh shit! Stop! Sean, my husband’s watching us. Stop, stop!” she yelled, but Sean had no intention of stopping until he finished fucking her and cumming inside her wet pussy. He had spent too much time working with her and getting her in this position to stop now. So, he continued to hold her there and plunge his cock in and out of her cheating pussy for the next five minutes.

Trapped in that position, pinned to the glass, she was ****** to watch the pain in her husband's eyes as she broke his heart. It was the worst torture she could imagine as she crushed the soul of the man she loved and never wanted to hurt. Her heart was breaking as she destroyed the man that dedicated his life to her.

To her credit, she struggled mightily to break free from Sean's hold but Sean's strength was too great, and she couldn't move away. She cried deep tears as she was ****** to look into her husband's tear-filled eyes only a few feet away while getting fucked from behind. Now her tears of regret, guilt, and sadness were falling from her eyes, as her cuckolded husband watched the woman he loved and cared for willingly give herself to another man.

Seeing the only woman he’s ever loved dressed in sexy lingerie, getting fucked by another man in his own home, told him all needed to know. Matt could hear her calling out to him with regret and in a painful voice as he turned to leave.

“I'm sorry baby, I’m so sorry. Matt, don't leave, I love you.”

Matt couldn’t take another second of their fucking and her betrayal, the pain was too great. He turned and started to walk back to his car and out of her life forever. On the way to his car, he picked up his son’s old aluminum baseball bat that was still lying in the yard from days gone by and smashed the windshield and every window on the expensive BMW. He then went to the trunk of his car, took out the utility knife and cut the valve stems on all four of Sean's tires. It wasn’t much of a revenge but he knew Sean needed to feel some of his pain for taking his wife in his own home.

Full of rage, he was acting quickly and decisively. Not giving her a chance to explain or apologize, he drove away from his home forever. A few miles away from his house, he pulled into a parking lot and sat for a moment to gather his wits.

The rage was replaced with a terrible pain that seemed to engulf his entire body. A feeling of loss from the betrayal caused him to cry for several minutes. After he stopped feeling sorry for himself, his rage returned. He then opened the photo gallery on his phone and looked at the photos and video of his wife's adultery.

For the next ten minutes, the photos and video were uploaded to their family Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, along with a note on why their marriage had just ended. Sean's wife and children would also see the videos and photos as he tagged them on Facebook and Instagram, which he knew would end his marriage as well.

Twenty minutes later, Matt was at his bank and moving all the money into a cashier's check. He then went to a different bank and deposited it into a new account in his name. After making 3 months' advance mortgage payments, he left $5,000 in the checking account to avoid suspicion if she tried to use her debit card. He needed a few days head-start to get a plan into action. He then canceled his credit cards and only left her debit card active. By this time his cell phone was ringing non-stop, the sounds of a new text continually notified him of new message, which were all ignored.

By the end of the day, he quit his job, canceled all their insurance, and removed Penny from all the benefits. All the insurance policies would be changed to the kid's names. Since he had a self-directed 401K account, he would secure the funds as well, leaving the bitch truly penniless. After the three months, he calculated he should be gone and the house could go into foreclosure, for all he cared; that was now her problem. He now had enough money and investments, which would last him for the rest of his life.

For the next month, Penny was hopeful for his return. Since all of his personal items and clothes were still in the house, she was sure he would return. But Matt didn’t want anything from his past life and never returned.

Penny just went to work and home every day just praying for a call or a message from Matt. It’s sad but it took an event as horrid as this to make her realize how much she loved and needed Matt in her life. She understood the pain she caused and the depth of her betrayal. Guile and self-hate overwhelmed her as she cried herself to sleep every night.

A month later things got even worse. Matt’s attorney contacted the bank president, sent him the video evidence and gave him an option to make this potential bad publicity go away. They suggested the Bank fire both Penny and Sean for cause and use the video as the reason for the firing. There was to be no severance package or references for future jobs. It took two days for the bank to agree to the terms. A week later both Sean and Penny were fired simultaneously for their sexual activity with subordinates during work hours.

Penny finally realized how angry Matt was and that he was never going to return. Her sister’s admonition rang loudly in her mind and the guilt and pain from her selfishness was more than she could handle.

Matt’s revenge was hurtful, leaving her penniless with no job and a difficult future. She never realized that Matt could leave her this way, and believed he would always be there for her as he always had been. The cozy lifestyle vanished in a second. Her days at the spa, the gym, and the salon were over as she could barely afford to pay the mortgage, car payment, insurance, utilities, repairs, and the rising cost of food. These were the things she never had to worry about because her dutiful husband took care of everything. Now she realized exactly what she gave way for an exciting romp in the sack. The worst part is she would never hear her sweet husband's voice again, never feel his touch or his tender lovemaking. But she got what she wanted and deserved. Karma’s a bitch.

After losing her job, she got no help from family, church, and friends because they all saw the video and photos and how she disrespected her husband and family. She knew that in a few months, the car would be repossessed by the bank, and the home would end up in foreclosure if she didn’t start finding a way to make money. When she tried to sell the house, she was told that it was in Matt’s name and she would need to wait a year to prove abandonment to start the legal process of selling the home.

With no other options, she ended up taking a waitress job at the local steak house. No companies would hire her after her sexual escapades became well known. At 47, not too many men were interested in a long-term relationship with the local *****. Sure, some men would be happy to take her out if she was willing to suck their cocks. That day, her life was changed forever.

Desperate, she called Sean for help but he just gave her an evil laugh when he called.

“Help? Are you fucking crazy? You cost me my job, and my family, and after all the alimony and child support I have nothing left. You were a good fuck but you’re old and washed up. You need to find your hubby and beg him to take you back. I sure as hell wouldn’t. Don’t call me again, bitch.”

Now alone, broke, and with any support, she realized what she gave away for her selfish needs. Penny’s sister was angry, and refused to give her any empathy and offered very little support, angry at her selfish attitude and destroying their marriage and hurting their children. Her acts of betrayal had hurt the entire family and she was persona non grata.

Now she didn’t have the funds for attorneys to help or PI’s to track me down, she was in trouble. The house was in Matt’s name and since he had abandoned her there was no way of selling the house and her option was to find a way to pay it or let it go into foreclosure. They had a nice home and she didn't want to lose it so she ended up having to take two roommates in to cover the mortgage. Her privacy and the lifestyle she enjoyed was over.

Penny looked for another bank job but the market was tight and without a reference, she was not able to find one. As she was quickly approaching her 48th birthday, she had to take a night shift job as a waitress at one of the local restaurants. Her humiliation at having to wait on their friends and acquaintances from work was overwhelming. There were smirks and flirtations from the men now that knew she liked to fuck.

Matt didn’t give her a chance; one mistake and her life was destroyed. The man that she knew would never leave her, left her in the worst way: no health insurance, no money, no job, with car payments, a mortgage, and no support. That one second when she opened her eyes and saw Matt standing there watching her betray him was too much for him or any real man to overcome. She knew she deserved it but wished for a way to take it all back.

Matt’s new life was a little different. After a month of living off the grid, his plans landed him in Cebu Philippines after several stops and plan changes. Six months after that horrific afternoon, Matt is now living very comfortably off the interest of the money parked in an offshore account. He had more than enough money to live a long luxurious life with lots of young women that appreciated his generosity. When he thought back to his life, he only remembered the early years of his marriage, raising their kids, and being happy. Matt blocked out the events of that day.

Once he was settled, he communicated with his kids through Zoom and Skype, never revealing his locations. He loved his two girls and made them know he loved them and was financially sound. They sent him emails through an encrypted service, maintaining his anonymity.

At the age of 50, Penny was living alone and dating some older men for company. The young men she thought she could seduce wanted nothing to do with her. Her sister visited often but continued to remind her of the mistake she made and how she lost a good man.

Penny never expected her loving husband to find out about her fling. She certainly never expected him to leave her destitute and abandoned like road kill. She always thought she could talk her way out of anything and be forgiven. Unfortunately, Mom didn’t teach her that real men will not accept outright betrayal and humiliation from the woman they love. Penny learned that lesson a little too late.
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