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A Story with Twist and Turns, Love and Hate, Divorce and Reconciliation​


Kara is on her way out with David

Valentines Day

I stood there holding flowers and a box of chocolates when I saw my beautiful, sexy wife standing in our hallway. “My god, you look amazing. That’s the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen. Is it new? Our dinner reservations are not for another hour, so I’ll take a shower and be ready in 30 minutes.”

“Baby, wait a second. Something came up, and there’s been a change of plans.”

“Really, where are we going?”

“Well, I’m going to meet David tonight.”

Allow me to catch you up. Six months ago, my amazing wife Kara, whom I adored, brought up the idea of having sex with another man. I know what you’re thinking — kick the cheating slut out. But no, at the time, I was a man in love, wanting to give my loving wife whatever she wanted. Yeah, I was a wimp and became her cuck, but there’s much more to the story.

I loved Kara, and even though she was not an enthusiastic lover, our time together was supernatural. I mean, I loved being with her, and I felt complete when we were together. No other woman made me feel this way. I put her on a pedestal and would do whatever made her happy.

Somehow, she convinced me that she wanted to enhance our sex life, and because she knew she was not great in the sack, she wanted to make herself more sexual for our relationship. She explained that her girlfriends met this guy who taught them things and spiced up their sex lives with their husbands. She wanted to go to this guy one time to help her overcome her sex issues. I know, I’m an idiot, a cuck, whatever the title, I deserved it. She talked about it all the time, and for the life of me, I don’t know why, but I agreed and gave her a hall pass for one time. I had rules, though. No kissing, just sex, of course, a condom, and no more than one hour alone. She agreed, and it happened.

Truth be told, I was upset and angry with myself, but when she came back to me, our sexual life exploded, and overnight she became a dynamo in bed. It appeared her hall pass opened up something I was unable to achieve. After a few weeks, we continued to have amazing sex, and I forgot all about that hall pass. Then things slowed down a little, and one night she said her friend David wanted to have another go with her. She said it could help ignite our sex again. Yes, I was cuck and let her go, with the same rules in place. In my mind, if he was wearing a condom and just fucking her, there was no harm if it helped our sexual life.

Well, this turned into a monthly hall pass, which escalated to a weekly meet and greet. To her credit, she was discreet, and we didn’t discuss it and just enjoyed the greatest sex between us. Somehow I suppressed my feelings of jealousy, anger, and angst by telling myself that if I didn’t know about it, I could live with it once a week. I know what you’re thinking, and as I think back, I’m thinking the same thing. A fucking pussy, a wimp cuckold that can’t control his wife and was less of a man than her lover - and you would be 100% correct. But as I mentioned earlier, there is much more to this story…

Back to where we started…​

Standing there, confused with the flowers and chocolates in my hand, I asked:

“Really, where are we going?”

“Well, I’m going to meet David tonight.”

“What are you talking about? It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’ve planned this night together for weeks. What do you mean you’re going to meet David tonight?”

“Relax, baby. I changed our reservations for our Valentine’s dinner to Saturday night. You see, I found out this afternoon that David’s parents are in town for one night, and he asked me to go to dinner with them because they wanted to meet me.”

A wave of angst, jealousy, and pain washed over my entire being after hearing those words. I looked at my loving wife with a shocked expression and asked the questions I didn’t want to know the answer to.

“His parents? Wait, you’re not wearing your wedding rings? You’re wearing the sexiest outfit I’ve ever seen and ditching me for him? What’s going on, Kara? Am I losing you to David? Is that what this is about?”

She violently shook her head and said, “Of course not, baby, just the opposite. I just owe him a favor. You see, David thinks we’re going to be together; I think he’s falling in love with me, and he may have told his parents that we’re an item. Obviously, I can’t be wearing my wedding rings in front of them if they think we’re dating. It’s just for tonight; no big deal. I’ll make it up to you on Saturday when we celebrate our special Valentine’s Day. I promise.”

“Holy Hell, Kara! You can’t do this to me! This goes against all the rules we’ve set up, not to mention the way you sprung this on me at the last minute — it’s disrespectful and humiliating. All of this tells me there’s more going on between you two than you’ve told me.”

“Kara, this thing of yours started as a one-time event that I stupidly agreed to, and now it’s become a nightmare. I loved you so much that I allowed you to be with him because you convinced me it was going to help our sex life. Yes, our sex life improved, and I’ve been happy, but you continued to break the rules and push things.”

My wife was now looking at the floor as I continued, “The one-time thing turned into a once-a-month meetup, and you explained it would further help our sex life. Then it became a weekly thing. Then you forgot the condoms and broke my biggest rule. Now you’re breaking our date on our special night to be with him. You’re even meeting his parents and pretending to be his girlfriend, and to top it all off, you stopped wearing your wedding rings to show the world you don’t belong to me anymore.” My anger had taken over, and she saw my pain when she finally looked up into my eyes. Just then, David pulled into the driveway, and his horn announced his arrival.

With all the horrible feelings racing through my body, I threw the flowers and chocolates at her feet, turned my back to her, and said, “Go, be with him; leave me to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Just leave, but I may not be here when you get back.”

“No, no, no, Josh, don’t say that. I love you, and only you, but I have to do this for David. I feel like I owe it to him for everything he’s done for us. And I would never leave you alone after I broke our date. My sister, Karen, is coming over to keep you company so you won’t be alone.”

“Goodbye Kara.” I turned and left her standing there alone to make a decision about marriage and our future together. She stood there with her mouth open, not sure what to do when the horn beeped again. Unfortunately, she made the wrong decision and walked out the door.

David was walking up the drive as Kara came out of the house. “Oh man, you look amazing in that dress. What’s wrong? It looks like you’re going to cry.”

“Let’s just go, and I’ll tell you in the car.”

Chapter 2: Josh takes action​

Josh heard them drive away as he packed his bags and decided she had finally gone too far. He sacrificed his manhood for her sexual needs, and she took advantage of his love, and now she is out with another man. Angry at himself for allowing this, he knew he was equally to blame, but he finally reached his breaking point and knew that he could not live with the disrespect any longer.

As he drove aimlessly on that dark, gloomy night, he contemplated his future. There was no way he could go back to being a cuck and letting the woman he loved be emotionally and sexually tied to another man. He had enough money and skills to make a new start somewhere else, so he turned the car south and went about starting his new life.

During a rest stop, he used the banking application on his phone and split their funds. He would pay the bills for the next 90 days until the house sold. His friend from college was an attorney, and he would give him the power of attorney to close on the home as he would not be available. Divorce papers would be sent to Kara, and he would just disappear and start a new life. At 32, he was still young enough to start again.

Chapter 3: David and Kara​

On the way to dinner, David was concerned and asked Kara what was wrong. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Why are you so upset? Did something happen between you and Josh?”

Kara spoke in a whisper, “He’s really upset about tonight. Since this was a last-minute thing, I didn’t have a chance to explain it to him until he came home. When he saw how I was dressed and then told him I was going to be with you and not him, well, he’s really hurt. I should have stayed with him, but I promised you I’d do this for you tonight. You’ve helped me so much over the last six months; I felt like I owed it to you, but I should have stayed with Josh. I made a big mistake. Can you please take me back to my house?"

“Kara, my parents are anxious to meet you, and I’ve told them all about you, and I really appreciate you doing this. Please keep your promise. I’m sure Josh will understand after you explain it to him.”

“Yes, that’s another thing. When he noticed I wasn’t wearing my wedding rings, it sent him over the edge. He’s really hurt, and he thinks I’ve betrayed him and left him for you. I’ll do this for you tonight, but David, after tonight we need to cool it for a while. I don’t know if we’ll be together again, but I have to make it up to Josh.”

“Kara, why don’t you leave him and be with me? I’ll marry you. You know I love you. My parents will love you, and we’ll make a great couple.”

“David, I love what you did for me, and I like being with you, but I don’t love you. I love my husband, and I can’t imagine not being with him. What you and I have is only about sex, and perhaps some sex therapy for me, but nothing more. I’m sorry if you got the wrong idea, but there will never be an us; my heart belongs to Josh.”

Chapter 4: Karen Arrives​

Kara’s sister, Karen, pulled into the driveway as Josh was driving away. She wasn’t sure what was happening, and after nobody answered the doorbell, she used her key to enter their home. It was empty, and she noticed Josh’s things and luggage on the floor. This didn’t look good, and she called Kara.

As they were pulling up to the valet, Kara’s phone rang. “Karen, are you at the house? Is Josh OK? He was upset when I left.”

“Kara, he was driving away when I got here, and his closet is empty. I think he left. What’s going on?”

Kara felt a wave of regret rush over her and needed to get back home. She decided to meet the parents, come up with something, and try to depart as gracefully as possible.

Chapter 5: Dinner with His Parents​

At dinner, David’s parents were typical parents. They were polite, wanted to know all about Kara, and asked about her past. David’s mom finally turned to David and asked him when he was going to put a ring on this lovely girl’s finger and give them grandchildren.

David avoided the question but told them how wonderful Kara was and how much they enjoyed being together. When his parents told him again to marry the girl, her emotions overtook her, and she excused herself as she went to the ladies room. Finally alone, she called Josh and left more messages, apologizing for her stupid decision to go on this date, and begged him to call her. She wanted to come home and be with him, and she would never be with David again. She pleaded and sent several text messages that all went unanswered. She was starting to panic, as Josh had never been like this before. He always gave into her desires and proved it by allowing her to take another lover for her own needs. He was always so loving and generous, but now he was hurt and not answering her calls. She had a bad feeling, and when she went back to the table, she begged to leave.

“I’m so sorry; I’m not feeling well. David, I’ll call an Uber, and you can stay with your parents. I don’t want to ruin your evening.”

David’s mom was understanding and gave her a motherly hug. “Feel better, dear, and come visit us with David at our beach house in Florida. We would love to get to know you better.”

Her comments sent chills down Kara’s spine as she realized the extent of her actions and how many people they were now impacting. David was in love with her; his parents wanted her to marry David; she destroyed Josh by her ridiculous actions; and now she was scared to death that she may have lost the only man she’d ever loved, all for the wrong reasons.

When the Uber dropped her off, she ran into Karen’s arms, sobbing. “Oh, Karen, I think I really screwed up this time. I pushed things too far and hurt poor Josh. I saw it in his eyes when I wasn’t wearing my rings and was breaking our date. I’ve never seen him so upset, and it’s all my fault. I just had to do this stupid thing, and it got carried away.”

“What did you do? I thought you were ending this ridiculous game you’ve been playing. Why are you dressed like this? I mean, you look amazing, but that is not what you should be wearing for a breakup. Did Josh see you like this? Tell me what happened. I want the whole story.”

“I told you that David was helping me with my insecurities, and I’ve been seeing him once a week. Josh has been so understanding, and I’m careful to keep it low-key. I only see him for an hour or so before Josh gets home, and we don’t even discuss it. I make sure to shower and that there’s no evidence of my time with David; even though Josh knows we’re meeting once a week, he never knows when or where and acts like it never happens.”

Between tears, she continued, “We had dinner reservations at Malio’s, and I guess Josh was looking forward to tonight. My sweet man came home with flowers and chocolates for me, and I didn’t even consider his feelings. He was so excited to see me dressed like this, but he was crushed when I told him I wasn’t dressed like this for him and that I was going to be with David and his parents tonight.”

“Wait! You had Valentine’s Day plans with your husband, and you broke your date to be with David? And what do you mean, ‘his parents’?”

“Karen, David has been so understanding and helpful. I mean, I feel so much more confident in bed with Josh now, thanks to David. Because of that, I felt like I owed him this.
When he told me his parents were in town for one night and wanted to meet me. I tried to tell Josh that I changed our reservations to Saturday night, and everything would be fine.”

“Wow! Kara, you’ve taken this crazy thing way too far, and I completely understand why Josh is angry. Think about it. You’re wearing this sexy dress, breaking your date with him to be with your boy toy, and being introduced to his parents. Why would David want you to meet his parents if you were breaking up with him? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Well, David kind of has a crush on me, and he told his parents I was his girlfriend. They wanted to meet me, and David asked to play along. He asked me not to wear my wedding rings because that would look bad with his parents.”

“Holy crap. Did Josh know why you took off your rings?”

“Yeah, and that’s when I think he lost it. When David pulled into the driveway and beeped his horn, Josh turned from me and told me to leave, and he might not be here when I get back. I didn’t even have time to tell Josh that I was ending it with David tonight. Once he saw me in this dress without my rings, he wanted nothing to do with me. I did break it off with David tonight, and I just want to be with Josh.”

“Why did you start this ridiculous affair? I mean, Josh is a great husband, good-looking, and, from what I can tell, a great catch. Why would you want to screw that up? Did David have a big cock, or was Josh a bad lover?

“God no, just the opposite. Josh was too big, and it hurt when we had sex. He wanted me to do things I was too embarrassed to do, you know, oral sex and stuff. I was kind of a prude, and I knew that Josh wasn’t satisfied with my sexual performance, but the poor dear loved me so much and let me do this. I was told by some of the girls at work that David is so talented and knows so much about sex that I wanted to learn to be better for Josh.”

Karen just looked at her sister, totally confused, as Kara continued, “Honesty, I learned a lot from David, and our sex did get much better. I was now able to take Josh without pain; I was now sucking his big cock, and I know he was happy; in fact, it was so good that Josh let me continue with David as long as he didn’t know and I never mentioned it. But last week, he saw my panties in the laundry basket full of David’s cum. We didn’t use condoms that one time, and David lost it. He was so angry and upset with me. Things got crazy, and he wouldn’t even talk to me. Josh was upset that I broke his main rule. Since that night, I decided it was over with David, and I wasn’t going to see him again. I told Josh I was done with David and apologized for breaking his main rule. He finally settled down and was looking forward to reconnecting tonight.”

“That’s when David called and guilted me into this one date, and I planned on letting him know to never call me again. So I got dressed, and he saw me leaving to be with David. After all that happened, well, you know the rest. Tonight was supposed to be the end of my sex education classes, and reigniting my commitment to Josh.”

Karen was looking at her sister like you would look at a crazy lady who had escaped from an asylum. She heard every word her sister said, but was flabbergasted and just stood there with her mouth open, hoping this was all a big joke.

Nervous and excited, Kara continued, “I have to find him; what can we do? Can you call him for me on your phone? He’s not taking my calls, and maybe he’ll answer your phone.”

Chapter 6: The Phone Call​

“Josh, are you OK?”

“Hello Karen, what do you want?

“Josh, Kara is standing here with me and is really worried. She left David and came home to you, but you’re not here. Can you come back home?”

“No, Karen, I can’t. I asked her not to go, but when I saw that she removed her rings, she ended things between us. I’m leaving, and I have no plans on letting anyone know where I am. My attorney will handle things from now on, and if I am needed, she can contact me through him.”

“Josh, don’t do this. I know you love her, and my god, she can’t live without you. Don’t leave her like this; give her a chance to explain, and let her make it up to you.”

“Too late, Karen. She created this mess, and now she can live with it. Besides, now that I’m out of the way, she’s free to be with David. I’ve always liked you, Karen, and I’ll miss you. Have a good life.” The call was disconnected.

Hearing the conversation, Kara cried out, “I’ve lost him. I love him so much, but I got too wrapped up in this crazy scheme I created. I really thought my meetings with David were for Josh’s benefit. What have I done? If only Josh had stopped it from happening in the first place and not given into my requests to do this. Why did he have to be so damn loving and giving? Yes, David was fun and a great distraction from life, but I never loved him, and he was not half the man Josh was. I’ll never find another man like Josh, and I just have to get him back.”

Chapter 7: Two weeks later​

Kara was served with the divorce papers at work and was so distraught that they sent her home. She prayed this wouldn’t happen and that Josh would return. The attorney outlined the best course of action, and he had no problem with their settlement. She could stay in the house if she wanted and pay the bills until the house was sold. He didn’t need the money; he had enough to live on for another year if he didn’t start working. Kara would not sign the divorce papers and continued to hope Josh would return. In the meantime, he did find a job a few weeks later and settled into his new apartment in Biloxi, Mississippi.

She hired a PI to find him, but he didn’t leave a trail, paying cash and being careful not to give away his location. None of his family knew where he was, and he didn’t tell anyone when they talked. They all told him to come home, but he just said he needed time to work things out.

He rented an apartment on the river and spent the first month reevaluating his life. What he learned is that he was a product of his mother’s beliefs. His dad had died when he was young, and his mother did the best she could but raised him from a female perspective. During this time, he read lots of books on relationships and watched videos, which gave him a new perspective. But one day he came across a YouTube channel by @CaseyZander.

He was hooked and watched every one of his videos. The guy made him understand how women think and act and how real men should respond. His videos made him realize that he was a Beta male, raised to treat women as if they were above him, and he was there to make them happy. After a week and thirty videos, he was a changed man. For the first time in his life, he realized how women needed to be treated, and a New Josh was born.

During the day, he picked up his old hobby of playing electric guitar. In college, he belonged to a blues band, and he found that playing again was helping him get through his pain. He got a bartender job at the Biloxi Hollywood Casino. The hotel had a great bar with an adjacent lounge, which had a live band and dancing. It paid well; there were lots of tips, and the hours were great. He was financially doing well, enjoying the job, meeting new people, and starting his new life.

He found the women were now easy prey with his new attitude. He now treated them as if he wasn’t interested, with a major “I don’t give a shit” attitude. Strangely, Casey’s YouTube video training paid off, and the way he now treated girls was like honey to the bees. Suddenly, his don’t care attitude and position of being powerful made him an aphrodisiac to women. He couldn’t believe it took losing his wife to learn what women were all about.

As the bartender, he became friends with several of the house band musicians, who in fact played blues music in the lounge. They were older men who played Mississippi blues a few nights a week. Over many nights of conversation, they learned about his love of the blues and his guitar hobby and invited him to join them during one of the weekday nights, when it wasn’t too busy.

The next Wednesday night, he joined them and told them he would play his best song, “The Heart Never Waits,” which they knew well. He took the lead, and for the next ten minutes he was in a trance as he played the guitar and sang the lyrics with his full heart and soul. To the band’s amazement, his rendition was on par with Joe Bonamassa (note: I recommend looking him up on YouTube). When he hit the last cord, the room was dead silent, and the guys in the band were staring at him with an odd expression.

He had a quizzical look on his face as the thirty or so people in the audience suddenly started cheering and clapping. Billy, the drummer, came over to him and shook his hand. “That was unbelievable, man; you’re going to be playing with us more often.”

As the crowd kept cheering for more, the other band member, Marty, grabbed the microphone and spoke, “That was our bartender, Josh, who will now be known as our guest guitarist, Jonny the Kid.” All the band members were over 60, and at 32, he was the kid. Jonny was one of their old friends who passed away, and they gave him the honor of his name. It stuck, and that became his nickname. He felt like a new man, and he accepted everything with gratitude.

He told them he wasn’t ready to be a band member and just enjoyed the honor of playing with them that night. The next day, his supervisor heard about his performance from the band and several guests. He had a talk with him and said he would be grateful if he considered playing a few songs with the band one night a week and would pay him $500 cash for each performance. That was an easy decision, and from that week on, he enjoyed playing every Wednesday night in front of a growing crowd. He played several old BB King, Robert Johnson, and Buddy Guy songs, which always got him a standing ovation. Apparently, his singing the blues was much better than he gave himself credit for.

With his new small amount of fame, he attracted a plethora of women, young and old, that were more than happy to take him home and rock his world. He took advantage of their desires and was enjoying his fun new life. After a few months, he had a group of about six women that would attend each show, sit near the stage, and wait for him to choose one to bring home. It was surreal; he treated them exactly as they needed to be treated. No love, no relationship — just a woman to use for his pleasure.

Chapter 8: Kara and the Bar Scene​

Now, several months after that life-changing night on a hot July afternoon, Kara walked into the lounge, got a table away from the bar, and ordered a coffee. The young woman was dressed conservatively with her hair tied up, wearing sunglasses, and trying to fit in with the local patrons.

An hour later, her heart started beating hard when she saw the man behind the bar. It was Josh, her husband. She saw him speaking to the older woman as she gave him a warm hello kiss. He was obviously starting his shift. Who was that woman, and why was she so friendly? She felt jealousy and anger that another woman was after her man. Then she realized the situation, and a tear fell from her eyes.

Ever since that fateful night, she had been alone, crying every night, calling his parents daily, and begging them to tell her where he was. She had long stopped sending texts and phone calls when the number was disconnected. She did send emails, hoping he would reply, but that never happened. Now she was there, and he was sixty feet away. What would she do?

He was talking to another girl at the end of the bar, clearly flirting and having a love interest. She planned her move, and when Josh was busy at the other end of the bar, she took a seat on the stool next to the pretty young blonde and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Kara. It looks like you and the bartender are an item. Have you two been dating long?”

The girl smiled and said, “I’m Chrissy, and no, not yet. I’ve been trying to get Jonny in bed for the last month, but no luck yet. Kara? He talks about Kara, are you the one that broke his heart?”

That stung, and I felt like running out of the bar, but I sat up tall and said, “Yes, I’m the tramp that fucked up a great marriage. I’ve been sick since the day he left, and I’ve come to take him home. His name is Josh; why did you call him Jonny?”

“Good luck with trying to get him back. I think he’s still really upset with whatever happened, and he gets angry whenever anyone brings up your name. They’ve called him Jonny the Kid ever since he’s been playing in the lounge. Well, I’m going home. Good luck with Jonny, but be careful because if you break his heart again, there are several people here who would love to fuck you up. If you’re lucky enough to win him back, I suggest you don’t mess it up again.”

I watched my husband as he made drinks and took care of the customers. He looked so different with his long hair, the three-day beard, and the tattoos. But I saw his face and knew it was him. When he saw me, he didn’t look happy. After a few minutes, he made his way down to my end of the bar with my favorite drink, a rum and coke, and placed it in front of me.

“Hello, Kara. It looks like you found me. What do you want? Are you here to rip my heart out again, or to just crush my soul?”

I gave him a sad smile and said, “Josh, can we please talk? I’ve missed you so much.”

“Look, I’ll have a break in about an hour, and we can talk then. Why don’t you get a quiet booth, and I’ll join you for a few minutes?”

Chapter 9: The Talk​

Kara got to the table and nervously waited for him to join her. She hadn’t been this nervous since her wedding day seven years ago. She played with her wedding rings, which she hadn’t take off after coming home that night. Regret and shame filled her heart as she realized how her actions had led to this point.

Josh sat down abruptly with his drink in his hand. “How did you find me? I never thought you would look for me down here in Mississippi.”

“I’ve missed you so much, baby. I’m sorry for everything.”

“Look, please don’t apologize; it means nothing to me. How did you find me?”

“Well, Karen came across a video that was going viral. There was a guy with long hair and tattoos that looked like you, but they were calling him Jonny the Kid, not Josh. He was playing a guitar with a blues band, and the video had like a million hits. But even with your new look and ink, I knew it was you. The problem was that there was no information about the video or where it was filmed. I spent weeks trying to track you down until someone I knew recognized something in the video. It was a longshot, but I made some calls and knew it was you before I headed down here.”

“Kara, you know, I have loved you since the first day we met at the coffee shop that winter day. It was love at first sight for me, and I knew we would always be together. You know I never wanted anyone but you, and I never broke my vows, but the minute you left our home without your wedding rings, you ended our marriage. That was the most disrespectful, hurtful thing you could have ever done to me, and even worse, you treated that action so casually when you said, and I quote, ’no big deal’.”

Her eyes teared up as she remembered that day. He continued, “Well, it was a big deal. It was my heart, my love, and my entire world, and you left that night with no regret, remorse, or caring. You never looked back. You could have turned around and kept your date with me, but no, all you did was tell me you changed our dinner reservations to another night and to chill out with your sister.”

Holding back his anger, Josh said, “So yes, I’ve been with other women, dozens , almost every night since you destroyed our marriage. Every one of them helped put back a little piece of my heart. Being the bartender and meeting lots of girls made me a hot commodity, and I’m having a great time. Unlike you, none of those women wanted to be with another man while we were together, and somehow I was able to regain my sanity, confidence, and manhood. Kara, I’ve changed, and the nice guy you remember is gone. I’ll never be the willing cuckold, wimp, or weak man that I was when we were married. Never again will I give into my partner’s desires if they aren’t something I want. The man you dumped is gone, and I’m not sure you would like the new me.”

After a few minutes of silence, he continued, “Now you come here and tell me you want me to come home. Come home to what? To a woman who was never happy with just me? To a wife who wants to be with other men and will leave me in the dust when her lover needs her for something? Tell me, Kara, why, in God’s good name, would I ever want to be with someone like that again?”

Kara sat there quietly as a tear fell from her eye. She felt his pain and understood what she had done, only wanting to take away his pain and take him in her arms. In a low, trembling voice, she answered.

“Because you love me, and I love you.”

We sat there quietly for several minutes before Kara continued. “Josh, I’ve been alone since that night, only going to work and hating myself for what I did to you every second of the day. My sister helped me find a therapist who has helped me with my issues with self-confidence. She helped me understand what I did and why. Without her being here to help me explain, there is no way you would understand, but I’ll try anyway, and if you come home, I’ll have you meet her, and maybe she can help.”

After taking another drink of her coffee, she went on, “You see, I’ve had low self-esteem my entire life and no confidence in my sexual performance. I never wanted to do things with you because I thought I would be bad at it or you wouldn’t like me. You were so big that it hurt when you made love to me, and I desperately wanted to make you happy.
Honey, I know how ridiculous this is going to sound, but I loved you so much that I never wanted you to think poorly of me in bed or do things that would make you think I was a slut and change your love for me. When I heard about other girls telling me how someone outside the marriage could help my sex performance for you, it made sense. I know it’s crazy, but I thought if I could learn to be better in bed, you would love me even more, and I would be a better wife. Then, when I told you about my idea and you agreed to let me try it, I was shocked but happy that you understood. Yes, I got carried away and broke the rules, and for that, I will be eternally sorry, but I never intended to hurt you. In my sick mind, because our sex life was so much better, I assumed you were OK with everything.”

After taking a deep breath, she continued, “Josh, that night, when I left without my rings to meet his parents, I was ending it with David. I was repaying him for what I felt was his help in making me your perfect wife. In a way, I thought of being with him as my sex therapy, and that night was my payback for all his help. He was in love with me and wanted me to leave you, but he didn’t understand that I was just using him, and I knew it had to end. I left them in the middle of dinner when I realized what I had done. I remembered the look on your face when you saw that I had taken off my wedding rings. It broke my heart when I realized how much that had to hurt. I wasn’t thinking about you at the time, and only about how I was going to end things that night.”

“My plan was to go to that dinner with David one last time and tell him it was over, that I didn’t want to be with him, and that my only love was for you. I was going to come home and give you everything , all my love , and show you that I was all yours. Obviously, I miscalculated everything and messed up what we had. Yes, it’s all my fault, but I did it for us, as stupid as that sounds. I should never have listened to the other girls and just told you my insecurities about sex, and yes, it was all just about sex. Like I said, I wanted to be the perfect wife for you, and instead I was the complete opposite, but I swear that will never happen again. Please try to understand and take me back. We’re still legally married, and I don’t want a divorce. I’ll do whatever you want; you’re the only man I’ll ever love,” Kara said, crying hard into her hands.

Her confession was heartfelt, and I knew she was telling the truth. “Kara, I’m not sure what to say here. I’ve finally got myself back together; I have friends here now and lots of admirers. I’ll always love you, but I’m not sure I can trust you to not want to do this again. It was so easy for you to take another man to bed. How can I be sure it won’t happen again? The man I am now would never put up with that. Any woman I’m with that shows me the slightest amount of disrespect, I walk away. Last week, one of my dates made the mistake of accepting a dance with another guy. I immediately dumped her and left with another girl. She tried to convince me to come back, begged me to stay, and said she would never do it again. I laughed in her face and told her to fuck off, something I would have never done before. Do you remember the old Josh? He would have sat there, put up with the disrespect, and let her have her fun, but no more of that wimp shit for me.”

He continued, “No, I’m a new man, and I would throw you out in a minute if you ever disrespected me again. You would no longer be my queen, or even my equal. You’ve taught me to treat women for what they are: deceitful, selfish beings. To me, women are just here to please me, not something I can ever depend on or expect loyalty from. In my view, women are no longer my equal, and I now treat them that way. The funny thing is that the more I treat them as beneath me, the more they want and respect me. You also taught me that being the caring, wimpy guy might be nice for the woman but does nothing for the man. No, I’m afraid that you won’t like the new me, because I no longer give into women’s desires now that I understand how women think.”

“Oh my goodness, have I turned you into a woman hating a man?”

Just then, Patricia, one of the girls he’d been dating, stopped by their booth. Patti was sex on a stick , huge breasts, long legs, long blonde hair, and deep blue eyes. She stood there in a ridiculously short dress, with her large breasts on display. Patti obviously heard from the others in the bar that Josh was with some new girl, and she had to stop by our table to see for herself.

“Hi Jonny, Are we still on for tomorrow night? Who’s your friend?” she said as she stood there in her short skirt, twirling her hair.

“Hi Patricia, of course we’re still on for tomorrow night. This is Kara, my wife. You know, the one I told about, the one that broke my heart?” He said this, taking a swipe at Kara.
“Oh, are you taking her back? Are we still going out?”

“Nothing changed, sweetheart. Pick me up at 7 p.m., as we discussed. Now we need some privacy. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

She gave a little wave, and we both watched as she walked away, swiveling those amazing hips. Kara sat there with her mouth open, in shock at the audacity of the girl. He continued their conversation where he left off as if nothing happened.

“No, Kara, I love women, but now that I understand how they think, I realize that putting them above me will only lead to their contempt and betrayal. Just like our relationship. I loved you so much and put you above me, giving you anything you desired. You took my love and betrayed me in the worst possible ways. No, I’m not a woman hater; I’m a new man who respects women for what they are and will never be fucked over again.”

He enjoyed her shocked expression as he continued, “You see, you don’t want a man like that. You want a man like David who will drool over you, give you whatever you want, and treat you like his queen. He would be making the same mistake I made, and it would only be a matter of time before you betrayed him as well; it’s just your nature.”

She angrily spat out, “No, it’s not my nature, and I would never do that to you. I’m sorry I’ve done this to you and changed you this way, but I do understand. I still want us to be together, and I’ll take whatever you give me. I don’t want anyone else, especially a guy like David or the old you. I want a real man that I can respect, and I want you back. Now, who is that girl, and are you really going out with her tomorrow? She picks you up.”

“Like I said, Kara, I’m not the man you knew. And yes, our date is still on. Did you see her? Of course, I’m taking her out. And yes, I make the girls pick me up. I don’t like to drive when I drink, and that’s just another way I control the situation. If they don’t like it, fuck ‘em! I’ll find another.”

“Josh or Jonny, have you been listening to me? I want you back, and I don’t care how you’ve changed. Can you please just cancel your date and be with me?”

“Oh? Did you cancel your date for our Valentine’s dinner? That’s funny. Fuck off if you don’t like it, Kara. You stroll in here and expect me to fall to your feet, stop my life, and just take you back like nothing happened? If that’s what you expected, you’re fucking crazier than I thought.”

“Stop it. I don’t care about her or any other girls. I want you to give me a chance. We’re still husband and wife; you owe me that.”

“I owe you shit! You messed this up, not me. You don’t tell me what I should do or how to act. If you want to be with me, you’ll have to get in line and earn it. Where are you staying?”

“I have a room at Motel Six on the freeway.”

“Get your things and move into my apartment. It’s two bedrooms, and you can stay there until we figure things out. Did you bring the divorce papers with you?”

“No, of course not; I ripped them up. Can you please cancel your date with Patricia and spend the time with me?”

“Hell no, I plan on taking her back to my apartment and fucking her all night long while you listen from the other room. If you don’t like it, go back home. I didn’t ask you to come here, and you don’t deserve anything from me. So what’s it going to be?”

Deflated, she looked at her hands and said, “I’ll bring my stuff over and let you punish me, if that’s what it takes. I get it, and I deserve it, and I’ll do whatever you say. Just promise to give me another chance.”

“Nope, no promises from me. Look, let’s see how it goes. How long are you here for?”

“As long as it takes. I took a leave of absence from work when I found out where you were. I’m willing to give up everything to get you back. I plan to win you back and prove my love.”

“OK, but it won’t be easy. Remember what I said? I’m not that guy anymore, and I’ll kick you out of my life in a minute if you give me a reason. Like I said, I don’t put up with disrespect from anyone, especially the women in my life. Do you understand? This might not be what you expected.”

“I understand, and trust me, I’ll never mess up like that again. I know what I want, and I want you back.”

“Get your things and bring them back to my place. Here’s the address; there’s a key under the mat.”

“Can you drive over with me and help me? The hotel is not in a good area, and I couldn’t afford to stay in town.”

“Absolutely not; you’re on your own. Do it yourself; I have other things to do. Remember, I’m not that guy anymore, so get used to it. Besides, I have to play a few songs with the band tonight; I’m not sure when I’ll get back.”

“Can I watch you play tonight?”

“Whatever you want to do, I’m not your boss. Watch me play; go find a guy to fuck; I don’t care. When you finally get to the apartment, move into the empty bedroom. I’ll see you when I see you.”

With that, he left $20 on the table for the drinks, left her sitting there in a daze, and finished his shift before heading to the lounge to play a few songs. He could tell her head was spinning from the conversation and the fact that he didn’t give a shit about her anymore. After their talk, he wondered if she would show up at the apartment, but he had no intention of getting back early to see her. Instead, after his time with the band, he went to one of the other bars in town, met some friends, and didn’t get back until about 3 AM. He peaked in the spare bedroom, and sure enough, she was sound asleep, obviously exhausted from her long drive and the stress of seeing him today with Patti.

Chapter 10: Date Night with Patricia​

After a night of drinking and dancing with Patti, they strolled into his apartment at 2 AM and went straight to the bedroom, where he fucked Patti for the next two hours. She was a screamer and always enjoyed his thick cock. Yes, none of the girls complained about his size, and in fact, his size and endurance are what made him popular with the local women. Just like the others, she wanted to spend the next day with him, but he chased her out.

Unlike before, when Old Josh wanted to cuddle and have a relationship, New Josh just wanted to fuck and send them home. He was still amazed at how treating them this way made them want him even more. Damn, these women were fucked up, but now that he learned the secret, he had access to untold amounts of pussy. OK, he became a bit of a dick, but almost all the women he met wanted to be treated this way. He wished he had learned this when he was younger, but he was raised to respect women and treat them special. What a fool he was.

Kara was sitting at the kitchen table when Patti was leaving the next morning. Kara just waved to her as she left with a frown on her face. He could tell she wanted to say something about last night, but to her credit, she just sat there and tried to stay calm. He almost felt bad for what he had done and how she felt, but he caught himself and was not going back to being that useless wimp.

“Good morning. What do you have planned for the day?” He asked, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“I was hoping we could spend the day together and catch up.”

“Sounds good; I have a free afternoon. Let’s have lunch.”

For the next two weeks, he treated Kara like a houseguest and nothing more. He continued to go out with other girls and not discuss his dates with her. It was driving her crazy, but to her credit, she sucked it up and patiently waited for him to make a move. He fully expected her to give up and go home, but apparently, she was not leaving without him.
She was trying hard to win him back with breakfast, dinners, and her sweet charms. Kara was her old self and the woman he still loved, but he was not about to give in so fast. Finally, after a month of torture, she asked him to take her to dinner, and he agreed.

During dinner, Kara started the conversation, “Honey, I’ve been here for a month and watched and listened to you with a dozen beautiful women. Are you done torturing me? Are you going to stop being this asshole and realize the woman who loves you more than anything is begging you to take her back? I know you love me, and I accept all the punishment, but how much more will I need to endure? I’ll wait, but it would be nice to know how much longer you intend to hurt me.”

She had been a good sport over the past few weeks. He brought Kara home on numerous dates, telling her to leave if she didn’t like it, but she could stay as long as she wanted. He didn’t get any pleasure from seeing her agony, but he trained himself to just not care. The New Josh lost all his emotional ties and now just cared about his own feelings.
“Look, Kara, I didn’t ask you to come here. In fact, I didn’t want you back, which is why I sent you the divorce papers and left you. On the other hand, I never stopped loving you, and I guess you’re right; I have been punishing you in some way, and that’s not fair. I really don’t care if it hurts or if you’re upset, but I’m not enjoying things like I used to when we were a couple. I’ll stop seeing some of the other women for a while and see where it goes. I just need to see if we have anything left. But I’m warning you again: one fuckup and you’re gone. Just one flirt, one out of the way comment, and I’ll throw you out onto the street.”

“Oh, Josh, that’s all I’m asking for. Please let me prove how much I want us back. I miss our life together, and everything I did was a big fucking mistake. I realize that now, and trust me, you won’t be sorry.”

He continued to date Patti more than the other girls. She was amazing in bed and satisfied his needs better than any of the other women, but there was no love or deep feelings like he once had with Kara, which he did miss. Over those weeks, Kara became friendly with Patti and even spent time having lunch and shopping together. Apparently, Kara decided to use her brains and strategically try to move Patti out of the equation.

On one occasion, after he was done fucking Patti, she left to get a drink as he relaxed and enjoyed his post-copulation time. He grew tired of waiting and closed his eyes. As he was drifting off to sleep, he felt Patti getting back into bed, but then he felt another body getting in on the other side. When he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see Kara and Patti both naked and looking down at him.

For the rest of that night, he was the spectator for these two beautiful women, who were satisfying him and themselves. He never knew Kara to be so open or interested in another woman. Since he no longer felt the need to orally satisfy his dates, Patti used Kara’s tongue to bring herself off, while stroking his hard cock. To his amazement and excitement, Patti returned the favor, and he enjoyed watching these two sexy girls in action.

After they both satisfied each other, he fucked both women several times that night. It was by far the most amazing sex he’d ever experienced, and he wondered where this might end up, but he relaxed and just let it happen, releasing any emotional ties to either woman. The ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude was a game changer. It helped him keep his sanity and made the woman crazy with a desire to win his attention. They wanted what he was unwilling to give them. He silently thanked Casey once again for his life-changing videos.

Chapter 11: Valentine’s Day — Deux​

Ironically, everything came to a head one year after that Valentine’s Day disaster. Patti had made plans for a special night with Josh, and he was told to wear his best clothes, and she would pick him up at 7 PM. He was looking forward to a fun night and was ready to go when the doorbell rang.

What he didn’t know was that Kara had won Patti’s heart and told her how much she still loved him. Kara convinced her to swap places for their date that night. After Kara told Patti her story and what had happened, why she did it, and how badly she wanted Josh back, Patti understood and felt sorry for her and was happy to help Kara in her quest to save her marriage.

You can imagine his surprise when he opened the door to see Kara standing there in that black dress, the one she wore for David. She must have spent the day at the salon because she looked incredibly sexy, and he felt some of those old feelings coming back.

“Hi baby, Are you ready for a fun night?”

“I’m confused. Where’s Patti?”

“She couldn’t make it, and I’m taking her place. I’m your Valentine’s date tonight; let’s go.”

Kara pulled her car up the valet and waited for Josh to take her hand as she led him into the upscale restaurant. She arranged for the best seating at the window overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The restaurant was decorated for a romantic evening to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

After they were seated and their drinks arrived, Josh spoke, “This should have been our scene a year ago, and none of this would have happened.”

“Baby, not tonight. Let’s not think about the past; let us just enjoy the evening and each other’s company. Tonight you’re my Valentine, and I’m hoping Cupid arrives and shoots you with all his arrows,” she said with a wide smile, touching my hand.

They enjoyed the evening and didn’t think about the past again that night. He decided to enjoy his sexy wife, great food and drinks, and see how the evening turned out.

The music was romantic, the wine was wonderful, Kara looked incredibly sexy, and Josh felt himself wanting her once again. After dinner, they went to the lounge and worked on another bottle of wine, and as they sat and kissed like high school lovers. They danced to several slow songs and enjoyed being together and intimate again.

By the end of the night, they were both over the limit and not able to drive. The evening went better than Kara had hoped for, and she surprised Josh by taking out a room key for the hotel. She took him by the hand and led him to the elevator, rubbing his cock, kissing him, and attacking him relentlessly.

She arranged for the honeymoon suite with a bottle of champagne on ice. Josh was shocked when he entered the room and saw the rose pedals on the floor, soft music playing, the champagne, the large heart-shaped bed, and the amazing view.

“Wow, you outdid yourself tonight, baby,” and then he took her in his arms and threw her onto the bed. For the next unknown number of hours, he took Kara with a passion she had never seen. He was the man in charge — strong, forceful, and in control. She loved this man and what he was doing to her.

He fucked her hard and long and came several times in her pussy and mouth. She swallowed like a dutiful girlfriend, smiled, and thanked him for the great sex.

Chapter 12: Their Future​

Josh told her she would have to go back to work because he wasn’t ready to start his job and would continue to be a bartender until he decided what he wanted to do. He wasn’t ready to cut his hair and pretend to be the old Josh. Josh was dead, and he wasn’t sure where his new life would lead, but one thing he was sure of was that it would be on his terms. Kara understood that he was in charge of their relationship and knew how fast she would be out of his life if she ever messed up again. She was committed and eventually convinced him to forget the divorce.

Back home, Jonny the Kid’s YouTube reputation followed him, and he was asked to play for a local band, which he did on Saturday nights. Of course, Kara was there to keep the women away. He enjoyed her new-found loyalty and jealousy. He was now the one who was being respected and in demand. He treated her better than she deserved, and their love grew strong. Because of their new relationship, they stayed committed and exclusive.

They almost lost it all because of his weakness toward women, which is what ironically turned things around for the better.

Chapter 13: New Beginnings​

Six months after moving back to their hometown, they were out for drinks with her sister Karen and husband Donnie at the club Josh was performing at. Everyone knew Jonny and gave them the best table and VIP treatment. He was now the popular guy, no longer the quiet, laid-back husband.

After his second drink, he spotted David the moment he walked into the club and then noticed his face light up when he spotted Kara sitting at their table. After a few songs and a new bottle of wine, Josh felt his presence as David ominously stood beside their table. Looking directly at Kara, he started speaking to her as if she were alone.

“Hello Kara. Would you like to dance?”

The look on her face was priceless. She was scared and nervous, not sure what Josh would do. He found the entire scene entertaining, as even Karen squirmed in her chair. Kara was having a minor heart attack as she looked at Josh for help, but he remained calm and motionless. He didn’t say a word and was going to let Kara handle this on her own. To his satisfaction, she quickly answered David.

“Sorry, I’m only dancing with my husband tonight.”

Not liking her answer, and with anger in his voice, he spoke loudly, making sure everyone heard, “Really? After all I’ve done for you two? Your husband doesn’t mind me taking you out for a few dances, do you, Cucky?”

That kicked his bad boy attitude into high gear. Nobody, including this asshole, was going to disrespect him ever again. He guessed David didn’t get the memo that Josh the Cuck died, and Jonny the Kid was not putting up with any of this. In a flash, he sprung out of his seat and delivered a devastating uppercut to David’s chin, using the full force and leverage from his legs. David actually lifted an inch off the ground as Josh felt David’s jaw cave in from his punch. He watched, as if in slow motion, as David fell onto an adjoining table, unconscious.

Josh calmly sat down as Kevin, the bouncer, came over and removed David from the restaurant. The staff made sure they were all OK and apologized for the nuisance. The guys at the club covered his story when the police arrived, and David was escorted to the hospital.

Kara gave Josh the sexiest smile, took his hand, and said, “Thank you.” He could tell his actions got her excited and made her panties dripping wet. Her sister Karen looked at him in a different light, and with new respect. There was no doubt that the cuck was dead, replaced by Jonny the Kid, the take-charge guy responsible for his actions. He took his wife home that night and fucked her tight pussy until she **********. He didn’t stop until he was satisfied, and all his anger over David’s appearance was released.

Chapter 14: Together Again​

Things worked out, and their new relationship flourished. He continued to fuck Kara hard and, on rare occasions, felt generous enough to give her pussy the oral attention she craved. Their sex life was hitting new highs as Kara enjoyed the New Josh, and he enjoyed the new heightened sexual version of his wife. She opened fully to his desires and needs and lived to keep him happy and satisfied.

Remembering that amazing night back in Biloxi, when he fucked both Patti and Kara, he wondered if he could convince Kara to do it again. Several times he asked Kara if she would like to invite Patti to their home for a reunion weekend. That only earned him a hard punch in the arm and another round of hot sex.

They started over with a renewed relationship and understanding. Kara would never underestimate Josh again. New Josh was now in charge and kept his position as the husband — the king of his castle. And as long as his queen understood that he was the king, their marriage would stay strong.

An afterthought about reconciliation:​

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” — C.S. Lewis


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