A few years back the wife and I had been to a wedding. We'd travelled down but had opted not to stay the night and I (foolishly now I think) had decided not to drink, and instead drive back that evening. My wife had, had a few drinks and was open to suggestions and it was a long drive back. Part way through the journey I asked her to do something sexy.

My wife is short, with lovely chestnut hair, blue grey eyes and a cute, young-looking face. She's often passed for years younger than she is, which was a problem when we first met. She is slim but curvy and has the most wonderful tits. She tends to be shy and demur but can be wild on occasion.

When I asked her to do something sexy, I hoped with a bit of luck, I might get a bit of a tit flash. I wanted more but I'm realistic and she's never been one for exhibitionism. She looked over to me with a slightly naughty look in her eyes and asked me what I had in mind. I replied that anything would be nice but whatever she was in the mood for. I was just glad that my request had not been met with the simple no.

She looked about us as we drove and then started to hitch up her dress. I tried to hide my surprise as she wriggled in the seat, getting her light summer dress above her hips and ass. With another wriggle her dress was fully up around her waist, and I was trying to concentrate on not crashing the car as I ogled her sitting with her sexy pants on show as we sped along the motorway. Another thing about my wife is that she's a sexy underwear girl and always wears matching. My eyes kept being drawn back to her leopard print and lace shorts as she continued to wriggle about.

To my amazement and, in contravention of good driving practice, I watched open mouthed as she slipped her thumbs in the waistband of her sexy pants and started to slip them down. I watched open-mouthed as they slipped down revealing her neatly trimmed pussy and slightly glistening slit. She pushed them past her knees and let gravity take them down to her ankles. Slipping her feet out of her high heels she let the obviously slightly moist pants slip to the floor.

I narrowly avoided a collision with another car and was ****** back to looking at the road. When I slowed and regained control, I looked over again and this time she had spread her legs and her glistening pussy was wide open, her pink folds spread, and she was gently stroking her lips and clit. I was beside myself and wondering whether my now rock-hard cock would simply explode with the excitement. She continued to play with herself and then lifted her legs placing them on the dash and windscreen. She slipped lower in her seat and set it to recline a little. She then looked at me, grinned and unbuttoned her dress. In seconds she had pulled up the matching bra to reveal her wonderful pale tits and erect pink nipples.

With one hand she pulled on her nipples and with the other she took my hand and placed it on her pussy, indicating for me to play with her as she held her pussy wide open for me. I tried to play but with the excitement and the risk of a fatal collision I wasn't on my best game. I loved how wet she was and how sexy and horny she was being, but I couldn't get more than a couple of fingers in her tight pussy without fear of crashing. When she realised my dilemma, she just smiled a mischievous smile and took my hand in hers. I thought we were done and was just feeling a little disappointed when she put my hand to her mouth and started to lick her juice from my fingers. I was so surprised I sharply turned the steering wheel and once again committed a traffic offence as I swerved about.

My wife simply giggled at my reaction and, when she concluded we weren't about to die, carried on with her sucking and licking her juices from my hand. I kept looking over at her and she kept looking me in the eye and gently moaning as she tasted her own juice. She'd tasted herself a few times but always complained it was dirty. On this occasion it was all I could do to get my hand back.

She continued to gently play with her pussy and tits as we drove. I realised she was edging herself. I could hear her soft moans as she touched and then stopped, letting her orgasm subside and her ragged breathing become more normal. Her tits were heaving as she got close, and her nipples were as hard as I'd ever seen them. She was flushed on her face and chest, and I could see a puddle of her juice forming on the seat as she continued to edge and relax over and over. For my part, I didn't know whether to speed up to get home or slow down to watch this incredible slut-show from my wife.

As she continued, she looked out of the car window to see a lone HGV travelling at the speed limit in the inside lane. I naturally went to overtake but as we drew level with the cab, she asked me to slow down. I initially didn't know what she meant but I quickly understood that she wanted me to position us alongside the driver's side. I slowed to match the speed with the cab of the HGV. I was grateful that the traffic had thinned, and no one was up my arse flashing to overtake. My wife reached for the interior light and started to flash it on and off trying to get the driver's attention. It clearly worked as the HGV slowed a little and my wife gasped as she saw the driver look across and down into the car. She was on the left side and closest and she gasped again as she told me that the driver was looking...

It's a little intimidating, driving alongside a massive HGV in a smallish car as you both hurtle down the motorway at high speed. It's even more than that when your wife is putting on her hottest slut-show for the driver of said HGV and you hope that both he and you don’t momentarily lose control and have a collision.

My wife was oblivious to all this as she turned her body towards the HGV and moved her hips spreading her pussy impossibly wide as she did so. She pulled one foot under her effectively lifting her hips and pussy higher and wider for the driver to get a better look. She kept playing and used both hands to open her pussy and pull back her clit hood. I could see glimpses of her, alternately rubbing her erect pink clit and slipping three and then four fingers into her now dripping pussy.

She continued bringing herself ever closer to orgasm as she told me the driver kept looking down and watching her. When I thought things couldn't get any more insane, she squealed that the driver had got his mobile phone out and was filming her. I told her to stop and cover herself or at least her face but she just laughed a dirty laugh then leaned forward to give the driver a clear view of her face. She then played with her tits for the camera and gasping she was about to cum, took her pussy-soaked fingers and, leaning towards the lorry to give the best view, started licking her juice again all the time moaning she was cuming for him. She moaned and sucked and showed herself to the camera for a good few minutes before her orgasm subsided and she blew him a kiss and started to cover herself up. I was shocked into silence, and she just looked over and, with a grin, asked if that was what I’d had in mind.

I had started to move ahead of the HGV and he flashed me to pull in. As I did so I saw the flash of what I quickly realised was a mobile phone camera. With a sinking feeling I realised he'd just captured the registration of the car. I continued to drive in front of the HGV not really knowing what to do. I wasn't an idiot and knew that the footage he had captured of my wife could be winging its way around the internet as we drove. My wife and I were not internet sensations, but we had social media, and with a bit of detective work, someone wouldn't take too long tracking my wife down. I was perversely excited by the prospect of my wife as wank fodder on fap sites until I realised what if my work colleagues or hers found her movie... Gulp.

I carried on driving ahead of the HGV with this tumult in my mind. My wife on the other hand, now obviously exhausted by her marathon edging and slut exhibition, dozed next to me in the car. I noted the services sign up ahead and then saw the HGV was flashing me and putting his left indicator on and off. I guessed he was signalling me to pull off at the services. I panicked and wondered what new problem we were getting into, but I also thought maybe I could persuade the driver to delete the footage, if I could speak to him and explain. Failing that, I had about a £100 from the wedding I'd brought for the bar and not needed, perhaps I could buy the footage back.

I let the lorry overtake me on the approach to the services slip road and followed him to a secluded part of the lorry parking area. The services were mostly closed at this time of night with a few vehicles parked nice and close to the main building. The lorry park was busier but still with only a few silent and dark HGVs parked here and there. The HGV parked up and shut off its engine and turned off its lights. I did likewise and sat in the car for a moment wondering what the etiquette was for trying to get back explicit slut movies of your wife from a stranger. After a moment I decided I'd opt for the 'hail fellow, well met' approach and got out of the car. My wife stirred and asked why we had stopped. I told her not to worry and to stay put.

As I approached the driver's side door it opened, and the driver started to descend the steps. It was only as he came from behind the open door, I saw that he was a tall, solidly built, black man. He turned to me and gave me a broad smile holding up his mobile phone with my wife's naked, spread image as his home screen. I tried to grin back, but it was clear I was failing. I started my spiel about married and jobs and reputation and help a fella out... My words died in my throat as he waved his hand and asked if my wife was in the car. I turned to see that my wife had wound down the window and was looking slightly red faced at the driver and I. I gulped and said yes.

The driver, Carl, started to set out a proposition as to how we could get the footage back. I tried to offer him money which didn't help matters and nearly blew the whole thing. He explained that he was happily married and understood that the video could cause us problems, just as it could for him if his wife found out. He suggested that he would delete the footage and wanted no money... what he wanted was an hour with my wife. I immediately protested and he made understanding noises, but that was the deal. I looked to my wife who seemed to have suddenly sobered up and asked for a minute to discuss. He explained we had time as he was close to his drivers’ hours and had to stay put for a while.

I went and spoke to my wife. She went pale (paler) and asked if we had a choice. I said we could simply drive away and hope for the best but if the footage reached either one of our employers, we were in real trouble... With a gulp my wife simply said sorry and started to get out of the car. I tried to protest but it was hopeless, we just couldn't risk the footage getting out.

My wife walked over to Carl who was watching my wife's performance on his phone. My wife blushed as she saw but walked up to him and offered to shake his hand (bizarre but that's us Brits for you). Carl grinned again and took her hand and gave it a sniff which made my wife blush even brighter. Carl said I could watch, if it made both of us more comfortable. I simply nodded. He took my wife around her waist and lifted her into a passionate kiss. She still had to stand on tip toes to reach him. I saw her flinch initially and then close her eyes and relax, letting Carl's tongue enter her mouth. I stood open-mouthed too, but for wholly different reasons. I felt myself begin to stiffen.

Carl slipped his hand down my wife's summer dress, lingering over her tits as he groped her and squeezed her nipple, which was already hard through the fabric. She gasped in shock and then he lifted her dress, revealing that she was naked from the waist down. He quickly lifted her leg and started probing her still wet and pink slit with his fingers. My wife's eyes sprang open in shock, but she seemed to relax and quickly started to gasp and moan in pleasure.

First two, then three and then four of Carl's dark brown fingers disappeared into my wife's wet pussy. Each thrust of his hand was nearly lifting her from the ground and she was gasping and moaning in time. With a deft movement, Carl's hand went fully into my wife's pussy, and she gasped and cried out, even as Carl pressed his mouth over her's to stifle the noise.

I think that she came the first time at that point, whilst being fisted by a tall, black lorry driver in a semi-deserted services off the motorway.

Carl stopped kissing my wife as the moan and gasps from her orgasm died down. She looked up at him and then at me looking flushed and still excited. Carl lowered her and let her leg down and looked her up and down. He grinned again and asked my wife to show him her tits, again. My wife looked a little uncertain but started to undo the buttons of her summer dress. She slipped it off her shoulders and let it fall to the ground puddling around her ankles.

Then, looking Carl straight in the eye she reached around and unclasped her leopard print and lacy bra. Carl reached forward hooking one finger around the front between the cups and snatched it away. My wife suddenly looked shocked at his swift action and started to raise her hands to cover her, now naked, breasts but stopped. She instead stuck her chest out and pouted at Carl, asking if he liked them. Carl simply nodded and putting a hand on her shoulder pushed her slowly to her knees. For a second, she hesitated but gently lowered herself, her eye level with Carl’s crotch.

Carl looked down and then at her and nodded. My wife reached up and started rubbing the front of Carl’s jeans and I could clearly see the sizeable bulge there. She reached for his belt and deftly undid it, then the button and zip of his jeans. Carl shimmied out of his jeans, his hard and large cock only contained by his boxers. My wife looked at me and then up at Carl. She reached for the waistband of his boxers and slid then down revealing his large, long and wide cock. I’m not a cock expert but he was bigger than me in every dimension.

My wife reached out with both hands and took hold of Carl’s hard cock. She slid back his foreskin and started to kiss and lick his cockhead. Carl closed his eyes as my wife, who generally only did blow-jobs on special occasions, started to worship this huge cock. She stroked it from balls to tip, licked his eye and then started to suck on him. It was much bigger than she was used to, and she took a little at a time, pausing and then taking more. All the time she was moaning and gagging but still trying to get more of this monster cock in her mouth.

Carl opened his eyes and looked down on my wife looking up on him with wide eyes, her mouth crammed with his black cock. He reached down and, taking my wife’s head in his hands, angled her face up so he could push more dick into her mouth. She gagged initially but Carl persisted, cooing words of encouragement and calling a good cock slut, his truck-stop ***** and wife cumdump. I was in open-mouthed fascination as he slid more and more of his cock into my eager wife’s mouth. I could hear her gagging but soon she seemed to relax, and Carl began rhythmically fucking her mouth and throat. Each thrust went down her throat and I could see the bulge. My wife put her hands behind her back in a supplicant pose and let Carl face fuck her, holding her head in position as he slid his massive cock in and out of her mouth.

I found myself rubbing my hard cock through my trousers at the sight of my wife being throat-fucked by this man. It was mesmerising and I watched her breasts heave and her face flush as he reached his climax. My wife started to gag again as his seed, clearly some serious amount of it, started to flow. My wife ably tried to swallow but was clearly struggling. Carl quickly noticed and withdrew his cock still spouting gobbets of cum. He pulled back slightly and started spraying the remainder of his jizz over my wife’s face and tits. She quickly moved her hands lifting her lovely tits and holding them out by her nipples to catch more of Carl’s seed. He pumped more cum out at the sight of this and by the time he was spent my wife had cum on her face, in her hair and dripping off her tits onto her naked thighs as she kneeled.

My wife started scooping up cum and lapping it from her hands. I pulled my cock from my trousers and began to stroke, this was too much and I needed to cum. Carl looked over and laughed out loud at the site of my more modest cock. My wife too grinned at me and then looked sheepishly back to Carl.

Carl lifted my wife up and had her step out of her cum splattered dress. He stepped out of his jeans and boxers and half-naked, led her over to the bonnet of our car. My wife eagerly slid up the bonnet and spread her legs ******** her pink folds and greedily dripping pussy. Carl needed no more invitation and his cock, suddenly hard again, he started rubbing it against my wife’s spread slit. He pressed and then withdrew a couple of times until my wife told him to stop teasing her and begged him to put it in. With that he pushed her down against the hard metal of the bonnet and fully entered her wet gaping pussy with his massive cock. My wife gasped loudly as he put his full length in her and again and moaned as he started his deep thrusts.

I watched my cock in hand as this stranger fucked my, all too, willing wife on the bonnet of our car. I could tell my wife was starting to cum as he pounded her on the bonnet. Each stroke brought another gasp, a moan, or a squeal as he pushed deep into her. Carl reached down and pulled my wife’s legs up pushing ever deeper into her sopping pussy. She moaned loudly and shuddered as he did this and Carl waved me over to keep her quiet and not attract the attention of the other, hopefully sleeping, HGV drivers. I did the only thing I could think of and spun my wife, so her head was hanging down across the corner of the bonnet. As Carl pounded her pussy and sent her spiralling towards another orgasm, I put my cock in her mouth and enjoyed the one and only spit-roast I’ve ever had.

It didn’t take long and as my wife and Carl both reached their orgasms I too got to shoot my first load as my wife greedily sucked down my more meagre portion of cum. I don’t think it kept her that quiet but by that point I was past caring. As I finished Carl had turned my wife over onto her tummy and she was laid across the bonnet face down with her beautiful breasts swinging as Carl, seemingly unstoppable, started to pound her doggystyle. My wife responded quickly starting her gasping and moaning as she was fucked deeply by Carl’s massive hard cock. I could see the car rocking on its suspension with each of Carl’s long thrusts. I found I was stiffening again at the live porn show between my wife and the black stranger.

Carl pounded my wife into another orgasm (I had another too which went unnoticed) and then pulled her from the bonnet to her knees for another face fucking and clean up of her juices from his cock. My wife happily obliged sucking and licking Carl’s cock and balls all the time looking up at him with her big blue grey eyes. He rewarded her ministrations with another load of his seemingly endless supply of sticky cum which she let him pump into her open mouth, her face and down her tits. She even thanked him for his seed after she had swallowed the last load and then opened her empty mouth to show him.

Finally, Carl slowed and looking at his watch said that he had had his hour. My wife looked somewhat disappointed. I too was a little myself, despite the ache of seeing my wife so well serviced by another man. My wife went off to gather her stained dress and discarded bra and went back to our car not before stopping to give Carl a very passionate kiss and then, still naked clutching her dress, wiggled her ass sexily at him as she got in the car.

Carl too got dressed and showed me on his phone that the footage, cloud stored version and the recently deleted was all free of my slut-wife porn. We stood there awkwardly for a minute before he and I bizarrely shook hands. Carl then said I had one hell of a wife and went back to his lorry.

I walked back to the car to find my wife dressed in her cum-stained dress with one of the car blankets over her, fast asleep. I quietly got in the car and continued the journey home. Carl was as good as his word and the footage never surfaced to my or my wife’s knowledge. We have gone back to that services on occasion afterwards in the hope of finding Carl there but so far we’ve not seen him again.


About six months after this incident I was looking at some porn sites when I saw a thumbnail with the title, ‘Truck-stop ***** fucks live crazy with driver and hubby’. I clicked on the link and low and behold it was footage of the whole incident with my wife being fucked by Carl, over the course of the hour or so we were there. Fortunately, the lighting wasn’t great and none of us were recognisable but the action is there for all to see. I could recognise my wife and the car but I hoped no one else could. I looked at the comments and got immediately hard again at the slutty comments about my wife, It had had about 100k views.
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