We'd been talking about spicing things up for a while, so when we found the BDSM cottage on an honest-looking website it kind of clicked. I'm a 50ish dad bod, reasonably well hung, Mrs is 40ish short, and curvy with dark hair, perfect pert tits, and a sweet and neatly trimmed pussy.

We'd had BDSM games at home, and she'd got so wet when I flogged her, we nearly had to change the sheets, so this seemed ideal. It was all very discrete with bitcoin payment and the location was well off the beaten track with no neighbors for miles. We made our excuses to the family – having a weekend break and headed off after work on Friday.

We arrived later that evening as it was getting dark. The cottage was exactly as described, quiet, secluded, and looking like just another Airbnb. We grabbed our luggage and with trembling fingers entered the pin code to get the keys. Inside was a perfect country cottage. We looked at the soft furnishings and tidy kitchen, nice bedroom with an ensuite, it all looked lovely. We explored until we found the cellar door innocuously marked 'Games Room'.

Before we opened it my wife turned to me and earnestly said, "OK, the only rule is what happens to me can happen to you too, so don't expect to get off being the one dishing it out." She smiled a bright smile, and on her tiptoes gave me a big, passionate kiss. With that, we opened the door to the Games Room.

The room was well equipped with some stuff that neither of us had seen, even on the web. There was all the usual but also a gym room and a wet room for golden games. A note was left with a bottle of sparkling wine on a table by the door. It read: Hope you enjoy your stay, here's some bubbly to get things started. Everything is here for you to use. If you have any problems give me a call. A mobile number was written in. There was a P.S. The whole suite is covered by CCTV and there is a USB stick provided for your use if you want to record. Enjoy!

My wife was grinning, we looked around and then at each other. My wife said, "Stay here I'm going to get changed, and don't start without me!" With that, she ran upstairs to get ready. I didn't know what she had packed but I had such a hard-on if I walked into a wall, I wouldn't bump my nose first!

I started looking at all the equipment and spotted a set of chains with pulleys and locking cuffs. I looked closer and saw you could use it to spread eagle your victim and have full access for your fun. Absent-minded, I picked up one of the cuffs and snapped it on, pretty secure I thought, as I looked for a key to unlock it. I couldn't find the key and started to look around for where it might be. After a few frantic minutes it was nowhere to be seen and I was now shackled and unable to free myself. The cuff was not going to come off without a hacksaw at least. My wife arrived in the room and the cuff was suddenly less interesting, she wore a little plaid skirt and a tight white shirt with no bra and was quite excited. She had her heels and hold-up stockings on, which ended mid-thigh. Through her shirt, I could see that she had added the little clip-on nipple rings we'd bought a while ago but never used. She gave me a little twirl and her skirt lifted showing the sluttiest, skimpiest G-string I'd ever seen her in... It covered almost nothing. I gulped, suddenly hard as rock and uninterested in my predicament.

Her look changed when she saw my wrist firmly shackled, "I told you not to start without me!" slightly amused. I explained what had happened as she grew less amused, and we started looking for the key together, after 20 minutes and with increasing annoyance, "It's not here, what do we do now?" We both looked toward the note and the bottle, I looked at my wife and she at me. "We'll have to call the number, you can't stay like that all night," she said, not able to keep the grin from her face. I looked at her and the cuff and shook it impotently, it made a clanking sound as the chain links rattled together.

"OK," I said, "They can probably tell us where the emergency key is kept, give the number a call." My wife nodded and, taking the note as she went upstairs to get her mobile. My spirits lifted as I watched her scantily clad bottom wiggle deliciously as she went up the stairs. I even managed to glimpse her glistening pussy lips split by the fabric of the G-string and the wink of her arsehole covered by nothing more than dental floss.

The view cheered me up. We'd get the spare key; I'd get free and then. Let the games begin… As an afterthought, I fished my mobile from my pocket with my free hand great, no signal anyway. I waited for what seemed a long while before my wife returned, she'd put on her dressing gown, and my reaction was that was not a good sign she looked at me sheepishly, which also was not a good sign. "OK, there isn't a spare key in the house, but the owner has a master key and can come and unlock you,"

I gulped, "All right, and they're coming now, not in the morning I hope?"

She smiled "Dom (short for Dominic thankfully) will be here in 20 minutes." That was OK, I could wait 20 mins for the fun to start. My wife took a couple of pics of my predicament to add to my embarrassment and then with a grin said, "I fancy a drink and the bubbles will only get warm." She walked over to the table and, opening the bubbly, poured herself a large glass and drank greedily before bringing one to me. I took a more modest drink but before I could finish my wife had poured and half-finished a second. Suddenly there was a buzz on the intercom we'd not noticed.

A man's voice said, "Hi, it's Dom with the master key, can you buzz me in please?" Following the sound of the voice, my wife walked to the wall and pressed the glowing red button. A chime sounded and we heard the distant noise of someone entering the cottage. Footsteps quickly crossed the floor above and we heard the door open and someone descending the stairs.

Dom entered the room. He was probably in his fifties like me but there, the similarity sadly ended. He was about 6" and solidly built, in a ‘works on the land rather than a works out at the gym’ way. He had dark greying hair neatly trimmed and was cleanly shaved. He was naturally tanned by working outdoors, judging by his face and hands. He moved easily and with confidence and nothing he was seeing here phased him at all. He was wearing a light jacket, t-shirt, and jeans with trainers on his feet. He smiled as he saw us, "I'm so sorry, I thought I'd had everything checked for you, but it seems this key," as he produced a key with a distinctive fob marked 'master'. His voice was gentle and local and his smile genuine with just a touch of embarrassment at this error. He looked at my wife and his smile faded slightly at her dressing gown, "I hope this hasn't spoiled the start of your weekend?" he asked, genuinely concerned, "I know how precious a couple’s getaway time can be."

My wife smiled, even I was touched by his concern, "No." she said, "We hadn't even got started." with that she untied her gown and let it fall to the floor. Her gown fell at about the same time as my jaw. My lovely, demur wife had just revealed her sexiest outfit to a stranger with me chained to a wall! Dom gave her an appraising look and smiled a broad, warm smile.

"Yes, that is very sad, I'll get you sorted in no time." He stepped toward me to unlock the cuff. Before he could my wife stepped in and took the key from his hand with a smile.

"Let me do the honors," taking the key, but immediately dropping it on the floor in front of her with a giggle, "Oh, clumsy me." and bent from the waist to pick it up. I could see by Dom's reaction that he was getting the same view I’d had when she left the room earlier, save that this was very intentional. My wife deliberately fumbled about for the key failing to pick it up, all the time wiggling her almost naked bottom at Dom. He was grinning and admiring the show whilst I was staring open-mouthed and with a hard-on, you could knock nails in with. My wife looked back at Dom and then at me still giggling and wiggling her pussy and arse at him, "Too many bubbles, can you give me a hand please Dom?"

"Happy to," and to my surprise, excitement, and horror, Dom bent down behind my wife and reached between her open legs to get the key. As he did so his face was inches from my wife's mostly ******* pussy and arse. He looked over at me and winked, "This might take longer than I thought," with a growl.

My wife looked back at him reaching between her legs, "If you need to steady yourself," with a bright grin. Dom put one hand on my wife's upper thigh above the hold-up as he continued to now 'pretend' to reach for the key with the other hand. My wife shivered in response and closed her eyes with a sigh as Dom slowly slid his hand up her thigh, reaching the tiny G-string he pulled it out of the way and slipped two and then three fingers into my wife's, now sopping, pussy. I could hear the moist squelch as he entered her. My wife shuddered and let out a moan, I made a whispering gasping noise. My heart was racing, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, my cock was dancing in my pants, and felt like it was about to break out.

Dom slipped four fingers into my wife's dripping pussy and withdrew them, showing me his glistening hand. He stopped pretending for the keys and brought his other hand back resting it gently on my wife's arse cheek. Without a word he pushed his four fingers back into my wife's stretched and dripping pussy and, as she moaned, I saw a movement with the other hand. My wife's eyes snapped open, and she squeaked in shock before she quickly relaxed.

"Oh," she said almost purring as she closed her eyes again, "Please do that to my arse?" I stared, trying to speak but no words came out.

Dom said quietly, "Say it properly," and my wife opened her eyes to look at me.

"Master, please, please put your fingers in my virgin arsehole?" a more erotic and submissive tone in her voice I had never heard before.

"Good *****." He continued his penetration of my wife's arsehole as he finger-fucked her pussy with his whole hand. She in turn started to moan and wiggle trying to get him deeper in her arse and pussy. As her moans became louder Dom suddenly stopped and, with a crack, spanked her arse cheek making her squeal and open her eyes in shock. I started to with the sudden change in events.

Dom came round to stand in front of my wife and turned her, so she stood sideways to me. He roughly pushed her to her knees with one hand and she submissively obeyed. She knelt there, legs spread apart, looking up at his eyes suddenly wide. He held out his dripping, juice-soaked fingers and just said two words, "Lick, *****." My wife shuddered and her cheeks flushed but obeyed without a word. She took his four fingers into her mouth and started to suck and lick greedily. As she slurped and sucked her juices off his hand he took her hair roughly, holding it firmly. He looked down at her and growled.

"You’re my pleasure-***** and you do not cum unless I've told you to."

My wife nodded, "Yes Master, sorry Master, I am a bad *****, please use me, punish me."

Dom looked at me and then at my wife. I hadn't said a word throughout all of this. Dom looked back at my wife and said "Enough!" She immediately stopped her cleaning and looked up at him expectantly. He told her to stand and turn slowly for him. I watched as my wife did as she was told. She rose slowly and did a slow twirl for Dom. He waited for her to face him again and said, 'Take off your shirt and skirt,"

My wife flushed again but proceeded to do as she was told with a quiet, "Yes Master." With trembling fingers, she undid the buttons of her tight, white shirt pulling it open as she did so. I stared, and seeing my wife strip for Dom was mesmerizing. He never took his eyes off her and watched intently as the last button popped open and my wife dropped the shirt to the floor. She stood awkwardly for a moment, half trying to cover herself but then stopped, putting her hands by her sides as Dom examined her naked breasts. I could see her tits heaving with the excitement and thrill and her nipples, complete with the little clip-on rings, was as hard as I have ever seen them. She flushed on her chest and face as Dom stood silently examining her.

At last, he spoke. "This is the first time you've stripped for a stranger isn't it slut."

My wife nodded and with that Dom snatched out and grabbed her nipple ring twisting it roughly. My wife gasped and I let out a little squeak. I stood, transfixed thinking I might cum watching my wife be such a sub. He pulled her to him by the nipple ring, pulling her face close to his, "I can't hear you!" he growled.

My wife, through gritted teeth, as he twisted her nipple ring, replied, "No Master, I'm sorry Master, I've not been a good slut and stripped for strangers before." Dom released her, apparently satisfied the lesson had been learned.

He looked at me grinning and said, "No matter. Whilst your husband has been woefully delinquent in this duty, I am sure it is something we can rectify." He stood back again, and my wife continued stripping, this time taking off the short plaid skirt she’d been almost wearing. She slid it down her thighs to the floor and demurely stepped out of it. My wife stood before this man wearing her heels, hold-up stocking, and a tiny, tiny thong around which her trimmed bush just about showed. I could see her pussy lips on either side of the now damp fabric, moist from her earlier finger fucking. She shivered and her nipple rings lifted and fell as she breathed heavily in and out. Dom looked her up and down approvingly. He reached out and she almost flinched but this time he simply caressed her breast spending time gently pinching her nipples and twisting the rings making her gasp each time.

He then spoke softly to her, "I know you not being a good slut is not your fault and I don't blame you." he said touching her face and slipping his fingers into her mouth to suck, which she did willingly, "But I would be failing in my duties as your Master not to try and correct that." he paused.

My wife responded with a breathy "'Yes Master." between sucks.

"First, I aim to cure your asshole virginity, then we can move on to other skills for you to learn. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

My wife flushed an even deeper red and in almost a whisper said, "Yes Master, please cure me. Your slut needs to be cured and trained, please." I couldn't believe that this was the same woman I'd arrived with. My normal, usually conservative wife was begging a stranger for anal sex?! Dom walked off to the side of the room and came back with a silver metal object and held it before my wife's eyes. It was a butt plug in stainless steel with a little crystal heart on the end, my wife focused on it for a second and let out a little gasp.

Dom smiled at her and then at me as he simply turned my wife around and bent her over at the waist. As I watched he produced a small knife from his pocket and cut off the G-string, letting the juice-stained cloth fall to the floor. Putting the knife quickly away he took the plug and started rubbing it in my wife's juices from her, again, dripping pussy. My wife immediately started to moan until Dom barked at her, "Remember your place *****. You do not cum until told to." He turned my wife slightly so I could see him pushing the plug into my wife's pussy, twisting it, and then drawing it out. He did this several times and each time my wife shuddered and moaned but kept whispering,

"I've not cum Master, your slut hasn't cum yet, like a good *****-slave." Finally, Dom withdrew the butt plug, now gleaming and almost dripping with my wife's juice. He told her to part her cheeks which she did immediately, spreading her legs as she did so. She was shivering and almost panting with anticipation. Dom paused a second and then placed the rounded tip of the plug against her arsehole. I saw it flex involuntarily as he did so, and my wife moaned again. putting one hand firmly on her back he started to ease the butt plug in and then draw it back. Each time it went in a little further and my wife gasped a little more. Dom continued easing it in and out until finally it popped in and he let it go. I was staring open-mouthed at my wife's virgin arsehole now sporting a red heart butt plug. My wife gasped and I saw her hanging breasts heave as she breathed, or more like panting.

She spoke, "Master your ***** needs to cum, please Master may I come, I'm begging like a good anal-*****, please let me cum for you." She was begging and so submissive I nearly came for the umpteenth time. Dom paused and the seconds ticked.

"Yes, my good anal-*****, you may cum." My wife all but exploded, She threw her head back and almost wailed as the orgasm hit her. She fell to her knees and shook, moaning and touching her pussy and breasts almost pulling the nipple rings off. She fingered her pussy and then lapped her juice from her fingers whilst pulling on her nipples all the time moaning and panting.

That was it. I came too. My hard cock jumped in my trousers at the show of my wife as a wild, fuck toy, *****, anal-slut. I felt my cum wetting my trousers and a stain appeared, growing bigger with each spurt. I was having the orgasm of my life without actually being touched. After a few minutes, was spent and all that remained were some shuddering aftershocks that shook her tits and made her gasp. Dom was watching but I noticed that he had produced his phone from somewhere and had recorded my wife's earth-shattering orgasm. He was busy snapping her from all angles when she noticed him. I thought she might react angrily, but she looked full into his camera and then rolled onto her back and spread her legs ******** her trimmed bush, dripping meaty pussy lips, now red with all her finger fucking. She opened her pussy with her fingers and pulled back her clit hood showing the camera. She then went to her hands and knees ******** her arsehole complete with a red heart butt plug. Raising her arse higher she put her face on the floor and looked back at the camera showing her face, arse, and pussy to the still filming Dom. She reached back and with one hand played with her pussy as the other pulled on the butt plug, alternately wanking her pussy and fucking her arse with the plug. Dom continued to film but then spotted the discarded g-string on the floor. Picking it up he tossed it to my wife. It landed near her face and for a moment she looked confused, Dom grinned even wider and said, "Now you will panty stuff for me."

My wife rolled onto her back again half sitting up. She picked up the wet, juice-soaked g-string and, with one hand opening her pussy wide, started to slowly stuff the g-string into her pussy. She looked at Dom's camera as she did so gasping, open-mouthed as more and more went inside her. When she was finished, she looked at Dom and asked, "Was that good, have I learned that lesson?"

Dom grinned again, "Yes my ***** slut, you've done well so far. Now, take them out and clean them." My wife looked confused, and Dom became stern, "You were doing so well." He said, "Do I have to teach you everything!?" My wife realized what she was to do and started pulling the now completely soaked and creamy G-string from her swollen pussy. She paused for a second and put the juice-drenched G-string in her mouth sucking at it. As she did my cock went mad again. This was the most cum inducing, submissive thing I'd ever seen, anywhere. My wife continued to suck and lick at her G-string as Dom filmed the whole thing.

When Dom had decided she was done he simply said, "Enough." My wife stopped and let the G-string fall back to the floor. She waited expectantly.

Dom finally put away his phone. "On your knees slut," she obeyed silently, "Come to me." My wife didn't try to get up she simply shuffled forward on her knees until she reached him. Dom looked down on her and said, "Your training is going well my slut ***** but now you must learn another essential skill." With that Dom went to another part of the room and came back with a big black vibrator and a length of rope. Without pausing he tied my wife's breasts in a Shibari style tying her hands in what I'd seen called a reverse prayer.

My wife allowed him to tie her simply saying, "Thank you Master!" with each new rope and knot. When he was done, she looked amazing, and my cock felt like it was going to spurt again. My wife couldn’t use her arms or hands at all, and her breasts, always my favorite part of hers, looked stretched and swollen like they were going to burst.

Dom pulled her up into a high kneel and placed the vibe between her legs. He then lowered her down onto the vibe by her hair. She gasped as it penetrated her wet pussy and she quickly said, "I didn't cum Master, I'm a good slut-*****." Dom walked so her face was level with his crotch and in a swift movement unzipped his jeans, pushed his pants down, and revealed an impressive semi-hard cock.

I watched my wife, tits tied tight in a shibari style with her hands in a reverse prayer, stare at Dom's impressive semi-erect cock. She perched on the big, black vibrator that Dom had impaled her on just a moment before. I looked at Dom's cock. I was drawn to it and slightly surprised that, whilst I had cum once in my pants whilst simply watching, he had enjoyed the pussy and ass of my wife and only had a semi. He was uncut, with his dark pubes tightly trimmed and his pale cock looked odd against the color of his hands and face. His cock was about 8" in its present sleepy state and thick, both thicker and longer than me, I thought jealously. My wife moaned slightly as she slipped a little further on the vibe. Her pussy was so wet and creamy from all the previous attention I could see little rivulets running down the vibe and beginning to puddle where it rested on the floor. Dom looked sternly at her, "You know the rules slut-*****. If you cum without permission, you will be punished."

My wife nodded, "Yes, Master, I know you must punish your little, anal, slut-***** if it cums without permission." My cock jumped at my wife's submissive use of it. My God, she was becoming a proper sex slave for Dom. She was loving the submission and was being ordered and humiliated.

Dom spoke slowly, "Good. You will now suck my cock and swallow my cum like a good slut-*****. If you are unable to make me cum before you cum, you will be punished, do you understand, anal cunt-*****?"

My wife looked a little confused but replied, "Yes." in a breathy whisper. She began to try to get Dom's cock in her mouth, trying to get her mouth under it from her kneeling and tied position. Without her hands to hold it or arms to keep her balance she was struggling. Dom looked down at her slightly amused. After a moment he took out his phone again and I thought he was going to record her attempts at her sucking on his cock, but he fiddled with his phone and an App appeared on the screen. He knew I could see it was a remote vibe App. I realized that the silent vibe currently rammed up inside my wife's sopping pussy was remotely controlled and he now planned to turn it on.

My wife's reaction as he activated the vibe was instantaneous. Her eyes went wide and she immediately started to squirm as the vibe started to buzz and thrust inside her. It was a big device maybe 9" or even 10" long and as it was trusted my wife moaned and tried to rise. Dom simply put one, firm hand on her head and held her on her knees forcing more of the vibe high inside her. She squealed as it rammed against her cervix before contracting and then thrusting up again. Dom held her firmly and I saw tears prick her eyes as the massive vibe once again thrust against her cervix. She cried out with the pain and arousal of such a fierce and implacable fucking from the machine. Her attempts to suck Dom's cock were all but forgotten as he again held her in place and the vibe thrusted again within her, now aching and dripping pussy.

She started to beg, whimpering to Dom, "Please, please Master it’s too much, please Master my pussy aches, it hurts... Master, please don't make me cum without permission, please!" Dom ignored her pleas and with his other hand thumbed up the settings on the App to their highest. My wife screamed as Dom held her in place and the vibe thrust even higher this time. The scream didn't stop. Her body started to heave. Her tied breasts with their clip-on rings jumped and bounced. She started to pant and struggle but Dom held her easily in place as the massive thrusting machine did its terrible work, driving my wife into a screaming, panting, ****** orgasm. She fell to her side as Dom released her head, landing roughly with a grunt on her bound breasts. She lay still for a second and I saw the slippery black vibe starting to slide from her red and swollen cunt. As it continued to buzz and thrust it emerged from her wet, slimy, and covered in her cum and juice. It slid over her wet thighs and lay buzzing and thrusting on the floor until Dom turned it off. My wife lay there looking red-faced and glassy-eyed, her cum still leaking from her overused pussy. For the first time, I started to say something but Dom shot me a look that made me silent.

As my tied wife lay there on the floor, half dazed and occasionally quivering with post-orgasm aftershocks, Dom turned his attention to me. For a minute I thought he was going to finally set me free he'd had his fun with my wife, all the time making me watch. As he stepped over my wife and came towards me, I knew he had something else in mind?! Dom didn't bother to put his semi-erect cock away as he approached me. He simply walked up to me and looking me in the eye said, "I hope you can do a better job." I initially didn't understand but he then looked down at his cock and then slowly back to me. I started to shake my head and say that I wasn't interested or not that way inclined when he looked into my face and in a low voice said, "No problem, You stay here cuffed and I'll call some of the lads down from the farm. I think they'll love getting to know your wife. They're not a gentleman like me so I expect it might get a bit rowdy. Some of them are youngsters and full of seed who'll want a few goes each but I'm sure your lovely wife won't mind. She's still fertile I expect... good for breeding?" He stopped and looked me in the eyes again and said, smiling, "So what's it going to be, cuck? A good suck, or a gangfuck?" He smiled even more at his joke.

I looked over to my wife who was beginning to rouse and was trying to get back to a kneeling position. She looked over to me and behind her tear-streaked face I saw the excitement in her eyes. I could tell that she was willing to go on with this and submit to Dom further. She called over and I thought she was going to plead for me but instead, she said, "Master, please can you put your cunt, slave where it can see? I beg to watch the cuck serve you too!" I was so surprised that my mouth fell open.

Dom smiled and said, "Yeah, you get the idea cuck?" Dom went and roughly pulled my wife up using a combination of her hair and the ropes that bound her breasts. I saw that she had a rough red mark on one breast where she had fallen and Dom touched it gently before squeezing and twisting her nipple making her cry out. He brought her over to where I was still cuffed to the chain and put her roughly on her knees, to the side of me, so she could see. Dom walked off to another table and came back with a set of rigid handcuffs, which he quickly snapped around my already-cuffed wrist. In a practiced movement twisted me to catch the other. My hands were cuffed behind my back and finally, Dom picked up the key that my wife had dropped, what seemed like hours ago. He finally undid the cuff and it and the chain finally fell away. The relief was short-lived but for a moment I did think about trying to fight him or make a run for it. He looked at me almost reading my thoughts and a broad smile crossed his face. He knew I wasn't going anywhere. Once again Dom walked to one of the tables around the room and this time came back with what looked like angled scissors. I looked blankly at him and he made an experimental chop of the blades in the air. Before I could say anything, he put the scissors under the collar of my shirt and cut. The sharp scissors cut the fabric and running the blade down my arm cut the entire sleeve and collar away. He repeated the process on the other side and my tattered shirt fell to the floor, leaving me naked from the waist up. He told me to kick off my shoes, which I did, and again, with the scissors, he slipped them into the waistband of my cum stained trousers and pants and in two long cuts down the legs I was naked (apart from my socks, in true cuck fashion).

Dom stood back admiring his handiwork. I stood there. A fifty-something man, naked apart from my socks, in front of Dom with his semi-erect cock and my wife who was trussed up and butt plugged like a sex toy, on her knees waiting for me to give another man a blow job. I looked between them and to my shame, my cock started to stiffen. I tried to will it away but all that kept coming to me was that I was going to be '******' to suck cock in front of my wife. It made me hard at the thought of the shame, submission, and humiliation and I wondered whether this was how my wife was feeling too. Dom started to laugh an oddly pleasant sound and reached out and roughly took my cock in his hand. I've never been touched by another man before, my cock twitched in betrayal and Dom laughed again. I let out a little moan as he roughly pulled me towards him and, still holding my hard throbbing cock, pushed me away. The effect was like being roughly wanked, and I began to feel my cum rising. I was letting out little moans. I was seconds from being made to cum for Dom and he had barely touched me. As the push pull wank continued and I could feel the pre-cum starting to leak, Dom stopped and looked at me saying, "If you cum without permission man-cunt, you'll be punished."

I was on the edge and thought I would just explode then and there, instead, I fell to my knees in front of Dom and started licking his cock to get it in my mouth. I used my tongue on the underside of his cock lifting it so I could get my mouth around it. It tasted salty and I smelled the sweat in his pubes and on his skin. I edged forward taking more of his cock in my mouth and felt a perverse pride that I had got further than my wife. I started sliding Dom's cock deeper in my mouth swirling my tongue around the head and probing his jap's eye with the tip. I felt him start to stiffen and I increased my sucking and licking trying to get more of his meaty shaft into my mouth. I was sliding up and down his shaft sucking and licking greedily, I was even moaning something in his body movement changed. I opened my eyes only then realized that I had closed them. Looking up at Dom I saw the camera and almost froze. Instead, I made a louder moaning noise, closed my eyes, and went back to sucking and licking his cock, "Good little man cunt." Dom said.

He started to thrust into my mouth. His cock now felt enormous in my mouth and he grabbed my hair preventing me from pulling back. With his grip firmly in my hair, he started to ram his hard cock to the back of my throat, and I started to make choking and gagging noises. This seemed only to excite him more and he thrust into my throat cutting off my breath. He held me there almost effortlessly as I struggled and tried to break free. I tried to pull back but he held me firm and even trying to turn my head was useless. I started to feel faint, my struggling subsided and I thought I might black out, at which point he pulled back a fraction allowing me to suck in half a breath before he thrust again, stopping the flow. He did this for what felt like minutes but was probably only seconds. Thrust... wait, ease back. Thrust... wait, ease back. Toward the end, my throat started to relax and my choking and gagging mostly stopped. Finally, with one tiny withdrawal and another thrust, his cock entered my throat. I knelt there, naked, my cock hard, wide-eyed with panic at the sensation of his massive cock in my throat. In seconds he started to spasm and hot, gloopy, spunk started to fill my throat and mouth, and dribble down my chin. The taste and texture were bizarre and I could smell its almost metallic/chemical smell in my nose. Dom held me in place until he was spent and I had either swallowed his cum or drooled it down my chin, chest, and onto my own, still erect, cock and balls, "You learn well man-cunt. What do you say for your training."

I paused for only a second before looking up at Dom and saying, Thank you, Master. Thank you for giving your man-cunt, your cum and training my virgin throat."

Dom took his still largely erect cock in his hand and smeared spit and cum over my face whilst he filmed on his phone. He turned to my wife and said, "See, my anal, cunt *****... that is how you service a Master's cock..." My wife reddened and mumbled an apology for being such a useless cunt. My cock, was still hard after my throat fuck twitched and Dom noticed. He looked back at me. "I see that the man-cunt wants to empty his pathetic balls..." He looked at my wife again, "Clean him up slut, and edge him some more, but, if he cums you'll both be punished."

With that Dom untied the shibari on my wife. The red rope lines were deep and angry on her pale skin but she thanked him with a soft, 'Thank you master' for each rope and knot untied. Dom wandered off into the rest of the 'Games room' and my wife and I were left alone for the first time since Dom arrived. She came over to me on all fours and I started to whisper to her about what we were going to do. My wife looked at me and with a sly smile and in a whisper said, "Shut up man-cunt, you're a cuck now and that's how you'll stay and now the anal slut must clean you." I was so shocked I couldn't reply. I had thought we would just decide that we'd now had enough and ask Dom to leave. Instead, my wife was still willing to go on with this and... I supposed I had to carry on too. My wife started to clean me up. With her hands behind her back, she knelt over me. Her beautiful tits, now free from the ropes swung in front of me and I ached to touch them and pull her nipple rings. She seemed to notice and knelt up putting her nipples tantalizingly close to my face. Heat rose off her skin along with that recently fucked smell. She then pulled her tits back and my cock twitched and ached. She turned her attention to my face. She licked the spit and cum from my face and lapped the slowly drying cum from my chin. Pushing me back, so I lay uncomfortably on my cuffed hands, she continued. She gently, almost tenderly, licked down my chest following the line of Dom's spilled cum. She probed her tongue into my cum-splattered pubes and licked and sucked the still-wet spit and cum mixture from the hairs.

My cock was rock hard, as hard as it had ever been, my wife, who in fairness was never that keen on giving me a blow job, started to clean my cock. It was incredible. It was like she'd had lessons. She licked my shaft up and down cleaning the dribbled cum from it, moving her body to come at it from every angle. I watched enviously as her tits hung down and wobbled as she moved around my cock, the nipple clips making faint jingling noises. At one point she straddled me in an almost 69 position, her sopping pussy and plugged ass inches from my face. I could see her puckered asshole and the red heart plug flexing in and out as she licked me. Her pussy, red, wet, and swollen, smelt of fresh orgasm, and little strings of creamy wet cum leaked from her as she moved, at one point she looked back, excitement in her eyes, and thrust her pussy into my face and smearing her cum and juice over my mouth and nose leaving the musty smell of sex lingering. Involuntarily I licked her juice and cum from my lips, tasting her pussy for the first time in years. My cock twitched dangerously. She smiled teasingly and turned back to continue 'cleaning' my swollen, angry cock. In the first few licks, my cock was cum free and 'clean'. She continued slowly licking up and down, taking her time. I was struggling not to cum, and Dom shouted over in almost a singsong voice, "If he cums, you'll both be punished."

I renewed my efforts but my wife seemed to be doing her best to make me blow my hot spunk. She pushed my legs apart and started sucking my balls. In all our married life she had never done this. I could feel her tongue tracing swirls around each ball and a gentle, slight ache of her sucking them. After a few seconds, she stopped, and I took a deep, ragged breath. If she continued like this. My wife then turned her attention to my other ball and the process drove new sensations of tickling, sucking, and aching into my balls. My cock was twitching, rising, and falling with each breath. I looked and could see the glisten of pre-cum on the head of my cock. My wife stopped the t-bagging and licked her way from the base of my cock, gently licking and swirling her tongue as she did so. She arrived at the tip of my cock and started to flick the head with tiny darting movements of her tongue. I looked her in the eyes as she did another flick, moaning as she did so. I pleaded with my eyes and mouthed and exaggerated, "No."

I called out to Dom, my voice wavering and sounding pathetic even to me, "Master, please Master, your man-cunt, it needs to cum Master, please Master, please, it needs to cum." Dom looked over. He was laughing and watched as I pleaded and begged him to cum before my wife made me empty my balls, whether I wanted to or not. His face softened slightly.

"OK, man-cunt." he said firmly, "If I let you cum now, this will be the last time. You will be put in chastity afterward and, no matter how sweetly you beg, your balls will stay full. Do you understand man-cunt?"

I knew it was a mistake but I couldn't keep my cum at bay any longer, "Yes Master, I understand, your man-cunt understand... please Master let me cum?" I almost wailed the last bit and Dom, smiling, simply gave me a nod.

My wife was still on all fours and spread her legs giving Dom another great view of her plugged ass and sopping red and swollen pussy and descending on my hard and throbbing cock. She slid her mouth over it engulfing it and pressing her nose into my pubes. She started to lick and suck and slide her mouth up and down and I could feel my cock head bashing her uvula. I was shocked as my wife had never done deep throat... to my knowledge. The shock was short-lived as she moaned and wiggled her pussy and ass at Dom whilst giving me the blowjob of my life. In seconds I felt my cum rising and I exploded writhing and moaning. I thrust up and my wife simply allowed my cock into her throat, and I again pumped my spunk, this time into her waiting mouth. She continued to suck, and I felt her swallowing my seed, almost greedily. She licked and sucked my spent cock which had already started to shrivel. She let my cock fall from her mouth and, leaving me moaning in post-orgasmic pleasure, went over to Dom still on all fours giving me a bittersweet view of her red-heart butt plug and again her moist and oozing pussy.

I sat up slightly and saw my wife sit up on her knees in front of Dom. She opened her mouth and I realized that she was showing Dom she'd swallowed all of my cum, like a good cunt *****. I laid back, was this happening? Had we come to a cottage in the countryside for a couple’s weekend and ended up enslaved as sex toys for the owner? Was I not going to be allowed to cum again, surely that was just part of the humiliation?

What about my wife? She had submitted and was still doing so to a stranger. She had already been used in ways I had never thought possible and what else was in store? I sighed and lay back looking at the ceiling of the 'Games Room'. My limp, wet, cock lay against my stomach, a dribble of cum oozing from the head and it was still only Friday night.

My reverie was short-lived. Dom came back over with my wife crawling at his heels like an obedient dog. When he stopped in front of me, she adopted a kneeling position, knees spread wide and hands resting, palms up, on her thighs. I could see her breasts heaving still and a glowing flush on her face and chest. Her pussy, spread so wide I could see her lips split wide and the cleft spread ******** her swollen clit. Her pussy pink and still wet from her arousal was very, very inviting, in all our married life there had been only one or two occasions when she had let me see her like this. Now, here she was, happily displaying her intimate charms most wantonly. More to the point, she was enjoying it, and, in fairness, so was I. My cock started to firm, despite my most recent orgasm.

Dom looked down and tutted, "Now now cuck," he said, "You agreed to the rules, no more cum for you, I’m afraid." With that, he produced what I can only describe as a small metal cage. I stared, uncomprehendingly at the object before the penny dropped. It was a cock cage. It was destined for my cock and though I was not massively hung, it would be tight and uncomfortable to be ****** to wear it.

My wife looked eagerly up at Dom, and I knew this would not be good, "Can I put it on the man-cunt master?" she said in her most submissive voice.

Dom grinned, "Of course." My wife took the cage and crawled over to me. My hands were still cuffed behind my back, but I tried uselessly to shuffle back. My efforts stopped when Dom shot me a warning look. My wife unclipped the cage and I could see now that it opened shell-like and closed with clips and a lock. It had a narrow aperture at the base which fitted behind the cock and balls and when locked, meant it could only be removed with the key. The most worrying aspect though was the thin plastic tube which I concluded, horrified, would be slid into my urethra meaning I could still piss with it on. My wife wasted little time rendering me essentially cockless. The base fitted tightly behind my cock and balls and when I winced Dom replied, I’d get used to it. The most painful part of the exercise was the fitting of the pipe I cried out and tears filled my eyes as my wife slid the pipe inexorably into my urethra. When it was all in place I stared down at my pathetically caged and aching cock. My wife looked down at me smiling at her handiwork, Dom too looked down and grinned, "Now cuck, off you fuck upstairs and make some food for me and your slut-cunt wife." I mumbled something about being cuffed and Dom hauled me up to my feet and roughly turned me around. He briskly removed the cuffs, and I instinctively rubbed my wrists to restore circulation.

"Nothing fancy, I’m not going to be here all night and the slut-cunt will have hers in a bowl, you’ll find something suitable under the sink." With that I was dismissed and walked dejectedly upstairs, naked apart from my socks and my caged cock. I glimpsed back to see my wife staring adoringly at Dom, once again in her kneeling, submissive pose, flushed breasts heaving, and legs spread wide displaying herself. My cock twitched and aching pain lanced up my shaft confined within the cage. I wasn’t sure I was going to get used to this, I thought. As I closed the games room door behind me, I was once again gripped by the embarrassment and humiliation of this evening. My naked wife was downstairs in the hands of a stranger, and I was acting as a cuckold slave getting them snacks. My heart was racing at the thought of what Dom might do to her, what she might let him do. Part of me wanted to charge back in there and stand up to him but another, stronger part wanted to see what she might submit to and what I might be ****** to watch or partake of, I was trapped in this role and would have to see where it led.

I needed to piss and managed to do so despite the cage, it was not as uncomfortable as I had thought, and in a short, while I had prepared some food and drink for Dom and my wife, as instructed, I put my wife’s food in a bowl taken from under the sink, it was a large metal dog bowl marked, ‘Bitch in Heat’ in black letters on the inside. It looked clean and certainly had never been used for animal food as far as I could tell. I set Dom’s food and drink on a tray and added my wife’s bowl alongside. I had tried listening out for sounds coming from the games room, but it appeared to be all quiet down there. With some trepidation, I opened the door to the games room and descended the stairs.

Despite it being a night of unexpected revelations, I was still shocked by what I saw as I descended the stairs into the room. My wife had been stripped entirely naked and had been placed on what looked like a medical couch. Straps held her arms at her sides and one looped over her stomach holding her firmly in place. Her legs were held wide apart and strapped into high-leg stirrups like those used by gynecologists. Her pussy and ass were fully *******, and the couch placed them both on the edge of the seat part.

I stared open-mouthed looking at her tied and *******, her pussy gaping slightly and ******** the pink folds within. She lay flat on her back and her head hung over the other end of the couch. I could see her breasts as they rose and fell with her ragged breathing. On her nipples, the small playful rings had been removed and heavy and harsh-looking clover clamps had replaced them. To each clamp, a small thin cord had been added and my wife’s tits were held painfully up by her nipples with the string tied to a pair of metal rings mounted onto posts attached to the couch.

Dom noticed and without speaking motioned for me to put the food down on a nearby table. I saw that in his hand he held a long riding crop with a flap of black leather on the end. He stood at the head end of the couch where my wife’s head hung down. He motioned me to come and stand to the side so I could see what was going on. I shuffled quietly into place. I could now see my wife’s face and the ring gag that had been fitted in her mouth. The gag was big. I could see her jaw spread painfully wide. She looked at me and I could see the flush of her cheeks and that tears pricked the corners of her eyes. The nipple clamps, tied as they were, caused even a tiny movement to painfully stretch her nipples. I looked at her pleadingly. If she could just give me a sign that she wanted to stop but she gave an almost imperceptible shake of her head.

Dom finally spoke, "Just in time cuck. I warned your lovely slut-toy wife not to cum, but she did anyway. So, this is her punishment." He passed me an object he had in his other hand, and I saw that it was another gag, this time intended for me, and with a long, fat black dildo attached to the front. Dom told me to put it on. After I did he produced the cuffs again and locked my hands securely behind my back. "You will now go and kneel at your wife’s dripping cunt and when I tell you, you’ll fuck her with your gag." He paused and I nodded, now unable to speak with the gag firmly in my mouth, he continued, "I’m going to fuck your lovely slut-wife’s pretty married face and cum in her mouth. Whilst I do that, I’m going to whip her slit with this." He indicated the crop, "I’ll stop whipping her when I’ve cum, but if you make her cum first then I’m going to clamp her lovely pussy lips wide open and whip her ******* clit." He paused thinking of a number and then continued, "Twenty times I think, yes, that should get the message through to her slut-cunt brain." Dom looked menacingly at me, "If you feel like going easy on her, be warned if I think you're not trying hard enough to get her to cream that slut-pussy, I’ll electrify your little cock cage hard enough to fry your little cuck and balls!"

I nodded again and went round to kneel at my wife’s ******* and spread pussy. I could smell her hot wet cunt and the juices that were still leaving her wet with little lines as they dripped from her. I edged forward and rested the tip of the dildo gag against her spread lips, and it started to slide into her. I could see the butt plug still firmly in her ass and I watched it quiver slightly at the dildo pressed into her. Her body shook and I knew that Dom had started his assault on her ring-gagged mouth. I felt her stiffen as I presumed Dom ****** his huge cock into her mouth and throat. I heard a stifled squeal and moan as she started to struggle with Dom’s huge cock blocking her airway. I trusted too, forcing the dildo-gag hard into my wife’s pussy, my face so close I could smell her aroma. I heard the swish of the crop and crack as it struck my wife’s ******* slit. For a second there was nothing but then my wife let out a stifled cry and her body stiffened. I continued my thrusting forcing the dildo-gag into her deeply, feeling her trying to move her hips back as the big fake cock stretched her. I heard her gagging and I knew, from my earlier experience, Dom was choking her with his cock. She had managed to deep-throat me earlier, but Dom’s cock was bigger and thicker, and she was struggling. I continued to fuck her pussy with the gag and there was another swish and crack. Again, my wife cried out around Dom’s cock and her whole body shook and twitched as the pain shot through her.

I noticed that her pussy was practically running with juice and, from my angle, it was running down the gag and into my mouth. She was getting even more turned on by this tied, tortured spit-roast. I thrust harder, driving the dildo into her gaping pussy and holding it in place whilst Dom fucked her throat. I didn’t want to make her cum first, but the fear of electrified balls meant I wouldn’t stop, the crop fell again and again, and I looked up in time to see that Dom was wickedly accurate. The leather pad at the end struck a spot already reddening from the previous blows. I could see my wife’s tits jiggling painfully in the clamps with my thrusts and Dom’s face fucking, and her arching her back when the crop fell. I was taking a perverse delight in my wife’s torment and then my cock started to harden, the cage bit terribly into my flesh and I could feel the tube pushing painfully inside my cock. My balls started to ache as my cock tried to swell pulling the cage against them. I realized that the cage was so tight that it restricted the blood flow. Whilst I couldn’t achieve a full erection because of it I could nurse a very painful semi which now didn’t want to go away.

My cock and ball ache had distracted me from my mouth penis-gag fucking of my wife’s hot pussy and Dom growled at me to get on with it. My wife was beginning to moan and thrash, and I knew that she wasn’t far off cuming. I was suddenly conflicted. Should I continue with my fucking and force her into an orgasm that would lead to further punishment, this time of her now swollen and sensitive clit, or should I slow just a little and see if Dom would cum first. As I pondered this, the crop fell again, and I saw that Dom’s accuracy was unfailing. The spot where he struck was already read and angry and my wife screamed through the spit-roasting she was receiving. I felt her body shake and her scream was muffled as Dom rammed his hard cock back into her throat. That was it. She started to cum and I felt water splashing off the dildo gag and onto my face. I pulled back thinking my wife was pissing on me, only to realize she was having her first ever (to my knowledge) squirting orgasm. Her whole body shook, and she moaned loudly, this time even though Dom’s gagging cock. I felt my cock again try to stiffen and pain lanced through my balls as the cage bit. Her watery squirting cum splashed onto my face and in my hair coming in trickles and more powerful spurts with her orgasm. She moaned again and I felt her body relax I pulled back, my face cum-soaked, along with the dripping dildo gag. My cock twitched again painfully as I sat back staring into my wife’s now ravaged and gaping pussy, leaking a slow flow of watery cum down the couch.

I looked up to see Dom, still thrusting forward, pounding his cock into my wife’s throat. She still moaned and gagged with each thrust but with much less force than previously. He discarded the long crop he had been using to whip my wife’s pussy and called me over, "Come here man cunt," he said smiling broadly, "You’re going to want to see the first time your lovely slut-cunt wife takes another man’s load."

I shuffled over to stand beside him and looked down at my wife’s face. Her eyes were watering, and her mouth was red and raw where Dom had mercilessly face-fucked her. Ribbons of spit ran from the corners of her mouth around the ring gag and as Dom withdrew, she gulped air and tried to swallow. Dom looked at me and beckoned me to come closer. My wife looked up at me her eyes meeting mine. They practically blazed with heat, lust, embarrassment, and submission; I knew this was what she wanted.

Dom took his cock in hand and stroked himself until I could see the precum forming on his ******* cockhead. He then looked at me, grinned, and thrust his cock again into my wife’s ******-open mouth. He closed his eyes and, ramming his cock hard into my wife’s throat, started to squirt his cum deep inside her mouth and throat. She gamely started to swallow, and I could see her throat convulsing as she gulped down Dom’s seed. She closed her eyes and started making slight moaning sounds and, as I looked down at her naked body, I could see her chest rising and a flush on her breasts and face. She tried to lift her body and writhe but the straps prevented her; that didn’t stop her from rising a fraction letting the tension of the clips on her nipples ease before lowering herself letting the clamps bite again.

I could see that my demure wife was, well, I wasn’t sure how to describe it, but she looked like she was going beyond being Dom’s willing sub; she seemed to be enjoying the pain being inflicted on her. My wife who had previously tolerated my inept attempts at amateur BDSM, light flogging, and play nipple clamps, was becoming or had become a well, a pain slut.

The sight of her, effectively torturing her own nipples only moments after being pussy whipped to a squirting orgasm, made my caged cock stiffen painfully and I winced and had to look away taking deep breaths to calm the ache in my cock and balls. Dom looked across at me and with a serious look, said, "Better get used to it cuck, this is what she wants, probably always has… if you hadn’t wasted so much time on being so pathetic a husband you could have had this… I’m almost sad for you... almost."

With that, he gave a vicious thrust into my wife’s throat and her moans were cut off. Her eyes snapped open, and her writhing became more defined, more desperate, more of a struggle. Her hands, tied as they were by her sides, grabbed the sides of the couch, gripping until her knuckles turned white. Her struggles became more frantic, and her body began to shake and convulse. Her chest had stopped rising and instead now the movement was almost a shiver, the nipple clamps shaking violently. Her face started to change color and now took on a darker shade of red almost shifting to purple. Her eyes started to flutter, and she tried to move her head. Dom was choking her with his cock. I looked at her still trying to swallow, and then at him. His look was triumphant as he took pleasure in cock-choking my wife to near unconsciousness. I, pathetic and impotent, looked on. Inside me the shame and fear and embarrassment churned but I stood helpless and silently watched, my mouth closed by the cum-strained and wet dildo-gag and just as I thought he was never going to stop, he withdrew his now, finally limp cock. My wife who had been almost silent for the last long seconds drew in a long, ragged breath. She swallowed the last of Dom’s cum, some of it running out from her ring gag and running over her face and hair. Some of it dripped off onto the floor running down her cheeks as it did so. Still, she extended her tongue through the gag, licking what she could reach and swallowing it.

Dom nonchalantly took a handful of my wife’s dark hair and used it to clean the spit and cum from his cock. He looked at my wife and me and laughed. He took his mobile out again and, slowly and carefully, documented the state of my wife. He silently filmed or photographed her cum stained face and hair and ring-gagged mouth, her clamped nipples pulled tight on the cords. He focussed on the pattern of red welts from the cropping he had given her pussy moments earlier. He moved down her body and round to her widely spread legs still tied in the stirrups. He moved in to take close-ups of her ravaged pussy and I noticed that she tried, despite the restraints to spread further for him. He filmed as he inserted his fingers and then a fist into her gaping pussy and she moaned and writhed for him as he did so.

He beckoned me over, his hand still wet from my wife’s pussy. "On your knees and put it in again," he said as I shuffled over to him. I sagged to my knees and again inserted the dildo gag into my wife’s sopping cunt. She was still wet and she oozed slightly as I pressed my face and the gag into her pussy, Dom, mockingly said, "Action!"

I again dildo-gag fucked my wife’s pussy until I could feel from her movements, yet another orgasm rising in her. Dom said nothing so I continued to fuck her pussy as she once again writhed and moaned like a slut for Dom’s camera. It was almost as if her ********, Dom watching, and the camera had made her even more aroused and within minutes she convulsed into another wailing orgasm her body convulsing in wanton pleasure. Me, I was just a prop, and I stopped when Dom said, "Cut!"

He stopped filming and put the camera away. He went and took some snacks from the tray I prepared what seemed like hours ago. Gathering a few bits he fancied, he headed for the stairs. He called back over his shoulder as he ascended. "Man-cunt! Get her cleaned and while you’re at it, tidy yourself up too, you look like shit. Give her some food and drink and wait here. I’ve one last thing to do before I go." He paused and looked at his watch, "Look at the time, my wife will be thinking I’ve run off!" With that he climbed the last few stairs and went out of sight, the door closing behind him with a quiet thud.

We were finally alone. I stood there, naked apart from my socks, hands locked behind my back and with a dildo-gag strapped on my face. My wife, strapped to a medical couch, legs tied high in the air on stirrups and pussy spread so wide I could see the pink folds of her gaping pussy. She was strapped down, nipple clamped, and ring gagged. Before today I would be standing over her, with a raging hard-on thinking about the BDSM sex I’d always dreamed of Instead, my caged cock ached, and I felt empty and pathetic at the sight. To add to all the humiliation, shame, and embarrassment, I had no idea how we could untie each other with both of us bound as we were. I turned around so that I was facing away from the medical couch so I could use my cuffed hands, still behind my back, to start undoing the various straps. I hoped that when she was free my wife would uncuff me and I could finally remove the wet and slimy dildo gag still strapped to my face.

For a few minutes, I fumbled with the first strap. My wife was largely incoherent and had no help after all the fucking and multiple orgasms. I was beginning to think she’d cum more tonight than in the last ten years of our marriage? Finally, using only touch, I managed to undo the first strap holding my wife’s hand. I felt her moving it slowly getting the feeling back. I turned to her, motioning through the gag. I tried to see if she could help. She gave her head a little shake, her eyes were still slightly unfocused. I noticed how her tits shook gently at the movement, the nipple clamps biting her swollen nipples in the process. My caged cock gave another painful twitch.

I shuffled round to the other side of the medical couch and fumbled at the next strap. This was taking ages and I dreaded what Dom would do if he came back to find his orders not obeyed. I managed to get the other strap undone more quickly and my wife began to move. She sat up and I turned to see her hair, matted and streaked with Dom’s spunk, fall about her face. Her cheeks were splattered with dried cum and tear marks after her vicious throat fucking.

She reached down and unclipped the clamps from her nipples and through the ring, gag let out an audible gasp and a short moan as they came off. She looked at me as I stared at her and, despite this situation, she started rubbing at her red, engorged nipples and closed her eyes. Regardless of all that she, and we, had endured she was still horny and playing with herself again, I was speechless. Even in the penis cage but made a disapproving grunt and waved my cuffed hands at her. She stopped with the nipple play, reluctantly. She rubbed her wrists, getting the circulation going again, and then reached behind her head to undo the wide, stretching ring gag that held her mouth wide open in a big ‘O’. The drool still fell from her open mouth onto her chest. After some effort, she managed to unbuckle it and removed it rubbing her cheeks and gently closing her mouth. She worked her jaw for a few seconds, after so long held open it ached, and finally beckoned me over. Finally, I thought I could get out of this embarrassing state but instead, she pulled the penis gag close and started to lick and suck her juices off it. I was frozen on the spot as she moaned and gave the gag a sensual blow-job, apparently delighting in the taste of her juice and cum still on the gag.

She turned on the couch, now sitting to the side of it, and pulled me closer. She spread her legs and with one hand pulled my pathetic caged cock towards her now spread pussy. I shuffled forward helplessly, pressing the cage against her as she demanded. She started to grind against the cage and my now furiously aching cock within, as it struggled to rise. She opened her red, swollen, and wet pussy with one hand, the time sucking and blowing the penis gag. She pulled her clit hood back and started to stroke her now ******* clit with her nail, sending shivers of pleasure through her. I pressed my caged cock into her spread-wide slit, despite the pain and embarrassment of all that had happened I was horny to fuck my wife like this.

I couldn’t get the cage into her inviting pussy, so I rubbed at her slit with it instead. My cock, unable to get fully hard, began to ache mercilessly and the ring at the base of my cock bit painfully. I didn’t stop. I pushed and rubbed against her, the pain driving my desire to fuck her even more. She started to gasp, and a moan escaped her lips around the penis gag. She threw her head back as she came for the umpteenth time this night.

I shuddered too but no cum escaped my aching, caged cock. I was panting around the gag and staring at my wife, apparently now fully transformed into a slut wife. She slid off the medical couch gingerly. She reached behind my head, her tits pressing delightfully against my naked chest, her nipples still hard and swollen. In a few seconds, the gag was off, and I too worked my jaw, to free myself from the ache.

Unexpectedly my wife reached forward and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth, her hands holding my face. I could taste Dom’s cum on her breath and smell the juice from the gag and the light smell of her perfume and sweat from her exertion of the evening breaking the kiss, she smiled and with burning eyes said, "This is the best getaway ever. Thanks for arranging everything and for Dom, he’s amazing and such a good actor. I’ve had the most amazing time and I never thought you’d play along so convincingly. Sucking his cock like that I never thought you were into that I’m so horny and I can’t wait for it to be just you and me!!"

Something in my look made her pause and her smile faltered "What?" She asked, "What’s wrong"

"Find the key, before he comes back!"
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