My wife and I had got the opportunity for a rare weekend away after a close friend lent us their flat in an upcoming part of London. We were pretty excited and hadn't managed to get away for quite some time just the two of us. We packed light and were happy and flirty as we headed for the station to start our couple’s weekend.

My wife was in her mid-thirties, petite with reddish hair which was then shoulder length. She’s young looking and can easily pass for much younger – something we’d occasionally had fun with in the past. She had (and still has) fantastic tits, firm, pale, and with delicious pink nipples which get so hard when she’s horny. She’s trimmed with a sexy tight pussy and gets wet easily and doubly so on a glass of bubbly. She’s curvy with a sexy bum.

We had no idea where what the flat would be like other than it was first floor (second floor to any American readers) and that it had a balcony. My friend had great taste, so I was hoping for something contemporary and chic. I wasn’t disappointed and after a bit of detective work, we found a modern contemporary block in the heart of central London.

We dumped our bags and then went out on the town. We’d arrived quite early, and we were in the mood for some sightseeing, so we did some tourist things before finding a nice-looking bar close to the flat. We ordered some drinks and settled in, getting a nice buzz on, as my wife cosied up to me and we kissed and cuddled in a quiet booth.

She invited me to slip my hands under her clothing and I enjoyed the feel of my wife’s firm breasts and moistening pussy as the drinks went down. I got frisky and slipped my hand into her trousers and underwear as she spread her legs under the booth table. I started running a finger along her moist slit and as she spread her legs a bit wider felt he lips slip open and started teasing her little clit.

She reacted instantly and started to moan as quietly as she could, but I was pretty sure she was going to cum in the bar. It was quite early, and the bar was a bit out of the way, but still a couple of people looked around to see what the noise was. My wife can be quite shy and despite having a few drinks inside her, decided she didn’t want to cum whilst being watched by a group of strangers in the bar – more’s the pity.

She grabbed my hand to stop my teasing, flicking her clit and pussy play and gave me a huge passionate kiss to stifle another moan. She then took my hand out from her pussy, glistening wet with her juice. Looking across at one of the locals sat at the bar, who clearly had sussed what was going on, she took my finger and started sucking and licking it. All the time looking directly at him. I sat dumbfounded and rock hard beneath the table. I watched her put on the extremely slutty show. He was intently watching her doing it. It was a voyeur thrill like no other. When she was done, she blew the guy a kiss and he did a little salute with his pint glass.

She turned and kissed me again like nothing had happened and said shall we go for dinner. I, with a boner to knock nails in, said could we wait for a few minutes, and we finished our drinks. We left the bar and found a local Italian restaurant and settled in for a meal. I was starving but we were both so horny we decided just to order mains and head back to the flat.

We arrived back at the flat and literally pounced on each other the minute the door closed. My very kind friend has stocked the fridge with bubbly and my wife asked me to get us drinks as she wanted to change. I nearly broke the glasses and fired the cork into my eye in my excitement to get the drinks done. Eventually I poured two glasses of bubbly, without spilling too much and brought them through to the bedroom.

I found my wife standing in her sexy, leopard-print matching underwear as I walked in. She came straight to me and pulled me into a passionate embrace kissing me deeply and pushing my hand towards her lacy, leopard print shorts. I slipped my hand down them I felt though her trimmed bush to the slit of her pussy. She was so wet, and I started to play with her lips and clit. She laughed and pulled away saying, ‘easy tiger’, before falling to her knees in front of me and starting to massage the bulge in my trousers. Before I could even put the glasses of bubbly down, she had unbuttoned and unzipped me and was stoking and kissing my hard cock, looking up at me as she licked and flicked with her tongue.

It was my turn to pull away before I shot my load over her face and into her mouth. I dearly wanted to, but I also didn’t want to cum so soon. She laughed and stood taking the glasses from me, taking a deep gulp of her drink. While she drank, I shrugged out of my trousers and socks and threw off my shirt. We stood there in our underwear, me with my cock out and she looking so sexy it was all I could do to not fuck her there and then. My wife looked coyly at me and said, what do you have in mind to stretch things out?

She’d drained her bubbly and I had set mine aside. I put the bedside lights on and went to the blinds in front of the floor to ceiling balcony windows. She looked at me curiously but then went pink on her chest and face when I suddenly drew the blinds, opening the view of the bedroom to anyone on the green space and the flats overlooking ours. With the lights on anyone could clearly see whatever went on inside the room. I beckoned her to me in front of the windows and told her to stand facing out. We could both hear people in the greenspace who sounded like young lads from the noise and comments.

My wife looked over her shoulder at me and gulped before turning back and facing out of the windows. I reached round and started to squeeze and grope her tits, tweaking her nipples and making her gasp and writhe against me. She in turn pushed her lovely ass back against my hard cock and it was my turn to let out a little sigh of pleasure. I was so horny I slipped my hands under her bra and pulled the cups up to reveal her tits to whoever was watching. She reached behind and grabbed my cock and started giving me a delicious hand-job. I reluctantly let go of her tits giving her nipples a cheeky squeeze and grabbed her wrists. Pulling her hands above her head, taking her bra off and throwing it back into the room. My wife obliged and placed her hands against the glass as I pushed her tits and nipples against the window, the cold glass making her gasp.

I slipped my hands into her leopard print shorts and started again to play. My wife, clearly very excited and aroused by our exhibitionism was very, very wet. I used both hands to spread her lips and started to tease her clit, listening for her telltale moans, this time not restrained by the presence of others in the room. She was lost in her arousal, and I was madly horny but something struck me as we played at the window. The sounds from outside had stopped, and the lads seemed to have gone quiet. I looked over her shoulder and I quickly saw a group of lads standing watching us. They had moved further into the greenspace to get a better view and had gone quiet although I could hear a loudly whispered, ‘fuck me’ from one of them.

My wife hadn’t noticed yet, so I carried on. I put my hands in the waist of the shorts and pushed them down. She wriggled against me making my cock dance at the sensation and the shorts fell to the floor. My wife was fully naked and visible at the window as the lads watched. I half-expected some catcalls or whistles but they remained roughly silent so as not to break my wife’s spell. I spread her legs further until her pussy was wide open and continued my teasing and playing. My wife, eyes closed, pushed her pussy forward against the window, delighting in the cold glass as it pressed against her. I again pulled her lips open and teased her clit, edging her and making her moan. She must have looked exquisite pressed against the window, pussy spread, tits out and horny and moaning like that.

She whispered, fuck me now!’ as I continued to play. At that point one of the lads made a noise and the spell was broken. My wife’s eye snapped open. She quickly took in the lads in the greenspace and, equally quickly, realised she was the live sex show they were watching. I was rumbled and fully expected her to run off slapping me on the way. To pre-empt this, I went to grab the blinds to hide us away once again. My wife grabbed me and, instead of doing either, she pushed me down in front of her, my face level with her moist pussy. If they want a show she said with a grin, let’s give them one. With that she pulled my face into her pussy and I started to lick, flick and suck her lips and clit.

My wife has never been one for oral on her, she happily gives a great BJ but she’s always felt uncomfortable with me down there. Not today. I’m not saying I ate her out like my life depended on it but that’s pretty much what happened. I guzzled down her juice, sucked her clit and tongued her out, like it was an Olympic sport. She in turn pulled on her tits and nipples and moaned so loud, I thought we’d get complaints from people in Belgium. When she came, I nearly drowned and, the crowd outside released from their need for silence, clapped and cheered. I was pretty certain that we were done when instead she pulled open the balcony door and stepped out into the night. I followed sheepishly, realising that whatever I had turned on in my wife we weren’t done yet.

My wife stood completely naked on the balcony with nothing but a set of railings and one story between her and the impromptu audience. She called me out and as she leaned over the railings letting her tits wiggle as they hung down, called on me to fuck her. I came out now, suddenly the shy one, as the calls and laughter from the lads came again. My wife spread her legs and I entered her wet and spread pussy as the lads watched. I quickly lost my inhibitions (such as they were) and the sight of the lads watching, and my wife letting me pound her doggy on a London balcony was too much for me to hold on for long. My wife put on a great show playing with her tits and reaching behind to touch her clit as I pounded her.

She and I came in close succession with quite a bit of noise but luckily drowned out by the calls, cheers and laughter of the lads. I don’t think we disturbed the neighbours too much but if we did, I didn’t notice any complaints.

At the end after we had both cum and got our breath back, she stood at the railing, did a little twirl and blew the lads a kiss. We both went back in despite the cries of encore! and closed the balcony door and blind. My wife came over, gave me a deep passionate kiss, pulled a face at the taste of her pussy on my lips and face and went off for a shower.

When she came back, we snuggled in bathrobes and finished the bubbly, before retiring to bed for some more conventional, and private, bedroom fun. We only stayed one more night but despite a larger crowd the second night, my wife was not inclined for a command performance. When we left, we saw a couple of lads on our way back to the tube and from their looks and my wife’s sudden blush they were clearly in the crowd.

I’ve often looked to see if anyone recorded our antics but so far, I’ve seen nothing. When this happened mobiles were not the TV studios, they are now so any images are likely to have been grainy and out of focus – at least that’s what I hope.
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