BeautyPlus_20230814181732969_save.jpgThis dates back to a long time ago when I and my wife were girlfriend and boyfriend. Let's call us Pete and Sam and we were 20 and 25. She was (and still is) a very sexy and young-looking woman and at the time was so sweet and innocent-looking that no one would think she'd get up to anything. I was a bit older and slightly more experienced, and I loved being with her then and now. At the time she was a petite size 10 with medium, pale soft tits and delicious pink nipples. She had shoulder-length brown hair which went naturally blonde streaked in the summer. She kept a nice, trimmed pussy (we weren't into smooth) which got good and wet when we played and fucked. Me, well I was in reasonable shape - thought ironically better shape now - and hung enough for business. I was a good bit taller than her, but we made a pretty handsome couple.

We had travelled to stay with family for a weekend and in those days, we would stay at the family home. We knew we'd struggle to get up to anything without waking the house, so we dressed and packed conservatively but as always, my wife packed her matching, modest but still sexy underwear. We had done the round-robin of visits in the first few days and apart from a little bit of kissing and cuddling after light's out we'd managed to keep from getting too frisky.

We'd taken to going on long walks down by the sea which, if you got your timing right, was free of tourists and dog walkers. We'd managed to get in a bit of fun. Me holding her up against a tree, with her arms over her head, pretending to be a sexy stranger as I pulled up her top and licked and sucked her delicious nipples. Then as she struggled, I pushed my hand down her jeans and into her underwear to see how much she liked it. It was a fun game and she got very wet and came quickly with the excitement of being out and risking being discovered.

On one of our other walks, she'd flash me and lead me into some woods where she'd rub my cock through my trousers getting me good and hard. She'd then pull up her top ******** her beautiful tits, drop to her knees, and demand that I 'paint her' with cum. It wouldn’t be long before I stroked out a good load over her face (if I could get away with that) and tits. Looking down at her, holding her tits up to me, with her pinching her nipples, and begging for cum made the job quite a quick one. If she was feeling very dirty, she'd take off her bra and put it in my pocket and we'd go home with cum drying on her tits and showing wetly through her t-shirt. We once got a bit of a curious look from a family member but otherwise went unnoticed.

We were coming to the end of our stay, and we'd been getting increasingly horny with our outdoor antics. We were walking along a secluded section of beach in the early evening. It was late summer and still light way into the evening. Sam squeezed my hand looking up at me. I guessed what she was thinking, and we looked for a bit of an out-of-the-way spot to have our first outdoor fuck. We found a bit of grass-covered dune just off the path and quietly concealed ourselves there. Sam quickly slid down her jeans and pulled her lacy underwear to the side. She stoked her glistening pussy with one finger showing me how wet she already was. I wasted no time and pushed my jeans and boxers down revealing a very hard and ready cock. She, with her other hand, lifted her top and bra revealing her pert tits and hard pink nipples, pinching and squeezing one as I looked on.

I didn't need any further invitations. I quickly knelt in front of her lifting her ass and hips to enter her wet pussy. I slipped into her now sopping wet pussy and started to fuck her as the traffic hurtled by on the main road only a few hundred meters away. We were getting into it and Sam was breathlessly demanding that I fuck her like a cheap *****, giving her my seed and treating her like a dirty fuck toy, when we both heard a noise...

I froze mid-stroke and immediately felt my cock begin to shrivel. Sam squeaked a surprised gasp and tried to look over my shoulder. We both tried to untangle ourselves and generally cover up but as we did so two blokes stood there. They had had a good show up until that point. The two leary blokes were from the village and though we couldn't be sure, they must have seen us about previously. Sam groaned as she saw one of them and I shot her a confused look. She looked at me and pointed to the shorter bloke, he works with one of the family she whispered, he's known me since school... I gulped. This was going to take some explaining if we were going to get out of it.

The two leery blokes were - I kid you not, were Tom and Dick. Tom was about 50, balding and bearded, also lived in the village, and was a local handyman. Dick was a bit younger in his early 40s, a bit overweight with piggy eyes and an unpleasant lop-sided grin. The very same grin he was fixing Sam with now. I tried to appeal to their better nature, spoke about young lovers and the show they'd already seen but they both made it clear they wanted their silence bought. Sam was beside herself at the idea of Tom and Dick telling everyone about our antics and her family members finding out. I tried the cash approach but they both laughed. I began to realize that they wanted Sam as the price for their silence...

They stood for a moment in silence to let everything sink in. I looked at Sam and she back at me and I saw she was resigned to what they wanted. I started to protest but Dick pulled out his mobile and selected a video that started to play. I was right. He at least had been following us about after the first couple of days and had recorded our little, 'stranger in the woods' episode from the other day. Could this get any worse?

Dick said he wanted, 'a bit of that'. He then told me to take off my belt and Sam to put her hands out. Stunned, Sam put her hands out wrist to wrist and he looped them in the belt pulling her hands tightly together. Tom then went over and before I could say a word lifted Sam's top and bra ******** her tits and hard pink nipples. They then led her away with her tits jiggling and her jeans and underwear half-way down her legs. I got up and followed bizarrely aroused by the slave girl my girlfriend was being made to be.

We only walked a short way - luckily as I had to catch Sam a couple of times and she struggled to walk with her trousers around her knees. I tried to cover her tits, but Tom just shook his head in warning. We came to the wooded area a few days previously, and Dick led Sam off the track. We went a little way into the woods and when he found a suitable tree, he looped by belt on a low branch pulling Sam's arms over her head. He found a way to tie it off leaving Sam almost suspended, her feet touching the ground on tiptoes. Dick then said he wanted to be the 'rough stranger' first. Tom nodded and Dick went over to Sam and started to lick her ******* tits, crushing her nipples with his free hand. She squealed but Dick shushed her by kissing her full on the mouth forcing his tongue down her throat. Sam's eyes closed and she accepted the sloppy wet kiss of Dick but not happily. When he bit on her nipple and she again squealed Dick stopped and bending down, roughly removed her boots jeans, and underwear. He then, without hesitation ****** Sam's pants into her mouth and carried on pawing at her.

Sam's creamy pants filled her mouth and she glared at Dick, but he just said, ‘Don't spit them out you slut unless they're sucked clean.’

Sam rolled her eyes but did not attempt to spit out her damp, lacy pants. Dick went back to his mauling of her breasts and even through the panty-gag I could hear a squeal and moan as he pulled on her nipples or pawed at her soft pale tits. I felt my cock harden as I watched this older man have his way with my girlfriend as I stood powerless to stop him.

Dick's one hand slipped between her ******* legs and he deftly started to stoke her slit, roughly pushing her lips apart to rub her clit with his thumb. With his other, he continued to roughly maul her tits. Sam started panting and bucking as he rubbed and pulled at her clit, and a moan escaped her panty-stuffed mouth.

Tom grinned and Dick leered at Sam, 'You like being diddled by a rough stranger' he said.

Sam's eyes snapped open and to my horror and excitement, she nodded. Suitably encouraged Dick started to push and probe her pussy, pushing two then three fingers inside. Sam writhed and tried to push forward onto his hand, a moan escaping her lips. Dick stopped, stood back, and slapped Sam's pussy with a loud smack. Sam's eyes shot wide and she squealed loudly even through her gag. Dick did it again and she again half-moaned half-squealed in pleasure and pain. What a nasty rough stranger I am Dick said to himself this time pulling down his trousers and ******** a fairly hefty and rock-hard cock.

Dick moved up to Sam and started to rub his hard cock against her mound and slit. I stood there open-mouthed at the sight of this older, rough stranger seemingly about fuck my girlfriend. Sam started to grind against him, and he asked if she wanted a rough fucking? Sam nodded and again tried to push her glistening slit against Dick's cock. Dick promptly lifted Sam at the hips, a groan escaped her as she took her weight on her arms before Dick took her weight on his hips. He quickly and roughly entered her, and she gasped in pleasure. Dick started to slam into Sam his balls slapping against her as he did so. Sam started to moan through her gag as her fantasy of a rough stranger fuck became reality. I nearly came as Dick said loudly to Tom that he'd wanted to fuck Sam since she was 16!

Dick didn't last long, and he pulled out to spray hot cum over Sam's tight flat belly as she moaned in pleasure. Dick took a handful of his cum and rubbed it over her tits and on her cheeks. He then undid the belt and Sam dropped to her knees on the woodland floor. He then roughly took her brown hair and pulled her face to his softening cock and demanded she clean him up. Sam hesitated for a moment but then took her spit-soaked undies from her mouth and started to lick and suck the cum and cream from Dick's dick. I just watched as she acted like a slave-slut servicing the stranger who had just ravaged her in the woods. When she had finished Tom walked over pulling a long thin cock from his trousers and pants as he did so.

Sam, with her hands still tied in the belt and breasts and face smeared with cum looked at Tom as he approached. His cock stiffened and grew to about 7" and he took Sam's hair when he got within range of her. He dragged Sam by the hair then simply and roughly rammed his cock down her throat. It was by far the longest she'd had, and she started to choke and gag as he started to throat fuck her. Tom didn’t even pause and held Sam’s face using her mouth slamming his cock down her throat in long strokes. Sam tried to keep up and relax but I could see her face reddening and tears forming in her eyes.

I started to intervene but Dick, simply said, – ‘It’s this or we’ll tell the whole village, probably show them too…’ as he tapped his phone.

Sam was still trying to breathe as Tom pounded her mouth with his cock all the time her gagging, choking, and coughing. Sam tried to pull away, but Tom’s grip was vice-like, and he held her firm mechanically throat fucking her without a care in the world. After what seemed like ages he pulled back and holding Sam up by the hair he pumped gobbet after gobbet of cum onto her tear-stained face, into her hair, and then made her open her mouth to swallow and suck him clean.

When he let her hair go Sam all but collapsed on the woodland floor coughing and still gagging as she did so.

Tom put himself away but Dick, who had been enjoying the show, had hardened again and made Sam sit up and uploaded another string cum onto her face and in her mouth demanding that she swallow it all down. I just stood there waiting to see if it was all over.

Tom and Dick exchanged satisfied smiles and then wandered off towards the village. I ran to Sam’s side to check on her, only to find her licking the cum off her face and playing with herself a faraway look on her face. It took me a few minutes to bring her back to the real world.

She finally came round and gathered up the clothes only to discover that Tom or Dick, we never found out which had taken her underwear with them. We did get my outdoor fuck before we went home and it was uneventful, thankfully.

Sam hasn’t tired of our ‘stranger rough fuck fantasy’ even after all these years but now we do it safely at home and away from prying eyes.
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