My wife Julie is a beautiful and sexy blonde and I love her dearly. She is very quiet and well mannered. That is precisely why the things I learned about her dark side surprised me. For example, little did I know, when we married two years ago, that she had this fantasy of being shared by a group of rowdy men. I learned of her secret yearning because of a summer camping trip.

Julie and I love to go camping. We have this little tent trailer that we keep packed with all our gear so we can leave on a moments notice. My wife especially enjoys finding these peaceful secluded locations where we can get naked and get kinky enjoying open- air sex in the great outdoors.

Of course Julie always makes me wear a condom. She tells me that she hates getting that sticky stuff up inside her. The problem is that with my skinny little 4-inch penis I have trouble finding any that fit me. My wife has to order size XX small from the druggist on special order. She usually packs a few in her pocketbook and doles them out to me as she sees fit.

One hot August weekend, Julie proposed that we go camping at a secluded little lakeside spot that was recommended by one of her coworkers. She told me that she really felt like getting kinky out in the woods this weekend. She had a wicked smile as she requested that I shave my entire genital area, and told me that this would really turn her on. As Julie was making this suggestion she showed me 4 of my little condoms, smiled, and placed them in her purse. I reluctantly agreed to her peculiar request and cleaned my entire crotch of any trace of body hair.

On Saturday morning we were up and off to the campsite. Julie used this little hand drawn map to guide us out into the countryside. We made turns along several dirt roads that were marked with a strange little emblem. The marking was in the shape of a skull that was smoking a homemade cigarette. I thought it was kind of cute at the time. So did Julie.

Eventually we wound up at a peaceful lakeside camp. It was secluded all right, in the middle of nowhere, with stunning views of the surrounding hills. There was this little beach, a stone well for drinking water, and a stone fireplace for cooking. It was great! We immediately set up our camp, collected some firewood, and started a cozy little campfire.

Being a hot summer afternoon, Julie proposed a cooling swim in the lake. I suggested we go skinny- dipping and, surprisingly, my wife quickly agreed. I was really looking forward to feasting my eyes on my lovely bride in the great outdoors. Julie's luscious body could have ranked among the very best and she was prettier than a cover girl model. I undressed as fast as I could, ran to the lake, and dove in.

From my vantage point in the water I was able to fully appreciate Julie's beauty. Hers was truly a body made for sexual delights. Her long blonde hair shimmered like spun gold in the afternoon sunshine. Her full perfectly shaped breasts, topped with large pink nipples, swelled proudly on her chest. The soft flesh of her flat stomach sloped gently down her torso and terminated at her lush mat of blonde bush curls. Her long legs tapered gracefully right down to the smooth skin of her lightly tanned feet. I was in heaven as I floated in the lake worshiping my lovely bride.

Julie began walking toward me in the water. I admired her full breasts jiggling and dancing with every step. Suddenly . a deafening roar of motorcycle engines broke the peaceful silence of the moment. A group of four bikers riffled toward us, accelerating rapidly. They steered their motorcycles quickly to encircle my stunned and naked wife. She was trapped and trying desperately to cover her nakedness.

The men laughed as they circled her, shouting obscenities and commenting on her various body parts. They stopped their bikes, promptly dismounted, and moved in closer to surround my lovely wife. All four of them lewdly stared at her treasures, without the least bit of subtlety, fully absorbed by her naked beauty. There was also nothing subtle about the massive bulges in their jeans from studying my wife's sexy body that was shamefully on display in all its' naked glory.

As they stood there, penning her in, I noticed the smoking skull symbol on the back of their denim jackets. The words STONNED DICIPLES encircled the symbol. After a few moments of gawking at my beautiful naked bride they all started laughing loudly. Julie sobbed softly, as she cowered beneath their mocking glares.

"What have we here, gentlemen?" One of them queried, "It seems that a couple of thieves have decided to pilfer our private camp site!"

"Yeah that's right." A second one chided in. "It looks like we might be needing to collect a little rental fee." They all chuckled lewdly.

One biker, a tall muscular man, who seemed to be the leader, walked up behind Julie and held her in a bear hug. My wife struggled briefly but her attempts at freedom were fruitless. She soon submitted to his grip.

"That's better." He commented soothingly as he stroked her hair "No sense trying to get away now, we just want to have a little fun honey."

The other three seemed to think it was hilarious as he liberally mauled my wife's naked breasts. He was holding her tightly with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other. My wife quickly came to terms with her predicament and relaxed her efforts to escape the leader's grip. She just stood there, passively, as he continued his assault on her chest.

Julie seemed to offer no resistance at all as he pulled on her big pink nipples. Sensing her opposition had totally faded; he loosed his grip around her waist and reached down to insert a finger into my wife's cunt. Surprisingly, Julie didn't flinch one bit at the uninvited intrusion. She closed her eyes, tossed her head back and bit down on her lower lip.

Meanwhile, the other bikers turned their attention toward me cowering in the water. I've never been too skillful with my fists, and I was frightened to death over what might happen. In fear and desperation, I raised my hands as if I was under arrest and walked out of the water toward them. As I reached edge of the lake, I realized that my clean-shaven naked genitals were shamefully *******. To make matters worse, the cold water had shriveled my little dick to the size of a tiny acorn.

Once again, the bikers found this to be a superbly jocular moment. They exploded into spontaneous rip- roaring laughter at my expense. "Look it's a baby boy!" one of them shouted. "It looks like needle dink the bug fucker to me!" added another, while he held his sides laughing.

I started to lower my hands to cover the source of my embarrassment when the leader paused long enough from molesting my wife to speak. "Keep those hands high where we can see them!" he commanded. "You don't have much to hide anyway." He burst into uncontrolled laughter.

The other bikers were hysterical at this point. Pointing at my little pecker and calling out names and obscenities that I would rather not repeat. Even my own wife Julie was chuckling softly trying not to laugh while she feigned distress. In spite of the rollicking hilarity of the moment, they were able to compose themselves enough to handcuff me to a nearby tree.

They called the leader Ace. The other three were Billy, Danny, and Ten. While Ace busied himself enjoying my wife's treasures Billy and Ten riffled through our tent. Danny explained to me what was happening.

"You see it's like this man." He started. "You're out here using our private campsite without permission. So now we have to come over here and collect our rent. Lucky for you that sometimes we can take the rent out in trade. It looks like your pretty little wife here will do just fine."

Billy emerged from the tent with an air mattress and sleeping bag. He arranged them on the ground near Ace and Julie. Ace pushed my wife onto the makeshift bed and started to disrobe. Billy and Danny were taking their clothes off too. Their big cocks hung menacingly as they surrounded my wife who sat passively on the bed.

There was no question as to what was about to happen. The trio of bikers stood there with their big hairy cocks in their hands. "PLEASE" Julie pleaded. "I know you're going to fuck me but please, please put on rubbers so I don't get pregnant. Get them from my purse in the tent!"

Just then, ten came out of the tent with my wife's purse waving over his head. "Looky here what I found!" Ten exclaimed. "Let's see what we got here!" He opened the purse, inverted the top, and dumped out the contents .lipstick, spare change, some makeup, keys, and my 4 condoms.

Ten went right for the condoms and picked them up. "Looky, Looky, Looky, she's brought one for each of us isn't that considerate!" The bikers all chuckled lewdly.

Ten tossed one to each of the bikers. They each opened up a package and burst into laughter. Ace held up one of the tiny condoms and rolled it snugly onto his middle finger. "What the fuck is this!" He chided. "These must be for pencil dick here! I don't think they're gonna fit us!"

The bikers, once again, howled with laughter. I was mortified at being their source of merriment during such a frightful and disgusting moment. The bikers were in hysterics. They kept making jokes about the little condoms struggling fruitlessly to put them on. I looked at my wife who sat naked on the bed trying to hide her amusement, but Julie's act would have never fooled anyone. Even my own wife was mocking me.

I was totally and completely humiliated, naked, hairless and handcuffed to a tree while these four Neanderthals prepared to take my wife right there in front of me. I struggled to get free but it was useless. I resigned myself that I would be ****** to watch my lovely bride sex these four outlaws.

Ace moved in toward Julie. His big hairy cock bobbed ominously in front of her face. "Suck it!" he commanded her.

Without hesitation Julie knelt in front of him, grabbed his hairy cock with both hands and curled her lips over the big pink head. She was sucking and bobbing her head practically worshiping his shaft with her mouth. I was in shock. Julie had steadfastly refused to give me oral sex and here she was sucking on this monster cock like it was a melting ice cream cone.

All of us watched in awe as my beautiful sexy wife feasted on Ace's cock. After ten or fifteen minutes of this stimulation the biker started to groan and looked skyward. Julie's mouth went into overdrive bobbing faster and faster on Ace's shaft. Suddenly she pulled back as the huge cock began belching spurt after spurt of thick white jets all over her mouth and face.

Ace took hold of his cock like a hose and directed his shots right into Julie's mouth. Once he stopped cumming he rubbed the head of his pecker around in the milky residue deposited on her face. He ****** his hairy cock back into my wife's mouth, pumped it a little and then withdrew. He finished off by wiping his big slimly dick in her hair.

The other bikers seemed dazzled. Frozen in their places by the spectacle we had all just witnessed. Julie picked up a corner of the sleeping bag and wiped the cum off her face. She shook her head around sensuously and gave the other bikers a "come hither" look from beneath her disarranged hair. Billy moved in toward my wife, his long cock waving at attention.

Julie lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide practically inviting the big athletic biker to fuck her. Billy climbed on top and planted a big wet kiss on my wife's mouth. She seemed to return his passion. My wife grabbed hold of his cock and guided it to the opening it sought. Billy rammed it home in one searing stroke. He pumped her rapidly while Julie moaned with pleasure. If I didn't know better, I would have thought she was enjoying being ***** by these hoodlums right there in front of me.

Billy was fucking my wife wildly, pumping his long cock in and out of her love channel with determination. The soft white mounds of her sexy breasts shook rhythmically in response to his thrusts. Julie began moaning more and more loudly as wave after wave of glorious sexual pleasure rippled through her body. Her body tensed and shivered as she quickly reached a mind-bending orgasm.

Obviously pleased by my wife's response to his performance, Billy stepped up the pace a bit pumping her faster. Julie looked delirious as she purposely raised her hips to meet his every stroke. She was fucking Billy back with earnest enthusiasm. All this stimulation had its' desired effect as Billy's body stiffened and he delivered repeated squirts of forbidden cum into my wife's unprotected womb. He rolled off of her and lay there on the ground semi- comatose and breathing heavily.

I looked over at Ten who was approaching my wife while tearing off his clothes. He stood in front of her and removed his jeans. Out sprang this huge ten- inch cock. I couldn't believe the size of it. I was in shock as Julie reached up and stroked it longingly.

"I see now why they call you ten." Julie said affectionately as she kissed the tip and continued her stroking. "Are you going to fuck me with this big long nasty cock?"

"Get on your hands and knees bitch!" Ten responded crudely, obviously ready for his turn at my beautiful wife's snatch.

Julie obediently reacted. Ten took up his position behind my wife, grabbed hold of his monster cock, and plunged it deeply into her wet, waiting pussy. He pounded his massive cock completely into my wife then reversed thrust and drove it back in again over and over. The sight was incredible as Julie's tits gyrated wildly in response to Ten's banging.

Soon, merely observing was not enough for Danny. He knelt in front of my wife's face and pulled her head toward his shaft. Julie submitted to his wishes and took Danny's cock into her mouth. As Ten pounded her from behind Julie simultaneously bobbed on Danny's cock. They looked like a pack of wild animals. And Julie seemed to be enjoying it!

I watched in disbelief as the two men ravaged my darling wife from opposite ends. They were shouting vulgarities like "fuck me bitch" and "suck me *****" the whole time. Eventually the combination of all this stimulus was fast reaching the inevitable climax. I watched in awe as pulse after pulse of mind cracking orgasmic relief simultaneously passed through their bodies. They all collapsed into a heap breathing heavily.

Eventually, Ace approached me and removed my handcuffs. The bikers dressed quickly, mounted their motorcycles and left as fast as they had arrived. I ran to my wife who was resting peacefully on the same bed where she had just been brutally gang banged. I held her tightly in my arms to comfort her. She opened her eyes and looked at me dreamily.

"You don't hate me, do you darling?" She said softly

"Of course not. I love you and I will always love you." I answered sincerely. Then she said something that surprised me.

"If you really love me." Julie started, "Then you will eat their cum from me. You have to suck their cum from me so I won't get pregnant."

I gave her a funny look but it was obvious that she wasn't kidding. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me down toward her dripping wet pussy. I allowed her to manipulate me and she held my head tightly against her crotch as I obediently licked all the biker cum from my wife. She held me there until she reached yet another shivering climax and finally released me.

We slept that night in each other's arms. In the morning I packed up and we headed home. Julie insisted that we didn't go to the police to report the incident and I respected her wishes. It wasn't until several weeks later that I discovered the real reason why.

I was driving through town one day, on my way to pick up my wife from work, when suddenly I spotted a biker with the STONNED DICIPLES symbol on his back. I discreetly followed him to his destination, which just happened to be the warehouse where my wife worked in the office.

I stormed into the warehouse after the suspect, when, surprisingly, I met up with the whole gang of them Ace, Ten, Billy, and Danny. I was stunned. They all work at the same place as my wife! Before I knew what I was doing I confronted them angrily threatening to turn them in to the police for ****** my wife at the campsite.

Ace moved to calm me down. "Wait a minute man, you better check with your wife before you turn us in." He started. "It was her who asked us to go up to the lake for a gang bang. She told us it was a mutual fantasy of yours. To prove it, she said, you would shave your balls and ****** yourself in front of us. She said you wanted us to fuck her."

"Yeah that's right! It was your wife's idea!" Billy exclaimed defensively

I was speechless. You could have knocked me over with a feather. "It was a . a . f-f-fantasy? She w-w-wanted you guys to fuck her?" I finally managed to stammer out.

"Yeah." Ten interjected "One day she wanted to know why they call me ten, then we get to talking and she gets all friendly like, and next thing she's asking us to act out this big dark secret fantasy thing. She says she wants us to act it out real good. She tells us to humiliate her husband and then fuck her real hard right there in front of him. She told us that YOU want it like that and not to let on that we are only acting. So we did!"

"Hey we were only trying to help you out buddy!" Danny added

I was stunned and confused. I sheepishly turned and walked away. I picked up Julie at her office and quietly drove us home. I didn't bring up the subject again and neither did my wife. I can't help but wonder if there are any more secret fantasies lurking in our marriage. I hope I don't find out the hard way!
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