I finally asked my wife, straight out.

“Lizzy, do you cum good when we have sex?”

Her response was quick, almost too quick.


“Sure? That really seemed convincing,” I said staring at her. “I don’t want some canned response. I want the truth.”

She looked at me, a little scared, a little put off.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I want to know if I make you cum when we have sex. I mean, that’s what it’s all about, right?”

“No,” she said.

“It’s not what it’s all about?”

“No, I mean you don’t make me cum when we have sex. It’s rare if I cum at all.”

That stunned me. She always seemed like she was cumming when we had sex. It was convincing, at least to me. I guess I was staring at her.

“You okay? You said you wanted the truth,” she said, almost apologizing.

“I do, um, I did. You just caught me off guard. Rarely?”

“Yeah, sorry.”

“Is it just me or have you always had trouble having an orgasm?”


Oh fuck, I guess I know what that means.

“Just you. Your dick is kind of smallish. I’ve only had sex with one other guy before you and I guess he had a pretty good-sized cock. I used to cum all the time with him. But I love you. You're the guy I married.”

I felt gut punched. All those times she was panting and grunting and squealing…purely an acting job.

“What about when I go down on you?”


“What about a dildo?”

“I tried one once but it was too hard and plastic. Didn’t seem to do it for me either.”

I was at a loss for words. I really love my wife and I want her to feel good and thought she was but, shit, I guess not. I’d noticed recently that she seemed distant and less connected with me. I didn’t want to lose her over this.

So, I started researching the problem on the internet and there were hundreds of sites recommending pills, toys, porn, romance, psychiatrists, taking a dream vacation, strap-ons, and on and on. Too much info and most of it didn’t seem right.

Until I found a cuckolding site, specifically an interracial cuckolding website. It boiled down to getting my wife a guy with a big cock, specifically a big, black cock, to put her sex life into high gear. As I read, I was surprised at how many guys got into this. Some just did it to get their wife more sex, some wanted a three-way, some wanting subservience to the wife’s lover but almost all of them ended up voluntarily losing their right to their own wife’s pussy.

I wasn’t sure about that but thought if it could save our sex life and marriage, I guess it was something I could consider. I sure didn’t want a three-way with my small cock and didn’t want anything to do with becoming her lover’s slave. So, just better sex for her and maybe none for me, for awhile. Hmm.

I researched further.

Wow, did some of these black guys have huge cocks! I was surprised and amazed. A lot of the ones they showed were built like football players and came like firehoses to boot. When I thought about it, I couldn’t imagine why any woman wouldn’t want to have sex with that whole package.

But would she do it? Would it work? Could we control it to the point she wouldn’t go overboard and dump me completely? Where would I find a guy and how would we set it up? I read that they should always use condoms to prevent the complication of pregnancy or disease transmission, but would the guy go along with that?

Jesus, this was confusing

But none of this mattered if she wouldn’t go along with it. So, I asked her.

“Baby, have you ever thought about getting sex on the side?”

“What? No, I’ve been faithful to you.”

“No, what I mean is, have you ever seen other guys and thought they looked sexy or like someone you’d like to have sex with?”

“Well, yeah, sometimes, but I’ve never acted on it. Why, have you?”

Fair question.

“Uh no, never thought about it. You’re a knockout, baby, my dream girl. You’re gorgeous, you have a body to die for and I love you, always have. That’s why I’ve been thinking about our problem of you not having orgasms with me.”


“Like us finding you a guy with a big cock to help satisfy you?”

“Why would you do that? I can’t believe you would agree to someone else being intimate with me. You’ve always seemed pretty jealous about other guys even looking at me. Now you’re suggesting you’d allow someone to have sex with me?”


Her jaw dropped open.

“Hear me out. I don’t want to lose you. And when you told me you never had orgasms with me, that seemed like a problem… a problem that might cause you to leave.”


“Wait, let me finish. So, I found out this isn’t all that uncommon. There are a hundred websites about people who do this on a regular basis and still stay married. I’m not sure why, but it’s mostly guys who let their wives explore sex with other men, mostly black men, to help satisfy their urges since the husband can’t.”

“Black guys?”

“Yeah, seems like. I researched that too. There are several reasons. Among them are that black guys seem to have bigger cocks, cum heavier and have a higher sex drive than white or Asian guys, by at least twenty percent in all categories. And apparently black guys get and need a lot of sex and don’t get emotionally entangled with their lovers as easily, since they’re looking for more encounters, not necessarily deeper involvement. That make any sense?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“So, I thought why not give it a shot? Worse case, it doesn’t work out and we try something else. Best case, you get a really satisfying night of orgasms and then we can reconnect with each other. And I know it may seem weird but apparently when many husbands and boyfriends do this, they are right there to watch or take video for the couple to enjoy later. It also gives the wife or girlfriend security that someone is there to make sure nothing gets out of control. If there’s a dispute, there’s two people there to make the point with the guy, or the Bull, like he’s called in these cuckold websites.”

“The Bull? That sounds intimidating.”

“I think it’s more because he’s there just for the act of mating and because of his cock size and sexual forwardness and prowess. What do you think?”

“How do we find the guy? How do we know he’s clean, physically? Where do we do this? I don’t want someone coming to our house and knowing where we live, you know?”

“Whoa! Hold up. Let’s see…I don’t know how to find a guy but I’ll check on it. And he should know he has to wear a condom at all times to prevent disease or pregnancy. We probably should pick a hotel at least 50 miles from here. And let him know that I will be there the whole time. So?”

“I don’t know,” she looked confused. “Are you sure about this? I can’t believe you’re going to stand there and watch this and be alright with it.”

“Come here,” I said.

She walked over to me. I grabbed her hand and placed it over my dick in my pants.

“You’re hard! Does this turn you on?” she said squeezing me.

“Yeah, it really turns me on for some reason. How about you?”

She rubbed herself.

“Yeah, I’m a little squishy too. What does that mean?”

I smiled.

“It means we’re going to get you royally fucked by some black guy with a big, black cock. How’s that sound to you?”

“Like something I just might like. Let’s do it,” she said grinning.


Two weeks later, I found a guy through an interracial cuckold website. The guy sent a face picture and asked for one of Lizzy. I sent a face shot and he responded immediately.

We set up a time and date for three days in the future and location at a fairly nice hotel in the city.


At the hotel bar, we saw him: Bart.

Black Bart, I thought.

He wasn’t at all what we expected.

He was fairly short and built like a stocky linebacker. And Jesus, was he ever black. He was shiny black, almost purple. He had muscles popping out of his shirt and his dress pants were tight, showing off a good-sized bulge.

“Holy shit,” Lizzy said quietly to me.

“I know,” I said, although I wasn't sure if she was responding to his blackness or the size of his bulge.

We sat down, had a drink and found he was a really nice guy who had played football in college for a couple years until he injured his shoulder.

We explained everything we were looking for in this situation and he didn’t argue, even about wearing a condom. His only requirement was…

“In the bedroom, I’m in charge. I’m a little dominant in bed and neither one of you wants to see me unhappy. Clear?”

Wow! I didn’t like the sound of that. I wanted to be able to call things to halt if they got too out of control and was ready to tell him that, when Lizzy spoke up.

“Sure, no problem!” she said excitedly.

She threw me with that one. I looked at her quizzically.

“Are you sure, baby?”

“Yes. I want this to happen. It will be alright. Just one time. It’s only sex.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. Bart did.

“Sounds like the lady wants some big, black dick,” he said smiling at her.

“Let’s make it happen!” he said standing up. He held his hand out to Lizzy and she took it, standing up as well.

I was still shocked as they walked off out of the bar.

I jumped up and followed at a quick pace, barely catching up before we hit the elevators.

We got in and I pressed the button for our floor. When I looked back, Bart and Lizzy were all over each other. They were locked in a deep soul kiss. Bart was lifting her dress and rubbing her butt through her panties and Lizzy was rubbing the front of his pants like she was trying to get a Jeannie out of a bottle.

When I opened the door to the suite, they burst in like racehorses through the gate.

He was still kissing Lizzy when he peeled off her dress and pushed her down on the bed. She gasped as he did it. Her face was flushed and I could tell she was really worked up.

“Get your clothes off but leave your heels on,” he ordered her. She obeyed and pulled everything off as quick as she could.

It surprised me when I saw her. She had shaved her pussy bare and it was already dripping like she had just cum.

She looked like a slut laying there with her wet pussy, legs spread and frantically rubbing her nipples.

Black Bart pulled his shirt off showing impressive stocky six-pack abs. He kicked his shoes off and with one swift move, dropped his pants.

“Oh my God!” Lizzy gasped.

“Holy fuck!” I said a split second later.

His cock was massive in girth and deep black. It looked like it was probably eight inches long, which was impressive enough but it looked as big around as a soda can with a heavy, thick foreskin covering it.

“You like that, lady?” he said shaking his chunky black meat stick at my wife.

“God yes!” she responded. “I don’t think that will fit inside me, though.”

But I could tell she wanted it bad. She started rubbing her pussy and stuck two fingers deep inside herself.

“It will fit. There’s no getting away from that.”

I was stunned looking at the size of that fucking thing.

He was heading to the bed when I remembered the condoms.

“The condoms, Bart,” I said holding one out to him.

He looked at me unbelieving.

He got in my face, close enough his hard cock head was poking me in the crotch of my pants.

“Remember, I told you I’m in charge in the bedroom. I won’t use a condom. I’m going to fuck your sexy wife and dump a load of cum deep inside her pretty bald pussy. You want to tangle with me?”

I stood there dumbfounded, mouth open, slowly shaking my head.

“Then stay outta my way,” he said to me, then turned to Lizzy.

“You ready to get fucked?” he said holding his rock-hard bulging black cock.

I thought he’s never going to get that thing inside her, so maybe I don’t have to worry.

“God, yes, I’m ready. Fuck me like I’m yours!”

“You are mine,” he said climbing in between her legs.

And he thrust forward, hard.

“OH FUCK!” Lizzy screamed.

“Too deep?” Bart asked.

“TOO MUCH!” she shouted.

“You’ll get used to it, now shut the fuck up and take it,” he said clamping a big, dark black hand over her mouth and he thrust again against her pussy.

She screamed into his hand like he was killing her.

“Ugh!” he grunted, thrusting his black ball bat again. This time it went a little deeper and she screamed again.

I could see from my position his giant cock meat cramming into her tight hole about 4 inches. She was screaming loudly even though her mouth was completely covered by his ham-hock sized hand.

He started thrusting in earnest, slamming himself deeper into her pretty, white married pussy. She still screamed.

I didn’t know what to do. It sounded like he was ****** her. I needed to get him off her but how I was going to manage it? I grabbed a chair and realized if I didn’t hit him hard enough, he’d get up and kill me and then finish off fucking my wife. So, I hauled back for a vicious strike, Lizzy still screaming, when I noticed she was holding his chunky hips, pulling him and his soda can-sized cock deeper into herself.

Was I seeing this right?

She continued screaming like a banshee as he pounded that big, fucking hunk of black meat into her pussy, while she pulled on his ass cheeks trying to get more of it.

“What the fuck?” I said, setting the chair down.

I noticed my dick was rock hard.

Bart relentlessly pounded her pussy like a jackhammer. Her head thrashed back and forth; her blonde hair flew around with each brutal thrust.

Lizzy had stopped screaming and now shouted something repeatedly into the black hand covering her mouth. It sounded like she was saying “I need bigger!” but that couldn’t be. Her pussy was already stretched further than imaginable, trying to accommodate this monster black cock abusing her.

I couldn’t believe I was watching this happen in front of me.

Bart finally removed his hand from her mouth and she was shouting “Fuck me, nigger! Fuck me, nigger!”

I was stunned. Bart wasn’t though. He got an evil grin on his face as he continued fucking her.

“You like my nigger dick?”

“Oh God yes!” my pretty wife grunted.

Was this my wife?

“You want my nigger cum inside your sweet, married pussy?” Bart whispered in her ear.

“Yes, fill my pussy!” she groaned, an orgasm building deep within her.

“In front of your husband? You want me to cum inside you? No rubber. Just my hot cum filling you up?” he said louder as he pounded her pussy.

“God yes! I want your hot cum inside me,” was her reply.

“Then tell him to beg me to cum inside you,” he said with a knowing smile.

He kept at her pussy, pounding, thrashing his fleshy black cock, now deep inside her.

“Baby, please, beg him to cum inside me!” she pleaded.

“No, Lizzy. You could get pregnant,” I said. I couldn’t believe she had even asked me.

“Yes! Beg him to fill me with his nigger cum. Please! Oh, God, you’re so deep!” She shouted nearing orgasm.

I was stunned and excited at the same time. But she wanted it, wanted it bad.

“Go ahead,” I said to him, not even believing I said it. He shook his head.

“Oh, yes,” Lizzy shouted, “I love your big black cock!”

“That ain’t it, white boy. You know what to say, cuckold, now beg me” he said slamming his cock home again. She started cumming on his cock, saying “Yes! Yes! Yes!” with each thrust.

This was not what I envisioned, I thought, not my plan, but I said it.

“Fill her with your cum.” He shook his head again.

“Huh-uh. Not good enough, white boy. Say it now or I stop fucking your pretty wife.”

“God no, baby! Don’t stop! Cum inside me! Honey, say it! Please, say it!”

So, I raised my voice and begged him.

“You mother fucker, please fill my wife’s pussy with your nigger cum!”

He smiled at me and picked up the pace, slamming his cock in hard and fast and Lizzy was deep in a massive orgasm, screaming and thrashing her head from side to side, her blonde hair plastered to her sweaty face.

Bart looked at my wife and said…

“Here it cums, slut.”

“Gimme all of it, you black fucker!” she yelled, legs high in the air, shaking as he came inside her.

She screamed as this thick-cocked, black man slammed his cock meat into Lizzy, grunting as his cum filled her to the point of overflowing. His cum gushed out of her around the sides of his cock. And he held it inside her for several minutes, making sure she got it all. Lizzy was still cumming, making a guttural growling sound as he filled her, sounding like an animal in heat. I’ve never heard her sound like that before and the sound scared me. Her arms were still wrapped around his neck and she humped her bald, cum-soaked pussy into his spent cock.

Only then did I realize I had cum in my pants, just watching them.

He climbed off Lizzy and made his way up her body, finally slapping his hefty cum-soaked cock on her face, dripping hot cum on her lips. She instinctively sucked his black meat into her mouth, cleaning him off like a dutiful black cock slut.

“You’re mine, ain’t you, slut?” he asked. She bobbed her head up and down and said “Uhm-hmm” while she sucked on him.

“You want this nigger dick again, don’t you? No more little white cock for you?” She shook her head no.

“Say it,” he commanded.

His cock flopped out of her cum-wet mouth and he slapped her with it, making her smile.

“I only want your black cock from now on, Master. I've never cum like that. I love it.”

“You’re such a good black cock slut, aren’t you? You hear that, cuckold? She’s hooked on my black dick and this white, married pussy is mine now. So you keep your little dicklet away from it or I’ll beat you bad. Got it?”

“I understand,” I said numbly.

Lizzy said, “Thank you, baby”.

I almost said “You’re welcome.” But then I noticed she was talking to the black man slapping his fat black cock on her face.
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