Driving to the Hoop

Have you ever wanted to see your wife getting intimate with a guy with a big cock? Maybe even a black guy with a big, black cock?

Holy fuck! I just saw a video about this and it was hot as fuck. It was an amateur video and the guy was hung like I couldn’t believe and the woman looked remarkably like my wife; pretty, medium build, blonde hair, shaved pussy, and nice tits, I was hard instantly. The woman’s husband was there in the hotel room with them, encouraging his wife and suggesting things the black guy could do to her. “Fuck her hard!” her husband said, “Give her that big, nigger dick! Make her beg for your cum!”

I couldn’t believe what I was watching and listening to. I was happily pounding away at my dick as I watched it, when my wife, Val, walked in. I had two choices: try to hide it or let her see the action and maybe she’d like it. I was so close to blowing my load that I decided not to stop and her stepping into the room and catching me made me pop a big load. I came all over the place, my wife gasped watching me.

“Oh my God, baby! What are you watching?” as she stepped around to look at the video on my laptop.

She caught it just in time to hear the husband saying, “Cum inside her pretty, white married pussy she wants it. Give her that big, black cock load!” The guy pounded her pussy mercilessly.

The white wife screamed, “Yes, Do it, cum inside me, Daddy!” My wife was stunned. I watched her reaction as the last of my orgasm tapered off, cum running down my fingers into my lap.

I shut my laptop, trying not to get any cum on it, and set it aside. “That was unexpected.”

“Sorry. I didn’t realize how late it was getting. I didn’t think you’d be home for a half hour.”

“No need to apologize. I got off early. It was just unexpected. Pretty hot, though. You came like a geyser.”

“Yeah, really hot. I’ve never seen one like that before, what did you think of it?”

"That black guy has a great cock! I’ve heard black guys have really big cocks, are they all that big?” as she started to absentmindedly rub herself.

“In porn? Yeah. In real life? I don’t know. I’ve seen a few at the gym and they all seem bigger than me but not near the size of that guy in the video, come here, baby, let me help you.” She walked over and I rubbed her pussy through her shorts. She groaned softly and pushed into my hand. “You ever fantasized about taking a black guy?” I asked, rubbing her pussy lips.

“Once in a while, but seeing that huge black cock, I’m starting to fantasize about it now.” I pulled her onto my desk and slid her shorts and panties off. I was already spent so I went down on her bare pussy. She was drenched and started cumming almost immediately. I thrashed my tongue around her pussy and then locked my lips on her clit, wildly sucking and licking it. “Oh fuck, babe!” she screamed and humped her hairless pussy into my face. cumming again harder, drenching my chin and the top of the desk. She was gripping the back of my head and wouldn’t let go after a minute, she released my head and I softly licked up and down her pussy, cleaning her. “God, that was nice. I didn’t realize I was so turned on.”

“From seeing that big, black cock inside a pretty white woman?”

“Yeah, I guess that was it, he was huge and he came a lot, inside and all over her.”

“I came more than usual too.”

We were both still breathing a little hard. I laid my head in her lap against her soft, pretty pussy and wrapped my arms around her waist and butt, we stayed that way until we caught our breath.

I wanted to breach the subject but was afraid of her reaction... then I bucked up and went for it. “What do you think of trying that sometime?

“What, with a black guy, are you serious?” She asked, pushing my head back so she could see my face.

“Yeah. What do you think?” I braced myself for her refusal.

“I don’t know.”

'Hmmm, no rejection.' “Yeah, sounds interesting?”

“Well, the fantasy is sexy, but doing the real thing? I don’t know. We’ve both been faithful to each other for 18 years of marriage, cheating now, I don’t know?”

"It’s not cheating if I agree to it and I would be there watching.”

“Really? I don’t know, could you handle seeing that? Where would we find the guy? What about getting pregnant and everything?” She was asking a lot of questions. She seemed interested.

“Well, we’d have to use protection, can’t risk having a black baby.”

“No, shit.”

"I don’t know how I’d handle it and as you said, it’s pretty sexy as a fantasy but who knows how it would work in real life. If we decide to try it, we don’t need to rush into it. We could leave finding a guy to fate. If we run into a guy at a party or something and you think it could work with him, we could give it a shot?” She agreed, and we decided to do it someday. It just happens that ‘someday’ came around much sooner than we thought it would.
A week later, we were coming back from dinner in town. The best restaurants are about an hour away and we were in the SUV heading down the highway. Up ahead, a black guy was leaning over a red Porsche, looking at the engine. The guy was tall and lean and dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. His torso was muscular, he was dark black.

As we approached, Val reached over and squeezed my leg. “Baby, maybe we should give him a ride,” she said looking at him. I pulled over behind his car and parked. I watched him; he was big and the look in Val’s eyes was dreamy, like she was pondering something.

“You mean,” I said, “You think we should give him a ride, or did you mean ‘You’ should give him a ride?”

She blushed and grinned, still watching the guy poking around the engine. “Was it that obvious?”

“Yep, your eyes kind of glazed over, and your nipples are hard under your blouse.”

She smiled at me and subconsciously covered her rock-hard nipples with her hands. “I just thought…”

“I know what you thought, let’s talk to him and see if he needs help first.”

“You said we could do it if…”

“I know. Let’s see how this develops. You may not even like the guy.” Well, as it turns out, he did need help. A ride specifically, back to the city where we just came from. But Val was giving me signals she was interested as soon as we met him. She was a little giddy and her nipples got even harder, but this time she didn’t cover them up when I pointed them out to her. She even touched his arm a couple of times, while we talked to him. Seeing her white hand against his dark, black skin was erotic, even as briefly as it was there. It was her left hand and her wedding ring stood out in my view of it. It looked like the woman in the video when she stroked the black stud’s cock, her ringed finger caressing his massive length and girth.

His name was Antwan Decker. We shook hands introducing ourselves, his hand was huge, engulfing my hand and dwarfing Valerie’s when they shook. I saw her shiver when they touched. It was looking like this might happen. We offered the ride back to the city and he climbed into the back seat of our SUV. He barely made it in, looking like he was probably 6 foot 7 inches. I noticed a large object swaying in his shorts as he climbed in, Val did too. She was standing there gaping at it when I nudged her out of her trance to get into the car. The whole time I kept thinking he looked a little familiar but I couldn’t place him then when I got into the driver’s seat, it hit me. “You’re in the NBA, aren’t you? I think I’ve seen you on TV before!”

“You got me. Yeah, I’m starting forward for the Cavaliers.”

“Are you?!” Val exclaimed, turning around in her seat to face him. She seemed infatuated, her nipples were harder than ever, poking out like erasers.

“Yeah, been with them for two years. It’s a good gig, pay and benefits and all.”

I reached over and grabbed one of her nipples and squeezed. I did it in full view of Antwan, she closed her eyes and groaned. I knew he saw it when he grined in the rearview mirror.

Val gently pushed my hand away and was lost in chit-chat with our guest. I adjusted the rearview mirror a little so I could watch in case anything started and I took off down the road.

While Val talked with him, she occasionally reached back and touched his leg. I don’t know if she did this absentmindedly or intentionally but either way, it was having an effect on him. With her nipples poking out and her hand touching his leg, he eventually started getting hard. After about 10 minutes, he was sporting a huge boner, Val was staring at it and licking her lips. "So, I spoke up."

“Quite a tent you’ve put up there, Mr. Decker.”

By now, his shorts were stretched to the max trying to contain his big cock, it was impressive, even covered by his shorts.

“I’m sorry,” he said trying to readjust himself but to no avail. “Coming into the air conditioning from the heat outside has that effect on me.”

“That and my wife’s hard nipples and her hand on your leg probably doesn’t help either.”

“Nathan!” Valerie exclaimed.

“Well…” he started.

“Why don’t you show it to her, I’m sure she’d love to see it?”

“Are you sure?” Antwan asked, genuinely surprised.

“Yes!” Val exclaimed quickly. She then giggled a little self-consciously.

“I think that’s a yes, Mr. Decker.”

“Call me Antwan,” he said shifting around in the back seat. “If you’re both sure, here it is.”

He pulled out the biggest black cock I’d ever seen. Hell, it was the biggest no matter what color it was. When it pulled free of the waistband of his shorts, it slapped against his chiseled, washboard abs. It was huge, dark black and bulging veins all around. I saw it in the rearview mirror and my wife’s mouth dropped open staring at it. “Oh my God,” she said, “That’s beautiful!” He stroked it a couple times, getting it to full size, it was fucking impressive.

“You like that?” he said looking at my wife.

“God yes.” She hesitated, thinking.

“What?” Antwan asked.

“Can I touch it?” she asked, her face flushing red.

“Help yourself,” he said sliding a little closer to the gap between the front seats.

She reached back and grabbed it. I watched in the mirror and saw that she couldn’t even get her hand all the way around it. It was huge. She stoked up and down a few times, mesmerized by its size and feel. “God, your cock is amazing, Antwan. I love the feel of it,” Val said losing her inhibition. I reached over and locked on to one of her nipples and squeezed hard. She gasped and shivered, I think she came.

“Why don’t you take this off?” I said, pulling at her blouse She didn’t hear me. She was in a daze, squeezing his nearly footlong black cock and jacking him up and down. Antwan mentioned it was only 11 inches.

"Only?" I reached over and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. She wasn’t wearing a bra so her perfect titties swung free, nipples still painfully hard. Antwan reached between the front seats, stopping before he touched her.

“Is it okay?” he said to me.

“Be my guest,” I said smiling, Val said nothing she was in heaven. Antwan massaged her tits and rolled her rocky nipples between his large black fingers. She groaned and pumped up and down quicker on his monster black meat. It was a sight to behold: my wife’s tiny white hand gripping a huge, black cock, the foreskin bunching at the head as she reached the top.

A rumbling grabbed my attention and Valerie jumped. “Jesus, babe, watch the road,” she said, not letting go of Antwan’s cock, I laughed and got back between the lines.

“You expect me to watch the road while you’re doing that?

“Well, then pull off somewhere and park. I don’t want to die in a fiery crash just at the point where I’ve got a God-cock in my hands.”

“God-cock?” Antwan chuckled. “I’ve never heard that one…but I kinda like it.” I got off the highway and parked on a country road, behind a copse of trees and bushes. When I parked, I looked and Val was already back at work on his cock. Seeing it in plain view now instead of through the mirror, it was that much more impressive. I reached over and started unbuttoning Val’s shorts. She got up on her knees in the seat to help facilitate. When I pulled her shorts and panties off, juices ran down her legs and her pretty, white pussy lips were splayed apart in anticipation of sex. It looked sexy as hell, and it was then I noticed my cock was straining to get out. A small rivulet of her juices ran down the inside of each of her legs.

“Damn, babe, you are soaked. Maybe you should get in the back.” She looked at me and smiled wantonly.

“Honey, I’m going to climb in the back and get fucked by a huge…black…cock. Okay?”

“Good with me. Enjoy yourself,” I said briefly rubbing her juicy pussy as she scrambled between the seats into the back seats of the SUV.

Before she even got settled in, she plunged his meaty black cock into her mouth. She could only get about four or five inches of his 11 inches into her mouth but she kept trying to push more in. Her lips were stretched around his massive girth. She gagged a couple of times, while sucking him in, but she never stopped working her mouth on him. His big hand was tangled in her blonde hair, pushing her pretty face further down on his cock until she choked. He pulled his cock out to let her breathe and he slapped her face with it, leaving spit marks on her cheeks.

“I think your wife likes my cock,” Antwan said smiling at me.

“I can’t blame her,” I said truthfully, “what woman wouldn’t?”

“I love you honey,” Val said with his black cock laying against her face, “Thank you for letting me do this,” before stuffing it back into her mouth and pushed her head down again. She was really getting into it, blowing spit out around the sides of his cock and grunting with each thrust. She suddenly stopped and pulled it out of her mouth, looking into Antwan’s face.

“Will you fuck me with this beautiful black cock?” She licked the head while she waited for his reply.

He looked at me, “That okay with you?”

"Yeah. I think she needs it. Just don’t cum inside her.”

“I’ll try not to,” he said lifting her up off his lap. He aimed her pussy over his monster cock and slowly slid her down onto it. I had a perfect view from where I sat. His meaty, plum-sized head pushed against her, her juices flowing over him. As she slid down, his cock head parted her lips and over-stretched her pussy to accept his meatiness. She groaned as about five inches slid into her.

“Oh my God, baby!” she said putting a hand on his stomach, stopping him from going in any further.“Baby, his cock is amazing!” she said, as she slowly started to pulse up and down on it. It was so hot, I had to get some release as well. I pulled my own stiffened cock out of my pants and started stroking it. It was nowhere near the size of the giant cock now fucking my wife, which was probably two times longer and three times as big around as mine. Quite a sight to watch.

I reached back and stroked my wife’s butt as it moved up and down. She slowly got more and more of his cock in as she went and I now noticed there was probably seven inches in her. It was stretching her pussy beyond belief as his cock seemed to get girthier the further down she went. She turned to look at me and whispered “Big, black cock” as she worked up and down on him. Every ten strokes of so, Val would shudder and her butt cheeks jiggled enticingly. I’m sure she was cumming hard as she exclaimed, “Oh fuck, yeah! That’s good!”

After each orgasm, she pushed another inch into her abused pussy and she was eating it up.“Fuck me with that black cock, fuck me,” she chanted as he stroked into her. “Oh God, your cock is magnificent. I love your black cock.”A minute later she got up off him, her pussy making a popping sound as his meat slipped out. She turned around to face me as she grabbed his meat and slid it back in. Now I had a good view of her pussy getting stretched and her pretty, tanned tits swinging in front of me as he fucked her. He was in about nine inches now and her eyes were closed and she grunted with each of his thrusts. His big, black hands held her white hips and he was forcing his big cock in as deep as she would allow. Her cum was coating his cock and a sloppy squishing sound filled the car. “Give it to me,” she groaned. “Oh God, I’m cumming again! Ahhh, oh yes, yes YES!”

Finally, Val opened her eyes and looked at me while he fucked her, and she smiled,“Good?” I asked.

“Fucking fantastic!”

“What’s fucking you?” I teased her causing her to smile at me.

“A big…black…cock,” she said enunciating the words with each of his thrusts.

“Are you a black cock slut?”

“Fuck yes, I am, I love his cock. I never want him to stop. I’ve already cum ten times.”

“Here, suck this,” I said pointing my cock at her face. She slid between the seats and sucked my cock in easily after sucking the ‘God-cock’. I watched her suck as I watched her get fucked; my own cock in her mouth and the monster black cock stretching her pussy beyond belief. I pushed up into her mouth and she sucked me harder. “I’m getting ready to cum,” I told her.

“So am I,” grunted Antwan.

I was on the verge and him saying he was ready to cum pushed me closer to the edge. “Don’t cum inside her!” I warned him.

He only replied “Unh, unh, unh.”

Val came off my cock and looked me in the face as he pounded her harder. I noticed almost all of his black God cock was pumping deep inside her now. “I want him to cum inside me, baby”, she said with a pleading look on her face.

“No, honey, you can’t. There’s no protection.”

Antwan was grunting louder. Val started grunting in response. “It feels so good. I want it, baby. His cock is buried in my guts. It’s part of me and I’m starting to cum again.”

“No, baby, no,” I pleaded.

“Yes, oh God, I’m cumming!” she screamed.

“Baby, no!”

She turned and looked at Antwan and said, “Fill me up, black man. I want you to cum inside my married pussy.”

“No!” I think I yelled as Val sucked my cock back into her mouth and I started cumming.

“Yes!” I yelled.

“Yes!” she yelled.

“Yes!” Antwan yelled as he grunted, again and again, filling my wife’s married, white pussy with his monster black cock and flooding her womb with his cum. He thrust into her like a barbarian.

As I came, I could see his cock flexing into her, his ball sack contracting as he dumped his massive hot load into her. Valerie was cumming hard, grunting and screaming with each of his thrusts. Some of my cum leaked out of her mouth and dribbled down my cock. She sucked me dry as I humped her face. Her head laid lifeless in my lap with cum running out of her mouth. I could still see Antwan’s cock buried to the hilt inside her impossibly stretched pussy. Cum flowed out of her around his massive, veined cock. As long as he was, he had to be buried in her womb and his entire load was deep inside her, now leaking out onto the car seat.

I cleaned myself up some and drove off to the city with my naked, cum covered wife laying in the muscular arms of a huge-cocked black Adonis. Most of the time I could see her in the mirror sucking absentmindedly on his limp cock. She slapped her face with it and smiled as if remembering her dozen orgasms. “Honey?” she said looking at me in the mirror.

“Yes, baby.”

“I’m a black cock slut and I’m happy, thank you for letting me find out for myself.”

“Baby, you’re a black cock goddess and I’m glad you’re happy, you deserve it.”
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