I was having a drink after work with a friend & co-worker Jason, who happens to be black. My friendship with him was comfortable and informative because I could ask him anything to do with racial issues and he’d always give the straight answer and never get pissed off.

At one point during the night, he asked me about Beth, my wife, and said she seemed uncomfortable around him the few times he’d seen her.

So, I leveled with him.

“Beth is a racist, Jason, and she’s uneasy around blacks, especially men,” I told him. He seemed surprised.

“Hard to imagine you’d marry a racist.”

“Well, I didn’t know at the time. I was probably concentrating on her hot body and great ass, so it never came up.”

“She does have a great ass,” Jason said laughing.

“Oh, you’ve noticed my wife’s ass?” I chuckled.

“Who hasn’t, Dude? It’s world class and it’s the talk of the guys at work.”

“Didn’t know that. Even you, huh?”

“Yeah, I’m not dead. I just keep quiet because she’s the wife of a friend,” Jason said looking into his whisky glass.

“That’s interesting,” I said.

“How so?” he said looking up.

“Well, it’s never come up but I really am hooked on interracial porn and I even thought about asking Beth, one time, if she’d be interested in trying a big, black cock so I could watch. But Later I found out she is such a rabid racist that I never brought it up because I knew it would never happen.”

Jason barked out a laugh.

“Well, son of a bitch! Never would have guessed that about you, or her for that matter. But I’ll tell you what brother. If you ever need my help in that arena, I’m here for you. Just to help out, you know.”

“Very generous of you,” I said laughing it off, “but like I said, she would ‘never’ go for it, so you can keep your gun in the holster.”

We finished our drinks, and each went home. I have to admit, I couldn’t get that picture out of my head: Jason on top of Beth, giving her his big, black cock. Didn’t even know how he was hung but it was still a hot scenario for me to ponder, however futile.

On the way home, I figured out how to make it happen. I told Jason the next day at work. He was “all in” because apparently, he’d been wanting to fuck Beth for years.

So, I set it up.

“Baby,” I said, "next time we have sex, I want you to try a blindfold…maybe even tie you up some.”

“Oooo, sounds kinky. You gonna make me your slave?”

“Yeah, something like that,” I teased her.

“Mmmm, sounds yummy. How about Friday night?”

“Works for me,” I said.

We were set. I told Jason and he showed up early Friday night. I already had her hands tied to the bedposts and she was squirming around on the bed begging me to fuck her.

I walked in on Jason getting ready to tell him the ground rules and he was already naked. He turned around I was astonished at the size of his cock, which was monstrous.

“Holy shit, dude! That thing is ridiculous. Where do you put that thing when you’re dressed?”

He smiled.

“I’ve learned to tuck it between my legs, and it stays there most of the time.”

“Your cock looks like it’s a foot long and big around as my wrist.”

“Eleven inches when it’s fully hard., last I measured. You think Beth will like it?”

“The size? Fuck yeah! The color? I don’t know. That remains to be seen. I’m going to blindfold her before you come in. You can get as raunchy as you want and push her racist limits. Just one thing…don’t cum in her pussy. If she got pregnant with a black baby, she just night lose her shit and I can’t risk that. Anywhere else is fine, just not her pussy.”

I went in and blindfolded her and told her I had a big cock surprise for her.

“A big dildo? Mmmm, I can’t wait. My pussy is already wet.”

“Nope,” I said letting the suspense build, “a real cock, a big one.”

She went quiet and stopped squirming.

“Are you serious? How big?”


“Oh God,” she said and started squirming again. “You’re really going to let me fuck another guy?”

“Yeah. What do you think?”

She smiled, blindfold still in place and said…”

“I think you’re the best husband ever and I’m really going to enjoy this. But you’re not going to let me see it?”

“That’s the plan, baby,” I said opening the door. “Come on in bachelor number one.”

Jason walked in sporting a foot-long, rock-hard black cock and a big smile when he saw Beth naked, spread eagle in front of him. Her pussy was soaked and glistening in the room light.

She couldn’t see him but involuntarily humped her bare pussy up towards him. He crawled across the bed and instantly buried his tongue in her juicy pussy.

Beth let out a growly groan and said, “Oh my God!” as he started devouring her pussy.

The sight was awesome: Beth, a petite white woman lying there with a large black man between her legs eating her for all she was worth. I took my phone out and took a picture.

She grunted and squealed “Yes! Lick my little pussy!” as he worked on licking her. At last she shuddered, legs shaking as she came hard.

Jason got up and moved up to her head. He grabbed his meaty, black cock and rubbed it roughly across her face. I got more pics. He slapped her face with it a couple times.

“Oh fuck!” she said, “your cock feels huge. Please, let me suck it?”

He grabbed her head, blindfold still tightly in place, and shoved his cock into her mouth. She went crazy sucking and licking his huge black cock as I snapped pictures of my racist wife doing what she’ d never knowingly do.

She was obsessed sucking him hard as he tried to shove that big cockhead down her throat. She gagged but kept sucking. He’d pull it out briefly to give her air and she’d lick her own saliva off his now shiny black cock. Then he’d shove it in again seemingly trying to gag her with it but she was a champ, doing her best to take it all.

I untied her hands since she wasn’t fighting him face-fucking her.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth with a ‘pop!’ And he whispered in her ear.

“Your husband says I can’t cum in your pussy, although I really want to.”

“Oh God, please, I want you to. Please put your big cock inside me.”

He flipped her over, face down on bed, and again whispered to her.

“Oh, I’m going to put it inside you. But I’m going to take your pretty ass like I’m fucking a twelve-year-old girl’s ass.”

“Wait!” she pleaded. “I’ve never done that before. I don’t think your cock will fit! Please fuck my pussy.”

He grabbed some lube off the nightstand and lubed his middle finger.

“Oh, you’ll be surprised. I’ll make it fit “ he said shoving his finger into her ass.

She screamed but I think it was just the shock of having her virgin ass penetrated, not from the pain of it. I think this because she pushed her perfect little ass up to him, meeting his thrusts.

He worked her ass like that for a good five minutes, making her groan and squeal with pleasure.

“God that feels fantastic!”

He looked at me smiling.

“She’s a natural slut. I can't believe you've never fucked her ass before.”

He pulled his finger out, squirted some lube in her asshole and placed his big cock-head firmly against her asshole.

“You ready, slut?”

“I don’t know if I can…”

She was cut off by him jamming his black cock halfway into her ass.

“Oh fuck!!” she yelled out.

He slammed it in again.

“Oh, fuck me! Oh, Jesus fuck!”

He rhythmically humped his huge cock into her butt, still only about halfway in but the veins on his cock were bulging and the skin slid back and forth as he fucked her.

Then she surprised me.

“God, I love your big cock in my ass. Your cock owns my body. I want you to cum hard inside my ass. I’m your slut. Make me your cum slut."

I was taking pictures all the while and caught an evil grin cross Jason’s face.

He laid down on her naked body, his black cock still halfway into her ass humping away.

“Would you still want me to cum in your pretty white ass…” he said into her ear as he removed the blindfold, “now that you realize it’s a big, black nigger cock buried in your white ass?”

His face was right next to hers and she could see his black face and his black hands holding her wrists.

I thought she was going to be furious.

She surprised me again.

She closed her eyes as Jason was still humping her ass. Her whole body started shaking uncontrollably.

“Ah, you got it bad, huh?” he said seductively.

She didn’t answer. She just trembled with him atop her, hard black cock still halfway inside her and him kissing the side of her face. She didn’t pull away so he kissed her full on the lips and she kissed him back.

He broke the kiss off.

“Who’s your black daddy, Beth.?”

She didn’t answer.

“You want me to cum inside you?”

She nodded yes.

Another surprise for me and maybe her.

“Then who’s your black daddy?”

“You,” she mumbled.

“Say it,” he demanded.

She paused, still trembling

“You’re my black daddy,” she said clearly.

“Good,” he said, “and what do you want?”

She replied immediately.

“I want my new black daddy to fuck me hard until he dumps his nigger cum in my white, married ass!”

He chuckled.

"In front of your husband?"

"Jesus! Do it. Fuck me hard!"

“See how easy that was?” Jason said.

And he shoved the entire 11 inches of rock-hard black cock deep into her ass.

“Oh fuck! Yes!" she screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me, Black Daddy! Fuck me like I’m your white slave!”

That shocked the hell out of me.

Not Jason. Jason laid into her with all he had. He slammed his cock home, again and again, Beth shouting ‘yes!’ with each thrust. The headboard slammed against the wall like a sledgehammer.

It was an erotic sight. Jason’s shiny black skin pressed against her white skin, his huge black cock pile driving to the hilt with each thrust and my wife’s back arched, pushing her ass up to meet each savage thrust.

"Here it comes, slave."

Then he came…hard. His black balls slapped against her ass sending shockwaves throughout her body. His black cock swelled and stretched her beyond belief.

His last three thrusts dumped copious amounts of hot cum into her waiting ass. He held it there as she pushed up into him.

He pulled it out and slapped his cum- covered black cock into Beth’s waiting mouth. She cleaned him dutifully. I snapped pictures of my previously racist wife licking cum off a black man’s giant cock that he had just pulled out of her ass. She licked it until it was squeaky clean.

He got dressed and started to leave.

“So? I asked.

“I think I fucked the racist outta her,” he said smiling.

I high-fived him.

“That was fucking hot, Jason. Same time next week?”

“You got it, brother. Best piece of ass I ever had.”
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