Sexting to Completion

Have you ever sexted with your wife?

I do occasionally. I’ll send a picture of my cock, small though it is. Then I’ll send her some pics of really muscled-up, good-looking guys too. She seems to like this.

Dee Dee, my wife, is a pretty blonde with a fairly strong religious background so it’s hard to get her to open up sometimes about sex and related subjects. But recently she’s seemed a little more receptive to the idea. Could be the new hormones she’s taking. She’s getting some testosterone in the mix and it seems to get her in the mood more often.

She left for Houston a couple of days ago to visit her sister. With her recent hormone inserts, she was just starting to warm up when she left for Texas. I figured by the time she got back home; she’d be hot for some intimate situations. I was right.

On her third day there, she texted me and said she was feeling horny and wished she was back home with me so I could help her out. I told her she should have taken along a vibrator to help her get off but she was hesitant at the time.

I asked her to text me a picture of her pretty, bald pussy but she said she wasn’t comfortable doing that. I suggested playing with herself so she could cum but she waived that off as well. I told her she must not be that horny if she didn’t want an orgasm but she said she just felt uncomfortable doing it and preferred I did it instead.

So, I pushed.

“What if you saw this?” I texted, sending her a pic of this muscular white guy. She said he looked yummy.

So, I pushed some more and texted another pic of a different muscular guy. She liked that one as well.

Then I sent a pic of a muscular black guy, with ripped abs and arms, much more buff than the first two.

“Oh, that’s pretty hot,” she replied. So, I sent another, this one a little older and he was pulling the top of his underwear down showing the base of what looked like a big cock.

She didn’t reply right away.

She knew I had a fantasy of watching her having sex with a well-hung black guy because I’d mentioned it before. At one point, she went along with the fantasy and we used a big, black dildo on her, which she seemed to like. I’m not sure why, but not too long after that, she dropped the idea altogether. And she didn’t respond well when I brought it up. So, I let it go.

But I thought sexting a hot pic to her when she was miles away might not be so bad for her.

After a couple of minutes, she texted back.

“Pretty hot. You’re killing me. Please stop.”

The ‘please stop’ was off-putting but it seemed the picture was enough to get her juices going, leading to the ‘You’re killing me” comment. If it weren’t enticing, then it wouldn’t be killing her, right? So, I pushed a little harder and sent another.

This one was a full nude pic of a buff black guy with a big cock hanging down. This guy was built in all areas.

Her response took longer this time.

“Did you pass out?” I asked. “Can you imagine that inside you, hitting all the right spots and making you cum like crazy?” I asked. I knew I was pushing hard but I wanted her to think about it and be able to look at the pic later if she so desired.

It still took a while.

“Yes, I can,” she texted.

Whoah! She can? That was pretty hot and extremely open for her.

“Could you imagine cumming on that cock? I’d like to see that.”

“Yes, I can. This is getting uncomfortable. Please stop.”

“Okay. Just one more before you go to bed. Sweet dreams,” I texted, sending her a GIF of a big, black cock, fully erect, swaying back and forth over the guy’s rock-hard abs. “I’m picturing that inside your sweet, bald, married pussy making you cum hard. My little fantasy.”

She replied almost immediately.

“OMG! I gotta go.” And she was gone.

Disgusted? I thought. Overcome with horniness? I wondered. Pissed off at me for pushing too hard? I hoped not. But I figured it gave her something to ponder as she tried to get to sleep.

I let it go for a couple of days and then texted her.


“Yes,” she came back immediately. “I’m throbbing.”

“Oooo, throbbing is good,” I said. “Here’s one to keep you throbbing.” And I sent her a pic of another well-built guy, white this time with no sex parts showing.

“Whoah, nice,” she texted back. I wanted to send more but I thought I’d keep her guessing and stopped completely.


With three days left before my wife’s return, I headed to the local gym. I had a reason. My wife seemed to have a liking for muscular men, so a gym made sense. And in our area, black guys were pretty uncommon, so I figured a gym was a safe place and they’d be easy to spot.

After a light workout, I headed to the showers and hit a brick wall. No black guys at all. So, like Uncle Pervy, I hung out in the shower for a while, taking my time.

A little later a guy came in, black at least, but he was in worse shape than me and his dick wasn’t all that big, so I let it go.

Just as I was getting wrinkled as a raisin, an excellent prospect came in. I’d seen him in the workout area but he was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants so I couldn’t tell anything about his body.

When he dropped his towel and stepped into the shower, my mouth was probably hanging open. First off, this guy was black, I mean African black. And he was built, muscles bulging at his shoulders, arms, chest, abs, and legs. But that wasn’t all.

Fuck! Was he ever hung? It was soft but hung about 7 inches long and puffed up. I figured when he got hard, he was probably two to three times as big as me. He caught me staring as he walked by and I looked away, but he had caught me dead to rights and grinned. My dick was shriveled worse than normal being in the water as long as I was.

I looked one more time and saw his back, a rack of muscles looking toned, hard, and shiny black.

My wife would love it. Or so I thought.

So, I planned on approaching him. Approaching a guy coming out of the gym showers wasn’t something I would ever do and it was probably a good way to get your ass beaten, so I was trepidatious and waited. I took a while and watched him finish, dry off, and head for his locker. When he got there, I approached.

“Hey, man,” I said shaking.

He turned a hard look at me.

“This is strange, but I wanted to ask you something. Could you meet me in the gym’s juice bar once we’re both dressed?” I asked. I didn’t wait for a reply. I turned and walked. I got dressed and waited in the juice bar.

The place was fairly empty, which I thought would make it easier to talk about what I wanted but also make it easier for him to punch me out with few witnesses if he got pissed.

After ten minutes, he came out of the locker rooms and headed my way, looking a little mad.

Fuck, I’m dead, I thought.

He didn’t sit. He stood over me.

“Look man,” he started, “if you’re gay, that’s not my thing. I ain’t got time for this shit.”

Gay? Fuck!

“No! Fuck no! I am not gay. That’s not what I want at all,” I said, my brain freaking out.

“Then what is it?”

“Could you grab a seat?”

“What is it? Then I might sit.”

I looked around. Nobody was close by so I went for it.

“I want you to fuck my wife.”

He still looked at me hard. Then a broad smile crossed his face and he clapped his big hand on my shoulder.

“Oh, okay,” he said sitting down. “Now I get you. Let’s talk.”

So, we did.

And it went well.


After that, I teased my wife with a couple more sexy pics and some nude black guys and I got a decent response every time, which was encouraging.



“Oh, yummy!”

With that, I decided I could try my little plot.


The guy, Devon, showed up on time Saturday around noon, the day Dee Dee was due to return.

He turned out to be a nice guy after he found out why I was acting squirrelly. We sat in our driveway, waiting for my wife and we talked: some about what might happen when she arrived, some just about how we liked living in the area, and some about how I got this fantasy we were working on fulfilling.

Oh yeah, by the way, we were both naked.

Me, pasty white with a smallish pink half-hard penis, and him pitch black, racked with bulging muscles and at least a 9-inch soft black cock.

We sat in folding lounge chairs in the driveway near the house. From where we sat, no one driving by on the road could see us and my wife wouldn’t be able to see us until she got to the top of the driveway. His plump, soft cock lay over the edge of the chair seat looking like a sleeping black snake.

As we talked, it was difficult not to look at that thing. We both were sweating in the noon sun, me getting pink and him getting darker black. His cock seemed to grow in the heat but not harden. It was amazing to look at and imagine that thing inside my wife’s bald, white pussy. It was exciting and my dicklet twitched.

“I’m sorry,” I told him, “your cock is amazing looking.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot. I’m blessed that way. You sure you’re not gay.”

“Definitely. I just really want to see my wife get the fuck out of her life underneath you. I’ve thought about it and can’t explain the driving reason behind it, but it’s there and I’ve had it for almost our entire marriage. I hope she goes for this and doesn’t just drive away when she sees us.”

“Me too. The pictures you showed me of her were hot. I think I could get into a hot, older woman.”

He laughed.

“Get into. I didn’t mean it that way, but it fits, huh?”

“Mmm, yeah, it does.”

Just then we heard a car approaching.

I could tell it was Dee Dee’s car by the little pinging one of the back wheels made.

“That’s her,” I said.

I got nervous and sat up some.

He sat there cool and collected except for the fact he had a sheen on his muscled black body from the sun beating down on us.

The car turned into the driveway and we could hear it coming up.

Her white SUV topped the rise and stopped.

We were in full view of her.

My dick was hard. His was starting to plump up and harden some as well.

She looked at us.

I waved.

She didn’t wave back.

Oops, not a good sign, I thought.

She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel and just stared.

I looked over at Devon. He had half a hard-on now and it was impressive. It pulsed, waving in the air.

“So?” he said, “Is she going to park or what?” he asked.

“I can’t tell.”

Finally, she let off the brake and rolled past us to where she normally parked. But she didn’t get out.

“Well at least she parked,” I said.

Devon was looking at her car. She still sat there, fidgeting around some.

His cock twitched again and was almost all the way hard…10 inches at least and magnificent.

Dee Dee opened the door and cautiously stepped out.

She looked fabulous.

Her hair was done up, her makeup was flawless, and she wore a button top and a sundress-type skirt that floated around in the breeze. She took off her sunglasses and looked our way.

This is it, one way or the other, I thought.

She walked over to us and stood between our chairs, smiling.

She reached down and gently stroked my dick, which was hard and aching.

I smiled.


“Hey, yourself,” she said still smiling.

Then she looked at Devon.

“And you are?”

“Here to fuck you,” he said like it was nothing. In another few seconds, his cock was turgid: rock hard and pulsing, shiny black in the hot sun.

I about **********.

But her smile broadened.

She reached down with her other hand and stoked his masterpiece. It was rock hard, the glistening black foreskin sliding up and down his shaft as she pumped it.

I almost came watching.

She pulled on his cock until he stood up.

He stood a foot taller than her, and she held onto his cock like she’d never let it go.

“Then come fuck me, stud.”

They walked off towards the house, her leading him by his cock and him grabbing her ass under her sundress.

She looked back at me.

“Remember, you’re the one who wanted this,” she smiled. “You coming?”

I jumped up and followed after them, my hard dick swinging in the wind. As I walked by her car, I saw her panties hanging on the turn signal.


By the time I got in there, they were already in the third bedroom; her sitting on the edge of the bed, shirtless and braless, buttons from her shirt scattered across the carpet. He stood in front of her, towering over her, pushing his meaty cock in and out of her mouth.

I stopped in the doorway, stunned.

This was my dream.

Looked like it might be my wife’s dream as well. She looked over at me stroking my little cock and smiled at me as well as she could with her lips wrapped around his monster black cock.

She was groaning as he shoved himself in and out of her mouth. Her lips, in red lipstick, cinched around his massive, black organ, and her hand grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling him deeper into her face.

Devon had the back of her head, gripping her blonde ponytail, forcefully thrusting her head down on himself. She didn’t fight but struggled to take his giant black cock. She choked and pulled her head back briefly, but after catching her breath, she downed his meat again, sucking harder than I’d ever seen her.

This was my wife. She was being face-fucked by a muscled black God cock and I was rock hard and stroking myself.

He pulled his shiny black cock out of Dee Dee’s mouth and slapped her face several times with it. It looked and sounded hefty as it smacked her face but she never looked away. It looked like it was revving her up.

“You like my black cock?”

“God, yes,” she said between blows from his cock.

“Your husband said he wants to see you get the fuck of your life from me and my big, black cock.”

She looked at me. He kept smacking her with his meat.

“Yeah, he’s a good husband.”

“Is that what you want? Huh? You want me to give you the fuck of your life?”

She buried her face in his cock and balls and rubbed it around, making yummy sounds like she was possessed.

She looked up.

“Yes, I do.”

She grabbed his cock by the base, still 8 inches poking out at her, and squeezed.

“I want this big, fucking black cock buried in my married, white pussy. And I want you to fuck me hard!”

Holy shit! Was this my wife?

He stood her up and ripped off her skirt, revealing she had no panties. All she was wearing was the white pumps I bought her before she left.


His black hand grabbed her mound and sunk in a large finger between her pussy lips. She groaned like she’d just cum and she humped herself against his hand. Then he slipped in another and she groaned anew. As he thrust two large fingers in and out of her, he sucked on one of her milky breasts, sending her off on another orgasm. She grunted with each savage thrust, her pussy lips slurping with wetness.

“God!” she said before her body started shaking uncontrollably. She humped herself against his hand and fingers as he continued sucking on her nipples. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his sucking mouth hard against her breasts.

“Ugh, Ugh, Ugh” she called out with his sucking and thrusting, looking like a woman in heat, consumed.

“Fuck me!” she called out.

He grabbed her and threw her on the bed. That threw her off guard but when she hit the mattress, she writhed around like she was in heat, rubbing her hard nipples and pinching her clit.

She looked hot! Her pussy lips were splayed apart and she was drenched in her juices.

“Fuck me, black man.”

“My name is Devon, you white slut.”

“Then fuck me, Devon. Make me yours. I wanna become your black cock slut.”

I couldn’t believe what my wife was saying.

Devon crawled onto the bed, between Dee Dee’s legs, his monster black cock jutting out like a sword…a sword he was going to stick inside my wife’s bare pussy.

“Put it in for me,” Devon said.

Dee Dee hesitated and looked at me.

Was she having second thoughts?

“He’s talking to you,” she grunted.

That’s when I looked at Devon’s face and he was staring dead at me.

“You want it in her? You put it there,” he demanded.

I hesitated.

“Baby, please! I want it bad,” Dee Dee pleaded to me.

Like a dream, I walked over to the bed, grabbed his unbelievably hard black cock, and placed the plum-sized head against my wife’s pussy.

He pushed it in and she exploded.

“Fuck her like you own her,” I told him.

He smiled.

“I do own her, mother fucker. This pussy belongs to me.”

I was so stunned that I almost forgot to let go of him.

Devon shoved about five inches into her and she screamed.

“Oh God!”

I came on the sheets next to them, not even touching myself.

“God, it’s so big!” she yelled as he started pumping it into her, still only managing about five to six inches.

Its blackness pushed in and out of my wife’s beautiful, white pussy. She grunted with each thrust. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open grunting away, her head flailing from side to side.

He had a man-sized cock and he knew how to use it. Dee Dee was losing control.

“Oh God, yes, fuck me! Give me that black cock!”

Devon pushed a little deeper and Dee Dee took it, with no complaint.

He laid down on Dee Dee, still pumping away at her, her body sprawled across the bed, white and supple underneath his dark, black hardness, his back and ass muscles twitching with every thrust.

He whispered in her ear.

“You want all of it?”

“Yes,” she groaned.

“You want all 11 inches of my black cock inside you?”

“God, yes!” she said louder.

“Then beg me,” he whispered.


“I said Beg me. Tell me you want all 11 inches of my black cock inside you.”

“Put it all in me,” she said between gasps.

“Beg me to put all 11 inches of my black cock inside your pussy.”

“Please,” she begged gasping, “put all your 11 inches of black cock inside me.”

“It’s gonna stretch you.”

“Then stretch me!” she yelled.

“It’s gonna hurt,” he said louder.

“Then hurt me! I want all of you inside me. Fill me with your black cock. I’m your slut. My pussy belongs to you. Do it in front of my husband. He wants to see it but I want to feel it all. Fuck me! Fuck me deep!” she yelled.

He did.

He slammed that giant cock inside her, to the hilt, his full girth, his full length. I heard it hit the bottom

“OH FUCK!” Dee Dee screamed.

And he pounded her pussy hard. His black cock slammed inside her unprotected pussy like a jackhammer. She screamed with each thrust. The headboard banged on the wall like someone trying to break down a door.

I was awestruck, watching him fuck my wife. His body was rock hard, chiseled, and glistening. His huge cock, black and coated with my wife’s juices, seemed to grow larger as he pounded away at her. Her legs pointed straight at the ceiling, shaking in orgasm as his cock pummeled her.

She wrapped her legs around his back pulling him in. As he lay on her, he whispered again to her.

“You want me to cum inside you?”

“Cum inside me!” she ordered.

“You want a black man’s cum inside your married white pussy?”

“I love you. Fill me with your cum, lover!”

Then he kissed her. Full on the mouth, tongues intertwined, and she kissed him back like she’d lost all control.

That shocked me.

Of everything going on to my wife, right in front of me, them kissing like lovers hit me the hardest. As frantic as they were going at it, at that moment, they were lovers.

Lovers. What have I done?

Then my wife’s words hit me.

You’re the one who wanted this.

I did. I still do.

I was rock hard again.

Devon was pounding away at Dee Dee’s pussy. She groaned and wept as his monster cock pounded her bald pussy, turning her into a different woman, turning her into a black cock slut. She was in heaven.

It’s what I’d hoped for, wasn’t it?

Then he came…hard.

Long, deep thrusts, his hard ass cheeks flexed and released, driving him, driving his cum deep into my wife’s waiting pussy.

“Oh, fuck yes!!!!!!” she screamed.

He thrust into her six more times, obviously dumping a huge load of his cum deep inside her, into her womb. He held it there and shivered as she spasmed underneath him, holding onto his butt cheeks, her pale white hands pulling his ass and his cock in as deep as it would go.

He finished and slid his cock out.

It was still mostly hard, covered in her juices and his cum.

And the cum just flowed out of her pussy like a river.

He lay beside her and held her in his arms. She still shivered from the orgasmic aftershock, cum bubbling out of her in seemingly endless supply.

After a few minutes, Devon got up and got dressed. Dee Dee was asleep on the bed, soaked in his sweat and his cum. It was a sight.

“How was that?” Devon said smiling.

“Fuck man, you rocked her world. I’ve never seen her like that. Thank you.”

“Anytime,” he said walking off.

I sat on the bed by Dee Dee, still asleep, residual cum leaking from inside her. I stroked her stomach.

I noticed something in her hand. A piece of paper.

It read:


/ Devon, 839-1919 /

/ For the fuck of your life /


I thought about throwing the note away.

And she would call him, wouldn’t she? What woman wouldn’t?

I stuffed the note back in her hand.

That slick bastard knew I would.
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