A few weeks after the end of chapter one during one of our training sessions my girlfriend had me put my dick in her, I was confused but I fucked the mess out of her until she started laughing and told me to "Get your worthless cock out of my pussy!" After she got me in my restraints and tweaked my nipples for a while. she asked, "How would you feel if your stepdaughter knew you sucked cuck?"

A few days after picking up Ekpo at the airport from a trip home. My girlfriend and I were having another training session, I was in my restraints when she told me she had told Ekpo that I ****** her to have sex with me. She then called for Ekpo to come in from the other room, as punishment she gave my mouth to Ekpo.

While sucking his dick, I heard footsteps coming up our stairs. I tried to pull away but the bitch held my head down as my stepdaughter opened the door Ekpo started pumping my throat extra hard to the point of me choking. After taking it all in my stepdaughter yelled "What the hell is going on?!" and ran back out the door with my Girlfriend right behind her saying she would explain. Now humiliated Ekpo stopped and walked away leaving me in my restraints to wait for what was to come next?

When my girlfriend returned she had my stepdaughter with her. She tweaked my nipples partly to show my stepdaughter how it is done and partly to get me to admit to being a cuckold. My stepdaughter called me a worthless faggot and slapped the living shit outta me. I got an instant and embarrassing erection that made my stepdaughter recoil but my girlfriend laughed and slap me again, "She needs to know just how submissive you are."

A short time later my girlfriend put a dildo we call "Bo" in my ass and made me sit flat down on the hot patio concrete as she and my stepdaughter looked at me in disgust. As I sat there trying not to move my stepdaughter came to the door and said that she was going to "fix me." (This dildo I had in my ass was one that grows as it is warmed. I was sweating, ashamed, embarrassed, and hurting.

That evening my girlfriend and Ekpo left on a date, I was alone with my now angry, hateful, demanding stepdaughter. I had never looked at her in any kind of way except for being my heart, I was sad and angry with my girlfriend, and Ekpo for doing this!

After they left my stepdaughter came to the patio door and told me to clean up, cook dinner and wash her clothes. She then told me that her mother wouldn't be home until Sunday.

This is where I learned that when my girlfriend had told me that my stepdaughter "needed to know just how submissive I am" just what that meant! The little bitch went into her luggage and pulled out all her dirty clothes including her period clothes and set them at my feet, she slapped me 5 or 6 times until her phone rang again as I took her clothes and headed for the washer and then to the bathroom to clean myself up before starting dinner. it occurred to me that apparently, for this weekend while her mother was away I was her cuck so she could learn just how submissive I am.

I could hear it was her punk ass boyfriend whom I truly hated. My stepdaughter was telling him to come over and spend the weekend with her. When that pothead Bastard got to the house. I saw another side of my stepdaughter I never thought I would, this was the first time I saw her kissing a boy. I was aroused as they sat on the couch making out. She called me into the living room to bring them drinks. After two drinks they went into my room (her old bedroom) and he fucked her like she was a *****! I couldn't help myself listening to her moans. I pumped myself about 20 times and came all over the floor, A little while after they had finished she came out. I was hurt, turned on, mad, and lost. "Were you listening?"

I chimed in that I couldn't help but hear. She laughed "What exactly do you do when Ekpo is fucking my mom?" Embarrassingly, I told her the truth, I told her how I must clean up their mess and their sexual parts. She laughed, slapped me, and told me to open my mouth, she spit into it until her throat was clear. She then made a phone call as she put me outside on the patio. I could hear her talking to her friends inviting them over, this was going to be the most humiliating night of my pathetic life!
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