I'm a Certified Welder and shop Supervisor, today was a rough day, the shop was incredibly hot, and I just wanted to get home and relax but upon entering my dwelling my girlfriend was naked except for her stilettos, I had bought her the previous weekend. She was laying on the couch, Her legs spread dripping semen.

she looks at me and smiled "Get on your knees and crawl to me."

As I reach her, I watched her middle finger slide into her wetness. I groaned lustfully. She reached out allowing me a taste and then she rubbed Ekpo over my lips as she instructed me to sit back and observe. She slid her legs down and I could see his semen thick and slimy oozing out of her, She pulled me to her with one hand and dialed Ekpo with the other.

"This perv wants to thank you."

She then put the phone on speaker and set it on the table as she instructed me to thank her lover, which I did in earnest. She slapped me, "BEG him to come back and fuck me All night," I did. As she picked the phone up to speak with Ekpo I thought I was going to cum in my pants without even touching myself.

Ekpo told her that he wouldn't be able to come for the night, he had a very important meeting the next day and would not want to leave if he did. She sat the phone down and with a menacing laugh started to tweak my nipples! "What should we do?.." I could barely breathe as she licked her lips "What are we going to do?" I don't know what made me do it but I begged him to spend the night with my girlfriend.

She laughed "Did he hear him?"

"He loves to know that you're getting fucked properly."

"It's not that he wants me fucked well, it's that he loves his daddy's cum!" Once they had made arrangements she told me to make her a drink and clean her.

I made her a drink and as she laid back enjoying my cunnilinctus she looked into my eyes "Does this really turn you on?"

"I honestly love you so much!!" She sat up and we kissed. We looked each other in the eyes as she reached down and stroked me maybe 6-7 times and I shot semen all over her heeled feet, she made me clean up every drop!

I then went into the bathroom took a quick shower and ran a bath putting her scented beads in the water.

Now naked, I walked my love into the bathroom, as she enter the tub she said, "We will not stop this lifestyle... and you are not to EVER HAVE SEX with any females."

I was sponging her, preparing her for him when he called, "I am 5-minutes away."

"Leave your things in the car and come upstairs as soon as you get here."

I dried her off and she put on a super sexy fishnet bodice I had originally bought for my pleasure. Right before he arrived she sat me on my stool and started tweaking my nipples. I moaned deeply and groaned as she looked at me.

When the phone rang she answered repeating to me that he was downstairs. She told him to come up. Looking back at me as she hung up she licked her lips "I need you to do me a favor!" Tweaking my nipples "CUCK BOY, go into the closet and get the heels you want to see me fucked in?" I shot cum right then!

He knocked on the door and she called out "hold on a second!" When I was able to stand I got a pair of open-toe mule heels And placed them on her feet. I stood at her side as she opened the door. I was still naked as this was protocol for me when Ekpo was here. He didn't get inside before she was in his arms kissing him so deeply that I felt hurt. She glared at me "Why are you standing?" She slapped me hard! "You know when Ekpo is in our home, you crawl and beg for everything!"

With our front door still open, she sucked his phallus like never before! We knew Everyone in our complex. A friend of mine just so happens to pass by and saw what was going on. I was so embarrassed I dodged him for about 2 weeks. (We had an alleyway before going up our steps) My girlfriend asked Ekpo "Did you bring your overnight things?"

"Yes, they are in my car."

My girlfriend sucked him another few minutes until he came. She then aggressively told me to "Kiss Daddy's manhood and thank him for coming to stay with us."

She then instructed me to retrieve his things. When I went downstairs my big homey was in the alleyway smoking a sweet. As I passed him he just said what's up Mr. Cle. I said nothing as I wondered nervously what he had seen? After retrieving Ekpo's suitcase (which had enough clothes for A month?) I returned to our condo.

Ekpo was at work! He was fucking my girlfriend hard and deep right there in the living room. I could not believe how much he was making her cum as he continued none stop fucking her through her orgasm.

As I walked in and undressed he turned her around to look me in the eyes. I stood there in amazement at the site before me!

She told him to hold on. He stopped, when she pulled away from him I heard a loud plopped sound as if her sex was so tight it was still sucking on his manhood. She walked crookedly up to me and slapped me again! This brought me out of my "state." "You know your place is on your knees at all times when Ekpo was present!?" As I knelt I apologized. "Place your hands behind your back" I obeyed. She turned to Ekpo and took a couple of deep sucks on his cock and spat her sex juices from him into my mouth. She then pulled him closer to me and asked "How do you think you should thank Ekpo for coming to stay with us?" I started trying to suck his humongous head but she pulled my head back and said "NO, go cook dinner."
They went into the bedroom as I headed for the kitchen but not 10 seconds after I heard her call me. I crawled into the bedroom she looked at me and they both laughed. I knew I looked pitiful. She told me to open our bedroom window. I did as instructed reluctantly and returned to the kitchen to finish dinner and ate in the kitchen as I listened to this Nigerian enjoy my girlfriend, whom I was sure would be my ex-girlfriend soon!

Once they finished and came out for dinner, their dinner I served them. I was told that from now on the only way I was allowed to taste her sex was either from a condom or off his manhood. I nodded as I climbed under the table wondering if he would cum for me while I cleaned them as they ate?
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