My Mistress was out of the country for about 4 months upon her return we were busy for the next few weeks. I noticed that she was getting bitchy and suggested we have a night out at a new club in downtown Houston Texas!

The night came and Mistress had on one of her slutty tube mini dresses and black peep toe platform high heels. As we casually strolled toward the club hand in hand. There was a small group of homeless, one white guy and 2 black guys, low life's, stinky, visibly soiled derelict men that started making cat calls, along with some very rude and disrespectful remarks! I told them to fuck off!

As we entered the restaurant there were no open tables. This angered my Mistress who decided we would get something to go. We sat at a table on the patio to wait and had a few drinks, Mistress downed 4 in a short time she was very displeased with me for not having made reservations and ruining her night out.

As we waited we chatted and then these same individuals came up and were asking for handouts from the people at the tables. Before the staff could take action I begrudgingly yelled at them to get the fuck away! After I berated them for several minutes I saw a couple of nice looking white women, patrons of the club were pulling back away from the bums so I started degrading them even more.

Mistress got up, sauntered around the table to me, and started tweaking my nipples before slapping my face in front of about 30 people! Her rage at the way the evening had turned out was evident. She spoke loud and directly to me "Shut up and stop taking your failure this night out on them!.. Since you want to try and degrade another human being to make yourself feel better, you can give them your food when it arrives?" I swear 🤬 to you people were clapping! I sat there humiliated as she talked to them about the most filthy alleyway downtown?! I heard something about them getting their homeless friends together and meeting back here.

Right before our takeout arrived she started tweaking my nipples again I heard so many people laughing. She then looked at me in disgust and anger and took my collar and lead out of her purse. I bowed my head in submission for her to place it on me, this brought more laughter and cheers from the others mostly the women who loved seeing a male in bondage. The only reason I didn't come was because of my chastity device. As we walked out of the restaurant she made a show of her holding my lead and commanded me to get on my knees by her side whenever she stopped walking before we left the table which she did at every opportunity, people laughed, clapped, and taunted me!

On the street, Mistress meet up with one of the somma-bitches who took us to an open alleyway. There waiting in the shadows were not less than 5 men and a woman all homeless, dirty, and stinking. The white guy that escorted us here asked my Mistress "Are you serious?!" She nodded her head and told me to suck dick! The men grabbed me and walked me behind a dumpster as my Mistress lit up a joint and watched.

One of the filthy niggies grabbed my head and shoved his nasty cock into my mouth and started throat fucking me, the mutha fucker came in about 3 minutes, and then one of the white men pulled his dick out, he tasted like old piss sweat and semen! Once he was in my throat the mutha said that he hasn't bathed in about 2 months! I wanted to vomit! After he came I was used by the men black then white back and forth until they finished with me, some came around for seconds, and I puked twice from all the cum but not the odor I got use to it and stopped noticing it after only a few cocks.

Finished with my task Mistress stood and walked to me taking my lead in her hand she tugged on it as a sign for me to look up at her. "Pay them $100 each and thank them for the experience!" I did as she commanded happy this was over! "You have one more, I looked behind me and up against the wall next to the dumpster laying a wood pallet with some cardboard boxes as padding waiting was the homeless woman. She looked like she had not bathed in some time and I noticed from her ******* sex she was on her period!
Mistress laughed as I crawled the two feet to her from where I had been servicing the men and waited as Mistress lit another joint hit it and passed it to the woman and then grabbed a handful of the hair on the back of my head and shoved my head between her legs.
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