She asked me what else did we do? I showed her our treasure chest! She got out one of the wooden paddles and told me to turn around and bent over! She hit me, she hit me on my thighs more than my ass making me scream and jump around, I begged, saying I would take her to the mall. She laughed, "Bend over!" Then her dirtbag boyfriend (Craig) came in, she kissed him long and sweet.

"Let me pop him."

"How do you get popped when your moving around?"

I showed them my restraints. She got a kick out of our freakiness!! His phone rang thank god and he left the room. While my stepdaughter was looking through all our toys. Craig, a flunky with the Black Disciple came back in and asked her if they could have a get together? She excitedly said hell Yes! She then gave him the keys to my truck to go and get beer, weed, and liquor.

While she was curiously roaming through the toy chest, she told me to put my "SUIT" on! I stood and undressed right in front of her. She laughed, my embarrassment would not allow me to get erect. I put my belt on my waist restraint and she did the spreader bar almost splitting me open. She also put a dildo face mask on me and took pictures.

She left me like this having some libations until her bum boyfriend returned. Now tipsy and giggly, she brought him and 4 of his friends to see me, who busted out laughing. Craig grabbed the paddle from her and hit me, I screamed. He grabbed me by my chin from behind "Shut the fuck up!" I could see behind me so on his next swing I moved. It almost pulled my balls off but damn. After he missed and his friends laughed he told them to hold me still. Only 4 youngsters right? Shiiit man, I thought Ekpo had busted my ass! These youngsters had a who could make me pass out contest while my stepdaughter watched and laughed.

After about 30 minutes they got bored. I was in pain, crying and so horny! I heard them whispering and then there was a shallow light knock at the door and in walks a homosexual young man. He laughed at the site of all of us and asks me if I suck dick, I was dumbfounded? Then the #1 asshole with that god damn paddle tells me to tell the truth or we are going back to popping ass! I quickly told him that I have in the past.

Now, still face down in my restraints. This fucker sat down, slid under me, and pulled his dick out! I know my daughter caught me but now I have a room full of 18 to 20 year old youngsters being led by her sadistic ass to deal with! Before I knew it he was trying to shove his phallus in my mouth!.. asshole #1 reminded me of what else we could be doing and I opened my mouth to the dick.

After they humiliated me, Craig grabbed my ball leash and dragged me to the patio. I was crawling backward as fast as I could because I had the spreader bar on and it was attached to my humbler device.

My God, I was embarrassed and horny, I just wanted to leave but he put me outside while they partied with my money and liquor. When these motherfuckers got lit guess where their attention turned?

Bro, 10-15 of these youngsters aged 18 to 20 pulled me into the middle of MY FREAK'N LIVING ROOM! And started pitching coins to see who could make me scream the loudest. (This was my first group spanking!) (Later on, I would be spanked by 7 blood gang members for asking my girl to move) now the party was lively! Girls, boys, and the little faggot took turns! Somebody got smart and squirted baby oil all over my ass! When Craig got the paddle he jokingly asked me "Who's your daddy?" I frantically thought to myself that I had to get away from this, but I had a 290lb. Senior lineman sitting on my back so I couldn't move, when he started busting my ass I **********!

This stopped the party because they thought that I was dead! I used this to my advantage. Once I came to my stepdaughter had Craig drag me into my wife and Ekpo's bedroom, where they left me as I cried like a bitch.

All I originally wanted was to watch my girl getting fucked and eat creampies, now here I am!?

After being there for some time my stepdaughter and 3 of her friends came in and they took my "suit" off! As I played my hand with the ********** act😛! One of her friends asked permission to make me suck her pussy?! This nubile 20 year old minx! Toes, pretty lips, thick perfect round volleyball booty nice big tits, and freaky wanted to use me, things were looking up! My daughter laughed and told her to use me as she wanted.

I sucked THE juiciest pussy of my life! When she came it tasted like melted ice water! As she reveled in her post climax she asked me why do you like being dogged out? As I got ready to answer my stepdaughter walks in and came STR8T to me grabs my nipples and tells me that she just boo-boo'ed and there was no toilet paper!

Without giving me time to respond she turned and spread her cheeks and I unintentionally moaned at the sight of my stepdaughter offering me her beautiful butt hole! I could see the wrinkles around the anus itself. You could see the fecal bits left behind from not wiping. I watched her bend over and reach between her legs to tweak my nipples. This was too much after eating her friend's pussy so I stuck my tongue directly in her ass and I started slathering her until she approved.
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