This is something that had happened to me when I was first married and was about 6 months pregnant. Being pregnant made me incredibly horny and dangerously uninhibited.

I don’t think of myself as beautiful. Maybe pretty but words like comely and striking are usually used to describe me, and although I would prefer to be thought of as gorgeously sexy, I accept what I am. Nevertheless, for a pregnant woman I still have a shapely figure and firm tits.

I live with my husband Derek, who insists I wear my skirts as short as possible. I have always liked wearing short skirts because I like showing off my legs, but as I was now pregnant and my thighs have got a bit bigger I tended to cover up a bit more. but Derek insists I wear micro mini skirts all the time and I do so in order to please him.

At first I was rather self conscious about showing off my thighs, but I have to admit that I soon came to enjoy the wolf whistles, admiring glances, and crude complements I would get as I walked down the street looking like a tart. I know that being pregnant I really shouldn’t wear short skirts because it makes me look cheap, but I get a real kick from showing off and I don’t care if people thought I was a slut.

Derek was buying another car and one afternoon asked me if I wanted to come with him to look at one he'd seen advertised.
“Okay” I said.
“Wear a really short skirt.” he said. “Because I want you to distract the guy while I look over the car.”
I agreed and tried on several skirts for him, but he was not very impressed.
“I like that one.” he said, indicating a little maroon number half way up my thighs, “If it was a lot shorter.”
“What even shorter than this.” I said.
“Yes. A lot shorter. I want you to show off your sexy legs.”
I'm a sucker for flattery, so I hoisted up the skirt until it just covered my panties.
“That's better.” He said.
“It's indecent.” I laughed.
“Yes it certainly is. Go and lop four inches off it.”
Fifteen minutes later I emerged wearing a skirt that was barely decent, but which delighted Derek.
“And leave your panties off as well.” He said.
“What, with a skirt this short.” I protested. “I couldn’t.”

I have to admit that I often go out without any panties on and I enjoyed the feeling, but I had never done it in such a short skirt.
“Give the guy a good flash.” Derek had said. “While he’s looking at your pussy and your arse, I can haggle the price down.”
I did feel very vulnerable wearing that tiny skirt without any panties and a bit uneasy about doing what Derek wanted, but the idea of ******** myself to a complete stranger was making me feel incredibly sexy. It didn’t wear a bra either because my tits had begun to swell andI was just glad it was a warm day and we were going somewhere that I was unlikely to meet anyone I knew.

At the address, we found a gleaming black Volkswagen Golf Gti and as we looked over the car a man appeared. He was in his mid to late forties, unshaven and a bit rough looking, but quite nice and sexy. At first he took no noticed of me, so I lent on his garden wall trying to look seductive. Every now and then he would sneak a furtive glance in my direction and I would smile at him. I moved round the car to give him a better view and he was soon taking every opportunity to look at me.

At first I felt terribly self conscious, flaunting myself in such a blatant way, but I soon began to enjoy the way he was looking at me. I made a point of getting in and out of the car which wasn’t easy with my belly in the way and bending over a lot, deliberately showing off as much as I dared and of course, having no pants on made it even more exciting. Half of me wanted this stranger to look up my skirt and get a glimpse of my cunt and my arse, the other half of me was scared that he would. I’m pleased to say that the man couldn't take his eyes off me and must have though I was a real dirty slut, but I was loving it.

“Can I take it for a drive ?” Derek asked. “Linda can stay here, while I try it out.”
The man looked over at me. “Okay then, if she stays.”
Derek got in the car and drove off.
“I was just making coffee” the man said. “Would you like some ?”
We went round the back of the house and into a very messy kitchen which obviously lacked a woman's touch.
“Is your our wife at home ?” I asked.
“No, I'm divorced.” He said.
“I'm happily married.” I told him
“Are you really ........” he smiled at me.

“Take a seat.” He pointed to a high stool by the breakfast bar.
I attempted to sit on it but my skirt rode up so much that I only dared to perch on the edge. Even so I was showing off a lot of thigh and he was now looking at my legs quite openly which I found very exciting.
“It's nice to see a sexy looking woman wearing a skirt that short,” He said.
My mouth went dry and I mumbled something about being glad he thought so.
“You've got good legs,” he went on. “I expect you like men looking at you, don't you ?”
I knew I was blushing and I laughed to cover my embarrassment.
“Yes, of course I do.” I said brazenly. “That's why I wear short skirts.”
“Then you don't mind me looking ?” he asked.
“No, I don't mind at all.” I said. “Go ahead, enjoy yourself.”
This had got me incredibly aroused and so I became a little bolder. That was my mistake. As I tried to sit up on the stool I lost my balance and instinctively lifted my legs to try to steady myself.
The man grinned at me. “You should be more careful when your not wearing any panties.”
I could feel myself blushing scarlet and desperately tried to compose myself.
“Very nice.” He smirked. “Let me see your cunt again.”
“No.” I said indignantly. “I'm a respectable married woman.”
“Respectable women don't wear skirts right up to their arse and leave their panties off.” He laughed, “You've been flaunting yourself like a right little slut ever since you got here.
Go on, show me again, you know you want to.”

He was quite right of course. I'd got really turned on showing off and I loved the way he had looked at me. Anyway it was what Derek had told me to do, wasn't it.
“All right then.” I said, trying to sound indifferent, but my hands were shaking with excitement as I lifted up the hem of my skirt and spread my legs. I knew I was behaving like a cheap slut, but it was a deliciously sexy feeling ******** myself like that to a complete stranger. He got me to take my skirt right off and undo my blouse, and then I sat back on the stool, with my tits out, and my legs wide apart while he stood in front of me making crude remarks about how big and wet my cunt was.
He then said he wanted to see more, so I put both hands down between my legs and spread myself open for him.
“That’s good.” he said,” Now let me see you play with yourself.”
I’d always enjoyed doing that while my husband or one of my boyfriends watched, and I was now so worked up, that I was more than willing to do it in front of this complete stranger.
For several minutes I masturbated myself, fingering my hole and rubbing my clitoris like a frustrated schoolgirl, while he watched and called me dirty names.

“You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you. ”He suddenly shouted and spat at me. “What are you.”
“I’m a slut.” I replied as I pushed two fingers up my sopping wet hole. “I’m a dirty little slut and I want you to fuck me.”

He moved in closer, stroking one hand up the inside of my thighs and fondling my tits with the other. Then without warning he slapped my face, rocking my head backwards, but I didn’t complain.
“You can hit me again.” I said and I began to finger myself even harder, and he slapped my face really hard and called me a *****.
“Hit me again” I gasped. “I’m a ***** I deserve it.” He slapped me several more times calling me filthy names and each time he hit me I got more and more excited.

“Fuck me.” I groaned. I could taste blood in my mouth, but I didn’t care. “Please fuck me.”
Then he slapped my hand away from between my legs and replaced it with his own and as he fingered my cunt and my arsehole he kissed me hard, his tongue darting briefly into my mouth, before he went down to my breasts, sucking them into his mouth and licking all around my hard nipples.
Then he slid down to my belly and putting his hands on my knees pushed my thighs even further apart. Once again I spread myself wide open for him so that he could lick my cunt.

I had become so excited that I shamelessly begged him to let me suck his cock and as he stood up I reached out and tugged furiously at his zip. Before I knew it I was on my knees pulling his pants down and then his large hairy balls were in my hand and for a brief moment his cock was in my mouth.

He tore my blouse off leaving me completely naked and then grabbing me by the hair he lifted me up and pushed me down over the stool. The anticipation of being fucked by a complete stranger had got me so worked up that I was on the edge of an orgasm the moment I felt his cock slide into my cunt.
I would certainly have come right then if I hadn't heard the car pull into the driveway.
“Shit, that's your husband.” The man said and he began to withdraw.
“Please don’t stop.” I cried out and desperately prayed that Derek would stay with the car.
The car door slammed and I could hear Derek in the driveway, but the man hadn't stopped, if anything he was fucking me even harder.
Derek knows well enough how horny I get but I really didn't want him to catch me like this, laying naked over a stool while a man I had only met fifteen minutes ago is fucking me.
He was now groaning quite loudly and thrusting really hard into me wet slippery cunt and I was almost grateful when he finally shot his cum up into my belly. He quickly withdrew and we rapidly dressed so that when Derek appeared at the back door we were on opposite sides of the kitchen, innocently drinking our coffee.

“How was it ?” The man asked as they both went outside.
I started to follow, but as I climbed off the stool I had a very sticky feeling between my legs and as I wasn't wearing any pants a warm trickle of his cum and my juices ran down the inside of my leg.
”Can I use your toilet,” I asked urgently.
“Second on the right down the hall,” He said casually.

When I emerged from the toilet the man was alone in the kitchen.
“Your husbands waiting in the car,” he said casually.
I turned round and lifted my skirt up. “You can have it anytime you want.” I said trying to sound seductive as I parted my legs and lent forward so he could get a good view of my cunt.
“Get out of here you dirty slut.” he laughed and slapped me across the arse. I hurried out feeling flustered, but exhilarated by what I had done, and definitely wanting more.
I had left a note with my phone number in the toilet and I was thrilled when he phoned me a few days later.

On the way home I asked Derek if he had bought the car.
“Knocked him down two hundred quid.” he said looking very pleased with himself. I felt really good about that, even though I had behaved like a *****. But I’m sure I was worth every penny.

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