I have always been the odd guy by most standards. I am into D&D and Pokémon and other “nerd” type activities. I never had much of a social life as the few people I got along with were into the same things as me. So spent most of our times in basements playing games. It was because of this that I assumed dating was never an option.

I met Katie at work. I work for a local real estate agent and he had hired Katie on as a realtor as the firm expanded. Katie was gorgeous, and for the longest time I wanted to ask her to dinner, but let’s be real, I had no experience and apparently no courage. But we interacted well enough at work and become friends. Thankfully she had dated and was full of courage so it was she that asked me on a date.

Fast forward a few years. I managed to work up enough courage to ask Katie to marry me and she said yes, much to the surprise of the few people that I know. Things were great for the most part, we laughed and had fun together, we’re affectionate in our way, and did most things together. Our sex life was a different story. Please don’t get me wrong to me it was great and Katie, bless her heart, always told me that it was good for her too. But as time went on, I could see it in her face afterwards that she was not being pleased.

I am obviously not experienced sexually outside of our relationship. I am also not big at all, and I have a tendency to not last very long, so most nights I am finished before Katie is really even started. We have made attempts to compensate with foreplay, but that too is not enough.

I started feeling bad for Katie. It depressed me, and in turn I turned to watching porn, primarily cuckold type videos, and while watching I would always imagine Katie and I in that situation with her finally getting pleasure. I tried bringing up the subject with her once but almost immediately got embarrassed and dropped it.

One day, Katie surprised me at home for lunch, and it was very unexpected. Unfortunately because it was unexpected I was in the middle of a viewing session and was just about to blow when she walked in.

“What are you doing?” Katie yelled “I can’t believe what I am seeing!”

“Babe”, I stammered “I wasn’t expecting you!”

“Well that’s quite obvious. Please answer my question. What are you doing?”

I broke the whole thing down for her. How I never expected to date her, much less marry her. How I know she wasn’t satisfied. How that made me feel depressed and I had turn to porn. She told me she was disgusted. How I should have talked to her. How she felt it was the same as cheating.

I felt terrible. That night we had talked late into the night. She watched some of the videos, to understand better I suppose. She told me she was not into that all, though her face once again told a different story. When all was said and done, I agreed to drop the habit.

It didn’t last long. She remained in a mood for days after and become increasingly frustrated sexually. She would not let me be alone. I needed a release. So I made a plan to deceive her so that I could get some time alone. Early one morning, I told her that I was going to spend the day with some friends and go to a comic convention. She said she was fine with that and that she was going to go to the gym and then shopping with her sister for the day. This was perfect! I would leave for awhile and come back after she left.

We said our goodbyes. She left for the gym and I pretended to walk in the direction of a friend’s house. When I knew she was out of sight I circled back around and went inside. I grabbed my laptop and layer down in the bed.

I turned to my usual drug, cuckold. I was quickly hard and stroking watching videos of beautiful wives getting fucked while their husbands watched. I almost came several times hearing the women tell their husband “he is so much bigger” or “you could never fuck me like this”. I was lost in the ecstasy of it and about to blow for what I hoped was the first of many times when I heard the deadbolt on our apartment door click. Katie was home, and it seemed she was not alone…

Shit! I was not expecting her to be home! And who was she with and why? Not wanting to be caught, especially in my current state, I quickly slid my laptop under the bed, and scrambled for a place to hide. Seeing that I only had so much time and not a lot of places, I jumped in our closet and closed the French doors. I hoped that Katie was just stopping home to grab something before heading out with her sister. Thinking about it, that must be who she was with.

A few minutes passed as I stood hiding in our bedroom closet. I could hear Katie talking to her sister, moving around the apartment. She was getting closer to the room. I really hoped she didn’t need anything from in here! As she was about to enter the bedroom I heard her tell her sister “it’s just over here.” But the response was not from her sister. Instead I heard the deep timber of a man’s voice.

My stomach dropped. She has another man here? What could have possibly motivated her to bring a guy here? It must be a one time thing, she forgot to grab something before she left and this guy was randomly accompanying her. He must be a friend from the gym. Yeah, that had to be it. Their footsteps got closer, the door opened, and Katie walked in, friend in tow.

The man in question came in wearing a sleeve less shirt and gym shorts. He was tall and muscular and had dark black skin. Obviously just a gym friend, nothing to worry about.

“Here’s the bedroom,” Katie said. “It’s not much but the bed is great.”

“No problem at all,” the random man said.

“Good, now come here.”

Immediately after saying this Katie and the man embraced. This was no random hug, but instead a deep and intimate hug. As I tried to figure out what was going on and how to proceed, I watched the man lower his hands and firmly grasp my girlfriend’s ass, promoting a soft moan from her in the process. What the hell was happening??? Why was this muscular black man grabbing my girl’s ass in our room? Katie would never cheat.

As I continued too watch, the man leaned and and passionately kissed Katie, her mouth eagerly accepting the the gesture. Another small moan escaped her lips. She pulled back briefly.

“Oh Tyrone, I’ve been waiting for this.”

Oh what the fuck?!? She has been waiting for this. Something was off. We were in love. We were having great sex. We were working on our life goals together. What was she saying?

“Are you sure about all of this Katie?” Tyrone asked.

“I am.”

“Everything is going to be different after.”

“I know. I love him, but our sex is vanilla, and I found him getting off to porn. I need a release.”

With that statement she pulled down his gym shorts, springing free what turned out to be a massive cock, probably 10 inches long and an insanely wide girth. Katie moaned loudly at the sight.

“Oh my, she said, “it’s so beautiful and big.”

“And it’s all yours,” Tyrone said.

Katie instantly dropped to her knees. Without hesitation she took Tyrone’s massive cock into her tiny mouth. She groaned as she did, taking as much as she could. Katie never gave me head, one time telling me she found it tedious and kind of gross. Yet here she was sucking off Tyrone like she needed it to live. Her head bobbed back and forth and a steady pace, her hands sliding back and forth on his cock in sync. And before I knew what was happening, I had me dick out and was stroking it.

Katie blew Tyrone for a good twenty minutes, barely letting up the entire time. Tyrone stood there and encouraged her work, complimenting how good she was at it. Katie just moaned on his cock. Eventually Tyrone lifted her up.

“Time to get out of those clothes. I’ve been wondering what you looked like under all that for months,” Tyrone told her. Katie began to pull her yoga pants off, but Tyrone stopped her.

“Hold up,” he said “ turn around and bend over while you take them off, let me see that sexy ass. He proceeded to sit down in a chair and watch. Katie did as he said. She bent over and slowly pulled down here yoga pants, ******** her amazing white ass. I noticed she was wearing a tiny blue lace thong, the one she only wore on “special” occasions. So she had been planning this? I wanted to be so mad. She had planned this, wore that thong, sucked his dick. But as mad as I wanted to be I was overcome by a mad desire for her to continue.

“Damn! Katie you have the most beautiful ass,” Tyrone told her.

Katie finished taking her pants off and turned around to face him. She had already begun playing with herself and was insanely wet, wetter than I had ever seen her. She wanted him bad. For some reason, I began stroking faster at the thought. She pulled her top and sports bra off, standing fully naked before Tyrone, who was still sitting in the chair and stroking his massive black cock.

Katie eventually spoke up.

“I want you. I NEED you. I have been waiting along time. I want you to take me and fuck me right here in this bed!”

Another reason to be mad, she never talked dirty in the least bit. But instead of anger came more arousal. Tyrone stood up and walked to the bed. He grabbed Katie, turning her around and bending her over. He smacked her ass, leaving a red spot where he struck. She let out another moan.

“Well then,” Tyrone said, “if you NEED it, than I had better give it to you.”

“Oh fuck yes please!” was the response.

I needed to stop this. Now. I should have stepped out and announced myself, ask him to leave, and figure out what the tell was going on. But as I watched Tyrone guiding his huge dick between Katie’s legs, all I could manage to do was stroke myself harder, getting close to busting for the first of many times that day.

Tyrone was lined up, mounting my girlfriend. He rubbed his cock up and down against her pussy, getting it wet and ready to slide in. Katie moaned loudly as he did. He pressed it up against her, and in one swift motion slid inside of Katie’s waiting pussy.

“Oh fuck me!” Katie yelled, quite loudly too. Loud enough for a lot of the building to hear for sure. It was in that moment that I tensed up and shot a load all over the closet door. What? I had came so hard. My girlfriend was cheating on me, in my bed, with an abnormally hung black man. I should be fighting, not stoking my dick in the closet. I once again moved to intervene, but couldn’t. I was too mesmerized by the sight in front of me. My beautiful, caring, intelligent girlfriend, the woman I had plans to marry, was being ravaged like a cheap ********** right in front of my eyes. As if this wasn’t enough, Katie began to get very vocal, another thing she never did with me.

“Holy shit, you are fucking me so good!”

Tyrone spoke for the first time. “You like that baby?”

“Oh fuck yes,” she cried. “I have never felt so full before!”

“Your boyfriend can’t fill you up?” Tyrone asked.

“No. He’s too tiny” was her reply.

For a moment I felt utterly humiliated. She always told me I was big enough. The moment quickly passed as Tyrone picked up his pace and the arousal came flooding back.

“Can he fuck you like this?,” Tyrone asked Katie.

“No,” she replied,”I’ve never been fucked like this.”

I was lost in the moment. Katie screaming and moaning. Tyrone grunting as he slid his massive cock in and out of my girlfriend, her bucking back against him trying to take more. I wanted to stop it. I wanted to let them know I was there and this was over. But I was too transfixed. My porn addiction has come to life right before my eyes.

By now, Tyrone had flipped Katie to her back and had mounted her again. He leaned in to kiss her and she passionately returned the gesture. I couldn’t recall the last time she came close to kissing my like that. I closed my eyes for a moment to avoid it, instead listening to Katie’s screams and the sounds of Tyrone’s balls slapping against her ass.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck me harder!”

Such dirty words from such a pretty girl. I thought that was the worst of it, but then the conversation turned in a direction I was not prepared for.

“You like this huh?” Tyrone asked.

“I love this! Use me. Use this pussy. It belongs to you Tyrone, this is your pussy. Do whatever you want to me!”

I came instantly as she said this. I knew my life was changed now.

“Oh I’m gonna,” said Tyrone, “I’m gonna cum soon. It’s my pussy so I am going to cum in it.”

“Yes baby, “ Katie replied, “cum deep inside this white pussy.”

At that Tyrone grunted and with one final thrust deep inside Katie he proceeded to do exactly what he said he would. He came for what seemed like forever. That was a lot of cum, deep inside Katie.

After Tyrone finished, he and Katie got up and got dressed. They kissed each other passionately again and walked out of the bedroom. I stood in the closet, my cum all over me and the closet door, but my dick somehow still raging hard. I waited until the apartment door closed and I could hear no more sound. I walked into the kitchen and found a note on the table.

“I know about your porn viewing desires. I hope you enjoyed what you watched cucky.”
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