Lea and I had known each other for about a year and a half. Lea is 19 years old, 165cm, 61kg, has black hair, green eyes and size C breasts. I am athletic, brown hair, blue eyes, 187cm and have an 18cm long and slightly thicker cock. We became a couple shortly after her 18th birthday. We took each other's virginity, I was 22 years old at the time. While she was still at school, I was already at university. After school, she set up her own hairdressing business while I studied business administration. We met in church and we often talked about our future together, marriage and children. Sex, on the other hand, never really took off and I take full responsibility for that. She always said that it was just slow boring sex instead of hard action like in porn. For this reason, I decided to watch more porn. However, the more I watched, the more individualized my desires became. At some point, one man and one woman was no longer enough, there had to be more than one. Preferably several men fucking one woman. Later it got even more extreme when I saw porn in which lots of old men fucked young women. That was the ultimate perversion, the beauty and the old bastard. It was only a matter of time before my girlfriend caught me wanking, so I didn't even try to hide my latest fantasy. It was a normal evening and we had just had dinner with my parents when we went back to my room. Lea told me to get horny, she wanted to have sex before going to bed. While she got ready in the bathroom, I watched some gangbang porn. A couple of men old enough to be her grandpa were fucking a young blonde. My girlfriend had seen me jerking off to porn before, so I didn't care when she came into the room from the shower that evening. However, she took one puzzled look at the porn and asked why I would watch something that dirty. What bothered her was not the gangbang, but the age gap, she found it bothering. After I talked her into it, she seemed to recognize the appeal of it, even if she didn't want to admit it directly. It was the forbidden, the immoral that made it so tempting and desirable. That night we had sex twice in a long time and my cock was rock hard at the thought of imagining her in a similar situation.

A few weeks passed before anything happened again in this respect. Lea came back from work and excitedly told me how an older gentleman had flirted with her today and what compliments he had paid her. I asked her if it had made her happy to hear him say that and she said yes. She thought it was amazing how easy it was to reel in an older man and elicit compliments from him. I told her that I wasn't surprised, any older man would want her with her looks. When asked how old he was, she said he was 61 years old. He would have found her dark green eyes the most beautiful and would have had a clearly visible erection the whole time he was with her. She thought it was an exciting compliment. A few days later, she told me about another customer who also complimented her frequently. He was 52 years old and looked like her father. She then told me that many of her male customers would often grab her bottom and give a better tip, and he was one of them. Until now, she had always let it slide out of a sense of shame, as it was often just a quick caress and no grabbing. That same evening, at my suggestion, we watched another gangbang porn movie with old men and a young woman. Once again, the sex was better than ever before. While we lay next to each other in bed afterwards, we talked about all sorts of things. I then confessed to her that I would like to see her in the place of such a young woman with old men. She was shocked at first, but then she thought it was really cool. However, being a great girlfriend as she was, she confirmed that she would never consider cheating on me. I reminded her that it wouldn't be cheating if I agreed to it. Then the discussion ended and we fell asleep.
A few more days passed and I met up with Lea in the evening to have sex with her when she told me. She had contacted the two men she had already told me about. Since our last discussion, she had written them several messages, for almost two full days and with clearly sexual content. But she hadn't sent them any pictures yet. Excitedly, she showed me the messages in which she spoke openly about a preference for older men and that sex with her boyfriend wasn't as great as she wanted it to be. I was shocked and initially demanded an explanation, but had to realize that she was right and that it was also my idea to watch her with old men. So before we had sex that evening, she asked me to take a few revealing pictures of her that she could send to her lovers. In one she was sitting naked with her back to a mirror showing off her pussy. The next day I was sitting in a lecture when she wrote to me to say that the pictures had gone down particularly well with her admirers and that they had now asked again for a real sex date. I wrote back that I would leave the decision up to her.

That same evening, I suddenly found myself in a new group on my cell phone. The first message was from Lea:

"Hey you guys,
I've decided to set up this group and introduce you to each other. Bert (52) and Udo (61) are my clients. Marc is my boyfriend. Now that everyone knows each other, I'd like to get straight to the point. My boyfriend has been fantasizing for some time that I should let older men fuck me. At first I wanted to be faithful, but then he gave me his consent and even supported me by taking the pictures I've sent you over the last few days. But we don't want it to remain just a fantasy and you certainly don't either. That's why I just wanted to ask you, how exactly do you imagine fucking me? Do you all three want to fuck me together? And where and when do we meet?"

The reactions of the two men to this news were astonishingly honest. They were both surprised that Lea had a boyfriend and that there was a third man involved, but they were fine with it. I said straight away that I didn't want any direct contact with the men and only wanted to watch them having sex. Lea asked directly whether there would be a problem if both men fucked her at the same time. The men said no, but Bert asked how she wanted it and whether anal was okay. However, Lea didn't want anal sex, partly because she had never had it before and found it repulsive. Both men were busy this weekend, but a special opportunity arose the next weekend. Lea finally turned 19 on Saturday and Bert's wife and daughter were on vacation in Turkey for a week at the time. Both men were married and already had children, which didn't surprise me. However, the situation was made even more attractive by the fact that the men would fuck her while she was still 18 years old. So Friday evening was scheduled as a meeting at Bert's house.Before we set off from my place that evening, Lea put on a pair of blue briefs and a matching bra. She wore a black top and a short green skirt over them. She made herself up as she should for a first date and was suitably nervous. She asked a thousand times if it was really okay to have sex with the two men and I encouraged her that it was our shared fantasy. The rules we set were that there could be no confessions of love and that the men had to use a condom. Lea and I had never done it ourselves without one because she didn't take the pill either. I parked my car in Bert's driveway that evening and opened the car door for Lea. She looked up at me tensely and asked one last time if I was okay with it. I talked her through it again and we rang the doorbell. Bert opened it for us and, to our astonishment, Udo was already there. I greeted the men who were about to fuck my girlfriend with my hand. They were very polite towards me and immediately complimented Lea on her hot outfit. They were both sitting on the big sofa in his living room and had a gangbang porn going on.
Lea sat down between the two of them while I took a seat on the armchair. For a while, we just talked about everyday things and watched the porn here and there. Visibly tense, my girlfriend didn't know exactly what to do. Then Udo grabbed a few pretzel sticks and asked Lea if they wanted to eat them together. They each took one end in their mouths and worked their way to the middle until Udo pulled her close and kissed her. It was a long kiss and Lea sank back onto the sofa, relieved.

"That breaks the ice." Udo said solemnly.

"Let me try it too." Bert replied and pulled my girlfriend close to him and kissed her for a long time with his tongue. Lea looked over at me, watching my reaction, but said nothing. Just a few moments later, she kissed Udo again and Bert began to fondle her breasts.

"Oh my God! I just don't believe this is really happening." Lea suddenly laughed and kissed Bert happily, who was now fondling her breasts even more greedily.

"We can hardly believe our luck either." Udo replied and pulled her black top up so that her bra was visible underneath. "Oh wow, so sexy. Look at that," he demanded and began kissing her stomach and working his way up to her breasts. Bert pushed her top up a little higher and began to kiss her breasts until he pushed her bra aside and licked her nipples. Lea moaned slightly and Udo now reached her breasts too. He greedily pulled her bra aside and sucked on her nipple. Both men now buried their faces in my girlfriend's breasts while the woman in the porno moaned loudly to herself.

"It's time to show my best side." Lea now announced and got up from the sofa. She smiled at me.

"Yes, show them. Your sexy bra and panties." I demanded. Bert and Udo applauded briefly and whistled as Lea took off her top and slowly let her skirt slide down over her butt to the floor. My young girlfriend's plump ass right in front of the faces of two old men, who immediately grabbed her butt greedily and kissed it.

"Amazing and you're lending us this woman for the night?" Udo asked overjoyed.

"She wants it. It's her 19th birthday tomorrow." I replied.

"That's right, while we're on the subject. I got us something to toast with. The kitchen is back there on the left. Why don't you get the champagne out of the fridge? The glasses are right next to it." Bert requested. I set off without saying a word and left my half-naked girlfriend to her two old lovers on the sofa.

Once in the kitchen, he quickly found the champagne in the fridge, but there were only three champagne glasses and a normal glass with a small bottle of juice on the sink. Maybe one of the men couldn't hold his liquor, I thought to myself. When I came back from the kitchen, Lea was sitting happily between the men and was undoing Udo's pants. Bernd was also undressing and Lea's nipples were hanging out of her bra.

"There he is, our waiter for tonight." Bert said with amusement. "Why don't you open the bottle and pour some out for the three of us? The juice is for you."

"All right." I just said, trying to cover up my confusion. Was I really not supposed to get any champagne? I did as I was told and ceremoniously poured the champagne into their glasses while Lea was already working on the men's cocks with both hands.

"Well then, it's great that everyone has come and hopefully will cum even more often this evening." began Bert as host.

"I would like to thank you for the invitation and raise my glass to the beautiful Lea, who has made her body available to us and would like to celebrate her 19th birthday with us. Here's to you Lea!" Udo announced solemnly.

"I would also like to thank you and this has already started well so far. But without my perverted boyfriend, we wouldn't be here today either. It's nice that he wants to serve us and watch us tonight." Lea replied and raised her glass. The three of them clinked glasses and left me out. My girlfriend emptied the first glass in one gulp and was immediately given a refill. The two men drank about half the glass and then continued kissing Lea's mouth and breasts while she wanked their cocks. Both Bert and Udo were already quite long when not erect, but as they slowly stiffened from the wanking, I knew it had been a mistake to bring my girlfriend here.

"How do you feel with two cocks in your hands?" I asked her curiously.

"I can't wait to see which one of you gets hard first." Lea replied and gave Udo a kiss.

"Come on, it's time to suck our cocks." Bert told her and she obediently gave his cock a kiss first and then took it in her mouth.

"Oh madness." Bert groaned. "That's exactly what you're here for." After a few moments, she looked over at me.

"You're welcome to jerk off." Lea said to me and then sucked Udo's cock. After a few minutes, both cocks were rock hard and it made me extremely horny the way my girlfriend looked at me. I took my cock out too now and sat back down in the armchair to jerk off.

"Who would have thought that we would fuck such a pretty face again at our age?" Udo asked and laughed.

"You could do something for me too." Lea said directly, getting up from the sofa and taking off her panties. "Who wants to lick me?"

Udo was the first between her legs and was now kneeling in front of the sofa on which she was lying with her legs spread. I could see his tongue licking her clitoris and penetrating her pussy.

"Oh God, fuck me you pig!" she moaned quietly before Bert stuffed her mouth with his cock again. The sight made my cock hard and I spat on it lightly.

"She's already all wet." Udo remarked and stuck two fingers in her pussy. First slowly, then faster and faster, he fingered her and she moaned a little louder than before.

"I guess it's time for the main dish then." Bert announced happily and opened a condom packet that was lying on the table in front of them. He deftly slipped it on and Udo put one on as well.

"I can't believe it, now I'm being fucked." Lea stammered to herself. She straightened up briefly, unclasped her bra and threw it over to me. "There's no turning back now."

Bert had used the brief moment that Udo needed to put the condom on. With his huge cock, he was now standing in front of my girlfriend, who was lying spread-eagled on the sofa in front of him and looking at him begging. He bent his knees slightly and placed his cock against her tight pussy. She opened slightly, but when he pushed, he slipped off. Even on the second and third attempt, he didn't manage to sink his huge cock into her.

"I think it's the condom, it's too slippery." he complained. I only saw Lea reach forward to grab his cock and then lean back again.

"That's how it should be." She beamed at him. She had pulled her legs together a little so that I could no longer see exactly how he was penetrating her, but now it was working.

"Oh fuck, oh god yes, just like that." She began to moan as Bert's cock hammered incessantly into her pussy.

"I guess I won't be needing this anymore." Udo said taking off the condom and sitting back on the sofa next to Lea. She immediately grabbed his cock and started to blow him after a few moments.

"Awesome! Her pussy is so tight. And then without any protection. It's crazy how far you two go." Said Bert fucking her harder with every thrust. At first I wondered what Bert meant. After all, very few people only did oral sex with a rubber.

"Pull out before you cum! Promise me." Lea now warned Bert. Bert continued to fuck her for a few moments, then he pulled his cock out of her and stepped aside.

"I'm not finished with you yet, but I want Udo to have fun too." Bert explained to her. Then I saw what he meant before. The rubber was lying on the sofa next to both of them and he had fucked her without protection.

"What's that condom doing on the sofa next to you?" I asked, confused.

"He couldn't get in with the condom on, so I took it off." Lea replied and my whole world fell apart. Not even I was allowed to fuck her without a rubber, but this old man. What was she thinking? Was my sweet, loyal girlfriend really someone completely different? A thousand thoughts ran through my head. I wanted to stop her and then again I didn't. It made me horny to see her like this. While I was thinking about everything, Lea sat on Udo's cock in cowgirl position.

"Tell me before you cum, then I'll get off you in time." she demanded and kissed Udo. Her hips now moved up and down as if of their own accord while Udo thrust into her from below. Bert stood next to them and fondled Lea's large, bouncing breasts. A few minutes passed during which Lea moaned quietly and breathed calmly at first, before slowly increasing her volume and breathing faster. Udo moaned louder and louder underneath her and slapped her bum from time to time.

"I'm almost ready, I'm cumming." Udo stammered. It was no use. Lea didn't realise and just kept on fucking him.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming too. Just hold out a little longer. Oh, oh, yes!" She screamed and collapsed on top of Udo, who was now cumming deep inside her. They both kissed deeply with their tongues and were as if in their own world.

"This can't be happening." I exclaimed from my armchair, but I was quickly put in my place.

"Quiet in the cheap seats." Bert told me and I obeyed him. Lea slowly recovered from the wild sex and after kissing Udo for far too long, she looked at me.

"I'm sorry, I know it was agreed differently, but I just had to cum." She explained her behaviour pleadingly. I could never stay angry with my amazing girlfriend for long, not even now.

"It's all right, I understand." I just said. While a thousand thoughts ran through my head, Bert congratulated Udo on their joint climax.

"Equal rights for everyone, now I can do it in doggy." Bert said.

"Of course." Lea just said and got off Udo. When his cock slipped out of her pussy, a huge gush of cum ran straight out of her onto the leather sofa.

"Oh wow, it was worth not wanking for a week." Udo said and Lea's eyes widened for a moment. Then she sat down doggy style on the sofa and let Bert fuck her again. Udo sat down in front of her.

"Are you going to clean me up?" He asked her and she licked his cock with her juice and his sperm. Bert fucked her slowly at first and then harder and faster. I had never heard Lea moan so loudly before.

"Come here darling, sit on the table and hold my hand while Bert fucks me." She demanded and I obeyed.

Bert fucked her in this position for several minutes before he finally got a little louder.

"I'm about to cum, sweetie. Is it okay if I squirt inside you?" He asked.

"Yes, oh God! Yes, do what you want!" Lea demanded. Instead of continuing to blow Udo, she now looked at me. "When he comes inside me, I want you to kiss me." I got up from the table and kissed her. Her mouth tasted salty. My cock was now right in front of her mouth. For a brief moment I thought she was going to suck me off, but then she took Udo's cock and kept on sucking.

"You're too tight. I can't hold it back any more." Bert moaned and Lea left Udo's cock alone and I kissed her. Bert continued to fuck her with a few powerful thrusts while I kissed Lea with my tongue and the two of them moaned their hearts out. Then with one final thrust, he fucked as deep as he could into my girlfriend and stayed like that for a moment before pulling his cock out of her.

"Thank you, I love you." She said to me after the wild kiss. Udo was long since stiff again and ready for a second round and once more she sat on his cock while this time Bert's cum dripped onto the sofa. This time she sat the other way round so that we could see her large breasts. Udo didn't last long in this position either.
By now I was so aroused that just the slightest touch would bring me to orgasm and while Lea was getting fucked in reverse cowgirl, I started to wank on it. When Udo came and, with a loud groan, placed his seed in my girlfriend's pussy again, I hardly noticed as my cock unloaded on her stomach.

"Hey, I thought the girl was just ours tonight?" Bert asked angrily and sent me back to the kitchen. The champagne was empty by now and I got him a beer instead. When I came back, Bert was lying on the sofa with Lea and fucking her in the spoon position. I handed him his beer and he thanked me.
"You shouldn't have cum on me." Lea admonished me. "That really upset Bert."

"I'm sorry." I apologised and continued to watch the hustle and bustle. What was I actually apologising for? Udo had sat down next to the two of them and Lea only licked his now flaccid cock from time to time. It was as if the beer had awakened new strength in Bert, who now began to fuck my girlfriend with particular vigour. I held Lea's hand again and saw that she was cumming for the third time tonight. I kissed her and Bert began to moan.

"Are you ready for your fourth load of cum tonight?" he asked her.

"Yes, please! Give it to me Dad." She begged, looking at me apologetically. I squeezed her hand to show her that I understood. Then Bert came inside her again and she turned to him and kissed him. She didn't let go of my hand. The porn on the TV was long over and Lea and Bert cuddled and kissed each other for a moment. Then they all sat down in their usual places again. Bert sent me to the kitchen again to get a bottle of red wine. A glass was also provided for me. I shouldn't live like a dog. Everyone now had a glass of wine in their hands and the men sat between them with sleeping cocks and my girlfriend with her pussy stuffed.

"To a successful evening." Bert raised his glass and we clinked glasses together.

"To our still eighteen-year-old lover." Udo said.

It was now about 11 pm and we decided to stay until Lea's birthday. Until then, her breasts were kissed a few more times and she was often kissed by both of them, who were very proud of their little girl. We talked to the men about work, our studies and our relationship. They were particularly amazed that I had taken Lea's virginity and that she had never had anal sex before. Bert made an official note of her anal virginity, not knowing that Lea was totally against it. At midnight, we toasted Lea's birthday again. Afterwards, the two men took a shower with her. They cleaned each other thoroughly and Lea sucked both cocks hard again and let each of them fuck her again briefly and without climaxing against the shower tiles. Lea cleaned her pussy particularly thoroughly. She looked incredible standing naked between the two old men.

"You don't have to wash everything out. Surely you take the pill as often as you have sex with your boyfriend." Udo said to her.

"Unfortunately not. We've only ever done it with a condom." Lea replied apologetically.

"Madness!" Bert exclaimed. "Is that true?" He looked at me in disbelief and I just nodded.

"Then we could have just got the girl pregnant." Udo said, shrugging his shoulders.

'I'm really sorry. I should have said it sooner." Lea apologised.

"We're not angry with you." Bert reassured her. "If we'd known, I'm sure we would have fucked you even harder." They kissed each other.

"How long are you guys going to take?" I asked. I was starting to want to go home and just cuddle with Lea for the rest of the night.

"Why do you ask? You can go home already. Lea promised to spend the night with me." Bert told him. I was shocked for a moment.

"When did you decide that?" I asked her, confused.

"When you got the wine in the kitchen." She said. "I hope you don't mind. We'll have many more nights together, but I just want to spend tonight with them."

"I guess that's okay." I mumbled and tucked my cock back into my trousers. I only saw her start kissing Udo again as I turned round and left her to her two lovers without another word. On the way home, I realised that I was starting to cry in the car. I spent the rest of the night wanking my heart out at the thought of what else they would do to her. Then I fell asleep.
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