This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are age 18 or older.

Erica held onto the handrail to the stairs for dear life as the big bald muscular black youth pounded away at her with his uncut jet black cock over and over again. His heavy full black balls slapped against the wet lips of her cunt filling the alleyway with lewd slapping sounds of cheap sex. The black man couldn't have been more than 18 years old, his arms we heavily tattooed with gang symbols and names. He gripped Erica's thin tanned hips right at the white untanned bikini line as he continued to ram his 10 inches of jet black cock balls deep into the small blonde white girl. The alley was only lit by one small light that was a very poor attempt to illuminate the back exit from the restaurant. Erica stood there ridged on her tip toes with her short waitress uniform skirt pulled up high over her ass all the way over her hips. She bite her lower lip as the powerful black man fucked her cunt without mercy as if he was taking out 200 years of slavery anger on her small tight pussy. "That's one hot wet cunt for a racist slut like you!" the lewd slapping noise filled the alleyway. "If I didn't know better I would be thinking you were liking this nigger dick?!"

Erica heard the click of his cell phone as he took another pick while he fucked her. 'I can't see your face slut!" As he pulled Erica's head around hard by pulling a handful of her hair. She bit her lip harder to keep from yelling out. Erica had learned that if she upset him he would slap her hard again. She ****** herself to look back again as he pulled his black cock almost all the way out of her cunt and took another picture with her face in full view. "That's better you racist cunt!" He said letting go of her hair and warning her again! "Keep looking at me, Erica. I want you to be looking at me as I cum in that tight married cunt of yours. Understand!"

Erica nodded her head, "I.. I Un... DerSt.. An... D!"

She was able to say while he was fucking her hard with that huge black cock. "Fuck I love that married cunt of yours! I can't take much more of this. Your cunt is so fucking wet and your juices are so hot tonight Erica! I think you're starting to like my big black cock more than you like your husband's!" He laughed as his now wet balls slapped her open cunt lips from below flinging her juices all over the place below them making a wet spot on the first step of the stairway.
" You do like it don't you Bitch! TELL ME YOU LIKE IT! "

Thats when it hit Erica again! "I... I... DO.. LIKE YOU.... BLACK... COCK."



That's when it hit Erica again. Her stomach tightened up and her knees almost gave way as she said the word nigger. She had a huge hard black cock shoved inside of her pussy and she was liking it so much she would do almost anything to have it again, A huge orgasm ripped over her body. She grunted like a lust-filled animal on the young big black cock! Her cunt muscles gripped the fat black uncut dick fucking her and tried to squeeze it deeper into her wanton cunt. She felt her body gripping the black cock hard as it sawed in and out of her! This was her third orgasm in 25 minutes.

The first orgasm happened when he made her get down on her knees in that nasty alley and suck his uncut black cock until it was rock hard. Her body had betrayed her then as she held her legs tightly together and felt that first forbidden orgasms rip over her while she had his fat cock shoved deep inside her mouth. She had an orgasm and he hadn't even touched her yet.

The second orgasm had overcome her after about the fifth full hard trust of his long young powerful fat black cock. His black uncut cock hit the opening of her unprotected womb and she swore it felt like his black loose foreskin was kissing her womb with each thrust. That second orgasm was the one that made her pussy release a flood of her own hot juices that were now running down her tanned legs.

As this third orgasm started to subside Erica faintly heard over the rush of lust that he was about to cum as well. "Fuck it BITCH! That's it married slut squeeze my cock. Keep milking my cock just like that. FUCK! YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM! LOOK AT ME CUNT!!" He yelled as Erica felt his huge cock harden even more as it start twitching deep inside of her married love tunnel. She felt the rush of his young hot black baby-making seed pumping into her pussy as her own orgasm subsided. With each push, she took more of his super hot cum in her cunt as she looked back at him with lust-filled eyes. She tried hard to squeeze down hard on the young black cock with all her force, milking all of the hot sperm out of his dick. Erica swore that black cock was more than twice the length of her husband's and right now the young black man's cum was being pumped directly into her unprotected married womb!

He pulled his heavy spent cock from her cunt with a wet loud POP, his cum rushed out of her pussy down her legs and splattered onto the wet spot between her legs!
She looked back to the cell phone he was taking pictures of her with. He slapped his spent cock on her white butt cheek.
He pulled her around and pushed her down on her knees in front of his spent cum covered cock and she sucked it into her mouth without using her hands and started cleaning off his cock because she knew what he wanted. Erica sucked in the uncut black heavily veined dick and looked up as he clicked away at her pretty face shoved full of his jet black cock. Erica even took time to lick their juices off of his fat balls. "fuck girl!" He shoved that huge cock back in his low fitting jeans. "I'll be back again, soon as I'm horny!" She looked up at him and handed him twenty dollars.
"I don't even know your name." He took the money and walked away.

"You don't need to know my name but I know yours." he pushed send on his cell phone.

"But you promised never to show those to my husband, you promised!"

He giggled at that, an evil giggle! "Don't worry bitch! I just got out of jail remember and I ain't going back so fast! I'll see you when I see you." he walked out of view and onto the street. Erica tried to stand it took a few moments her legs felt weak. She pulled down her skirt and tried to fix her hair. How had she gone from a good married church-going girl from South Carolina to a slut for a young black man? That was a hell of a question. She thought back to six days ago when this had all started.

She had just finished the night shift at work and was walking out to her car. The owner of the restaurant, Carl made them park their cars in the very back of the parking lot. She had walked out just like she had hundreds of times before.. Erica was 36 years old, 5' 7" 130lbs with blonde hair that she kept at about shoulder length. She kept herself in good shape. Erica had been married to James her husband for years now. She was happy even tho she had to work to make ends meet. Her husband was 49 and a good church-going family man. He worked days and she worked nights so they only saw each other for the shortest of times each day. They made up for this by going sunning at the pool over the weekends. They would take trips to the beach She had developed a nice golden tan which she like to show off.

That night as she walked around the restaurant she ran into a bald-headed young black man. He was wearing a LA Lakers shirt and was covered with gang tattoos she couldn't read. He was very dark skinned and she wondered why he even bothered to have tattoos because you couldn't really see them anyways? She frowned as she saw him leaning against the back of side of the building. She stepped to the side to walk farther around the youth who was just relaxing. watching her as she walked towards him.

In Erica' s eyes his kind was what was wrong with the world. By the looks of him he was in a gang and probably didn't have a job and living off welfare, sucking off the system like so many of his kind did. Erica's frown deepened as she stepped Farther away as she approached him. She watched him from the corner of her eyes as he looked at her nice tan legs as she passed she heard him say. "Lady, can you spare some change?" She didn't even reply she just kept walking. See it was just like she thought. Here she was working all night for a few dollars and he wanted her to just give him some money. She showed her disgust and she rushed on. This is what's wrong with the world she thought. Just like her family had always taught keep away from blacks. They were just no good.

"Hey lady. I'm talking to you."

Erica ignored him and rushed toward her car. She was looking in her bag for her car keys. That's when he grabbed her by the shoulder. She looked at him as he pushed her against her car. He was big standing at least 6' 7" he towered over her. She looked around and found the parking lot was empty. There was no one to help her. He grabbed her bag from her. This made Erica angry but she fought off the urge to scream out as he pushed her back again. He pulled out her driver's license and held it up. "So, your name is Erica? Well, I know your type Erica! Feel like you're better than everyone else around you. Just because you got a car and a job and I don't!"

She ****** herself to look up at the youth who couldn't be much more than 18. He was heavily muscled and he had a big flat nose and large full lips. He was ugly! She couldn't help but think he looked a lot like a monkey.

"Please just take what you want and leave!"

"Take what I want you say!" The black man flipped her license back at her. "Well Erica." He pulled a twenty-dollar bill from her wallet. "Now, I know your name and where you live." he flung her bag back to her. "I don't really want your money, you see I just got released from jail 2 hours ago." The big black man said as he openly looked at her tan legs and 32 A breast in her thin white cotton shirt.

Erica's mind started to understand what he was saying. This disgusting black man was talking about fucking her. For the first time, fear rose up inside of her as she looked up at the big man. "You can't be serious!" panic in her voice?

"I sure am Bitch. I've been in jail for 6 months and I have a ton of cum saved up and a need!" He pushed her up hard against her car again. "Now the way I figure it is, you can do this the easy way and let me between those fine-ass shapely tan legs of yours!" Erica looked up in fear. "Or we can do it the hard way. I can beat you up a bit, bloody up that pretty white face of yours and still fuck you while I push your head down in the gravel. It's your call bitch?"

Erica didn't know what to say, she dropped her things and started to run. She screamed then and she hoped someone would hear her cry for help. She took about five steps when the big man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her around so hard it made her stumble and fall. He grabbed her by one arm and drug her kicking and screaming back behind her car. He dumped her down in the dirt. He stood over her as she backed away. She couldn't believe this was happening to her she was being fucked! She tried to stand but the big man slapped her so hard it made her see stars. Erica fell back onto the ground.

"look BITCH! I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU LIVE. I am going to fuck you and I don't really want to beat you. So just do what I say and no one gets hurt." he added as he reached down and slapped her hard again. "Understand!?"
Erica rubbed her jaw and pushed her hair out of her face as she looked up at the towering black man. She was a strong woman and she decided she would get through this. She nodded her head.

"Good now, pull up that skirt of yours and pull off your panties!"

She did as he ordered and pulled up her short waitress skirt and pulled down her white lace panties. She lay there before him naked from her navel down. The black man's eyes ran over her long tan legs and white skin whereas her bikini bottoms made her skin a shocking white. She heard him whistle as he looked at her ******* body and she watched him unzip his pants. "You are one fine-looking white Bitch Erica. I'm glad you didn't make me have to beat you. Now look up here and see what I got for you."

Erica didn't want to look up but she didn't want him to hit her again. She looked up to see him standing before her with a huge heavy black cock sticking straight out of his jeans. It was clear that all of this had excited him. She had been with a few men before her marriage to James, but she had never seen a cock like this before, it was huge. The size of it made it look unnatural on his body.

"I can just fuck you pussy girl and not care how dry you scared ass white cunt will be but I'll give you the chance to make it easier on you. Suck my cock and get it nice and covered with spit so it will fit in your white cunt!" How could you tell your ****** that you don't do things like that. How do you tell him that you didn't even suck on your husband's dick? "Get on your knees girl." Erica did as he commanded because she didn't want to be slapped again. Now her face was just below his massive cock, she was closer, she could see it was uncut and had a heavy, loose, black, nasty looking, foreskin. "Go on, Suck it." Erica reached up and found when she grabbed the young black man's cock in her small hand that it was hot and hard as steel. Her fingers wouldn't reach around the shaft. It was jet black and shinny in the faint light. She tried to hide her disgust as she opened her mouth and put his cock inside. She fought off the urge to vomit as she sucked on the fat disgusting black cock. That's when she first heard it.


For the first time, she opened her eyes and looked up past the naked cock she had shoved in her mouth and couldn't believe what she saw he was taking pictures with his cell phone as she was being ****** to suck on his nasty cock.


He did it again as he started to shove his cock deep into her throat. She gagged as the young black man started to forcefully fuck her mouth. She felt the loose foreskin hang up on the back of her tongue a few times making her gag on his cock, this made him laugh. "That's it girl gag on my meat!" His cock was so big around and had a nasty salty taste!
He pulled his now hard wet cock from her mouth and pushed her down on the ground again. He pointed his huge black cock at her ******* shaved pussy. Now Erica wished she didn't always shave herself down there like she did to keep herself looking good in her swimming suit. Because now it looked so wrong as his huge black cock moved to enter her waiting cunt!
"Grab my cock Bitch and guide it in!" Erica did as she was told. She had never seen a cock as large as this one let alone tried to fuck one. She had been with six other men besides her husband James and five of those white guys' dicks even came close to this monster the one Mexican guy had the biggest cock, but still nowhere near as huge as this. She rubbed the loose foreskin of his dick over the opening of her cunt a few times before she got it lined up just right. She felt him push inside of her immediately.

The first few inches were in. She gasped at the size and girth of his meat as it pushed inside.
She heard the familiar sound of the camera again. He was now taking pictures of his cock impaling her. "Look up Bitch. Look up I want to see those lovely brown eyes"

Erica did what he ordered but instead of just clicking away she found the bastard was now taking a video on his phone as he pushed another four inches of cock into her tight pussy. Erica gasped as the black disgusting niggers cock pumped even deeper inside of her married pussy. She looked down at the lewd site and was shocked to see only about half of the fat black cook was inside of her. She watched in horror and revulsion as the huge black cock fucked away inside of her. Her attacker shoved his cell phone inside of his pocket and pulled both of her legs up over his powerful muscular shoulders.

"Now let's get down to some serious fucking!" He said as he grabbed both of her pale white ass checks in his large hands and started to pull her resistant body towards him, with each stroke his cock pushed deeper inside of her. He rammed her with powerful strokes the likes of which Erica had never felt before. His cock was still only about half the way inside of her and she already felt like she couldn't take anymore. He leaned down over her and called her a slut again as he fucked away at her pussy.

"Bitch your cunt is so good! It's like silk after all that time in jail, and so fucking tight! I have six months of cum saved up in my balls for you. I don't think you have ever had a real cock before as tight as your little white cunt is?" He shoved harder into Erica's poor cunt making her put both of her hands up on her attacker's chest to try to keep him from ripping her apart.

That's when he saw her wedding ring for the first time. Erica was busy trying to push him back a bit because she had never felt so full. She felt like her cunt was stretched to its limit and she could see a full four inches of his cock was still outside of her. Her attacker on the other hand pulled her left hand off his chest to examine it. "Your married?" He questioned her as he shoved his steel-hard cock into her cunt and just left it there.
Erica couldn't take it, she started to cry. Not only was this disgusting black man fucking her against her will. Now he was going to steal her wedding ring to boot. Taking her by force was not enough. Making her lick and suck his big fat black cock had not been enough. Even making her pose for his porn picture was not going to be enough for him. He wanted the ring James had given her. The ring he had saved so long to buy her. She looked up her tears flowing.

"Answer me cunt, are you married?"

"Y.. Es I am."

"Fuck that's hot. I don't fuck many white girls and never a married one." he dropped her hand and went back to fucking her wide-open cunt.

"Tell me Bitch, your husband is at home right now waiting on you?"

"Ye... S!" Erica got out around his thrusts.

"Fuck that's good and nasty. I'm using his cunt and he doesn't know it! Tell me slut, how big is his cock?!" Erica didn't know how it was possible but she felt her attacker's cock get harder as it sawed up inside of her married pussy. "I don't know... I... DON'T... LOOK AT IT!" was all she could say.

"Is it half as big as mine?"

Erica looked up at his bald head, at his flat noise and his tattooed neck, and told the truth. "No, not ever half as... Big as yours!" This seemed to set her attacker off to a whole other level. His dark black eyes seemed to pick up a fire all their own. He grabbed her white fat ass again with his strong hands and started to fuck her cunt like a wild animal. Erica's poor legs just bounced helplessly up and down in the air at the same rate he pounded into her cunt. Both of her work shoes flew off in different directions as he fucked away at her pussy.

That's when she first felt it. Something hit the entrance to her womb. Deep inside of her, she felt herself opening up before the pressure of his relentless black cock. Her womb was opening up to his huge fucking black cock. She was helpless to stop him as he fucked her. Erica had never felt anything like it before. She was repulsed by the black man. She didn't like his smell. She didn't like his gang tattoos. She hated what he was doing to her, what he was taking from her. On the other hand something suddenly stirred deep inside of her. She felt his weight full upon her now and she was sure her attacker had managed to get all of his nasty black cock shoved insider of her. The full cock was pumping into her womb opening and the fat purple cock head was now lodged inside of her womb and the nasty loose foreskin felt like it was kissing the outside of her womb with each trust.

"Your Husband fuck you a lot bitch... Does he fuck you like this!" He yelled down at her in an animal growl and fucked her without mercy. All Erica could do was answer truthfully.

"No.... Never.... Like.. This!" She found herself saying and she felt a fire start to rise up in her own body. She was being fucked. She was being fucked by someone she wouldn't even have talked to this morning and here she was starting to enjoy the hard fucking she was getting.

James, her husband, was 49 years old and had decided to get a vasectomy a few years ago and after that, he had just kind of had problems getting or keeping a full erection for long. So they seldom had sex anymore. Now she was being ****** to take a big fat black cock and she was starting to like it. He was so hard and his cock was stretching and rubbing her inside like she had never had anyone else do before. She found herself reaching out with both of her arms and reaching around his young tattooed neck and to her shame. Erica started fucking back. She was soon fucking and grinding her hips on the huge gang members cock, she wanted it.

"That's it you married slut take that cock!"

They fucked like that for what felt like a long time before Erica's body gave in and betrayed her fully. She felt an orgasm rip through her body. It started in the pit of her stomach and ending in her toes. Erica kissed him, then She felt his big tongue force its way deep into her mouth and she let her tongue push against his. She kissed his full lips and was almost completely ******* that her attacker's uncut black cock was spitting load after load of black baby seed directly into her unprotected womb. After James had his vasectomy she had not found it important to take birth control so she had stopped. She started to protest, "Please don't cum inside of me... I could get pregnant!" she heard herself grunt as a lust filled voice she didn't even recognize.


Over and over again all Erica could feel was flashes of fire from her own orgasm and the heat of his cum deep in her love channel as he continued to cum inside of her. She threw her head back and yelled out an animal grunt as they both collapsed in a heap. The black youth pulled his spent cock out of Erica's cunt with a wet-sounding plop. A huge rush of black-making baby seed came rushing out of her married cunt into the dirt where he had fucked her. Erica didn't protest, she didn't say a word about this disgusting black gang member's cumming running out of her unprotected cunt. She just lay there in the afterglow of the best orgasm of her life.

Her black attacker stepped over her with his cum covered uncut cock hanging inches from her face. "Clean my cock off you married Bitch!" Erica didn't even blink an eye. The married white wife started sucking on the black gang member's cock again She pushed back the heave loose foreskin and sucked on the purple head of his dick. The same head that moments ago was shoved inside of her womb. She clean all of his salty cum off his quickly softening cock until he pulled it from her.

"Never had a cock like that before have you... Erica. He said looking through her bag once again and looking at her driver's license. He pulled out her last forty dollars. He opened up her cell phone while she lay with her legs still wide open before him and he was quickly able to find her husband's cell phone number on her phone and he repeated it to her. "Now here is the deal girl. You don't tell the cops about this. You don't tell your husband or friends about this or I'll send all of these pictures to this number." He showed her a picture of herself sucking on his big black vein-covered cock. Her eyes open and looking up at the camera as she cleaned off his spent cum covered cock.

"No, please don't send those to James. Please, I will not tell." He flung her bag back to her again and as he ran off he yelled back, "You better not Bitch, I'll be watching." Erica got up slowly her pussy was still throbbing from the fucking the young gang member had just given her. She tried to clean up all the cum because it was running down her leg. There was just to much for the small handful of tissue she had in her bag. She found her shoes and pulled them back on and climbed into her car cleared her head started it up and drove home. The lights were already out, and James was already in bed.

Erica stopped for a moment if she called the cops it would kill James and her family. She would have to admit to the whole thing. She would have to tell her folks she was fucked by a black man. They would all be shocked and they would all know how she was used. That would kill her. So she couldn't do that. If she told anyone that asshole would send those pictures to her husband. That would kill James and what if it got out to his friends? They would all know she was used by a nasty Blackman, everyone would know, and everyone would treat her differently. She decided she wouldn't tell anyone, not her friends and for sure not her husband. She would just slip into the house and get into the shower. She would wash away all the black bastard's sperm and she would forget all of this ever happened.
She got out of the car and went inside. The light in her bedroom was out so she slipped out of her things and walked past the bed. She could see James on the bed. She was just about to step into the bathroom when she heard James' voice.

"Your late honey."

"Ya, I had to work late to help clean up from a large party tonight."

"Coming to bed?"

"I was just going to take a quick shower, I'm gross!" she wasn't lying she could still feel the back man's cum leaking out of her used cunt.

"I like you when your a little gross!" James said grabbing her hand and pulling her to bed. She didn't know what to do.
Erica didn't know what to do. James had not paid any attention to her for weeks now and now tonight he wanted to make love. She couldn't think of a way out of it as James stared to kiss her in their dark bedroom. As he kissing her and started to reach towards her wet used cunt with one of his hands. She had to think of something to stop him from touching her well fucked cunt and do it fast. There was no way James would miss how wet and used her pussy was. She stopped him and pushed him back on the bed she grabed his small four inch dick in her hand and quietly sucked it into her mouth. His dick was so small compared to the young black man's cock that she found she was easily able to suck her husband's whole dick into her mouth. It was still half soft so she worked hard on the head of her husband's dick.

"Erica... You've never done this before. I..." he said looking down at her in the darkness.

"I just wanted to... Try something new." Erica said around her husband's grown dick. She sucked his whole dick deep into her mouth and sucked on his dick for all she was worth. She felt his dick getting hard again. For her husband this was a great accomplishment. She quickly flung her leg over her husband's body and with one had guided his stiff small dick towards her used and still leaking black cum cunt.

"What has gotten into you Erica? This isn't like you." He stared to say but he quit talking as soon as Erica lowered herself onto his tiny hard dick. It was so small she had it inside of her in moments. Erica knew that her cunt was still full of her attackers cum. She just hoped James didn't notice. She started to ride his dick and she kissed him and let his tongue probe her mouth. The same mouth that had just sucked the cum off of a black cock moments before. James didn't seem to notice as they kissed. If anything Erica notice her husband seemed to be fucking her harder than normal.

James rolled Erica over and got between her open legs. He thrust back into her used cunt. Erica could feel that her husband's balls were already wet from the black man's cum. As her husband fucked away at her already loosened cunt the room filled with wet slapping noises as her husband pumped his tiny dick in and out of her already fucked pussy. Erica knew that she was letting her husband do a unspeakable thing. He was getting sloppy seconds and he didn't know it. The wet juice all over his cock and balls was six months worth of saved up black baby making sperm. A good wife would have told him. She wasn't a good wife tonight. Tonight she was a black fucked bitch letting her husband get sloppy seconds.

James' dick was harder than it had been in months as he fucked into Erica's loose sloppy cunt. "Your so wet tonight dear. I've made you wait too long." Jame said as he kissed her again. She was such a slut. She had to stop this but she didn't know how. How do you tell the man you love that it was not really your pussy that was so wet but the fact that you had just grunted out a huge orgasm on a black cock three times as big as his that pumped you full of his cum. That's why you were so we!

She loved James so she just went with it. "yes, I'm wet for you sweetheart." She said kissing him again with her black cock cleaning mouth. "What has you so excited tonight!" Erica asked. "It's silly really. Someone sent me a porn picture on my phone tonight. Didn't even know the number a miss dial I guess." he said as he fucked away at her wife's wet cunt.

"A what!"

"I don't want to upset it. Like I said it's silly really."

"Can you show me what you all worked up?"

"Really, you want to see and you won't get mad?"

"No, Erica"

"Here, but I warn you. It's nasty." Erica said as she pulled her cell phone from the night table. She turned it on and went to message. There was a shocking picture of a shaved white woman's cunt wrapped around a big fat black cock. It was a close-up but Erica could make out her very own waitress skirt and her tan line and her shaved cunt was a dead giveaway. It was a picture of her pussy getting pounder just ten minutes ago. She looked at the picture and looked up in the faint light at James. His small dick was rock hard. She loved him so.

"Does this turn you on?"

"Look I know how you feel about that interracial stuff. I'm sorry Honey it's just." Erica stopped him and kissed him. James started fucking her harder with the open phone laying next to them. When James finally came her cunt was a sloppy mess. As she lay there he got up went into the restroom his dick was covered in white foam.

Erica looked at the phone again. How long could this go on. She saw the image of that nasty black cock and she felt her pussy tingle, that was how it all started.

Erica pulled down her waitress skirt and started up the steps to the restaurant. Carl was there when she opened the door. He was a pudgy man with gray hair and a pot belly. "Never known you to take so long on a smoke break Erica. I was getting worried about you."

"I'm fine."

Erica had to rush to the bathroom to clean up! She couldn't wait on tables with black cum leaking down her legs. Her cell phone rang. Looking at it she answered it.

"Hello Honey I'm kind of busy here. What do you need?"

"That same number just sent me another interracial porn picture. Can you believe it?! That's eight days in a row now!"

"What do you think it means?"

"Can we talk about it more when I get home Honey?"

"Sure get home soon OK."

"Bye." She said as she put away her phone.

How was this going to ever get better? She had no idea but she was going to do whatever it took to keep her husband and her new Black Friend happy because Erica realized she needed both!
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