Erica was laying in bed on her back, on top of her was a large Black man who covered most of Erica, with only her legs, arms, and head protruding she had a smile on her face and didn’t mind the man lying on top of her. Between her legs the man had his large black cock buried deep inside of her and there was a large wet stain on the sheets in that area, the stain was the result of the past 40 minutes of fucking in which Erica had orgasmed 3 times, or was it 4? The man fucking her had cum twice both times inside of her and the stain was what had leaked out. Erica lay there basking in the after-orgasm bliss that she didn’t want to end, when the man on top of her made a move to withdraw Erica quickly wrapped her legs around the man’s back and locked her ankles! The man laughed and told Erica she was a real slut, she didn’t argue with him, agreeing, she kissed him deeply before unwrapping her legs so he could pull out!

Even after he was out and gone to the bathroom she lay there still spread, only now more cum was leaking out of her gaping cunt, she lay there thinking about the rest of her day and what lay ahead. She was not looking forward to all of what still had to happen but there was no way around or out of it. Erica, 42, blonde hair and brown eyes, has a nice body with 32A breasts long nipples, and great legs, her ass is a bit big but it accents the rest of her. She is married, her husband Jim was NOT the Black man who had just left her alone on the bed. Her husband had no idea whatsoever that she had been seeing Black men for about two years now and had fucked more of them than she could count. There was no way Jim could compete with any of the Black men Erica had been seeing as his cock was about the size of Erica’s middle finger and he couldn’t last long enough to even get his thin little dicklett into Eric’s pussy without cumming. The only problem was, now she had to tell him what had been happening, and telling him wouldn’t be the worst part. Jim was 55 years old, 5’7”, and 165 he had gotten a vasectomy many years before and now Erica was pregnant, she wasn’t even sure who the father was, except the baby was Black most certainly!

She lay there thinking back how all this had begun... It was a couple of years earlier at one of Erica’s best friend’s bridal party. All the friends including a couple of Erica’s sisters had gotten together and were partying at a private location. The alcohol was flowing and all the girls were having a great time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Some of the gals were giving the bride-to-be some advice on how to keep her men happy (in other words, sex advice). It was getting wilder and suddenly some music started and out stepped a man from the back room. He is a very good-looking man and he starts gyrating to the music. He had all the moves and was soon dancing right up to a couple of the girls including the bride-to-be. The guy suddenly removed a piece of clothing and danced even closer to the bride. At that moment another man steps from the back room. This man is Black and like the first one very well built and nice looking. Just then still another man comes in and begins dancing. With three of them, everyone is distracted and the undressing of the men continues. The third man is also black and seemed to be focused on Erica as he danced over to her slipping off clothes as he moves. Erica didn’t want the man near her since he is black and Erica’s family has always been very racist but he didn’t care what she wanted or didn’t want, he danced up to her face and stuck his bulging crotch in her face, so close she can smell his Oder.

Erica was helpless to move much with so much going on. And the Black man would not leave her alone. One of the other men had his bare cock out and one of the girls was touching it, Erica prayed the man near her wouldn’t get any ideas. The same idea is exactly what the Black man near Erica was thinking as he pulled his pouch down revealing a big heavy black cock. It was getting semi-erect and Erica just wanted to hide and escape but instead, he pushed forward and the head of the cock touched Erica’s lips. She was repulsed and tried to turn her head so she can avoid his cock but it is of no avail. His cock ****** its way past her lips and Erica got her first taste of a man’s cock in a long time. That was a taste of a man’s cock other than her husband’s and Erica rarely sucked her husband’s cock, she didn’t care for it but this time she didn’t have a choice.

The Black man pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and began to fuck her mouth. She was helpless to resist now and tears were running down her cheeks as he continued to assault her mouth. No one seemed to notice Erica’s dilemma with the bride drawing most of the attention! Suddenly Erica’s mouth is full of sperm! She choked on it and then had to swallow or drown in it so she did it as the man danced away from her and then disappeared into the back room from where he came. She immediately took a drink from her cocktail to wash the taste from her mouth and looked around to see if anyone else noticed what had just happened to her. Another of the group who seemed to be the center of attention had one of the dancer’s cocks in her hand and was making a big production out of it, jacking it for some of the other girls. The bride was dancing with the other male dancer who still had a pouch on but his cock was very stiff and was almost sticking out of the top of his pouch. Erica shrunk back towards the back of the group so hopefully no one else would come out and do anything like what had just happened.

The gal who was playing with the second dancer made him cum and got sprayed with his cum. After that the dancer retreated to the back room and the dancer who was still dancing with the bride was making sure her hand was on his cock. The two of them disappeared into the backroom where the dancers had all come from and a moment or two later the bride reappeared blushing! Things quieted down some after that although there was still a lot of drinking and partying. The party started to break up over an hour later and Erica was more than ready to get out of there. She was still shaking from what the dancer had done to and with her and she wanted to be gone!

But as Erica was headed for the door she was caught by a man who was managing the place and asked her to come with him for a minute. She didn’t want to but she followed him into the backroom and then into an office where he had her sit. He locked the door behind her and again she was scared as to what was happening. The man sat and asked if she was comfortable. She asked what this was all about because she wanted to leave. He laughed and told her he knew how she felt and that it will all be resolved soon! Then he began, he started telling Erica what he knew about her and his knowledge was vast. He knew she was a manager of a local steakhouse and he even knew her political affiliation. Then he turned on a TV which was mounted on the wall and suddenly there was a picture of Erica with a Black man in front of her and his hard cock in her mouth! Only the picture was different as there wasn’t anyone in the background. It looked like Erica was the only one in the room with this Black man and she was sucking his cock!

The man asked her if she would like this picture sent to her husband. Or if not, we can work something out? Erica was astounded! She was speechless and tried to explain. The man interrupted her and told her that from now on, she would be available to him and his friends if she didn’t want her husband and the world to see and know about that picture. Then the man flipped the picture and another one came up from a different angle and showed more of what was happening. Erica was again speechless as the man laid out the details.

From this time forward she was to be at their call. As long as she did everything she was told to do, and they did mean EVERYTHING, the pictures would remain a secret to everyone. If she failed at any time, the pictures would be sent to not only her husband, Jim but to her work at the steak house too. And last but not least to her family, “How do you think they might like to see you doing something like this? What do you think your dad would say and do if he knew?” the man asked.

Erica was almost in tears again, “Please, don’t make me do this. I will be ruined, my family will disown me!”

“Well, then it is settled, you have a text on your phone from a number any time you get a text from that number you will do as it says and you better do it quickly if you fail to do as you are told once, ONCE, and before the hour is up you will regret it. It will all be over, do you understand?”

Erica was now sobbing, “Yes I understand. Whaa… what are you going to make me do?”

“Anything we want! As a matter of fact, Strip right now, right here! NOW!!! Get those clothes off Bitch!”

Erica was still sobbing; she stood and reached behind her and unzipped her dress, shrugged it off her shoulders, and let it fall to her feet. “Is that enough?” she asked and was promptly told to get naked! Completely Naked! She reached behind her and unhooked her bra and then added it to the pile at her feet. Then she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pushed them down to her ankles. She stood there looking at the floor wanting to cover her nakedness but knew she didn’t dare. She could feel the manager’s gaze moving over her. The nipples of her 32A breasts were rock hard even though she didn’t want them to be and she prayed her bush was covering her pussy so she wasn’t revealed.

She didn’t know it but her photo album had just grown and would continue to grow. The man opened another door and the dancer who Erica had sucked earlier walked in only he was completely naked this time. She felt small next to him and his cock was sticking straight out. As he approached her she started to kneel and he caught her before she was down on her knees. “It’s time we fuck!” The dancer said.

Erica’s mouth dropped open, she hadn’t thought of this even though she should have. “I can’t fuck you, I’m married and I am not that kind of woman, I am not a slut or a *****!”

The manager was sitting nearby and instantly chimed in: “Do it or the text with the pictures goes out to your husband, your business, and your family!”

Erica looked at the floor; she was at a loss as to what to do, so she did as she was told, “Where do we do it?” was all she could say. The dancer (whose name was Jarome as Erica was to find out later) grabbed her hand and led her through another door into the next room which had a couple of beds in it. There were many cameras set up and lights but they didn’t seem to be turned on now so she ignored them as Jarome led her to the closest bed pushing Erica onto the bed she sprawled across it as he followed her, turning her over and spreading her legs, he knelt briefly to lick her pussy.

“This bitch is wet already! She likes this! I knew she would be a good one when I was dancing for them!” As he said this he slid up between her legs spreading them even further and positioning himself for entering her she didn’t have time to do anything but she felt his cock brush against her pussy lips and then begin to penetrate. Jarome’s cock was much larger than her husband, Jim and she could feel it stretching her as it ****** its way into her. She tried not to giggle as it occurred to her that by this instant if it had been with her husband, he would have already cum and she would be lying about having an orgasm!

But with Jarome this was different, his cock continued deeper and it was bringing feelings that Erica had not felt in many years, certainly not since being married to her husband Jim. Jarome’s cock even hurt a bit it was so large. But it was a good hurt and even though she was being made to do this, she found herself enjoying it! Without knowing she was doing it, she was even starting to meet his thrusts as he pumped deeper into her. She suddenly realized that Jarome hadn’t put a condom on, or any other type of birth control for that matter and Erica was not on the pill since Jim had a vasectomy a few years earlier! But she couldn’t do anything to stop what was happening. She knew if she said anything, Jarome and the manager would be sure to have him cum inside of her. She bit her lip and kept quiet as a feeling started to build inside of her that she hadn’t felt in years. OHhh fuck, she was going to cum and it was going to be a powerful orgasm too!

Jarome wasn’t caring what Erica wanted or was doing, he was working on his orgasm and he was determined to pump one hell of a load of cum deep in her cunt and it was going to be soon! The moment Erica screamed as her orgasm flooded her, Jarome growled and buried his cock as deep as he could and pumped steam after steam of cum deep in her. Erica was seeing stars and was light-headed the orgasm had been so intense! They both pumped against the other until both of them had come down from their highs and then they just lay there trying to catch their breaths. Jarome finally pulled his still-stiff cock out and it was dripping cum so she knew what was now deep in her womb. Erica rolled off the bed and asked the manager who was leaning against the wall nearby if she was free to go.

"Yes, but keep your phone close and remember, if you get one of our texts, you better answer and answer quickly or the world will learn all your secrets. As long as you follow our orders, no one will be the wiser."

“I hope you are right about that, I am not on birth control and your dancer there just filled me with cum!”

The manager scribbled out an address on a slip of paper and handed it to her. “This is a local Planned Parenthood place, you better take care of that unless want to get pregnant and don’t figure being pregnant will get you out of this because it won’t unless we decide to drop you, and from what I just witnessed, that ain’t happening any time soon!”

Erica picked up her dress and slipped it back on as she went from room to room towards the door. She didn’t bother with her panties as she could already feel the cum streaming down her legs from her freshly fucked pussy. She exited the building and went to her car. All the other women had left and her car was one of two that were still in the lot. The other car was her sister’s but she figured she had caught a ride with one of the other gals not wanting to take a chance at driving after drinking too much. She climbed in and drove home hoping her husband was in bed and asleep.

He was thank goodness, she showered and hit the bed too. The following morning was just the usual. Erica told her husband Jim the party had run long and she omitted any mention of dancers and anything else that had happened later. She dressed as usual and went off to her job just as He did the same. Mid-morning Erica made some excuses about having to go and take care of some business and slipped out and drove to Planned Parenthood. It repulsed her to enter this place after all the rumors and wrongs she had heard these people do but if they could give her a pill that would stop anything she had done the night before and prevent something from happening in the future, she would do it. They did. Erica had to figure out where and how to hide the birth control pills she had gotten so Jim wouldn’t find them. Explaining them would be impossible so it was better just to make sure he never found them.

Several days passed and Erica was beginning to think maybe the manager and his group had forgotten about her, she could only hope, but then a day later she got a text. Erica was feeling smart (or maybe stupid) she was beginning to doubt that the manager and his group could do all that they had threatened. Her husband Jim was gone and he had left his phone at home by mistake. Erica worked up her courage and texted back the single word, “NO”. She had no more than sent the single-word text when her husband’s phone lit up with a text from an unknown number. She opened the text and there it was! Even though Erica knew the picture was faked it sure looked real and it showed her with a Black cock in her mouth! Erica immediately texted back on her phone and apologized begging for forgiveness. While she was waiting she deleted the text on her husband’s phone and prayed she hadn’t screwed things up!

Suddenly her phone rang and she answered before it even finished ringing. She was apologizing and begging for things to stop, she would NEVER refuse again and she would do ANYTHING they wanted her to do. But the manager on the other end told her it was too late. The pictures had been sent so far to her husband (which Erica knew about) and to her sister Sharon! “Oh god no!” Erica exclaimed, how would she ever explain things to her sister?

The moment she hung up with the manager, she dialed her sister Sharon as she tried to think how she was going to clear this up. Sharon answered: “What the hell did you do?” Erica stammered and finally just blurted out that it was a long story and to Please not tell or show anyone what she had received. As briefly as she could Erica explained that she was being blackmailed, she had screwed up.

“Just don’t show anyone or tell anyone about this and I will explain later,” Sharon agreed to Erica’s request and hung up. She had no more than hung up the call when she moaned loudly as a Black man by the name of James buried his 9” thick Black cock deep in Sharon’s pussy.

“So your sister fucked up?“ Let that be a lesson to you not to make the same mistake or you will suffer as much or worse!” Sharon moaned and nodded her head in agreement as James began fucking her. She was enjoying this so much already she didn’t care about her sister at the moment. Sharon had been to the same bridal party and had also been blackmailed it was her car still in the parking lot when Erica had left.

Erica breathed deep, she hoped she had dodged a big one there and swore never to be so stupid again. She read the text from the manager again and it had given her directions on what was expected of her for her date which was the day after tomorrow. One thing struck her odd, she was supposed to get a cheerleader's outfit! She had some from her high school days, at her Mom’s house. Did the manager somehow know she used to be a cheerleader?

She pondered that along with many other questions as she made a special trip to her mom’s house to pick up her old cheerleading outfits and when she got home she tried them on since her husband wasn’t home. They were a bit tight since she wasn’t as trim as she was in high school. The outfits were tighter and showed more than they used to which Erica didn’t think would be a bad thing. She took a quick selfie of herself and sent it to the Manager for his approval. She got a reply almost instantly. “Lose the panties.” The outfit had special shorts that prevented the ******** of anything between the legs while doing kicks and such things. Going without them and as short as the skirt was now that Erica was a bit larger, would mean EVERYTHING was going to show but there was nothing she could do but do as the manager says.

The day of the meeting arrived and Erica put on her outfit again, this time without the panties. As she passed the mirror she couldn’t help but notice the cheeks of her ass were showing along with the bush between her legs. She blushed at what she saw and turned and headed for the garage. Time was wasting and she had to get gone before her husband or anyone else might stop by she hopped into her car and drive to the stadium where the manager had instructed her to go.

As she got out in the empty parking lot she almost wished there were men out there, she wanted to be seen! She walked to the gate and entered. Following the directions she soon found the entrance to the locker rooms and entered there. Once she opened the door at the bottom of the steps she could hear two men’s voices. She added a bit of a swing to her hips as she rounded the corner “Hello, Men! Is this the right dressing room for me?” Both men were Black and were only wearing briefs, they were very muscular and tall, they both smiled at hearing Erica’s voice and immediately stopped what they were doing and approached her.

“I think you got the right room honey!” one of them said as he stepped forward and took her in his arms and kissed her. Not your normal quick kiss either, it started the juices flowing and the heat rising. While still kissing her, his hand dropped between her legs and found a home in her already wet pussy. She moaned at his touch and wanted to climb all over him! When the kiss ended the man said out loud, “This one wants it bad!” as he grabbed the hem of her outfit and lifted it up and over her head leaving her naked! Guiding her to a nearby bench and positioning her on it on her hands and knees and then stepping behind her the other man who had been out of sight during this time of hot kissing was now at her head with his hard cock pointed right at her mouth she didn’t resist taking his hardness into her mouth and tried to swallow it, as she swallowed the one cock she felt the other pressing against her pussy lips causing her to spread her legs as wide as she could and stay on the bench.

A moment later the cock that had been teasing her buried itself in her in one swift stroke and she moaned even louder. She couldn’t speak but she moaned so the guys would know how much she loved this. Now the two were bucking against her and she could already feel an orgasm starting to build. She marveled at how good this was. Sex had never been this good with her husband, even when they were first married. And Erica loved this more and more each time she did it. How would she ever keep this from the manager? If he found out, she would never be free, but then did she want to be?

Erica was bucking back and forth; trying her hardest to please both men as much as she could and while doing it, she was rapidly approaching an orgasm that she knew was going to be big. She was enjoying being in the middle and she couldn’t resist when they both came together. One cock in her pussy went into her womb and one went down her throat as she exploded. She couldn’t even scream but she shook both men could tell exactly what was happening. Her shaking and convulsing did it for both of the Black men, they both exploded and began pumping their loads of cum into her, the moment she felt this she orgasmed even harder. She loved their cum and wanted it badly both men slowed to a stop but stayed inside of Erica who had stopped sucking when she was having her orgasm but now resumed. It didn’t take long and both men were again pumping into her with as much energy as the first time. She loved it all over again!

This went on for another 30 minutes with the Black men switching places after the second time. Both of them had filled her with their cum and both of them were soft before they stopped. She sat there enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms as she sucked them clean. The two men thanked her and she thanked them in return as she picked up her outfit. She headed for the doorway to the locker room without even dressing almost hoping there might be someone else between where she was and her car.

Unfortunately, she walked all the way to her car and got in while still naked. She liked the feeling almost as much as having sex with those Black men. She sat for a few minutes trying to decide what to do now. Her husband should be leaving for some meeting he had tonight and no one should be home after he left. She drove home still naked and secretly hoping someone, anyone, especially any Black men, might see her. If they did, she didn’t know. Her husband was gone to his meeting so she parked so the fewest amount of neighbors might see. Then she walked naked from the car to the house. She felt so nasty with cum leaking down her legs and cum drying on her breasts and face, the feeling was beyond description, and she loved it!

She showered and then arranged a place to hide her cheerleader's outfit. She had the feeling it would not be the last time she would wear it, or other things like it for the men she was most likely going to be seeing and she was right. Erica was at the manager’s call for almost the next two years. During that time she had sex with more black men than she cared to count. It didn’t matter how many; she loved them all and often found herself contacting the manager when she hadn’t been with a man for more than 3 days, she found she wanted sex with Black men more and more. Her husband was kept clueless even though it wasn’t easy to do. Many times Erica would return from a date with cum leaking out of her and her husband would never know. When her husband did want sex which wasn’t all that often, she didn’t have to worry, he would cum almost before he entered her and he was so small he never felt that Erica’s pussy was as stretched as it was.

Erica loved all the Black sex she was having she had no desire to leave her husband but there was NO way she was going to quit seeing Black men now or ever! She didn’t see a reason to tell her husband, what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt anyone and she was free to have all the Black cock she wanted.

Then one night there was a party, it wasn’t the first party as there had been many, but this night was special and Erica was excited to be there. There was to be an abundance of Black cock there and she knew she wanted a lot of it she had a mix-up getting her usual birth control pills and the man at Planned Parenthood assured her they would work and not to worry so she didn’t. The party was great, music, Black men, beds, SEX, what more could anyone want? Erica’s husband had been out of town that night so she let loose and stayed at the party all night. She lost count of how many Black men she had been with by the early morning hours and by morning she could barely walk but the smile on her face was almost permanent and she was glad her husband was away.

She was so exhausted the following night she slept so hard a bomb could have gone off and she wouldn’t have heard it. She later tried to count how many men there had been and lost count at 10. After that, she wasn’t sure if they were repeats or new guys. She thought about the orgasms she had and lost count again earlier than the man count she was very happy and hoped there was another party sometime soon. But the following month Erica didn’t have a period! She had skipped one before so she wasn’t worried. Figured with all the sex it might have mixed things up pretty well so things went on as usual. She had a couple more dates and enjoyed more nice orgasms. The Black men had been mighty good too, nice sized and she loved the sessions like she always did. She had to call the manager because she was missing sex and he arranged two more dates for her the following week. Both of the dates were excellent, she had enjoyed them immensely and both of the Black men had filled her with lots of cum, Erica was loving the cum more and more too and she found she never could get enough.

Then one morning she felt a bit ill when she got up. She thought she maybe had caught a bit of the flu or something and it got better later in the morning. She mentioned how she had felt to one of her staff, the woman immediately asked if she was pregnant. Erica laughed it off but later got to thinking about it and got this bad feeling she went to the Planned Parenthood place later that day and got tested and found out, she WAS pregnant! This was not what Erica wanted, her husband Jim had a vasectomy years before and there was no way she could pass this as his child even after it was born there was NO way the baby would pass as her white husband’s. But there was nothing that could be done except tell the truth and hope for the best. If her husband wanted to divorce her, she would take it, there was no way she could be without Black cock so if that was what it took so be it!

She realized it was getting late; laying there in the bed wasn’t going to cure anything so she had better get up, check in at work, and then go home to face her husband. Once at home, she changed into a dress. A nice short dress left her bra off and the same with her panties, the panties were as much to entice her husband as to avoid revealing she still had cum leaking out of her from her date earlier that afternoon. She looked good and hoped in some remote way, this might help her smooth this over but only time would tell. She fixed her husband’s favorite meal and even added a few candles to the table. She was a bundle of nerves as the clock counted down to the time her husband should be coming home. Erica practiced what she was going to say over and over trying her best to make it sound good, she wasn’t sure it ever got to that point.

When her Husband Jim walked in she was trying to be happy and positive and he didn’t seem to notice anything but. They had a drink and then supper and talked about each other’s day and the usual stuff. As Erica served dessert, she decided it was time to get to the serious business. “Jim, I have something to talk to you about, I don’t know quite how to approach it... I hope you will forgive me!” She had Jim’s attention now!

“Sweet Heart, this began about two years ago and… and … well I am SO SORRY.”

“What is it Erica, you can tell me, it’s ok, I love you!” Jim responded.

“It all started back at the bridal party, I didn’t do anything bad really but somehow there were pictures taken of me, and they were doctored and made it look like I was doing something I didn’t do! And after the party, they threatened to ****** me and tell you and everyone I was doing what I didn’t do! And after that, they made me do what they were accusing me of doing but for real!"

“Doing what? What did they make you do?”

“They made me have sex with…. With … Black men. Oh god, Jim, I am so sorry, I didn’t want to do it but they made me and they made me do it over and over and then, well… Ohhhhh Jim, I am sorry, Please forgive me but I started to enjoy it.” At this point, Jim was sitting there with a blank look on his face, not much expression but he was listening, “And” Erica resumed, “Then, I was doing it a lot, like a couple of times a week. I know I should have told you back then, but I couldn’t. I was SO SCARED and they were making me and now it is even worse, Jim, I am pregnant. I don’t know who the father is but he is definitely Black... Please forgive me, Please!”

Jim sat there with the blank look on his face. Erica was becoming frantic, trying to get Jim to say anything so she would know which way to go. She looked down a bit and it dawned on her, it looked like Jim had a hard-on! He was turned on by her admission and the fact that she was pregnant by a Black man! She thought she might as well put everything out there since she was this far. “Jim, again, I am so sorry but, I can’t stop it either. I love Black cock; I love being fucked by Black men. I love it! I need it! I have to have it and I have to have it a lot!” There it was, it was ALL out there and Erica looked at Jim again, still no obvious facial expression, and that bulge in his pants was bigger than she thought she had ever seen. Then she decided to do the extreme. She reached for Jim’s hand and pulled him up from his sitting position and started to pull him to the bedroom. Three steps in that direction she let go of his hand and started to pull the dress up over her head as they continued towards the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom she jumped on the bed and lay back, spreading her legs and arms to welcome Jim. Jim was in the bedroom door tripping over his pants as he struggled to get them off. He finally got them off and ran to the bed, climbing between Erica’s legs and aiming his hardness at his wife’s pussy. He got between her legs and fumbled with his cock getting it into her pussy and he got no more than half of it in her before he groaned and started to cum! Erica lay there smiling as Jim started his usual apology for Cumming so quickly, she held him and repeated her usual, “That’s ok, I came before you did baby!” Well, she wasn’t lying; she had cum with the Black man who had fucked her hours before! Laying there snuggling with Jim, she started to share with him how far along she was. How her belly was already swelling slightly, and her breasts were getting tender and swelling as they enjoyed a closeness they hadn’t had in some time. After a little bit, Erica wanted to make sure she was understood and asked if Jim had heard her earlier, “What was that?” he asked.

“That I love Black cock; I love being fucked by Black men. I love it! I need it! I have to have it! And I have to have it a lot!” she restated.

“Yes, I heard, and I won’t stop you.” He replied.

She smiled and lay there trying to figure out how she was now going to explain all this to her family. A Black baby wasn’t going to be easy to explain, at least as far as she knew, but she didn’t know everything!
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