This is a continuation of my previously posted story Erica's After Work Lesson. I suggest you find that story on this site and read it first, so that you enjoy this story more.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are age 18 or older.

Erica was just finishing up her shift at the dinner. It had been a super long shift and she was tired. She couldn't help but feel the tingling she still had in her pussy from the hard fucking she had received just a few hours ago on the back steps of the restaurant. Her new black mysterious friend had forcefully fucked her just a few days ago and now he kept coming back for more. Erica shook her head as she took off her apron and put it away under the counter. Maybe she should have called the police that first night but how could she? Her ****** knew her name, knew where she lived, took nasty pictures of her, and threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone about what he had done. Plus he took all of those damn pictures and he was sending them to her husband James.

Erica felt her face flush red as she remembered being ****** to look up at the young black man's cell phone as she was sucking his uncut black cock so that he could take them. Then the young black man sent one of those nasty pictures to her husband later that night. She was just glad that the picture didn't show her face. The picture had only shown his huge black cock sunk halfway into her shaved pussy. Erica was just happy that her husband didn't recognize her shaved pussy when he saw it. She should have called the police then. She should have but she didn't. Now for the last few days, her black ****** visited her at work near the end of her shift for what she had come to understand was her new daily duty. To fuck him so that he wouldn't tell her husband James or anyone else for that matter.

She put away the last few dishes and as she did she realized that she didn't even know the young strange black man's name. All Erica now knew was that she was hungry for his long fat black cock. She wanted to say it wasn't true, after all, she was a happily married woman but just looking at his huge fat uncut black cock now made her pussy wet. Just thinking of it now was exciting her and she had just been fucked a few hours ago. She rubbed her belly and wondered how much of his cum she had taken over the past few days.

"Erica!" She heard Carl the restaurant's owner call out her name from the back office. She huffed and hung her head. Carl had already worked her longer than any other employee today and she was ready to go home. Wondering what he could be wanting now she yelled back.

"I'm here Mr. Gibson," Erica answered as she walked into the back.

Carl Gibson was an older pudgy man with thinning gray hard, which he tried to hide by growing his gray hair longer on one side and combing it over the top of his head. The hair trick didn't work and really just drew your attention to the fact that he was almost bald. He was 65 years old and married to one of the nicest women Erica had ever met. Her name was Susan and she worked the cash register between them both, they had made this old restaurant work for all these years. Carl was sitting at his desk when she walked into the office and he had a strange look on his face.

"Yes?" Erica said as she stepped inside the small office

"We need to talk Erica," Carl said as he pointed to a small padded chair that sat in front of his desk. "Please sit down."

Erica could not imagine what she could have done. She had worked hard for Susan and Carl. She couldn't think of anything that she could have done at work to get her into trouble. She gave him a stiff smile and sat in the old rickety chair pushing her skirt down over her nicely tanned legs as she did so.

"What is it, Mr. Gibson?"

"Well, Erica. I've thought about this all day. It seems I'm going to be ****** to let you go!" Carl said looking right at her.

"But why?" Erica asked as she moved forward in the tiny chair.

"Look, I just can't have someone working here that might give my business a bad name. So, I'm going to have to let you go."

"But sir, I've worked hard for you. I would never do anything to hurt the restaurant." Erica protested.

"Is that so!" He said with a grim face.

"Yes!" Erica blurted out.

He pushed his computer monitor around on its stand so she could see the screen. There in high definition and vivid color was a small woman holding onto the handrail of the back stairs with her skirt pulled up over her hips which really showed off her fat white ass and she was getting fucked from behind by a young black man. It took a moment for Erica's mind to comprehend what she was seeing. It was her. The security cameras in the back had caught her letting her ****** fuck her. The camera had caught everything. Carl turned up the sound and she gasped when she realized that she could hear each slap of their flesh hitting each other. Carl pushed another bottom on his keyboard and it switched to another view that was almost directly above them. Erica could now clearly see the young black man's long cock disappearing into her body with each thrust. Erica didn't know what to say as she watched the lewd display before her.

"So, what do you have to say for yourself?" Carl asked turning the sound up louder.

"I... I. It's not really what it looks like." That was all Erica was able to say.

"Then I have no choice but to let you go, Erica." He stood up from behind the desk and walked around to face her his big potbelly hanging out below his white chef shirt.

"No, please! I really need this job. I'll do anything!" Erica said with tears in her eyes as she realized that she was about to lose her job and she and her husband really needed the money.

"Are you engaging in ************ for money then Erica?" Carl asked her.

"No, no nothing like that. I just, I can't really explain." She said through her tears. "But please don't fire me. I need the job I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" Carl said as he looked down at her.

Erica nodded her head quickly. "please don't fire me Mr. GIBSON!"

Erica couldn't keep the tears from coming and they flooded out.

"Look, Erica. I'm a man and I have needs!"

Erica looked up at the older man. What was he saying? He couldn't really mean that he wanted to have sex with her. She looked up trying to dry her tears.

"what would I have to do?" Erica asked.

"Well, I don't see why we can't work it out," Carl said as he move towards her. "You wouldn't get fired and no one but me will ever see these few videos. Now I have them saved to my hard drive you understand, these videos!" Erica moved back in her chair.

"Videos?" She asked stifling up.

Carl was very close to her now. "I've watched them all Erica. There are six of them. I would sure hate to have someone show your husband these tapes wouldn't you."

All Erica could do was nod her head. Not more than a week ago she had submitted to a vicious fuck and then by not going to the police that same unknown ****** had returned each day and ****** her to let him fuck her again by threatening to tell her husband James and show him his nasty pictures. Now the black man had fucked her so much in the last few days that she was starting to love it and Mr. Gibson had caught them fucking on his security cameras. Now here she was being ****** to submit to Mr. Gibson to protect her husband again. It just wasn't fair! It wasn't!

"Show your husband James that his proper little church-going wife was fucking a black man behind his back."

"No, I don't Mr. Gibson. I'll do whatever you want just please don't show those to my husband. Please!" Erica begged.

"Don't call me Mr. Gibson. Not now." Carl told her stepping right in front of her.

"Call me daddy!" Carl told her.

"OK, daddy!" Erica said as she looked up over the big man's fat belly at his face.

"Mmm, you don't know how many days I've looked at your lovely tanned legs as you've pranced around here. It's like your my own stepdaughter. Now show them to me.!" Carl said to her as he rubbed the inside of her thighs with his fat fingered hands.

Erica shuttered at his touch but she opened up her legs for Carl and let him explore her tanned legs all he wanted. His thumb rubbed over her still wet pussy making her look up and bite her lower lip. Erica knew she was in a totally disgusting position, being felt up by a man much older than her who she had known for years. Erica couldn't believe he would take advantage of her like this but here she was with his hand up inside of her skirt. Erica couldn't help it, after all, she was still turned on by the fucking her unknown black friend had given her just a few hours earlier. And the fact that Carl had the video of Erica getting fucked still playing on his computer screen didn't help the matter.

Of course, she knew that a lot of men admired her shapely legs. That's why she kept her legs so tan and wore her uniform skirt a few inches shorter than the other girls did. She had never thought that kindly Mr. Gibson would be lusting after her. She moved around in the chair as she felt him rub her wet pussy harder with his fingers.

"Now take out my Dick Erica." He said as he stood up in front of her again.

Erica did as she was told. She unzipped his black pants and was surprised to have a small fat cock pop right out of his pants and poke right out at her. Carl's cock was about 5 inches long and had an average size head on it which had a big leaking drop of precum on the tip.

"Now grab it!" He commanded her.

Just a few days ago Erica would have turned away in disgust from Carl's blood-engorged cock. Now however she grabbed it in her small hand and started to pull on it slowly.

"Is this what you want Daddy?" she asked looking up at him.

"Oh my yes my dear," Carl said fighting to keep his feet before her. " Say that again." He asked her.

"Is this what you always wanted to see me do?" Erica asked as she pulled on his cock with a firm hand and opened her legs up wide and put a shoe-covered foot on each side of him. "Daddy?"

"Oh shit Erica," Carl said with a deep intake of breath. "Do you like it when that black man fucks you?"

Erica looked at the screen. The black youth had a firm hold on her hips and was pounding his jet black. horse cock into her so fast that it was almost a blur.

"Oh yes, Daddy he fucks me so good!" Erica said as she looked up at Carl and sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. After sucking off her new black friend this was nothing. She looked up at Carl with her brown eyes and spoke around his cock.

"Do you like this Daddy?" Carl's cock lurched inside of her mouth as she said that. Carl was running his hands all over her legs as she worked on his cock. "I really liked your videos, Erica, I've been jerking off to them each day now not knowing what to do."

Erica pulled Carl's cock out of her mouth with a loud pop. "Really! You like them that much. Do you like seeing me get fucked? " She asked just pulling on his cock again.

Carl looked down at her over his belly. "It's not just you getting fucked, Erica. It's that you're getting fucked by a black man."

Erica sucked Carl's cock back into her mouth all the way to his old balls. She sucked his cock and found that she did enjoy the taste of Carl's cock. She pulled it out of her mouth again and tugged on it a few times watching as a long line of precum dripped down from the tip of Carl's wet cock.

"You like watching me fuck a black man Daddy?" She asked pulling on his cock with her small hand.

"Oh yes!" Carl said looking down at her.

"You like watching me ride a big black cock don't you Daddy?" Erica asked again.

"Oh Erica, I never dreamed you were so nasty." Carl said as he ran his old hands over her perfectly tan legs.

"I never dreamed that I would ever get a chance to have you sex with you." Carl said as he looked down at her pulling on his cock.

Just then Erica's cell phone started to ring. She pulled it out of her pocket and showed the screen to Carl, it was her husband James. Carl looked at her in alarm but Erica just used her finger to swipe the screen.

Erica sucked Carl's cock into her mouth and felt a rush of warmth down in her pussy as she said.

She flipped the phone onto speaker as Carl turned as white as a sheet.

"Hi honey. Just wanted to check on you., you running late.?" James asked.

"Yes Carl has me polishing off a few things here."

Erica felt it for the first time then. She had never realized just how powerful she was as a woman until that moment. She was sucking her married bosses cock and had just been fucked by a big cocked black man a few hours before and now here she was talking to her husband on the phone with a cock in her mouth. Erica looked up at Carl with her pretty brown eyes and then sucked his cock in so deep into her mouth that she could use her tongue to lick his balls!

"OK, hey honey. Guess what I got about five more of those nasty interracial porn pictures again today. They are from the same number as before. Kind of strange don't you think? That someone would keep sending me those nasty pictures like that."

Erica pulled her mouth off Carl's now totally spit covered cock and stood up before him. She put one leg up on the desk loudly and pointed the old man's cock right at the opening of her wet shaved pussy.

" Well, you liked them before right? " Erica said as she used her hand to push Carl's cock into her waiting cunt.

"Well yes I did but don't you think it's kind of strange that someone keeps doing that?" James asked.

Erica started to ride her older bosses rock hard cock as she talked with her husband on the phone. She felt all powerful at that moment. She knew that right now she could ask anything from Carl and he would do it. Right now she was the one with all the power over both of these men.

" A lot of strange things have been happening over the past few days." Said as she slapped down hard on Carl's small but rock hard cock.

She leaned into his neck and whispered in his ear! "Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me while I talk to my husband on the phone."

Carl used his meaty hands to grab Erica's fat white ass and started fucking into Erica's cunt. This was the first time in her life that Erica had ever hand two men other than her husband's cocks in her cunt in the same day and she liked it. Her belly was still tingly from fucking that huge black cock and Carl's cock was just right. She felt an Orgasm rush over her and she grunted in spite of herself.

"Are you OK?" James asked.

"Yes sorry honey. I was just lifting something heavy." Erica lied to her husband as she rode the old man's fat cock love a wanton slut in heat.

"Well dear I'll let you go so you can finish up and come home to me. These porn pictures have me all worked up. You are going to be in trouble when you get home." James said.

"You better be able to live up to that promise mister!" Erica said as she hooked her leg around that fat older man and pulled him into to her cunt harder.

"But before you hang up Honey send me those dirty pictures. OK! I want to look at them and get worked up for you to!"

"If your sure dear, they are really nasty this time and interracial again I don't want to upset you!" James warned her.

"I'm sure. See you in a bit, Lover." Erica said hanging up the phone. She looked at Carl who was now really starting to fuck her. Erica didn't know that the old man could fuck her so hard. She bucked her hips onto his as he fucked her. His fat belly resting on hers as they fucked like animals.

"Daddy wanted to fuck me when I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone didn't you?" Erica said in a sex little girl's voice into the older man's ear.

Her phone beeped and she picked it up. Erica had a hard time opening it with Carl fucking her wildly. The picture popped onto the screen and she held it up for Carl to see. It was a picture of a huge fat black cock shoved into a tight pink shaved pussy! Erica knew it was a picture of her own pussy being fucked and that her ****** enjoyed taking these pictures and then sending them to her husband after he had fucked her. He must get some kind of strange perverted thrill from it by letting her husband see the picture but not knowing he was fucking his wife behind his back.

Erica held the cell phone up in front of Carl. "See the big black cock Daddy? It's all covered in heavy veins and wet with pussy juice. That's my cunt Daddy! That's my pussy juice. Do you like that Daddy? Do you want a copy of it for your very own?" Erica asked making a cute innocent face to Carl's as she hit forward and sent him a copy.

Carl went crazy as she did that and he heard his cell phone ping. The old man picked Erica up off the ground and stated fucking her like she was a rag doll. Erica bit her lip and held onto Carl's fat neck, she liked it. Erica felt the power as he pounded into her now willing cunt. When her phone pinged again. It was another picture from a different angle showing that same black cock ball deep in her pink cunt. The skin was stretched thin around the massive black cock. The big fat black balls were swinging below and you could see the pussy juices dripping from them.

"You like this one daddy? See your daughter cunt can take all of that black cock. Would you like to see that Daddy would you?"

That was it. That was all Carl could take. The old man started to unload in Erica's cunt.

"That's it Daddy cum inside of my little pussy!" Erica yelled as she started to cum again herself.

Erica felt hot jets of her bosses seed pump into her cunt as it throbbed on his cock. She turned her phone around and started taking pictures of Carl's cock as it finished off inside of her pink pussy. She gripped his cock tightly milking all of the cum from his old dick.

"Nice Daddy." Erica's said as she took one last nasty picture of his cum spent cock slipping out of her cunt.

Carl slumped back again his office desk his spent cock hanging from his pants.

Erica pulled down her skirt and smiled up at Carl. "So can I keep my job?"

"fuck yes!"

"can I get a raise? Daddy?" Erica added in that cute sexy little girls voice of her's.

"Sure if you let me watch that black buck fuck you." Carl said as he cleaned his cock off and put it away.

"Deal." Was all Erica said in return as she fixed her skirt and shoved her panties in her purse.

"And Erica please don't fuck outside anymore. Come inside, in here and use my office." Carl said.

Erica kissed him on the cheek. "Your a dear!"

Erica slipped out of the office and drove home. She was so excited about what she had planned to do to her husband in her mind that she almost couldn't drive. She parked in the driveway of her house and thought for a moment if she could go through with it or not. She jumped out of the car and rushed inside.

Erica found all the lights off again just like always James was already in bed. Erica pulled off her top and then slipped out of her skirt. James was laying in bed watching TV with all of the house lights off. Erica climbed up on the bed and kissed her husband. He started to say something but Erica just pushed him down on the bed. She put her finger to his lips to stop his questions.

"Remember last week when I came home and you wanted sex so bad. You were all horny for me and I sucked you hard. Do you remember?" Erica asked James.

Erica held her phone out towards him as she climbed up and straddle James face. On the screen was a picture of an average size cock pulling out of a shaved pink pussy with cum dripping out of it. She showed James the picture on her cell phone.

"Look at what someone sent me today on my phone." Erica made sure James got a good look at the picture that she had taken herself as Carl was pulling his spent cock out of her cum filled cunt.

"This picture has me all worked up. Could you lick my pussy for me again like you did the other night?" Not even waiting for a reply Erica guided her used cunt towards her husband's face.

"Erica what has gotten into you? You know I'll do what ever you want Honey. Now let me see that little pussy of yours. " James said as Erica pushed her shaved used cunt onto her own husband's mouth. She felt her husband's tongue start to lap at her tender cunt and it made her twitch uncomfortable.

Erica felt another rush of excitement as she ****** James to eat her pussy for her. It was very exciting to know her pussy was still holding Carl's cum inside of it and her husband was lapping and sucking it all out of her at that very moment. She let herself enjoy the filling of her husband's hungrily working mouth as he slurped hard on her cunt.

She had for the first time in her life fucked two different me in the last few hours and she had liked it. She had gone years and only had a handful of orgasms and tonight she had already had more than she could count. Erica ground her pussy into her husband's face filling his mouth with another man's cum. Erica tightened her tummy muscles to try and totally push all of Carl's cum out for her unknowing husband.

Erica used her fingers to pull open her pussy as she looked down at her husband as he worked on her cunt.

"God honey your so hot tonight. Your right that picture sure turned you on. Your all wet down here." James said in between laps on his cheating wife's pussy. She looked down at her unknowing husband as he sucked another man's baby making seed out of her pussy. James was sucking her pussy lips into his mouth and biting her swollen clit. Erica didn't think it was possible but she felt another orgasm building in her hard flat belly.

"I'm very excited baby. Do you like licking my bald little pussy when I'm this excited?" She asked.

James relished her tender pussy lips. "Look for yourself." He told her as he sucked all of her used cunt lips into his mouth.

Erica turned her head and looked at his tiny fully erect penis sticking straight up against his underwear in the dim light. She reached back and gripped her husband's erect dick in her hand as she rode his face.

"Do you like the way I taste James? Tell me baby do you like it." She yelled at him as she rocked on his working mouth.

"Yes." James said gasping for air as Erica rode his face.

She couldn't help it any longer. Knowing her husband was Cleaning out all of her bosses cum from her well fucked pussy made her have another orgasm. Erica's finger rushed to her nipples and it made her drop her phone on the bed and she pinched both of her long nipples and pulled them hard as wave after wave of wanton desire rushed over her body. It was so Nasty. It was so forbidden. She loved it.

She pulled herself off her husband's face and kissed him as she lowered herself down on her husband's small dick. His face was wet with the mixture of her pussy juices and Carl's cum. She rode James cock and was shocked at how good his small dick felt inside of her. She had gone from huge 11 inch black dick to Carl's 5 inch cock to her own husband's small 4 inch dick. It felt just right in her tender well fucked pussy. She rested down on his member until it was all the way inside of her.

"Oh Erica. Your pussy is so hot and ready. I love it when it feels like this. You really like me eating your pussy out that much. Is that what made you this hot?" James asked as he started to fuck his wife's well used cunt.

"Yes!" Erica hissed as she rode her husband's small dick. "Yes I loved it."

"I love it when you make me eat your pussy like that Erica it's so exciting to me. And I like when your in control like you were when you came in." He said as he fucked upwards into his wife's pussy.

He was so excited that he grabbed her ass hard with both hands and started to fuck her faster than he ever had before. He didn't last very long and Erica felt his dick jumping around inside of her depositing his own load of cum in her cunt.

"That's three!" she whispered.

"What was that?" James's asked as he kissed her neck.

"Oh nothing!" Erica said as she closed her eyes. That was three different Cocks that had cum inside of her in just the past few hours and she had loved each one of them. Now she would have to see if she could break her record!
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