“Christ, what a night,” Erica Combs sighed, tossing the last menu back onto the hostess station as her fingers worked at undoing another button on her white blouse. Even with the air conditioning going at high, the hot Georgia heat was repressive. And the heat wasn’t the only thing that had ruined Erica’s night.

“Where should I put this, Ms. Combs?” A soft voice asked from behind her, yet another stupid question in a long line of idiotic inquiries that were driving her insane.

“It’s Mrs. Combs, I’m married,” Erica snapped, her patience wearing thin as she turned to face the trainee. “And that high chair goes over there with all the others,” she said, pointing to the narrow hallway that led to the kitchen.

“Sorry, Ma’am,” Nick Stanwell bowed his head slightly in apology, his expression calm and meek, hiding his frustration at this snobbish white woman as she belittled him once again. She’d been on his case since the start of his shift, treating him like an idiot, barely talking to him and when she did, always in bitchy tone. She obviously doesn’t like me, Nick thought to himself as he carried the high chair to where she’d pointed.

Or anyone who looks like me, Nick added, thinking about what the guys in the kitchen had told him about his supervising waitress. They didn’t have any proof, couldn’t come up with a single example, but Mike and Eddie had confided in Nick that they believed Erica Combs hated blacks. They’d told him she was always distant with them, almost purposefully trying to avoid them whenever she could. Nick had laughed it off at first, thinking it was just the usual kitchen versus waitstaff drama that happened in every restaurant. He’d scoffed up until he actually started working with Mrs. Erica Combs.

“What a bitch,” Nick muttered to himself, stacking the high chair with the others, turning to watch Erica. It’s too bad she’s such a bitch, Nick mused to himself, letting his gaze slowly run up and down the older woman, she’s pretty hot. Tiny tits but that fat ass makes up for it.

“I can’t wait to get out of here,” Erica muttered to herself, checking to see what else they had to do before closing up the restaurant. She wanted to get home and relax, maybe have her husband James rub her feet if he was still awake. She hated the closing shift, especially when she was training someone new… especially when that someone was like Nick.

“Nick,” she started to say, turning around to find the young man obviously ogling her, his eyes fixed on her rounded backside.

“NICK!” She almost screamed, her eyes flashing angrily at him, furious at his audacity to check her out so blatantly. Normally, Erica would be flattered to catch a man staring at her ass, she’d take it as proof that she was still desirable, that men still found her attractive as she rapidly approached 43, but having Nick check her out…. It sent a shudder of revulsion down her spine.

“Yes, Mrs. Combs?” Nick asked, seeing the fury in her eyes as he pulled his eyes off her plump backside. He could tell she’d caught him, that she knew he was staring at her ass and didn’t like it… but then again, would she like anything he did?

“We’re almost done for the night,” Erica snapped waspishly, still glaring at the young man, furious at his calm demeanor, seething that he wasn’t embarrassed or apologetic for being caught leching at her.

“I’m going to go check the bar,” she told him. And have a drink to get away from you, she added mentally.

“Why don’t you finish rolling the silverware and then you can go home,” she instructed him, hurrying out of the foyer and into the dimly lit bar.

“Fuck, why me?” Erica griped to herself, moving towards the bar. “Why do I always have to be surrounded by all these nigg…”

“What did you just say?” A deep voice rumbled from behind the bar, causing Erica to jump in surprise.

Erica froze, her heart in her throat as she peered into the darkness. She’d thought she was all alone… “Who… who’s there?”

“It’s me,” Mike replies, flipping on the light behind the bar, the neon beer sign flickering to life. “And what did you just say?” He repeated, his tone slightly more menacing now. He’d heard her, knew exactly what she’d said, but he wanted to hear her admit it, wanted to hear her confess to her hateful attitude. All the guys in the kitchen knew how prejudiced Erica Combs was, knew that she hated anyone who was black, but they’d never been able to prove it… until now.

“Oh, hi, Mike,” Erica stammered, her heart still racing in her chest as she tried to think of what to say, her mind scrambling to come up with a possible excuse for what she’d just said. She couldn’t be sure if Mike had heard her, although from the way he was glaring at her right now, she suspected he might have.

“I didn’t know you were still here,” she said with a strained laugh, moving up to the bar and hoping to change the subject by avoiding his question.

“Yeah, Eddie and I just had a few more things to do in the back,” the large bald headed man shrugged, noticing how she was trying to dodge answering him. “Thought we’d have a beer while we worked,” he explained, “what are you still doing here?”

“We’re running a little late tonight,” Erica said, nervous around this large man who was regarding her warily. “I’m training a new guy and he’s not that quick,” she added thoughtlessly.

“I see,” Mike nodded, his eyes narrowing at her comment. I wonder if she even realizes when she’s being insulting, Mike thought to himself. “Is that why you said what you just said?”

“Wha… what did I just say?” Erica asks nervously, her heart starting to pound once more, knowing that he had heard her.

“Don’t play stupid, Erica,” Mike almost snaps, leaning across the bar towards her. “I heard you just as clear as I can hear you now. I know what you said,” he assures her with a frightening calmness in his voice. “What I don’t know is why.”

“Mike, I didn’t… I don’t,” Erica stammered, frightened by the large black man looming over her. “I didn’t mean anything by it,” she almost sobs, her palms suddenly sweaty against the polished wood of the bar.

“Oh, but you did, Mrs. Combs,” Mike contradicts her calmly. “We all know how you feel about us, everyone who works here knows what your attitude is towards anyone like me,” he informs her. “You don’t like us, you don’t want to work with us,” he coolly accuses her.

“Mike, that’s… that’s not true,” Erica lies, hoping that she can convince him that he’s wrong. “I don’t have anything against you,” she assures him, a hint of panic in her voice, “or your people.”

“Bullshit,” Mike snapped back, the anger in his voice causing Erica to involuntarily flinch. “You hate us.”

“I don’t... “ Erica assured him, frightened beyond measure. “I don’t have anything against you,” she repeats, pleading in her fear.

“Then prove it,” Mike demands, glaring at the arrogant woman across the bar from him.

“How? How can I prove it?” Erica asked hopefully, thinking that perhaps there was a way out of this for her, that if she pretended to like him, acted friendly towards him, everything would be okay.

Mike was silent for a couple of moments, watching Erica carefully. He’d always had trouble figuring out how he felt about this attractive blonde woman. She was cute, had a good smile, and one of the best asses he’d ever seen… but she wasn’t a nice person. Her hatred and ignorance offended him and he wanted her to pay for it… but that wasn’t the only reason he was going to demand what he was about to. True, it would degrade and humiliate her… but it also would satisfy his lust for her.

“You want to know how you can prove it?” Mike echoed her, a slow smile crossing his face. “I want you to suck my dick, Mrs. Combs. I want you to come around here and get down on your knees and blow me,” he told her, his voice little more than a whisper as he watched her, watched her reaction to his words.

“What? I don’t…” Erica stammered after a few shocked seconds, blinking her eyes in confusion, her mind refusing to believe what she’d just heard. He couldn’t have said that… and if he had said it he couldn’t mean it. There was simply no way she’d ever do that!

“You heard me, Erica,” Mike assured her softly as if reading her mind. “You want to prove you don’t have anything against me, against my people, than you’re going to have suck my dick,” he told her, his voice still pitched low, his words so soft that she felt she needed to lean in to hear them.

“I can’t. I won’t,” Erica shook her head, her shock morphing into anger as she regarded that large black man on the other side of the bar. She couldn’t believe he’d just said that to her! How dare he!! She’d never do such a thing!

“Well, if you don’t, working here is going to be hell from now on,” Mike warned her calmly. “If you don’t do this, I’ll tell everyone what you just said, I might even embellish it a bit,” he continued, “and there’ll be no one who wants to work with you, no one who wants to help you.”

“I’ll quit,” Erica countered angrily, “I’ll go work someplace else.”

“And they’ll call here looking for a reference,” Mike replied. “And I’ll tell them everything.”

“I… I’ll,” Erica stammered, her shock and anger clouding her mind so that she couldn’t think straight. This couldn’t be happening to her… it couldn’t! She knew there was a way out of this, knew she could escape this, but her mind refused to work, her thoughts tumbling over themselves as she tried to form a retort.

“You’ll suck my dick,” Mike insisted firmly, “and you’ll be quick about it. Get that sweet ass of yours behind the bar,” he instructed her, enjoying watching the confusion in her face and somehow knowing that she’d obey him.

“I… if I do this, you won’t tell anyone?” Erica found herself asking, wondering what she was saying even as the words left her mouth.

“I won’t,” Mike assured her earnestly. “You suck my cock, and I’ll never mention this to anyone.”

“You promise?” Erica repeated as she found herself walking around the bar, timidly approaching the large man.

“I promise, Mrs. Combs,” Mike nodded, his eyes raking up and down her body as she walked up to him. Damn, but she looked good! The company uniform of white shirt and black slacks suiting her well, her black pants hugging her rounded hips nicely.

“Okay then,” Erica agreed softly, craning her head to look up at him as she stood close to him behind the bar. She couldn’t believe she was saying what she was as she slowly knelt down in front of him. “If you swear,” she murmured, almost more to herself than to the man standing over her.

“I swear, Erica,” Mike assured her with a broad smile, his hands dropping the top of his pants as she looked up at him trustingly. “I won’t tell anyone about this,” he assured her as he pulled his pants down, freeing his semi-hard cock.

“Christ!” Erica gasped as Mike ******* his cock to her, the large phallus bobbing obscenely in front of her face, her eyes going wide in surprise as she marveled at how well endowed he was. James isn’t anywhere as large, she found herself thinking clinically as her eyes ran over the thick, veined shaft. I wonder if I can even fit that in my mouth, she mused, her tongue involuntarily licking her lips as she stared at the large cock in front of her face.

“Well, go on,” Mike murmured encouragingly, his hand reaching down to rest on the back of her head, his dark fingers entwining in her blonde hair as he guided her head to his crotch. “Go on and suck it.”

Erica looked up at the large man, her thoughts sluggish from shock, her mouth falling open as he demanded her to suck his cock. I can’t do this, not for someone like him, she assured herself even as she felt him guide her mouth closer, the large mushroom shaped head of his cock brushing against her lips. This isn’t me, Erica assured herself as she took the bulbous head into her mouth, the large phallus filling her mouth, stretching her lips open. He’s huge, the blonde wife marveled as she started obediently sucking on the large cock between her lips.

“Mmm, that’s nice, Mrs. Combs,” Mike chuckled pleasantly, enjoying the sight of his prejudiced co-worker obediently kneeling before him, her mouth open wide to accommodate his hard cock. “But don’t just suck on the head,” he instructed her, his grip on her head tightening as he thrust his hips forward, jamming more of his thick shaft into her mouth and throat.

“Mmmmph!!” Erica whined, her eyes watering as she felt Mike’s thick cock jammed into her throat, her hands coming up to push against his thighs as she struggled to pull her head away. I can’t… I can’t take that much! She thought in a panic, forcing herself to breathe through her nose as she tried to become accustomed to the large penis in her mouth.

“Too much for you, Erica?” Mike asked teasingly as if reading her thoughts, loosening his grip on her head so that she could slide back a little, his cock slipping to the top of her throat so that she could breathe easier. “Well, if you can’t take all of it, you’ll just have to do a better job sucking what you can take,” he warned her with a soft laugh. “Now, let me see what you can do with that lovely mouth of yours,” he instructed her.

Erica obeyed, starting to suck Mike’s cock, her lips wrapped tight around his thick shaft as she went through the motions, trying to pretend it was her husband’s cock that she was sucking on. Only this one is three times the size of James’, Erica noted as she moved her mouth up and down the thick shaft mechanically.

“Christ, James must jerk off a lot if that’s how you suck cock,” Mike commented cruelly, looking down at the blonde woman as she sucked dutifully on the tip of his cock. Something in his words incited Erica, pushed her one, filling her with the desire to prove herself to him as she started to eagerly suck on his cock. Her head bobbed up and down along his shaft, her left hand coming up to stroke whatever part of his gigantic cock that she couldn’t fit in her mouth as her tongue teased and twirled around the tip of his cock.

“Now that’s more like it,” Mike sighed in pleasure, his fingers tightening in her hair as the blonde woman sucked his cock with renewed vigor. “Suck that cock, Mrs. Combs,” Mike moaned with a broad smile, somehow knowing that his words not only embarrassed the prim and proper wife but also drove her on, pushed her to cross her boundaries.

"Hey, Mike! What the hell is taking so long… HOLY SHIT!!!” Eddie exclaimed as he came around the corner from the kitchen, wondering why Mike hadn’t come back to the kitchen like he’d said he would. They were working late, trying to get some prep work done for tomorrow, and Mike had gone to get them a couple of beers. After ten minutes of waiting, Eddie decided to go see what was taking his friend so long, it shouldn’t take more than two minutes to grab a beer from the bar. He’d never expected to see the sight that greeted him as he left the kitchen. Now, this wasn’t the first time Mike had gotten sexual favors from one of the servers. In fact it was something Mike was known for, working his way through the waitstaff like it was some sort of competitive sport. So it wasn’t the fact that he was getting a blowjob from a waitress that shocked Eddie so much. It was which waitress that was eagerly sucking on Mike’s thick cock that shocked Eddie. Everybody knew about Erica Combs’ attitude, knew that she was a snob and a bigot, so to see her kneeling behind the bar, struggling to fit Mike’s mammoth cock in her mouth was quite the shock.

Erica jumped as she heard Eddie speak, her heart racing at being caught in such a compromising position. No one could see her like this, no one could see her doing this, Erica thought to herself in a panic as she looked up at Mike, her eyes large with fear.

“Hey Eddie, I’ll be there in a minute,” Mike waved to his shocked friend, a knowing smile crossing his face as he saw Mrs. Combs look up at him, the fear and shame evident in her eyes as she tried to pull her mouth off of his cock. “Why don’t you go wait for me?”

“Fuck that, man,” Eddie shook his head, moving closer to the pair. “I’m not going to be back in the kitchen doing your work while you’re out here getting your dick sucked.”

“Eddie, please… please don’t say anything,” Erica gasped, almost sobbing as she pulled her mouth off of Mike’s hard cock, her lips red and swollen from sucking on his dick as she looked over her shoulder at the slender assistant cook. “Please, Eddie, no one can know,” she pleaded pitifully.

“And why shouldn’t I tell anyone about this, Erica?” Eddie asked tauntingly as he stepped closer. “I think a lot of people would find this very, very amusing,” he assured the frightened wife as he looked down at her kneeling on floor.

“Please, Eddie,” Erica begged again, knowing what she had to do, what she had to offer him to keep him silent. “I’ll… I’ll suck your cock if you don’t tell anyone,” she almost whispered, her cheeks flushing a bright red as the words left her mouth. She couldn’t tell what shamed her more, the fact that she was actually offering this man oral sex or the tingle of excitement that ran through her at the idea of sucking off another man that wasn’t her husband.

“Hmm, that sounds good, Erica,” Eddie nodded his head as he looked down at the snobbish blonde woman. “Very tempting,” he assured her, seeing the slight look of relief in her eyes at his words. She thinks she’s off the hook, Eddie mused before adding, “Very tempting, but I think I’m going to need more than just a blowjob, Erica.”

“Wha… what do you mean?” Erica stammered, shocked at his words, sure that he’d been about to agree to her offer. “What do you mean more?” She asked, already sure that she knew what he meant but needing to hear the words for herself.

“Well, Erica,” Eddie smiled down at her, enjoying seeing the shock and shame in her brown eyes as she looked up at him, “I’ll promise you this. I won’t say anything about this to anyone if you let me fuck you,” he assured her, laughing at the look of wide eyed shock she gave him at his word.

“I… I can’t!” Erica hissed, her body trembling at his words. “I can’t let you f… fuck me,” she insisted, stumbling over the words, barely able to speak them as she stared at him. “I’m a married woman,” she added as if that explained everything.

“Yeah, you are, Mrs. Combs. You’re a married woman,” Eddie agreed with her. “A married woman I just caught sucking her coworkers dick after hours. I wonder how long you’ll stay a married woman if I call James and let him know what you’ve been up to here tonight,” Eddie pointed out, knowing that she’d concede, that she’d do what he wanted.

“I… I’ll do it,” Erica agreed weakly, dropping her head in defeat, shivering in shame as she felt a sudden wetness in her panties. No! I can’t… I can’t be aroused by this! This is wrong. I can’t be wet just from the thought of him fucking me… not him, Erica thought in shame as she looked up at the two men standing on either side of her. “I’ll do it. I’ll do what you want as long as you promise never to speak of this, never tell anyone.”

“I promise,” Eddie agreed with a confident smile, glancing over at Mike who nodded his head in agreement.

“I promise as well,” Mike assured the blonde woman, his hand gripping her head and turning her back to face him, “as long as you get back to sucking my cock.”

“Yes… yes, sir,” Erica agreed submissively, opening her mouth for his cock as she felt Eddie step up behind her, his hands gripping her hips and lifting them up. The way these men treated her, how they moved her body, simply arranging her like she was an object, filled her shame. But it also feels so right, Erica thought to herself, shivering as she felt Eddie’s fingers gripping the waistband of her black slacks, working them down off her hips as she resumed sucking on Mike’s fat cock.

“Damn, look at that fat ass!” Eddie whistled in appreciation as he worked the blonde woman’s pants down off her hips, his eyes fixed on the firm rounded cheeks of her rear as Erica knelt before him, her hips lifted up as she sucked diligently on Mike’s cock. “Always thought you had the best ass in this place, Erica,” Eddie confided to her, pushing her pants down onto her thighs. “And cute panties too,” he complimented her, his eyes running over the black and pink thong she was wearing. “Very cute,” he assured her, his fingers tracing over the pink lace lightly, teasing across the pale skin of her ass.

Erica closed her eyes, trying not to hear Eddie’s comments and compliments, his words filling her with more shame than her actions, her humiliation growing with each comment as she thought that he shouldn’t be saying those things to her, that he shouldn’t be seeing her like this. Only James should see her panties, only James should be allowed to touch her ass, Erica told herself, trying hard to ignore the small but growing feeling of excitement as Eddie’s fingers moved along her panties, trailing down between her legs.

“Damn girl,” Eddie chuckled as he cupped his blonde coworkers sex through her panties, “you are wet! She’s so excited that it’s practically dripping back here, Mike,” Eddie confided to his friend, his hand massaging Erica’s pussy through her now soaked panties.

“Seems she likes this shit, huh, Eddie?” Mike replied with a laugh, his hips starting to thrust into Erica’s mouth, “Who’d have imagined it. Mrs. Prim and Perfect, Erica Combs, is in actuality a cock *****, a needy slut just wanting a good fuck,” Mike laughed, seeing the shame and embarrassment on her face as she squeezed her eyes shut as if trying to block out his words.

“Well, you know what they say about still waters,” Eddie shrugged, his fingers working their way into her panties, rubbing over the wet warm flesh, causing Erica to squirm as he teased at her sensitive spots. “Oh, I can’t wait to fuck this pussy,” Eddie grinned eagerly, his free hand working at undoing his pants as he continued to caress and tease the blonde woman’s sex.

Christ, I’m going to be fucked, Erica thought to herself, her mind racing as she felt Eddie’s fingers playing expertly with her now flooded sex. He’s going to fuck me right here. He’s going to fuck me right now, she thought as she continued to suck at the massive cock in her mouth. I’m going to be fucked and I want him to do it, Erica realized with a burst of shame, her bodily desires warring with her attitude, her dislike of people like Eddie and Mike.

“Oh yeah,” Eddie sighed, freeing his hard cock and running it slowly up and down the soft skin of Erica’s inner thigh. “This is going to be so, soo good, Mrs. Combs,” he whispered, sliding his cock ever higher on her leg, the large mushroom head of his erection leaving a faint trail of pre-cum glistening on her pale skin.

Christ, he feels even bigger than Mike! Erica thought in a panic, wishing she could stop sucking Mike’s cock to turn and look, to see if Eddie was indeed as large as he felt as he rubbed against her. I don’t know if I can take a cock that big, she worried, thinking about her husband and his less than average endowment.

Eddie pulled the gusset of her panties aside, ******** the puffy moist lips of her sex as he rubbed the tip of his cock over them, watching how her sex parted, her lips opening just slightly as if inviting him in. “Such a pretty pink pussy, Erica,” he murmured, pressing the tip into her.

Fuck, he’s HUGE!!! Erica thought, a muffled gasp escaping around Mike’s cock as she felt Eddie push into her. It felt like he was splitting her in two, her pussy, unaccustomed to such a big penis, stretching to accommodate his size.

“Hmm, nice and tight, Erica,” Eddie chuckled as he entered her, pushing slowly into her, wanting her to feel every inch of his cock.

God, I don’t think I can take any more, Erica thought to herself, shifting her hips as her pussy stretched to accommodate Eddie’s mammoth cock. She’d never felt this full, never had a lover nearly as large as Eddie. It was almost painful but it felt so damned good, a delightful mixture of pleasure and pain, as her body tried to take all of his large cock into her.

“Ahh, now that’s a nice tight pussy,” Eddie chuckled in appreciation, pausing as he watched the married woman shift her hips, working herself backwards slightly to take more of his hard cock into her, her pussy lips stretched tight around his thick shaft. “Damn near as tight as a virgin’s pussy,” he sighed in contentment, his hands gripping Erica’s hips and holding her steady.

“Bitch knows how to suck a cock too,” Mike grunted, his hand still resting on the back of her head, working her mouth up and down the length of his shaft. “If I knew she was this hot, I’d have been fucking her since she started working here,” the large man laughed, his fingers tightening in Erica’s blonde hair as he thrust his hips against her sucking lips. He was getting close, the sight of the stuck up waitress being double teamed pushing him closer and closer to his climax.

“You should try her pussy, man,” Eddie grunted to his friend, his fingers tightening their grip on Erica’s hips as he pulled her back to him, “best pussy I’ve fucked in a looong time.”

No, please, no, Erica found herself repeating over and over again in her mind, her body thrilling with the pleasurable sensations, her every nerve on fire with lust as she tried to block out their demeaning words. I’m not like this. I can’t be, she told herself, trying to delude herself even as she felt her body respond to their comments, a small blossom of shameful pride exploding in her chest as they so crudely commented on her sexual prowess. James would never say such things about me, he’d never treat me this way, she told herself, trying to think of her husband even as she thrust herself back against Eddie, her body acting of it’s own accord.

“Yeah, you like this, don’t you, Erica?” Eddie laughed as he felt the attractive blonde push back against him, her body rocking in time with his slow thrusts. “You want to get fucked like this, don’t you, Mrs. Combs? I’m guessing hubby isn’t as good as we are,” Eddie taunted her, his grip suddenly tightening on her hips and pulling her hard against him, stabbing all of his cock deep into her.

Erica cried out, her eyes watering as she felt Eddie’s large cock ram into her, filling her completely in one sudden savage thrust. Oh God, Christ, fuck, fuck, fuck, Erica chanted in her head, her body tingling as she tried to blink her eyes, shocked by the sudden stuffing.

“Yeah, that’s it, Mrs. Combs,” Eddie sighed, leaning over her back as he held himself buried deep inside her. “That’s it. Take all of my cock, Erica,” he murmured to her, pushing his hips against her soft rounded ass, pushing more of his swollen cock into her stretched pussy. “Take it all like the good little slut you are,” he hissed, rocking his hips into her.

Oh, god, oh god, oh god, Erica gasped in time with Eddie’s thrusting hips, the swollen tip of his cock pressing further into her than any man had ever been, each slow stab of his cock pushing closer to her unwanted climax.

“Yeah, suck it, Mrs. Combs,” Mike grunted, his cock pushing deep into her sucking as he felt his climax building inside of him. “Suck my cock,” he gasped, his fingers pulling her head into his crotch, his hips slamming against her mouth as he ****** his cock fully into her mouth and throat as he felt the first jet of semen explode out of him.

No, no, NOOOOO!!! Erica cried internally, her heart racing as she felt Mike slam into her throat, his large cock blocking her air as she felt him come, her throat working around his cock, instinctively swallowing the thick hot semen as it shot down her throat. She gulped down the salty liquid, trying not to gag as he held her head there, keeping himself buried deep in her throat as shot after shot of semen slid down into her stomach.

“Yeah, that’s good, Erica,” Mike sighed, watching the prejudiced woman sucking intently on his cock, drinking his come.

Erica coughed, retching to clear her throat as Mike slowly drew his cock out of her mouth, his hot thick semen still shooting into her mouth. How can he still be cumming? She wondered, thinking of her husband’s short intermittent ejaculations. James had never come this this much! She mused, trying to spit the thick viscous liquid out her mouth.

“Oh no you don’t,” Mike chided her, his hand dropping down to grip her chin, forcing her mouth shut. “You need to be good ***** and swallow all that cum, Mrs. Combs,” he told her firmly, his thumb pressing her lips together.

Erica whined in complaint, looking up at Mike, beseeching the large man silently with her eyes, knowing that she had no choice. Grimacing, the married blonde closed her eyes in shame and docilely swallowed her co-worker’s copious amount of cum.

“Good girl, Erica,” Mike laughed as he watched her reluctantly swallow, her throat working to drink down the last of his semen. “That was very good. You’re a great cock sucker,” he assured her, knowing that his words filled her with shame and loathing.

“How’s that pussy, Eddie?” Mike laughingly asked, taunting the stuck up blonde woman with his words. “Fucking fantastic,” Eddie answered, his hands gripping Erica’s hips as he pushed himself deep inside her, his large cock sliding deeper into her than any man had ever been. “Tightest pussy I’ve fucked in a long time, man. Wettest too. You’re really enjoying this, aren’t you, Mrs. Combs?” Eddie asked, delighting in seeing the woman cringe at his words. She hates this, Eddie mused to himself, his hips moving faster, thrusting harder as he felt his climax slowly building inside him. But she’s getting off on it too, he added feeling her body convulse against him, her sex gripping him tightly as if to hold him deep inside her.

Erica whimpered at their words, trying to block her ears, trying to pretend that this wasn’t happening, that she wasn’t in this humiliating and compromising position. Most all she tried to pretend that they weren’t right, she tried to convince herself that she wasn’t enjoying this, that her body wasn’t revelling in the most carnal joy she’s ever experienced. I can’t be… not me. This isn’t me, she told herself over and over again, this isn’t me. Not me… not me, she chanted in her mind even as she felt a powerful climax building within her, gaining more power with every slow delicious thrust of Eddie’s cock. I can’t come, not now, not with them, she tried to convince herself even as she felt her body begin to shake, her knees going weak as her orgasm began to wash through her.

“Fuckkkk!” Erica screamed, throwing her head back as she came, her body tensing, all of her muscles contracting, spasms running through her as the most powerful orgasm of her life crashed over her. The pleasure running through her body was so powerful, so unexpected that Erica lost consciousness, blacking out for a few seconds from the sheer physical delight of her orgasm.

“Fuck!” Eddie gasped in surprise as Erica slumped to the floor unconscious. . “She **********!” He exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief as he looked down at the blond woman laying senseless on the floor.

“Guess we fucked her too good,” Mike laughed, watching her carefully, watching her breathing return to normal as she quickly recovered from her overwhelming orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Erica panted, her eyes squeezed shut as she gasped, panting for breath as she lay dizzy and disorientated on the floor. She didn’t even realize she was swearing, her mind swirling with the pleasure and shame of what was happening to her. Never before had she climaxed this strongly, never had her finish been so overpowering…. And now all she wanted was for it to continue. Slowly, she came back to herself, the waves of pleasure that washed her mind clean slowly receding as she again realized who she was, where she was… and what had just happened.

“Fuck!” Erica repeated once more, this time with all the anger, shame,and humiliation she felt at her situation ****** behind the simple word as she pushed herself up off the floor. Her legs were trembling, her breath still ragged as she tried to lift herself up, to push herself up off the floor.

“Here, let me help you,” Eddie offered, reaching down for her, trying to take her arm to help her to her feet.

“Don’t! Don’t touch me,” Erica hissed angrily, glaring at the skinny man as he reached out for her, pulling her arm away from his outstretched hand.

“Just trying to help, Mrs. Combs,” Eddie shrugged as he straightened up, looking at Mike with a bewildered smile.

“Seems she doesn’t want our help anymore, Eddie,” the large man replied with a short laugh as he tucked his deflating cock back into his pants. “Let’s get back to the kitchen and finish up. I don’t want to be here all night,” Mike said, “my wife will kill me.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Eddie agreed, fixing his pants and heading back towards the kitchen.

“Bastards,” Erica spat as she watched the two men walking nonchalantly out of the bar, heading back towards their kitchen. She tried standing on the shaky legs, slowly pulling herself up off the floor.

“Ms. Combs? Sorry, I mean, Mrs. Combs… where are you?” Nick called out, wandering into the deserted bar, wondering where she’d disappeared to. He was hoping to finish up the last of the closing duties and get out of there… and maybe try and decide if he was coming back tomorrow. Only if she’s nicer to me then than she has been tonight, Nick assured himself as he glanced around the empty bar, about to move on to look in the kitchen when he caught sight of her leaning on the bar. Looks like she collapsed, Nick thought in a panic. “Mrs. Combs, Ma’am, are you alright?” He asked, hurrying over to the bar.

“Nick… I’m… I’m okay,” Erica assured the young man, still panting for breath as she leaned on the cool smooth wood of the bar. She knew she looked a mess, her hair was wild and tangled from Mike’s rough fingers, her lipstick was probably smeared all over her chin… she could only hope that there was no semen still on her face as she looked at the younger man.
“Mrs. Combs, what… what happened?” Nick asked, peering at the blonde woman in the darkened bar, noting how her makeup was all smeared and that she had what appeared to be a large glob of semen dribbling down her chin.

“Nothing. I’m fine,” she insisted, hating how this new employee was staring at her, his intent gaze making her think that he knew exactly what had just happened, what she’d been ****** into.

“Here, let me help you,” Nick offered, moving around behind the bar to help her to her feet. Damn!! Nick whistled mentally as he stepped around the bar, his eyes drawn to the bare shapely ass of Mrs. Combs as she stood there, leaning weakly on the bar. That’s one hell of an ass, he noted to himself, staring at the ******* skin for a brief second before moving over beside the arrogant blonde woman.

“Here, lean on me, Mrs. Combs,” Nick instructed her, taking her arm and looping it over his shoulder. Even in the dim light of the bar, Nick could see the moisture dripping down her inner thigh and the air stunk of sex as he supported her, leading her around to one of the bar stools as she wobbled on still shaky legs.

“Th… thank you, Nick,” Erica nodded, her head bowed in shame, avoiding meeting his gaze as he helped her up onto the seat. He’s got to know what happened, he can tell. I know it, Erica thought to herself as she sat there, her heartbeat slowly coming back down to normal. “I’m… I’m alright now. Why don’t you go home?” She suggested, eager to get him away from her, eager to be alone with her thoughts.

“No, not yet, Mrs. Combs,” Nick asserted, shaking his head firmly at her suggestion. “Not until I get you settled,” he added, his eyes once more drifting down her body, his gaze drawn once again to her wet and obviously well used sex. Damn, she got fucked good, he marveled to himself, feeling his body beginning to react to the enticing sight of her ******* pussy.

“I’m alright, Nick. I assure you,” Erica insisted once more, wiping the back of her hand across her forehead, hating how ******* and vulnerable she felt at that moment. “I’ll be fine,” she added, finally managing to lift her head up to look at the young trainee. Erica felt her cheeks color as she caught Nick staring at her crotch, his eyes wide as he ogled her well fucked pussy. He’s staring at my pussy, Erica thought to herself, her cheeks burning in shame at being caught in such a compromising position. He’s staring at my pussy and getting hard, she added a second later as she noticed the growing bulge in the front of Nick’s pants.

“I just want to be sure you’re alright, Mrs. Combs,” Nick assured her again, his tongue wetting his lip as tried to tear his gaze away from her ******* sex. It must have been Mike or Eddie, the young man mused, knowing that the two cooks were the only other employees still there and that both men had confessed to wanting to fuck the conceded blonde waitress. “I don’t have anything to go home to, so I’m going to stay here and take care of you,” he told her, thinking of exactly how he’d like to take care of her.

“Really, Nick, I’m fine,” Erica insisted again, still not managing to meet his gaze, her cheeks burning in humiliation at being found in this state. “Go home. I’ll see you tomorrow,” she told him, trying to assert some of her former personality, hoping that he’ll obey her command and leave her alone. She didn’t want to face him, didn’t want him to see her like this, hated that he knew what just happened to her. “Go home, Nick,” she insisted again.

“No, Mrs. Combs. I’m staying here,” Nick answered firmly, hearing the fear and loathing in her voice as she tried to command him, knowing that her domineering attitude of earlier tonight was now a thing of the past.

“Fine, Nick,” Erica sighed, no longer able to summon up her anger, her distaste for him that had given her such power in the first place. “Do whatever you want,” she shrugged, her head hung in shame.

“I think that’s a fine idea, Erica,” Nick chuckled, now emboldened by her subdued demeanor to call her by her first name, “I think that’s a truly fine idea,” he repeated, stepping closer to the married blonde woman as she sat on the bar stool, “to do whatever I want.”

“Wha...what do you mean, Nick?” Erica asked, feeling a wave of panic run through her as she heard the confidence in his voice, a shiver running down her back as she felt him step closer to her. “What are you doing, Nick?” She asked, looking up at him as he loomed over her.

“Just what you said I should do, Erica,” Nick replied, smiling down at the trembling blonde woman. “I’m doing whatever I want, Mrs. Combs. And what I want right now, is you,” he assured her, seeing the realization slowly dawning in her eyes, her face going white as she realizes what he means, what he intends to do.

“No, Nick. No,” Erica almost sobbed, looking up at the young man in shock, not quite believing what he was saying to her. She was ashamed that a part of her, some base carnal part can’t help but wonder about the large bulge in his pants and how it’ll feel to be taken by a man that is young enough to be her son. “I… I can’t. We can’t…” She tried to say, trying desperately to convince him and perhaps herself that what he was suggesting couldn’t happen.

“Yes, Erica,” Nick assured her softly, his hand slowly reaching out to rest possessively on her bare thigh. “We can, and we will,” he whispered almost tenderly to her, his deep voice barely audible in the quiet abandoned barroom. “You are mine now,” he informed her softly, his voice hushed but firm as his fingers gently kneaded her the soft flesh of her thigh.

“My… my husband,” Erica tried to argue, her voice soft and shaky as she heard the quiet determination in his voice, part of her realizing that it was futile to resist and another part, a part she had never known existed, relishing in his firm resolve to take her. “I… I need to get home,” she told him, knowing how weak and spurious her arguments were.

“No, you’re not going home,” Nick told her with a slight shake of his head, his hand still resting on her bare thigh, his fingers gently kneading the soft flesh. “You’re going to call your husband, tell him that you ran into a couple of coworkers and that you’ll be home later. Much later,” he added as his hand moved up to cup her well used sex, his fingers stroking her still wet and swollen pussy.

“I… ohhh,” Erica started to protest, her words fading into a needful moan as she felt Nick’s fingers begin to expertly caress her. She couldn’t believe how good his hand felt on her well used sex, the way his fingers were toying with her most intimate area was sending surges of pleasure through her exhausted body. She bit down on her lips, a soft whimper of lust escaping her as she squeezed her eyes shut, her hips thrusting forward against the young man’s hand as his thumb strummed over a particularly sensitive spot.

“Call your husband, Erica,” Nick insisted, smiling as he watched the formerly condescending waitress be reduced to a whimpering slut by his stroking fingers. “Tell him that a bunch of coworkers are going out for a drink, you are going with them. He shouldn’t expect you home until late,’ he instructed the older woman as he reached behind the bar, pulling the phone up and placing it on the bar beside her. “Make the call now, Erica,” he hissed, his fingers toying expertly with her flooded sex, eliciting another whimper of pleasure from her as he played her body as if it were an instrument.

“O...okay, Nick,” Erica gasped, hating herself for agreeing to his demands even as she felt a rush of excitement run through her body. If he could make her feel this good with just his fingers, what would sex be like? She found herself wondering shamefully as she reached for the phone, quickly dialing home and waiting for James to pick up on the other end of the line. She steeled herself, willing her voice back to normal as she heard her husband answer the phone.

“James? Hi, honey, sorry to call so late,” she began, praying that Nick would leave her alone, that he’d stop toying with her pussy long enough for her to make the phone call, that he wouldn’t continue to tease her as she lied to her husband for him. “I just wanted to call and let you know that I’m going out for a drink with… with some of the other waitstaff,” she lied, her cheeks flushed with guilt as she betrayed her husband once more tonight. At least Nick has stopped, she thought to herself, feeling the young man’s hand freeze in place cupping her sex. “Oh, no, honey, don’t wait up. I’ll be home late...ohhh,” she sighed, shooting Nick an angry look as he started toying with her again, hating the delight she saw in his eyes at her reaction to his teasing touches.

“What? Oh, I just… I just swallowed some wine wrong,” she told her husband quickly, hoping he believed her excuse. “Yes, I’ll be careful. I won’t drive if I have too many,” she promised James, her hips bucking slightly as Nick’s finger slid into her, her eyes fluttering closed at the pleasurable sensation. She heard James speaking, the murmur of his words lost to her lust fogged mind as the young man in front of her curled his finger deep into her body. “Uh-huh. Okay. Bye. Love you,” Erica stammered quickly, nearly slamming the phone down as a loud low moan of desire tore from her throat.

“Good girl, Erica,” Nick chuckled, delighting in watching the stuck up blonde struggle against his touch and seeing her lose the battle against her body’s desires. “Now let's go,” he insisted, withdrawing his hand suddenly, motioning towards the front of the abandoned restaurant.

“Ohh,” Erica nearly sobbed as she felt Nick’s fingers slip out of her, denying her the impending orgasm that she felt building within from his touch. “Where… where are we going?” She managed to ask as she hopped off the bar stool, feeling her legs trembling beneath her as she followed the young man obediently through the dark building.

“My place. I’m taking you to my apartment, Erica.” Nick informed her calmly, as if this was the most logical thing ever. “If I’m going to fuck you, I think we should be in a place more suited for it than a restaurant bar. Don’t you?”

“I… yes, I think so,” Erica stammered, part of her mind raging against her suddenly docile and obedient tone. “Do you live far from here, Nick?” She asked, hating the eagerness that she heard in her own voice even as her body longed for the full feeling of his fingers stroking deep inside her.

Just a few blocks away, Mrs. Combs,” Nick told the blonde woman, “we’ll bee there soon enough. You might want to fix your clothes,” he cautioned her, smiling as he let his gaze drop down to her ******* sex, her inner thighs glistening with the wetness of her sex juices.

“Right,” Erica nodded dumbly, hurrying to collect her discarded clothing, not even remembering when her slacks had been taken off, hunting around behind the bar for her panties. Where… where could they have gone? The mature blonde wondered, desperately searching for her underwear. After a few frantic moments of looking, Erica gave up, figuring that her panties had disappeared. Probably Eddie took them, she rationalizes as she slipped her black pants back on, finding herself hurrying so as not to keep Nick waiting. “I’m ready,” she announced, hating the eagerness she heard in her own voice as she tried to smooth the wrinkles out of her crumpled slacks.

“Good,” Nick smiles as he leads her through the darkened restaurant and out into the now abandoned parking lot. So Eddie and Mike are still here, he noted, looking at the two cars parked in the far corner of the lot. Wonder which of them fucked Mrs. Combs here so good, he wondered as he walked up to his small crappy Toyota. He unlocked the car, waiting as Erica hurriedly obediently around to the other side of the car, her head still bowed, still refusing to meet his gaze.

The drive to his apartment was short, he didn’t normally bother to even drive to work, he’d only brought his car today to pick up groceries on his way to work. Guess I’ll do that tomorrow, he shrugged with smile as he glanced over at the attractive older woman in the seat beside him. I’ve got better things to do tonight than stocking up on Ramen noodles, he chuckled to himself as he pulled up behind his apartment building.

He lives here?! Erica wondered in terror as she looked up at the dilapidated tenement house in front of her, glancing around the dark and dirty parking lot fearfully. She never came to this part of town, would drive miles out of her way to avoid this particular neighborhood, but now she found herself sitting in Nick’s car, wondering if all the stories she’d heard about this part of town were true. There can’t be that many murders here, she tried to assure herself, trying to calm the growing dread in the pit of her stomach.

“This way, Erica,” Nick tells her, getting out of the car and heading for the back door of the apartment building, laughing as he sees the dread on her face, the fear in her eyes. She actually believes all the bullshit about this part of town, Nick chuckled to himself as he watched her hurry to catch up to him, her eyes glancing nervously around her as if gangs of criminals were just waiting to pounce on her. He wanted to laugh out loud as she scurried up to him, using him as shelter from her imagined stalkers. She kept close to him, walking as near to him as she could without clinging to him as they climbed the two flights of stairs to his apartment.

“Here we are,” he announced as he unlocked the door, holding it open for Erica as he reached in and switched on the lights.

Nice place, Erica mused as she entered Nick’s home, looking around at the neatly furnished and obviously newly renovated apartment. Almost nicer than my home, she added with a twinge of jealousy. She was so engrossed in looking around Nick’s place that she didn’t realize he was right behind her until she felt his hands on her shoulders, the sudden contact making her jump and reminding her of her situation. He brought me here to fuck me, she reminded herself, feeling her cheeks flush in a combination of shame and anticipation at the idea of her young co-worker taking advantage of her body.

“The bathroom is in there, Erica,” Nick tells her simply, pointing to a door off the living room. “Go take a shower, get yourself cleaned up.”

“What? Why?” Erica asked before she could stop herself, turning to look at the young man standing so close behind her.

Why? Because you smell of cum, Mrs. Combs. You stink of semen,” Nick explained to her, smiling as he saw the shame his words caused reflected in her big expressive eyes. “And I don’t want to be smelling another man’s spunk while I’m fucking you, Erica. So go shower.”

“I… yes, Nick,” Erica nodded, her eyes dropping as she realized the truth in his words,
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