For the Good of the Order

Shelley and I had been married for four years, when I heard about a tremendous job opportunity in the Silicon Valley. The company was owned by a very dynamic entrepreneur named Dave. Positions in Dave's company were few and far between, primarily because his employees never left. So, when I learned of an opening, Shelley and I were eager to pursue it, even though it would mean leaving all of our family and friends and moving over 500 miles away.

After submitting my resume I was very excited to receive a call inviting both Shelley and I to visit and interview. When I asked my current boss for a few days off, I was surprised to find out that Dave had called him and asked many questions, not only about my performance but also about my personal appearance and as well as Shelley's. Realizing that the position was in sales I quickly dismissed the inquiries as logical. In fact, subconsciously, I thought this might give me a leg up; Shelley and I are a very presentable couple when it comes to wining and dining clients.

Admittedly, Shelley is, by far, more striking. Her lithe and taut, five foot eight inch frame is topped by a truly beautiful face adorned by long auburn hair. Her figure is devastating, with 35B breasts and a killer ass and legs toned to perfection by daily aerobics. Since she was a virgin when we married, I alone fully enjoyed the fruits of her labors. In contrast, my physique is not so overwhelming. I'm six feet tall and thin with a hairless chest. My blond hair and fine facial features make up for my lack of muscles.

The interview dinner went quite well. Having never met Dave before, I expected a gray-haired, mature middle-aged man. To my surprise, Dave was in his late 30s, in superb physical condition and extremely handsome. Dave has dark hair, a strong jaw and piercing brown eyes. During the dinner, it became evident that Dave was a master salesman, controlling the conversation and punctuating his points with hypnotic eye-contact and occasional touches.

Both Shelley and I were riveted by his powerful aura. He sized Shelley up, and seemed quite impressed. She had outdone herself wearing a low-cut and backless black cocktail dress that accentuated her figure perfectly. When Shelley got up to go to the ladies' room, Dave's eyes watched her ass as she walked away. Then he turned to me and said, "Your wife is incredibly attractive. You are a very fortunate man."

Proudly, I thanked Dave for the compliment.

"I imagine you can't keep your hands off her." Dave continued."If you love sex as much as I do, Shelley must keep you quite satisfied." he stated as his stare left me transfixed.

"Well, she is an extraordinary woman." I proffered somewhat awkwardly.

Changing subjects, Dave went to explain that he did not marry because it would cramp his style. "But," he explained, "I only hire married men. I find that they are more committed to the job and are willing to make all necessary sacrifices for the good of the order."

After dinner, back in our hotel room, I emphatically told Shelley that Dave was a boss that I had to work for and this was a job I had to have. While supportive, Shelley seemed uncomfortable. "He strikes me as brash and arrogant." she opined.

"That's the essence of success." I replied."Power."

"Well, Mr. Awestruck, you should know that he also placed his hand on my knee during dinner while he regaled you with the performance history of company employees." Shelley went on to confide that as we walked out of the restaurant with Dave in the middle, his arms around us both, his hand cupped the side of her breast.

I quickly dismissed her alarm by rationalizing that Dave was a tactile and demonstrative person.

"Okay, if you say so." Shelley submitted, "but, don't leave me alone with him. His power games make me uneasy."

"Don't worry Shelley," I comforted, "while I'm playing racquetball with him tomorrow, you can hang-out by the pool."

That night we made love. Shelley initiated, which was unusual. While Shelley and I are kindred spirits, our bedroom activities do not set off the smoke detector.

After mounting Shelley missionary-style and thrusting into her tight pussy for a couple of minutes, she stopped me and guided my head between her thighs. This was not particularly abnormal, since I have never been able to bring Shelley to an orgasm with straight intercourse. Instead, she will only come if I go down on her or if she masturbates herself.

Of course, I can't complain. Nothing thrills me more than feeling the soft brush of her silky, auburn pubic hairs on my cheeks as my tongue dances around her clitoris and labia's lips.

Yet, that night, Shelley's desire seemed urgent and desperate. Her pussy emanated the heat of passion as she tilted her pelvis and ground herself into my face. Her eyes were tightly shut and she through her head back when she reached a violent orgasm very quickly. Instead of allowing me to re-enter and come inside of her convulsing pussy as was our normal pattern, she stroked my cock to climax with her hand. Coming was very easy for me as I replayed the vision of her quivering body as she clenched her teeth in orgasm.

I probably should have saved my strength that night. The next day on the racquetball court was not a pretty sight. Dave decimated me. After he had complete control of the match, I swear that Dave took pleasure in running me ragged around the court until he had beaten me into absolute and unconditional surrender.

As I tried to regain my strength by soaking my head under the spray of the communal shower, Dave walked in and slapped me on the back saying: "Damn good effort, Bob, but you should realize that I never lose... in any endeavor." As we showered, I looked over at Dave. His victory was not surprising considering his physique. Although a couple of inches shorter than me, he had powerful muscles in his back, arms and legs. When he turned around so that I could see his well-defined chest and washboard abdomen, my eyes were drawn to his groin. Now, I'm not the type of guy to look at other men's penises, but this was no average penis. Beneath his dark brown pubic hair, hung a massive dick. Flaccid, it must have been eight inches long with a girth comparable to a racquetball can. Between his legs was a proportionately large scrotum. Yet, beyond the sheer enormity of Dave's organ, was its beauty. I realize that this may sound unusual for a straight guy to say, but it was truly magnificent. Its bulbous head capped the slick shaft which merged into what appeared to be heavy-laden balls.

I must have been staring in an obvious manner, because Dave caught me. I'm sure that I blushed. I'm not sure what was more embarrassing, gawking at my prospective employer's genitals or realizing that my skinny, six-inch dick was dwarfed in comparison. Dave just smiled and looked down at his cock and boasted: "Yep, this is the monster that has launched 10,000 orgasms."

As we toweled off, Dave made no effort to be modest. As he dried the behemoth organ, he told me that his sex partners routinely experienced three or four orgasms per fuck.

"I love the power and control that this gives me over women." Dave remarked.

Dave and I then joined Shelley by the pool. I was surprised to find Shelley wearing her tiniest white bikini that left very little to the imagination and confirmed that her exercise program has been a success.

As we all engaged in small talk, Shelley must have been chilled because her nipples were rock-hard and strained against the thin material of he swimsuit. After a little while, Shelley excused herself and went to change. Dave's eyes followed Shelley's ass as she walked away. Perhaps sensing something, Shelley glanced back and, noticing Dave's attention, quickly wrapped her towel around her waist.

On the flight back, Shelley and I drank liberally in celebration of what I felt was a strong interview. Somewhat giddy, I told Shelley about Dave's endowment and claimed sexual prowess. While attempting to feign indifference, Shelley interrogated me for specifics. After describing everything in vivid detail, Shelley scoffed: "Well, it figures that only the pompous are well hung. And, I sincerely doubt that his women-friends really come at all. They're probably just acting to protect his ego."

When we arrived home late that night, we were both still fairly inebriated and went straight to bed. I was ready to sack-out, but Shelley had other ideas. Facing my feet, she straddled me and lowered her pussy onto my face. She had never done that before, and, boy was she hot and wet. As my tongue and lips went to work, Shelley gyrated and swirled her hips while she also stroked my cock and fondled my balls. Again, her orgasm was violent and she ground herself into my mouth. Expertly, she then brought me off with her hands.

During the night, I think my sleep was interrupted by moans. I seem to remember opening my eyes and seeing Shelley vigorously masturbating. Because of the alcohol, my memory is blurry. Maybe it was just a dream.

Well, I was right. About the interview, I mean. I got the job. Shelley and I immediately packed up and moved to northern California.

Initially, work was intense. Dave took a special interest in showing me the ropes. Often, after work, Dave invited me out for a drink, sort of a debriefing for the day's events. Dave also asked how Shelley was adapting to Palo Alto. He seemed to be earnestly concerned, although he also asked rather intimate questions about her bedroom performance and responsiveness. Generally, I tried not to be too graphic and quickly changed the subject to Dave's sexual escapades.

On this topic, Dave spoke freely. If he was to be believed, he was quite a stud.

During one of our after work debriefings, Dave shocked me by confiding that he had numerous sexual encounters with married women and preferred them to single women. "Married women are more appreciative and eager to try the unusual. They also are willing to submit completely and unconditionally to my desires." Dave related.

"Yeah, but aren't their husbands royally pissed?"

"Not really. If you think about it," Dave reasoned, "I am performing a very beneficial service. I take the pressure off the husbands by satiating their wives. Nothing helps a marriage like a wife who is well-fucked with regularity. Matter of fact, the husbands tend to get sex more frequently after my visits."

Dumbfounded, I sat there tongue-tied.

Dave smirked."In the final analysis, the greatest thrill about married women is the sense of conquest. There is nothing quite like the feeling when a woman who has vowed fidelity to her husband, spreads her legs and bucks her hips to meet and welcome my hard dick."

I decided not share this information with Shelley. After all, I didn't want to exacerbate the uneasiness she already felt when around Dave. Deep down, I also felt threatened and anxious, although I was sure that Shelley would never even consider straying from the straight and narrow.

The next afternoon, Dave called me from his car phone to cancel our regular after-work debriefing at the club. He explained that he had business to attend to outside the office. As I hung up the phone, I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn't know if I could take any more conversation about Dave's exploits with married women.

As I was cleaning up my desk to leave for the day, the phone rang. It was Dave again, calling from his car.

"Bob, I just dropped off some work at your house with your wife. It's a new project... sort of unconventional, but one that I'm very bullish about. You interested?"

"Well, sure, I guess." I replied.

"Good. It's a project that I think you'll enjoy and one that could spell a very bright future for you with the company. But, you had better get home on the double. It's time sensitive and requires your immediate attention. Enjoy!" Dave abruptly hung up the phone.

During the five minute drive home, I worried that Shelley would not appreciate this unexpected project since we had planned to go out to dinner. When I arrived, Shelley was not waiting in the living room with the work papers as I had anticipated. I wandered through the kitchen and then the family room when I heard sounds coming from the bedroom. In my mind I prepared an explanation to lessen Shelley's disappointment about dinner as I opened the bedroom door.

"Shelley, I'm sorry about din..." My words evaporated as I saw Shelley. She was stark naked, lying on her back on our bed with her legs spread wide with her right hand rapidly rubbing her clitoris.

All at once, my senses were bombarded. The odor of sex wafted through the air. My eyes darted from the glistening sweat on Shelley's heaving breasts to the white, viscous liquid dripping out of her swollen labia to the three visible wet spots on our sheets. Shelley's heavy breathing was rhythmically harmonized with the sloshing sound coming from her manipulated pussy and punctuated by high-pitched whimpers.

I grew flush and my heart pounded as the realization of what must have transpired began to sink in. I stood transfixed, feeling as I might implode. The shock and fear on my face seemed to fuel Shelley's masturbation. Her body wrenched and air escaped from both her lungs and vagina as she climaxed. As she writhed helplessly, I felt my blood coursing through my erect penis and my testicles ached as my scrotum tightened near my body.

It seemed an eternity that I stood, frozen at the foot of our bed. When Shelley regained her breath and composure, she caught my glance and flashed a wicked smile. Deliberately, she dipped her index finger between her puffy folds and extracted a glob of semen that dangled precariously as she used her finger to beckon me nearer. Zombie-like, I complied, kneeling between her legs and leaning in until our eyes were but inches apart. With her stare locked on mine, Shelley smeared her sticky finger on my lips, as if applying lipstick. Then, without saying a word, she gently, but firmly, guided my head to her gaping pussy.

Still in my coat and tie, I lowered my mouth to Shelley's mound. I remember it as if it happened in slow motion. Her reddish brown pubic hair was matted with sticky come. Her labia's lips were engorged and her vagina appeared stretched beyond anything I had ever seen. Dave's come dripped like a lava flow from her opening. Apparently, Dave's load was as large as his cock.

My tongue was overwhelmed by the tangy and salty taste. Tentatively, at first, then hungrily like a man of the verge of starvation, I devoured the remnants of this forbidden coupling. Visions of Dave's massive tool thrusting into Shelley's naive pussy drove my desperate ministrations. As I visualized Dave's balls tightening and launching his semen deep into Shelley's belly, she again began to jerk in orgasm.

My face was coated with the mixture of juices as I frantically stripped out of my suit. My cock was rigid and I plunged downward, entering Shelley's tunnel in one unrestrained movement. I was engulfed in slippery warmth as her pussy drew inside my entire member and seemed willing to accommodate my balls as well. Missing was the vise-like tightness that I had experienced since our wedding night.

Uncontrollably, I began to pump at a fierce pace. Immediately, Shelley grabbed my waist and stilled my torso. "Go slowly. Don't you want to know what happened?" Shelley whispered in my ear.

As I lay inert, on top of her, Shelley began to rotate her pelvis in a pleasurable, but torturously slow manner as she recounted Dave's surprise visit. "I was startled when I answered the doorbell and found myself face to face with Dave." Shelley explained.

"He said that he needed to drop off a package for you. But, his hands were empty, and he brushed past me through the door. Not wanting to appear rude, I offered him a beverage. 'Just a glass of water, thanks,' he said. As I filled his glass from the tap, I felt his presence behind me. I smelled his cologne. I spun around to find him only inches away. He placed his hand on my shoulder and told me that you were doing an excellent job at the office, that your future was bright. Then he took my chin in his hand, stared directly into my eyes and said 'Bob is totally committed to the good of the order. Are you?' With that he dropped his to the sides of my breasts and began a light stroking motion.

"I was speechless. His arrogance was beneath contempt. I wanted to escape, but I was pressed against the counter. Before my lips could form a polite rebuff, he kissed me and his tongue invaded my mouth. I have never been kissed so forcefully, yet gently. As my tongue began to respond, submissively, to this intrusion, I felt my nipples grow hard as he manipulated them through my blouse. There was a dampness in my crotch.

"When Dave broke the kiss, he grinned and said 'Just as I suspected, a team player.' Without taking his eyes off mine, he unbuttoned my blouse and unsnapped my bra. I don't know why I didn't stop him... I couldn't. He released my skirt and it fell to the floor. Suddenly, I was standing in the kitchen naked, but for my panties. He kissed me again. As he did he stripped out of his clothes. When we stopped kissing and I opened my eyes, he was just in his briefs. After everything you had told me about his dick, I couldn't help but stare at the massive bulge between his legs. 'Pay homage to your master,' he declared as he lowered me to my knees. My face was only a couple of inches away as he slid his briefs down. Instantaneously, his erection leapt out. God, Bob, it was even larger than you described! Of course, it was hard when I first saw it. And you didn't lie when you said it was beautiful."

"Impulsively, I kissed it. My tongue instinctively circled the head. He pressed it forward and my lips parted. I strained to open my jaw wide to accept his dick, but after only a few inches, my lips felt like they would split. Reluctantly, he withdrew and lifted me back to my feet. With a determined expression, he reached down and tore off my panties."

Momentarily, I garnered the strength to open my eyes as Shelley's hips swirled beneath me. On the bed, I saw Shelley's white panties, the side ripped and the crotch still soaked through.

Shelley's legs squeezed me firmly and she continued. "Without my underwear, reality seized a hold of me. Dave was going to try to fuck me. He was going to try to force that gargantuan cock into my pussy!... in our house!... Just as you might be coming through the door! I tried to slip by him, but Dave swept me up into his arms. The movement was effortless and his strength was amazing. He carried me into the bedroom. Suddenly, I felt humiliated. He was going to fuck me in our own bed. Just as I was sure I was going to cry, I felt the heat radiating from his dick as it pressed against the folds of my labia. Fear overtook me. There was no way that huge cock could fit inside me."

"Motionless I laid, with my eyes shut. He didn't force it, just slow pressure. Incredibly, something happened to my vagina. Like a flower, it seemed to blossom and expand. The nerve endings in my pussy went wild with sensations as the stretching increased. The pleasure was excruciating. I have never felt such fullness as the pressure penetrated to unexplored depths. Next, I sensed a round globe brush my asshole and settle between my buns. It was Dave's scrotum. When I opened my eyes and looked down between my legs, his dick had disappeared completely!"

"I was impaled! Right when he stated slow movements inside me, it was too much. I came instantly. He kept right on fucking me. Pumping at an increasing speed until his cock was coming almost totally out before pounding back in. My pussy had a vacuum lock on his dick. I came again. I must have almost ********** as the blood ran to my twitching clitoris. I can't remember how long we screwed, but by the time he was dicking me doggy-style, I was pushing my ass back to meet each thrust. His cock grew even larger inside of me as he reached orgasm. I was flooded with hot, sticky come until it flowed freely out of my overstuffed pussy."

As Shelley neared the end of her story, she was grinding her pelvis into me and bucking her hips wildly. The feeling of my cock floating in the warm expanse of her pussy while the images fostered by Shelley's monologue burned indelibly into my memory, was more than I could bear. I exploded. My head throbbed unmercifully as I fell into the dark oblivion of deep sleep.

I awoke disoriented, like I was hung-over. The room seemed to be spinning as I strained to reclaim my composure. When I saw Shelley's torn and soiled panties still lying on the bed, I recognized that had really happened.

Shelley exited the bathroom in her robe, drying her wet hair with a towel. Tension was immediately overwhelming. Neither of us could look the other in the eyes. Guilt and uncertainty were obvious from Shelley's pained expression. In turn, I felt powerless, as if my entire world had been rearranged according to different rules. Yet, I didn't even know what the new rules were.

"What does this mean?" I implored.

"Nothing. You know that I didn't want this to happen. I don't even like Dave. He's self-absorbed and gruff. Dave's had his ego-inflating conquest. I doubt that Dave will have any further interest in me now." Turning her gaze away from me, Shelley added, "I certainly don't want this to happen again."

"Anyway, your job is safe and," Shelley stressed, "nothing has changed between us."

A half-hearted "okay" was all that I could muster in response. That night, while Shelley thought I was asleep, she masturbated to a muffled orgasm.

The next day at the office, I was consumed by anxiety. I felt out of sync with the world. Whenever someone looked at me or whispered something beyond my earshot, I was convinced that they knew I was a cuckolded husband: utter paranoia.

Naturally, I did everything that I could think of to avoid Dave. But, late in the afternoon, Dave summoned me to his office.

"Great work on that special project, Bob!" Dave declared.

Sensing my confusion, as I struggled to comprehend exactly what he meant and how he knew how I had reacted, Dave said: "Relax. I just called your wife to make sure that your dinner invitation for Saturday night was still open."

Holy shit, I had forgotten!

"By the way, Bob, you've been doing such a great job here, that I feel a promotion is warranted. Congratulations Mr. Junior Vice President!"

Dave handed me a hefty bonus check and I walked out of his office completely dumbfounded.

Although we didn't say anything explicitly, I knew that both Shelley and I were apprehensive about having Dave for dinner. We busied ourselves getting the house tidy and fixing the meal. As seven o'clock approached, there was a look of panic in Shelley's eyes. She tried on at least four outfits before she settled on a green dress that complemented her figure, but was not at all provocative.

Our preoccupation came to an end with the ring of the doorbell. Dave greeted us just as he had prior to the "special project." a buss on the cheek for Shelley and a hardy handshake for me. Shelley reacted stiffly; she was clearly ill-at-ease. Dave had a shopping bag in his hand that appeared to be filled with wrapped boxes, from which he extracted a very fine bottle of 1989 Grgich Chardonnay. Although it was probably bad manners, I opened the wine and poured each of us a generous glass-full. After all, we needed something to ameliorate the tension.

As the evening progressed without any mention of the events of earlier in the week, Shelley and I both began to relax. Shelley was probably right that Dave had lost interest following his conquest. The meal was superb and, after the Chardonnay was gone, we switched to mixed drinks. Conversation and alcohol flowed freely. Naturally, Dave was the center of conversation as he related war stories and jokes. Even Shelley seemed to warm to Dave's gregarious personality; she laughed at every humorous tale and actually appeared to hang on his every word.

By ten o'clock, it was time to clear the table and move to the living room. Ever the polite guest, Dave got up and helped Shelley carry the dirty dishes into the kitchen. From my vantage point at the table, I could see Shelley rinse the dishes in the sink. Dave reached around her to place more dishes into the sink when he brushed against her back. I swear that I saw Shelley close her eyes and press her ass back into Dave's crotch. But, I couldn't be sure. I was probably just hyper-sensitive.

As we settled into the living room, Dave collected his shopping sack and settled into a love seat. When Shelley joined us, Dave motioned for her to sit next to him. Smoothly, he pulled one of the boxes out and presented it to Shelley proclaiming: "Just a little something for the hostess with the mostess."

Shelley was obviously impressed with Dave's generosity. She quickly removed the wrapping and peeked into the gift. Shelley's facial expression changed instantaneously. She blushed, looked at Dave and then me, with a pensive glance. Dave handed her the entire bag."They're all for you." Dave said. "Why don't you go try them on and let us see how you look?"

Slowly, and somewhat hesitantly, Shelley got up with her presents and walked toward our bedroom to change. Meanwhile, Dave and I picked up our pleasant conversation from where we left off at the dinner table.

After about fifteen minutes, Shelley called from our bedroom, "Dave are you sure about this?"

Firmly, Dave replied: "I'm sure. Come on out."

When Shelley emerged, I was taken aback. She was dressed as a bride, with a white veil, long white gloves, a pearl choker and white high-heels. She looked as ravishing as she did on our wedding day. Only one thing was missing: a wedding gown. She stood there only in a thin lace bra and string bikini panties with a white garter belt and white silk-stockings. I don't know whether she was honestly embarrassed or just acting demure, but she was stunningly beautiful! She had reapplied her make-up carefully, to accentuate her lovely face.

The shock and libations left me slack-jawed. Dave proudly inspected Shelley and asked her to walk across the living room floor and twirl around."Looks like I shopped well, don't you agree, Bob?"

"Uh, yeah..." I replied inarticulately.

"Man, I have to piss like a race horse!" Dave announced, loudly. "Tell you what Bob, why don't you start this videotape, while Shelley directs me to the head?"

The adrenaline was racing through my body as I took the tape from Dave and slipped it into the VCR. My thoughts were hopelessly muddled and I obeyed his suggestion like a robotron. When I pushed the play button, I saw the back of a blond woman who started to remove her clothes in a seductive manner. As she shed her last garment, I noticed her well tanned and beautiful back. In fact, I have only seen one butt that was sexier: Shelley's. The blond turned around slowly and I recognized her immediately as Michelle, the wife of another vice president at work named Jim.

From behind the camera, I heard Dave's voice say: "Okay, you can handle the camera from here on." Dave then appeared on the screen, naked and sporting the tremendous erection that Shelley had described. Entranced, I watched Michelle lick and suck Dave's mammoth prick. She obviously had more experience and success than Shelley. On our 42" big screen TV, I intently observed as Michelle straddled Dave and lowered her blond snatch onto his tool. After acclimating her pussy to his size, Michelle began to buck and ride Dave in a furious fashion. The cameraman moved around to Dave's feet and got a tremendous shot of Dave's cock stretching Michelle's opening taut. The picture panned in to a close-up of his dick slamming in and out until they both erupted in orgasm with Michelle's vagina brimming over with Dave's cream.

I continued this video voyeurism, watching Michelle roll off Dave onto her back. Her breasts were heaving with her accelerated gasps and semen saturated her pubic hair. Suddenly, I saw Dave's hand reach out and take control of the camera. The picture went askew. When the camera had been steadied and focus returned, the image caught me by surprise. Michelle's husband, Jim, was licking her pussy clean! He had been operating the camera while his wife and Dave were screwing their brains out!

All of a sudden, aberrance became the norm. The video's possible analogy to my life was frightening. Feeling as if I might lose my balance, I switched off the TV. Yet, the sounds of Michelle's plaintive whimpers and moans as she fucked Dave's cock continued to reverberate in my ears.

Only then did I realize that I was in the living room by myself. The whimpers and moans that I thought were haunting me, actually coming from our bedroom. God, he was fucking Shelley again... and with me just a room away!

I didn't know what to do. I felt emasculated. I certainly didn't want to lose my job or my wife.

Without having any particular plan in mind, I entered the bedroom to confront them. There was Shelley on all fours with Dave's behemoth enveloped by her sopping pussy. She still wore her gifts with the exception of the bra and panties.

Shelley was oblivious. She appeared to be on the verge of climaxing. Dave was masterful. He didn't merely bang his way between her puffy folds, he manipulated his massive rod with the precision of a surgeon, seemingly touching each pleasure spot in my wife's womb. The orgasm shook her uncontrollably, yet Dave never succumbed. Instead, he looked at me standing in the doorway and casually remarked, "I wondered when you were going to join us. While Shelley's recovering, why don't you take your clothes off and we can have a little test."

Obediently, I disrobed. My dick had been engorged since I saw Michelle give Dave a blow job on the video. Dave got up and led me by the arm around the side of the bed until we standing inches from Shelley's face. So dwarfed was my erection by Dave's prodigious member, that I felt prepubescent.

Dave looked down at my shame and smirked. Then he asked Shelley "which dick is your favorite?" Shelley gazed up, compared her choices, and then opened her lips as if to take me into her mouth. Just before my cock was declared victorious by her tongue, she stared up in a nasty way. Deliberately, and without breaking her stare, she turned to Dave and slurped in his bulbous cockhead.

"Well, I guess we know who's the boss." Dave stated the obvious.

"You know Bob, I really think the wedding outfit is quite apropos, don't you? After all, your skinny penis left Shelley tight as a virgin for me. But, it's still not the same. I think I deserve to steal some of Shelley's virginity."

Turning his question to Shelley, Dave asked "how would you like me to fuck you in the ass?"

This was beyond the pale. Certainly, Shelley wouldn't do such a whorish thing. As with everything that night, I was wrong. Shelley stopped sucking just long enough to gasp: "Yes. Fuck my virgin ass."

Dave turned back to me and ordered my to get a tube of KY jelly out of his pants' pocket and lube-up Shelley's asshole."Do a good job, Bob. This is going to be even a tighter fit than when I fuck Shelley's pussy." Shelley began to moan as I swirled the lubricant around her rectum. She relaxed her sphincter and pushed her ass back to accept my finger inside. After I had massaged two fingers inside, Dave pulled his manhood from my wife's mouth and moved around behind her glistening butthole.

"You better grease this up, too" Dave said pointing to his rigid pole. When I hesitated, I was rebuked."Come on, Bob. If you care for Shelley, you'll make sure this is done right." I spread the clear jell all over Dave's erection. The sensation was incredible. It was turgid and emanated a scorching warmth. My fingers could barely encircle the staff. Apparently, I lingered too long in my task because Dave said "Enough fun for you, Bob. Time for the main event."

Dave penetrated Shelley's backside ever so gently and slowly. Shelley held her breath as his cockhead disappeared inside and was seized by her tight muscles. Shelley's face turned red and she winced as inch by inch was implanted into her ass. Sensing that Shelley was uncomfortable, Dave slowed his invasion and reached around and began to rub her clitoris with his powerful hands. Before much longer, he and Shelley were moving in perfect synchronization.

The sight was unforgettable. The white veil, elbow length gloves and silk stockings held in place by a lace garter belt, rendered this nasty scene, beautiful. Dave began paraphrasing wedding vows.

"By this cock, I thee bed. Do you, Shelley, take this dick to be your master? To love, honor and obey it?"

Shelley grunted, "Yes!" Simultaneously, both she and Dave convulsed in orgasm. Come spewed out from around Dave's embedded cock.

When the heavy breathing subsided, Dave removed his drained dick from its resting place with a loud plop. Silently, he dressed and as he started to walk out, he turned and said: "Don't worry, Bob. I may be the boss, but I am a benevolent dicktator. I'll leave you two love birds now so you can enjoy one another. Thanks for the hospitality."

Shelley must have pitied my situation. Like Michelle had done in the video, she rolled me onto my back and mounted my ignored cock. Her soggy pussy engulfed me completely. I came at once and we both fell into deep and restful sleep.

The next week was a blur. Shelley was insatiable. Whenever we were together, we were having sex. When my testicles were drained, Shelley wrapped her legs around my head and writhed until my jaw was numb. Even then she wouldn't stop. She masturbated unabashedly more than a dozen times.

On Friday afternoon, Dave called me into his office. "Bob, are you familiar with Bradley Technologies PLC?" Dave inquired.

"Only what I have heard around the office. They're one of the largest British computer outfits and we've been trying to get their business for over a year."

Dave appeared impressed with my initiative. "Right you are. Well, tonight I have a business meeting with the Acquisitions Committee from Bradley. I think I have a good chance at closing a seven figure deal. But, these Brits are sticklers for appearances, and I don't have a dinner companion. If you don't mind, I'd like to borrow Shelley. It will be strictly business."

"Well, I don't mind, but I'm not certain about Shelley." I replied."I'll have to ask her."

Shelley agreed instantly.

As she got ready for the dinner, I briefed her on Bradley Technologies and everything I knew about British customs. Shelley laid out her black, low-cut, backless dress -- the same one she had worn at the interview dinner. After she slipped on thigh-high stockings and a sexy v-bikini as her only undergarments, a twinge of jealousy formed in the pit of my stomach. As she carefully applied her makeup, my subconscious conjured up images of Dave ravishing Shelley. I looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and decided to ask the question that gnawed at me. "You're going to fuck Dave tonight, aren't you?"

With her eyes downcast, she pleaded. "Bob, please don't make me feel guilty. You've been getting more than you ever imagined. I love you, but I need something more than you can give. I can't get the thought of Dave's cock out of my mind."

I withdrew into the living room feeling emasculated. Yet, as I sat, pondering my dilemma, I realized that my dick was throbbing as I thought about the prospect of licking Dave's semen from between Shelley's swollen labia. I acknowledged to myself that I could never pleasure Shelley the way Dave could. I grew angry, realizing that I was being incredibly selfish by trying to deprive Shelley of full sexual satisfaction. Suddenly, it didn't seem like such a bad idea. This revelation was thoroughly liberating.

Just then, I heard the horn of Dave's Mercedes announce his arrival. As Shelley walked to the front door, I intercepted her and took her into my arms. "Shelley, I'm sorry. You're right. Don't feel guilty about anything that makes you feel good. All I ask is that you tell me about it when you come home."

A wicked smile came to Shelley's mouth. "I thought you might like that. Thanks. It's a deal." She kissed me quickly and dashed out the door.

Alone, I opened a beer and sank into the couch as I turned on the video of Dave and Michelle. That evening, I watched it over and over again. I was mesmerized by the sight of Dave's cock and the way it drove women insane. I couldn't help beating off as I pictured Shelley succumbing to the inevitable.

At about 10:30 PM, the phone rang, it was Dave calling from his car. "Bob! Success is ours. We're on our way to their hotel to close the deal. Sorry, I have to keep Shelley out so late, but business calls."

Oddly, I was disappointed. This business deal was now going to delay, if not derail any possibility of a sexual encounter between Shelley and Dave. Dejected, I went to bed.

The sound of the front door closing awakened me. I looked over at the clock. It was 3:30 AM. As Shelley slunk into our bedroom, she looked like she does after a double aerobics class. Her hair was disheveled and any remaining makeup was smudged. She pulled her dress over her head. Her panties were gone and her inner thighs glistened with dripping fluids.

"Looks like you and Dave had a great time tonight." I observed.

"Well, yes and no." Shelley's response was puzzling. "I am certainly pleasure-bent, but Dave didn't indulge."

Shelley slid her naked body into bed beside me. "What do you mean?"

Before answering, Shelley guided my head between her legs. "Why don't you clean me up while I explain." Shelley instructed.

She was a sloppy, sticky mess. I had never seen so much come. It was all over her ass, legs and stomach. As I looked up her beautiful torso, I could also see remnants on her breasts and, I think, on her chin. Her labia's lips pouted as they had when Dave last fucked her. Oozing from her vagina and anus was a continuing stream of semen.

"I was the signing bonus for the Bradley Technologies Acquisitions Committee." Shelley confessed.

I surfaced from the marsh of her pelvis, stunned and incredulous. Shelley pushed my head back to its appointed task. "There were three of them, Nigel, Michael and William." she disclosed. "I was the only woman at the dinner. After a few drinks, their hands got adventurous on the dance floor. During the umpteenth dance, Michael was caressing my ass and I saw Dave and Nigel shake hands back at the table."

"As we left the restaurant, Dave told me that I would be need to spread my legs for each of them. It was a command and I wasn't about to disobey your boss or wreck such a big deal."

"I was amazed to find out that they are all well hung. You know Bob, until tonight, I had only seen two cocks, yours and Dave's. Nigel's and Michael's aren't as massive as Dave's, but they are bigger and thicker than you. William was huge, just like Dave."

"Since Nigel was most senior, he took me first. I sucked him until he blasted his load down my throat. After that, it was a total free for all."

As I swabbed strangers' come from Shelley's pussy with my tongue, she described in detail how they repeatedly fucked her in every position imaginable. For a finale, Shelley rode William's big cock, with Michael pumping her ass as she fellated Nigel. Her flexibility and conditioning must have come in handy for that physical permutation.

"Why didn't Dave fuck you as well?" I wondered.

"I wanted him too, but he said that this was strictly business." Shelley seemed genuinely disappointed."What's more, Dave took pictures and those blokes kept my panties as a trophy. So, there's no turning back now."

By now, my mouth was encrusted with dried sperm and my dick ached. Shelley sensed my discomfort. "My pussy and ass are tired out, Bob. But, I think I have an idea." Shelley wrapped her lips around my erection and slowly consumed it. Then she did something she had never done before; Shelley started fingering my asshole as she sucked. As I relaxed, she inserted her index finger and pumped it in harmony with her mouth's motions. The feeling was indescribable. I had never been penetrated before. Within moments, I was arching my back in ecstasy, my long overdue load rocketing towards the ceiling.

Yesterday was my six month anniversary with Dave's company. After the Bradley Technologies deal, Dave promoted me to a full Vice President. He still visits Shelley. Sometimes I'm there to watch and help. Other times, I return home to find Shelley sprawled naked across our bed, her sodden channel entreating my tongue. I don't begrudge either of them these trysts.

Shelley's vagina has never returned to its pre-Dave tightness. More times than not, Shelley will bring me off with her mouth as she finger fucks my ass. I certainly can't complain. When I long for Shelley's vise-like pussy, she will occasionally let me screw her behind. As I do, I thank Dave for blazing the trail.

Next week, Dave is borrowing Shelley again. This time it's for a European business trip. They'll be making a call on Bradley Technologies, so I expect that Shelley will continue to expand her sexual horizons. She has promised to fax me details. Its amazing what we do for the good of the order.
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