We used to own a GoldWing, so we wore leather. My hubby made a point of buying leathers for me that would attract attention as well as protect me when riding. He got me a long and short leather skirt and a vest for parties and events. During this time we used to visit several party houses in Southern Ontario. This is one memory from one of those house parties, I think it's worth repeating, I hope you find it as stimulating as I did.

We went to a party one night, since it was a play party with many people, it was more about sex than anything else. At this party, I met a man, tall with light grey hair, very fit, who carried himself with the air of dominance in a leather vest and tight leather pants. He had a woman with him who turned out to be his wife. My hubby saw the look in my eyes and he let me know I could serve him.

As I approached him, not sure what to expect, I noticed that he was looking at me, watching me walk toward him, he was amazing!! I lowered my head he didn't have to do anything, he had me when I saw him and he knew it. I asked if I could be with him? It felt like he wanted me too as he took my hand and led me to a small room, His wife and my hubby followed.

He told me to show him, I looked up into his eyes and run my hands along the leather vest, opening it so I could lick and suck His nipples. As my lips engulfed his nipples I wrapped my arms around him hooking them under his shoulders and pulled myself up against him.

My red lips covered his nipples as my tongue swirled around them making them hard while also making his cock hard. I could feel him as our bodies intertwined as I leaned against him. He ran his fingers thru my hair as I sucked one nipple then the other eventually pressing on my shoulders to tell me that he wanted me to move down. I released his shoulders running my hands down over his chest till I found His pants I knelt and worked to open them. I like the feel of a man's nipples when he cums, it turns me on and I could tell he needed to cum. My red nails and lips made a nice contrast with his leather, as I caressed and licked his leather pants over his cock. I released the hold I had on him with my fingers and looked up, He nodded His head and I opened his pants letting his cock out.

Did I say I love to suck cock? I love to suck cock, I gave Him a huge blowjob, using my lips, my fingers, my mouth, and my throat. He moaned, his wife hissed and I heard my hubby blow a load. He held my head and worked my mouth and throat for a bit before pulling my mouth off and asking, "Where do you want my sperm?"

"Wherever you desired to give it to me," truth is I just wanted him to finish in me or on me, I would have begged for it had he demanded it. He pulled my hair and made me stand, He turned me around and pushed me against the wall, legs back, bending slightly, my fingers spread on the wall my cheek pressed against it as he stood behind me and lifted my short leather skirt.

He commanded, "Look at your husband, and don't take your eyes off his." He then ran his fingers down over my ass to my pussy lips and slid them apart with his fingers, then inserted His fingers. He finger fucking me as I looked at my hubby. "Tell him you want me, you want to worship me," I told my hubby I wanted him to fuck me to own me(and I did). As I said these things he slid his fingers from my pussy and inserted one into my ass and pressed in deep. At that moment I was his, I would have done anything for him, at that moment he drove me over the edge, I was crazed with lust, I wanted him, and I needed him.

He worked my ass for a while then moved into position to slide his cock into me and fill me with one thrust pinning me to the wall and fucking me relentlessly, I screamed as He entered me and gasped over and over as his thick hard cock fucked me deeper and deeper. I pushed back onto him as an act of surrender encouraging him to drive harder into me until he was womb fucking me, I screamed as his cockhead entered my womb. He fucked me hard until I almost **********, He had to hold me up and ask his wife to support me as he took his cock from my pussy.

She held me in her arms, embracing me as I felt him slide out of me, I bit my lip, and I could see her smile. "Why is he taking it from me?" I asked her, I was sure he had not cum. That's when he drove His cock into my ass causing me to cry out his cock was wet but so thick, He spread my ass with each thrust as he pressed himself deeper.

Hubby watched as he worked my ass deeper, as he took total ownership of me. If he had said, "You're coming home with me," my hubby didn't stand a chance. He fucked me and fucked me till he blew His load so deep in my ass I could feel the heat deep inside me!

I was useless for the rest of the night, hubby, too he had cum so hard and jerked off so much that he was sore. Hubby decided he preferred to cuck from then on, there was less stress to perform for another woman when all he wanted was the see me fucked and I was happy to oblige.

This all came from eye contact at a party, His magnetism was something one could feel and I got to feel a lot more than that in the end.

More to come
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