Make sure you read part 1 and part 2 to get up to date with what happened and how we got to this place.

I got home after my first weekend with Celine and Mark and learning about their lifestyle, my brain still thinking about what happened, and how it happened. Thinking about how strong Mark had to be to endure his issues with infertility and his inability to satisfy his sexy wife Celine, and how Celine had to be able to connect but not lose her love for her husband. I laid on my couch channel surfing but not watching anything. My brain was on the fact that this loving couple was giving me the honor to join them, be a part of their lives, and explore another world that I hadn't known existed. My mind was pretty much made up when I looked down and my cock was rock hard and I wanted more of Celine and wanted to provide these two amazing people with pleasure.

I messaged Celine and Mark in a group text and told them that I truly would be honored to be their bull and to learn to be what they needed and provide them with pleasure. I told them I was scheduled to travel that week, so we could use it to learn about their routines and for me to learn more about their normal lives and be able to control Celine and her fitness, as well as Mark and what he needed. They both agreed.

For the next week, Celine and mark would tell me when they got up when they ate, what they ate, when they went to bed, when they showered, if they were sexual with each other or alone, as well as talked about their work, how they were doing, and learned about each other. I arrived home on Sunday night and told them both that I would be taking over things tonight at 12:01 am if they would allow me to. They sent me back a video saying thank you and they were ready.

At 12:01 I sent Celine links to micro thongs and small bras that would give her proper support but also show off enough whenever I wanted to see them. I sent mark a link to a 3 set cock cage and to a butt plug training set that he said he always wanted to experiment with his submissive and his bi side more. I also sent them their appointment for waxing of their private parts and ass at the local waxing place. I told them that they could buy the items slowly but when we met the next weekend I would like them to have at least one item I asked them to buy.

John replied saying that the waxing appointment would not work for him but he would re-schedule it and he thanked me. Celine told me that she would get on it. I said thank you and then provided them with a workout sheet for 5 days a week as they requested (I have a background in sports and a buddy of mine is a personal trainer so I got tips from him). I think told them I expected to be told about the important parts of their day as discussed.

The next week was a whirlwind of information being sent to me and I getting into spreadsheets for each one. What they ate, what they wore, how their workout went, bedtimes, wake-up times, and discussions of what they wanted. I also began scouring the web for as much information as I could about bulls and cucks and this lifestyle.. not a lot of it was around, and a lot of bullshit but some nuggets of information that I could use were better than none.

Thursday came around and I got a text message from Mark directly. He messaged me to thank me for being her bull and for being so diligent responsive and caring. He thanked me for the waxing appointment and then told me that he had to be out of town and that he wouldn't be able to meet on Saturday but if I could come by Friday as he wanted some time with me as well. I told him I would be there.

Friday came around and I got a message from Celine asking if I could park my car around the corner and she would get me, they were good friends with the neighbors but they didn't know their private world. So, I did as I was told. Mark arrived in his SUV and I got in, we shook hands, and mark told me to get in the back seat as I looked back Celine was there and I got in the back. The windows were limo-tinted so no one could see and Celine and I made out for the 3-minute car ride.

We got to their house and in through the garage. Celine and I made out into the house. we then went to the dining room where dinner was waiting and we ate. We talked and I saw their smiles and how they seemed at ease with me. Then we sat on the couch one on each side of me and we chatted some more. I was beyond hard, and after 30 minutes I told them to strip for me.

Mark stripped first as Celine and I watched. he took off his dress shirt then his undershirt, then his dress pants, and finally his underwear. His freshly shaven cock was on display, but this time it had a ball tie and the connecting piece of a cock cage behind the balls against his stomach. he smiled at Celine and she gave him the rest of the cage. it was the metal one I told him to get. He put it on and Celine placed the lock on his cock and held on to the key, which she then placed on the side table. I told him how great he looked in it and he said that he had been craving to wear it all week and he thanked me. He then sat next to me and patted me on the leg. I placed his hand on my cock.

Celine then stripped and took off her t-shirt (which I loved) and her small lace bra was displayed, she then took off her jeans and a black micro thong was showing. I told her how amazing she looked and that she should wear nothing else on her pussy other than micro thongs. She said she was old for them but they felt good and as long as I found them hot she would wear them. I looked at Mark and grabbed his cage, his cock hard and straining against it, and asked him what he thought? mark said she looked amazing as he couldn't believe I was holding his cage.

Celine then took off her bra, and then her thong. I told mark to get between my legs and get my pants off and explore his bull's cock. Mark did as he was told as fast as he could, he had my cock in his mouth faster than I have seen anyone do it. he was sucking and I was just focusing on Celine. She sat down and watched Mark, I looked at Mark and smiled giving him encouraging words and my hands on his head. Mark knew he wouldn't get any cum from my cock directly unless Celine allowed it or I wanted to do it but he kept at it with the need that drove him.

After 10 minutes I laid Celine down and kneeled and Mark got under me. I ate Celine for a good hour while Mark sucked, pulled, and bit my cock. I then slid my cock into Celine with Mark caressing my balls and watching us. I fucked her slowly and deeply, keeping eye contact with her letting my cock slowly slide into her, and going deep helping her connect to me. I kept mark involved talking to him, giving him incentives, and how hot she was. after a good 45 minutes, I came hard inside her. I slowly pulled out and Mark began licking her and eating her while I made out with her. then he came over and sucked my cock and cleaned it.

He then grabbed the key and placed it around my cock and told me that I was in control of his cage now. Celine then gave the chain the key and was on another turn around my cock and balls essentially making it into a cock ring. She smiled and so did she and they both kissed passionately as I watched their love show through. Mark's cock was oozing and he was loving it.

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