(Ensure you read the first part of this story before starting this chapter)

I woke up with a hand gripping my hard cock, the foreskin gliding over the head fully and then being pulled down hard while a mouth sucked and licked and bite my balls. I moan as I enjoyed the sensation and began to wake up, a bit dazed as the surroundings were not familiar to me. The previous night's events came to my head and I remembered I was in Celine and her husband's rooms.

I looked at a naked Celine stroking my cock looking up at me, I smile, and I enjoy the stroking, but when I feel a hot wet mouth and teeth on my balls, I jump, I realize the mouth was her husband Mark! She told me to relax and dug her nails into my shaft hard and I stopped. She looked at me and told me "Relax, he is just cleaning my cum off of your balls." My cock harden as she kept her nails on my shaft and her husband licked my balls and sucked them for another 5 minutes
after that, I was super hard, but Celine had other ideas than what my cock wanted, and I wanted to see what she had in mind at the same time. I was not yet sure what being a bull for them, or anyone for that matter was all about.

We went to the kitchen and they started making coffee and some breakfast. I sat at the table naked with them and watched them cook and move around. They sat down and we started talking about what they enjoyed about being in the lifestyle and how they liked being controlled. Mark said he enjoyed sucking the bull's cock before Celine fucked it and after she came as well as the bull, Mark loved to clean both of them. They also talked about how Celine enjoyed having her clothing controlled as well as her bull ensuring she stayed healthy and fit. She was fit already but with the bull being involved it meant that she would not slack off. They talked about how they would want to have fun as much as possible and try different things. We spoke about how I was not sure I would be able to let Mark suck me, and Celine told me that would be ok we can slowly see how it goes, but Mark having access to my cock was paramount to this working out as this was about him as much as it was about her. We continued to eat and talk about normal things but my cock was hard all the time. Celine went to shower after she ate while me and Mark spoke.

Mark told me about how he enjoyed sucking and cleaning the bull as it showed the bull his submission. Mark talked about how he always felt inadequate sexually, and the fact that Celine and him only had children through invitro. We spoke about how he felt love and happiness watching her enjoy herself and him cleaning and prepping for her fun made him feel special, and once they go home sleeping in each other's arms made it all feel amazing. I was in awe at this man and couple and at what they were sharing and how open and honest they were with me and with each other.

Celine came out of the bathroom and i went in to shower and get myself clean and sort things out in my head. after about 10 minutes i came out and Mark went to shower. Celine told me about how Mark always felt inadequate and she always tried to make him feel better and try to calm his fears as she loved him so much, but sexually she did crave more. She talked about how they found out that they would have to do invitro due to him, he was devastated. She spoke about picking the pieces up after that and the process they went through and how their love is amazingly strong and how the only thing lacking is the sex and he is so submissive that this is the happiest she has seen him and her. she spoke about their exploration and their journey. Mark came out of the bathroom and Celine looked at him and they smile, the love showing through.

Celine told me that she could not move forward with this unless i allowed Mark access to my cock without pushing him away. she kisses me and griped my cock hard and i moaned as i grabbed both ass cheeks. She then looked at me and said "trust me"... and led me into the room. she asked me to lay down and to relax. i did and her and mark placed cuffs on my legs and arms.. she said that if i wanted to stop to just say "America", but i needed to understand how important this was.

As they got done tying me Celine sat on my face facing away from my cock and i felt a hand stroking my shaft slowly, the foreskin freeling moving up and down, the hand moved at a steady rythmn and i had to fight every fiber in my being to get him off me and try to stop it, my mouth and brain concentrated on her pussy and as her first orgasm hit i relaxed. He kept sucking me, biting my cock like i enjoy, and becoming more and more agressive making my hips move. she turned around and sat back on my face and joined him, after about 20 more minutes i came hard for them.

He cleaned me up and she then got off my face and we made out. he then held my cock and she mounted it. her sexy tits bounced as she begin to ride me and look at me and tell me how it felt and how Mark was leaking like never before and she wanted to cum on my cock. She rode me for what felt like days, but it was more like 30-40 minutes until i came inside her. she got off me and Mark cleaned her up. He then cleaned me up as well and I did not fight it.

They left me handcuffed and she told me that it was amzing to see him do it and that it was sexy to see me get into her pussy and forget about Mark sucking me.. After about another 45 minutes she got back on my face and Mark began sucking me again. This time she told me to cum in his mouth and make him mine too. I came hard again and Mark cleaned me up again.

They took off the cuffs and we spoke about what happened and why it had to happen. I told them that I was not there yet but I understood what they needed and why and would get better with it. We then went to the shower again and I left for the day with the notion that I would be back the following Friday.

(Let me know what you think and if you want to hear more about my exploration of this great lifestyle)
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