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We were at a nightclub called Seacrets, in Ocean City Maryland during Bike Week, watching the crowd as they danced. We had a nice buzz. There were 2 black guys who were obviously there to enjoy themselves and get lucky. They were having fun with a bachelorette party. The bride-to-be had a shirt with nasty items to be checked off. One of them was "talk dirty to me". The bride-to-be seemed to enjoy all of the nasty little things one guy was whispering in her ear. She appeared to be getting all hot and bothered and started to rub and grind up and down his leg. I guess one of the bridesmaids was looking on and decided to break them up. The bridal party moved on as Mike excused himself to the men’s' room, leaving Inez alone with her thoughts... They both have fantasized of her being asked to dance by a stranger and then a second guy joining them as they swayed, touched, and flirted.

Well, seeing the 2 black guys all alone on the dance floor gyrating and grooving to the beat and feeling a bit "excited" and adventurous from the alcohol and from some of the comments she overheard, she decided to see what could happen. She moved next to where they were dancing and smiled at them as she swayed to the beat. They checked her out as they began to dance with her. She smiled at them. They said hi. She smiled, "Hi! Did you like her t-shirt?" The shorter of the two responded, "Oh yeah. It was cute." "Yeah, I heard your comment about the talk-dirty to me box." He chuckled a bit, but before he could respond, she said "Well, I got a question for you?" "Oh yeah? What's that?" "Well, even though I'm not a bride-to-be, would like to talk dirty to me?" she felt her face get flushed at her boldness.

The 2 guys chuckled as they surrounded her and started grinding against her and whispering nasty "nothings" in her ear. She felt very slutty and like the cream center of an Oreo cookie sandwiched between these 2 guys.

The first guy said "Oh, I'd love to slide my cock slowly into your hole." She smiled and asked, "Oooh really? Which one?" With a bigger grin he said, "All of them." "Mmmmm" was her response. The big guy then said, "I want to run my tongue around your nipples and feel them get hard in my mouth so I can suck and chew on them." This caused her to moan as the three of them bumped and grinded against each other in time to the music. Then he said, "I'd love to grab you by the hair and shove my cock between your lipstick-lined lips."

"Mmm. You mean that hard thing I feel rubbing against my ass?"

"You know it baby."

She got more and more into it and lost track of where they were and what she was doing. She reached down and started to rub the cock of the shorter guy and also reached back and rubbed the big guy's leg. They were grinding and swaying. The guy behind her placed his hands on her hips and then began to rub his hands up and down the front of her, grazing her nipples each time he moved. She was getting so hot. She reached back with both hands and grabbed his hips. She then pulled him into her as she pushed her ass back against his stiff cock.

"Oh yeah girl. You want this black cock don'tcha?" In response she rubbed and grinded her ass up and down against his pole. Since she wasn't stopping his hands, he placed them both on her tits as he began to rub and squeeze them in front of everyone. She leaned her head back against him with closed eyes as she enjoyed the mauling her tits were getting. "Oh yeah! You like me squeezing these titties in front of everyone huh? I can't wait to put them into my mouth and chew on your nipples."

She moaned again as the guy in front of her closed in tighter against her now placing his hands on her hips. He pulled her back and forth with the music and into his cock and then his friends cock. She spread her legs apart, grinding her pussy against his cock, rubbing her pussy up and down on his rod, dry humping him on the dance floor.

"Look at this. This girl DOES want my cock sliding in and out of her. Don'tcha?"

"Oh God yes."

At this time, her skirt had ridden up higher and higher that her panties were visible. The guy behind her grabbed the sides of her skirt and lifted it enough so he could see her crack. He then placed his rod between her cheeks as he ground into her ass. She could feel her juices running down her legs. She was soaked!

They drew a crowd around them as she was lost in her daze. The camera guys were making their way around the room and soon zoomed in on their dancing. Everyone now could see what was going on as they looked up at the big screen showing this white girl being ravished by 2 black men on the dance floor.

She was loving the hands on her tits and the cocks in front and back of her as she was swaying and grinding into their bodies to the music. When she saw herself on the screen, she raised her hands up in the air inviting them closer to her. They moved in and got so close there was no space between them. She was totally sandwiched in and loving every minute of it. The camera then moved on, but everyone was now moving towards them to get a closer view. The crowd around her was going nuts, yelling, and hooting for these two black men to "fuck the nice white pussy!"

She then felt her panties pushed to the side as the guy's hand rubbed her ass down to her wet pussy. Before he could slide a finger into her, she pushed away from both of them, began to fan herself and said, "Whew! I need a drink to calm down before I get carried away." They both laughed as they walked back to the bar where Mike had reappeared. The place was much more crowded now. You couldn't move without rubbing against someone. ***This is the fantasy*** As they finally reached the bar where Mike was, he could see that glazed look on her face indicating how hot and horny she was. She tried to hide it, but it was too obvious. They two black guys introduced themselves and ordered drinks for all of them. They both complimented Mike on how good looking and sexy Inez was. Hearing this caused her to shudder with excitement. But she could sense he wasn't too happy. "You mad?" she asked.

"Well that depends."

She asked, "On what?”

"If you can dance in this corner right here the next time so I can watch you guys or if we leave now?" She smiled and said, "I can do that!" as she smiled and reached for her drink.

The taller of the 2 reached his left hand in between Mike and Inez to pay the bartender. As he did, he pressed against her ass. She bent slightly forward pushing her ass back into him, wanting to feel his cock pressed against her once again. He then moved between her & Mike. As he asked Mike a question, mostly to distract him, he moved his right hand under her skirt and rubbed her ass. Getting no resistance, he turned to whisper in her ear, "I wish my finger was my cock" as he slid his finger up and down her ass crack as he searched for her hole. She was so wet that his finger easily slid into her ass.

They smiled at each other and he then whispered in her ear "You want this cock, huh, you slut?" "Oh yeah!" she moaned, enjoying the dirtiness of being fingered at a crowded bar by a stranger with her husband mere inches away, thinking he was ******* of what was happening.

The shorter of the 2 was to her right and was leaning with his back against the bar, enjoying the look on her face as his buddy slowly moved his finger in & out of her ass. "Oh yeah! You look so hot! I'd love to suck on your tits as my buddy slams his cock into you from behind."

"Oh Yeah!" she exclaimed as she bent forward allowing the finger to drive all the way into her. As she leaned forward the other guy reached up his right hand and began squeezing her right tit.

Mike noticed her almost fall forward into the bar and asked if she was ok. She quickly regained her composure, straightened up and said, "Oh I'm fine. Just relaxed a bit too much. I'll be right back." She said as she headed to the restroom.

The 3 guys made small talk for the time she was gone. When she got back the tall one asked if she'd like to dance again. She asked Mike who was hoping something more may happen, so of course he said ok.

As they headed to the floor, Inez pulled him around to face her. She led him to the corner of the dance floor Mike had suggested. It was towards the back and not very visible by the entire room. She then pulled him close, pressing herself against him. He looked puzzled and was unsure because Mike could clearly see them from where he stood. She said, "I want him to watch!" He laughed and said, "No problem baby."

They melted into each other as his thigh pressed against her pussy, causing a little tremor of an orgasm. He just smiled at her and said, "Oh how I'd love to make you cum harder."

"Mmm. Me too."

The shorter of the 2 approached her from behind and again she was sandwiched between them. As she rode one cock, she felt the other in the crack of her ass. She turned her head to face him and asked, "Where's my husband?"

"He said he had to use the men's room again." With that she smiled, knowing he left to give them a moment to get into it. Smiling at the one behind her, she lifted her left arm to his neck, pulled him to her and kissed him.

Mike got back to see her with her hands in the air as both their hands roamed her body freely. The one in front slid his hand between his thigh and her pussy and rubbed her clit, causing her to shudder. He then appeared to move her panties to the side and slide his finger into her soaked snatch. She fell forward as she leaned her body against him.

"Oh yeah. I need that. Oh Yeah!!! Yeah!" She began humping his hand while his finger drove in and out of her. His friend sandwiched against her ass, looked like he was fucking her from behind.

They began dancing as before, the guy behind her started his "dirty talk" by saying, "You want your man to see you with 2 niggas huh?" as her licked her ear

"Oh. Don't do that." She exclaimed.

"Why not bitch?"

"Because it gets me too excited."

He laughed, grabbed a hand full of hair and ****** her head to the side, leaving her ******* as he ****** his tongue into her ear. She nearly lost it as her knees buckled and she let out a low guttural moan.

The big guy began licking her neck on one side as his friend continued talking into her other ear. "Oh yeah girl. You want this black cock don'tcha? Don'tcha?" He said more forcefully as he again tugged her hair. She could only moan.

"Oh you like this huh? You like it a bit rough?"

"Oh yeah!"

She was totally lost in her lust and could only think about getting fucked as she began to grind her clit faster against the thigh at her pussy.

He then reached his hand down and pulled her skirt up, she only moaned in anticipation.

For the second time on the dance floor, she felt her panties pushed to the side as he placed his hand at the top of her ass, slid his finger down her crack until he was at her pussy.

He slid a finger into her causing her to shudder with excitement. She bent slightly forward. He then removed his finger as he slid his cock up and down her ass crack as it searched for her hole. She pushed her ass as an invitation. It was just enough for his cock head to slide barely past her lips. "You want this black cock, bitch?"

"Oh yeah! Shove it in me." That's exactly what he did. She was so hot that he was into his balls in one stroke. She pushed back on the rock-hard cock as she felt her pussy fill up. She rode it up and down until she began to cum all over the hard-black cock inside her.

The guy in front of her had pulled down her bra over her nipples and was grabbing and pulling on her tits and nipples. They were driving her crazy! It wasn't long before she felt him drop a nice big load deep inside of her. After that she began sliding up and down running her mouth up and down the chest and stomach of the guy in front of her, all the way down to his pants. He reached down and undid his zipper and she began moving down further each time until she sucked his cock in her mouth like a Popsicle. He grabbed her by the hair and began fucking her face on the dance floor. There was a crowd around them watching and chanting for her to "suck it good".

"Suck that big black cock!" they were yelling. She could feel hands running up and down her ass and in and out of her pussy. She glanced over and saw one of the biker chicks next to her. She was bending down with her, watching intently as she was playing with Inez's pussy. She whispered into her ear "Good baby, suck that nice cock while I play with your hot cunt, go ahead, suck it all in! Make it shoot in your mouth. I want to see you eat that big cock."

Inez was ready to cum again just listening to her and feeling her fingers massaging her clit. She reached over and licked and bit her neck and ear as she plunged a finger deep in her pussy. "Make him cum baby! I want to see you swallow his load!"

She sucked and licked his cock like a starved woman. She could feel his balls tightening up and feel his body tense as he shoved his cock further down her throat. With that, he let out a yell and came down her throat with wad after wad. She swallowed all that she could, but it ran down her face. He relaxed his grip on her head and the girl next to her grabbed her face and began licking off his cum and kissing her face.

Inez then turned towards her and reached down and slid her hand into her snatch. She was soaked! She stuck a finger in her pussy and reached up and licked her juices off her finger. The woman gave her a glazed hot look. "Fuck me" she said. Inez reached over again with one hand on her tits and the other hand in her cunt and began finger fucking her as they danced back and forth. The woman licked and kissed her face as she held one hand behind Inez's head and the other hand in her pussy. They were finger fucking each other with the music and the crowd. It was too much that they came within minutes. The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering them as we came. Inez looked up and there was her husband with a smile on his face next to the "biker chick's" guy, clapping. The woman turned to Inez, put her arm around her and smiled. "The fun is just beginning!"....
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Meet a couple & I am invited to join them. Once in their room, she is between us as she turns to her right to kiss him, then to her left to kiss me. We start to fondle her as she gropes us. We undress her and then ourselves. As she again kisses me, she lowers us to our knees as she is still playing with his cock. Once on our knees, she guides him in front of us as she licks his cock from the tip, to base, to tip again, then kisses me. She then repeats licking him, as she is looking me in the eyes. She kisses me again as she softly, but firmly pushes me closer to his cock. She asks me, "Do you want to?" As she yet again goes from tip to base to tip. Then, with her hand on the base of his cock & one on my head, she moves us, so his cock is in front of me.

"Go ahead, lick it. Please? I can tell you like looking at it. Go ahead, touch it." She takes my hand and places it on his cock.

She giggles and says, "See? It won't bite." I smile at that comment as his cock is now touching my face.

"C'mon. Just a lick. It would be so hot to watch you suck his cock. Please? For me?" She moves in and kisses me. As she does, his cock is now at our lips. She opens her mouth, and our tongues are now licking the sides of his cockhead. She then turns my face until his cock is in my mouth. I don't move so she begins to move my head up and down on his cock. After a few moments she realizes I am sucking his cock on my own. As she moves her hand slowly down my back to my ass, she says to her husband, "See? I told you I can get him to suck your cock."

Then to me, "You look so hot with a cock in your mouth. Suck that cock good. That's it."

I soon feel her hand rubbing my ass, then her fingers are sliding up and down my crack, teasing my ass.

Then, I feel a finger teasing my sphincter. Another few moments, it enters me.

"Oh your ass is so tight. Does it feel good having me finger fuck that tight ass while you're sucking that cock?" as I moan my approval, she inserts a second finger.

To her husband, "Oh this ass is so tight. I'm going to love pegging him as he sucks your cock."

To me, "I'm going to fuck this tight ass of yours. You're going to look so good with us spit-roasting you."

In moments, I feel the lube being worked into my ass, then, her husband grabs my head tightly, to prevent me from stopping her. But I'm too hot, excited, caught up with all the dirty talk, I'm wanting it.

She enters and I'm so worked up, the pain is minimal and gone in moments as I am loving the feeling, knowing I will be wanting more of this.


Hi I am - bethhowhite

I am a 36 year old hotwife. Your Story is very daring and hot.
Thanks for sharing. Hot kisses Bethotwhite :p
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OMG! Horny nice looking white bull here and I couldn't resist but fantasize that the tall bull was me! Of course hand of action proceeded through the whole story! Thanks for the post!
i'd love my wife to do that on a dance floor.
We have 2 condos in or near Ocean City, 1 at 23rd street in the Westward Ho, and a townhouse at Mallard Lakes on Rt. 54. Secrets is a good place to meet men for wives to fuck, we have met several for Ralyn and a few groups. The Hilton is also good as well as Fagar's Island

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